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Bat Family: Werebat (Domesticated)

It was sometime around morning, not sure when exactly, that a ray of sunlight broke through the entrance of the cave I was in. I scrunched my eyes as it struck my face. I still felt sore and my body was still numb.

The first thing I did when my eyes slowly opened was take a deep breath. It was as if I was still exhausted from the night before. My senses slowly returned to me over time as I let out a yawn and stretched my arms.

I felt a familiar weight on my chest and a gentle breathing on my skin. It was a little werebat resting her head on my body as she hugged me from the side with her wings. I've checked her still naked body and noticed that her bottom was still a mess. She was sticky with several loads of cum on her skin and inside of her.

As if she was just a normal girl, she peacefully snored and cuddled me possessively.

It was then, that the last night came back to me and I again remembered that I needed to get away here. It was my luck that I woke up before her or surely she would have assaulted me once more.

She saw me as a sex toy and I was not ready to accept that fate. I had a promise to keep to the people of Kanden. I would rid this cave from Marlene, or at least chase her off enough to not catch any more people.

"Mmnnnnn!" Marlene murmured in her sleep as I slowly and carefully lifted her wing from my chest. Her face was twitching a little, but still Marlene didn't wake up.

I sat up, calmly setting aside the furry leg that was wrapped around mine from the side. I was free.

The moment I was without restraints, I went over to the spot where she had knocked my sword and torch out of my hands. I didn't have much use for my torch anymore, but I picked up my short sword. I looked at it, as it still glimmered with the fine shine that I've given it the day before. As I dusted off the dirt that it had gathered from the ground of the cave, my view went over to Marlene. She turned in her sleep, apparently dreaming vividly. For some reason, I found myself staring at her sleeping face. She looked so adorable. She rolled over every time a flicker of light touched her.

My view switched between her and my sword over and over. I immediately abandoned the thought that crossed my mind as soon as it came up. I shook my head and lowered my arm. I looked over to the bundle of armors scattered on the ground. I was debating with myself whether it was worth it or not. I looked towards the exit of the cave. From here, it looked pretty far away, but I was sure that I could do it.

But then I remembered. I would have to touch these clothes again. I cringed. It wasn't worth it. It was a shame that the crafts would get wasted, but I'd rather lose them than spending the rest of my days having the most amazing sex I will probably ever have…

No, shouldn't even have thought about it. I HAD to get out of there.

I turned to the exit, picking up the button-less remnants of my coat. It was only limply hanging from my shoulders but at least it covered my body.

I didn't even get halfway there when I heard a yawn from behind me. My blood froze as I slowly turned my head around to see Marlene stretching her wings sleepily.

"Aaaahhh, good morning Bra…" She opened her golden eyes, noticing that I was no longer lying beside her. In a split second, her eyes landed on me as I was about to step outside. Her formerly gentle eyes turned into those of a predator in hunt and she slowly lifted up her body.

"I…It's not what it looks like, Marlene." I said futilely.


"Yes?" I gulped.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I just… wanted to take a stroll to the town. You know."

Her wings spread open widely, ready to lift off.

I bolted. I ran towards the exit as fast as I could. Marlene was flying after me with insane speed, she maneuvered the stalagmites in the way expertly.

The exit was so close.

I sprinted faster than I ever did in my entire life, the hungry werebat chasing me relentlessly.

I could already see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. I was stumbling forward as I was finally outside. I felt the touch of Marlene's claws on my back, but she didn't get a grip of me.

Instead, once I reached the outside world again, I made a summersault forward, rolling through the grass. Marlene missed me, flying past over me and tumbling into the grass a few feet further.

I was out of breath, watching her roll until she came to a halt. I saw an opportunity as she laid there.

I quickly crawled toward her, straddling her small body. Even with her strength I was sure she wouldn't be able to do anything against me in that position.

"Hah! Finally got you. Not so… strong… now…" My hackling came to a halt as I saw her face underneath me.

Her eyes flicked around, shaking nervously. "*hic* Uuuuuuhhh!" she started to wince nervously. She checked the surroundings, quivering in fear.

"Wha… What's wrong with you?"

She shimmied underneath me, seeming as if she was trying to hide as she looked past me. "S… Sun…light." She stuttered, suppressing her tears.

"You're… you're scared of the sunlight?" I asked in confusion.

She quickly hugged my body against hers, pressing her face against my chest and nodding. The dominating girl from last night was nowhere to be seen as she did her best to hide in my shadow. Her still naked, tiny body clung to me desperately.

We laid there for a while as Marlene avoided every ray of light that could hit her. She looked up at me with moist eyes.

"Why did you run away? We could've just stayed in the cave and everything would've been alright." She whimpered as her ears drooped.

"Well, because you would've just kept humping me over and over."

"Because you're my husband." She whined as she hugged me.

"Your what?" I asked in confusion.

"I thought you liked doing it with me. The only thing we monsters ever truly want is to find a husband like my sisters did. Don't… don't you like me?" she asked with a shaky voice and tears in her eyes.

She seemed so feeble and fragile in contrast to before. It was spurring something inside of me, a part of me really wanted to make her more anxious and tease her. Her crotch was steaming hot and she was once again dripping with her juices as if she was anticipating something. Her face nuzzled my chest and a sudden want for payback arose inside of me.

When she looked into my eyes with her confused bleary ones, I lost it. She was just too adorable right now. I crashed my lips down onto hers, pushing her body against the ground. Her ears perked up in surprise but she quickly resulted to wrapping her arms and legs around me.

"Mnnn! Hmmmm!" She eagerly accepted my tongue as I pushed it into her mouth.

I was the one who was in control now, and I let all my restraints go. I grabbed her hair, bundling it up in my hand as I pulled her into a rough and deep kiss.

I didn't know what had come over me. All of the sudden I was wild with the urge to assault her right then and there. I wrapped her small body up in my arms and hugged it against myself. We kissed madly for quite some time before breaking apart to take a breath.

We looked at each other, both in confusion but with lust behind our eyes. She panted but a slack smile grew on her face.

I couldn't help but smile back at her. It was as if there was a barrier that broke inside of my brain. I was filled with the desire to ravage her. I suckled on her neck, making her squirm underneath me. Her body relaxed though and her anxiety subsided slowly. She melted into my embrace as I licked her sensitive skin.

She shook her body, grinding her abdomen against mine to entice me. There was still a small aura of seduction in her gaze but it was more submissive than last time.

She smiled at me lewdly as she gingerly spread apart her legs. She showed off her flowing pussy. I could feel the heat emanating from her flesh. Marlene looked up at me with begging eyes. "This is all just for you." A little, shy smile curled on her mouth as her cute, little bat fangs poked out of her lips.

I stopped licking her neck to look down her body. I grinned as I saw her hairless folds. Marlene's eyes were shaking, a wanton look crossing her face. She didn't dare to say it but she definitely anticipated me penetrating her. I didn't let her wait too long and pulled my coat aside to bare my front. My cock was already raring to go and towered over her expectant pussy.

I lined myself up with her and as we both cried out in joy I crashed my hips into hers. The feeling of being connected with Marlene was indescribable. It was hot and welcoming inside of her and my hips quickly began thrusting of their own accord.

Marlene moaned underneath me, her eyes shut to bear the pleasure. This time I was in control of everything.

I crashed into her hips hard and didn't let up with the speed of my thrusts. She winced and scrunched her face as I kept hammering away at her. Her slender frame was shaken by my body and pants of pleasure escaped her.

I leaned down and panted into her ear as she shuddered. "How does it feel, Marlene?"

"So *pant* good! We could have this every day in the cave! That's all I wanted!" Her tongue hung out of her mouth loosely. She put up a delirious expression. A sight that made me want to go at her harder and harder.

The fear of the sunlight completely seemed to have left Marlene's mind and she just kept focusing on twisting her body in pleasurable ways. Her wings wrapped me up and Marlene pressed her lips gingerly to mine.

I moved my hands to her small but round ass and grabbed her malleable butt cheeks. I kneaded them and used the grip to shove our crotches together more intensely. Her furry legs clenched around my lower back and held me in place.

While we fucked out there in the grass, we both felt the familiar urge of climax approaching. I wrestled my tongue with hers and we swapped saliva.

I drew my hips back as far as her legs allowed me before slamming back into her. With long strokes, I slowly reached my breaking point and I felt Marlene's walls tighten around me as well.

"Bran! This is so good! Fuck me! I LOVE YOU!"

"Huh?! OHHH HAAAAAAA!" I broke the moment I heard her words and a torrent of cum shot out of my cock. I grit my teeth, my body tensing up with ecstasy.

"HYAAAAAHH! YEESSS!" Marlene drooled as her face went slack from her orgasm. Her legs twitched and a spray of her juices hit my crotch.

I held her in my arms as her heavy breathing slowly dimmed down. She was shaking in relief as her afterglow subsided. She panted along with me as we both were sticky with sweat. Our sweat made us sticky and the warm sun did not help in making it go down.

"This was… fun… I could actually get used to this." I said as I rested my body atop of hers.

She stroked my cheek with her wing. "We could do this every day, Bran. We could just live in the cave together. I will take care of you. We can just steal our food from the passing caravans and…"

I stopped her in the middle of her sentence with a kiss. I looked into her confused eyes. "We won't need to do that. I think I have a plan. Will you come with me to Kanden?"

"To Kanden? But won't the people be afraid of me?"

"I have an idea how we could maybe convince them that you're not the monster they think you are."

"But I am a monster." She cocked her head in confusion.

I suppressed a chuckle "Heh, you know what I mean, Marlene."

She chuckled as well, and we made our way to Kanden. I gave her shelter from the sun by holding my coat over her as she held me from the side. She possessively wrapped her wings around me as we walked.

After the same short walk it took me to get to the caves, me and Marlene reached the town's gates with a pair of armed farmers guarding the gate. Their faces lit up in surprise and overwhelming joy as they saw me approaching.

"Is… Is that Bran?! Holy shit! It is! Bran!" They cried out, running towards me. "How did it go?! What was in that…" The breath got stuck in their throats as they saw a certain someone walking with me.

Marlene feebly watched out of my coat, her wings and her furry legs showing.

The guards raised their spears and shook with fear. "Wh…What is that!? Br…Bran there's a monster with you!"

Marlene quickly hid behind me as I raised my hands to defend her. "WAIT! Just… just let me explain."

I managed to calm the farmers down after a while. I introduced them to Marlene and told them everything, well almost everything, that happened. It took me quite some time and a bit of conviction but eventually I got the town to at least hear me out. The people were skeptical and pretty unreceptive to the thought of monsters not being evil.

We gathered in the town center, not knowing what to do from here. Everyone was staring at Marlene mistrusting her. Marlene clung to me the whole time, afraid of the people`s judgement. But then, she had an idea.

After crying out at a frequency that was inaudible for humans, she called for her sisters. All 5 of them came flying to Kanden with their husbands in tow. The people rejoiced as our guards were brought back and the town could be protected again.

After that, the people started to accept monsters more and more and the werebats moved into the guards barracks with their husbands. That may have meant that the guards were often busy with making their new wives happy, but with the 'threat' in the cave gone, there was no immediate danger to be expected anyways.

As for me? I moved back into the forge. Living together with my own wife as well.

It was late at night as I let the fire of the forge settle. Only a small orange glow enveloped it.

I wiped the sweat off my head and ditched my tools.

"Phew, finally done today. This should be enough for at least the next month. Given that the guards don't ruin their armors too much again." I sighed to myself in relief and stretched my shoulders. I looked over to the darker section of the forge. Marlene was hanging from the roof beam with her claws digging into the wood. She was soundly sleeping with her wings wrapping her up comfortably and the flame of the fire softly flickering on her skin.

I couldn't help but smile at my unusual little bat wife. I walked over to her, smiling as I watched her sleeping face. She was quietly snoring along, her nose twitching.

I gave her a small kiss on the nose before I noticed a twitch in her eyes and she leaned her face up to catch my lips instead.

She giggled and winked at me as I smiled back at her cheeky move.

I stroked her cheek, whispering to her. "I love you, Marlene."

"About time you admitted it." She whispered back smiling at me.

We kissed again as the fires slowly dimmed down and I fell asleep, resting right underneath her.

Well, how did you enjoy it traveler? What did you think of this story? We're still not in the really strange territory but we're slowly getting there.

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