Monster Girl Encyclopedia Encounter Compendium @alleskeins
Angel Family: Valkyrie (Wild)

It's the beautiful reality of this world, that everything, no matter how holy, no matter how pure, can eventually be corrupted. Sooner or later, one gets consumed by their basest desires. Greed, jealousy, hatred and of course... lust.

For centuries, humans and mamono have been in a stalemate kind of war, with holy warriors of the church of the Chief God, battling the armies of the new Demon Lord. The paladins of the realm have held a steadfast devotion to their Church and the good people living under it.

In battle, the most exalted and stalwart heroes were accompanied into battle by the mighty, winged Valkyries. Our story begins at a highly contested warfront. Clerics, priests, paladins and wizards exchange spells, blows, missile barrages and cannonfire with the succubi.

Among the foremost holy warriors stands the young, royal nobleman Sir Reynald of Corria, and the guardian Valkyrie Celeste, watching over her chosen Champion.


The air was whizzing with magic missiles and elrdritch blasts while the ground was pelted with impacts of fireballs, elemental shells and holy lasers raining from above. In this choking no man's land, I, Sir Reynald of Corria am making my advance with my squad of clerics. My shield was an impenetrable wall as we approached the enemy position while the clerics kept up their shield of faith to protect from dangers in the back.

Shrapnel and debris kept hammering our defenses from each side. Lesser Succubi were struck down swiftly enough by the cleric's maces as our formation marched ahead toward the operational camp of a leading General of the Succubus army. A powerful demon leading the charge in this more than crucial battle.

"Hold formation! They will only concentrate their fire on us more the closer we come to the camp!" Peeking over my shield, we still had quite a ways to go but I saw the commanding officer's tent. The ground was littered with smoking, slashed, torn apart and pulverized bodies of the soldiers who attempted to approach the camp before. It was a stomach churning sight but we had no choice but to keep going. At least those people died for the Chief God and have found his embrace.

While I scanned the area, I suddenly heard the sound of hooves galloping at staggering speed. Our attention shifted towards the direction of the noise and our eyes went wide. A Bicorn with a massive scythe was barreling towards us.

"BICORN! BRACE FOR IMPACT!" We ducked our heads behind our combined shieldwall, waiting to clash with the equine Succubus.

But salvation arrived before we could take damage and a whistling missile dove down from the heavens. A holy lance wielded by the heavenly angelic warriors penetrated the beast and knocked it off its hooves. It flailed around, trying to get off the Valkyrie that had speared it. She however showed no mercy and repeated her stabs until the creature ceased to move.

She turned to us as she dislodged her bloody lance from the Bicorn's ribcage and took an inspiring stance on her kill. It was at that moment that I noticed that this Valkyrie was not just anyone. It was Celeste, my guardian angel. My heart soared upon seeing her and we exchanged heartfelt smiles and nods as our eyes met.

In heavenly blue plate armor with golden trimmings only befitting of the angels, she made for an imposing fighter, equipped with not only the lance but a kite shield as well. However she was also dressed in the finest silks underneath the metal, showing her delicate and noble regalia. Her wings were split into 4 segments and her golden, long hair and shining blue eyes radiated the eloquence of the high heavens

"Keep your faith, soldiers! The powers of the heavens are with you this day. The Chief God expects our victory and we shall not leave them wanting." She took a few steps and lifted off again with a powerful stroke of her wings, shooting off back into the skies.

"You heard the lady! Close the distance and finish this mission. No hesitations anymore. ADVANCE!"

With a sonorous warcry we stormed towards the enemy camp. Rows of Succubi were sent to stop us and one after another collided with us and found the end of a blade or blunt instrument. We slashed and slaughtered our way up the hill to the pompous, red open tent with golden decorations.

We stood in the center of the campground surrounded by more Succubi keeping spells and weapons trained on us.

I stuck my sword into the dirt and pointed towards the tent. Commander! I demand you accept your defeat and that you pull your troops out of our lands! Either that, or this is going to end in bloody combat between you and me!"

From within the tent, a tall, blue skinned demon with black wings and a spiky tail, jagged horns and black leather armor sat upon a red extensively padded seat with her legs crossed and her cheek resting on her fist. Her thorn shaped tail kept darting about almost jovially and she hardly seemed to even be bothered by my presence.

She rose up an took her first steps out of the shade. "You humans and your incessant need for bloodshed, my lord! Get back to town and wait for us to finish what we started here. You'd be better off for it."

"What are you talking about? Finish what?"

"The roots of our Demon Lords Empire are already crawling through your soil, seeping with dark matter and demonic energy. It doesn't matter how many men you send our way or how many of our soldiers you kill. We don't win with swords and spells, we can win by slow corruption which contrary TO our warriors, you CANNOT stop!"

"You may be great manipulators but miracle workers you are not. My people cannot be consumed by the likes of you. So no, we will not back down. Now square up and fight!"

"Shame. Oh well, nevermind, it seems we were about to be rudely interrupted anyways." She slightly raised her head to the skies.

"W...wha... oh no."

Celeste was dancing through the air taking maneuvers to land and aerial strike on the demoness.

"Seems like your backup has arrived. Too bad for her. A lot of this could have been avoided, paladin. You better start running if you want to catch her." She smiled a toothy grin as she pointed two fingers at Celeste, who was approaching in rapid speed.

I panicked and screamed "No, STOP, PLEASE NO!"

But it was already too late. A witch bolt was let loose from her fingertips which flew in a jagged line and penetrated Celeste right through her chest. My breath stopped. Celeste lost more and more speed and could no longer control her flight. She was crashing. "YOU BITCH!"

She then walked back into her tent and sat down in her padded chair, seemingly satisfied. "Goodbye paladin. Good luck."

My clerics turned to me. "Sir?"

"Run home."



I tossed my sword and shield and started running. I saw Celeste's body soaring through the air like a comet coming down. From muck and flattened dirt, I had to run all the way until I entered an evergreen forest. I could hardly see her through the treetops and could only go by glimpses to know where she was going.

The terrain turned into a downward slope and though I had the ease of speed on my side, it was also easy to fall. I saw her just above me, she unconscious. I ran with all the power my heart could muster and reached out my arms. I stumbled and staggered as branches and bushes tried to stop me in my path, so I decided on the last resort. I jumped and grabbed her.

Our bodies entwined, we came crashing down, blasting holes into the earth as we impacted multiple times. Once that was over we kept rolling and falling as the slope became steeper and steeper. That's when it hit me: there was a valley behind this forest. I had no chance to stop us now, so there was nothing I could do to make what was to come any less painful.

We were launched over a cliff. We hit numerous rocks, trees and bushes on the way down. I held Celeste as close as I could as I felt my armor being dented and my skin lacerated.

After one more long stretch like that, we reached the flat part of the valley and we rolled into a meadow of grass until we finally came to a stop. The greenery felt like a healing balm, giving us some reprieve from the battering we'd received before.

I checked up on Celeste, whom I'd still been holding in my arms. Her face was unscathed but she was still completely out of it. Her eyes twitching under her eyelids however at least told me that she was going to make it. However her heavenly armor was a lost cause. Not only was it crushed and beaten but there was a gaping black hole that was punched through the center of her chest.

"I'm so sorry that things ended up like this, Celeste. I truly wish it didn't. But don't worry, I will find a way to help you, I promise." I looked around frantically for a landmark in the valley and sure enough, off in the distance drifted the smoke of a chimney.

I tried to take Celeste on my shoulder and move towards the fire, but the second I got onto my knee, I buckled and fell back down. I was forced to resign myself to dragging us both over the ground. But even that soon proved futile. I was at the end of my rope physically and mentally. "God... dammit." My eyes fell shut and I fell forehead first into the grass.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was to sunlight cracking through the slits of a straw roof. I was lying in a ramshackle bed, dressed only in my white, embroidered, silken shirt and linen britches. I was inside some kind of house, though I could hardly tell it apart from a shed or a barn. The house had no floor, just ground and the walls were made from warped planks of wood. A small crackling fire of a few blackened sticks was still burning underneath a stone chimney in the center of the room.

Finally, there was a nightstand next to my bed and someone had placed a wooden bowl of fresh water. I sat up to take a look at it but before I could, I noticed something else. Someone had bandaged me. I suppose other than washing myself, I probably could have used this water to freshen up those wraps as well. Anyways, I put the bowl in my lap.

"I really haven't looked at a reflection of myself for a while, huh?" A vaguely familiar face looked back up at me. Long blonde hair hanging off the right side of my head with an undercut on the opposite site. A 3 days stubble beard on a broad chin and icy blue eyes. "Oh well, it's mostly how I remember it. What more can a guy ask for."

I didn't want to waste too much time, so I quickly splashed myself off and got out of bed. As I went to get out the door, a young woman with a rural dress and woven bun greeted me at the door. "Oh, you are awake. I'm glad the bandages worked. I've never done anything like this before. How are you doing Sir?"

"Thanks to you, very much alive. I owe you my deepest thanks. I am Sir Reynald of Corria."

"Oh, I wasn't aware I was dealing with nobility, I am inconsolable." She dusted off her dress and did a cute little curtsy. "My name I Corinthia. I own this humble little farmstead, together with my two sons."

"It's quite fine. What about your husband?"

"The war, you must be aware how high the tolls of this conflict have been."

"All too painfully so. Speaking of which, I have a matter of great importance to ask you."

"Anything you need sire."

"There was a woman with me, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, wore a full plate armor similar to mine."

She seemed to sadden when I broached the subject. "Ah yes, the girl. I'm afraid I couldn't help her like I could you. She is still out of it, the poor thing. She is damaged beyond healing."

My heart started racing and my hands shaking. I grabbed her by her wrists, staring maniacally into her eyes. "No no no no no, that can't be. Bring me to her."

"Sir, you're hurting me!" She stammered with fear in her eyes.


Corinthia led me around to a small barn and pulled open the creaking front door. As I got a look inside, I was greeted by a massive pile of straw with a large rug draped over it and dented in like a nest. And within said nest, laid Celeste, barely breathing, stripped down to her long, thin, silken white dress and barely breathing. She had a deep gaping wound on her chest with blackened, electrical burns extending from it.

"I told you, she's barely hanging by a thread. I've never seen any wound like it, but it doesn't seem natural. There's nothing we can do but ease her passage."

My knuckles cracked as I balled my fist. My heart was trembling. But this wasn't the time. "No, I know what I have to do. Corinthia, where have you stored my gear?"

"Over there." She pointed towards a storage closet.

I opened it and rummaged through the remains of my sundered armor. I wasn't very hopeful, but to my relief I found what I was looking for. Vials of holy water.

"Please, leave me alone with her for a bit."

"I understand." She lowered her head and left the barn, closing the barn door behind her.

I focused on Celeste now. I sat down in the straw next to her and propped her upper body onto my lap. "You'll be alright, Celeste. I promise. I won't let more good people die in this war. Least of all you." I unplugged the cork from the vial and tossed it before slowly dribbling the holy liquid into her open wound. It seemed to show some effect, as her veins became somewhat clearer and her flesh seemed to close.

I waited 5 minutes, then 10, then 20. Until finally, her tired eyes fluttered open and they met mine. I breathed a sigh of deep relief as I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead.

"Reynald? What happened? Where are we?"

"Easy, easy, don't panic. We're in a safe place. A woman found us wounded out in the field after the battle with the demon. We'll be staying on her farmstead for a while until your full recovery. You've gotten it way worse than I have."

Her eyes were watering as she broke down in tears. "It's my fault. It's all my fault! I failed the mission. We were so close. We had her!" She covered her eyes with the backs of her hands.


"I was too impatient and now our target is gone doing who knows what to our people."

I took her wrists and removed her hands from her face, seeing the streaks of tears stain her cheeks. "Look at me."

Her sobbing stopped for a minute.

"We are alive. That's the only and biggest thing that matters. We live so that we may rectify our mistake. We will stay her and recuperated and strike back at the enemy once we are back at full strength. I am a warrior at the top of the line and you are a heavenly Valkyrie. If anyone in this world is capable of doing this, it's the two of us. Are you with me? Because I certainly can not do this without you. I need you; and I need you to be strong. Please, can I count on your aid?"

She stared up at me wide-eyed and determined. She closed her eyes and rose from my lap, sitting up on her knees across from me. Her eyes were sharp and staring squarely into mine. "For the Glory of the Chief God and the radiance of the high heavens."

"For the Church of man and all under its protection."

We grabbed each other's underarm and shook on it, making the oath that one day we would return to our home and finish what we started. We smiled at each other and nodded, ending the day with hope for a much brighter future.

For the next few weeks, we resigned ourselves to the farm life. Corinthia certainly appreciated the help. We tended to the vegetable fields, the cows and chickens and that day I tended to the small forge behind Corinthia's house. She said I could make use of all the materials that were available so, since I didn't possess a weapon anymore, I tried my hand at forging a sword of my own.

I kept having to wipe away the sweat from my face from the heat of the furnace as I heated up the metal. I hammered away at it, straightening out the edges and solidifying the indentation I made along the middle. It was coming along nicely. I doused the blade in water and ground out the final uneven parts. I added the cross guard, the grip and finally the pommel.

"Oof, not bad. Weight feels nice. Not as good as my old one but still nice to wield.

In my focus on the sword handling, I didn't notice that Celeste had entered the workshop. "What are you working on there?" I turned around to follow the sound of her voice. She still wore that long white, thin dress with the fine embroideries. She decided on not wearing shoes however despite being on a farm. She said she felt closer to God if she actually felt the earth beneath her feet. It was repeatedly stunning how much of a natural beauty she was. Without her helmet on, I now noticed how incredibly long her golden hair was as it blew around in the countryside breeze.

"Oh, nothing really. After I lost my sword at that enemy camp, I needed a new weapon. Thought I would give smithing a shot. We can't fully expect that the Succubi won't find this place and if they do, we're the last line of defense. What about you, what are you carrying there?" I motioned towards the bucket she held in front of her with both hands.

"It's cow's milk. I just got done milking old Elfriede. She's the mellowest old lady to work with so you get a lot with little effort." She chuckled. "Have you considered a name for that blade?"

I looked down at it. I haven't actually given it much thought. "I might. My sister is still waiting back home for me to come back from the war. I might want to name it after her. Elizabeth."

Celeste smiled warmly at that thought and put her bucket down. "Let me hold that sword for a moment?"

"Take a look all you want. It is nothing special."

She held the blade vertically with both hands and lifted it up to her lips. She planted a firm kiss on the metal and lowered it back down. She then handed it back to me. "Now it is. I've blessed your sword with an Angel's kiss. It's a good luck charm that you may see your sister again very soon."

I stared down at it and smiled as I sheathed it. "I don't know what to say. I can't thank you enough for this blessing. It... it means a lot. Thank you."

"Well, as thanks you could come along and help me milk the rest of the cows. Come on, it'll be fun."

She picked up her bucket again and turned around, already expecting I was gonna say yes. And she was right. I shrugged and followed her to the cow pens. Corinthia didn't have many cows but they were enough to sustain all of us just fine.

Celeste came out of the barn, leading a brown flecked cow to a fencepost, which she bound her to. "Here you go, one fresh bucket and one cow ready to be milked. You're going to need this one." She handed me a wooden stool.

I let out a jokingly exasperated sigh and set the stool down before plopping myself down on it.

"Her name is Dorothea, you have to be very careful with her, she's a sensitive girl."

"Well, Dorothea, I hope you're ready to part with some of that milk of yours. Don't worry, I'm gonna be gentle with you, old girl." I rolled my sleeves back and went to work. I started stroking Dorothea's udders, but no matter how firmly I squeezed, nothing was coming out. "What's going on? Where's the milk?"

Celeste giggled behind me, looking at me struggle.

"Yeah yeah. What am I doing wrong?"

"I told you, you need to do it very gentle. Here, let me show you." She moved in from behind me and wrapped her arms around me to put her hands over mine. I could feel her body push up against my back. Then she started taking control of my hands. "Just like this. Start from the top and gently pull it down. See? It's already coming out."

"You're right, she must have had a lot built up. Good girl."

She chuckled. "You're a natural, Reynald. Corinthia had to show me the first time as well." She said, keeping her hands entwined with mine and continuing to guide me.

"You know, I think I've got it now. You can let go."

She seemed very hesitant and despite me being perfectly fine milking on my own, she didn't let go. "Is everything alright, Celeste?"

"Just a little longer." She muttered from behind, making my heart skip for a beat from the sudden tenderness. But I welcomed the affection as well.

"Take all the time you need." I looked down at our entwined hands. We weren't even milking anymore, and I don't think that was the point anymore either. "I'm glad I caught you. When you fell I mean."

"Me too. You've got big strong hands."

"They work wonders for when you need to catch falling angels."

She laughed and rested her head on my back. "Then this angel is glad it chose you to watch over." She squeezed my hands tighter and I squeezed them back. "We don't need to get back yet, right?"

And so we spent the evening out in the field, exchanging sweet nothings with each other.

A few days later, it was already turning evening, I was approached by Corinthia's 2 boys. "Hey Sir Reynald, have you got a minute?"

"Absolutely, what's the matter?"

"Me and Damien made a flower crown for Lady Celeste but we can't bring ourselves to give it to her ourselves. Do you think you could give it to her for us?" They presented me with a wreath of beautiful spring flowers and weeds.

"It's beautiful, boys. I'll take it to her right away. Good job." I petted both of them on the head and took the crown with me.

Celeste was busy hanging up our clothes on a clothesline to dry. I snuck up behind her and covered her eyes with my hands. "Guess who it is?"

She giggled. "Oh lord, I wonder. Perhaps a cocky paladin who just assumes everyone will just recognize him."

"That very one." I took my hands away and let her turn around to me. "I've got something for you. The boys made it earlier today."

"A flower crown? I didn't take them to be little arts and crafts masters."

"Go ahead, put it on. I bet it'll look great on you."

She seemed amused by it and set the crown on top of her head. It was just as I suspected. It fit her perfectly like a glove.

"How do I look?" She twirled around in her dress, showing off her crown.

"Like you're ready for a town festival as the belle of the ball."

She cocked her head and frowned a little. "I never got to go to festivals like this. What are they like?"

"Oh, just fantastic food, plenty of games, everyone in town assembles on the market place and the music. Oh the music was to die for."

She smiled as she listened to it but also seemed a little down. "I wish I could have experienced it once."

I extended my hand to her. "Well, I can't manifest an entire town to celebrate with you. But we can still have that dance."

She fidgeted. "But I can't dance."

"Don't worry, I'll lead. Take my hand, I will take care of you."

She accepted and smiled as she got close to me. We stood face to face, ready for our first dance. "There's this one song I still vividly remember. Just follow my steps."

There once was a girl no one knew

no name and no renown

So without any fame

they just gave her the name

the girl from a river down

Her smile was like the golden sun

No one wanted to see her frown

And since dancing she liked

they played music all night

for the girl from a river down

She danced throughout the entire night

in her beautiful dress and gown

She was bouncing around

To the beautiful sound

the girl from a river down

the girl from a river down

I twirled Celeste around, laughing along with her as we danced. When I finally set her down, we were both out of breath from both laughing and dancing. We each held each other close and our faces were glued to each other.

"So, what do you think of your first festival dance? I'm not too shabby, am I?"

But Celeste didn't respond. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her eyes were focused intently on me. She got onto her toes to reach up to me and then... she kissed me. We stood there like that for a while, not speaking a word to each other as our lips brushed against each other.

With a little smack, she parted from me. I touched my lips, in disbelief at what just happened.

Celeste pressed her forehead into my chest and clung to me. "You catch a falling angel, the angel falls for you. Funny how that works, huh?"

"Funny indeed, let's fall a little deeper, shall we." I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned down to kiss her once more. We became more bold. Tongue got involved and pushed our bodies as closely together as we could. Despite being a hardened warrior, Celeste seemed almost frail in those moments, and I held her like she was the most precious thing my hands had ever touched.

It was turning dark and time for us to turn in. I brought Celeste to her barn and opened the door for her. "I... had a lot of fun today. Thank you for that. Have a good night.

I was about to turn away to walk towards my own house when I felt Celeste tug at the back of my shirt. "Is something the matter?" I looked over my shoulder. Her eyes were hidden under her bangs.

Her fingers were trembling. "Would you... mind keeping me company tonight?"

I turned around and noticed that her cheeks were flushed red. I was taken aback and flustered myself. "By that you mean, sharing a bed?"

"Yes. If it's not too much trouble."

"O...of course not. I'll gladly stay with you. Just lead the w...mmmghhh." She pulled me into the barn by the collar and kissed me deeply, pulling me towards the makeshift straw bed at the end of the room. "I need you. I want you... tonight."

"Are you sure about this, Celeste?"

"How much more worthy of a man could I choose other than my own champion? I love you Reynald and I want you to make love to me."

She dropped her dress, unveiling her gorgeous, spotless body to me . Her breasts were large and firm with perfectly round nipples topping the peaks. Her pussy had not a single hair on it, perfectly clean and untouched. Blood rushed to my manhood and even I could no longer deny how much I had been wanting this woman.

I undressed myself and got into bed with her. At first we entangled our bodies, rubbing up against each other and grinding our genitals into each other. Celeste grabbed my back, digging her nails into my skin as we made out. I ran my fingers through her long silken hair, holding her close to me.

I gazed into her eyes as we broke from our kiss. "I love you, Celeste and I will make you mine tonight. Nothing in this world, not even a war, will keep me from doing just that.

She took her pillow and hugged it. "Please, be gentle, I... I've never had another man before."

I nodded and moved down her body. I propped up her ass and lifted her crotch to my lips. I held her butt cheeks up with my hands and spread open her pussy with my thumbs. She was already glistening a bit and a slight heat was radiating from the furnace within. I licked her cunt from bottom to top, lapping up the juices that were already there. I pushed my face into her crotch and my tongue down her vagina. I swirled it around, licking the inside walls and bumps thoroughly. She tasted of sweet honey with a bit of bitterness mixed in. To me, it was the most intoxicating nectar I've ever tasted.

I moved my lips upward, sucking on her unhooded clit. Celeste moaned heavily digging her fingers into the back of my head, shoving me into her crotch. "Right there! Do that more!"

Apparently I was doing the right thing, so I kept assaulting her swollen little bud. I kissed and flicked it with my tongue and with each time, her hips seemed to tremble harder each time. She was getting greedy, wrapping her legs around my head. My face was firmly locked against her pussy with nowhere else to go. "Oh lord! Don't stop!" She threw her head back, running her hands through her hair.

It was beautiful seeing her in the throes of pleasure like this. I closed my eyes as I focused on prodding her weak spots. I lapped up every drop of her juices I could. My lips were already stained and glistening.

I felt her growing weaker, her legs twitching more and more as time passed on. She cried out my name over and over while it was a little harder for me to do with a full mouth. I devoured her pussy and I was enjoying every second of it.

Finally, she started bucking her hips against my face, grinding on my tongue and lips. Her insides were tense. She was about to cum. I didn't let up, sucking on her lips and peppering her entire folds with kisses. Then I was greeted by a torrent of juices spraying into my mouth. I choked at first, but I wouldn't have wanted to waste a single drop of this heavenly nectar.

I gasped for air, coming up to Celeste again after she finally released me from her leg lock. She was sweating and out of breath. I caught her lips, wanting to celebrate our first union. "I can't hold back anymore Celeste. I want to fuck you, right now. I want you so badly!"

"Me too, Reynald. I'm ready for you." She reached out to me with her hands in a "come here" gesture.

She said it. There was nothing that could hold me back anymore. I grabbed her legs, lining my already rock hard member with Celeste's pussy. She was still fully wet from before and it didn't take much effort for me to push my cock past her entrance.

I cupped her cheek with my hand and kissed her as I started thrusting. Her lips quivered from the sexual stimulation. She sucked on my tongue, glued to my face. She was getting way more into it than I was expecting but it just made it all the more exciting.

I wrapped my arms around her frame pressing my face into her chest and kissing her shoulder. I fucked her deep, grinding her cervix and carving my shape into her. Her pussy was taking my breath away with how tightly it was squeezing me. It took me just perfectly, almost like it was adapting to my cock.

"You're so greedy. You keep sucking me back in when I just want to pull back for a second. Naughty girl." I moaned into her ear, making her blush from cheek to cheek.

I kept rocking her body, peppering kisses across her neck. Her pussy welcomed me in full each time, pumping out more and more juices to make my re-entrance as easy as possible. Her lower abdomen twitched and folded in on itself each time my hips collided with hers.

"I love you Reynald! So incredibly much!" Her voice was shaky, her mouth unable to close anymore. I could tell she was close and I wasn't too far behind.

"I'll cum inside you, Celeste! If we make a child so be it! Right now I want to fill you with nothing but myself."

"I'll take it! Shoot your load deep inside of me! Make me pregnant! I want your baby, Reynald! I'll give birth to your child!" She screamed, mirroring my sentiments.

I grabbed her legs and lifted them up to her chest. With the ease of access I could easier slam her pussy with a massive wet smacking sound that echoed in the barn. Her ass rippled and sent waves through her flesh. She was drooling from the side of her lips and her eyes were unfocused.

I wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out in this final spurt. I put all my remaining force into gyrating and pistoning away. I embraced her entire body, leaving no room between us as I thrust my cock down into her. It spurred my manly pride to see her body twitch beneath me.

Celeste reached up to me, desperately begging to kiss me while we came together. I gladly obliged and twirled my tongue around hers, wrestling with it and letting her saliva fill my mouth.

I went balls deep with a final, heavy thrust when I unleashed a torrent of cum. My cock twitched wildly, pumping cum like a water pump. Slowly I felt my semen surrounding my cock and dripping out from our point of connection. A streak of our mixed juices started dripping down Celeste's butt crack and onto the bedding.

We spent a few minutes lying there like that, staring at each other while I combed through her now sweaty hair. When we finally collapsed next to each other, I took Celeste into my arms and bathed in the afterglow. In the quiet night, cicadas were the only thing that filled the silence.

Suddenly, Celeste broke into a wide smile and nuzzled my chest.

I chuckled. "What?"

"It all seems so far away, doesn't it? It was only a few weeks ago that we were fighting on the frontlines together."

I looked towards the ceiling and took a deep breath. "It really does feel like it's all over already. Like there never was a war to begin with. But you know what? Right now I don't care if the battle is 10 or 10000 miles away. I am here right now, with you. And I think... that's enough."

"Well said." She giggled, leaning up to catch my lips. "Can you... hold me... at least until I've fallen asleep?"

"And way beyond that as well. Sweet dreams, Celeste."

"Good night, Reynald. I love you."

"I love you too."

And with those last words of affection, Celeste snuggled in and soon began softly snoring away. At some point, we would have to return to the horrors of battle. But that day was not it. This day, we were simply allowing ourselves to be happy. Something we've been depraved of for way too long.

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