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Bat Family: Werebat (Wild)

You might be a bit lost here, aren't you traveler? You came here from whatever lands you're from and all of the sudden you learn of the world of monster girls. About spirit energy extracted from a man's body and demonic powers clouding one's mind. Of monsters looking desperately for a husband to be with. Oh, trust me, you will be surprised what I've got in store for you. I haven't told you anything yet.

So I won't throw you off immediately, maybe we should stay in a region that should be more familiar to you. The land of the Order of the Chief God. Or in your terms, the human realm.

You have heard of bats in your world, right? So, let the Compendium tell you of another monster. The Werebat.

"This is the last straw! We've lost 5 men now to this damn cave! Whatever lives in there, needs to go!" The mayor of Kanden stood on a pedestal and cried out to the mob of people lining up in the city center.

I stood in the middle of it, listening to the most recent news that a cave near our town was apparently swallowing the finest men of our guards.

I was a citizen of said town. My name is Bran, the blacksmith of Kanden. I'm a 28 year-old man with brown hair that was originally shoulder length but my tips were scorched by the flames of the forge's fires to a short, tussled length.

I was one of the stronger men in the city and had gained quite some muscle throughout my body from the rough work at the forge.

I was the one who geared up the men we sent with weapons and armors to defend themselves in the cave. And since they're obviously gone now, so is my gear that I gave them to borrow for their mission. It was some of the finest work I've ever done so this was a personal affair to me.

"Days of work, pounds of refined mithril, hours of fitting and detail work. All wasted." I grumbled to myself with crossed arms as the mayor ranted on about how dangerous the cave still was. Some monsters must've made their nest in there. Nobody knew what kind, because none of those who explored it came back to tell of it. Most likely, they were dead.

The crowd around me listened intently, on occasion chanting in outrage. "WE NEED TO KILL THE BEASTS!" "WE CAN'T LEAVE OUR BRETHREN UNAVENGED!" They shouted.

"People! People! Calm down!" The mayor tried to calm the masses.

"But what are we supposed to do, mayor? All our guards are already gone. They were called to arms in the battle with the demons and now our last 5 men have fallen to the monsters!"

The mayor rubbed the sweat off his forehead, not knowing what to do. Stutteringly, he turned to the crowd. "Well, I hate to say it but we need to send someone else to clear out the cave. I know it is a big ask. Who of you is willing to take the risk. We need anyone we can get."

The crowd fell silent. We were not a town of fighters and most people here have never even picked up a weapon of any sort. The people looked around, seeing if anyone was volunteering. But everyone was just embarrassedly rubbing their neck awkwardly, not wanting to be the one to be called out.

"Come on, people! Is no one here willing to do it for the sake of Kanden? Anyone?"

After a few seconds of looking around, all I saw was people in fear. Mother's holding onto their husbands, not wanting them to go and die at the hands of monsters. I knew a lot of these people. They had a lot to lose and I understood their fear of possible death.

I on the other hand was an only child with barely any family left out there. I was thinking to myself that for the sake of the people, I would be the one to vanquish the beasts, even if it cost me my life. I had nothing to lose. If I went and perished, I would at least have fought for a good purpose and if I didn't, maybe I'd get a chance to retrieve my valuable gear. It was decided.

I raised my arm and the people turned towards me with surprised eyes of shock. "I'll do it, mayor! I will go and slay the beast, whatever it is!"

The eyes of the citizens followed me as I walked up to the mayor to offer my service. He welcomed me with a look of uncertainty. "Bran, are you sure you want to do this. You are Kanden's only blacksmith. If time calls for it, we won't even have weapons to defend ourselves in an emergency."

"I am sure, mayor. I'm certain that I will return. I'll do it for the sake of the town and my crafts. Besides, I'm probably one of the last people here that knows how to handle a sword. But in the unlikely case I shouldn't return…" I pulled out a ring of keys and handed it to the mayor. "…you will have free access to my armory. Just try to keep the town safe, alright?"

The mayor sighed but nodded before putting his hands on my shoulders trustingly. "I will. Thank you, Bran. The people of Kanden depend on you."

I held his arm in return and turned to the crowd that erupted in cheers. "THANK YOU, BRAN! SLAY THE BEASTS!"

It was an oddly proud moment to hear the town chant my name. I've walked through the crowd, men, women and children thanking me for my sacrifice. I was smiling widely, proud to be the one who might be able to make the town's people feel safe again.

I went to my forge, grabbing my trusted short sword as well as a red-tinted leather coat that I threw over my shoulders. It was padded with steel and provided incredible mobility at the same time. I put on a pair of thigh and shin guards and buckled them up with a belt. I grabbed a torch to carry with me, sure I would need it and headed out.

It was late in the evening and the moon hung heavy above me. I left the city gates, my sword sheathed in the scabbard of my belt.

I took a deep breath, realizing there was no way back now. The cave would be just a bit up the pathway, close to a popular travel route to our town which was why it had that much importance. Even before we sent our guards out, people went missing along the way.

Nobody ever found the bodies again. Might've been that they were eaten, carried off to be picked apart or maybe they've just been stored in the back of the cave. None of the options made for pleasant images.

I reached the large cavern, going into a rock formation next to the road. It was pitch black inside, which was elevated even more by the darkness of the night.

I pulled out my torch and hit my flint stone over it to light it with the sparks. The warm light of my torch brightened up the grass around me and with my new source of light beside the moon, I went into the cave. It reached surprisingly deep into the mountain.

"This is way too quiet." I whispered to myself looking around. Apart from the stalagmites there wasn't much to see. But something was off. It smelled kind of sweet and the air was damp and warm.

I heard a fluttering sound in a dark corner of the cave but when I held my torch in the direction, there was nothing. I was getting suspicious at that point. I inspected my surroundings closer and found a stash of bundled up clothes at the far back of the cavern. But not only that. The clothes were stuffed inside of the empty armors that I had crafted for the guards. But there were no bodies to be found.

"What in the name of God happened here?" I leaned down to the clothes and armors seeing that they were wet with some kind of fluid. At first I was assuming that it was blood. But it wasn't red.

"It certainly is sticky like blood. Oh, my…!" I realized what it was once I sampled a drop of it in between my fingers. This was unmistakably semen. I wiped my hands on my coat frantically, trying to get rid of the cum.

"Hihihi, you seriously just touched that? You're so gross." A cackling voice rang out from the shadows. The female voice echoed in the cave making it hard to locate.

"Who is there? Show yourself!"

"What fun would there be in that? Why don't you just come and find me?"

I tried my hardest to pin point her location but I only saw a swift shadow hushing through the darkness. "Are you the monster that lives in this cave? What have you done with our guards? Where have you taken them to?"

She giggled devilishly "Oh, I didn't take them anywhere. My sisters though, they might be a bit less innocent than me. Hehehehe."

I was getting sick of her vagueness. "Then what did they do to them?"

"They seem to have taken kind of a liking to them and found a new nest with them. Unlike the other boring prey we caught before, they seemed to be much more fun to play with. It's so much more entertaining to break someone with a stronger will." She sounded malicious and sadistic as she nonchalantly told me of the things her sisters did. It was almost as if she found them to be completely normal.

I backed into the corner of the cave, brandishing my sword along with my torch. Suddenly something lashed down from the ceiling and yanked both of them out of my hands. I was completely unarmed and the torch which was tossed to the ground, slowly dimmed down before completely going out and leaving me in darkness.

I steeled my nerves and checked my surroundings for any movement. My eyes slowly accustomed to the darkness.

"You know… I've been kind of worried that I would be left behind and that I wouldn't find some prey myself. And I'm so glad that you came along. You seem like such a handsome, strong man. Just like the guards my sisters caught. I guess I don't have to be jealous of them anymore now. Hihihi!"

I felt the touch of something leathery, tenderly caressing my cheek before I stumbled backwards and fell onto my back. Quickly, I felt a certain weight on my body. I checked what it was and was greeted with a pair of glowing, yellow eyes and a flashing toothy grin.

They belonged to a girl with a very skinny physique and a set of leathery, long wings that made up her arms. She had legs with purple fur covering them and her intimate areas were only barely covered with several black leather belts that served as a sort of tube top and a ripped loincloth. She had shoulder long, purple hair with two long, pointy bat ears protruding from them.

"I was so waiting for this!" She seemed ecstatic as she straddled me.

"Wait! Get down from me, you demon!" I was ready to throw a swing her way, but the girl just dodged it without much effort and pinned my arms to the ground with the claws of her wings.

"Don't struggle. It's just gonna make it harder on you and more fun for me." She said maliciously.

I was stunned, it was as if my strength didn't even matter here. She was keeping me pressed to the floor as if it was nothing. She possessed an inhuman amount of strength, despite her relatively short body.

She leaned down to my face as I was gulping in nervousness. "You humans are so cute when you try to fight back." She smiled as she leered at me with her lust-filled eyes. She was rubbing her body up against me, her face close to mine. Close up, she was betraying the devilish nature she emitted. She actually looked like a cute young woman with an adorable face. It was almost hard to believe with all the things she's been saying.

Her scantily clad body laid on top of me and just as I was about to inspect her further, she readied the claws of her wings to lash at my coat. She cut open all my buttons and bared my top. Her eyes hungrily scaling my body.

"Who are you?" I asked curiously as she was lost in trance with my body, caressing it with the tip of her wings.

"You can call me Marlene. And who might you be, my precious prey?"

"Bran. I'm the blacksmith of Kande."

"A blacksmith you say? No wonder you have such a great body." Marlene licked her lips before diving down and licking my chest. I gasped as her tiny tongue ran over my skin.

Marlene licked me lasciviously as one of her legs rubbed up against my crotch. I could see her vampire-like fangs flash in the dark as she felt the bulge that was starting to build.

"Yes, that's exactly the treat I was hoping for. I can't wait to taste this." She said as she rubbed my crotch with her leg even more intently. The pressure and fraction involuntarily aroused me and I ground my teeth at the strange stimulation.

The licks she peppered across my torso moved downwards and stopped at my buckle. Without much thought, she tore apart my leg guards and shoved down my pants like a hungering animal.

In the dark, all my senses were heightened and I felt every little touch. She constantly made sure that I was still pinned to the floor as she removed my last shred of clothing. My underwear. She bit the waistband of it and slowly dragged it down, watching me with upturned eyes to see my helpless reactions.

"Wow, you are big." She cooed as she laid her glowing eyes upon my erect cock. She closed in on it with her face, licking her lips sultrily.

"You're not really going to…" I wrought out.

She giggled "Scared?"

"N…Not scared, but this is so…"

"Shh, you will like it." She interrupted me with a lusty voice. My words were stuck in my throat as I felt the wet feeling of her tongue touch my shaft. It was snaking around my member and pulled it into her watering mouth.

"*slurp* *suck* *smack*" My vision turned completely dark as I heard dirty sounds emanating in the cave along with a rush of pleasure coming from my crotch. Marlene had entangled with her slim, but surprisingly long tongue. Her head bobbed up and down on my member while her tongue licked my cock all the way.

It was completely enveloped in wetness, her mouth drenching my cock in her sweet saliva. Marlene closed her eyes as she took in the taste "Mmmmmhh *slurp* mmmmppffff." She stuffed her cheek with my dick, trying to suck the life force out of me. Every time I struggled, she lightly bit down on it as if to threaten me. She looked up at me with upturned eyes and her following giggles sent stimulating vibrations through my shaft.

It was insane how much she enjoyed her sadistic teases. It was as if she enjoyed seeing me in distress.

For such a short, feeble girl she had the presence of an experienced mistress.

I was losing my mind at the incredible rush of her mouth. She closed her eyes in bliss as she savored the taste of my penis. She took my head to the back of her throat, letting me enter all the way into her mouth over and over.

It was crazy. I shouldn't have felt this way, but the feeling of being at her mercy was exciting. Soon I've lost myself in the pleasure and started to moan, much to Marlene's satisfaction. Her brows furrowed as my cock kept thrusting into her mouth and her licking it with her agile tongue.

She let go of my arms where she had pinned me and actually used her wings to grab my hips for a better grip. She went in, taking my member balls deep down her throat. She was sheathing my member to the base and sucking on it lustily.

I could have run away, but the pleasure numbed my body. Instead I started to buck my hips and rub her hair.

She smiled with my cock still in her mouth as she continued to bob her head. She tightened her lips to add more suction and as her tongue slithered around my head, I was ready to cum hard.

"*pant* Ngghh! Marlene, get off, I'm about to… ghaa!" But in response to my words, she just sped up her movements, took me deep into her mouth and let me shoot my cum right down her hungry throat. She was staying there, letting every drop enter as she swallowed several times.

Marlene slowly slid her mouth off my member, leaving a thin layer of cum left on the shaft and letting the last few spurts shoot into onto her tongue. A bit of it stained her lips, but she was quick to lick that up as well. My member jerked violently as I emptied almost the entire load in her mouth.

"*gasp* *gulp* Phew, hehehe! That was so much, Bran." She smiled deliriously. Her tongue still lolled out of her mouth from the frenzied joy she took in sucking me off.

I was panting hard, my heart racing and my will to resist breaking. "This was… *pant* probably the best I've felt in my entire life."

"Hihi, I'm glad…" She smirked, which could mean nothing good. "Because I'm gonna keep you as my toy forever. I've taken way too much of a liking to you to just let you go." She noted assertively.

"You…you can't be serious!" I tried to defend myself.

She jumped on top and straddled me again. Her glowing eyes filled with desire and her claws working her buckled top and dropping it to the side. I was graced with the sight of her bust. It was on the larger side of a B-cup and even though not the biggest breasts, they were bulging and looked so attractive.

"Are you still doubting me? Maybe you need a bit more convincing then."

Marlene leaned down to me and pressed her tiny, moist lips against mine. Her lips were still sticky with remnants of my semen but through the weird taste of my own cum, I still caught the sweetness of her own saliva.

Her long tongue wriggled around mine and she pressed her tits against my chest. She was squirming on top of me, swaying her hips impatiently and rubbing her skin against mine. She was noticeable hot and I could feel her increasing heartbeat.

And that's when I felt it. She wore nothing underneath that loincloth of hers and she was rubbing her dripping, hot pussy over the shaft of my dick. It was dripping with juices and it was throbbing anticipatingly.

"*smack* You're really wet down there." I panted between kisses.

"Hehe, well, it's your fault. Speaking of which…" She smiled a toothy grin as she raised her hips above my cock.

"Marlene, are you sure you want to go through with this? We can still talk this out!" I pleaded with her.

She just grinned at me and with an adoring smile, she said "Oooohh, you're just too damn adorable." She cooed before crashing her hips down onto mine and taking my dick to the hilt into her pussy.

"HHAAAAAAHHHH! Gods be damned!" I lost my mind as the tightness of her pussy enveloped me. It was so hot and wet inside of her that it sent shivers through my body.

Marlene struck a delirious expression with her eyes going vacant and her mouth hanging open in pure satisfaction. She put her wings onto my chest for stability and pressed her hips down as far as they would go before I hit her cervix.

She was twitching and drool was hanging from the side of her mouth. "Finally, I've been waiting for this the whole time. It's just as great as my sisters told me it would be!" She moved her hips from side to side, grinding on my crotch and searching for her own pleasure spots. My dick rubbed her walls and prodded around the entrance of her uterus.

"Look, Bran, we're one now! Doesn't it feel amazing in there?" Marlene rode me in the cowgirl position, showing off the spot where we were connected. I could see my member buried within her folds and the sight of it made me gulp audibly.

"Yeah, it does, I can see it. It's… it's in so deep." I said in wonderment.

"Yes, Bran, you're all the way up in here." She stroked her lower belly. "But we can't just leave it at that, can we?" She moaned huskily as she started to pump her hips up and down on my member. She pierced her tiny body on top of me, gyrating her hips in the process.

She began to hump me wildly as I gripped the ground, pressing my fingers against the stone. Marlene rocked my body and her own body as well was shaking alluringly. Her tits bounced with every time she slammed down and the position of her, steadying herself on my chest was surprisingly sexy.

Instinctively, my hands were drawn to her hips, grabbing them tightly and helping her slam down harder. Even I was starting to crave more and more pleasure. She didn't seem to mind and actually, greedily crashed her lips to mine again, kissing me wildly. She was humping my crotch with even more lust driving her and we moaned into each other's mouths.

Our bodies were getting sweaty and the air in the cave grew damp. The taste of her mouth and the feeling of her pussy around my cock turned my brain into a blank slate.

"Bran!" Marlene cried out as she uncontrollably peppered my mouth and cheek with kisses.

"Marlene!" I responded as I hugged her body tightly. The reasonable side in my brain that told me to flee was completely muted and I submitted myself to her and the pleasure she was giving me. I knew she was a monster still but there was no way I could stop now.

I bucked my hips up into her, gluing our crotches together. I was able to thrust deep and penetrate her in more rapid succession.

Marlene's body was still closely connected to mine and her stiff nipples poked against my chest, heightening my arousal.

She tightened her walls and squeezed my cock from all sides. It was so intense that it gave me the last spark to light the fuse.

"Marlene! I'm cumming! *moan* I'm cumming!"

She looked deep into my eyes with hers glowing in the dark. They were slanted and filled with joy. "Yes! Yes! Bran! Cum inside me! Cum right in my pussy! I want it!"

She rocked her hips madly, cupping my cheeks with her wings and shaking her body for me. In turn, I held onto her back, steadying her and stroking her.

She cried out in joy as we both approached our orgasms. I was moaning with her, as we went closer and closer to the edge, our bodies heated and our hips rapidly colliding.

We kissed once more, savoring each other's taste before we reached our breaking point and we came at the same time.

"HMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNHHH!" We both cried out with our lips still tightly connected and our tongues intertwining with each other.

My hips jerked as they violently released rope after rope of cum and stained her walls with my colors. She clamped down on me, her flesh hugging my rod and taking in my semen gratefully.

She was catching her breath as we parted our lips and a delirious smile crossed her mouth. "That was… amazing!" she moaned at me.

Her eyes were dewy and mad with lust. She pinned me down to the ground again, restraining my arms.

In surprise, I was again a prisoner of hers. "More!" She panted with the look of a predator. In all my lust, I forgot that I was still prey to her.

She shimmied her hips before smiling widely. "You're still hard. That makes me so happy, Bran."

She started rocking her hips again, it almost hurt as she stimulated my still sensitive dick with her walls again.

It took us late into the night and several more rounds of admittedly incredible sex. But my body was slowly giving in. She just discovered this new pleasure that she's been searching for so long and she wasn't ready to give it up yet. I still needed to escape.

Some way or another.

To be continued…

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