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Wolf Family: Anubis (Bonus Chapter)

It's been a couple months since we started smuggling people from my hometown to our tomb. There were various reasons why they went with us. Some were in disbelief that monsters could be living this close by and they just had to see it for themselves. Others were sick of working and close to being tossed aside. Some were old, others broken from labor. But the overarching reason for choosing this life over their own was the suffering under King Tutem and the spirit to resist him and show him that they still have value.

As such, many of those who became the new inhabitants of Cassiopeia's kingdom were more than eager to earn their keep, restore their vitality by becoming immortal and/or letting themselves be turned into monsters and incubi. Faster than anyone could've even imagined possible, the tomb was returned to old glory. The halls were cleaner and livelier than ever before. Markets emerged with people trading undercover with other kingdoms to supply us with food, living spaces had been built for families, couples and singles alike. Through excavations, the tomb grew and grew, expanding until every need one could have was satisfied.

But even with all of this positive change and my strong desire to help Cassiopeia to achieve even more greatness, there were still some new arrivals to come. And they were the ones I've been dreading the most.

"I'm nervous." I admitted to Karima and Fatima as we stood in the entry hall. My fists were clenching and unclenching nervously and my pulse must've been through the roof.

"We can still call it off. We'll make them forget and send them back. We could send people to keep supplying them anonymously." Fatima suggested, holding onto my right arm.

"I can't. Not anymore. They deserve to know where I've been and what I've been up to. I'd be a disgrace of a son if I didn't."

Karima latched onto my other arm and cheerily smiled at me. "I'm sure they'll forgive you. Look at what you helped us build here? How could they not be proud?"

I sighed and flinched as I appreciatively rubbed their arms. "Still, I stole from people, I haven't talked to them in months and I''ve been keeping all of this secret from them while they didn't even know if I was still alive. I think I'm..."

"I think you're going to be just fine." Fatima snuggled up to me and squeezed my arm. I looked at her, receiving a comforting grin. "What's the worst that could happen?"

I smiled back, rubbing their heads as they leaned into my shoulders. "Shit, how did I deserve you two? I love you guys. Really, I do."

As we embraced there in the middle of a busy room, there they arrived, coming down the stairwell into the underground. Fatima and Karima cautiously took a few steps back. They knew I needed to face this alone. "Well... here goes nothing."

It was time. There was no backing out. In front of me were the people who raised me. Looking at them, I almost forgot how long it's been since I've last seen them. They looked so weak, their bodies broken and labored. My father walked with a limp, having only a walking stick to aid his weakened knees and mother, mother looked like a withered flower. The beauty she once had, had been beaten out of her with sadness and malnourishment.

You'd think all will to live and all sense of humanity would've left them. And yet, as they came down the steps, this was the conversation they were in the middle of. "I told them! A secret underground society of monsters! I warned them and they called me crazy. YOU called me crazy, Temya, crazy you called me!"

Mom rolled her eyes in response. "You've been rubbing it in since we left town, Mahid! Would you quiet down already? You're embarrassing us in front of our kind... hosts..." Her words drifted into silence as she laid eyes on me. Dad shortly followed suit as he no longer could utter a word.

I weakly reached out to them with a hesitant wave. My hand was trembling. "Hey mom... hey dad... long time no see, huh..."

The air was knocked out of my lungs by two pairs of arms throwing themselves around me. They embraced me. I couldn't hold back anymore. I hugged them back unable to match the vigor they were showing themselves. I felt weak compared to them. "I have so many things to tell you, I just didn't know how..."

"Nonsense! I can't believe you're alive! My boy is alive!" Mom held my cheeks looking me all over as if she couldn't believe it was me.

"Do you have any idea how worried you made us, son? How much we've prayed for your return?"

"I wanted to see you again too, dad. There was just so much I..."

"I don't want to hear it! What's been done is done." He cried out with tears in his eyes, pulling me into a fatherly hug followed by hearty slaps on the back. "Oh, I've missed you so much, my boy!"

Mom joined in right after, making for a tight squeeze of a family hug. "Me too dad, I missed you both too. And now that you're here, I'll make sure you get everything you need. It may be an underground tomb, but we're trying to provide what we can for everybody here."

As if only now coming back to reality, my parents took a step back from me and started looking around in awe.

"Speaking of which... how has something like this existed for so long without us even knowing about it. We were certain nobody has lived in this desert for decades." Mother asked curiously.

"It's much older than that. This place is several ages old. It's only now that we've been rebuilding it to what it once was that humans have even been allowed to come in here."

"And those creatures?" Father added in a hushed tone.

"All manners of monsters. They built and ruled in here far away from the cities. That's why they couldn't show themselves to the outside world. You know they would've been hunted down or handed over to the church."

"So why are they letting us in now?"

"We need people. If we didn't bring them here, this place would have crumbled to dust. Its fueled by the people who inhabit it and who follow the Pharaoh. The more followers, the stronger we get."

"But why bring us in? We can't work anymore and I fear we can't contribute much to these people either."

"It's not about age or physical ability. Our people can't keep suffering under some entitled dictator. So we offered them a way to get away from that. Those who can help, are appreciated but for me at least it's enough that they have a home where they aren't considered disposable. Like the way Tutem thinks about you."

Mom touched my cheek with her bony hand as she looked up at me. I couldn't tell if her tears were those of joy or sorrow from having missed so much time with me. "You've changed a lot, haven't you? Whatever it was that caused this, I'm more glad than anything that it happened."

I bashfully smirked as I scratched my neck and raised my shoulders. "Well, wish I could take credit for that but as much as I'd like to say I changed like this on my own... it's actually been thanks to these two." I pointed at the two girls behind me, both jerking up from being mentioned.

"Me?!" "Me?!"

"Of course you. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near where I am at today if it wasn't for them. Karima was kind to me even when I didn't deserve it and Fatima showed me that there were things worth protecting even if they're not your own. Above anything else, I owe my new life to them."

Both of them started blushing bashfully as my parents approached them. Mother was the first to adress them. "So, as my son introduced you so flatteringly, I'd like to know who's who so I can thank you individually."

Karima stiffly bowed and wrung out a waterfall of words. "I...I'm Karima, mam. I umm... I'm sorry for not having introduced myself yet, I'm... not that good with outsiders yet apart from Shaiq."

"Oh that's fi..."

"But I want you to know that I am very honored to have you here and if you should need anything, the Pharaoh can and will provide you. Her Highness is very resourceful and kind and you will definitely feel right at home in... our home. Our home is your home is what I meant to say. Uh... uuummm..."

Just in the right moment, Fatima tapped her on the shoulder and stopped her. "It's alright, Karima. I think they feel welcome already."

"You think so?"

"We sure do, sweetheart. And we really appreciate you taking care of our boy. We know he can be a handful sometimes but he's got a good heart deep down." She said, clasping Karima's paws with her hands.

"I know, mam. He's proven that plenty already. He's made it up to us several fold."

Mom nodded and patted her hand before turning to her sister. "And you must be Fatima. I assume you two are..."

"Sisters, yes mam. Twins actually."

"You seem to have yourself together quite well. Keep my boy in check, okay? He's always been a bit of a troublemaker."

"Oh trust me, we've noticed that as well." She answered with an embarrassed laugh. "But you don't need to worry. Even if he can be pretty... abrasive, he's been very resourceful and of great help to our people. If anything, I believe he's a better man than many others can claim to be. He's been doing right by us, I assure you."

"And she's well-spoken too. My, my you really complete each other. You two are both such lovely young things." Mom then turned over to me with a hushed whisper in a tone like only a mother playing match-maker could replicate. "Call it motherly intuition but I think these girls really seem to like you. Better snatch one of them up before someone else gets to them first."

I awkwardly scratched my cheek. "Yeah... about that. You won't have to worry about that."

"Oh? Well in that case I'm very happy for you, Shaiq. So who of them is the lucky girl?" She asked, switching between looking at Karima and Fatima.

I got in front of them, taking the pressure off as they grew increasingly red in the face. "It's... both of them."

"Both?!" My parents simultaneously asked in shock. My mother continued worriedly. "My boy, you can't just play with a girl's heart like this."

"I'm not. I never would. But Karima and Fatima... they both changed my life. It wouldn't have a purpose if it weren't for them. I care about both of them more than I do myself. So much so that I can't imagine picking one of them over the other. We've about this already and I promised them that I would love each of them equally as much. And I am going to keep that promise. I want to be happy and I want to make THEM happy."

They were just stunned into silence, not sure what to do with themselves. Dad just sighed as he gave in to this weird scenario and asked the girls straight out. "You are okay with this then? Is he making you both happy?"

"He already done that. Several times over." Karima fawned as she clutched her chest.

"If anything, he's chosen us over anything else in his life. We ask a lot of him but I'm certain he'll keep his promises." Fatima chimed in, wearing an uncharacteristically reserved look on her face.

Satisfied with those answers and bearing a wide, proud grin, he turned to me. "Well, you've got my blessing. But I do have to ask though... how long do you think this will last?"

I chuckled, uncertain myself, but I answered with conviction. "As long as I'll be around. If it's eternity, then so be it. I know I've been away from you for a long time, and I probably won't ever be coming home again but please... I'm happy here. Happier than I've ever been back home. Let me have this."

Dad and mum looked at each other, smiled and nodded before my father approached me again and put his hand on my shoulder with a supportive smile on his lips. "There's nothing for me to 'let you have'. I think you've already got it."

"Huh?" I asked as he gently pushed me backwards only for me to feel two paws cling to my back.

"You said... eternity?"

"With... both of us?"

Quaky, muttered voices reached my ear. One belonging to Karima, the other to Fatima. I didn't notice how much my words had impacted them and how intently they were listening. Their breaths were labored, excited even. Their hopeful eyes looked up at me from behind as they snatched me me from my parents.

"Do you mean it?" "Do you mean it?" They both genuinely asked in tandem.

"Uh... y...yeah? Why? What, did you expect me to leave you anytime soon? I'm staying here for good. There's no way I could leave you two." I chuckled but their eyes were dead serious and their grip on me grew tighter.

They turned to my parents as they slowly yet desperately pulled me away. "Apologies, but we'll be borrowing him for a bit." They proclaimed simultaneously, both basically burning up with tension.

"No worries. We were young once too. Leave him in one piece!" My mom innocently waved as I was dragged away.

"Wait! What's going on? Where are we going? Help?!"

Getting further and further away from my parents, Karima and Fatima dragged me into one of the already prepared sleeping quarters. The comfortably decorated room already had drapes and a harem bed covered in pillows which I was immediately thrown onto.

As soon as I landed, the girls followed right behind to topple and straddle me. They nibbled on my neck, shoulder, lips, any part of bared skin they could get. I was left with barely a few moments to breathe as they fell upon me like hungry wolves.

They gently removed my clothes from my body, hooking into my collar and undressing everything on their way down to my waistline. "Guys, what's gotten into you?"

They could hardly finish their sentences as if they felt obligated to kiss my body or miss out on a chance to do so.

"It's your fault..." Karima started before licking her way from my neck down to my chest.

"... for saying stuff like that right in front of us..." Fatima continued and shortly afterward pulled my face in her direction, begging for attention and capturing my lips with hers.

"... if anyshing, you bwought thish onto yourshelf. Sho you better take reshponshibility." Karima finally finished, her tongue seemingly incapable of even staying in her mouth anymore. They were both acting like lapdogs, craving the affection of their owner. Their tails were wagging like mad and their ears twitching and perking up.

I laughed kinda nervously, knowing that I was not going to get out of this until they were satisfied. I had no idea they would be that effected by something that seemed self explanatory to me. As if I could ever leave her at this point. This was my home now, these two were my girls. Seems I hadn't completely convinced them of the finality of my decision.

Their tongues slithered further downwards until they both gripped the waistband of my pants. "You will, right? You promised us both that you're going to love us forever?"

"No matter how greedy we get and you won't love one of us over the other? Right?" Fatima pouted.

I chuckled. "Don't think I'd survive saying no to that now, would I? But beyond that..." I reached down and scratched both of them behind their ears, causing them to close their eyes in gentle bliss. "... I can only keep saying it so many times. There's nothing for me out there for me anymore. Everything I care for is down here and you two are at the top of the list. So just one more time. I won't leave and you can be damn sure I won't abandon either of you. With or without curses."

They averted their eyes, looking at each other to avoid my eyes and blushing as they put their foreheads together.

With her lip quivering from overflowing emotions, Karima spoke to her sister. "I think that's good enough for me."

"I'm fine with that as well. It... does feel nice to hear every time though." Fatima reluctantly answered as she gingerly pushed her hair behind her ear.

"Shaiq, I want to make you happy too. I'll make sure you won't regret leaving your human life behind."

"Let us make this an eternity worth living d... darling."

Karima's face lit up like a red light as she shouted out in disbelief. "No fair! You just up and said it! I wanted to be the first to call him that!"

"W... well... you better catch up or you're gonna fall even farther behind." Fatima looked like she couldn't believe herself the stuff that she was saying. Her ears were practically steaming with embarrassment but to hide that, she hastily pulled down my pants fully, uncovering my increasingly erecting cock.

"Anyways, I think there's something more important to take care of here."

"There sure is."

Both suddenly face me with deviously wicked smiles and each drew a circle on my lower belly.

"Umm okay... what's going on now?" Black rings of dark energy emerged from my body and flew towards my wrists, shackling me to the rear bars of the bed. "Hehehey... this isn't necessary anymore, remember? We just talked about this. No curses necessary."

"Oh, we know..." Karima chimed in innocently with Fatima following right behind to continue her sentence.

"... but right now, this is from US for YOU..."

"... so we're making sure you won't even lift a single finger."

"You're completely at our mercy today...

"...enjoy it."

Their voices intertwined almost like a rehearsed routine or mythic chant. I don't know if it was the intuition of two twins but it was excitingly frightening to behold. They pushed my chest down onto the bed so I would let myself go and redirected their attention to my twitching, helplessly exposed member. The situation hadn't helped to settle it down, on the contrary, with the lack of input on my end, my cock was even more anxious to feel what was going to happen to it.

I felt a tongue on the left side, then on the right. Their rough, yet slippery wet muscles coiled around the length of my shaft, hot breath stimulating the already moistened areas. The owners of said tongues took great pleasure in exploring my sensitive spots uninhibited by my intervention.

"It'sh bigger shan it wash lasht time." Karima noted.

"I shink it'sh bigger shan anytime before, Karima." The two of them mused as they ran their sticky lips up and down on my rod.

"Maybe we discovered our husband's kink, Fatima." She giggled, cheekily kissing the tip to gauge my reaction. And me involuntarily bucking my hips confirmed it to them and begrudgingly... to me as well.

I could practically feel the giddiness radiating from them as well as their paws wrapping around my member as if staking out their property. I started figuratively sweating bullets. "H..heyyy... I think you've had enough fun. How about you untie me now?"

I gritted my teeth as both of them briefly suckled on the head of my dick before flicking it with the tip of their tongues. "Nope, I don't think we will." Fatima put the final nail in the coffin of my say in things and took a hold of the base. With a blush, she looked down upon my cock like it was daunting to her.

She gulped. "Excuse me, Karima, but there's something... I have to do. Are you okay with me taking the lead for now."

"I see. Knock yourself out." She cheerily agreed.

I threw my head back into the pillows as I felt the inside of Fatima's hot, damp mouth engulf my cock. It went further and further down until I knocked against her gums. She twisted and tilted her head, letting me grind against the inside of her mouth. My hips twitched, impatient and reacting to her affections unprompted. I never saw her movements coming giving them even more impact.

On top of that, I felt another pair of lips suddenly latching onto my balls. Drool was running out of the side of my mouth, I could no longer contain it. While Fatima assaulted me with her blowjob, Karima had resigned herself to my scrotum while jerking off the part of my shaft Fatima couldn't fit. Meaning I had three different sources of pleasure tackling my crotch.

Noises of sucking, squishing and slurping echoed in the room and by now, I was gripping the bars I was bound to.

One of my balls was completely sucked into Karima's mouth and I could feel her massaging it with her tongue. Her paw was suddenly gone from my crotch as I heard giggling from Karima with supportive words meant for her sister. "Go for it. I'm rooting for you."

"Go for what? What are you girls..." I struggled enough to at last get a view past my chest. And what I saw... was Karima looking on as Fatima steeled herself... and gently took my cock in her mouth again. She pushed further... and further... and further... until I knew I pushed past her gums and into her throat. With it that far back, she started shallowly bobbing her head. It was so incredibly tight that I was convinced there was no room for her to breathe even yet she pushed on. I could physically feel her dedication as the muscles of her throat kneaded my cock as it thrust inside her.

I knew she couldn't hold it for long... but neither could I. "Fuck! You're seriously going for it! Shit! Fatima, I'm cumming!" My balls were aching for release and my shaft already throbbing, ready to pump out its load.

"Just a little bit further, Fatima! You can do it!" Karima cheered her on as her sister's eyes twitched underneath her firmly shut eyelids. Fatima persevered through the apparent instinct to cough and kept going and going.

I pressed the back of my head into the pillows hard until I let out a final moan and could no longer hold back from orgasming. I bucked my hips into her face, causing her to grip my hips so she wouldn't slip off. I creamed her throat with my semen, all of it shooting directly down into her stomach.

I felt the convulsions of her flesh as she swallowed and she was steadfast almost til all of it was out. A few spatters of cum covered her lips and chin but she did it. Gasping for air, her focus was gone and thus her magic was waning.

The shackle that Fatima had cast, was dissipating, giving me at least one hand to move.

Karima was already patting her back and comforting her. "See? I told you you could do it. Good job, sis." She was still having coughing fits and was still out of breath.

Fatima jerked up a little though when I touched her cheek. She looked up to see me smiling down at her. I chuckled. "You stubborn, stubborn girl." I motioned her to come closer, embracing her in my arms as she sunk into them. I kissed her, despite the smell and taste of my semen still permeating from her mouth. I didn't care.

Apologetically, she embraced me back, burying her face in my chest. "As your wife I should be capable of going at the very least this far for you. And the way the mood was going I thought... now was a good time."

"I told you. I told you you didn't need to push yourself so hard and yet you just went ahead and did it anyways. Can you not ever just listen to me?" Contrary to what I was saying, I pulled her closer, letting her rest on my shoulder.

I didn't even need to see it to know she was smirking smugly. "Not when the physical evidence shows that you want the opposite."

"You've grown a lot more cheeky, Fatima. I don't know if I should like it or be worried."

"Whichever makes you love me more." She answered impishly as she placed another kiss on my lips. But then, in a sudden shift of mood, Fatima drew another circle on my chest. "Speaking of which..." Once again, my wrist was chained to the back end of the bed. "'re not done yet."

I turned my head to see Karima desperately crawling on top of me. Her crotch was right on top of mine and the black fabric of her panties was rubbing against my already re-hardening member. Her face was flush with lust and along with Fatima, she performed another motion with her hands, on their own skin this time. It was the shape of a large heart and as soon as the black mist dissipated, so did their clothes. There was nothing between my and Karima's flesh and her expression told me already what she wanted.

"You haven't forgotten about me, right? It's nice seeing you and Fatima get along but... I need your cock too."

"It's all yours Karima, it's your turn with it anyways." Fatima cooed, fawning on me from the side as she watched her sister straddle me.

I gulped. "Well... guess I'm outvoted anyways. Can't neglect fucking one of my cute wives now can I?"

Karima smiled from ear to ear, guiding my cock to her slit. "You sure can't. I'm gonna be real mad with you if you ever do. You won't though, right? Like never ever?" She asked insecurely with her ears slumping down.

"Never in the rest of eternity you two."

Sharing a smile among all of us, Fatima and me gave Karima the go-ahead and watched her plump down onto my cock. It immediately completely disappeared inside her and the rocking and thrusting began. Karima started moaning hard, biting her lower lip which pronounced her canine teeth.

I tossed and turned on the bed, the shackles clanking against the metal bed posts. Fatima adoringly watched on while Karima was riding my dick with zeal. Her sister was starving for pleasure like a desert traveler longing for an oasis.

"By the stars! I've missed this so much!" She cried out, gyrating her hips back and forth, taunting me even more that I was unable to do much besides moving my hips.

"I see you're frustrated, darling." Fatima cooed from the side. "You want to do more, don't you?"

I could hardly get any words out as my body tensed up and my eyes shut close from the overwhelming pleasure assaulting my still sensitive cock. She knew this full well and kept on prodding.

"You know, I could give yourself something to occupy you with."

My mind was a mess, her words stoked a fire inside me. One of fear, anxiousness and anticipation.

I could only watch as Fatima got on top of me as well. But instead of straddling my crotch... she opted to sit on my face. She leered down at me, into my wide-open eyes. Her pussy was right in front of me, so close that I could not only feel the dampness emanating from it but the smell of sweet love juices filling my nostrils.

"You promised you'd take care of both of us, Shaiq. Make us both feel good! NHHHHAAAAA!" I heard Karima comment from behind, going wild on my cock and seemingly still concerned with her sister's pleasure.

Expectantly, Fatima taunted me even more by lightly swaying her hips above my head, making even more of the sweet scent waft onto me. I had no reason to hesitate, so I gave in and offered my tongue to her.

I sucked her outer lips, prodding her peeking clit with the tip of my nose before diving in deep and straight up eating her out. Fatima gripped the back of my head and started fucking my face, grinding her pussy on my tongue and nose.

Both girls, gasping and grunting, used my body to pleasure themselves to the fullest extent. There was no more room for words, only sounds of wet slapping and whatever sounds left our mouths.

I did what I could from my position and tried to enhance the pleasure my wives were already causing themselves. I bucked my hips, causing Karima to bounce on my lap on top of her already gyrating movements and I slithered my tongue into Fatima's pink inner flesh to scoop out the inside and scrape the roof of her vagina.

Both additions drove them wilder which in turn meant their own efforts only doubled. "No, Shaiq! You weren't supposed to... NyyAaaAAA..." Fatima's words got stuck in her throat as she now desperatey held onto my head with both paws and clutched my hair. I nearly choked on the amount of juices flooding down my throat.

"We were supposed to be in control today! HAHHHHHAAAAANNNN! But don't stop!" Karima tried to chime in on the protest but it was no use. The desire to reach her orgasm was even greater.

The moans, in my case muffled ones, only served to spur us on more. Their grinding and humping movements got so intense that you could feel the heat caused by the friction. My balls were already preparing to ejaculate and from the tightness of both their pussies, both around my cock and tongue, I knew they weren't far off either.

Fatima and Karima rode my body, completely abandoning their senses as they screamed their final words of affection before reaching climax.

"I love you Shaiq!" "I love you Shaiq!"

Those words rung in my ears and all inhibition was lost. I blasted my final load into Karima's pussy as both of their liquids sprayed across my lap and face.

Our bodies spasmed, jerking and twitching. Both finished up with a few thrusts onto my cock and my tongue respectively, before their weakened bodies collapsed next to my left and right. With their energy completely spent, so was their magic, and the restraints that they put me in, vanished into thin air.

The relaxation of having back full control of my arms just added to the exhaustion I felt. The last thing I was able to do was pull the girls closer to me, cuddling with both of them and riding out the afterglow.

"Holy hell, you girls are insane!" I chuckled. "Care to brief me next time you wanna do something intense like that?"

"It would ruin the suspense, wouldn't it? Besides, what were you expecting after getting yourself two monsters as wives, dummy?" Karima laughed to herself as she rested her head on my chest.

"It's not like you can claim you weren't into it. You went pretty wild back there yourself." Fatima prodded even more.

I smiled as I could only look up at the ceiling from exhaustion. "Of course I was into it. I always am if it involves you." I absentmindedly petted their ears as they warmed up next to me and their arms wrapped around one of mine on either side. I kissed the tops of their heads as I scratched them behind the ears again, receiving pleased little grumbles in reply.

"So... you're not mad at us?" Karima asked, gently stroking my chest.

"We weren't too rough with you, were we?" Fatima added with a sulky, concerned pout.

"Wouldn't think of it. I love you both. And always will no matter what we do together. A bit of rough play is never going to change that." Both of them pulled themselves up to me and gave me a sneaky peck on each cheek.

And as sweet, satisfied smiles on their lips signaled their readiness to fall asleep, wicked smirk crossed mine before I squeezed them one last time and delivered the final line of the night. "Also next time, I'll think of what I'M going to do with you."

"Grk!" "Grk!"


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