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Several weeks had passed. I got to make myself at home in the crypt of the Pharaoh, even had my own little pile of sand to sleep on. At first they offered me to sleep in one of the old sarcophagi but I humbly refused. Not because I was creeped out by the former resting places of dead people, no of course not, it was out of respect!

Anyways, with no knowledge of the outside world and with how society developed outside of the tomb, I slowly became the Pharaoh's go-to for information on the people living not too far away from her own doorstep. The Pharaoh's people were at their lowest point, along with her power due to her lack of interaction with the outside world and people, meaning we desperately needed new recruits to become her followers. Either that, or the kingdom would eventually crumble to dust, along with my new lover Karima. Which at this point, I couldn't let happen, for obvious reasons.

I have to admit, despite her being the the main reason for staying here, the other inhabitants slowly started to grow on me. They aren't stupid or naive, just blind to the outside world. Pharaoh Cassiopeia was carrying a grudge against humans that she had refused to explain to me and Fatima... well I didn't exactly make a great first impression but... I felt like she started to warm up to me as well. At least a little bit.

I owed these people. I tried to steal from them and they could've easily disposed of me if they wanted to, so the very least I could do was help them regain their kingdom's foothold in this, for them, unfamiliar world.

"Alright everybody, here's the situation. We need to assemble what remains of the Pharaoh's troops, mummies, sphinxes whatever is left. The village lies southeast of here and not too far off either. We need to avoid detection by the village guards while simultaneously making sure to make the villagers aware of our existence. A lot of them will be willing to join us, even if just to get away from the working conditions under the new king, but we'll have to be stealthy about it. We'll have to work smart. Use traps, ambushes and inconspicuous surveillance. Catching them off guard might give us an advantage in case their first reaction is alerting others and then we can still try to talk them down. It's best to do it at night for now. Less people, less visibility, bigger chance of getting in and out quickly and quietly."

My words carried throughout the throne room as the remaining forces of the Pharaoh had gathered around me. Pharaoh Cassiopeia, Fatima and Karima as well as an assortment of different mamono listened to my strategy. Some paying attention, others much less so, clearly bothered by the mere fact of me being the one talking to them.

Muttering erupted from the assembly of monsters, glancing at me with bewilderment and uncertainty. It was obvious where the distrust was coming from. In their eyes I was already an established menace and they hadn't listened to a human speak for many years beforehand. I was an outsider and the only way to make them remotely trust me, was to level with them.

"Look, I know, I know way too well. I tried to harm your people more than I could ever repay you for. I know what and who I am and I know you don't trust me. Whether we like it or not, I'm a part of your kingdom now, and I am going to earn my keep whatever it takes. And if we do not pull this heist off, this kingdom is going to keep being just a sunken temple in the sand. It's your choice whether you believe it or not, but neither you nor I want that to happen." I glanced over at Fatima, standing next to the Queen's throne with a stiff posture, keeping a straight face as she tried her hardest to look dignified. Once her eyes met mine though, she broke into a cute little smile and gingerly waved down at me until she got shot down by her sister's cold, sideways glance from the other side of the throne.

I felt a warmth in my heart that I had been missing for the majority of my life and it once again bolstered my confidence. There were good people here who didn't deserve to fall along with their kingdom and even more of them in the city who deserved a better life than slaving away under an uncaring king. There was no arguing it, this needed to happen.

"This plan is as tight as I can make it. The rest is up to you. If we pull it off by the book, you will once again be strong with a population WORTHY of a kingdom. The Cassiopeia empire will rise from the sand and everything for miles will belong to US! So tell me, are you ready to give it your all for your pharaoh?!" I raised my fist with the throne room erupting in cheers.

As monsters swarm out of the temple into the dark of the night, a growing silence filled the room and with the rousing air still lingering, I steady myself on the side of a sarcophagus as the tension leaves my body.

Almost immediately, I feel a pair of energetic arms throwing themselves around my neck from behind and a petite body cuddling up against me. "You did it! We actually might have a chance to thrive now thanks to you! Did you see, Fatima? Shaiq was so cool!"

"I was wondering how long you'd hold back, Karima." I chuckled, petting her soft, little head as I turn around. "I did the best I could. Other than giving them orders like this, I'm afraid they're on their own out there."

"You shouldn't downplay your role in this time of change, human. You have given them more hope and fervor than they've shown in the last few decades. Quite admirable for someone such as you." Cassiopeia chimed in.

"Ah, I guess. But I can't promise any great results. I've never launched an operation this big before. What happens now is out of my hands. All that's left for us is putting our trust in your people and hoping they don't screw things up out there."

"I see you still haven't learned to properly address our Pharaoh. Guess you really can't teach an old dog new tricks." Fatima let out in an exasperated sigh, crossing her arms.

"And I see you still haven't taken that stick out of your butt. Seems we're all having a hard time changing here." I responded with an admittedly cocky smirk.

"I swear sometimes I could just..."

"Enough, you two! No need to cause such a stir in my throne room. Fatima, maybe some... frivolity is necessary in times like these to raise our empire's spirits again. But Shaiq, do not take your presence here for granted. This is your home now as well and I ask you not to forget that. Everyone here, including Fatima and I are one of your people now and as such, you have certain obligations to them. And respect is the first of those."

At this point Fatima, having stayed silent the whole time, spoke up in my stead. "He does respect us! He promised me that he would adhere to you and your people. I will... I will vouch for him!"

"Karima..." I felt a tug at my heartstrings as she wholeheartedly defended me. Petting her head as I walked past her I sighed, addressing the others. "With all due respect, your highness, I did promise I would do my part in rebuilding this empire and I plan to keep that promise. I will assist you in any way I can and I will never try to endanger your people... but I will not ditch one dictatorship to join another. I'm agreeing to partnership, not subservience."

Both looked at each other and then back at me with conflicted looks. "So how do you suppose we can tell whether you keep loyal to us?"

"Trust me."

"Pff, that's rich." Fatima scoffed, rolling her eyes. Quickly flinching after the Pharaoh threw her a disapproving sideways glance at the undignified comment.

"That's indeed quite a bit of an ask, Shaiq. Given your record, there's no guarantee for any of us that you're not lying. You are a useful asset and I would hate to lose you at such a critical point. But if not for curses, submission or force... what holds you here?"

I cross my arms in thought, knowing that she has ample reason to doubt me and that I have little proof of my conviction. "I'm afraid it's what a partnership entails. I know what I'm saying is true, but you never will. I know where my loyalties lie but you can never be certain about it. I want to stay here. I want to see this kingdom flourish again and we can only do that if you believe that that's my goal."

I see her face twist in conflict, her eyes narrowing more and more in frustration that even she doesn't know what to think of this alliance. "Words hold so little meaning to me these days. So be it, I will accept your independence for now, mortal. Your actions from here on out will decide on whether it remains intact." Her eyes turned to Fatima, immediately grabbing her utmost attention, reflexively making her bow to receive orders. "Fatima, our kingdom is more vulnerable than ever. We need eyes on the outside, both to receive our returning forces as well as enemies. Stand guard at the tomb entrance... and take Shaiq along with you!"

"WHAT?" "What?"

We both answered, dropping all formalities we tried to maintain. Me more out of mild surprise while Fatima reacted with utter shock.

"You can't send me out there with him?! What if he flees, or attacks me or..."

As Cassiopeia already turns to leave, she waves over her shoulder and nonchalantly responds "I trust you will be very much capable of dealing with him, Fatima. Come, Karima, we have to set up accommodations for the new arrivals."

"But... your highness!" Karima protested, holding on to me, looking back and forth between me and the Pharaoh, reluctant to let go.

"They'll do just fine on their own, Karima. I'm certain of it. I'll need your help elsewhere, so come along now." She insisted in a gentle yet commanding tone.

Karima's ears flopped down dejectedly but before letting me go, Karima swiftly got onto her toes and pecked me on the lips. "I'll check on you later if I can. Please behave yourself, will you?" She pleaded cutely.

I smirked as I leaned down to kiss her back. "Don't I always? Now go before you get in trouble." I sent her off, squeezing her slim body one more time before letting her go.

She walked backwards, almost stumbling over her own paws, shooting me a small smile and then running off after Cassiopeia.

It was only me and Fatima left now, the latter of which glaring daggers at me and curtly uttering orders. "I'm not allowed to use curses on you, so just... just come along and don't cause trouble, mortal!" She sighed, clearly frustrated at being denied having more of an upper hand on me. Not looking me in the eye even once, she headed up the stairs to the surface with me shortly following behind.

On the surface, I quickly started to feel the cold breeze of the night on my skin, giving me goosebumps from the quick shift in temperature. The moon was brightly lighting up the dunes upon dunes of sand around us along with the few landmarks on the horizon like my home town and a scant few oases here and there. Once outside, I leaned against the temple's entrance, crossing my legs and arms. "So... just you and me on guard duty, huh? Wanna cast a few spells on me now that the Pharaoh isn't looking? Heh, maybe I can go looking for a chewing toy for you. What do you say?" I chuckled a little, casually peering over the surrounding area.

Unconcerned by my provocations, she scouted the area and responded while not even looking at me. "If by 'looking for it' you mean stealing it, no matter how well-versed you may be at that, then no thank you. Besides, you are not leaving this post. We have a task to complete." She sighed. "This is normally a Sphinx's job. I don't feel comfortable out here. This damn sand is coarse, rough, irritating and it gets everywhere."

I got curious. "You've... never been out here?"

"No need to eat, no need for sleep and it's harder to be discovered if you're not running around outside."

"Huh, deja vu. So you don't know what's out there either... I can't even imagine what it would be like to live in such a small bubble. Karima was almost just as clueless. It's kinda sad."

"And what matter is that to you?" Suddenly, Fatima snapped at me. "Why does it concern you that we lived among ourselves. That we followed a leader who knew what's best for us? Cassiopeia is a just ruler! A noble! A wise leader that never did us wrong. Why can't you see that? Why can't you just listen to her? You don't obey orders, you don't show respect to her authority, even more than that, you insult her with theft and..."

"Attempted theft." I pointed out.

"I... uuuuUUUURRRRRGHHHHH!" She threw her staff to the ground in frustration. "I don't understand! How can you be this way? You don't listen to anybody, you disobey your superiors and you act like you being here is the most natural thing in the world. How? How do you not see how phenomenally privileged you are to be working with the Pharaoh? I work day and night with pride, just being able to be near her! And you take that position and don't show even a fraction of respect!"

Something about her tone set me off in a way I had been holding in for a long time. She just didn't get it. "I never said I didn't respect her. Of course I do!"

"Then why do you not submit to her? Why do you refuse to be one of her subjects? Tell me!"

"You can respect someone without bending over backwards and pledging your life to them! I am myself and I have my own free will. If she wants me as an ally, the trust has to come from both sides."

"How do we know you won't run away and expose us if we don't reign you in? The first opportunity you get, you might steal again once we're not looking. What about my sister? Do you want to use her too?"

"I wouldn't! How do I know that you won't put a curse on me while I sleep? How do I know you won't turn me into an undead and tie me to the tomb to make me more obedient? I know you can do that after all!"

Her fists were shaking. "We... we wouldn't do that..."

"So you say. Guess we're at a stalemate then, aren't we?" In an exasperated tone, I sighed and rubbed the back of my head as I turned away from her.

As I did, I heard her weak, choked-up voice from behind. "I just don't want my people to suffer anymore..."

The image I saw when I turned around was the last thing I was expecting. Tears were rolling down Fatima's face. "None of them... I don't want you to hurt anyone of them anymore. I don't want you to break my sister's heart. I don't want you to take from us more than we've already lost. Every time your people come along and steal our artifacts, we get weaker and weaker and I'm scared. I'm scared this is all we'll ever be." She limply pointed at the buried tomb. "A broken ruin with inhabitants who have to shut themselves in, in order to not get hurt by the outside world. This is the first time after a long while that they have hope this won't last forever and that hope is built on you, Shaiq... I can't afford for you to take it from them again if there's even the slightest chance. I just... can't."

She wiped the tears from her cheeks, putting on her serious look again and picking up the staff she had unceremoniously dropped before.

"Fatima..." I tried to reach out to her, but she wouldn't let me and simply turned away.

Over her shoulder, she weakly requested "I'm going to survey the dunes for trespassers. Could you keep an eye on the entrance? Not that you'd feel any obligation to." She walked away, her ears slumped and her tail dragging behind in the sand. She tried to maintain a dignified aura, but the dejection was visible clear as day.

My hand sunk down. There was nothing I could say to her now. I resigned myself to following her instructions and once again leaned against the tombs entrance. The back of my head fell against the stone with my gaze lifting towards the night sky.

"Shit..." I cursed to myself. It must've been painful. Millennia of your friends and allies crumble into obscurity, people pillaging your wealth and your leader being hurt and burnt by outsiders over and over. It would be even harder to convince someone like that to ally with one of the very people who screwed you over a multitude of times.

I admit it, I was stubborn. I've fought so long for my independence, defying my old superiors and doing everything in my power to piss off everyone who wanted to rule over my life. Did I become too cynical myself? Cassiopeia, Fatima, Karima... they're good people. People who might be able to unite the desert lands under one banner some day.

I gazed at the stars, the horizon skyline and the remains of the ruins splayed around the tomb's exterior. I thought to myself. "We can rebuild this. Maybe this is the chance to for once in my life help build up something worthwhile. If this works I could..."

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of crunching sand. Footsteps. 3 separate ones from the sound of it. I cautiously put my hand on a blackjack inside my pocket and got into a straight standing position. This clearly was not the direction Fatima went. That was the direction my home town was in. The troops couldn't have been back already, it's barely been an hour.

I heard laughing and a somewhat familiar voice "Pffhahhaahaa... I shit you not. She asked me for a tip and I told her I got a real good tip for her right here! I swear these fucking tavern maids get greedier every day. What do they think? They're the only ones with money problems? Come the fuck on."

A multitude of "Oh fuck... no" thoughts crossed my mind. I knew who that voice belonged to and as the party crested over the dune, that old familiar mug came into view. It was an old colleague of mine. A mercenary called Divish accompanied by two others I didn't know. Probably associates or clients of his.

The man was a handsome guy. Buzzcut, 5 o'clock shadow and several, but somehow fitting scars across his face. All of that didn't matter though since he was dirty, unwashed and smelled of booze from a mile away. He was dressed in attire similar to mine, light, well-worn and practical. Playing around with a dagger that he twirled around in his hand he was talking to the other 2, much more formally dressed men.

Said guys, or more appropriately boys, were much younger than him or me, somewhere in their late teenage years at most. They looked similar to each other, almost identical even. They had black, gelled up hair, they barely had a few patches of facial hair on them and even from first looks I could tell they were of higher nobility. Adorned with golden rings, braces, necklaces and earrings.

I closed my eyes and exhaled through my nose, knowing what a shitty situation I was gonna ride into. It was too late to hide now and there it was. "Hold up, boys! Shaiq? Shaiq Alamar? What in the three hells are you doing out here lad?! HAAAAHHAAA! I haven't seen you in ages!" He busted out loudly and excitedly approached me.

I reluctantly walked towards him and expected the thing he always did.

"Come here, buddy!" Yep there it was. A bear hug that almost crushed my lungs.

"Nice... to... see you... too." I wrung out, struggling to get out of his death grip. I dusted myself off and forced a very unconvincing smile. If he'd been a bit brighter he might've realized it was put on. To my luck, he was not.

"What is this nonsense? What is this peasant doing out here in the desert and why are we acknowledging him?" One of the younger nobles asked, catching up to Divish and me.

Divish turned with a smirk and pulled me to his side proudly. "This here is Shaiq Alamar. One of the finest grave robbers there have ever been. I've pulled off a few heists with him back in the day? You could swear this guy could actually smell the musty scent of a tomb even against the wind."

"And why should that concern us? He's not what we're here for and we are losing precious time. If we don't hurry we won't be done before sunrise." The other of the two nobles complained.

I once again got out of Divish's firm grasp and straightened myself up again. "See you've got yourself some nice company there. What's the job this time? Scavenging? Treasure hunting? Passage through the desert?"

"Actually, it's pretty fortunate we came across you. We're looking for unplundered ruins."

I raised an eyebrow. "Unplundered ruins? Since when is that something you'd be hired for?"

"Well, you weren't exactly available and the pay is more than worth it. I assume the one behind you is already cleared, seeing as you're out here."

I swallowed hard but tried to play it cool. "Yeah, it's empty apart from sarcophagi and sand. Barely anything left out here that hasn't been looted yet."

"So you're saying we came all this way out here for nothing?" One of the boys cried out, losing his patience.

"Easy lads, he said almost. Guess it's time I introduced you." Divish motioned at his company with a tilt of his head. "These two are the twin sons of King Tutem. Hamun and Henge."

"The King?! Since when do we..." I wanted to interject but was quickly interrupted.

Taking over from him, one of the brothers barged in. "Thank you but we are very much capable of introducing ourselves. But since that is out of the way already, I guess it can't hurt to get straight to the point. Supposedly you're an expert on tombs so maybe you can help us more than this brute can. Our father recently acquired these lands and has tasked us to see if there is anything valuable left. The work force isn't really worth that much so the leftover treasures of this rotten place will have to do to make our money back."

"Make your money back? This is my home and you're talking about it like it's just..."

"Of course he's gonna help you. He's the go-to expert for all things ancient." And once again, Divish threw his arm around me, laughing and praising me like we're best buds.

He leaned down and muttered. "Come on man, don't ruin this opportunity for me."

"How low do we have to go for this shit, Divish. Stealing to feed ourselves is one thing but doing it to give it to the people trying to enslave us? Have you lost your mind?" I spoke through my teeth.

"Money is money, Shaiq. Don't go having principles now. You didn't use to have any before either." With those last words to me, he put on his best million gold smile and turned to the brother princes. "Gentlemen, it seems we have a deal. My partner Shaiq here agreed to guide us til we find something that should even impress royalty such as yourselves."

I was dumbfounded. He seriously tried to rope me into one of his get rich quick schemes. I would have been angrier if it wasn't such a painful reminder that this... used to be me. No use now. I had to lead them away from the tomb. If I already couldn't save my country from being exploited, I would at least protect Cassiopeia and the others.

"What are you waiting for then? Lead the way!" One of the brothers demanded, looking off into the distance as if I was wasting his time.

I grumbled and grit my teeth. "Fine. It's due east of here so we should arrive..."

I froze when I turned around. Fatima stepped out from behind the tomb, coming back at the worst possible moment.

"Listen, I think I may have..." The words got stuck in her throat. "Wh... what is this?"

"I...this is..."

"I'd like to ask the same question." Divish butted in. "Is that... a mamono? Out here? On her own?" His lips curled into a wicked grin. "Well boys, looks like we don't have to look around any further.

"What are you talking about? It's just a girl. A very hairy one at that."

"Are you stupid? She's a monster. Do you know how much money the church would pay for a live mamono? It's more than anything we could scrounge up from the ruins in weeks."

"Sh... Shaiq?" I saw her heart break and her breath stop at that question. Fatima flashed her teeth and gripped her staff tightly, almost like she could snap it in half with the anger that was building inside her.

I tried to diffuse the situation and held Divish back with my hand across his chest. "Divish, leave it! It's not worth it. We're not kidnappers. YOU'RE not a kidnapper. We're still supposed to have morals!"

He just glared down at me and scoffed. "What did I tell you, Shaiq? Money is money. And this could be more than I'd earn in a lifetime of scavenging useless shit from our failed fore-bearers. So let go of me before you get yourself hurt."

"I can't believe it. You mortals never learn a single thing! Every time we turn our backs to you, you're ready to stab it!" Fatima yelled at us, almost barking like a guard dog. She had tears in her eyes and took a stance, ready to fight to her death.

Hamun and Henge drew their swords just as Divish drew his dagger. He chuckled and looked at me in amusement as I did not draw my weapon. "What? What are you scared of? She's still just a girl. We can take her together! Look, she's already scared. A barking dog's got no bite."

I let go of him. He wouldn't be talked out of it this time. I sunk my head and let out a deep breath. Involuntarily, a chuckle escaped me, followed by a downtrodden smirk. "You know. I thought maybe you'd listen for once. But I guess you didn't change a bit from back then."

"The fuck are you saying, Shaiq?"

"I'm saying you are scum even lower than I was. I thought we had at least some shred of honor left to our name but it seems like you're just shitting all over that. You're no better than these cowards..." I motioned at the brothers. "...and you're no better than the King either."

I walked over to Fatima, who looked just as confused as the men were. I took her side and drew a line in the sand in front of us.

"Shaiq, what..." In response to her question, I just shook my head and smiled.

I faced our opponents and proclaimed. "If you decide to cross this line, all the ties I've ever had to you will not matter anymore."

Fatima smiled at me from the side before her face once again shifted to one of determination as she faced the people across from us.

Divish closed his eyes, shook his hand and while pinching the bridge of his nose, he started laughing. "Hah, I always knew you weren't cut out for this business. Shame I have to break your bones but don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt your little girlfriend there... wouldn't wanna damage the merchandise."

With a maniacal smile, he dashed towards me before I could even react. I caught the full brunt of his steamrolling attack as he tackled and launched me several feet back. I crashed into the sand, billowing up dust. And through that same cloud of dust, Divish once again barreled towards me, his dagger already brandished.

He raised it above his head, ready for a downward stab as I prepared to roll out of the way.

But before I even had to do that, a hook wrapped around his neck. Attached to it, the rest of Fatima's staff. With him at the end of it, she directed him back the way he came and launched him into his clients.

With a loud collision and sounds of infuriated grunts, they fell on top of each other like a dog pile.

Fatima offered me her paw to get up. "Come on! He was right about one thing. I can't take them on my own." She said with a smiling face beaming at me through her bangs.

I smirked and accepted her help. We prepared for the next attack with me finally being able to at least get out my blackjack to aid in the defense.

Looking up from the pile of guys, Divish glared back at us and motioned to the other two. "Get up you cowards! Earn your prize for once in your life!"

With disgruntled faces, the brothers got up. Pissed that they were being ordered around and frustrated that their payday was defending itself.

"Heh, yeah that now seems much more appropriate. Three against two. Your odds are starting to even out."

"Shut your trap, Shaiq! Flank them!" He barked, immediately giving away his strategy. Don't know why I expected him to be any smarter in combat.

Blindly, Hamun and Henge charged toward us, yelling at the top of their lungs like a bunch of attacking barbarians. Guess money can't buy you smarts either.

They came at us from each side, not accounting for the fact, that me and Fatima could counter both of them individually.

On my end, I took a side step, tripped up Henge and bonked his head while he was down. I glanced over at Fatima and lo and behold, she flips Hamun over her body, dunks him into the sand head first and as he's down, delivers the knockout blow. I jokingly rolled my eyes at how flashily she presented that move, getting a smug smirk and a shrug in return.

We focused our attention on Divish now who was freaking pissed. "Fucking idiots." He pinched his nose in frustration. "Well, gotta make do with me now. Last chance to hand over the mamono, Shaiq. I really don't wanna break your legs to get her."

"I think you'll have to take that up with her yourself, Divish."

"And I don't want to know what that smell's like close up." Fatima responded with her nose wrinkling with disgust.

He smirked a little and readied his dagger. "Aren't you two cute."

It took the combined force of me and Fatima to block the might of his first attack. His metal clashed with ours, a massive power behind his swing. He was focusing mostly me. Seemed like he meant it when he said he didn't want to damage Fatima. We had to adapt accordingly.

Every time, Divish lunged at us, Fatima got in front of me, making him hesitate. Those precious seconds, I used to emerge from behind her, clubbing the underside of his jaw.

There was not much he could do with our mix of long and short range weaponry. He tried several times to disarm us, only for the other to disrupt his grip and retaliate. He was a mountain of a man, but even so he couldn't withstand the jabs and hemorrhages he kept on receiving over and over again.

Interchangeably, we bashed, smacked and bludgeoned him to the point of him barely being able to stand anymore. We whittled him down bit by bit, his vision blurring and his attacks getting sloppy from the concussions.

Out of energy, heaving with hot breath, Fatima and I faced him as he stumbled on uneven feet, muttering muffled, slurred curses at us. "I'm gunna fa you ahp! Yer gunna reget the dey ya cwossed meh!" And like that, comparable a felled tree, he just limply fell forward, collapsing onto the dunes.

He was unconscious. Mine and Fatima's legs buckled, sweat dripping from our foreheads and our lungs burning. We sat next to each other, recuperating and praising our gods that it was done.

I breathed a sigh of relief, followed by me letting myself fall back onto the cool sand. Fatima followed, lying next to me as her chest heaved up and down.

After a few moments, I was the first one to break the ice. "You know any magic that could let them, you know, forget this all happened? I do NOT want to deal with this ever again."

She chuckled "Heh, you don't like your friends remembering their visit?"

"I think calling them 'friends' is a bit of a long stretch."

Fatima weakly sat up and drew a magical circle in the sand. A sort of dark matter emerged from it, sicking into the sand. The sand itself started shifting and engulfed the bodies of our unconscious attackers, dragging them off into the distance towards an oasis to dump them at.

After that, Fatima fell back onto the sand, exhausted and spent. "Done. When they wake up, they'll have no recollection of anything that happened here and with some luck, they'll never find their way here ever again."

My chest hurt from the guilt, yet she just kept silent. "I guess you'd like some answers right about now." I limply raised my arm in an exasperated gesture before it weakly fell back into its place.

But surprisingly, Fatima just shook her head and smiled up at the stars. "I already got all the answers I needed. You made a choice. And you made one that... made me very happy."

I smiled over at her. She was still staring off into space but I knew she noticed it. "Still... look, I know you have your doubts about humans. I just... don't want you to think that this represents what we are. There are good people out there. Better people."

My view of the stars was suddenly blocked by a bronzed face with glistening brown eyes, illuminated by the moonlight. Fatima had straddled me and cupped my cheek. "I know."

Her lips found mine, her tongue assertively following right behind. I felt her exploring my mouth, her wet, curious tongue cornering mine until it gave in and returned the affection.

I gasped for air when Fatima parted from me after several seconds while she just smiled and let out a little giggle. "Now, can you say it again? That you're going to keep our people safe, help us reclaim our lands and that you'll protect me, Karima and the Pharaoh?"

I cleared my throat, taken aback by the question at a point like this. My lips still tasted of her, my mind was still spinning. "What? Of course I'll take care of you and your people. Like I didn't say that a dozen times before." I protested with a scoff of disbelief at her behavior.

She smiled down at me, her face brighter than I'd ever seen it before. She sniffed as tears of joy filled her eyes. "I believe you." And sure enough, once again, she tried to latch onto my lips.

I held her shoulders, stopping her momentarily from advancing. "So... umm... what is this?"

"Well..." She smirked as her paws seductively crawled over my chest and down to my waist. She cocked her head, a lascivious grin forming on her lips. "'ve proven that you're a man of your word. Now I'm curious if you're a man in other ways. We will still have to repopulate the kingdom after this is over so let's call this... dibs."

Her claws hooked into my cloth, slowly baring my chest. I chuckled, unable to comprehend the turn of events though I sure wasn't resisting. "Really now? You want to call dibs on the backstabbing human and scandalous thief?"

"If I remember correctly, you only called it 'attempted theft'." She closed in on my face while nimbly pushing down the shoulder straps of her black bra, revealing her caramel-colored, perky, perfectly palm-fitting breasts. "You'll have to contend with centuries of suppressed urges. Think you can handle it?" Her furry legs tightened around my hips, provokingly locking me in place.

I was more than happy to rise to the challenge and firmly grasped her small, tense ass, eliciting a small, surprised, yet not unpleasant gasp. "Seems like we'll have to find out, won't we?"

Our still moist lips met again with the all semblance of resistance gone. With squinted eyes and and restless body, Fatima stuck close to me, her breasts flattening against my chest while she licked and kissed my face and lips. She was almost like an excited puppy, showing its affection to its owner.

Over her shoulder, I could see her tail wag and her butt instinctively moving along with its movement. Of all the words I ever imagined myself associating with Fatima, "cute" was a new one.

Her lips moved across my face. At first towards my jawline, then down my neck and collarbone. It was clear she was heading ever more downward, placing kisses down my chest and stomach until finally she reached my waistline. A leather belt became her last obstacle on her way to my junk. Gently, making sure I was paying attention at every step, she unbuckled it and shoved my pants off my legs.

Unsurprisingly, my uncovered cock stood tall, springing up, pulsating, ready for her affectionate touches.

Fatima's eyes glazed over as an unconscious smile came across her face. She was as if in trance, fixated on my member. She studied it intently, smothering it from both sides with the soft, warm paw pads. "Decades and decades of stories and this is the first one I lay my eyes on. Such a crude thing." She muttered to herself, toying around with it to view it from every angle. That stimulation alone was enough to make me flinch.

"You know we mamono supposedly thrive off of the power that dwells within this fertile, magnificent organ of yours." She looked at me with upturned eyes, reluctant to break her attention from it. "I want to feel your energy, Shaiq! Don't dare to hold back!" She moaned desperately before letting her tongue loll out of her mouth and lavishing the underside of my cock with her saliva. Her coarse tongue dragged along my shaft, making me grimace and grunt at the sensation.

Her entire upper body warmed up my lap and crotch area in the dark, cool night air while wafts of hot breath escaped her mouth as she coated my dick in a glistening sheen.

I felt the rising heat on my skin, the cold of the night didn't seem to matter anymore. In a desperate need to keep myself busy and bolster myself to withstand the increasing pleasure, I reached down and petted Fatima's pointy dog-like ears. I received a pleased wince as a response and kept rubbing the soft fur between my fingers, causing her to grumble happily.

Her tongue reached my tip, snaking around it to tease every corner of the sensitive head. I heard a slurping sound as she started to suck on it, pushing her tongue into the slit at the very top and engulfing the head within the warm confines of her mouth. It was moist, slippery and indescribably pleasurable.

While her tongue still poked out of her lower lip, she slid down the entire length, pushing and prodding until I reached the back of her throat. She was visibly struggling, her nose scrunching up and her eyes twitching under her eyelids.

"You don't have to force your..." I tried to dissuade her, but my consideration came too late. She kept pressing on. Soon I found more of my cock sliding in between her lips, the tip slowly entering her throat.

Uncontainable amounts of saliva were dripping down my member, pooling into my crotch. Eventually, she tried to go balls deep, keeping on forcing herself to take in more and more. I was close, oh so close to orgasm. She kept trying her best to pleasure my cock, swirling her tongue around every surface she could reach.

It was getting hard to breathe for her and I saw the strain on her face. Nearly my entire length was sheathed in her throat. She was so tantalizingly close but she was clearly at her limit.

For this brief moment, my reason surpassed my lust and I gently pushed back her head until my cock popped out of her mouth. Precum splashed over her lips and my lap as she started coughing. Her face was already red, partially probably because of the strain but also because of the embarrassment.

It took a few moments. I had to get my senses back in order with my blue-balled cock still rock hard while Fatima had to recuperate herself.

After regaining her breath, she ashamedly looked away, sulking. "I could have done it. I almost had it, I swear!" She protested, grabbing her knees apologetically.

Still numb from the denied orgasm, I smiled and limply pulled her into an embrace, getting her entire body to lie on top of me again. "I know." I whispered into her ear as I combed the back of her head to calm her. My other arm was wrapped around her midriff, holding her close.

We both felt each other's heat and just laid there for a while acclimating ourselves. "You can't force everything at once, Fatima. There's no rush. We've got an eternity ahead of us after all, right?"

Her warm breath tickled on my shoulder and it tickled even more when she rested her head on it and nuzzled it. My heart warmed up almost as much as the rest of our bodies. Where was this cuteness hiding all the time?

I kept on holding her like that, slowly dragging my hands down the side of her body until I reached the waistband of her pants and underwear. She perked up, her ears twitching as I touched her hips. "There's one thing I DO want to go all the way with tonight though."

I shoved both layers of clothing down, helping her undress fully. There was no barrier between us left anymore. In between us, you could see our genitals getting pressed against each other. With how tight our bodies were together, I could only see the top of her vagina, though even from that I could garner that it was a beautiful, fleshy pink on the inside and her slit was a light brown color. A little patch of pubic hair topped her prodding clit and the shaft of my cock was sandwiched on top of it, sticking to her skin.

Raising up her head and facing me, Fatima gave me a confident nod and lifted her lower body. She looked over her shoulder, watching as I slowly guided my cock to her entrance. She reached between her legs and spread her folds apart, allowing me to raise my hips and penetrate her.

Upon entering, her body collapsed onto me again and her eyes closed shut in pleasure. Her insides squirmed around me, curious of the foreign invader, and clung to me as much as possible. I could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into her flesh until her moist, hot pussy consumed me.

There was no going back. No more words needed. Fatima latched onto my neck, pressed her face into my shoulder and started bucking her hips along with me.

Juices dribbled down between us as we collided over and over, first slow and grinding interchanged with deep thrusts and slapping flesh. Her ass rippled as I threw my body against her, staying closely connected from head to toe.

The lust soon overcame us, our lips longing for each other. We gave in, aimlessly sucking, licking and trying to connect in any way possible to keep our mouths occupied, showering the other with affection.

I groped one of her breasts, rolling her nipple between my fingers. She moaned into my mouth and onto my face as I pulled and twisted it, making her boob red from the friction. That in turn just kept on making her more sensitive even to soft touches.

Seeking even more ways to keep my body busy, my other arm reached for her ass, intermittently assisting with her humping motions and occasionally spanking her, which visibly spurred her on even more. I must have left several marks on her body. At the very least for this night, I branded her as mine.

Her tail was thrashing about out of control, her skin was getting sweaty just like mine and her ears flipped between floppily hanging off her head and peak tension.

I put every bit of strength I had left, every bit of former sexual frustration into pistoning away and penetrating her hard, dragging my cock almost all the way out, only to pound it back in.

"This is... nhhaaaaaahhh... what I've been missing out on?" Fatima breathlessly moaned, gripping my shoulders and digging her claws into them.

"Not anymore... hnnhhaaaahhh! I'll make sure of that!"

"Shaiq! I think I'm cumming! By the stars, I'm cumming!" She cried out almost inaudibly as the air kept getting knocked out of her lungs.

"I'm close too! Hold onto me! We'll finish this together!" I grunted, beads of sweat forming on my skin. There was barely any room left in between our bodies with our crotches practically glued together. What little room we had left, we used to gyrate our hips and tried to find our pleasure hot spots to mercilessly assault.

We were driven to push each other over the edge. Fatima ground her ass against me, her legs clamping tighter around me than ever before.

I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her body tightly as I finally unleashed as flood of cum into her pussy, overflowing it almost immediately to the point that it spurted out of the cracks.

Fatima's back bent into a crescent shape and her face contorted in pleasure as she rode the wave of her climax. Her eyes were unfocused, her lips dripping with overflowing saliva. I kept extending this high by continuing to pump my hips and toying with the Anubis' body.

Her tail was sticking straight up from the tension until her climax reached its zenith and it slumped back down, resting between her legs.

Her shallow breath tickled my ear as she slowly curled up to cuddle. As she moved and my cock softened, I slipped out of her, releasing the lid that had kept my cum from spilling. We both turned into a sloppy mess down there with a mixture of juices staining our bodies and the sand.

Fatima looked down, through the slits of her eyelids and begrudgingly commented. "It's all leaving me again. What a waste. All that energy, gone." She had to laugh at herself almost sarcastically. "You know what you've done now right? You've taken on a whole new obligation. I hope you're ready to take responsibility."

I chuckled and kept petting the back of her head as she laid it on my chest. "What's one more, right?"

"That's the answer I wanted to hear." She cocked her head upwards and kissed me, holding back from going any further than that. She snuggled up to me and wrapped her entire body around mine.

"You know we can't stay like this forever. The others are bound to come back sometime soon."

She laughed and closed her eyes blissfully. "We've waited hundreds of years for this day to come. They can wait a few minutes more."

"Fair enough." I muttered and kissed the top of her head.

Soon the time would come where mamono and humans would rule these lands together. Rallying to spite an oppressive ruler.

Not all rulers had to be tyrannical though and lawlessness was not the way either. The future was uncertain. Whether Cassiopeia would rule this land justly, I couldn't tell. I simply had to give her the chance to prove it.

What I could say was that there were people worth defending in her kingdom and I trusted them to lead this country into a brighter, hopefully more peaceful future.


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