Monster Girl Encyclopedia Encounter Compendium @alleskeins
Wolf Family: Anubis (Wild)

Let's travel somewhere a bit more exotic shall we? Well, exotic is relative considering we've ventured into Wonderland before. No, let's instead travel into the central desert regions of the world. Seemingly desolate places yet brimming with hidden life.

You wouldn't be the only person to believe that the desert has little more to offer than sand and sunburns. The man in our next story believed himself to be the only living thing in the arid wastelands as well. But you'll see for yourself how wrong he was.

Many creatures live in even the driest of climates in our world. All of which interesting, dangerous and unique but for today, the one we're going to focus on... is the Anubis.


I pulled up my scarf. The wind over the dunes was picking up speed. A bad sign if I wanted to scout out anything. The wind brings the sand with it and if a full sandstorm rolled in, I would lose even more time.

My name is Shaiq Alamar, but it would be better if you didn't know me. I'm not good company.

I have dark black, destroyed hair, caramel skin, dark brown eyes, you know, someone who wouldn't stick out too much in a crowd and I prefer it that way. I was wrapped up in my usual gear. White full body suit with loose cloth, wraps around my face and a light blue scarf around my mouth to shield from the wind and sand.

Let's not sugarcoat it or tiptoe around it... I'm a grave robber. I was far away from any civilization. Laws don't apply out here and nobody will be any wiser if some of our own, old forgotten gods and rulers are traveling a bit lighter in the afterlife. If only I'd known that I would find much more than just treasure that day.

I've been scouting for a while looking for valuable, promising targets. Something that'd get me through the month, maybe even several months. It's a hit or miss business.

And just as I was about to give up, as the wind hastened and the skies became blurry, I saw it: A temple-like structure reaching out of the ground and practically piercing the sky like a beacon in the night. It was more refreshing than any oasis could've been to me.

"There you are my sad little abandoned friend. Don't you worry, I only care about the beauty on your inside. No need to cover up with sand now. I'll be right over."

I jumped and slid down the slopes towards the ruin, closing in on its derelict, crumbling structure. It's design looked like nothing I'd ever recognize. Definitely none of the gods I knew had temples like this one. It was a piercing spire almost like the top of a pyramid, but just below the tip were 4 entrances into the interior.

I climbed the dust and sand-covered stone blocks to the top and examined the inside. From the four entrance ways, there was a spiral, rock staircase leading down into the buried depths. With the storm rolling in and the contrast of the bright light and the dark interior, I couldn't see squat. Only way to get a better image, was going inside. So that's exactly what I did.

I was more than happy to leave the scorching sun and the loose ground underneath my feet behind and looked forward to bringing home an easy haul. Anything that I could've gotten out of there would've sufficed. Hell, if need be, I'd have broken off a piece of rock from the structure itself and sold that. You would be surprised what benign shit people buy as long as long as it's "ancient and has a convincing mystic backstory to it".

The space around me grew darker as I descended. What little light there was, coming in from the hole in the ceiling was slowly dimming as I got further in. And once I was too far inside to run back up in time... I heard a loud rumbling sound as if an ancient mechanism had been activated. The last gusts of dusty wind blew through the cracks in the openings before they sealed shut.

"Great... booby-trapped. Alright, alright, absolute darkness but we can still make this work, buddy." I said, talking to the ruin. Trust me, if you don't personify SOMETHING in this line of work, you go insane before you know it.

I rummaged through a knapsack I had on my shoulder and searched for my flint so I could make some fire. But to my utter surprise, I didn't have to. With my hands still inside the bag, suddenly an array of bright orbs sprung to life from seemingly nowhere. Nowhere I could see at least.

Their warm orange light illuminated the sprawling inside of the tomb. I realized I was standing on a stairwell that led all the way down to the center of the room with several chambers extending from it. In the room beneath me, I saw several pedestals lined up in a circle around the end of the stairwell as if to greet entering visitors. All of them were lavishly decorated with rubies, sapphires and all sorts of gems and precious metals.

I picked up one of them, stunned by its beauty and craftsmanship. My mouth hung open in disbelief for several minutes as I stammered to myself, grabbing my head as I try to grasp what I just had found. "Holy f... this is... I'm rich! I'm fucking set for life." I stuffed my sack with every one of these little trinkets, ecstatic at the jackpot I struck. Of course, I was an idiot to think that things could ever go that smoothly.

"Just you wait... once I get you out of here I will..." The second I turned around, I was stunned to see a girl face to face with me. She had long, flowing black hair and sharp eyes which stared at me blankly. She was quivering and shyly spoke up before I could take in any other details beside her face. "I'm afraid this is going to hurt... sorry."

"Hurt? What are you..." SMACK

She slammed something against my temple with painful force. My face hit the ground, eyes slowly growing hazy, and as I heard muffled voices talk over my limp body, everything turned black.

I couldn't even tell how long I was out. The lights, making it seem like it was regular sunlight inside the tomb didn't help make it any more certain either. I wanted to touch the wound on the side of my head out of reflex as a thumping pain set in, but I couldn't. My hands were tied and locked around my back. 2 women stood at my side, making sure I would stay put, knelt down on the ground, and that I wasn't looking at them.

And it turned into a rude awakening of multiple kinds. I was in a throne room, high ceiling, lavishly decorated floors and walls adorned with gold and gems. At the far end, a high throne, and on it, a dark skinned, imposing woman, dressed in skimpy black leather wear and bandage-like wraps around her forearms and legs. Just like the temple itself, she decorated herself in golden jewelry. She had insanely long hair, pouring even down the seat of her throne, and a massive, red snake with menacing, piercing blue, kaleidoscopic eyes coiled around the entire throne itself like it was just another adornment.

Immediately, I knew I fucked up. I knew this was not just a regular woman. I had heard stories about them, but I never believed them. "...a Pharaoh. God. Fucking. Dammit." I muttered to myself.

The woman stared down at me. I could tell from the menacing aura, that she was beyond pissed.

I didn't want to stand the hostile silence any longer and took the risk of speaking up first. I cleared my throat. "Umm... your highness." I took a little bow and began talking in this beyond awkward situation. "So... I guess this temple is yours then? Nicely done with the decorations, really compliments your... snake." I chuckle, playfully addressing the golden snake statues on the columns of the room. Her eyes narrowed sharply, not being amused in the least.

"You know, fair play. You got me. If I had known these trinkets back there were still owned by someone I would have treated them with far more respect. I'm a very respectful guy you know. So now that that's sorted, why don't we leave this behind us. You got your trinkets back, you got a good hit on me, why not let me go and..."

"Quiet!" Her voice echoed in the room with deafening force behind it. With a furrowed brow and barely contained anger, she clasped a golden scepter and slapped it against her hand to manage her fury. "You have violated my private domain, you attempted to steal my belongings and now you insult me by playing it off as a joke!?"

"Not at all. This is just as serious to me as it is to you. Look, that I stumbled into your home of all places was pure coincidence. It could've happened to anybody. Be glad that it was me though, because I am perfectly willing to leave your treasures in your care and go home. No harm done."

"You've already done the harm you claim not to have caused. My kingdom has been ransacked before. Time and time again our treasures have been claimed by less than unworthy people and I refuse to let someone as incompetent and disrespectful as you get away with another flick on the wrist."

"Wohohoah! Maybe we shouldn't get too heated about this Miss... uh..."

"Pharaoh Cassiopeia and you better remember the name, Mortal! Hah, I can't believe that even out in the middle of nowhere I have to deal with your kind's insolence, coming into my kingdom when I didn't even ask for you. Well, since you were so desperate that you felt the need to come in here, why don't we keep you around a little longer. The exit to the outside won't open until dawn anyways. But maybe you can be useful even beyond that. Our grounds DO need to be maintained after all. Fatima!" She cocked her head, signaling someone behind me to step forward.

Finally I saw at least one of the two people who were standing behind me. It was another girl. It wasn't the one that knocked me out, but she looked eerily similar. Her hair was short, ending below her jawline and just as dark a tone of black. She was wearing a black leather bikini along with a blue, broad, decorated collar and magenta-colored, semi-transparent harem pants. Her hands and feet were like the black paws of a wolf with a black, bushy tail and sharp, pointed ears.

With a golden spear in hand and piercing eyes, she glared at me. Her look told me that I was a pest in her eyes. Nothing more than a cockroach waiting to be crushed. Seething hatred permeated her every pore. But before she spoke to me, she turned to her Pharaoh for guidance. "What should I do to him your highness?"

"We want to make sure he stays here and that he doesn't cause any more of a disturbance. This provides us with an opportunity to let Karima prove herself. Make sure he is bound to her and should he obey any of her commands, disturb our home or try to run away, he pays for it."

Fatima reeled back in surprise and protested. "Wait! My Pharaoh, I believe this scum will learn his lesson far sooner in my hands. You can't leave him to Karima, she's not ready!"

With all this talk going over my head, I chimed in. "Now hold your horses! I am not going to stay here! I haven't stolen anything! Let me go! I have much better things to do than to rot in this dusty, dark corpse dump. I have to get back!"

"Enough of your insults! You heard me, mortal! You will serve under Karima from now on. You fulfill your duties and I will let you go once you've redeemed yourself."

"Oh yeah? And who exactly is this Karima?" I asked provokingly, spitting in the face of her high and mighty pride and attitude.

But to my surprise, the answer to my question did not come from the Pharaoh, but rather from a timid, whisper-y voice behind me. "That umm... that would be me."

At that moment, a timid, reserved girl stepped forward. Her features were the same as Fatima's except for her luscious, much longer hair. Just like her, she held a spear in her hand but didn't seem intend on using it nor like she ever could or would be able to use it properly. Even though I was tied down and literally kneeling before her, she seemed to shrink in front of me. She was less... no scratch that... she was a LOT less imposing than her counterpart.

I turned around to the Pharaoh with an unsuppressed, smug smile on my face. "Well, I changed my mind. Please DO leave me in her care. I'm sure she'll be a great supervisor."

Noticing my smugness, Fatima snarled. "Your highness, Karima is nowhere near ready for this task! He's going to escape the second she turns his back to him!"

She knocked on the floor with her scepter, creating a deafening echo in the room. "QUIET! You're all giving me a headache here. Fatima, you should know that my word is law. If you have your doubts, so be it. Karima, I task you with overseeing our prisoner."

With trembling paws and her eyes flicking between me and Cassiopeia, she nodded vehemently. Probably to reassure herself that she could do this. "You won't regret it your highness. I know I've messed up before, but this time I'm confident I can handle it without incidents."

"I don't doubt that you can. Your sister is right about one thing though. We do not want him to escape before he has repented. Maybe you should handle this part as well. Bind him to you with a curse, Karima."

"Does it have to be a painful one?" She asked sheepishly.

"If he is supposed to feel the consequences of disobedience, it will have to be."

"As you wish." She downheartedly walked over to me with an apologetic expression. "Sorry, I know this is the second time today. I promise it won't hurt if you play along." She knelt down in front of me and... put her big soft paw on the top of my head while her concerned eyes met mine. They were a dark hazel brown color and as gentle as a soft breeze. I was skeptical of her, but it didn't feel like she enjoyed forcing me like this at least.

"We'll see. I'll be out of here sooner than you'll think." I taunted her but for some reason, she showed no hostility in return.

"I just hope you'll stay long enough so you won't have to suffer. Now hold still, please."

Karima closed her eyes as a dark, black cloud engulfed her arm, snaking down from her shoulder into her paw, seemingly seeping into my head even though I didn't feel the faintest thing besides her hand itself. It almost felt like she didn't do it correctly.

The clouds faded in the same order, first on her arm, then around my head. She smiled happily and petted my head one more time as she said "Thanks for your cooperation." Almost like a doctor after a child sat quietly through an examination.

"Uh... no problem. You're... you're welcome." For some reason, I felt the need to respond kindly to her. Even though she was with the people holding me here, I felt no anger towards her. I needed to clear my head. This was wrong. Was she toying with me?

After the so called curse was done, Fatima pulled her aside sternly. "Okay, Kari. He is your responsibility. Keep that in mind. Don't embarrass our family! Look, I know you can do this and I trust you but... please be careful, okay?" She spoke to her and it was clear immediately, that she was definitely the older sister. She put her arm on her sisters shoulder encouragingly before they both nodded at each other.

Then she turned to me and that prideful visage turned into a scowl. "And you... don't dare to mess with my sister or you're going to suffer much more than you can imagine. And certainly more lethal than a curse."

I shrugged. "Wow, I'm trembling in my boots. But sure, if it makes you sleep better. I won't even be around long enough to mess with her so you won't have to worry your cute little head about that."

Immediately I had a spear tip at my throat. "Don't you dare mock me, mortal!"

"Fatima!" And just as quickly, she was called back by Cassiopeia.

She grumbled and waved me off. "Take him away and put him to work, Kari. Don't mess this up again."

Karima shamefully hung her shoulders and nodded half-heartedly. "I won't, Fati. Not again." Before leading me out of the throne room.

And so I ended up as a groundskeeper for the tomb. Pointlessly sweeping the halls, as if sand wouldn't just cover them again, filling holes in the crumbling wall with mortar and most embarrassing, dusting off the artifact I came here to steal. Sometimes life gives you just the biggest middle finger.

I grit my teeth as I carried out meaningless task after meaningless task as Karima checked in on me every 10 minutes like clockwork, coming in with a schedule and a checklist to make sure that A) I did everything right and on time and B) That SHE did everything right and on time. I had gone through this routine for a couple of hours when she came in this time.

"Yes, yes, yes, this is looking good. Everything is perfectly in order. We're making great progress! The fittings look cleaner than they've ever been and the entry hall looks almost presentable. You have no idea how much of a favor you're doing us with your work, Shaiq."

I passive-aggressively threw my broom into the corner and scuffed. "It isn't exactly a favor if you're forced into it." I dejectedly looked up only to see the exit still closed off with an immovable set of stone doors.

She sighed as if she tried to empathize with me. "I know this is not the most ideal situation. The Pharaoh can't have made a good impression after how she treated you. But hey, as long as you're here, you don't have to traverse the sandstorm outside, you will get food if you need it and you'll be safe in here. Nothing gets in or out without my knowledge."

"Yeah, and it's the 'out' part that's bothering me right now."

Searching desperately for more positives, Karima fidgeted with her fingers. "Uh..uhmmm... I can't just let you out buuuuuut... the doors up there will open as soon as the storm has cleared. Which should only be in a few moments. Maybe the moonlight will calm your..."

Like clockwork, just as soon as she finished that thought, a loud rumbling shook the foundation of the ruin. The heavy stone tablets moved their heavy selves out of the way and let the natural blue light of the moon fill the entry hall.

My mind must've completely switched off, because at that moment, all I could think about was to escape. I left Karima behind dumbfounded as I mindlessly dashed up the stairs. "See you later, suckers! I'm off to go somewhere less dead!"

But just as I was about to disappear into the night...


That one damn word, reverberated in my head like I was standing near a cannon going off. Immediately a sharp shock choked my brain, forcing my body to crumble and seize. I held my head as I fell down the few stairs I had made it up and directly into a mound of sand I had piled up before. I laid there, waiting for the pain to dissipate as Karima stood over me, anxiously clenching her spear.

"I...I need you to stay and obey my orders. I can't let you leave, no matter how much I want to. I have a lot riding on this. WE have a lot riding on this!"

As she finished her declaration, the pain faded and I was furious. "YOU have much to lose?! Yeah, because this is all about YOU! I found you by pure coincidence and you punish me like this for a crime I haven't even committed yet and was ready to make amends for!"

She fell silent, hanging her head in shame as I berated her. She didn't even attempt to respond.

"And what exactly do you want me to do? Stay here and polish your trinkets some more?" I picked up one of the artifacts from one of the pedestals demonstrating my point to her. I looked down at it and sighed in frustration. "I could've done so much more with this than you are. There are people out there, starving to death while this little thing here could've fed an entire city."

The trinket I held in my hands was a little statuette with the sign of weighing scale in white gold welded onto it. Just like all the other treasures it was beautifully decorated and gorgeous to look at, even more so, now that I had cleaned it.

Karima continued to solemnly watch me, not interfering even as I held one of her treasures in my hand. Maybe because she knew I couldn't escape anyways. "It's a beautiful little thing. It's sad it's going to be kept here, far away from anyone who could appreciate it. And it could be used for so much more... so much more..." I sighed, leaning with my back against the wall as I gently rubbed my thumb over the emblem.

Karima had no idea what to say but quietly joined me. She let out a long sigh before putting up the courage to ask me something. "I... know it's not my place to ask but... why DID you want to steal our treasures in the first place? You say over and over that they're wasted staying in here. What did you want to use them for?"

The question tickled another sigh out of me. "I'm from a town not far from here. A small one that you would probably miss on the way to the bigger cities. We live in the shadow of the deserts and apart from a few water springs, we don't have much but it's home. My parents... they laid the first stones of the foundation of the city at the order of our Sultan and labored away, wearing down their bodies until they were practically incapable to work anything anymore. With blood, sweat and tears they built our town... and now they're old, brittle and helpless. They were getting no help from the Vizier, not a single ounce of respect or reward."

I turned to her with a serious expression. I weakly sighed. "There isn't much work in my town, in fact there's barely any. If I don't steal, my parents die from any number of ailments. They've already resented me for the going down that path but... I'll take their hatred any day if it meant that they lived proper lives. And now I'm down here... for however long your Pharaoh plans to trap me and there's nothing I can do otherwise YOU will set my brain on fire again." My tone was very accusative, taking out my frustration on her. I knew she didn't deserve it deep down but I couldn'T help it.

To my surprise she just took it. No rebuttal, no plead for innocence. Karima listened in silence and nodded understandingly.

I fell silent myself as well, probably from the weight of the situation and the slight guilt of letting it out on the one person who's treated me nicely. I lifted up the emblem again and looked at it, even from down here, the moonlight made the crystals shimmer and the metal gleam. I rubbed my thumb over it, admiring its simple beauty and the loss of having it rust away down here.

"Do you like it?" Karima suddenly asked in the softest tone you could imagine.

I turned to her with a cocked head. "What do you mean? The artifact? Yeah, I do. It's a beautiful little piece. You can really tell how much work went into it. It's really nice craftsmanship."

Finally she smiled a little. "It's mine."

"What do you mean it's yours? I thought everything down here belongs to your Pharaoh?"

She chuckled. "Not that. This emblem, it symbolizes Libra. It's my star sign. All of the artifacts are based on star signs."

I looked around at the other pedestals. She was right, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces... all 12 of these artifacts had star signs on them.

"When you become a part of this empire, these symbols connect with you. Depending on which month you were born in, one of these emblems binds to you. This one belongs to me... ever since I was born."

I turned to her with a bit of a disbelieving chuckle. "Why are you telling me this stuff?"

"Because I was hoping we could start over. We didn't exactly make a good first impression with you and I know you're angry at all of this. I just wanted to show you that we... or at least I don't want you to hate us. Maybe that's just naive on my part." She clasped her spear, solemnly looking at the ground as she justified herself.

I could feel the sincerity in her words. She was trying to make amends, knowing that it was most likely fruitless. At the very least I had to commend her for that. But a part of me actually did kind of want to give her a chance somehow. She hadn't given me a reason to distrust her so far... apart from the bruise on my head maybe.

My eyes drifted upwards, looking at the exit of the tomb. Guess this was an opportunity to give her that chance. "How about we go outside for a little bit? Get on even ground and talk there?"

She looked up at the ceiling and then back at me with a mixture of doubt and worry. She was conflicted and with a fidgeting stance tried to come to a decision.

I calmly walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. She gazed back at me, visibly taken aback yet calmer now that I was closer. "If anything happens, you can still stop me with the curse, right? I don't want to run away, I just thought... maybe we both could use some fresh air. What do you say?" I asked. I could see that she was afraid, worried... full of doubt. I knew I had to be sincere if I wanted her to believe me.

"Look, all I want is to see the sky again and feel the wind on my skin. At least for a bit until we've talked things out. I've given up on running away. I just want to see the outside one last time."

Karima thought about it, visibly heavyhearted and deeply troubled. But after a little while... she just nodded meekly and practically whispered at this point. "You're right. I have to give you some leeway. I don't want you to feel imprisoned anymore. We can go outside." She answered, scribbling something down in her schedule. Over her shoulder I could see the note she took. 'Outside perimeter patrol'.

I chuckled a bit on the inside. Even that she couldn't do without scheduling it. After that, she took a deep breath and a long exhale before shooting me a somber smile. "Now we're good to go."

We took the flight of stairs up to the outside. The moment I stepped out the door, the large, bright moon was at its highest point. From directly above my head, it shone down and doused the desert in a deep shade of blue.

I extended a hand to Karima who just came up herself and helped her step outside. "Thank you, Shaiq." She said quietly with the same little smile from before but guilt and doubt in her eyes over doing this favor for me. I could imagine that she was on edge but... I didn't know why it was to this extent. I couldn't run away anyways.

I took in the cool night air, the sand still faintly warm from the heat of day. It felt good to feel the crunch of the sand beneath my feet and the breeze blowing about my body. I felt the sense of freedom I had missed so much.

It took me a while to realize that, while I was taking all of it in... Karima seemed... dazed. Her eyes were glued to the sky, the moon, the vast space... and the stars. Her eyes were shimmering with amazement.

She seemed bewildered and fascinated by the outside in a way that I could only describe as the wonder of discovery. With me standing by her side, she muttered. "I never thought I'd ever get to see it."

"See what?"


I looked up to the skies. There it was. Amongst the sea of stars were the ones forming the shape of a scale.

"I've never gotten out of the tomb at night to view it like this. I've seen it on the emblems and the walls in our home but... I never imagined it would be this stunning to look at."

I didn't know why at the time, but there was something endearing about the way she looked at the beauty of the night. Maybe it was because to me it always used to be just a means to hide myself in darkness. Maybe I was just glad for her that she hadn't lost the joy of discovery yet.

I looked over the horizon and watched the night sky with her. Soon though, I was overcome by a sort of melancholy I didn't even expect myself to still be capable of feeling. "You know... it's quite a coincidence. Your star sign there, going northeast... it's the direction my village lies in."

She gave me a sideways glance, too guilty to look straight at me.

"I guess after today I won't see it again, will I? Maybe it's better this way."

"Why are you saying that?" Karima asked meekly.

"Sooner or later my parents would've found out that I was stealing for them. And I know already that they'd shun me for it. I'll spare them the disappointment that way. All I hope is that someone else will take care of them." I sat down in the sand, crossed my legs and looked out over the skyline of dunes in the distance.

Karima silently sat down next to me. Something was going on inside her head. She was wrestling with something, something she wanted to say. And it wouldn't even be 10 seconds after sitting down that she cracked. She looked sad and hopeless but still decided to confide in me. "The curses... the pharaoh's curses... they don't work outside of her tomb." I could immediately see the regret form on her face.

"They don't work? You mean... I could just... walk away out here?"

She didn't answer and instead just nodded as she started to hug her legs and bury her face in them.

"Then why... why did you let me come up here with you? Why did you take the risk of me running away?"

She turned her head to the side, resting it on her knees. "You have to give trust to gain trust. You said you wouldn't try to run, so I decided to believe you. I know keeping you here isn't fair, especially if you have no reason to. Our empire is crumbling. The Pharaoh has barely any power anymore. That's why I was so desperate to make you stay. We need people here and to get more people here, we need men. Both to make children but also to get other monsters interested in our kingdom. But I realize now, that by trying to fulfill our dream of a flourishing empire, we're taking your life away from you. So if you want to leave now... I won't blame you."

With that revelation weighing on my mind, I looked off into the distance. I could leave. Just like that. I could go back and go back to business as usual. The chance was there. So why didn't I take it? Something compelled me to actually stay and help them. "Karima... if I leave... what's going to happen to you?"

"Me?" She asked with a pained smile. "I'll be alright. We're immortal, we'll be here for many generations to come."

"Doesn't seem like you'd be too happy about that." I smirked a little. "What if I decided to stay?"

She seemed completely taken aback by that response, her confused eyes darting around like those of a dog's that just heard a loud noise. "Wh... why would you? I thought... if anything you'd want to get away from here as soon as possible."

I shimmied over to her, keeping a reassuring smile. "I do. But, and maybe this is just the handsome, dashing hero inside me talking... maybe I don't like seeing people struggling to scrape by. Especially if they're kinda cute and treating me with respect. Well... at least one of them is." I chuckled, booping her nose, causing her to hastily cover it in embarrassment. All the while she still kept the deer in headlights look with her wide open eyes.

"I can't believe you'd actually do this! You'd... you'd be the first man to become a member of the kingdom since our Pharaoh emerged from the dead! How can I..."

I put a finger on her lips before she could hype herself up even more. "Hold it right there. I'm not doing it for charity either. First and foremost, I have some demands to the Pharaoh as well. If we are to make this relationship work, there is something I need to make sure."

She nodded, waiting for my demands as I slowly removed my finger from her lips.

I nodded back, trusting that she would listen to me. Maybe even help me. "I'll give up my old life if I join you. Now that I do have a choice, I want... I need to be sure that my family won't suffer without me. If it's possible, I want the Pharaoh to send funds to my parents. Just enough for them to get by. They don't need to know who it's coming from, it could be from a random benefactor for all I care."

"I think I can arrange that. Cassiopeia is not unreasonable. What are your other demands?"

I solemnly shook my head, smiling to myself. "Actually, that's all. I know you probably don't understand this, being immortal and all but... sometimes in life you have people whose lives you care more about than your own. Right now, I couldn't care less what happens to me as long as I know that they'll be okay. Who knows, maybe having someone to work for for once instead of doing all the running around and scavenging will be nice." I smirked looking up at the sky, not noticing, that beside me, Karima was staring at me with a cute, somber smile and a slightly flushed face.

"You know I haven't mentioned it before... but there's another benefit to all this."

"Oh yeah? And what would that..." As I turned my face to ask her, Karima suddenly leaned in and pressed her lips onto mine. I confused enough to not be able to respond in any way. She sucked on my lips and snaked her pointy little tongue into my mouth as she pushed me down into the sand.

After several moments of her saliva dribbling into my mouth, she moved away, pulling a string of spit that glistened with the reflection of the moonlight along with her.

With a grin on her face along with an adorable blush, Karima leered down at me like a dog in heat. "I don't know why, but I had somewhat of a feeling you'd be the right one. Now... if you'll have me... we can do anything you want to do." She said in a husky, sensual tone that sent shivers down my spine.

I tried to play it off which was admittedly not the easiest task given the situation. "Going all the way for your little kingdom, huh?"

She chuckled and reservedly whispered back with a bit more embarrassment. "You can't keep talking like you're not a part of our 'little kingdom anymore'. As far as I'm concerned, you're now one of us... and I can't say I'm not happy about that. I like knowing that you'll stay around... so I want to make you feel right at home."

"A warm welcome then? You almost make this deal sound better and better." I leaned up, catching her lips on their way down onto mine.

I couldn't stop myself anymore. The atmosphere, the tension between us... I would've had to be insane not to go through with it. This cute Anubis, with her tail joyously wagging behind her back... I decided to blow all care off to the wind and make her mine.

I slid my hands up her thighs, unhooking the already loose restraints of her harem pants, dragging the combination of it and her black panties down over her round, perfectly-shaped ass. I kissed her neck, licking it across the way to her ear, leaving small glistening traces of my saliva.

Karima's breath caressed my ear as she hugged me, stripping off the wraps and cloths that I was wearing while stroking and embracing my head. A switch flipped inside my mind. All the desire to leave wasn't in the way anymore. This place would be my home now, and I had all the time in the world. It was weirdly liberating.

Invigorated, I picked up Karima and flipped her over, pinning her against the side of the dune. My sharp eyes pierced hers as a new kind of beast overtook me. Karima though, didn't seem to be bothered by that in the slightest, telling me that she was fine with whatever I was going to do to her. With half of our clothes already shed, we were all too eager to get rid of the rest.

I flipped up her black bra and started peppering kisses all over her warm, ebony skin. I couldn't spot even a single blemish, not even a scratch or bruise. Seemed like the tomb really did preserve her from all the dangers out in the world. Her black paws pushed against my chest, not to push me away, but for her to feel me even more.

"I hope my body will satisfy you. Maybe it'll make your decision to stay all the more easy." Karima whispered in hushed words.

I looked down into her deep, dark eyes. "I've already made my decision. This, what we're doing now, is just the icing on top of this sweet... sweet cake." I answered as I once again started sucking on her nape, making her tremble underneath me.

I could feel my cock starting to rise and push against the boundaries of my pants. This only made it even more clear that it was time to get rid of them at this point.

There we were, two naked souls peppering each other with affections under the night sky. I wondered if anyone inside had even noticed our absence yet. Yet at the same time, I didn't care if they did.

I almost chuckled at the absurd turn of events this day had taken. I had a feeling Karima felt the same as she laughed along with me. Our gazes crossed yet again. "You know, there's no turning back now, Karima." My rock hard member was already itching to ravage her as I pressed it against her crotch. Our twitching hot genitals mingled with each other, poking and prodding to get the other's attention.

Karima reached out to my face and cupped the side of it as she gently guided me closer. "I sure hope there isn't." And then she pulled me into a kiss with all of her might, simultaneously pulling my upper and lower body closer to hers. In the midst of this wild frenzy, I jutted my hips forward, plunging into her moist, expecting pussy, receiving a warm, almost burning welcome.

The instance I was settled into this position, Karimas legs and paws locked me in place, urging me to fall into a mesmerizing, thrusting rhythm.

Up top and down at the bottom, our bodies collided, spreading various liquids over each other. I claimed and sucked at each of her lips, heaving heavy, fogged breaths between us. I pinned her arms to the sand, grabbing them right at the point where her supple skin transitioned into soft fur.

Karima's hair was splayed out partially over her body and the ground beneath us as I rammed my cock into her over and over.

"Heh, you're haaaaahhh... enjoying this a lot for something you're only doing out of duty."

Karima turned away embarrassed to let out a chuckle before looking back up at me with hazy, erotic eyes. "Maybe I haven't made it clear enough yet. I think I'm starting to like you. Nghhaaahhh, and when I think about you making love to me and maybe planting the first seeds for our new kingdom... I don't know haaaahhhh... I just lose all control over my senses." She said huskily, drawing me back in for more kisses and caresses.

I could tell I was drawing strings of juices out of her from the wet, sticky feeling around my crotch, confirmed even more by the squelching noises that reached my ears.

The heat was building, inside and outside. Our bodies began to grow hotter by the minute and sweat was starting to pour over our skins, barely kept in check by the cold night air. I kept pistoning away, looking at the mess of a woman that was underneath me. It was fascinating to watch her lose herself in the pleasure. "Nghhhh Well... I'm looking forward to building this new kingdom with you." I let go of her arms in favor of grabbing onto her hips, pulling them into mine as they crashed into each other.

Karima pulled my body closer, creating even more contact between our sweaty, sticky bodies. Her hair was a mess, mine probably was as well, and her ears and tail began to twitch and wag more and more the harder I shoved my length into her. I ground and gouged her walls, letting the wet friction guide me to the spots she responded most to.

Her body rippled each time I thrust forward, riling up the sand. Karima threw back her head, keeping a hold of me with her clawed paws digging into my shoulders.

"I think I'm cumming, Shaiq! I can hhaaAAHHH feel it!" Gritting teeth myself, I was just as close as she was. I fucked her as hard as I could, pushing myself and her to the final brink. I was thrusting hard and deep enough to reach the far end of her pussy, hammering away at her uterus.

The mere thought of that excited me to such an extent that I grew rougher and more volatile in my movements. I wanted to gouge her from the inside, imprint my shape into her body and make it remember me. I wanted to make love to her, but I also wanted to break her and see what she looks like in her basest and and most primal state.

I must've been drooling over her, but I couldn't tell from my senses alone because my whole body felt numb. I embraced her body as closely as I could, burying my chin in her shoulder as I arched my back and blew my load all over her insides.

Karima's tense muscles greedily twitched and kept me in place, welcoming my seed with open arms. It was like she was drinking it up, coaxing out whatever she could. Her eyes were blissfully closed as she almost painfully bit her lips to bear the pleasure.

Only after a few moments did she take a long, heaving breath, beats of sweat dripping over her forehead.

There we laid at the moon-ward side of a dune, sand now sticking to various parts of our sweaty bodies and mixed fluids pouring out of them.

Despite the exhaustion, I kept myself propped up with my arms to not weigh down on Karima, hanging over her, staring into her dazed, aimlessly staring eyes. "You okay there? I didn't go too hard, did I?"

She seemed completely out for the count until a smile suddenly came across her lips. "Miles upon miles across the desert, knocked out for several hours, spending the other half of the day working in the tomb... and you still have this much energy left. You really are something."

I chuckled along with her, cupping the side of her face as I pulled the sweaty strands of hair out of her face. "It only takes the right motivation for a man to recover his stamina. And you more than covered that, Karima. You sure are one hell of a cute motivation."

I kissed her, gently entangling my tongue with hers.

As I pulled away, I smiled down at her, though she would soon find out that that smile wasn't entirely just harmless. "It's doubly cute, that you think we're done."

"What?! You can't be serious! Already?" And by looking down, seeing and feeling my still rock solid cock, she knew that I wasn't kidding.

"Maybe this time we'll try a different angle, switch it up a bit. That'd be nice, don't you think?"

Her face was growing slack in surprise and embarrassed expectation as I picked up her surprisingly light body and turned it over so that she was lying on her belly.

I leaned over her, massaging her back from her butt upwards and whispered into her ear. "Now show me that little butt of yours. If we're going to celebrate our unity, I want to commemorate it properly. Wouldn't be nice if I didn't give you all I've got to properly show my gratitude."

Karima squirmed and breathed heavily in excitement, gingerly propping up her well-toned, smooth ass while her face remained pressed into the sand. "You really are a beast of a man. And to think you'd treat one of your generous hosts like this." She fake-complained, already dripping with more juices. I could tell she didn't mean a single word of it.

I placed a gentle, little peck on her cheek and gave her a wicked, playful smirk. "Just a little payback for the headache you gave me. Afterwards, I'll treat you as nicely as you want me to." I dragged a finger along her spine, dragging out her anticipation. Her knees were already wobbly and her body could barely support itself. I fixed that by grabbing and immediately kneading her ass cheeks, spreading them apart, giving me a beautiful view of her two twitching, pinkish holes.

I pressed my tip against the one that was already leaking my previous ejaculate and prepared to replace what's been lost.

Karima's mouth ripped open as I went in with one thrust, making her spatter drool all over the ground. I hung over her like a lecherous dog would, hugged her body and ravaged her one of what would be several times that night.

More and more I made peace with the thought of spending eternity right here. I would make sure this kingdom would rise from the ashes. I'd rebuild and repopulate this ruin, giving it the staying power it desperately needs. I would have to think about my ways to do that later on, but for obvious reasons, that night, my mind was somewhere entirely else.


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