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Tiger Family: Jinko (Domesticated)

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I hadn't even opened my eyes yet when I started to feel my body. I didn't know how long it had been. Probably hours since I passed out. My body ached, my muscles strained and sore, my entire body feeling like it went through hell and back.

More than anyplace else, my abdomen and crotch were the most affected areas. I forced my eyes open slowly, rays of sunshine breaking through them into my not-at-all-adjusted eyes. I could surprisingly move my hands, no longer tied up with vines. It must've happened long ago enough for there to not even be marks anymore.

And just as soon as I felt my body, the feeling came back to my head. With vengeance.

"Argh... hells, that's nasty..." It felt like someone was slowly tightening a vice around my brain. I wondered to myself "How am I still alive?" still getting used to moving my body again after all the time I was out. I sat up as I held the back of my head but as I got up, the thoughts about how badly I was hurting went away quite quickly when I saw who was sitting across from me.

The tiger girl, kneeling right there not 5 feet away from me clenching her fists tightly. Her face was slightly red and her eyes painfully focused on me like she was steeling herself for something. She was dressed in her 'armor' and even I was at least dressed in my undergarments.

Instinctively, I reeled back and distanced myself from her. After a brief moment of tense silence between the two of us and surprisingly no action on her part, I gained a bit of confidence and confronted her. "Why are you still here? And why am I still alive. Do you want to toy with me? If you're already willing to attack me like this, then the least you could do is finish the job!"

She tensed up even more, seeming almost on the verge of tears as I yelled at her. I was taken aback. Why was she acting this timid and restrained. I adjusted my tone but still remained on guard in case it was a farce. "I know that you can speak, so out with it. I already apologized for intruding on your turf before, I was ready to leave and yet you showed no mercy to me. If you have anything to say, if you want to finish me off, do it now!" I demanded.

Still wordless, she shut her eyes tightly as if she was struggling to keep herself together and then... she bowed almost deep enough for her face to hit the ground and remained there without looking up. "I can't even begin to express how sorry I am. I have defiled you and acted like a savage beast. I am unforgivable and I am shamed for what I've done. I can only beg from the bottom of my heart that you will hear me out."

I was stunned into silence. Not only was the blood-lust fueled beast from before nowhere to be seen but she was remarkably literate and well-spoken. I answered with a just as carefully crafted response "...huh?"

She snapped up like a spring and in a panic yelled out "I'm not like that! Yesterday, that wasn't me!" She clutched her chest, reaffirming her sincerity.

I readjusted myself, gathering my thoughts to formulate an actual response this time. "I... I'm confused. Forgive me, this is all a bit much to take in. You WERE the beast that attacked me and my men yesterday, right? You DID try to slash them into pieces and you DID force me to do... you know what. Apparently a lot longer than I was aware of even." I said, slightly groaning at the pain of my aching muscles.

She hung her head in shame and again made slight apologetic bows to me. "I'm aware of what I've done. I used you, way past the point of your consciousness leaving you. I was satisfying my most primal, base urges and I hate them almost as much as you must despise me right now. I mean it." She confided in me, sincerely facing me eye to eye.

Surprised by her willingness to communicate with me, I began to get invested in what she was telling me and found myself wanting to talk more. "I'll decide to believe you there."

"You are?"

I chuckled. "What do I have to lose at this point? Might as well see where this conversation takes us. First and foremost, you've never even told me your name."

She hesitantly smiled a little. "My name is Shime. Member of the Hirako Clan."

"Julian Laroute. Sole heir of the Laroute family of Acadia. You know where I come from, there's a bit of a different order to getting to know a person."

Finally, she chuckled at least a little. "I see. Humor. I understand and I am honored to learn your name. Lord knows I'm not worthy of it." She once again took on a solemn look but this time, I wouldn't let her fall silent again.

"We're starting over. If what you said is true, and the You from before isn't the real you, then everything before now doesn't matter. We'll be on equal grounds that way. Tell me more about those urges. How do they work?"

She took on a serious and composed posture and despite the embarrassment, explained herself to me in great detail "Every few months, my species, the Jinko, go into an unquenchable heat cycle. If you have a male partner at that time, it's not that severe since you can satisfy them as soon as they start. But if you're like me, and you don't have one, especially over a long time, your body starts to crave it more and more against your will. At some point these urges get so great that your mind snaps and your body acts on its own. You try every possible way to relieve yourself but your body will never be satisfied until you have a man pour his seed into you. If you can't find one, it is like you're suffering from withdrawal and the anguish is unimaginable. That's why I did the things I did. When I... when I saw you... I broke. You were the first man I saw in weeks and my mind was just consumed by a lusting cloud of desire. Everything I could think of was related to ravishing you... using you for pleasure."

I leaned in more, intrigued by her explanation and started to actively investigate further. "So, if you know about these unavoidable issues you have, why are you out here? It doesn't seem like your clan is anywhere nearby."

"How did you figure that?"

"You wouldn't take a bath and umm... present yourself as openly as you did if you would expect people to look for you at any point."

Her cheeks turned a deep shade of red, which she quickly tried to downplay by clearing her throat and facing away slightly. "I see. You're pretty perceptive. Yes, I'm very far from home actually. My clan lives on the other side of the eastern mountain chain. We lead a monastery there."

"A monastery?" I asked in surprise.

"We are a race of fighters. We need silence and tranquility to learn and practice our arts. We only rarely leave and exclusively to search for male mates to populate our clan. At least... that's the usual reason." She trailed off, hesitating to speak any further.

"Doesn't sound like that was the reason YOU left for. What's your story?"

She averted her eyes for a second before firmly facing me. "I think it's time for you to answer my questions as well, Julian. If... if you don't mind." She got a little less confident in the end but still remained steadfast.

"Ask away." I moved a bit closer, ready to provide her with whatever she wanted to know. Equal exchange of knowledge was only fair.

"Why... why did you spy on me like you did? You've clearly been hiding from my sight and you didn't even leave when I... exposed myself. I'd like to have an explanation for it. It's been boggling my mind ever since you woke up."

I grew a little embarrassed even though my original intention wasn't even close to the voyeurism it turned into. "I... I came here for a reason. I'm kind of far from home, similar to you. We have barely any monsters like you where I live, so I traveled far southeast to gather data of them to educate people. We thought that monsters were naturally feral and merciless so... we approached you like that to... see what you would do in your natural habitat. Yeah... we went a bit far with it in hindsight." I rubbed my neck and scratched the back of my head. "Not that it matters anymore."

"Why should it not matter anymore?" She asked curiously.

"My money is gone. The men you scared away, the ones I told to take their pay and leave? I doubt they're coming back for me. I have no protection to travel back and no money to hire new guards. I'm stranded here."

Shime leaned forward intensely and yelled out. "'re returning to a human settlement, right?"

"Huh? Well... settlement is a bit of an understatement. Acadia is the capital of the North Coast. It's huge."

Without missing a beat she sputtered "I... I can come with you! I can protect you and visit this Acadia place with you!"

I was a bit taken aback by her proactive spirit. It kinda motivated me as well like it was infectious, but there was one problem. "That would only be one problem solved. I would love to take you there with me but... without research results, going back is just as pointless as staying here. Without that, I'll be destitute even if I do get back home."

Shime sighed a little in disappointment as I wrecked my brain for a solution. "It's a shame you couldn't get any more info about me before I attacked you." She said still apologetic about what she did.

My eyes shot open as I looked up at her. I could've slapped myself at that moment. "Wait. What am I saying? I must've lost more brain cells than I thought. The solution is so obvious!" Shime was surprised as I got up and ran past her excitedly. I must've looked like a madman as I rushed to the spot I watched her from and wildly combed through the grass.

"What are you doing? What's obvious?" She asked confused.

I triumphantly held aloft my notebook, riddled with mud stains and wet spots from the grass. Just after celebrating finding it, I grabbed Shime's shoulders. "YOU! You're the solution! A live specimen! It's a researcher's dream come true. A first hand encounter and information straight from the source. Shime, if you can tell me everything you know about your kind, we can go back to Acadia, I can publish my book and we will have enough money to travel wherever we want. This journal and you, they're our keys to the rest of the world." I smiled from ear to ear, ecstatic that there was still a chance to make this expedition a success.

Equally enthusiastic, Shime pumped a fist, which was surprisingly endearing and cute to see from someone like her. "What are we waiting for then? I'll tell you whatever I can."

With this goal set in our minds, we returned to my camp. As I suspected, my cash reserves were completely empty but by now I didn't even care anymore. We sat down by the still warm remains of our campfire on a bunch of logs and started a sort of interview. I wrote down everything I already knew about her from watching and talking to her. Shime watched me diligently as I scribbled down thousands of rushed words with my pen. It was only the first draft, I could make more proper copies later.

"Alright, Shime..." She jumped a little when I called her up.


"I need to cover everything I can. People will want to know details. Tell me about yourself. About your kind. Your home. Whatever you can."

"I'll try to... I owe you as much." She gulped a little but seemed determined to deliver.

It turned into a long talk back and forth between us. About the monastery, the heat cycles and the world of the mamono in general. But when we reached a certain topic, we hit somewhat of a roadblock.

"So... there is one more question you still haven't answered. Why did you come out here. I know you never intended to meet me out here. So what was it that drove you to leave your clan behind?"

She kept silent, rubbing her arms uncomfortably. "My reasons are very shameful and selfish. I'd... rather not talk about them."

I sensed the fear in her voice. I put my pen down and spoke calmly to her. I chuckled a little to lighten the mood. "Hey, we all do things for selfish reasons sometimes. I know my reasons for coming out here were beyond selfish." I crossed my legs and shimmied a bit closer to her, sitting right across from her. I took her paws into my hands and gently held them as I looked into her eyes. "I abandoned my heritage, squandered my wealth... If my parents were still alive, they would disown me simply for not living up to the family name. Sometimes we only have one chance to choose a path for ourselves and I know that it hurts to leave others behind when you pursue what you search for. Even if this book didn't exist, I want to know your story."

I felt Shime's paws squeeze my hands in return, taking a deep breath as she returned my gaze. "I've grown up as a shrine maiden. Though it may not be as innocent as you might think. At the shrine I took care of, we learned to fight, defend ourselves against an unknown enemy we never knew we would even face. We learned one way, one routine every day. As the shrine maiden I was supposed to carry on our traditions. Never leave the monastery, train the next generation and birth strong daughters to preserve our tribe.

She grit her teeth before she continued as if she was holding back tears. "One day, the day I grew old enough to feel the urges, they brought a man to me. A man with torn clothes and a scarred body. Our warriors had captured him... for breeding. The first time he met me, after he knew his fate... he was scared of me. He thought if the warriors could put him in such a state, the headmistress must be a cruel, inhuman monster.

I was to be married to him the next day, so in the night before, I ran. I left the clan." She wiped a tear from the corner of her eye.

At that point, I put my book aside. Monster or not, I pulled her in closer and embraced her. Her limp body fell into my arms and her face sunk into my chest. "I see... you tried to escape it but now the heat cycles are coming back to you. And there's nothing you can do to stop them other than..."

I didn't need to finish my sentence for her to nod in response and break out into sobs. "I don't want to be a monster. I want to show humans that we don't have to be the beasts they fear. But I can't. Not the way I am now."

I sighed, carefully rubbing the back of the girl who assaulted me not even a day ago. But now I couldn't even feel mad at her anymore. "It seems like you're just as much on a journey of discovery as I am. How often do these heat cycles come around?"

"I can't predict them even in the slightest. Even now I can feel it tugging at my consciousness. Begging me to give in. Believe it or not, I held back when I did it with you. If I were of a weaker mind, I wouldn't even be done now."

I needed Shime with me. A that point, I couldn't leave her to her own devices. If I wanted to save her, if I wanted her to be able to live and walk among humans, there was only one possibility. All of my body hesitated and begged me not to say it, but I had my mind already made up. I barked out in determination. "I will take you with me. I'll make sure you can see my kind. All you need for your urges to subside is a man to take satisfy them. You said as much, right?"

She looked up into my eyes, hers glistening with drying tears as she realized what I was implying. "Wh...what are you suggesting? You're not saying what I'm thinking, are you?"

I comforted her "If all you need to live a normal life, to go where you want to go and do what you want to do is having an outlet... I'll help you."

"But... why?" She asked, desperately holding onto my chest as if she were asking too much.

"I know how it feels to be caged in and restrained. I want to offer you that chance to be free. Besides, helping each other is just what partners do. Right, partner?"I tightened my grip around her, pulling her more against me as I gazed at her.

Her eyes lit up with hope as she chuckled softly and nodded. "True. That is indeed what partners should do."

She was about to shyly turn away but I gently made her face me again. "Maybe this time though, we should do things in the proper order." She gasped as I overlapped my lips with hers, guiding her into a deep kiss. Her expression soon melted as Shime willingly gave in and pushed up against my chest. I felt her paw at me, digging her claws into the fabric of my shirt, just enough to make an impression but not enough for it to penetrate and scratch me.

I tried to embrace her even more and squeeze her in return, but my muscles could hardly muster any tension. They quickly released and most of my body became limp. I slowly sunk to the ground with Shime sitting on top of me with a concerned expression. "Are... are you alright? Are you sure you want to go through with this? I think I can last the journey without it if you need a rest."

I laughed the pain away and responded with mixed-in groans "I'm fine. One more time won't kill me. Besides, can't just let this moment pass without payoff, right?" I smirked despite the pain and reached up to cup her cheek. She softly smiled and covered my hand with her paw. "Crazy how soft these can be." I could feel her warmth radiating through her paws as she was starting to grow hot again. "I'll leave the rest to you. Knock yourself out." I spoke calmly, entrusting my body to her.

This time, it was her turn to lean down and suck on my lips. Without the confidence of her heat driving her, she sheepishly entered my mouth with her tongue, prodding into it as if to test the waters. I welcomed her and opened some space to accommodate her. She slithered in, coiling around my slippery muscled and sucking on it.

Underneath, her paw was busy with something else entirely. Groping and rubbing my crotch with a frustrated, furrowed brow growing on her face while she kissed me. She popped off for a second and pouted. "Haahhh... it's so hard to do anything with these massive things."

"Relax, keep going. Whatever you can do, I'm sure I'll like it." I reassured her, guiding her paw back onto my slowly hardening cock. The fabric of my garments was thin enough for me to feel the texture of her fur through. The mere thought of her trying this hard to get me aroused made me grow solid. And once she pulled down my pants and touched my member directly, I was fully erect. My shaft was pulled and pushed through her pelt, staining her hairs with my gradually secreting pre cum. Her massive paw couldn't grab a hold of me, but this was perfect, unique sensation in its own right.

My cock slid in between two of her digits, pillowed and sandwiched between them. That way, Shime actually managed to get into an insanely stimulating jerking motion. Just by the natural squeeze of her paw, she applied the perfect pressure from all sides. My cock slid in and out of her paw, poking out at the top when she reached the base.

While she was completely lost in concentration, I unbuckled Shime's breastplates, shifting them aside to get a full view of her breasts. They only swayed about for a short time, before they flattened against my body. I could feel her nipples poke through the fabric and touch my skin. They were hard and piercing to the point where they might as well could've torn holes into my garments.

Talking about which, they became exceedingly unnecessary and were quickly tossed off before our bodies could touch directly, doubling the sensations. Flesh touched on flesh as Shime clung to my body. My mind was to busy dealing with the pleasure and the growing affection for this unusual girl that the pain I felt before nearly faded entirely. We were both lost in a world with no place that we would call home anymore. Who knows, maybe it was fate that we found each other.

Once Shime stripped off her last piece of clothing, her iron clad groin protection, our bare bodies had no resistance between each other left. Her paw which had been continuously jerking me off was laden with strings of my fluids sticking in between the cracks and fur, making parts of it glisten in the sunlight. My cock was at its limits. If she had continued, I would've blown my load all over her digits and palm, but that was not the goal of what we were doing.

Shime reluctantly slowed her paw-job and parted from my lips, knowing what would come next.

With an upright position, she sandwiched my glistening, slippery cock between the lips of her increasingly hot, wet pussy and my abdomen that it was pressing up against.

Shime looked down at it. It was so temptingly close to being inside her, but she hesitated. "Are you sure you want to go through with this. I might not be able to stop myself. And if I would hurt you, I..."

"Shime..." I interrupted her putting my hands on her thighs to comfort her. "... you wanted to convince people that they don't have to be afraid of you. Well... I believe you. Whatever happens, happens."

She almost got choked up upon hearing those words but smiled through the small tears that were forming in her eyes. With that reassurance, she lifted her hips and let my cock spring up into position. She looked at me one more time for confirmation and I nodded, followed by a nod of her own.

She plopped down, almost immediately gobbling up the entire length of my cock. The all too familiar texture of her insides fittingly bit into my shaft and gripped it firmly. I could almost swear that it retained the shape of my dick as it molded perfectly around it.

The second my cock was encased by her warm, moist insides, every memory of last time came back to me. The wriggling muscles, her womb sucking on my tip. This time though, I could fully enjoy the pleasure she provided.

Shime let out a deep sigh of relief and as she looked down at me, I could see the lustful fire inside her eyes yet again. Though I felt as if she was in full control of it this time. She slammed her lips onto mine as her hips began to grind my crotch and squelched with the sound of her and my juices.

With every downward thrust, I could feel all of my muscles, yet not in a bad way. It was as if the exhaustion of my body made the sex even better. It tingled and shocks were sent through my body, reaching my brain and frying it.

It was, well not surprising actually that her downward slams carried much force in them and each time I could feel myself hitting the far back of her pussy, scraping at the walls and prodding her cervix as she desired it.

Connected on the top and bottom of our bodies we seemed almost symbiotic as our bodies moved in tandem. With what little strength I had left, I bucked my hips, massaged her supple ass and clashed my tongue with hers like they're in a battle for dominance. Her tail was going wild from the pleasre, at first wildly flailing around and softly hitting me at different points before it snaked around my upper leg and anchored Shime to my body.

We moaned into each other's mouths, this time as genuine as it could be. We both knew what we were doing and we wanted each other. Even with our faces this closely together, Shime's eyes never broke contact with mine as we felt the deep sense of unity coursing through ourselves.

There was no denying it anymore, I felt something for her. It could've been a lot of things that made me realize it, but when I looked at her and saw nothing but genuine care and eagerness to make me feel good, that's when I knew for sure.

A multitude of things about her aroused me to an insane extent but the thing that drove me the most, was the feeling of her heart beat that I felt through our colliding chests. I don't know what it was about that, but maybe it was the sense of a strong heart, a heart filled with the desire of freedom like mine was, that kept me going and wanting to give her the life she yearned for.

While my mind was lost in thought, my body was reaching its limits. I was yanked back into reality by the fierce urge to burst. We lost all sensibility like wild animals mating with each other.

Shime's rhythm began to grow sloppy as it was harder and harder to get a grip with our slippery liquids mixing together, so she kept increasing the speed and force incrementally, just adding to the violent pleasure.

We were drooling, spit leaking from in between the connection of our lips and streaming down our faces and necks.

Our breathing grew strained and ragged, gasping and choking. Her hips became a jackhammer that wouldn't stop until we were finished as our skin grew flush from the pure struggle.

Shime was forced to part with my lips to catch her breath and cried out with a pleasured cry. "I love you, Julian! I'll never be able to thank you enough hhaaaaahHH! I don't know how else to say it! I love you! I LOVE YOU! NghhAaaAHHH!" The rest of her voice trailed off into more screams and moans, ringing and echoing in my ear.

"I love you too, Shime! Fuck! I'm cumming! I can't hold it anymore!"

In unison we cried out as her insides clenched up and I dumped a massive load of cum into the back of her love tunnel. My balls contorted and squeezed out whatever they could give, probably emptying whatever they could produce after Shime had run me dry previously.

Shime arched her back upwards, her claws digging into my front, this time unable to restrain their force. She dug into my skin, drawing blood, but I barely even felt it with the overload of sensations my brain was dealing with. My shirt would retain some holes but that was barely even a concern either.

Shime's voice left her, only choking and gasping sounds coming out of her mouth. Her beautiful, fiery orange hair had grown damp with sweat even down to the very tips of her strands and her bangs were sticking to her forehead.

I was gritting my teeth as well, groaning until my several spurts of cum exited my body. Finally, I was as dry as I could be while my body was glazed with sweat as well. Guess the humid air didn't really help with that either.

Shime caught her breath, steadying herself with her paws on my chest. A comfortable, relaxing pressure to feel after such an ordeal. Especially since even her palms were so surprisingly soft.

She let herself sink down, limply cuddling with me as I wrapped my hands around her midriff.

I didn't even have to see her to know that she was smiling. "I know it sounds bad if I say it this way... but for once in my life... I'm somewhat glad that my urges made me attack someone."

"That really DOES sound bad." I chuckled, knowing what she meant.

She giggled as well in response but soon it took on a bit of a more somber tone. "Once you return to your home..."


"You said you wrote everything you know about me down in that book you want to publish, right? Every detail since we've met."

"Yes, everything. I left nothing out."

"Even the part where I... you know..."

I did know. I wrote an extensive chapter about my first hand experience being assaulted by Shime in the book. Everything about her uncontrollable heat cycle and her unstoppable force in that state. I sighed as I answered "I suppose it is." I reached out to the book, laying on the ground next to us and pulled it up. I blocked out the sunlight as I held it above me and Shime, opening the particular chapter.

Shimed didn't even want to look at or read it as she buried her face in my shoulder in shame. She sheepishly reassured me though. "I am in no position to withhold your research from you. If that is published and others read this about me... nevermind. You have my full blessing to release it. I won't hold it against you and I will still always stay at your side, should you have need of me. Though I'll probably be much more of a burden if people fear me after that." She squeezed me tighter and I knew full well what consequences it would have if this was published.

Her wish to meet and befriend people would be made a lot harder for her if this information became public. The researcher inside me was practically screaming at myself as I reached up and...


...tore out the page.

Upon hearing this sound, Shime jumped a little and looked up to see me crumple the piece of paper and throw it into the thicket. I took a deep breath, swallowing my integrity before I looked at her half joking-half in pain. "You know what? That chapter was kind of lackluster anyways. I'm no good at writing something this personal. So... might as well leave it out."

She gasped and was about to get up and get the page back when I gently stopped her. "It's fine. After all, we have a lot more left to fill the book with, right partner?"

With tears in her eyes and yet with the brightest smile, she nodded and chuckled. "True, partner."

And with that, we spent a lot more time, cuddling up near the diminishing, crackling fire. It would take us a long time before we finally took on the journey back to Acadia. Looking forward to many more expeditions and even more people and monsters to see.

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