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Succubus Family: Alice (Domesticated)

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1 week later:

I prepared my mind for the confrontation that lay ahead of me as I walked along a brick road. Alice worriedly stuck close to me, fidgeting and trying to wring out words to say but they just wouldn't come out. She was rightfully nervous. I was about to do something possibly incredibly risky. Not that the risk would've kept me from doing what I was about to do anyways.

The brick road we were walking along led to a castle up on a hill in the distance. Banners of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs in red and black colors decorated its outer walls.

Seeing it on the horizon apparently made it much more real for Alice and she tugged on my sleeve. "You really don't have to do this. It was tough but I'm happy. Isn't that enough?"

I stopped in my tracks and took the time to face her.

"You are now, but you shouldn't have had to go through all of this in the first place."

I looked around trying to think of words to explain it to her. "Things are going to get intense Alice, but you need to trust me, okay? It might've turned out alright for you because I happened to come into this world at the right time. But think about other girls like you. The ones who didn't have someone save them. Imagine what might've happened to them. I need to make a statement."

She looked down at my stuffed pockets. Alice knew what I had stored in them. What I had been collecting over the last few days as we traveled.

She sighed as she gently held my hand and looked at me with an unsure look in her eyes.

"I just... Do we really have to do it this way?" She rubbed her shoulder, uncomfortable and scared.

I really didn't want to see her this way, but my mind was set. Nonetheless, I tried to explain it to her again.

"I know this is hard to understand, but people in power do not care for what people like you and me think unless we make them. I have lived and seen this kind of life. People don't care where you end up or what happens to you. They usually don't even know you exist most of the time. But I know that I matter, I know that YOU matter and I will make us matter to her too, even if by force."

She hung her head but nodded along in agreement as she quietly walked into my embrace. I hugged her tiny little body tightly as I let her take a few moments to steel her resolve. I knew she was a tough girl, but I would always let her show her weakness if she needed it. I guess I was doing something pretty stupid after all.

She parted with me with a slightly more relieved expression as she let out a quick breath of determination. Though some doubt was still clearly there as she looked at me. She grabbed my hands and squeezed them tightly. "If this goes wrong... what am I supposed to do then? I just found you, I don't want to lose you again." She asked with a slight crack in her voice as she brought the words out but still mustering the strength not to cry.

I sighed and looked down for a second before meeting her eyes. "Listen, if they do anything to me, then run. In case they do manage to catch me, please, leave me behind and hide. The most important thing in all of this is that you won't suffer because of me."

"But they'll put you into prison. I will never see you again if they get you!" She protested.

I responded with a smirk, trying to alleviate her worries. "Hey, the last time I got imprisoned, I got out too. And I didn't even try."

She was close to breaking down. I could tell from her moist eyes that she was almost about to cry. I cupped her cheek and smiled as she looked at me. "I'll be alright, Alice. If this goes south, I'll get out and find you. I'm your big brother, aren't I? I'll find a way." I pulled her into another hug. This time it wasn't such an innocent one though, as I pressed my lips onto hers and shared a last kiss before we got this thing going.

I parted from her and gave her one more reassuring nod, getting the same back from her.

Along the way, I kept an eye out for a certain kind of mushroom that grew in various corners of Wonderland. You could never know where it popped up because it changed locations constantly and adapts to different environments randomly. But when you find some of them and you knew what they are capable of... they packed a hell of a punch.

It was something that Alice introduced me to.


A mushroom with three times the explosive power of dynamite. Only in Wonderland.

They would serve me well if push came to shove.

I had committed a lot of minor crimes back in my world. Stealing, gambling... killing... but nothing I had done before was on such a big scale. Certainly not on par with what I guess could be considered treason.

It didn't take long before we finally reached the impressive wooden gate of the castle. It was split in the middle to swing open like a massive door and a smaller rectangular door with a closed metal slit in it was located in the lower left corner of the massive wooden structure.

I looked over my shoulder at Alice, holding tightly onto my sleeve, reluctant to let go. "Get behind me and once we're in, keep your distance and stay out of sight, got it?"

"Okay." She said and nodded determinedly as she hid behind me.

I shot her a comforting, one sided smile and petted her blonde, little head, tickling a cute smile out of her and getting her to let go.

With my gaze straight on the gate, readying my mind for what was about to go down, I said some parting words to Alice. "I love you, Alice."

"I love you too, Onii-chan." She said with a somber tone of voice and a hung head.

I stepped forward, in front of the smaller door. "Here goes nothing." I knocked on it, needing excessive force for it to even be heard on the other side.

The metal slit opened and a girl with a red beret opened it. She just looked at me without saying anything.

"Hey, I want to talk to the Queen! Let me in, it's urgent."

She looked me up and down, asking with a serious tone. "Are you invited? Or a royal guest?"

"No? Do I need to be if I want to meet the Queen?"

"Not usually, but the Queen is not receiving guests at the moment and she is not in the mood for strange people walking around the castle. So identify yourself!"

I shrugged with frustration. "Jack Cormac, professional door knocker. What does it matter? I need to see the Queen about an issue concerning her own damn people!"

"If you don't have an official title, you have no right to talk to the Queen about anything! You are out of luck! Move along!" She said sternly with a hint of a threat behind it.

"Then how am I supposed to get an audience with her? How is anyone supposed to have one with her? She needs to know what I have to say!"

"Whatever you think you have to say, you can keep it until the castle is open for visitors again."

"And when is that supposed to be?"

"When the Queen is in the mood for it again. Now move along or we're going to have a problem here!"

I semi smugly chuckled in disbelief.

"Well, you're not wrong." I said cockily as I put my hand into my right pocket and pulled out a mushroom with a wick at the end of its stalk.

"We're going to have a problem here." Quickly I pulled out a fire ant, with a hot, glowing orange thorax.

"What do you think you're doing out there!?" She barked at me through the slit.

"Making the Queen pay attention." I took a few steps back and squirted the fire ant's liquid fire onto the wick of the mushroom, making it hiss with the wick slowly burning down. I chucked it at the gate. And as soon as it hit the wood...


An earth shattering roar of a fiery explosion blew the gate into smithereens and left a gaping, scorched hole in the side of the castle.

I jumped through the avalanche of smoke rolling over me and broke into the castle. I expected to face guards right away, seeing as there clearly was at least one who talked to me at the gate but... there weren't any. The only thing besides debris I saw in the entrance area, were a couple of over-sized playing cards scattered on the ground within the blast radius.

It was strange and I had a very bad feeling about this but even if it would bite me in the ass later to not check, I had to keep moving. I needed to find the Queen before she was alerted.

I dashed hastily through the tight corridors and confusing hallways. The layout made no sense. What you would think were the main paths, lead to dead ends and at times you had to squeeze through narrow ones to get anywhere that looked even remotely like you were making progress.

I was completely lost in this labyrinth when I suddenly heard a female voice echo through the halls. "When is the cake ready?! I was told the cake would be ready by the time I finished dinner!"

This was soon followed by someone slamming their fist on something.

I followed the angry female voice's direction as whoever it belonged to was engaged in a heated argument with one another person who was trying to calm them down. A male and more collected voice tried to reason with her.

"Your highness, you need to be patient. You ordered a 3 layer cake for dessert, our servants can't just make that in the span of 20 minutes."

"Then we need to order more ovens. I don't like waiting for cake! And you promised me I would get one if I ate all of those bitter vegetables. I am just going to stop breathing until I get it. Hmph!..." The squeaky, snobby voice hissed.

"Your highness, you're not a child. Stop sulking and just wait. We can just play..."

I came closer and closer.

I could hear the voices right around the corner.

And then finally there she was.

With a few tables put closely together, one large, throne-like chair at the head and several smaller ones around the sides, there was a dinner service going on in the middle of a small court garden. Surrounded by flowers and extravagant dishes, there sat the Queen of hearts. She seemed like just a snot-nosed little brat but just from her attitude and the respect the surrounding servants showed to her, I knew she was the one I was looking for.

I was about to head on in. My mind was already racing with the things I was going to say but... then I felt a tug on my arm which almost gave me a heart attack before I noticed that it was... Alice.

She held onto my arm and refused to let go. I kept her mouth shut and carried her behind a hidden corner to confront her.

"Alice, what the hell are you doing here? I told you to keep hidden!" I said to her in an aggressive whisper.

Without saying anything more, she hugged me and cried. "You're going to get killed if I don't stop you. I'm not going to let you do this! I need you, Jack. I need you... I can't see you die I just... can't!" She said, weeping into my chest with a quiet, broken voice. She clenched my chest and her tears stained my coat.

I struggled to think of things to say as I retain my determined composure. This was not the time to be doing this. "Alice, there is no way back for me now. I have already done bad things in my life. I can deal with it!" I tried to reassure her as I held her trembling shoulders. "I don't want you to get dragged into the same life that I have had. I have seen very few good things in my time. And I want to protect the few I did get to see."

Through the tears she tried the hardest to wipe away, she looked at me with a pure expression of fear. "Can't we just leave? If we run, they'll never find you! We can just keep going like usual."

Her words tore at my heartstrings and I wanted so hard to give her what she wanted but... I couldn't. I tried to level with her, even though I knew she might not understand. "Alice, I don't want to go to prison either, and I certainly don't want to die today. I have stepped in for those I care about before, sometimes more than I probably should have, and I would do it all over again because it's worth fighting for your right to be heard. If there are criminals in Wonderland... including me... that's a problem. It puts you and everyone here in danger. I just need to confront her about it. Just talking, that's all."

She hung her head, but nodded along as she took a deep breath. "Just talking..."

"Just talking." I restated. "With some luck, I might be back in just a bit. But now, take me seriously when I say this: Keep out of sight! Okay?"

"Okay." She said with a lot more confidence and sincerity than before.

I nodded with a small smile and petted her head before standing up and turning around.

"Hey, Onii-chan?"

"Yeah?" I asked, looking over my shoulder. She clenched her fists tightly and she finally broke into a little yet meaningful smile.

"Do your best."

I cracked a smile myself "Nothing less than that." I turned back around the corner we came from then hugged the wall as I approached the royal garden. Thankfully, the Queen and as her servants were still there. No guards. The little bratty Queen was sunk in her chair with her arms crossed and an impatient pout on her lips.

Her servants were to the left and right of her trying to cheer her up but apparently she was not in the mood to be amused. One of them was a human for sure. A man dressed in clothes so fancy and uptight they could belong to a banker in my old world. The other was a bunny girl with hot pink fur, floppy ears and a tight, red corset as her only clothing. Both of them seemed to try to amuse the Queen but apart from just not getting cake on time, she seemed to be quite moody in general.

Well, I sure as hell wasn't going to make her day any better.

I carefully stepped out of hiding, immediately drawing the eyes of the Queen and her 2 servants onto me. "How's it going your highness? Got out of bed on the wrong foot?"

While the Queen raised an eyebrow in confusion and curiosity as to who I was, her male servant immediately frowned and barked orders at me. "Show some respect in the face of royalty. Who are you and how did you get in here?"

The bunny girl on the other side gasped and clenched a silver plate she held close to her chest. "Are you an intruder? There were guards at the gate; what did you do to them?" She asked reluctantly with genuine fear in her eyes.

With my hands in my pocket I stroll over to the other side of the table across from the Queen herself and stare her down with contempt while I crack a bitter smirk. "Not feeling much like governing, huh? Yeah, I can imagine. Sure must be tough to be a royal tart and leave your own country to fend for itself. Couldn't even put someone else in charge for the time being. Really responsible I must say. But let's just pretend I did have a slight problem with that." I slam my flat hands onto the table, making the cutlery and crockery clatter.

"Why the fuck are you not doing your goddamn job?"

The Queen seems unimpressed as she reaches for the table and finishes a cup of tea that was half spilled thanks to me rocking the table. "Well since we're playing pretend, let's pretend I care for what you have to say. I happen to have a perfectly valid reason not to rule my kingdom anymore for the foreseeable future." She said with a haughty, almost prideful attitude.

I crossed my arms and listened. "I'm eager to hear it! Let it all out!"

She set her cup down, furrowed her brow and cleared her throat before meeting my eyes with a stern, serious expression. "Until that throne of mine feels the pain I did or offers me any sort of apology I won't even step into the same room as it!"

I expected a lot.

Sure as hell not that though.

"Sorry... what?"

Her male assistant bites his tongue as he ashamedly looks off to the side before he explains. Even though he clearly didn't want to. "She... stubbed her toe on the leg of her throne."

I blanked out. No emotion came to mind that would adequately describe my sheer confusion. "She stubbed her toe on her throne?"

"Do you have any idea how much that hurt!? I tried to kick it back, but that only made it worse. Attacking the Queen is treason and I'm already being merciful by allowing the throne to get away without an apology!" She spouts angrily.

"She's... she's not kidding, is she?" I asked, desperately turning to her servant for clarification.

He held the bridge of his nose and shook his head. "Afraid not."

I turn back to the Queen. "It's... it's a fucking chair! It's not going to apologize!"

"Then I'm not going to sit on it again. It's that simple. It had the privilege of having the Queen of Hearts touching it and it threw that all out the window. Not my loss."

I lost my temper and full on yelled at her. "Not your loss!? Your people are without a leader out there and you just hang around here being mad at goddamn furniture!"

Just after my outburst, an entire troop of royal guards pours from the corridors I came in through. They were all girls, wearing red and black berets and war dresses with different card patterns on them. They wielded spears, each with a black card game symbol ingrained in the tip. They were followed closely by floating playing cards that some of them were still coming out of with them being a sort of portal to who-knows where.

Immediately after they laid eyes on me, they surrounded me. The one with the 10 of Spades, the highest card amongst all of them, was apparently in charge and commanded everyone to point their spears at me. Her sharp, distinct eyes tell me that she is the one from the gate. "There he is! Trumparts, seize and restrain him!"

As they aimed their pointy, sharp silver spears at me I turned to them with the same boiling disdain I had for the Queen.

"I wouldn't move a step closer if I were you." I spoke through my teeth to drive the point home. I wasn't going to go down easy.

I constantly had Alice on my mind and images of what could've happened. Things that I've seen happen too many times in my world. Back then I either couldn't or didn't dare to do anything against it. But if not for strangers, I sure as hell would go to any lengths to protect my friends, my family... my girl.

I wordlessly pull out another boomcap with one hand and a fire ant in the other in a feigned surrender while raising my arms. The guards turn tense as they realize what I'm holding in my hands. "Stop! Don't bring those two any closer together!"

"What? My hands? But I'm surrendering like you wanted me to."

The bunny girl servant behind me calls out to me in a panicked attempt to negotiate with me. "Please! Don't do it! We'll do anything you want! Nobody has to die here! Please we don't want anyone to be harmed!"

I look over my shoulder while still having shaky spears at my throat. "Well, neither do I, long-ears, but my arms have a habit of becoming pretty tense when I'm being cornered like this."

The bunny girl turns to the Queen. "Your highness. Please call back the Trumparts."

Despite her pleas, the Queen herself though was on the edge of her seat for a different reason. "What are you talking about, Floppy? It's just getting exciting!"

With an even more desperate tone, she clung to her sleeve. "I know this seems fun to you, but things could seriously go bad if you don't. If one of those things explodes, this whole yard will be destroyed. And you wouldn't want to let your servants come to harm either, would you?" She implored, her eyes trembling and looking back and forth between the Queen and me as if checking the situation.

Her Highness disappointedly sunk back into her chair and groaned in response but clearly gave in to her begging eyes. With her eyes flicking in my direction, she gave her orders. "Fine. Guards, give our visitor some space."

As the guards cautiously took several steps back, I lowered my arms and turned back to the Queen. "Well, that's a very kind act of trust on your part, your highness."

"Don't chance your luck, stranger. You still have yet to give me your name. I might not like your name though. You're annoying me already."

"Jack Cormac. I'm here on behalf of your people."

"You represent my people by threatening me in their name?"

"I'm not threatening. Just making sure I'm actually being heard. After all, I only came to talk. Because while you took it easy in your castle, people from my world came to yours without getting checked. You have criminals out there assaulting your citizens! And you're sitting here like you couldn't give less of a shit about it."

The Queen propped herself up on her chair with furrowed, pissed-off brows. "Excuse me!? Are you implying that I don't care for my people? Nobody comes to Wonderland unless one of my subjects wills it! Whenever someone crosses into my realm, it is only because someone here desired to have a partner that fits them. Some women in my kingdom like dominant, more aggressive men. Maybe those "assaults" you saw were just role-play or violent sex. Men like them have been willed into my realm just like you were by someone who desired you to be here. If they don't go out into other realms to get them here themselves, I am already kind enough to allow them to be transported here via other means."

I was a bit stunted by this new information on how people got to Wonderland. Someone willed me to be here. Of course I had a very good idea who it was. But I knew what I saw. "Those "dominant people" are criminals! I saw it with my own eyes! They tried to rape people!"

"And you didn't stop it and considered bringing them here themselves? So far I'm listening to the words of a guy who blew up my front entrance and has given me nothing but threats and accusations ever since he started talking to me. So if you want me to believe even a quarter of what you're saying, I need something better than your testimony. I might seem small, bratty and egocentric to you, but if you start telling ME that I don't care about my people, I will stop playing nice and have you thrown into darkest of my dungeons! And not the fun kind!" The Queen was so riled up at that point that she was standing on her chair yelling down at me. Only when she finished her rant, she took deep breaths and settled back down. With a calm, yet threatening tone, she folded her hands under her chin and stared daggers at me. "If you have no one to vouch for you, I will have to throw you in chains. People normally get excited when I toss them into my dungeon, but trust me, you will have nothing to look forward to. Now tell me: DO you or DO YOU NOT have anything more to put forth than words?"

As I took her verbal beating and my heart still raced with the will to rebel against her, I noticed that nothing I was going to say was going to make her believe me. My eyes wandered over towards Alice, hiding behind a column of the garden, fear clearly written in her eyes and her fingers tensely digging into the stone of the column to an almost painful extent. I had a choice to make. This Queen of Hearts was anything but predictable. Was she going to believe me if I told her that Alice is not just covering for me? Would she really give in and listen instead of throwing us both into imprisonment for treason? I couldn't justify my actions anymore. I tried to find justice for Alice, but all I brought was sadness and even more fear into her life. If I couldn't give her that... then I at least wanted to give her freedom.

"I have nothing... your highness." I lowered my arms and reluctantly put my improvised explosives back in my pockets. I can see from the corner of my eyes how the Trumparts slowly approach me again and cross the blades of their spears around my neck. I was forced onto the ground, made to kneel at the head of the dinner table.

With an annoyed expression, the Queen got out of her chair and onto the table, walking over to me while making the crockery rattle. Despite her small size, she could tower over me this way and she was clearly enjoying it. "I can't believe you ruined my evening and delayed my dessert even more for an insult. I normally enjoy the random acts of spontaneity in my kingdom but you made one hell of a big mistake here, mister! You annoyed me. And you're not even cute enough for me to give it a pass and laugh it off. What were you thinking, trying to attack the Queen of Wonderland in her own realm, in her own castle, in her very own backyard. Hmm uggo?" She said as if to drill in the humiliation with a personal insult.

I looked up at her, pissed-off by the aura of grandeur she seemed to emit. I wanted so badly to wipe that smug grin off her face. "Just get it over with, shorty. You sure like talking a lot for someone who won't listen."

An annoyed frown formed on her face, scrunching it like she was about to unleash a torrent of slurs onto me. "I've listened to too much of your talking already. You know what I'm thinking? I don't think I wanna hear you talk to me any more. Not now. Not ever again. Guards!"

The moment she raised her voice, all the Trumparts paid close attention to her words.

"Off with his head." Despite her squeaky, child like voice, those words were as clear and serious as they could be. I felt my heart skip several beats. This was how it was going to end. I could already feel the blades of their spears push against my neck with more tension than before. And with how sharp they were, it wouldn't have taken much to cut my head clean off... but obviously, I didn't die that day.

"No no no, stop! Take your weapons away from my boyfriend!" A desperate cry for mercy rang out in the courtyard. I turned my head as much as I was able to, given the situation, and saw Alice hastily running towards me. She ran past the guards as if she didn't even care about their presence and pushed them out of the way to get to me. With open arms, she slammed into my chest with the full force of her tiny body.

I was taken aback for a moment. I was just about to be executed and my mind had to switch from the acceptance of death to figuring out how to react to her disobeying my wishes yet again and putting herself in harm's way. But as I looked down, the only thing I saw was my girlfriend crying, definitely the worse and more pressing matter. I hugged her, knowing it might have been the last time I would be able to. I sighed with a mixture of emotions. "I told you to stay back, Alice." I said as I combed her long, blonde hair and let it glide through my fingers.

"I know you did! I don't care! I don't care about getting justice for me the way you do! I don't need justice! But I DO need you! I won't just watch them kill the only man who ever cared about me! The only man I ever cared about..." She wanted to sound angry, but at this point she was more broken than anything else. All of her fear, loneliness and anger culminated in her breakdown. She practically yelled at me through her tears and she had no intention of letting go of me.

The trumparts, whether out of surprise or respect, retracted their spears from around my neck and looked equally as stunned as the Queen.

"Wha... who are you? And what are you doing in my castle? Are we really that easy to infiltrate?" She yelled at the guards who had no idea how to answer that question.

Alice turned around, hesitantly letting go of me. Her tears were rolling down her cheeks, her wiping them away and making her face redden at the strain. With a nasally, cracking voice, she asked the Queen. "You're not really going to kill him, are you? You're not going to kill my boyfriend, right?"

The Queen was taken aback, unable to produce an answer yet still trying to maintain her intimidating persona. "H...He is an enemy of mine! He insulted me and said that there were criminals in my realm! In MY OWN REALM."

"But he's right!"


Alice clenched the hem of her skirt as she bravely faced the Queen. "He's telling the truth. J...Jack was the one who saved me when there were some evil men trying to do... bad things to me. He's my big brother now and I won't let you hurt my big brother!" With her arms around my body, she clung to me, sternly looking at the Queen to make clear to her that she wasn't going to let her have me.

"Alice..." I muttered to myself, realizing how stupid I was to give myself up like that.

I let my convictions get in the way of the fact that I need to be there for her. I promised it to her when I became her big brother. If we were going to go up against authority like this, we had to do it together. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders as I took a deep breath and talked to the Queen directly.

"This is the reason I went this far. Alice... my little sister almost got assaulted back at the riverside. It was only by chance that I could step in before they did. Whether you like it or not, I'm here to stay. I NEED to stay and make sure that neither Alice nor any other girl in this realm will experience that. I was powerless back in my old world to change anything, but maybe now that I have a second chance... maybe I can."

Out of all people, it was the male servant of the Queen who reacted first. His eyes lit up like he just realized something and he turned to the Queen to address her. "Your highness, I recognize this girl." He said, motioning towards Alice.

"What are you talking about Lucius? Where would you know her from? She couldn't be from your world."

"No, she was here in the castle a few weeks ago. She was looking for her big brother but didn't know what he looked like. I sent her to the large river because that's where nearly everyone passes through."

The Queen was baffled and yelled in disbelief. "On her own?! And you didn't consider telling me about this?"

"Don't you remember? We had a lot bigger problems on our hands with the financial situation. Guiding a little girl through Wonderland to search for a stranger wasn't really on my mind."

"What else is going on in Wonderland that I don't know about?!" She asked into the group of people surrounding her while throwing a childish fit.

The bunny girl, Floppy was her name I think, hesitantly spoke up while covering her mouth with the silver platter she held. "Probably a lot. Th...that's kind of what happens when you step away from governing for a long time."

The Queen sighed. "I can't even give up the reigns for 2 weeks and things out there get this out of hand? Haa... you people are hopeless without me."

With her arms behind her head, she groaned before turning back to me and Alice. I couldn't tell how we would move on from this situation and even now, I still can't comprehend how she could move on from this tense situation like she did. She threw an investigative glance at Alice who flinched and clung to me even harder in response. Whether it was because she was intimidated or she wanted to protect me, I couldn't tell. But I sure as hell wasn't going to leave her side either.

The Queen looked at her surprisingly sternly and asked straight up. "Alice, right?"

She nodded.

"So, you're vouching for this guy, right?"

She nodded again, now with even more confidence. "He's done nothing but protect me since he got here. I've always wanted to have a big brother and he came right in time when I needed him. So... if I could, your highness... I would like to keep him." She looked up at her with the most vulnerable, begging eyes I had ever seen her put on before. Her face was half buried in my side, peeking out with only one eye as if she was to afraid to look at the Queen's face head on and her fingers dug into my coat from the tension of awaiting an answer.

The Queen smirked, charmed by Alice's cute display.

She stretched her arms out in a 'whatever' manner and sighed. "Well, can't really say no to such a cute member of my people. You there, Jack, you better keep looking out for her. I'll forgive you for blowing a whale-sized hole in my castle and waltzing in like you own the place. I'll even forgive you for calling me a brat, but I hope for your sake that what she says is true and you actually will take care of Alice. She just saved your bacon big time."

It felt like there was a weight being lifted from my shoulders.

"Don't worry, your highness." I said and smiled as I picked up Alice and pressed my forehead to hers. "This one's mine. I'll take good care of her." I said as I affectionately cupped my sweet little girlfriend's cheek. Me and Alice met in a kiss with her wrapping her arms around my neck and pecking me in return.

The Queen then addressed both of us with her arms inquisitively crossed as if she just came up with something. "Well in that case... I have an offer for you. I won't get back to governing right away, so as for that trouble with the criminals in my land... I think I have an idea for you two that just might serve all of us pretty well. That is... if you're up for it..."

1 Month Later

"Right around this corner, mister criminal. Don't worry, you'll be back home soon." Alice said with a haughty, put on smile to hide her underlying disgust. She was talking to the man I carried on my shoulder, a man we captured out in the fields of Wonderland lurking around and waiting for girls to come around and rape. I have no idea who allowed him into this realm but even if I'm not a girl, I knew nobody would want to even touch him with a 10 foot pole.

"Put me down! I already told you I was waiting for someone!"

"In the bushes? With a mask?" I asked with a sarcastic tone.

"I...I wanted to scare them. Haha, we always do this to each other. If you asked her, she would tell you. Just let me down, untie me and we can go get her together!"

"Oh I'm sure you're a real funny guy. And I bet all of your many, many friends back home will appreciate having their little joker back." As I said that, Alice went ahead and opened the door to our new office. As I went through, the first thing that came into view was the swirling violet portal on the back wall.

I put the man down and cut his restraints. "There you go, just like you wanted. All free to go." I said as I made him face the portal and pushed him towards it.

"Wait! Please! I don't want to go back! Come on, you're a guy too! You must understand that we can have all the pussy we want here!"

"Well, too bad the pussy didn't want you." Alice added, delivering the final blow before I shoved him into the void. With a quick zap, he disappeared, right back into the old world that almost seemed like a distant memory to me.

Once he was gone, my facade cracked and I chuckled as I turned to Alice. "Too bad the pussy didn't want you? Man, you're developing a real foul mouth from working with me."

Immediately, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment and denial. She wanted to reach for her mouth to cover it but stopped herself in defiance. "I... uh... he deserved it. He was a bad, BAD man. You just still take me for a little girl who can't cuss. Just so you know, I knew lots of curse words even before I met you!"

"Hehe, sure you did." I said teasingly as I walked past her.

"I really did!" She yelled after me and followed me over to a lavishly decorated desk.

I kicked up my feet and crossed them over the table as I leaned back into my comfy chair. Alice meanwhile climbed onto the table itself and sat on the edge. A sitting arrangement that we figured out because it allowed us to be face to face the easiest.

This new office was courtesy of the Queen of Hearts herself. It was built from mushroom materials that grew into the shape of a house and hardened to serve as a new base of operations for me and Alice in our new profession... bounty hunters in the name of Wonderland and its people. After our more than rough meeting with the Queen, she offered us to take care of the criminal problem in Wonderland ourselves and provided us with all the necessary tools to locate and banish all who would harm the people of her kingdom.

While Alice provided her knowledge of the land, I provided the muscle necessary to detain all sorts of scum. Alice knew the places where people often times passed through and when we got there, we would usually notice right away when something was amiss. These guys weren't exactly subtle. Whether it was because they thought they were dreaming or they were just scumbags to begin with I didn't know, but it made it fairly easy to capture them and kick them back into the realm they came from. We still had no idea why there was this influx of criminals and weirdos so for the time being, all we could do was fight the symptoms until we would find the source.

And I sure as hell wasn't going to complain. Given the mess we caused at the Queen's place, just having to be in her service in return was more than gracious.

As I took a deep breath, relaxing in my chair, I closed my eyes for a second only to open them a second later and be grumpily stared at by Alice.

I smirked and voicelessly chuckled. "You know I don't actually mind you getting a bit more vulgar, right? Back where I came from there were women who swore like sailors all day."

"I know but... that wasn't the reaction I wanted. You always know the right comebacks to say to these people. And you always look cool." Her voice grew more and more quiet the further she got into her explanation as she abashedly looked off to the side.

"Cool? Heh, you think I'm cool? But why would that make you want to swear like me?"

"I guess I just... wanted to look cool for you too for once." She explained.

I took my feet off the desk before smiling at her and taking her small little hands into mine. She blushed deeply but still managed to look me in the eyes. "You know you've saved me from certain death before and defended me in front of the ruler of an entire realm, right? How much more could you possibly want to one-up me?" I laughed as I entwined my fingers with hers.

She chuckled sheepishly and squeezed my fingers back. Her hands were so warm and soft. It had been a while since we really had time to ourselves. My heart started pumping harder as we shared our warmth after such a long while.

Not very subtly, her eyes flicked between my own and my lips. It was almost too easy to read what she wanted. I softly gazed at her as I guided her lips to mine with a finger under her chin. What was at first supposed to be only a small kiss, quickly spiraled into a wild exchange of saliva. With her already sitting at face height, it was easy for us to get into it.

I combed my fingers through her silky blonde hair and locked lips with her as our tongues wrapped around each other.

During our breaks of hot breath, we practically called out for each other, begging to keep going. I brushed over her perking breasts on top of her dress, sliding down past her hips and creeping underneath her skirt.

I didn't go all the way yet, lingering on and stroking her inner thigh. Her moans quivered and her legs trembled in response to my touches.

I looked up into her longing eyes and whispered to her. "I think you're plenty cool already, Alice. You don't need to be like me to get that." I kept stroking her inner leg, barely reaching inwards toward her crotch. I could already feel the radiating heat from it but held myself back from directly touching it.

Her face twitched and reddened at the same time as both embarrassment and the desperate need for pleasure. She visibly didn't know which one to respond to first. "Are you...nggnn... going to touch me again, Jack? I can't... I don't want to wait anymore. It's been so long."

I put on a devious grin and chuckled teasingly. "You need to say the magic words first, Alice."

She barely managed to form the words but the desire to finally feel me touch her directly was greater than her hesitation. " you... onii-chan."

I held back my laughter from seeing her act this cutely after putting on such a tough front before.

She covered her face with her hands as it grew even more red. "It's weird that I still call you that, right?"

I gently moved one of her hands away so that she would at least see me with one eye and smiled at her confidently. "I think it's grown on me, actually." And with those words, I made a move on her by now damp panties. I hooked my index finger into them and pulled them aside before gently inserting my fingers into her tightening pussy. The second they entered her, her insides wrapped and snared around them as if to desperately capture them.

Alice shut her eyes, yelping at the sensation of finally getting the stimulation she craved. I covered her mouth with mine as I thrust my fingers in and out of her folds. I could already feel the hot liquid cover my hand with her inner warmth contributing even more to the heat.

With my other hand, I shoved her dress off her shoulder, slowly baring her slender little body even more. She wore nothing underneath, meaning I was immediately greeted with the sight of her perking, budding breasts. I couldn't have cared less about their modest size, they were just perfect for me.

I pulled her dress down to her midriff, leaving her top half completely exposed. Goosebumps shot up on her body as I threw lewd glances at it whenever I took a break from kissing her. While my fingers were busy underneath her skirt, up top I could watch her every reaction and I savored it.

I took a longer break from kissing her to look down her thin body and watch the bulge of my hand moving up and down under her dress. My middle and ring finger were buried deep within her flesh, scraping at the walls while my thumb was rubbing over her swollen little button.

"J...Jack! You need to stop! I'm gonna cum if you k...keep doing that!"

During my thrusts, I intentionally stopped before I would hit a certain point. "It's pretty frustrating to cum like this, isn't it? You can feel my fingers inside you but they don't quite hit the spot." I whisper into her ear before kissing it over and over while she squirmed.

With her mouth hanging wide open and drool escaping the edge of her mouth, she cried out. "You're so mean!" Her fingers dug into my arm as she clung to me and longingly gazed into emptiness.

Just as her body was starting to arch from her inching towards climax, I quickly stopped my movements.

With her body still writhing, Alice looked up at me with disbelief and frustration. A squelching sound emanated from her cunt as I pulled my fingers out of her despite her best efforts to pull me back in.

"Why are you doing this? I was a good girl! Is it because I was cussing?" She asked with tears welling up in her eyes from the desperation she felt.

I comfortingly rubbed her head and reassured her. "Oh no, you HAVE been a good girl. That's why I think you deserve to cum from something a little... better."

Her eyes lit up. "Will you... give me your... thing?"

I smugly grinned at her sheepish, almost hopeful question. "Don't get ahead of yourself here, Alice. No, I'll drag this out just a liiiittle bit longer before we get to that part." Without any warning, I moved away from her face and sat up straight. I swiftly grabbed her hips and with a surprised yelp from her, lifted up her body.

"Wahhh! Jack, what are you...?" With her having to prop herself up with her forearms, I threw her legs over my shoulders, ending up in a position where her thighs were clasped around my head and her glistening, practically hairless pussy was right in front of my face.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what I did next.

"HAAaaaAAAhh! Jack! Fu... jeez! You can't do stuff like that all of a s-s-sudden! Nghhh!" She cried out to me while her face slackened from the pleasure. I had my face buried withing her folds, licking and scooping up all of the sweet juices that dripped from her cavern.

I switched back and forth between thrusting my tongue right into her slit and suckling on her pulsating clit. On occasion I closed my lips around her little nub and sucked on it. My teeth gently scraped over it from time to time. Not strong enough to hurt but just enough to elicit an exciting expression out of her.

It was so much fun to turn my eyes upwards, or rather downwards given the position she was in, and watch how her face contorted into all sorts of pleasure-filled expression.

Despite how occupied her mind was with the overflow of sensations, the shame of being closely watched by me was apparently enough for her to give up on leaning on her arms and instead pushing the hem of her skirt over my face to keep me from looking. It might've kept me from seeing her adorable, flushed face, but it couldn't keep me from hearing her cute little moans and gasps.

I grabbed a hold of her supple thighs but it was barely necessary. Despite her hesitation and embarrassment, her legs tightly kept me in place and locked behind my head. Emboldened by her response, I took deeper licks with my tongue and slid over her inner walls as deep as I could reach. The mix of salty and sweet flavor flooded my mouth.

Her arms that held her skirt in place, tensed up just like the rest of her strained body before growing limp and weak. No longer able to keep a grip, the shield of her dress that she put up, dropped and I once again could see her loose, slackened face. Alice stared off into space while her teeth clenched.

"Go ahead, Alice. You can cum now. I've pushed you long enough."

With gasping breaths, she forced out a response. "C...Can't... This isn't how... I want to... yet!" She winced.

I laughed while I gently toyed with her clit to egg her on even more. "You're acting like we'd be done after this. I won't let my cute little girlfriend go unsatisfied. Besides... I can't wait to fuck you either."

Alice's eyes shot open at my last comment and tore away her last barrier of resistance. Her hips bucked right against my face, grinding her clit over my prepared tongue before a squirt of juices sprayed onto it. Her back arched and her tongue lolled out of her mouth as her climax fried her mind.

"GH... ha... aahhh..." With intermittent muttering, Alice rode out her orgasm. It left her body in a limp state after the twitching died down and her expression grew almost blank with only a small, content smile on her lips.

I couldn't contain a smile myself as I gently put her down onto the desk and wiped my lips with the tips of my index and middle finger. I leaned over her while she domestically outstretched her tiny tongue and I sensually let her lick my fingers. "You taste pretty nice, right? I sure as hell enjoyed it quite a bit." I leaned down and kissed her with an open mouth and enjoyed the taste of her cum together with her. After a short make out session, I pulled back and chuckled. "Sorry, felt like getting seconds."

As I sat back up, I pulled her body up along with me and let her sit on my lap. I held her back while she rested against me and felt her heated breaths on the side of my neck.

After she recuperated for a surprisingly short time, she looked up at me. Her eyes had a weird fire behind them, as if something within her had been ignited. With still ragged breath, she made a demand. "Jack... if we're going to do it now... let me take the lead... please."

I shot her a smirk. "Where did this come from?"

She fidgeted with a lock of her hair and blushed, partially because of embarrassment but there was another part of pure excitement in her demeanor as well. "I don't know. I guess because... I'm your girlfriend. I want to take care of you too."

I cupped the side of her head and placed a small kiss on her cheek before whispering in her ear. "Go right ahead. I'm all yours."

Without any hesitation, almost frantically, she opened my buckle and got my pants out of the way. It was no surprise to either of us that I was at full mast already. With all this erotic foreplay, how could I not have been.

Alice's crotch hovered over mine while she reached underneath her to guide my cock towards her entrance. "Nyaaa! Hnngghhaaaahh!" She moaned in relief as she slowly lowered her hips. Her pussy had grown much more receptive to my cock compared to our first time. Despite her tightness, I slid in smooth, without much hindrance. Her delectable walls licked my cock all over as if embracing a missing friend who'd been gone for too long.

Almost immediately, Alice tried to compensate for the long wait by humping me wildly, rocking her hips back and forth to grind me as best as she possibly could given our difference in size. My cock knocked against all sides of her love tunnel as we entangled our tongues up above.

She clung to me with her arms around my neck, her small tongue gouging my mouth to compete with mine. She rarely parted from my lips, breathing through the gaps that our lips left open.

Our crotches were covered by her frilly, puffy dress, but I could feel and visualize what was going on below. My cock was prying open her receptive folds with the thick part of it stretching them out beyond what you would think to be possible.

She tried with all her might to take me in as deep as possible, resulting in my head ramming against the entrance of her uterus over and over. The mere thought of me shooting my load inside there later, spurred me on to grab onto her hips and aid her in her movements.

It was pleasure beyond anything I had ever felt. Her pussy gripped me like a vice that would never let go, only allowing me to go as far as her entrance before desperately pulling me back in. Her small-framed body bounced up and down on top of me, her weight barely noticeable. For such a lightweight, her hips had a surprising amount of force behind them though.

My hands slid down from her hips, aiming to instead massage her cute little ass. It was so smooth compared to my rugged hands and I loved kneading her cheeks as they contorted between my fingers.

This motivated her even more. She wanted to pleasure me this time and put all of her effort into exactly that. Her insides gripped me in all sorts of different ways and my resistance not to cum was slowly diminishing.

"Just a little bit more, Alice! Just a little bit more." I grunted as I reluctantly parted from her lips.

"Will you... haaa... fill me up, Jack? Am I doing a good job?"

"I'll cum buckets if you keep going like that! You're doing... hnggh... real good! I love you, Alice!"

"I love you too onii-chan! Onii-chaaaaaaan!"

Along with me, Alice and I reaffirmed our love before we both reached our climax. Her legs clamped around my crotch as if to make sure I came in her deepest parts and just like she wanted, I pumped her full of multiple loads of my cum. I could barely keep myself from just unloading everything I had.

I could feel a pool of liquids dousing our crotches but despite that fact, neither of us felt like doing anything about it. In fact, we both reveled in the feeling of our cum staining each other.

With heavy breaths, we put our foreheads together, both running with sweat. I was about to reach out to Alice and carry her off to bed so we could rest but before I could, she said something that I would never have expected.


I thought I must have misheard her. "What?"

"More! I want more, please!" She was almost begging while her insides once again clamped around me.

"Are you sure? Aren't you exhausted?"

She blushed hard, but persisted. "I don't feel full yet. I can take more." She muttered almost absentmindedly as she felt her lower stomach with an unsatisfied look. She snuggled up to me, pecking at my lips, inquiring me to keep going. Her hips moved up and down, causing me to grow hard again. With a lewd tone, she whispered. "You promised you wouldn't let me go unsatisfied. So... can we?" She asked with the cutest look I'd seen of her all day, with red cheeks and wavering eyes.

I already knew I couldn't say no. "Sure. So, one more go, huh?"

"One more go." She muttered before locking lips with me and rocking her hips once again...

I must have triggered something within her because... certainly wasn't just 'one more go'.

And so, I was in for a long afternoon. No matter how much I dumped into her, it would almost never be enough, until finally, after we grew completely unaware of the passage of time, we noticed that it had grown dark.

The sun had gone down already. With the inconsistent time of day at the mercy of the Queen's whims, we had no idea how many hours had passed. We shed ourselves of our clothes to get rid of any kind of obstruction and just kept going over and over.

I'd lost count of how many times each of us came but whatever the number, it was an excessive amount. Our groins had been coated with cloudy liquid to the point where it was flowing downwards, ruining the chair as well as the carpet underneath.

We were still moving, though way more gently and less for sexual pleasure but just the feeling of closeness. I felt drained and even Alice, as eager as she was to keep going, was physically exhausted as well. We hardly spoke, occasionally laughed at ourselves and exchanged comforting touches.

There was one more thing that was on my mind though, and at some point, I broke the silence.

"You've gotten pretty wild back there. What's gotten into you all of the sudden?" I asked, not in a judgmental way but out of genuine curiosity.

She averted her eyes but then looked at me with an unknowing smile. "I couldn't tell you. It's just... when I knew we could finally do it again, something inside me just flipped. Is that bad? Am I a bad girl now?" She asked with slight concern and upturned eyes.

I laughed sympathetically and muttered. "Nah, just as sweet as ever."

We let the familiar silence hang over us as we kept in close contact any way we could.

"You know..." She continued as if she wanted to finish a thought. "...I don't want anybody but you to see me like this, Jack. And... I was glad that you were the first to." She said with genuine thankfulness and snuggled against my chest.

I embraced her in return, but the part that she didn't see was that I used this opportunity to reach out to my coat that by now laid on the desk behind her. When I got what I wanted, I parted from her and held her hand with mine. At least the one that didn't have anything in it while I kept something hidden in the other.

I looked into her eyes and softly spoke to her. "If you want me to, I can make sure that I'll be the only to see you like this for as long as you'll have me." I subtly smiled as I lifted her hand and she looked at me with confusion.

I unfolded my other hand to reveal a thin silver ring with a singular, polished ruby. While her eyes widened more and more, I slid the ring over her finger while regretfully laughing at myself. "This ring is the last thing I've ever stolen so I thought... it would be best I put it on the one thing I want to keep the most."

Her eyes welled up with tears as she couldn't believe her eyes. Wordlessly, she touched it like it was a cherished treasure.

I laughed nervously. "I'd need an answer you crybaby, I'm getting anxious over here."

Exhaustion didn't matter anymore. With a frantic movement, she threw her arms around as the hot tears started rolling down her cheeks. At least this time, they were tears of joy.

She aimlessly pecked at my lips, unsure what to do with herself. I had to contain her by grabbing her shoulders and returning the kiss. I chuckled in between kisses. "So is that a yes or..."

"Yes, you dummy!" She laughed through her tears, bouncing on top of me like an excited kid. I would have to console her for quite a while after that before she would calm down and yet another day with Alice came to an end. Though this was one that would set my life on a path I had set my mind on for quite a while.

The position we were in might have been quite a weird one for a proposal like this. Then again, this was Wonderland. Who knew what was normal anymore? And if I had to be weird to stay with Alice... then I would gladly be. Always.

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