Monster Girl Encyclopedia Encounter Compendium @alleskeins
Rabbit Family: March Hare(Domesticated)

"625, 9.052... 2.057.136? Bankrupt again and suddenly she starts all over. Good lord your highness what are you DOING?" Those were the thoughts I had as I went over the monthly fund reports of the queen's treasury. I held my head in my hands as I unrolled the seemingly infinite roll of paper. Sometimes there were patterns and other times it was completely random. From flat broke to having millions in a matter of days.

I mean I knew the reasons for those fluctuations but even after all this time, it still hurt my pride as a banker to see such irresponsible use of money. Well, it wasn't like I didn't know people like that from my old life but this... this was something else.

I might have to go back a little. One year ago, after I first met Floppy and after our fun little tour around Wonderland, she had to head right back to her service under the Queen of Hearts. Of course, being apart from me all the time due to that fact, Floppy asked the Queen if she could take me under her wing as well. Sure enough, I became her financial adviser and even a year later, I am still baffled by her spending habits.

The queen was... well... not what I expected to say the least. Then again, considering Wonderland I shouldn't presume anything. Life in Wonderland itself was incredible and certainly made every day way more colorful. It sure was a major improvement from back home. It's only when you're trying to manage madness that you're losing your mind. In a bad way anyways.

I kicked back in my chair staring at the ceiling. I had to confront her highness with this somehow, but I knew this wouldn't be easy. After all the Queen was...

knock knock

Someone knocked at my door. "Oh good. Maybe I can talk to her about this right away and... hopefully she's in a good mood today and listens to me for once." I was carefully optimistic and opened the door to my chamber.

"Your highness, I have an urgent matter that needs your... your highness?" I instinctively looked down because I already knew the Queen wasn't exactly tall and indeed there was someone standing there. A little girl with long, blonde hair in a frilly, blue and white dress along with white stockings and cute little black shoes. The only thing about her that could be considered as being off, was the pointy succubus-like tail that poked out from underneath her skirt.

She looked up at me with a pitiful, confused look and cocked her head in puzzlement.

"Oh, heh, sorry little girl. Seems I confused you with someone else. You sure look a lot like someone else I know. Why did you knock on my door?"

She gripped the sides of her dress anxiously and forced herself to talk. "S...Sorry, mister. But do you know how to find people?"

"Find people? I'm not exactly in that kind of field and finding people in Wonderland is kind of difficult. Who are you looking for?"

"My name is Alice! I'm looking for my big brother. Have you seen him anywhere?"

I rubbed the back of my head. "Huh, I don't think I know who your brother is even. What's his name?"

"Please, mister. I need to find my big brother. He's supposed to protect me but I can't find him anywhere!" She clenched her teeth and held back the tears that were welling up at the edges of her eyes.

I petted her head to calm her down. "Aww, don't cry. Do you live here in Wonderland, sweetie?"

"Mhm Mhm!" She nodded as she wiped her eyes.

"Alright, then you should know the big river that flows through it. Most people come through there. If you wait there long enough, I'm sure your big brother will show up too."

"Are you sure, mister?" She sniffed as she finally relaxed.

"It's the best shot you have. I'm certain you're gonna find him there."

"Okay!" Within a split second, her mood turned completely upside down. She put on a bright, cheery smile and skipped away. "Thank you, mister! I'll let you know if I find him."

I tried to reach out to her but she was already gone. "I umm... you're welcome!"

As she gleefully hopped away, I heard her humming and singing to herself. "Onii chan...Onii chan... I wonder what he'll be like... I hope he's nice to me..." And with those words she disappeared behind a corner in the twisted corridors of the Queen's castle.

"Wait, she doesn't know what her big brother is like? She... she's never met her big brother before? That's strange."

I leaned against the frame of my door and looked up in thought. "I never even knew that monsters this innocent lived in Wonderland. I thought only monsters that are influenced by succubi live here. Unless..."

I went deadpan. "She's going to be lewded, isn't she? Haahhh... and I sent her straight into the fray. Eh, if she really lives in Wonderland, I don't think she's going to see anything that would be new to her." I turned to head towards the Queen's garden when I doubtfully looked over my shoulder. I waved my thoughts away. "No, no, she's going to be okay. I think. Yeah... probably." I had to remind myself from time to time that nothing in Wonderland was as it seems and there was probably more to that girl than I thought. Besides, I had to take care of other issues and got back on track to meet the Queen.

The Queen's castle was a winding, confusing mess. Believe it or not, she designed it herself. She got the opportunity to build this massive construct as a gift from her father. The husband of the currently reigning Demon Lord. I've never even seen him, much less his wife. The only thing I know for certain is that they are immensely powerful and influential. Definitely enough to supply their daughter with her own realm and a castle.

With my report in hand, I entered into the garden. A wide spanning yard inside the castle walls filled with white, red and black rose bushes. It was a marvel in itself. It was regularly visited by various monsters within Wonderland. Sometimes just to relax, other times to meet the Queen herself. Whenever the Queen held "meetings", balls and some of her... play sessions the castle was filled to the brim with people. Incubi and other monsters alike. Most of the Rooms are made available to them so that couples could have some privacy but others had no qualms about just doing it out in the open.

You'd think an opportunity like that would give me and Floppy some time for ourselves as well, but as servants of the house we were supposed to keep the service running as well as the food and drink. And you have no idea how hard that actually was. Let alone while constantly being close to each other. All that pent up tension... and no pay off.


"Hm?" Suddenly I was taken out of my thoughts, called by an all too familiar, squeaky voice.

I turned my head to see two people sitting on a blanket in the middle of the lush, green garden. "Oh, my apologies your highness. I wasn't aware that you were here." I chuckled off the embarrassment and bowed before her.

The Queen was a very odd specimen, even for Wonderland. Due to her parents she had both part of a succubus, namely a Lilim and part of the Wonderland's own inhabitant, the Alice. She was a loli with the habits and personality of a succubus sprinkled in. The literal embodiment of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Her body was very slim and tiny, though she did sport a decent bust of at least the upper B-cup size, though they might as well not be there if they are placed right next to Floppy's lower E-cups. That small body was dressed, similar to the formerly mentioned Alice monster, in a frilly, cute little dress. But instead of innocent blues and whites, she preferred blacks and reds with a little white mixed in. Red hearts dotted the hem of her skirt and red bows tied up her silvery hair into deceivingly innocent pigtails.

"It was about time you got here! We need one more player! Come here! Come here!" She flailingly waved me over and excitedly smiled, hoping that I would play with her. Like I said, she could be deceiving in how cute she could be sometimes. As I came closer, I saw who was sitting alongside her on the blanket... and it was the reason I was ready to put up with all of this.

With a blushed smile... I saw Floppy sitting on the blanket, holding a cute small doll in her hand. When her eyes met mine, she clutched it to her chest and looked over at me with visible hearts in her eyes. I could tell from the first look, that she was really holding back to not jump up and tackle me. "H...hey, Lucius. L...long time no see..."

I held myself back as best I could as I tried to respond casually. Just seeing her made me jittery and restless. "Hey, Floppy. It's been a while, huh?"


"Yeah... long time..." Floppy tugged on her collar as a visible sweat spread over her forehead. She must've been restraining herself like crazy.

Since we started working together under the Queen, we only rarely bumped into each other ever so often. Floppy was always at the Queen's side while I was mostly bound to my bureau. Off work of course, we were all over each other but at this point it was never enough to satisfy us. Over the last year, Floppy and I used every opportunity to sneak off and meet in secret and fuck somewhere away from the public eye. I don't know if it was to tease us, but the Queen ruled that her servants were not allowed to have sex on duty. If I didn't know her better I would say it was to keep a professional image among her staff but... come on... she's the Queen of Wonderland AND part succubus. Despite her image, she was just as, if not even more perverted than the rest of us.

With a smug smirk, the Queen crossed her arms and chuckled in a haughty manner. "Heheh, you two sure seem tense. Fun! Looks like you're just longing to spend some time together!"

We immediately blushed as we noticed we were staring at each other and averted our eyes. Not that it made us any less tense. I cleared my throat, trying to ignore my hot, reddening face as I adjusted my tie. "Hrmmm... You're just imagining things, your highness. It's nothing you need to concern yourself with. But there is another matter that I needed to talk to you abo..."

"No! No! No! I didn't mean to pry. It's actually quite convenient. We still need another player. So why don't you take a seat? Look, I'll take the cute little doll over here, Floppy has the bunny girl doll and you can have this one."

As I reluctantly knelt down and took a seat on the blanket across from Floppy, the Queen handed me a male figurine. It was smooth, pink and had no a single feature on it. Not even a face or hair. It was confusing since the dolls that the Queen and Floppy held frighteningly resembled each of them. Almost to a T actually.

"Umm... your highness? I'm honored you would consider... letting me play with you but... this figurine is kind of bland, don't you think?"

She leaned over and facepalmed herself. "Oh right! Hihihi, I almost forgot." She said as she snapped her fingers.

The sound rang out in the garden and faded into silence. At first I thought nothing happened but suddenly I felt something tickling inside of my arm. I looked down and saw the doll in my hand transforming. It was absorbing something from me. A dark essence that permeated from my hand and was sucked into the doll.

The more it sucked up, the more it started to shape into a form that looked almost exactly like me. My face, my hair, even my clothes made it onto the doll. It was an almost scarily accurate copy of me. Except small and lifeless. At least I hope it was lifeless.

I turned the figurine in my hand and had to admit that I was impressed. "Huh, you always manage to surprise me, your highness."

She shrugged smugly. "What can I say? I'm your ruler for a reason. So! Now we can finally play!" She clapped her hands together excitedly and childishly hopped up and down in genuine happiness. Floppy seemed to share her excitement or rather maybe she got used to it and was simply taken by her cuteness like most people in Wonderland. And despite her quite sadistic and toying side of hers, I had to admit that she could be pretty adorable from time to time.

I repressed those thoughts though as I addressed the elephant in the room. "Hrmhrm! Your highness!"

"Yes, Lucius? What is it?" She said nonchalantly as she was more focused on setting up her doll than on me.

"Your financial situation, we need to talk about it!"

"Naww! But that's soooo booooring! As long as I still have some, it's fine!" She shrugged, completely unbothered.

"That's the problem, your highness! Most of the time you don't have any. Just over the course of the last month you spent your money on a tea party for the hatter, 200 cakes made with every fruit from every realm, a top hat made of diamonds and a full set of oversized tea pots."

"So? Where's the problem?"

"You can't spend your money this recklessly! What would the people of Wonderland say if their Queen wasn't worth a penny?"

The Queen cocked her head and motioned as if I was making a fuss about something trivial. "Pshh, then I just ask them for more money of course."

I was baffled. "Y...You... you can't just ASK your people to give you money and..." I stopped myself and turned to Floppy. "She can't... right?"

Floppy cluelessly shrugged her arms. "I 'unno."

"You don't know?"

"I mean it's worked for her so far."

I cocked my head in disbelief. "You're kidding, right?"

I was hoping for a denial, but instead Floppy just ashamedly shook her head and hid her mouth behind her bunny doll. "Sorry."

I turned to the Queen again after rubbing the bridge of my nose. "Your highness, this is not a way to lead your kingdom. How did you even get them to go along with something like that?"

She innocently put a finger to her chin. "Well, most of them just handed it over willingly though I had to cry sometimes to convince them." She cheerily explained. "Oh, I had to step on some of them. That was fun for a while. But then some of them started enjoying that, so I had to move on to tickling it out of them... but some of them started liking that too now that I think about it. Hehe!" She continued and shot me a sweet little smile like that's make it better.

I sighed. "Haah... listen, your highness, I know you want to have fun. And you have all rights to use your funds like you see fit, but I'm worried about you here."

"About me?" She asked curiously.

"If you continue to garner your money like this, you are no better than the humans I used to work with. You'd be just as shady as they are."

She jerked up and gasped with a wide open mouth. "LIKE HUMANS! But humans are so lame! I'm not lame! Take that back!"

I smugly shrugged, just like she did before. "It's not up to me. I just say things as I see them. If you change your ways, I might consider taking it back."

The Queen grumbled and pouted as she settled again. She stared holes into the ground until a bursting grunt escaped her. "NNNAARGHHH..." And with a dejected, pouting lip she answered quietly. "Fine... I'll try to manage my funds better. Are you happy?"

I didn't even need to answer and instead reached over to her to pat her head, making her pout a little more but tickling a smile out of her. But even so, she was still puffing her cheek and annoyedly grumbling.

And that's where Floppy chimed in with the softest, most understanding tone I've ever heard her speak in. "Your Highness, I know it's hard to act responsibly sometimes, but you should listen to Lucius on this one. It's one of the things he's really smart with and he's only being so strict because he cares about you and wants you to make the right choices."

"But making responsible choices all the time is so... normal. I'm not supposed to be normal! My kingdom is not supposed to be normal!" She huffed in a dejected tone. She crossed her arms and ground her teeth like a spoiled little child. But just as she was about to go back into her pouting mood, Floppy shimmied over to her, snuggled her and let her touch her incredibly fluffy ears which lifted her mood immediately.

Like a mother consoling her daughter, she continued to explain to her. "You know, a little normal is okay sometimes. You can still be as random as you want other times. You wouldn't be the Queen we all love if you weren't."

While her head was being rubbed, the Queen looked up at Floppy with glossy eyes. "Everyone in Wonderland will still love me?"

"Of course. You're our Queen and we're all very happy in Wonderland. Mad and happy."

It was hard to imagine that this girl was running an entire plain of existence sometimes but... then again it would be hard to imagine anyone else doing it. Seeing Floppy know exactly how to handle her mood swings put a wide, stupid smile on my face. Instead of the Queen, I started admiring Floppy and her ability to effortlessly weave through all of the craziness of Wonderland. Even in a realm like this where you could never be certain of anything, she managed to have a grasp on everything that was going on. It made me glad that she was the one to pick me up when I came here. And still, there was one thing that she was not aware of. Today would be the day I repaid her an old favor.

When Floppy noticed I was looking at her, she started smiling with a warmth that almost melted my heart. It was the kind of smile you expected to see on a loving mother assuring her husband that everything was sorted out. My heart felt warm and beating softly. I got these feelings every time I looked at her. I think that's when you know you found the right one.

"Hey, your highness?"

"Huh?" She looked up confused, barely coming back from the daze she developed once she petted Floppy's ears and legs.

"There was a game you wanted to play with us if I'm correct. Am I right? I'd love to see what you came up with."

Like an excited kid on its birthday, her eyes lit up. "You're really going to play with me?"

"Of course. Having an excuse to spend more time with the Queen of Hearts? Sure, I'll play with you. I think you'll still have to explain the rules to me though." I readied my figurine, still freaked out by how live-like it looked and along with Floppy prepared myself as the Queen cleared her throat in a manner befitting of royalty yet still kind of adorable.

"So... hrrrm hrrrm... I am the princess. Princess Theodora."

I leaned over and subtly whispered to Floppy as the Queen was engrossed in her presentation. "She wants to be a Princess? But she's a Queen already!" She said proudly as she presented the doll of herself.

Floppy chuckled and nudged me playfully. "It's her fantasy. Let her have fun with it."

I chuckled in return and paid attention to the story.

"I live in a beautiful castle of course, cared for and looked after by my parents, the King and the Queen. King Lucius and Queen Floppy. The rulers of the Wonderkingdom."

As her narration carried on, something formed between the three of us. A pink orb of light that slowly increased in volume and brightness until it shaped into a luminescent, see through castle. It was like tinted glass but lighter in tone and the walls weren't physical. I reached out to it and my fingers just slipped through.

"Now, place your dolls inside of the castle."

"Do we move them with our hands or..." I asked, not understanding how we were supposed to play.

"You don't need to use lame things like hands. Hands are so basic! My dolls, you can control with your mind. Just think about what you want them to do and they'll act it out."


"The Queen of Hearts doesn't make jokes about her infinite power." She proclaimed with a puffed out chest and a haughty gesture.

I looked at my doll. It felt weird. Like looking into my own eyes. "Well, what do you say buddy? Ready to play King?"

And even before I finished my sentence, the doll started moving. Flying out of my hand, it phased into the castle and settled in the throne room.

Right after me, the Queen and Floppy both moved their own dolls as well. It was a kind of fascinating yet slightly creepy sight to see these miniature replicas starting to move almost like tiny real people.

While the dolls got into position I asked the Queen. "So... me and Floppy are going to play the King and Queen, right?"


"So wouldn't that make us your... parents?"

The Queen sheepishly answered. "Well... you're already kind of like a mom and dad to me. Mine don't really... visit that much so I thought... you know. Is that not okay?"

She looked at me with upturned eyes. Man what an unfair tactic. "No no! That's not an issue at all. As long as you're okay with it, Floppy. Floppy?" I turned towards her only to find her clutching her chest and dreamily gazing into emptiness. It was like something had pierced her heart and clouded her mind.

Under her breath she whispered: "Me... a mother. With Lucius. A daughter." She wasn't coherent enough to form full sentences but just these words made me blatantly aware of what she was fantasizing about. And the moment I realized, was the moment my heart started beating at a rapid pace.

In our trance, we almost magnetically locked eyes and shot each other an understanding smile. In all the chaos of Wonderland, it was a nice thought that one day me and Floppy...

"HEY! HEY! Snap out of it! I want to begin the story! Pay attention!" The Queen snapped her fingers to get our attention and we both had to adjust before we were fully back to normal. When we realized how much we've been zoning out, we apologized profusely and let her continue the game

"Alright, now the story can begin. It's the night before the grand ball that Theodora has been invited to. She's going to meet her dream prince but is terrible with talking and knows little about actual love."

After that last sentence, her doll started mimicking and gesturing the way the Queen spoke and her lips moved in sync with what she was saying. In a pitiful pose, she approached me and Floppy, the King and Queen. "Mother, Father... I need to talk to you about something. The ball is tomorrow already and I'm starting to get a little... nervous. Can you help me?"

I cleared my throat, preparing to talk in a playfully exaggerated royal accent. "What is it, child? Are you worried the prince won't like you?"

"Maybe that's part of it but... haa... I don't know..." The Que... Princess fidgeted and twirled her fingers uncomfortably.

Floppy moved over to her and rested her hand on her shoulder. "What is it, sweetie? You know you can talk to me or your father any time you need advice."

"Your high... darling, what's troubling you?" Like actual parents we faced her by kneeling down and assured her to talk.

She twiddled with her fingers and bit her lip before she spoke up. "You... you've had a first date as well, right? When you met, I mean. What was it like?"

Me and Floppy looked at each other over the roof of the castle and blushed a little in embarrassment. Out of game, I asked the Queen. "Y...your highness... how are we supposed to answer this?"

She crossed her arms and smugly smiled. "How about you answer honestly. Put yourself into your role and talk from experience. I bet me and princess Theodora would be most interested to hear it."

Me and Floppy gasped a little and once again shot worried glances at one another. The memories that came back into our minds excited not only me but Floppy was visible getting flushed as well.

In game I continued reluctantly. "Well... me and... your mother didn't have something you would call a date when we first met. It was... a very unusual turn of events that got us together."

"Your father wasn't from here, he was more of a visitor and well, I guess you could call it love at first sight. When you meet the one you're meant to be with, sometimes you just know. When I saw your father, he was so confused and serious. But I cracked through his tough shell eventually." Floppy continued, phrasing it better than I ever could. She smiled over at me subtly before she returned to the game. "But why are you asking, sweetie?"

"Well... I'm going to meet the prince tomorrow and I know that I'll dance with him but... what comes after that?"

"After that? What do you mean? Holding hands? Going on dates or..."

"Father, you know what I'm talking about, right? Can you tell me about... sex?" While the doll acted coy and shyly, the Queen had a sly, impish smile on her face.

I choked and quickly had to hold myself together. "Your highness..."

But she didn't even look at me and instead checked her nails. "What are you waiting for? She asked you a direct question. Go ahead... answer her. This IS just a game after all, right?" She chuckled almost cockily as I once again had to put myself in my role no matter how much I didn't want to. From the corner of my eye, I could see Floppy staring at me. She gulped and even from a distance, I could tell her breath was getting a bit more tense.

"Well, umm... I don't think you'll have to worry about something like this right away. After all, it can take a while before you two actually start doing things like this." I tried to explain as subjectively as possible.

She just cocked her head and knocked all of that down immediately. "How long did you and Mom wait?"

My heart stopped and sweat built up on my forehead. She got me. I sighed, reluctantly accepting that she had me cornered. "You see..."

She interrupted me right away and pleaded. "Come on, father. Please... I just want to know how it works. Can't you... I don't know... show me? With Mom?"

Floppy started shaking and tensed up, cutely and nervously playing with the ribbon on her ear to keep herself composed. "With... me? Right now? Are you sure you are prepared to see something like this, sweetie?"

The teasing smile on the doll's owner was almost frighteningly determined. She knew she had won. "Absolutely. I'm a big girl. Daddy, are you alright with it too?"

I adjusted my tie. The tension was starting to get to me even more than it already had. I was going to show Theodora how me and Floppy... make love with each other. It might've been only as dolls but... it still felt too close for comfort. I sighed "How could I say no to such a... "sweet" little request. Just... make sure you're paying attention. This is a one time thing, alright?"

She eagerly nodded with her hands clenching with excitement. "Oh, I'll watch reeeaaal close."

The doll version of myself didn't show any hesitation as I subconsciously issued my command. He... I moved towards "Floppy" who was anxiously awaiting me. With clasping hands, she pressed up against me and stared longingly into the lifeless eyes of my doll. Yet... it somehow felt like she was staring into my actual eyes as well... and I felt a strange pressure pushing against my chest.

And those thoughts were only strengthened when my doll reached out and wrapped its arms around Floppy's doll. Because the moment it touched her, Floppy shivered and twitched. "Hah... uhh... your highness?"

"Yeeeeees, Floppy?" She answered, tapping her cheek innocently and cocking her head.

"I... I just felt that. I could feel Lucius' arms around me? What have you done?"

"Oh, nothing big. I just wanted you to be able to immerse yourself in our game a bit more. So... I made it so that you will feel everything the dolls will. Everything done to them, will transfer to you. Magic is amazing for things like this, so many... interesting possibilities." She couldn't have seemed more sadistic than she did right now if she tried. A giddy smile crossed her lips. "Come on, this'll be fun. Go ahead and give your commands." And suddenly, she was like a little kid again, lying down on her belly and resting her head on her hands as she excitedly watched what was gonna happen next.

Now that we were aware of what was going on, me and Floppy met eyes. Whatever we were going to do... it's going to feel real... and the Queen just asked us to show her how to fuck. I choked as I looked at our dolls. Floppy was in my arms. It felt like I could actually sense her warmth on me. Her sweet scent, her light body, her soft, fluffy fur... it felt so real. "Ready, Floppy?"

I asked her, talking softly as if I was actually holding her in my very own arms.

"Always, Lucius."

Without hesitation, we pressed our lips onto one another and started to passionately kiss. It was insane. I felt her breath, her warmth and her soft mouth on my actual lips. Instantly, I was overcome with lustful excitement. I wanted more. The lack of contact that proceeded this moment was so frustrating that I wanted to use any chance I could to get close to her. No matter how minor and fleeting it was.

The doll me pulled her up against him, wildly clashing with her lips as he started to grope her barely covered, sweet little ass. The feeling of springy flesh filled my hand until I felt an even stronger feeling pressing against my crotch. Floppy's doll had cupped my bulge with her feeble, tender hand. While the doll couldn't get erect, I sure was getting there.

I locked eyes with Floppy on the other side of the castle. With sweat starting to build up on my forehead and my breath getting stuck in my throat I watched her as she licked her lips and inhaled in gasping bursts.

I could feel her hand on my cock, tightly gripping and stroking me and from her slack expression I could tell that she could feel me roughly massaging her ass as well. I could even tell how her flesh gave in underneath my fingers.

Emboldened by the lust that slowly seeped into our minds, demanding to be satisfied, we moved onto the throne inside of the throne room. Floppy knelt on top of me and I could feel her weight as if she were sitting on my lap. I could feel the texture of her panties since her crotch was grinding over my own. My erection rose, spurred on by the promise of being pleasured and rubbed. I could even swear that I felt how wet she was.

I heard Floppy's breaths as if they were right next to my ear like her doll was to mine. The real Floppy was deliriously following the scene that played out in front of her. Like her doll, as if by proxy, she started gyrating her hips and rubbing her thighs together.

I couldn't bear it anymore. I wanted to fuck her so hard and so badly! I moved from kissing her lips to trailing a line of kisses down her neck, making her yelp and gasp in short succession. I used the distraction to work on undoing the buttons of her corset. Gently, I peeled her out of her shell, both of us anticipating more pleasure and ecstasy. We couldn't bear to stop now. We wanted to push further and further.

When her corset dropped, I saw them before me. Floppy's wonderful, succulent breasts. The doll may not have had accurate features but my memory overwrote what I saw and I visualized Floppy's real, massive breasts. All I had to do was touch them. They were so close. Right there in front of me.

Floppy leaned her head back and closed her eyes to fully savor my touch.

I reached out to her, the promise of feeling my hot, cute girlfriend mere inches away. I could almost...


Within a single second, everything broke apart. I had gotten so into the moment that I was physically reaching out with my hand, trying to grab Floppy's breast, but instead touching the magic castle. The construct was apparently so fickle that it instantly cracked and broke apart. After splitting into a million pieces, the pink translucent material dissipated into thin air and the dolls plopped down onto the picnic blanket.

With blank stares, me and Floppy could look at each other unhindered. Neither of us could believe that we were so abruptly ripped out of the game. And the moment couldn't have been any worse. In the right angle, you could see that a little stain had formed underneath where Floppy was sitting and I was pitching a tent so hard that it was easily visible. Both of us shifted to conceal the signs of how into it we were and blushed hard. I was grinding my teeth, my mind still filled with the desire to fuck. Floppy wasn't any better either. Panting heavily and gripping her chest to acclimate herself.

"Naww man! It was just about to get interesting too!" The queen grumbled as she picked up the fallen dolls. But after her dissatisfaction, a smirk came across her lips when she looked at us. "Huh, well at least we had fun while it lasted, right? You two sure seem like you've gotten into it at least. Told you we would enjoy ourselves, didn't I? A little more than expected even hmhmhm!" She giggled haughtily, mocking us as we were uncomfortably forced to conceal our boiling need for release.

I wanted to rebuke her and tell her that the pranks she played on us were more than just inappropriate. She might've been a Queen but she still managed to be a brat sometimes. Comparing her to children that I knew from my former life, calling her bratty was a huge understatement and she didn't even have the excuse of actually being a kid. Right now though, I couldn't say anything in return. My gaze was locked on Floppy. My mind and body were longing for her and the latter made it very clear by proudly making itself known.

Hunched over, I hastily got up, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. I bowed and forced out the words to make a request. "Your highness, this game was really enjoyable but there is a matter that I need to attend to. RIGHT... ahem right now." I was so close to raising my voice as frustration slowly took overhand. "I would need some assistance though. I would ask Floppy to accompany me."

The Queen groaned hesitantly. "Nnnghhh... if you have to. Floppy..."

"Y...yes your highness?" Floppy asked as her body twitched and jerked from her throbbing lust demanding to be satisfied.

"5 minutes."

I interjected. "Uhh... I think it's going to take a little longer than tha..."

Without even looking, she shot me down. "4 minutes."

"WE'LL TAKE IT!" Floppy shot up and possessively grabbed my arm. With a hasty pull she dragged me away as the Queen was busy checking her nails.

I followed Floppy through a couple of turns and corners until we reached a hidden, empty alcove. She pressed herself tightly against me and clung to my chest, looking up at me with desperate eyes. "Do you think we're alone here?"

"Can't remember anyone ever taking this route at least."

"Good enough for me."

Floppy's lips met mine as she threw her arms up and around my neck. I met her kisses with heavy feedback, prying her lips open with my tongue to entwine it with hers. I got as tight to her as I could without crushing her, pressing her against the wall and wildly groping her ass.

"Let's finish what the dolls started, Floppy." I whispered to her as I contorted her butt in different shapes and directions.

"Lucius..." She whined, melting in my arms and staring up at me.

I smiled back, stroked her cheek and sighed. "I know... I've been waiting for this too."

"It's been kind of long. When we played with the Queen and the dolls I... I even... came... a little."

"You've missed it that much, huh?"

"You have no idea. I need this... every now and then at least. I know we have to listen to what the Queen says but I feel so lonely after a while. And we could see each other less and less over the last couple of weeks. It's... frustrating."

I lifted her chin up and looked her into her eyes as I caressed the side of her face. "Hey, hey, look at me, Floppy. We're here now. Let's just make the most out of the time we have. Like we always do. Right?"

A warm smile slowly formed on her lips and her expression melted into one of pure radiating affection. She cupped my hand with hers and looked at me with hooded eyes. "Right. I love you, Lucius."

"Funny, that was what I was going to say."

"Hehe, you wanted to say that you love yourself?"

"Naww, you know what I was going to say. Don't take so many notes from the Queen."

"Maybe I will when I get to spend more time with you than with her." She whispered sensually as she came closer to me and started rubbing her palm over my crotch.

"That doesn't sound too bad to me. Seems like I'll have to get you back on the right track." I trailed down the middle of her body with my fingers, passing by her chest and over her belly until I finally reached her pussy. To say it was wet was an understatement. Her thighs were running with wetness and her thin, pink panties were so ruined that they may as well not have been there.

I felt around until I felt the little bump in the fabric. Her hot, throbbing clit. Even at the first touch, she yelped, clinging even more to me and shutting herself up by kissing me back harder.

I flicked it, twisted and pushed it. The more I moved, the more she did too. By now she had already opened my zipper and pulled out my more-than-ready, impatient cock. With one hand on the topside and the other on the underside, she started stroking me. Her soft, thin hands crept along the veins and muscles of my cock servicing me with their springy softness. I started bucking my hips, always longing for a more intense feeling.

Our breaths mingled as we struggled to keep our lips closed. Moans and cries for each other rang in our ears.

Floppy barely managed to stand straight anymore as I twisted my hand and started playing with her narrow slit. I pushed open her walls of wet flesh and thrust my fingers into her. It was easy enough to slip inside but I still had to gauge for her G-spot. I knew that it was at the roof of her caverns, right behind the entrance and when I started rubbing it, Floppy gave in. She could no longer support herself and her knees buckled. She only managed to still stand somewhat straight because she was stuck between me and the wall.

Her breasts flattened against me, squishing them together to the point of her top button popping open.

With each of us caressing the other, we moaned and whined underneath the merciless fingering and stroking. On my end, I felt one of Floppy's hands form a ring around the underside of my glans, knocking against it and teasing it over and over, while the other was busy massaging my full, heavy testicles.

On the other side, I kept up the thrusting speed of my fingers, scratching the inside of her cavern while sliding over her increasingly slippy clit with my thumb. Her lips were quivering and my eyelids were twitching. In other words, we both showed signs of being close to our orgasms. It had been so long that even a short handjob like this was able to drive us to the breaking point. It wasn't exactly optimal but we wanted to take all the satisfaction we could get. At all costs.

"Lucius! Gnhhh! Hold me! Finger me harder! I want to cum! I want to cum so badly!" With even more vigor, she started to violently rub my cock in an attempt to get me to cum at the same time as her. As if that wasn't already happening. I was close to explode myself.

"Will do, Floppy! You're squeezing me pretty tight today. Nhhaaaa! I'm cumming soon too. It's gonna be a big one!" Not one to lack behind, I started to press harder into her, reaching even further with my fingers and plunging them into Floppy 's honeypot until they were buried to the knuckle.

I knew what I had to do. We would come any second and we would hardly be able to contain our noises. For one last time, I pushed Floppy against the wall, planting my lips onto hers to silence the inevitable screams of ecstasy.

Our bodies, hot and sweaty, spasmed in irregular, uncontrollable movements as we came. An even greater flood of juices than there already was, sprayed down onto the warm cobblestone underneath our feet and the cum that didn't shoot out onto Floppy's stomach ended up the same.

Floppy heaved heavily, longingly looking up at me with a chuckle. "Well...haaa... we made a mess, didn't we?"

I chuckled back, slowly regaining a stable breath. "Quite a bit, yeah. Hehe, that's what happens when you cum so much."

She playfully punched my chest with a smile. "You came just as much, silly!"

"Aww, don't like being teased, do we?"

"Hehehe, shut up! Before was different." She laughed as I slowly pulled my fingers out of her and hugged her tiny, slim body. She was still slightly weak so I made sure to let her lean on me as I embraced her.

I rested my head on top of hers as she nuzzled my chest. "I still need to say it, right?"

"Not that you'd need to. I know already." She smiled to herself as she closed her eyes.

"Hey, Floppy?"


"I love you."

A blush came across her face as she hid the same in my chest. "I said you didn't need to tell me."

"I know. Makes it even more important that I do." She reappeared from hiding and craned her head upwards to meet my lips. They were warm, slightly hot even. My sweet little girlfriend. I could've kissed her all day like that.

"You're not done yet, right? I can feel that you're still hard." She smirked and rubbed her big fluffy leg against my crotch.

"I think I could be persuaded to..."

Suddenly an echo rang through the halls. "Floppy! Lucius! Your way over your time limit! I'm getting bored!"

With the realization that this would be it, we slumped down and sighed.

"Back to work I guess." Floppy said disappointed, her ears limply hanging from the side of her head.

I on the other hand, smiled confidently. "Don't worry, we'll get a chance to finish this soon enough."

"How would you know?"

I shrugged. "Call it a gut feeling."

Floppy raised an eyebrow in confusion and I left her in that state as we cleaned ourselves up and headed back to the gardens. The mess we left behind well... it wouldn't be anything new to the cleaning personnel. On the way, I held Floppy's hand softly and squeezed it reassuringly as she clung to my arm.

When we arrived, the Queen was already slightly annoyed. "You took your time, huh? What took so long?"

"It's a big castle. It was just a long way." I said nonchalantly.

She crossed her arms. "Hrrmm... I'll just go ahead and believe that excuse. So... can we keep playing now?" It almost sounded hopeful the way she said that. But sadly I would have to disappoint her.

"Your highness... I think I'd like to turn in my favor today."

In tandem, the Queen's and Floppy's eyes shot open and they asked in unison. "Your favor?" But contrary to Floppy, the Queen actually knew what I was talking about and tried to argue. "But... nrgghh... today? Can't you put it off for another week or so?"

"Afraid not. You above all should already know why I'm doing it today. You promised it, your highness. We've already talked about it. Whenever I request it, you will grant it."

Floppy cocked her head and interjected. "Can somebody explain to me what's going on? What favor are you talking about?"

The Queen sighed in reluctant annoyance as she stood up and explained as she half-heartedly pointed at me. "Your boyfriend here made a deal with me... He works twice as much as usual for a while and in turn I was going to grant him a favor of whatever he wanted. I was kidding because I thought no one in Wonderland would be so stubborn and eager to earn a favor if he had to work that much. But he did it." She explained, grumpily looking at me from the corner of her eyes.

"Lucius, is that true?"

I quietly nodded and smiled at her.

"Well wha... what did you ask for?"

I gently held Floppy's shoulders as she clutched her hands close to her chest in anticipation. "A vacation."

"What?" She asked in disbelief.

"One week, all for us alone in her summer residence. Guess it was more than just a gut feeling after all." Her hands and mine entwined and tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

"A whole week?"

"A whole week. Should be enough to tide us over, don't you think?"

"Lucius I..."

"The portal is ready. I'm not happy about it, but I gave him my word. Haa... sometimes I really am too nice. You're free to go but...'ll come back as soon as you can okay!?" As if throwing a fit, she barked directions at us and then looked away, pouting.

I chuckled a little and looked at Floppy who still couldn't quite grasp the situation. "Go on ahead."


I put my finger on her lips before I cupped the side of her face and sent her ahead. "I'll be right behind you, okay?"

She took a deep breath and stepped through the portal.

I turned to her highness and said my goodbyes. "You know, we'll be back sooner than you think. It's just a week. I know that Floppy is a lot better at this than I am but... even if you're a brat sometimes, we both care for you too. The advice I gave you before, please follow it while I'm gone, okay?" I carefully petted her head. In return she grumbled a little but didn't resist or pull away.

With a puffed cheek and still not looking at me, she turned at least her body towards me and timidly spoke up. "The reason you told me you're going... that's actually the reason, right? It's not because I'm annoying to you and you want to get away?"

I sympathetically smiled and laid my hand on her shoulder. Finally facing me, I spoke to her directly. "You know how much I love Floppy. We just need some time for ourselves sometimes. And right when our time is up, we'll come back ASAP. Maybe we'll even play something together again."

"REALLY?" She jumped up happily. Her face melted into a smile before she grew conscious again and quickly settled down. "Uh ahem, not that I care about that but... I appreciate it."

I stood straight again and headed for the portal. "Well, I'll be off then. Don't go on a spending spree just because I'm gone, alright?"

"Only as long as you'll come back right away!"

"Right away." I saluted her one last time before the white light of the portal engulfed me and I was transported to a new and unfamiliar location. I've never been to the summer residence of the Queen but the style immediately reminded me of her own chambers. Black and red décor everywhere with equally black and red hearts interspersed in a room filled with velvet carpets, blinders, dark wood furniture and a King... sorry, Queen sized bed with red blankets and pillows.

And right in the center of the room near a wide open fireplace with pink, permanently burning flames stood Floppy, covering her mouth with her hands and being utterly speechless at the sight in front of her. Tears were streaming down her cheeks until she noticed me. Immediately she ran into my arms right after the portal closed behind me.

With a heavy thud, she collided with me and nuzzled my chest. I petted her soft, cuddly ears and softly spoke to her. "Hey, this is not a time to cry, Floppy. What's wrong?" I said half jokingly.

"You did all of this just for a week here? You worked yourself so hard and I didn't even get to see you most of the time! I...I..." She sobbed, clinging to me even harder. I could feel the tear stains forming on my vest.

I embraced her and kept caressing her as I explained myself. "I know... it was hard on me too, Floppy. But there's a reason that I did it."

With slightly red eyes she looked up at me as she wiped them. "Then why? You better have a good one to overwork yourself this much!"

"Oh trust me, it's the best reason I would ever do anything for."

She sniffed and calmed down. "So what is it?"

I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her waist. "You know, you always keep everything and everyone in mind when you work at the castle. You care for so many people... and then you forget the most important things. Remember how you used to call me silly a lot back when we first met. Guess it's finally time that I get to say that about you."

"Forget? I forgot something? Wha... what did I forget?"

"Hey Floppy?"


I leaned down and softly kissed her as I stared into her eyes. "Happy Birthday."

I couldn't even begin another sentence before she pounced me. With a thud, we collapsed onto the floor, Floppy on top, wildly peppering me with kisses.

I quickly met them with my own, holding her body close. Her soft legs clamped around the left and right side of my body. I grabbed the side of her hip as well as the back of her head, wanting to get as much contact to her as possible.

"You are such an idiot, Lucius. You're mad." She half laughed half sobbed as she wiped her dripping tears away.

"Maybe I am. You said it yourself... we're all mad down here. Some of us are just mad for different things. A year ago you did the same thing to get me here."

"That was one day, not a week, silly."

"Well, what kind of banker would I be if I didn't pay back with interest, huh? Besides, we're probably going to need the time... how else are we going to get our actual own little princess, Queen Floppy?"

"A... princess?"

I cupped her cheek and talked somberly. "I could tell when we played earlier. You looked so happy and... I want to be a dad too. It was nice to pretend that I was but... maybe we're ready. With you... I know I won't regret it."

An expression of surprise and joy filled her face when she realized what I was saying. She half laughed and cried as our lips met one more time. "Now you've done it..."

I chuckled and seductively responded to her in a low tone. "What do you mean?"

And in a sweet, equally low tone, she replied. "Now I can't let you go." Then she leaned down to offer her sweet, slippery tongue to me which I happily greeted with my own.

From that point on, things became a blur. Our clothes were shed in record time and we were passionately making out on top of the softest floor we've ever touched. With all the previous frustration pent up, we wasted no time.

With how disheveled our clothes were already, it wasn't hard to get rid of them, nor did we care to carefully remove them. They were already stained from before. We wouldn't need them either.

Before I knew it, Floppy presented herself on top of me and pressed the top of my cock onto her slit. I could feel wet kisses from her lower lips plaster across my length as if trying to suck me into it.

Floppy leered down, hungry and desperate. Just like they've done a year ago, her eyes formed into visible hearts. I knew what that meant. She was in heat. She went into that mode whenever there was a possibility of sex. Now though, she wouldn't be left disappointed. On the contrary, she could ravel in it. "Lucius! Nghhh! I want it so badly. Can I?" She asked with a quivering lip.

I grabbed her hips and nodded reassuringly. "Go ahead, Floppy. We've got all the time in the world. I'm gonna fill you up until you're satisfied. It's your birthday after all. Wouldn't be right to leave the birthday girl hanging."

With a twitchy and shaky body, she smiled excitedly and rammed my cock into her pussy. As if a flood wall had broken, her juices squirted out from the cracks that couldn't hold it anymore and splashed across my lap. She was already so dripping wet that it felt like ooze inside her. Without wasting a second, she started bouncing and grinding on my cock. Her top buddy loosely hung backwards while her strong legs did all of the work. Firmly fixed and clamping down on my hips, they held her in place while her thighs moved her up and down. From the moment that my cock entered her, her mouth was permanently hanging open in silent cries and snappy breaths.

Even though she was already locked onto me, I grabbed her thighs and helped her move. The speed at which she slammed down on me was insane. It was like she was possessed by her lust. And honestly, were the roles reversed, I wouldn't hold back either.

Certain that she could keep her grip herself, I instead focused on something else. Her glistening, heavy tits bouncing along with her body. Like a predator, I snatched them and gripped them so hard, her flesh was spilling out between my fingers. A loud cry escaped her, urging me on to grope her even harder. I squeezed her nipples between my index and middle fingers and twisted them along with my movements.

Her long ears spasmed, stiffening and slumping irregularly. Her eyes were hooded, craving and desperate for any inch of pleasure. Her pussy represented that, searching for the best ways to take and clamp around my dick. Penetration was easier than it ever was, making it easier to slide, grind and prod. With whatever little control I had, I gouged her insides, scooping her juices and smearing them over her inner walls. I wasn't sure, but I think I felt her cervix, the entrance to her womb kissing my tip. It felt like it was ready to accept my cum into it.

Smacking, squishy slaps rang out when Floppy's ass crashed onto me. Her tiny pink fluff tail cutely bounced up and down along with her ass, creating a mesmerizing sight.

The claws of her bunny legs buried themselves in the soft carpet, clenching and tensing up.

"You like that? You like it when I grope you Floppy, don't you?"

"I do! Nhhaa! And you? You love my pussy, right? I'm squeezing your cock as best I can but it's so... haaaa... slippery!"

"Fuhuuuck! Yeah! I love your pussy! Your pussy is the freaking best! You're doing a great job!"

"I'm doing a great job! I'm doing a great joooooooob!" A long whine came out of her. Her thrusts sped up and her vigor became even more violent. In other words... we were fucking like rabbits.

From there on, the day sped by so fast. Memories became blurs and hazes. After Floppy rode my cock and made me cum an unimaginable load that bubbled out of her pussy, I remember that we were far from done.

The next memory was of Floppy clinging to the mantle of the fireplace, stretching out her cute bubble butt for me. I slammed her from behind, her barely able to hold on. Ripples went through her body when I collided with her. I had to do everything I could to keep her stable including securing her shoulder and her hips as I pulled her against me.

"Shit! I'm cumming again! You're squeezing so hard! I hrrrrghh... can't... hold... it!" I moaned in between every thrust I took. I was so lost for breath that it was hard to even form the words without breaking up.

"Fuck! All the way in the back! Yeah! Yeah! RIGHT THEEEEEEERREEE!" She cried out, our passion flaring as much as the fire next to us.

I stuffed yet another load of cum down her hungry, insatiable cunt. She planned on, and was physically trying to milk me dry. Luckily I was pent up so much that I was ready for it.

Several more orgasms followed. The room was a cavalcade of spots that were covered in mixtures of our liquids.

After we were no longer able to stand and the floor became too uncomfortable, we finally used the bed. For what would be the final session, we used the missionary position. For anything more exotic, our muscles were too sore. Still, I pinned Floppy's hands to the left and right of her head while we wildly wrestled with our tongues.

Her fluffy legs were possessively locked around my hips to aid me with my thrusts. We were dripping with sweat and our crotches were so messed up at this point that we couldn't even tell our juices apart anymore.

"Lucius! I love you! I LOVE YOU! Make me pregnant! I want your baby! I want it so much it hurts!"

"I will... I will, Floppy. You're going to be a mother! I swear. We'll be parents, Floppy! You and me! I love you! Fuck! I love you too, Floppy!"

"I'm so happy, Lucius! SO... Kyaaaaahhh... HAPPY!"

"FUHUUUCKK!" I cried out as I came for the last time, spurting out the last remnant of my cum. It was amazing that there was even anything left anymore.

Like the many times before, Floppy threw back her head and screamed while holding on to whatever she could.

Even though it wasn't as apparent as in the beginning, a huge load came flooding out of our connection point. A pool of clear and cloudy liquid that swirled around as it mixed and ran down our legs.

When it died down, there was no power left anymore. Our bodies were done. I collapsed onto the bed face first, barely able to turn myself onto my back. For a while there was nothing we could do than staring up at the ceiling and wheezing excessively. I held my arm over my eyes because even seeing was too much right now.

It took us multiple minutes, maybe even half an hour to recover. It was hard keeping up with the time. Sore as we may have been, we covered ourselves with a blanket. Mess aside, we NEEDED to cuddle. Being apart seemed like a foreign concept to us at that point. It hurt to be even inches apart.

Floppy clung to me and I cradled her head as she nuzzled my chest. She took a deep breath, taking in my smell as she pawed at me. "Hehe, you smell nice."

I chuckled as I petted her ear. "You're joking right? I must smell of so much sweat."

"I don't care. I like it. I don't get to come this close to you that often. Hehe, it smells like husband material."

"Hehehe, shuuut up... We've still got a lot of time. You can stay just like that for as long as you want."

She grumbled and whined playfully. "Nrghhh... you know how hard it's gonna be when we have to go back?"

I sighed a little as well. "Yeah, that's not gonna work..." I thought about it. If this first day was any sign of the coming ones, we would not be able to just stop afterwards. I had to think of something. "...we'll figure something out."

"You're not overworking yourself for my sake again, mister!" She said sternly, punching my chest with her tiny little fist and puffing her cheek.

"No, not something like that...

…perhaps something more... permanent."

6 years later...

And so, several years passed. On a lovely afternoon, I tried to relax, kick back and enjoy life. Floppy and I struck a deal with the Queen. Under her permission, we were allowed to use the summer residence as our very own home. It took a lot of time and a lot of convincing, but finally after long debate, we managed to gain her approval. As for what convinced her? Well... there was one... no, three reasons actually.

"Watch your foot, Bonbon! You're standing on my face!"

"I can't help it, Cotton! I'll fall down if I don't put my foot somewhere!"

"If it makes it better, I'm happy down here!"

3 squeaky little voices filled the room with lively chatter. They fought for their place on the recliner I sat on. It was late in the evening and I promised my three little girls to read them a goodnight story. It was a massive recliner. Even with me and Floppy already cuddled together on the seat, they still found a spot to snuggle up on.

On the left armrest, being used as a springboard, was Cotton, my firstborn daughter. Not that that meant much, considering my girls were triplets but they couldn't be any more different. Cotton for example was the spitting image of a big sister, always caring about her siblings and being the first one to scold them when they're being reckless. We named her Cotton because of her extremely puffy legs that looked exactly like a massive cotton candy.

Bonbon was the exact reason why Cotton needed to be strict. Bonbon was wild and excitable with a lot of excess energy. If she could think of an excuse to hop around or climb something, she would use it which was probably the reason she fought so hard for the spot on the headrest. She was sporty, open like a book and could make friends with anyone. As for her name? Even as a baby, Bonbon loved sweet things. Maybe because Cotton and her other sister already took up Floppy's breasts, she instead started sucking on the juicy carrot that Floppy carried around her neck. As it turned out, it was dripping with sugary, fruity syrup. Who knew?"

And then, on my right, there was Snowball, the quiet one of the group. As the youngest, she was used to her big siblings fighting. Since she didn't want to contribute to that, she was always content with anything. She was happy as long as her older siblings were happy and always had a sweet little closed-eye smile on her face. The namesake for her was a small birth defect which caused her little fluff tail to be white instead of pink, making it look like a fluffy snowball.

I shifted to accommodate my 3 fur balls. "Alright. Everyone ready?"

"Ready, dad!"

"Up here too!"

"I'm always ready."

Floppy rested her head on my shoulder as I unfolded my book. She stroked my arm and sleepily smiled. "What' are you reading them today?"

I showed her the cover and chuckled. "What did you think?"

"Hehe, not surprised at all. Alice in Wonderland. Girls, you've read that one so many times already."

All three of them voiced their persistence.

"But it's the best story ever! Alice is so strong and so brave! She served under the Queen just like you two do! She can do anything!" Cotton boasted, pumping a strong fist.

"And when she fought the Jabberwocki! That was so cool!" Bonbon barked out, making slashing motions with her hands.

"I like the bunny in there. It looks almost as fluffy as mom does." Snowball quietly chimed in as she rested her head on my lap.

I meet eyes with Floppy and shrug jokingly. "Well, seems they've made up their minds."

But Floppy was far from annoyed by it. She loved the story herself too.

"But after this, you're all going to bed, alright?"

"Right away, I swear! I'll make sure they both sleep on time too!"

"Alreadyyyyy? Can't we yaaaaawwwnnn... stay up a little longer? I'm not even tired... at all."

"I'm already half asleep, daddy. Don't worry. But I want to listen a bit first."

"Alright, let's get started then..."

And so I read them the story of Alice in Wonderland. A few years ago, we found it among a ton of other books in the Queen's library. Nobody knew where it came from but it must've been from another realm. A lot of things were similar but it was a lot more appropriate for children than the real Wonderland was. Bunnies were actually bunnies, the Mad Hatter actually had a hat instead of a fungus and there was only one Alice. It was like someone had an image of Wonderland, but it was either blurry at best or they changed it to this more family friendly version specifically to read it to kids.

I remembered when I used to live in the my world. People had foggy knowledge of monsters and no one knew where they came from or what they looked like. Stories we heard were wildly exaggerated and with very little detail. Maybe that's what happened with the author of this book. Vague, fantastical descriptions. Either way, the girls loved it. Even if they lived in this world every day, to hear it told like this, was new and fascinating.

Cotton, Bonbon and Snowball, my 3 little fur balls. Hard to imagine that I wasn't even aware of this realm a few years ago and now they were the most treasured thing in my life. Even the Queen loved them. So much so even that she would only let us keep living here if she could visit them whenever she wanted and play with them. The harmless kind of playing of course.

And now here we were, reading books in front of the fireplace with fluffy bunny girls to all sides of me. Most importantly... Floppy. With her head on my shoulder, she listened somberly. She had the constant expression of happiness radiating from her face. By now we were considered husband and wife but it felt like it had always been that way. From the time we first me up until now... it always felt like it was meant to be like this.

It didn't take long for everyone to grow sleepy. First Snowball, then Cotton and lastly, Bonbon fell asleep right where they were.

Under the soft snoring of our girls, Floppy placed a soft kiss on my cheek before passing out herself. A recliner full of sleeping bunnies and me right in the center of fluff heaven.

I shut the book and put it aside. The warmth of my family made me tired as well and my eyes grew heavy. I cuddled up in my family pile and made sure to stay close to all of them at once. At least as much as I could.

For Wonderland... something like this was unusually normal.

But normal is okay from time to time.

Thank you for your patience. I knew it took a while, but we finally got there. I went through rewrites, writer's block, family events and so many minor hindrances, it's insane.

I still hope it was worth the wait to you. At least we got a longer, more detailed chapter out of it.

I won't make big breaks like that again if I can prevent it. I swear.

On another topic, whether through the beginning of this chapter or through the results of the poll I did, you already know what comes next. The Alice. We're staying right in Wonderland for the next chapter. I'll do another poll when that goes up and we'll see where we go from there.

See you around and look forward to what's to come. (It won't take a month this time. Promise)

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