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Alraune Family: Alraune (Domesticated)

We just left off after Mikhai and Elora got done with their passionate 'engagement'. So, let's see where they ended up after that, shall we?

It was weeks later now. Me and Elora had been a couple since back then. I wanted to be connected to her for the rest of my life, basically becoming a part of the Alraune that she was.

But there was a little thing irking me on the inside. I still had the spirit of a merchant and I wanted to be able to maintain a shop to support me and Elora and give us the comfortable life we both deserved. But at the same time, I of course couldn't leave her behind while I travelled the land. It would've been maddening to even think about it. So, I thought of a solution where we had to sacrifice neither.


The sound of the bell at the entrance of my new shop rang out. A customer came in, someone who had recently visited my shop already. Business had been going surprisingly well and my new wares quickly drew many interested customers.

"Good afternoon, Mikhail." The bearded man greeted me, grinning from ear to ear.

I sealed up a package of my goods before facing him and smiling back. "Well, well, someone's in a good mood today." I chuckled along with him cheerfully.

"Oh, Mikhail! You've no idea what you've done for me. For weeks my wife had been completely uninterested in giving me any 'attention' anymore. But just yesterday, she was like the young vixen I've known her to be again. She was the woman that I fell passionately in love with again and I think she feels my love now again as well."

I was grinning myself now as I prepped a packet of small, rectangular, golden orange candies. "Is that so? I'm glad to hear that, my friend." I said as I hid a satisfied smirk.

"How do you do it? What's the secret of your candy? Did you find the fountain of youth and spiked those bonbons with it?"

"It's a trade secret. What do you think how many customers I'd still have if it was common knowledge?" I giggled, making him bellow a laugh as well.

"Ah, whatever it is, you've gotten yourself a regular. I'll take my order now." He gratefully reached his hands over the counter.

"Here you go, sir. Have a joyous day with your wife." I winked at him as I handed him the box of candy.

"Oh, you snide devil!" He chuckled as he tossed me a small bag of coins. He was about to turn around when he stared at my face intensely. "Hey, sonny, you've got some of your candy batter stuck on your lips." he pointed at me.

I panicked as I quickly grabbed a nearby tissue and smiled apologetically. "Ah, yeah, gonna take care of that right away." I responded embarrassedly as I felt my cheeks flush.

"Can't even resist the sweetness yourself, huh? I don't blame you, my friend. See you later, Mikhail."

As soon as the older gentleman exited my door, I checked through the glass windows if anyone else was coming. And as I saw no one else approaching the shop and even though it was only the early afternoon, I switched my signs from open to closed.

I couldn't afford to stay open for too long, because otherwise I would get in big trouble. I put my sticky apron on the hook of my counter and quickly wiped my mouth to get rid of the sticky nectar.

"I really need to make sure to take care of that before someone notices." I said to myself. "Gotta think of that the next time I'll decide to eat her out."

Yes, Elora was here with me. She was working in the back of my house where we had a lovely, huge greenhouse. I replanted her from the forest to live with me in the village. She got enough room to spread out her roots and got her own little workshop in the back where we made the candy together.

Sometimes though, despite her constantly insisting that I stay, I had to take care of the front of the house. She agreed to it under the condition that I would take regular breaks to come back to her to… well… make her forget the time she had to let me go out of her flower.

I saw her standing at the counter I had built up for her, humming a sweet tune as she was kneading the batter for the candy. She was taking small cups of her own nectar to mix with it, which gave the candy it's properties as an aphrodisiac.

I was smiling to myself as I saw her absorbed in forming the small little candies with her nimble, sticky hands. Without even thinking about it, I dropped my clothes. I wouldn't need them anymore for this.

I approached Elora from behind, gently sliding into the Alraune flower and getting immediately drenched in the sweet nectar I've grown so fond of. Immediately I already felt the heat rush through my body as the nectar seeped into my skin. It filled me with the blissful rush of desire that made me crave the flesh of my wife who was right in front of me now.

She peeked over her shoulder, acknowledging my presence but with a sultry smile, she just kept kneading the candy batter and hummed her tunes that were sweet as the nectar itself. She was pretending not to even recognize me, but I knew her games.

I moved through the nectar and came up behind Elora's back. The sweet scent from the nectar on her skin was already tickling my nostrils. I embraced her green body from behind, pressing my chest against her back. She was gasping as my skin stuck to hers and my arms tightly hugged her busty body.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her blush as I rested my chin on her shoulder.

The moment she noticed my eyes crossed hers, she quickly flicked her eyes back to her batter. She tried her hardest not to look back at me as I smiled at her with my arms around her waist. Her humming was now out of tune and ragged.

I redirected my gaze to her hands and put mine onto hers as she kept kneading. I moved my hands in tandem with hers, making her eyes hooded as I moved with her.

Finally, I got a reaction. She stopped kneading the batter and instead entwined her fingers with mine.

"You've been gone forever." She said under hot breath as she leaned back against me. My already towering member rubbed up against the cleavage of her ass. She pressed her sticky back against me and ground her body on my skin.

"I just took an hour. Just like before." I answered as my hands moved from Elora's hands to her massive tits, groping the malleable, sticky orbs. She was secreting nectar from her nipples which must have meant that she was pregnant in a way. Elora explained to me that the pregnancy of plant monsters doesn't work like that of humans and it goes over quite a lot faster with building up and releasing spores over the course of a few weeks.

We were already fantasizing of the children that we would sprout in our own little garden of pleasure.

"Your tits have gotten bigger, Elora. Look how swollen they are." I whispered into her ear as I massaged her breasts. As I pressed into them, sweet nectar squirted out of her nipples like breast milk.

"This means that our children are growing, Mikhail. Can you believe that we're going to be parents soon?" she lovingly caressed my hand on top of her breast.

"I sure can. I can't wait to find out what kind of people our kids will be." I groped her roughly. Digging my fingers into her tits and licking her neck. Elora shivered from my tongue. "They will be here with us all the time. Seeing how much their daddy loves their sexy mother." I whispered to her, making her body quake with lust before she craned her neck in want and met my lips with hers.

We slobbered all over each other as we wildly kissed and our sticky bodies rubbed together. "Mmmmnhhh, Mikhail! I want you to be with me all the time. I can't take the waiting anymore when you're gone!"

She looked up at me with wet eyes of desire, her face flushing with desire. I could feel her vines wrapping around my ankles like shackles within the nectar. It let me know how much she hated it when I had to go to the front of the store.

The way she looked at me like that. It made me want to fuck her so hard. I squeezed her body roughly, making her gasp as I pressed my lips against her, kept one hand tightly locked on massaging her tit and the other crawling down her body to start rubbing her nectar-drooling cunt.

I wanted all of her body now. I could not bear the pleasure that I've been denied when I had to work as well. I can't stand being apart for even a single hour without going crazy.

I knew I had to take care of the shop so we could afford living here, but how could I not be with my wife when she is bearing my children? I had to be with her constantly. At least until our children were born, otherwise I would not be able to stand the constant pull of her sweet scent.

"Elora! I'm so sorry. I want to fuck you so badly. I always do. I'm sorry I wasn't there!" I was greeted with a delirious face of pure bliss at my words as Elora ground herself on my fingers that rubbed and fingered her pussy.

She was flooding with nectar and her hot breath crossed my lips as I assaulted her body. The feeling of our skin rubbing together was like we had a layer of honey between us.

I retracted my fingers from her snatch. Letting her watch as I drew a long string of nectar with my fingers. I licked her candy sweet juices off my fingers and while the taste still lingered on my tongue, I pushed past her lips sharing it with her. We breathed heavily, moaning into each other's mouths.

We parted and our faces flushed with heat. "Goddamn! Wow…" Elora panted. She was excited and rubbed her expectant thighs together.

She smiled at me in approval and even giggled as I pushed her body forward, making her lean on the counter. The batter was squished by her tits resting on the surface.

I ran my fingers over her until my hands reached Elora's firm, round ass. I saw her pussy poking forth as she stretched out her behind for me. She was heaving with heavy breath, waiting for me to ram my cock into her, finally. Her legs squirmed and her pussy pulsated with want.

I leaned over Elora, licking her back all the way up her spine until I reached her neck and my crotch lined up with hers. Elora jerked up as I placed a kiss on her neck before driving my throbbing cock into her. Her ass was rippling as I clashed with her hips. It was an ecstatic feeling when my cock was once again captured by the sticky heat of her love tunnel.

I felt like I was coating my dick in a glaze of hot honey. It was hard to draw back my cock from the gluey honeypot. The scent and taste of the thick sweetness took over my senses. My hips started moving on their own, fucking her in a senseless frenzy. With pinpoint accuracy, I attacked the sensitive flesh in her pussy that drove her to screams.

"Fuck! Yes, Mikhail. Just like that! Fuck me from behind just like that!" Elora breathed hard and gasped when my member was buried within her flesh. Her back bent into a beautiful arch that displayed her pleasure to me. Our sticky hips clapped together as the gluey sounds of our crotches crashing into each other rang out.

I licked her honey that poured from her body like sweat and I tasted the arousing nectar. I swung my hips harder and harder, violating her pussy. Her body shook and she bit her lips.

I was clenching my teeth myself, as I hammered away mindlessly. I ground her slick insides with my dick and hit her cervix on my harder strokes.

"You'll be the sexiest mother out there, Elora. *pant* We will make everybody jealous. Our children will be the most precious little flowers, just like their mother! MNNNHAAAA!" I moaned into her ear.

"They'll love their father! HHHHHMMMM! I know that much already… *smack*" Elora leaned up to me, thrusting her ass back against me forcefully. Spurred by my words to match my rhythm.

I was closing in on my orgasm as the nectar flushed around our hips and kept us in a state of constant arousal.

"Fuck! Here it comes!" I scrunched my face, signaling Elora that I was about to cum.

She tightened her pussy's walls, wanting me to stay inside as she waited to milk me. "Me too! Cum, Mikhail! Cum inside the mother of your babies!"

I was done! The look of pure devotion on her face drove me over the edge and I came buckets inside of my wife. I overflowed her pussy with my white cum that mixed with her orange nectar. I hugged her body tightly as I delivered a few more thrusts to calm down my torrents of cum spreading around her insides.

Elora grabbed onto the counter, shutting her eyes as she enjoyed the ecstatic pleasure.

As I was done erupting, I limply leaned over her, letting my sticky skin stick to hers. I hugged her warmly and our mouths almost automatically found each other.

We exchanged heated kisses with nectar shared between us. I was convinced that at this point I didn't even have saliva anymore and just like her only secreted nectar.

"Together forever." Elora said as she peeked at me over her shoulder.

"Together forever." I vowed to her as I kissed her again.

I didn't even notice the vines tightening around my ankles at this point anymore. I was just looking forward to the future when my wife would send out her spores into the world, sprouting more Alraune like her.

And the thought of spending my future with my monster wife like this, was the sweetest thing I could imagine.

Besides her nectar of course.

And thus, we come to a conclusion for this story. Oh, how lovely this was, right? But you have no idea yet. I have stories to tell, you wouldn't believe. And trust me, you will not be prepared. This was just the softball compared to what's to come.

But I am still curious what you think. So, feel free to let me know. What do you think about the way I split the stories into wild and domesticated? Did you like it? Did you have criticisms. Let me know. And I will see you at the next entry of the compendium.

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