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Papillon Family: Mothman(Domesticated)

Five Months later:

After several months had passed, it was once time again to visit the market, stock up on materials and fill up on food. I had to buy a bit more now that I was no longer the only man in the household and I actually wanted to offer some variety in food to Zephyr, who by now considered herself to be my wife. Even though we never really got married I was fully content with her calling me her one and only husband. She said it was a monster thing and I more or less decided to roll with it.

Maybe one day we would have had a real marriage. It was still a distant dream and the order would probably not allow it, but with Zephyr around, I've learned to expect the unexpected and go with the flow of things.

I was just heading home from the trip to the distant market, having collected a full sack of varied yarns and fabrics and loaded my haul onto a community caravan that commuted between my hometown Walakai and one of the larger cities.

As the stopped carriage started rattling again, I noticed that there was someone else riding along. "Mikhail? What are you doing on a caravan?"

From another carriage that was moving close alongside my own, he called over to me. "Archimedes? Is that you? Greetings my friend! Just came back from a short trip to the cane sugar plantations. You know, the nectar we use is great and all, but it isn't exactly easy to use for baking treats. What got you into this neck of the woods?"

"Not exactly woods. I'm heading home from the big city. Clients are going wild over my stock lately. They say it somehow sets an amazing mood when when they're close to it. Like it gives the room a lot of energy or something. Either way, great business; lots of materials needed. This must be the third trip this month. Heh, I'm almost worried Zephie is gonna start thinking I'm using these trips as an excuse to meet someone."

Mikhail smirked and laughed along in empathy. "Yeah, I noticed that you've made quite a catch with that little wife of yours. Thought I'd actually have to play matchmaker for you but it seems like you got your ways with girls after all."

"Shut up! I'm lucky enough to have found someone like her. Guess it was just meant to be."

"Yeah, and you've fallen for her big time apparently. You even changed the name of the store thanks to her."

I chuckled. "Heh, don't you think "Zephie & Archie" sounds a lot better than "Archimedes' Fabrics"?"

Mikhail put his arms behind his head as he leaned against a pile of hay and contently stared at the sky as he continued talking to me. "Certainly does. Elora fawned on your new banner as well. Said the red flower in between your names was a nice touch. Kinda represents Walakai a lot more now that I think about it. Seems like you got infected by the town's spirit."

I rested my arms on the outer railing of the carriage as I basked in the beaming summer sunlight. A smile crossed my face as I looked at the clear blue sky. "Yeah... yeah I guess it has. And as long as I'm not gonna mess up all of my fabrics the way you and Elora do, that's fine by me."

We cracked up laughing as we relaxed on the way back home. The horses prattled along the stony paths until, after a long journey, we finally arrived. While Mikhail didn't really have to get off at that point, he decided to join me for a small refreshing drink after being exposed to the burning heat for so long.

I went behind the counter of the reception desk as I filled two cups with fresh, cold wine. While I filled them, Mikhail looked around the store with a suspicious look. "Huh, kind of quiet in here. Where has Zephyr gone off to?"

Now that he said that, I noticed it as well. I thought she might've been sleeping in the storage but... she wouldn't do that while the store was still open. I ruffled my hair cluelessly. "I... huh... that really IS unusual. Zephyr was supposed to take care of the shop while I was gone. I'd have expected her to be flying into my arms by now."

"Maybe she went off to buy groceries?"

"Not likely... I've already taken care of that." I rubbed my neck worriedly. "I really hope she wasn't mad."


I sighed guiltily. "She really doesn't like being apart from me. Neither do I but if I hadn't gone to the city, our supplies wouldn't have lasted. Maybe I should've taken her with me after all."

"Hey, don't beat yourself up over it, I bet she's fine. And... well... taking her to the city... so close to the order's main territory? Yeah, not a good idea."

I smiled weakly, realizing once again that being with a mamono in times like these was still a risky thing. Here in Walakai we were lucky enough to go mostly unnoticed. Some people already consider this to be a demon realm, even though the area turned more green and beautiful instead of dark and twisted. I dreaded the day that those rumors would reach the Order, but all I wanted now was to live my life with Zephyr as long as it would last. Everything beyond that... we would find a way to stay together. "You're right. I don't know what I would do if Zephie got caught or hurt even. I don't... I don't think I could imagine living without her anymore."

Mikhail shot me a supportive smile and clinked his cup against mine. "You've got all of Walakai behind you, friend. Nothing's gonna happen to us as long as we have the last word. To the future of our community."

"To our community!" I said as I raised my glass and downed our wine before letting out a refreshed sigh. "Hmmm... I wished Zephie were around for this. Kind of feels wrong to celebrate without her. If only I knew where she... hnnngg..." My hand tightened around my cup and I slammed it onto the desk as well as the palm of my other hand. I let out a heavy breath and balled my hands into fists as I leaned on the desk.

"You alright there, buddy? This wine didn't burn that much, did it?" Mikhail asked with a concerned, raised eyebrow.

I raised my hand in denial and forced myself to maintain a calm expression. "Yup, everything fine over here. Guess it had a tad more of a punch than I expected."

"It didn't when I took a sip. What are you..."

"You know, funny thing... I just got an idea of where Zephie might have gone off to." I cut him off right in the middle of his sentence with my mind racing at a hundred miles and my fingers digging into the wood. I took a deep breath and smiled unconvincingly. "You should probably leave for now, I'll just clean up the shop and go looking for her."

Confused at my sudden mood switch, Mikhail looked at me with suspicious eyes. "Wait, why are you in such a rush to get me to... oh..." Suddenly, his expression changed from confusion into an almost devious smirk. "...ohhhh... I get it."

"Ghh...Get what?" I wrung out as my breath became more labored and pressing my lips together didn't help to keep it in either.

He put his hands into his pockets and made a show of turning around and leaving. "Well, guess it's about time I leave then, isn't it. If you don't mind, I'll go right ahead and turn that door sign to 'closed' on my way out.

"Wh...why would you that?"

He raised both his eyebrows as he looked back over his shoulder. "Are you sure... that you want me... to leave this door open... for anyone to walk in right now?"

I bent over and gave in. "You knew right away, huh?"

He smirked back and said with an understanding, nonchalant tone of voice: "Friend, I have a monster wife too. I'm going to see myself out. Farewell, Archimedes..." and left with the words. "... you too, Zephyr."

"Shee you later!" A muffled voice called out from underneath my reception desk.

After the bell at the door rings out, my senses, heightened from the sudden silence, pick up the sounds of sloppy sucking and slurping. I've been feeling the wet heat around my crotch area and of course I knew what it was although I still couldn't quite believe it that she would be THAT bold.

For the first time, I looked down to get a look at it for myself and the sight made me even more speechless. Zephyr, kneeling underneath my desk, had her face in between my legs and wholeheartedly sucked my cock as it was poking through an opening in my pants. She must've been waiting underneath that desk for me to return and the second she got an opportunity, she sneakily took it out.

Seeing her like this, cheeks stuffed with the tip of my cock knocking against them, my arousal only spiked further. I grabbed the edge of the table and talked to her. "You've been missing me, haven't you?"

She answered me without letting up on her surprise blowjob, licking and kissing my cock all over its length. "Because you were gone for soooo long! Of course I missed you, dummy!"

I laughed as I tried to enjoy this for a while longer and suppressed the urge to cum while I talked to her almost nonchalantly. "And what gave you... well... THIS idea?"

She continued with her hands, jerking my cock up and down so she could speak while still pleasuring me and shot me an embarrassed smile. Her cheeks were even lighting up in a slight pink shade. "Well... I actually wanted to jump out and surprise you once Mikhail left, but then..."

"But then...?" I reached down and let her nuzzle her cheek against my hand as I cupped it affectionately.

She blushed even harder and looked at me with adoring, upturned eyes. "But then you said that you never want to live without me again. I was so happy that I couldn't wait anymore. And then... this was right in front of me." She hungrily stared at my cock before enveloping it with her lips again and sliding down its length until I knocked against the back of her mouth and she started bobbing her head again.

I hunched over at the immense pleasure and reflexively grabbed her hair. "Not even until he was at least gone, huh?"

She didn't even answer with proper words and instead just shook her head decisively with a resolute: "Mm mm!" as my dick was thrusting in and out of her sweet little moth and was covered in glistening spit.

Her eyes were hooded and her face burning with excitement. I could tell right away that she's been holding out for the time I've been in the city. It was just a bit over a day, but it clearly left her wanting. And the second thing I knew was that I would have to shower her with as much attention as I could give at that point to make up for it.

My hand still at the side of her face, I combed her cotton-like hair and gently caressed her as she devotedly pleasured me. The moment she felt my hand touch her in this loving manner, she threw her arms around my hips and took my member into the back of her throat.

My knees shook from the shock of pleasure and I bunched up a bundle of her hair in my fist in response. In all this ecstasy, a smile crossed my face, accompanied by a laugh that was supposed to distract me from my incessant urge to explode in her mouth. I looked down at her with adoring, lust glazed eyes and muttered. "You are one hell of a crazy girl..." I wiped a sweaty lock off her forehead so she could look up at me. Her antennae were twitching and as our eyes met, I could tell we both felt the warmth and love that connected us. "...guess that's one of the reasons why I married you." I might've used 'married' in a very loose way, but when the words left my mouth, it still felt genuine and true. This girl... was my wife. And I was her husband.

Zephyr's eyes lit up with happiness and genuine, unfiltered joy. Her eyes closed and even with her mouth stuffed with my member, she managed to show a bright, endearing smile. With new vigor, she slobbered all over my cock, running the tip of her tongue along the underside of my head and squeezing it with her lips. When she continued bobbing her head to the extend of me reaching into her throat, I glided over her moist, slimy tongue that guided me into it.

"You've nnnghhh... gotten a lot better at this since last time. Lord! Heh, you might make me cum right away if you're not careful."

Zephyr stopped for a second and hesitated to continue, shooting me a sort of sad, disappointed look.

I chuckled and petted her head. "You're not the only one who's been pent up. Don't look like that, I'm far from done after only one load. I'll give you another one in your favorite place after this, I promise."

She chuckled to herself as well and once again choked on my dick, savoring the taste and blessing me with her intense tongue work. I could feel her coarse tongue scraping against my cock from underneath and the muscles in my groin tensed up in preparation for my impending climax.

I grunted and held on to the edge of the table as well as the back of her head as I feel the cum erupting into her throat. She clings to me, sealing off any chance of my sperm escaping her mouth. Not being able to swallow it all immediately, her cheeks visibly filled with some of it before even that was incrementally going down.

I streadied myself as my orgasm slowly subsided. My body felt unbearably tense and almost itching for more. This load was only the spark that set my mind into overload. My thoughts were clouded with thoughts of my girl and what I wanted to do to her.

I was slightly taken out of my fantasies as I heard a gasp from underneath the desk. Zephyr was taking deep breaths after leaving my cock behind with a resounding pop. The remnants of my cum that stuck to my dick, splattered onto her lips and cheeks, making them gleam with my seed. I helped her get up from under there and hoisted her onto the table. Our bodies immediately locked together and we shared as much skin with each other as we could.

I took off all my clothes as soon as I had the chance and glued myself to her as I captured her lips. I didn't care that they were still stained, both it and her belonged to me. "Fuck, Zephie! I want you so bad, honey!"

"Just... mmnnhhaaaahh... as you promised, right? In my favorite place?" She whined in anticipation, grinding her body against me. Our sweat was starting to get sticky and our bodies rubbing together felt like absolute heaven.

"Just as I promised you... that's where you have to do it when you want babies, right?"

"You really want to give me babies, Archie?" She moaned lustfully, her crotch already dripping with a mixture of her fluids and her sweat. Our bodies were glowing with heat and radiating with steaming warmth.

I embarrassedly looked into her eyes as I scratched my cheek. "I think... we can do this together. And you wanted one so bad all this time. I want to make you happy, Zephie and I think I can..."

Zephyr pressed her lips against mine in a passionate, deep, hot kiss. She parted with hooded eyes and a delirious smile crossed her face as she slowly took her finger off. "No more thinking, Archie. I want you to feel me now." She grabbed my hand and slowly guided it to her fluffy, fur covered breast before looking up into my eyes. "Just like the first time."

I squeezed tightly, making her moan as a rush of passion overcame me. Laying her down onto the desk, I leaned over her as I groped her ample breast and lined my cock up with her hidden, pulsating pussy. I leaned down and sensually whispered into her ear. "Alright, just like last time, Zephie."

Her wings fluttered and flapped on top of the table, spreading immense amounts of her pink powder in the room as I entered her moist cavern. She received me immediately. At this point we were so compatible that we just fit together like two puzzle pieces sliding into each other.

The powder formed a shallow fog that drifted through the workshop. It seemed even more than usual and guessing from her expressions and tensity in her body, it was most likely the excitement about the thought of having a baby together.

I can't lie, I was getting excited about it as well. My pulse was through the roof and my cock was harder than ever as I drilled it into her.

We got lost in an amalgamation of sensations, giving up our bodies to pleasure each other. Zephyr wrapper her hands around my neck and stared at me longingly. In all this ecstasy, she showed me a smile and for the first time... a tear of joy.

I could barely hold back from tearing up as well from the life changing decision we made. I didn't know if we would be okay in the future, but Zephyr taught me that overthinking the future distracts you from the now, so I took everything that I could get.

I flung my arms around her and thrust my tongue into her mouth where I eagerly met hers. We were hugging as tightly as the position would allow us to and our hips were clashing in a wet splash of juices and sweat. Did people outside hear us? I didn't care. I was going to get this girl pregnant. The only girl that I will ever love.

It might've been the powder clouding my mind, but at that moment, the only thing that existed, was me and her.

I played with Zephyr's fluffy hair, her antennae twitching in excitement as our tongues wrestled each other. Just like the stool back in the day, the table creaked under our weight, louder and heavier the stronger I thrust my hips.

I could hear nothing but Zephie moaning into my mouth which reverberated through my head like a resounding echo. Our glistening bodies, powder sticking to our skin, growing more and more red by the second.

I sped up, hammering Zephie's hips into the table while grinding along her walls and knocking against her womb which made her cry out in pleasure.

I could hear it in her muffled moans, she was getting closer and closer to orgasm and so was I. My mouth popped off of hers and I panted. "Together?"

She held me tightly and answered with a closed-eye smile. "Together. AAAAHHAHHHHHHHHH!"

Following right along with her, I cried out as I buried my cock to the hilt in her pussy. My cum, as it emerged, shot right into her receptive baby room which filled up immediately with a surprisingly huge load of my cloudy liquid. It became too much. Overflowing her insides and popping out around the sides where my cock entered her. Her folds were oozing with sperm and a small puddle began to form right underneath her crotch as the cum trickled down.

I gasped for air, realizing the lack of it in my lungs only now. I've exerted everything I had and with that, made Zephyr just as exhausted.

For several seconds we could not speak as our hot-running bodies had to acclimate themselves again. What I could do though, was rest myself on top of Zephyr, careful not to crush her underneath me. Sweaty bangs were once again sticking to her face and I gently wiped them aside.

Seeing her cute little face beam up at me, I couldn't resist but to pet her head and playing around with her adorable antennae. I kissed her sweaty forehead that I just uncovered, eliciting a small giggle from her.

"Heheh, I'm gonna be a mom!" She shimmied around as if making a little victory dance and hummed in happiness.

I chuckled and let out a happy sigh. I couldn't believe it myself that this was where my life was leading me. Me being a dad`? Having a wife like Zephie? My weaving shop becoming a family business? A few months ago that would've been unimaginable for me. Now though, I couldn't imagine my life going any other way. I smirked down at Zephyr. "So, Zephie... let's get back to that talk we had a few months back."

She cutely cocked her head in playful confusion. "What talk?"

I smiled back and looked her deep in the eyes. "What are we gonna call her?"

3 years later:

"Up... down... up... down... around the back... down again." Sapphire asked as she looked over my shoulder and up at me. "Like this?" My daughter showed me the little weaving rack that she had in her hands. She was sitting on my lap after begging me to teach her how to stitch so she could make cute little patterns into the fabrics we were selling.

The customers loved Sapphire when they came over and encouraged her to learn stitching just like her daddy. And after I said that it was okay for her to learn it, she was burning with determination to get it right.

I took the rack into my hand and saw what she stitched. It was a crooked version of the red flower that represented our shop. I was beaming with a smile and ruffled her cute little head. She had taken almost every characteristic from her mother. Cotton-like hair, bundled up in two little twin tails, little moth wings, antennae and fur that covered her arms, legs and everything around her belly. She was a little fluffball and perfect for cuddling just as I did when she showed me that flower she made.

She giggled as I ruffled her hair and tickled her at the same time. "You really are just like your mother. That's a really good first try." I leaned in and whispered cheekily. "Better than she did even." We sneakily giggled among ourselves as I felt a boring stare over my right shoulder.

"What are you telling her that for? She doesn't have to know that!" Zephie whined with rosy red cheeks from embarrassment.

I chuckled cautiously. "Aww, come on, Zephie, that was years ago."

"What was wrong with mommy's flower, daddy?" Sapphire asked curiously, craning her head back so she could look at me.

I shook my head, avoiding another sulky stare from Zephie who was now pouting. "There was absolutely nothing wrong with mommy's flower. It was just as perfect as yours is."

Zephie and Sapphire looked at me in confusion as Sapphire asked. "But you just said my flower was better!"

"Maybe, it's more straight than the first flower that your mother stitched with me, but that doesn't mean that I don't love both of them just as much. After all..." I signaled Zephyr to come closer so we could huddle together. "I wouldn't have made it our emblem if I didn't think that it was the most beautiful thing I've ever made with her. And one day, I will still use the flower that you just made for me and add it to our banner outside."

"Even though it's crooked?" She asked again with an embarrassed tone.

"Even though it's crooked, Sapphire. Your mommy taught me that you don't always have to put the most effort and thought into something. Sometimes it's the feelings that you carry with you in the moment that make something truly unique and special."

Sapphire took her little fabric with the flower out of the racket and smiled as she held it in front of her before holding it close to her heart and nuzzling her face against my chest. "Thank you, daddy. I love you!"

"You're not the only one, sweetie." I heard Zephyr say before she pushed up against my back and kissed me on the cheek. Suddenly, she giggled. "Do you want to tell her more about the day you taught me how to stitch?"

I gulped and shook my head as the color rushed into my cheeks. "Z..Zephie, no!"

She continued to chuckle and teased me more. "Say that my flower was better."

Sapphire overheard her and gasped in shock. "No, my flower was better!"

I interjected as sweat started to build on my forehead. "Hey, I just said both of your flowers were beautiful, why can't we just agree on that?"

"You have to pick one!" "You have to pick one!"

Both of them said in unison and chuckled shortly after they realised it.

Like mother, like daughter. I reached out with both hands and made them smile by petting their heads. In that moment, they both smiled from ear to ear and closed their eyes in happiness.

Zephie and I took our little Sapphire into our arms and cuddled together as a family.

I looked over my shoulder at Zephie...

...who playfully stretched out her tongue before mouthing the words: "I love you, Archie."

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