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Ghost family: Doppelganger

Another landslide victory. This time for the Doppelganger.

Welcome back again traveler. I see you are in desperate need of a new story. And after so long, I don't blame you.

So… the Doppelganger huh? A real story about inner beauty that goes beyond appearance. Seems like there are a whole lot of hopeless romantics among my readers.

Then sit down and listen to the tale of the Doppelganger and the man who faced her.

(By the way, a little warning. This chapter has a loli character in it. If you are not into it, I recommend you skip this one.)

Tythea was a quiet village. Maybe too quiet for my tastes, at least when it came to the lower city. It was separated into the higher city and the lower city with a steep mountain separating them. The higher city lying on the plateau on top of said mountain and the lower city at its foot.

Unfortunately, I was one of the lower-class residents. My name is Kalai Theras and I am a farmhand, supplying my city with the bare necessities of food. I harvest grains and vegetables from the few acres of land I am meant to farm. It keeps me fed, but still most of it goes to the higher city.

In my moments of silence, when I'm not working my back off, I often think about that fact. I know that my crops are good and I can make pretty nice meals out of them. But I still wonder what could await me in the higher city if I ever lived there.

It's a pool of rich people. People with influence and power. I knew I would never see that glorious luxury up there.

I felt myself staring up at the high towers and thick, fortified walls. I shook my head as I focused on the task that I've been slacking off on while I was daydreaming… pushing a cart of bread to the market. I distributed it to the owners of the various stands that were propped up along the way. They paid me for bringing them the goods and they in turn tried to sell them for an even higher price to make a profit. A flourishing system that worked for ages and brought our lower city closer together.

Everyone down here shares what they have or don't need themselves with others. Because the only ones we had down here, were we ourselves. It was a great divide between people in the higher and lower city. And one day, I dreamed, I would leave this all behind. I know it sounds egotistical but I want to experience luxury at least once. The people up there must have such a fulfilled life. Full of festivals, balls, galas and drinking the finest beers and wines.

"Ahem, excuse me! Kalai?! Are you still there, boy?" I felt someone tug at the sleeve of my sweatshirt as I was ripped out of my fantasies. My head almost knocks onto the handle of my cart, but I caught myself just in time.

"Uff… uh yeah, sorry miss Zerron. I was… somewhere else with my thoughts. You were saying?"

"I was about to give you 10 gold pieces for your delivery. But I guess if you care about money so little that you'd ignore it right in front of your face, I guess I'll take you up on the offer and take the delivery for free." The old lady joked as she pretended to put the money away.

"Sorry! Really, I am! The 10 pieces are just right. Thank you for your purchase. Here are your vegetables." I handed her a crate and laid it onto her wooden stand.

She giggled "Same old, same old huh?"

"What are you referring to?" I asked.

"Young people. Always with the head in the clouds. You're a daydreamer just like the rest of you young ones." She unpacked the vegetables as she smiled understandingly.

"Can't hurt to aim high, right?" I chuckled with her as I took back the empty crate and put it onto my cart. "Wish you a nice day, Miss Zerron."

"Have a nice day! And… try to find some happiness down here too."

I smiled weakly "I will." And I continued my route to deliver the other crates of food to the merchants.

The end of the day drew near and the sun was starting to go down. I saw the glow of the orange sun move through the clouds and looked into my cart. There were still some leftovers. A few loafs of bread and a pair of cucumbers.

"*rubs neck* Not half bad. Should be enough for dinner, I guess. Time to head back home." I spoke to myself as everyone on the market dispersed and closed shop.

The cart rattled over the cobblestone roads as I pushed it and my hands were already rough from holding the handles all day. My simple clothes were also dirty from a carriage driving through a mud puddle next to me earlier. But I couldn't really bring myself to be mad either. Not with all the coins jangling inside my little money bag. It was unrealistic to be proud of that though.

It was just about over a hundred of gold pieces which just about made up the cost of maintaining the farm. And after tomorrow, it would be the last tour for this season. After that, the only thing I could sell were my clothes and my farming equipment. Which wasn't an option obviously.

Nonetheless, I was happy knowing I at least made a profit. It was a long way from higher city standards but eh. I will get there eventually.

I thought to myself "Hmm, if I save all the money I made from this harvest and do it every season again, I can buy a bigger plot of land. Then some new tools, new sheds, new kinds of seed…."



"WOAH!" A frail, slightly squeaky voice reached my ears as I accidentally bumped into someone with my cart.

I ran around it to see who I hit.

A very young-looking back haired girl sat on her butt down on the cobblestones of the street. She was rubbing said butt, seeming like she landed on it.

"Shit! Are you hurt? I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there!" I tried to mend the situation in a panic.

She was hesitant to take my hand and crawled backwards, waving her hands in defense. "Y…You weren't supposed to! I was stupid! I didn't hide well… I mean I didn't see you coming either!" Her red pupils shook with anxiety and fear. Her skin was pale and seemed entirely spotless. Not a single blemish in sight. Unusual for any resident of the lower city.

I tried to approach her calmly and crouched down to her level. She averted her eyes and hugged her knees, keeping her distance from me a bit. "Are you… from the upper city?"

She shook her head and buried her face in her legs to hide it.

I rubbed my head as I inspected her. She seemed to be wearing pretty shaggy clothes. Her short black dress was completely torn. But then again it looked like it was intended to look that way. The edges weren't ripped or anything. They were just made like that from the beginning.

"So… are you lost, little girl?" I asked, trying to make her more comfortable. But instead I was greeted with an uncomfortable sulk.

"…ot a …girl!" She mumbled into her knees with her muffled voice.

"What was that?" I reached out my hand to her and lifted her chin up to get her face out from behind the cover.

As soon as she saw me, her pale face turned crimson red and she immediately turned her eyes away again. But still, she sulkily mumbled. "I'm not a little girl. I'm an adult!"

"Well, you definitely don't look like any adults I know. You seem… pretty young."


I was just as surprised as she was herself how loud she blurted that out. She held her mouth shut with her hands in her own shock but soon continued sulking as she blushed.

She put one arm behind her back and pulled on her dress, stretching the front of it tightly over her body. "See? I am way too grown to be a child!"

I looked at her in utter confusion but indeed, I saw a pair of small, yet noticeable mounds on her chest.

"Yeah, now that you say it…"

But when I leaned in to look, her eyes widened as if she just noticed what she was doing and she backed up again, fidgeting with her fingers. "So… there you have it." She mumbled dissatisfied.

"It's okay, I believe you." I spoke as carefully as I could. She seemed extremely malnourished, or at least very thin.

I sat down with crossed legs a bit away from her to not startle her, right next to my cart. "Are you hungry by any chance?"

"I don't need anything. *grumble*" As if immediately disagreeing with her statement, her stomach grumbled and she held it in dull pain. She must've been starving.

"Here, take this. I don't think your body is thinking the same thing as you do." I reached up into the cart and pulled out one of the few loafs of bread I had left.

She looked at me perplexed but slowly reached out to grab the bread from my hand. She snatched it away and like a bunny started to chow down on it. It looked incredibly cute how she just stuffed her face with it and her teeth bit off the littlest pieces given how small her mouth was.

"Feeling better?" I asked concerned.

She noticed me look at her while she ate and turned her eyes downward, focusing on the bread to not have to look into my eyes. She was visibly embarrassed, having to accept help from me. But she still seemed like she appreciated it.

"I didn't really need it but… thank you. I don't get to eat often. Usually I don't have to do it much." She opened herself up a bit, speaking to me with a soft and weak voice.

"What do you mean you don't have to eat. Everybody does."

"Not me. I can hold out a long time without food. It just… hurts sometimes."

"Well yeah, being hungry hurts. I think your stomach just made you aware of that and told you how angry he was about that." I chuckled and for the first time, I saw a little smile appear on her face.

"It's not that bad though. I can live without food for pretty long."

I looked around, seeing all the houses shut down completely for the night. It was only dim light shining from the horizon but I didn't feel like going yet. I wanted to talk some more with this girl. "By the way, I haven't gotten your name yet."

"You haven't given me yours either." She responded, munching on a piece of the bread.

"Well, that's why I was asking. I'll give you my name if you give me yours."

She hesitated a bit, but after she swallowed, she spoke up. "Delia. My name's Delia."

I smiled a little and nodded since she probably would back away again if I gave her my hand. "Nice to meet you, Delia. I'm Kalai."

She smiled and nodded back, apparently trying to replicate my response earlier. We sat there a little, smiling at each other shyly. "Are you from this part of town. You know, the lower city?" I asked her.

"Am I looking that poor? I'm sorry. I don't really have any other dresses." She slumped a little, pulling at the shredded hem of her skirt.

"It wasn't meant as an insult. I live down here myself."

"I know…"

"What was that?" I didn't understand her since she mumbled her last line.

"NOTHING!" She jerked up and continued chewing on the bread some more to avoid having to talk more.

"So, are you from the higher city then? Heck, I could believe it. Your skin doesn't even have a single blemish on it. No scars. No bruises. No rough skin."

Delia cocked her head curiously. "Do you like women from the higher city? They're really pretty huh?"

I rubbed my neck awkwardly at her direct question. "Well, I can't lie. They are drop dead gorgeous women up there. With their fancy dresses, fair skin and their perfect bodies. Who wouldn't admire them?"

"I see." She seemed to be lost in thought for a moment when she looked up at me and smiled. "Th… thank you for the bread. You are really nice." She mumbled sweetly as I saw a light tinge of red in her cheeks.

"Don't even mention it. Are you gonna go home now?"

"Not yet, I'll… stick around a bit." She said shyly as she stuffed what little she had left of her bread into a small pocket in her dress.

I leaned over to her and tried to make a first contact with her, reaching to the top of her head and petting her. "I hope you're gonna be okay. Have fun."

She seemed to like it for a second as she hummed and closed her eyes, but then she suddenly sulked and wacked my hand away. "You're still treating me like a kid!" Her face flushed red before she quickly propped herself up and ran away. She stopped for a second to look back at me and despite seeming a little angry with me, she gave me a small reluctant wave with her hand before she disappeared behind a corner.

I gave her a small wave of my own and smiled at her from afar. But then I was all by myself again.

"Whelp aaahhhh! Time to get home. I dawdled long enough. Besides, gotta get some water from the well for tomorrow morning still. That's going to be a major pain. I wonder if I'll wake the neighbors given how screechy the old rusty crank is." I stood up and pulled along my cart, eagerly anticipating the left preparations for the next day of course.

When I reached the edge of town and left my cart in a small shack outside of my small living space, I set out with my wooden bucket and headed towards the public well in the town square. It felt pretty lonely at night, to wander over the huge open area. Not a single person to be seen around but me.

It was almost creepy. And in the darkness, even though I know I should be the only one up at this hour, I weirdly felt watched somehow.

Maybe it was just the vulnerability of being in such an open field surrounded by quiet houses and dark roads. But on the other hand, I would see anyone approaching from a mile away. So, I scratched it up to needless paranoia.

Arriving at the crooked little well, I tied my bucket to the loose rope and hoped that the ear-gratingly loud creaks of the well. I put the rusty cogs in motion, sending the bucket down into the darkness until I heard it touch the water at the bottom.

The whole time though, I felt like I wasn't alone out here. And Kalai Theras is not one who likes surprises.

I wanted to be done here as soon as possible. The damp echoes from the well didn't really help to calm my nerves.

The bucket clattered against the walls of the well as I hastily pulled it up.

It was so close. I could see the bucket emerge from the darkness. I reached out to grab it and leaned over the ledge.

But then I lost my footing. I felt myself tilting forwards and I flailed my arms wildly, trying to catch myself, though I didn't get a hold of anything to grab.

I prepared myself to inevitably fall in… but I didn't. Something pulled on the hem of my shirt.

With the bucket in hand and my heart sunk into my stomach, I felt the ground underneath my feet again.

"Goodness, you almost fell in there! You need to watch yourself around those wells." A soft-spoken, feminine voice reached my ears from behind me.

After I caught my breath and I chuckled at myself, I turned around and rubbed my neck apologetically. "Yeah, I'm usually not that careless. But being alone out here made me a little nervous I guess. Thank the gods you were…" As I looked up I only now saw who I was talking to. Who was the one who saved me from falling.

A beautiful, regal girl stood in front of me. She wore royal attire with a pristine pink dress with ornaments all over it and long pink gloves that reached up to her upper arms. She was blonde and her hair was partially put up in a braided ponytail while the rest of her flowing locks blew around the sides of her face from the cold winds in the night. In the clear moonlight, she looked astoundingly pretty and I could immediately tell that she must have been nobility from the higher city.

I fell to my knees immediately as I felt my face flush with embarrassment and shame. "I'm so sorry to have bothered you with something so trivial your highness! I should have been more careful instead of you risking harm to yourself!"

She chuckled and gently laid her hand upon my shoulder. "You needn't worry, citizen. Every life is valuable. It was worth saving." She was so incredibly gentle, even her voice alone made me feel at ease.

I raised myself up again but still bowed slightly to her with my hand upon my heart. "Still, forgive me to have bothered you like that. I'm just a humble farmer down here and I still made someone of your status worry about me. So, in short: Thank you milady."

"You're very welcome. Well… are you still going to pick up your what was it? Bucket?"

"Oh! Oh yeah! I'm… I still need that one." I fumbled a little as I turned around and this time successfully pulled up the water-filled bucket.

"Well, thank you again. I'm in your debt. I know I'm just a farmer and you probably already have all that you could need but… if there is ever anything you need from me, just ask.

I bowed to her one more time and was ready to turn and leave but the lady seemed to be hesitant to let me go. "Well actually…" She called out to me.

"Hmm?" I turned around to look at her curiously.

"I never had the opportunity to witness the land life before. Would you mind if I… accompany you?"

I was a bit taken aback by her request. Why would a noble, maybe even a royal, want to spend the night in a farmer's home? But I gave her my word that I was indebted to her and decided to pick her up on it.

"If you are sure that that's what you want, then of course. I'd be honored."

"Really! Thank you so much! This is so exhilarating!" She closed her eyes and smiled from ear to ear. It stirred some sort of happiness inside me to see her so enthusiastic about it. I didn't get why that was, but I found myself liking her spirit.

"Oh, almost forgot to introduce myself. Might be useful if we're gonna spend some more time together. I'm Kalai. Kalai Theras."

"Oh, I've heard of you before. You're supplying the market place with food, right?"

"That very same one. And who might you be?" I asked curiously.

She elegantly puts a hand to her chest and introduces herself cordially. "My name is Tera Melassa."

I cocked my head, not knowing if I should be impressed or confused, because I've heard that name before. Actually… "Isn't that also the name of this town square?"


"This is the Tera Melassa square. I mean there are signs all over that say that. Is that a coincidence?"

She seemed to fidget a little and then explained herself. "Umm… well… No! It's not a coincidence citizen. This square is property of my family and my parents named it after me! Yeah!"

I was suspicious, but then again, I don't have much of a clue about the property that the nobles own in town. "Well, that's… neat. Your family must be pretty influential then."

"Yeah, we are pretty rich. I don't like to flaunt that a lot though. So not many people really know about me that well. So, I can wander the streets sometimes without being recognized. But still, to make absolutely sure, I often come down here at night and see what the lower city looks like."

"Huh, I didn't think the higher city cared that much about the lower class."

"Well… they usually don't. But I do." She smiled cutely and it sent my heart aflutter once again.

"That's very admirable milady."

"You can just call me Tera."

"Okay. Tera." We looked at each other with similarly affectionate smiles. My heart was beating like a hammer in my chest. I felt such a strong connection to her. It was as if we were already bonding.

We walked through the empty streets until we reached my small barn. I set my bucket down in the same shack as my cart and presented my, admittedly very ragged, home.

"Here it is. In all of its… glory. I know it's not much, but I hope it won't be too bad for you."

But despite my concerns, Tera reacted way different than I expected. Her eyes widened and she fawned over it. "This is where you live? Wow! It must feel so free! So liberating!" She quickly disappeared inside the barn and admired the wooden structure. My barn didn't see much use and was partially in disrepair, so it was full of holes. Mostly in the roof.

Now that she made me aware of it, I saw what she meant. Through the roof, you had a beautiful view of the starry sky and the moon that aligned perfectly with the hole. "I'm glad you like it. But you might not like how we're gonna sleep." I admitted embarrassedly.

"Oh really? Where are your beds?"

"Well… here." I pointed at a large pile of hay on the ground. "But if you don't want to, I can fix you…" Before I could even finish my sentence, she jumped onto the pile and laid on it on her back.

"Are you kidding? This is magnificent! Ahhh! It feels so nice." She stretched her arms towards the sky and took a deep breath.

I… I couldn't help but smile widely. It was just… too endearing. It felt like I didn't have to worry about anything around her. I didn't need to be ashamed of my poverty. She loved every second of it.

I chuckled and jumped into the pile right next to her. I similarly exhaled and relaxed. "You have a point. This really does have its perks."

I couldn't describe it. Tera made me so happy with what I have. I saw positive sides of the farmer life that I never really appreciated. With her, it seemed so… peaceful.

I looked over to her out of the corner of my eyes and watched her stare up at the sky with a gentle smile crossing her lips and the moon reflecting in her pearly blue eyes. I tried to use the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

"How is the life up there? In the higher city, I mean. Must be nice, right?"

She sighed in response but lightened up shortly after. "Well, it's not too bad."

"Not too bad? You're living in luxury, never having to worry about money, food or having a home."

"Quite the contrary. We think a lot about those things. Way too much. It's always about having more. More money. More land. More estates and villas. I don't think very highly of that mentality."

I sighed back and looked up at the stars.

"What about you? Don't you think it's nice to live on free land? You're the ones who earn their money honestly and you can live out here. Free of restrictions. No bureaucracy, no appearances to keep up. You can be your own man. You should be proud of who you are and what you achieved with your hard work."

A smile crossed my face. She was right. I didn't have much. But what I had, I earned on my own. I didn't hate my work. I didn't really have schedules except harvesting season. I was a free man.

"I'm glad then that this higher city and all of its restrictions brought out at least something good."

"And what is that?" She asked as she rolled onto her side to look at me.

"Someone like you." I said with a cheesy smile and rolled onto my side as well. We stared at each other for a few moments before Tera spoke up.

"Hey, Kalai?"

"Yeah, Tera?"

"You don't have any other girl at the moment, right?"

I blushed at her sudden question and averted my eyes awkwardly. "Not really, no."

"Good." She rolled over to me, turning me onto my back as she straddled me. She pulled her blonde locks aside before she leaned down… and kissed me.

Fireworks lit up in my brain and I was paralyzed for a good few seconds before I could react.

Tera was visibly offset by it and was about to pull back. But I kept her from doing that. I cupped her cheek and returned the kiss, wrestling my lips with hers.

Her lips were so soft and smooth. The weight of her body felt almost like nothing was there. She was lighter than I expected, not that she looked heavy in any way, but even so she was incredibly light.

I caressed her back with my free hand as we exchanged passionate kisses. Her body was pressed against mine as her gloved fingers combed through my hair.

"Kalai! Kalai!" She moaned in between our sloppy kisses. She was longing for me, and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't longing for her as well.

We embraced each other, shifting around in the hay as our hands explored each other. With my lust taking a hold of my mind, I started to touch her in more… risky places. With one hand reaching for one of her breast and the other pushing up her dress so I could touch her soft, round ass. I could feel her panties and judging from the rough surface, they were embroidered.

Somehow knowing that she wore pristine and probably expensive underwear it made me want to defile it. It was a base thought, but like I said, my lust had taken over.

"*pant* Hey, Tera?"

"*hums* Yeah?" She answered as she parted from my lips with her blonde hair hanging down from the side of her face.

"I'm… getting excited. If we keep this up, I might not be able to hold back." I was at my limit. A large sum of my blood was pooling into my crotch and it was almost bursting at the seams. At least it felt like it.

Tera chuckled. "I know. I can feel it."

My pleasure was skyrocketing when Tera lowered her hips and I just now noticed that her panties were rubbing right against my bulge. Even through her and my layer of fabric, I could faintly feel the wetness emanating from her crotch. She winked at me, making me gulp audibly.

"And I don't want you, having to hold back." She lifted her skirt and revealed her pink colored underwear. And just like I thought before, it was embroidered with golden ornaments.

A slightly darker spot marked the center of it and I could clearly see the outline of her dripping wet pussy.

"Are you sure you want me? You could have any noble you wanted." I asked just to make sure that this was the right decision for her.

"Maybe. But none of them are anything like you. And as I found out…" She leaned down to whisper in my ear. "… I seem to have a thing for country boys."

I shivered from her words and with my overloaded mind, pulled her in for another kiss.

With her dress shuffled up to her hips, I massaged her wonderful cheeks and squeezed them in between my fingers.

Tera smirked and lifted her butt a little to shove aside her panties. And then I was greeted with a full, first row view of a noble pussy. It was perfectly shaven and smooth as baby skin. Curious, I reached forward and ran my fingers over the outlines of it. Tera shivered at the touch and goosebumps formed on her thighs.

"*quivers* Not fair. It's your turn too." She sulked a little bit as she shuddered from the tingling sensation in her loins.

I wasn't going to argue and stopped my caresses, which relaxed her for a moment. But of course, she knew what would come next.

I slipped out of my ragged pants and let my hardly erect cock spring free as the waistband crossed it.

Tera seemed impressed and smiled at my member with flaming lust in her eyes. It was almost like she was anticipating this moment.

With her dress pouring out over my lap, she aligned her crotch with my towering cock.

"Ready to know what it feels like to have intercourse with a noble, Kalai?" She joked as her breath grew more and more ragged in anticipation.

"You have no idea." I nodded rapidly. "I want you so bad!"

"Hmhm, you'll have me." She sunk down onto me and skewered herself on top of me. I held her hips, helping her move down as I pushed through her inner walls. Her squishy insides squeezed me and coated my shaft with her slick juices.

It was a godlike feeling that I couldn't even describe. My heart beat like crazy as I saw her bite her lip with every inch she lowered herself.

She plopped down and her body trembled when we were finally entirely connected. She sat atop my lap, quick breaths escaping her mouth while she got accustomed to my cock inside.

"It… feels… marvelous!" She sighed as she steadied herself on my chest with her hands.

I embraced her and locked eyes with her, our faces close to each other. "Wanna make it feel even more marvelous?" I whispered sensually.

"Definitely!" She responded enthusiastically.

"Then start moving. I'll match your rhythm."

She smiled happily "I'm counting on it."

From that moment on, pleasure just kept accelerating. Her hips moved as she propped herself up with help of her hands pushing her up just before she let herself fall down again. A steady exchange of thrusts and falls followed where the more we got in sync, the harder we slammed into each other.

Lying in the hay together, it tickled our skin and gave us even more stimulation.

Our breaths quickened as we embraced each other, our hips moving in increasing speeds. I fucked her as best I could from my lower position and thrusted up into her.

"Goodness! This is fantastic! I've…I've never felt like this! My body is tingling!" She cried out in ecstasy.

"Me neither, Tera! Me neither!" I moan heavily and I closed the distance between our faces, kissing her wildly in excitement. We decided to become more daring and after prodding each other for a little, we opened our mouths to greet the other's tongue.

With our tongues wrestling, exchanging saliva, our hips moved in unison. Her hands held onto my shoulders and I helped her move her hips with my hands on her butt as it bounced on my cock.

Her spit was sweet and succulent as her flexible tongue rubbed against mine. I felt my straining cock swell as I felt myself inching closer to climax.

I was slapping against her crotch with my thick, spreading shaft disappearing within her tight slit over and over.

My balls were getting tighter and I felt the cum bubble within.

"*moans* Tera!"

"KALAI! *pant**pant*" Her pussy was quivering and her walls tightening. The moment was coming.

I gripped her butt tightly and her fingers dug into my shoulder as we exchanged one more sloppy kiss, before she crashed down for the last time and my cum burrowed deep into her caverns.

Her pulsating clit was twitching against the top of my shaft and she squirted hot juices onto my crotch.

The relief was amazing when I filled her to the brim with my white, cloudy batter. I can't remember the last time that I was this relaxed and fulfilled.

Tera seemed to feel the same as she still twitched from her orgasm. But for some reason, she recovered incredibly quickly and steadied her breathing again. She hungrily sought my lips, kissing them affectionately with her gloved hands holding the back of my head as we laid in the pile of hay.

"Wasn't that incredible? Did it feel good, Kalai?" She asked as she fawned on me.

"I don't think there will ever be a better feeling in my life. I spilled so much inside you, it's crazy!" I mumbled in exhaustion. I hugged her tight and she almost melted into my arms, resting her head on my shoulder as she closed her eyes blissfully.

"You never imagined having sex with a woman from the higher city, have you?"

"Not even in my wildest dreams. I certainly fantasized about it, but that it would actually happen is still boggling my mind."

"*chuckles* What do you like most about me?"

"There are a lot of things. It's hard to pick."

She hummed happily "Was it my breasts? My butt? My face? What was it that made you like me?"

"None of those."

Her eyes snapped open in surprise and she sat up on my lap. "What do you mean, none of those? D…Don't you like my body?" She asked nervously.

"Of course I do, but that's not what made me like you. You look beautiful, obviously. But… it was YOU who made me fall in love with you."

"I…I can't… I can't follow." For some reason she fidgeted. Small smiles crossed her face from time to time, but she was somehow conflicted about something.

"It was your kindness, your care. You care about people like me. You are enthusiastic and fun. You're optimistic and light hearted. I always feel so lifted when I'm talking to you." I let my emotions spill as she seemed to get more and more nervous. But my words still seemed to make her happy. I was getting confused but I wanted her to know everything I felt.

"B… but it's still mostly because of my looks that you fell for me… right? I mean, you like girls from the higher city right?"

"No… I don't love any girls from the higher city. But I DO love you… and I love you for yourself." I held her quivering hands, looking her deep in the eyes.

She bit her lips and gulped. "I love you too, Kalai. I really do. Believe me. I'm sorry."

I cocked my head in confusion "What? Sorry? What are you talking about?"

Suddenly, her fingers that were entwining and squeezing mine suddenly felt like they weren't even there.

A black fog emanated from her body and engulfed her until she was an entire black cloud. Her shape completely fell apart and sunk onto the floor. Her entire being disappeared from my lap and I was left surrounded by this black fog.

"What the hell is going on here?! T…Tera?"

I sat there, dumbfounded, too occupied with what was happening to redress myself. The fog seemed to pool together somewhere. It was flowing away from me and into a dark corner of the barn. With my lower half bare, I stood up and followed the cloud until I reached said corner.

I came closer and closer and the fog became thicker and thicker until I saw a small figure crouching in the very edge of the corner walls.

First I saw a pair of red eyes peek out from the darkness, then I saw a black ragged dress, worn by a girl with fair, white skin. It was Delia.

"I… I want to say it again. I'm… sorry, Kalai." She wrung out as she choked on her words in fear.

I was stumped. Delia sat there, in the corner, clutching her legs in embarrassment. I noticed upon further inspection that her fingers were glistening with wetness in the moonlight and her legs were shifting uncomfortably. "I…I don't understand. Where did Tera go? And what are you doing here? Were you… watching us?"

She seemed like she wanted to defend herself but she stumbled over her words. "I… well yes… and no…"

"What do you mean? I don't understand!" I was stumped and didn't know what was going on here. I needed answers.

And then she blurted it out "I AM Tera!" She took deep breaths and tried to calm her nerves down. She seemed like a nervous wreck.

My eyes widened in surprise and disbelief, but I kept quiet and let her continue since she clearly had more to say.

"I… I am a Doppelganger. A shapeshifter. I was Tera the whole time."

"But… but why?"

Her voice was shaky, but she continued. "I came here from a faraway place outside of the town borders. I kept myself hidden until I found a fitting form to turn into so I could blend in with the crowds. I didn't want them to see me in my true form. I am not pretty or busty or… grown." She looked down at her flat chest and sighed.

After that, she looked up into my eyes "And then, one day, I found you. I watched you work the fields from my hideouts. I saw you harvesting, selling your crops and interacting with people. I was curious about you. I tried to follow you home but… well… I was careless and got in your way when you knocked me over. You know the rest from there."

I held my head in utter confusion and sat down next to her. "Okay… okay… I guess I'm beginning to grasp this. But why the whole thing with Tera?"

She looked up at me with soft, adoring eyes. "Because you were so nice to me. You talked to me and gave me food when I was so hungry from the days it took me to get here. I… was falling for you." She admitted as she blushed. "I've heard you talk about those people in the higher city with the merchant on the market and so I thought you would like the girls from there too. So, I wanted to be that kind of girl for you that you were dreaming about. And when you went out at night to get water, I took the chance."

I leaned my head against the wooden wall. I needed to think and nothing came to mind that I could say.

"I knew you wouldn't like my real form. You treated me like a child." She sighed as she hung her head. "I'm sorry! I loved you! And I wanted to be the girl that you wanted. I didn't know what else to do."

"So…" I spoke up. Delia raised her head to look at me with her eyes watery with tears welling up.

"…you were the girl who saved me from falling into that well, huh?"

She nodded and wiped her tears away.

"And you were also the girl with those wide eyes. The one who made me smile and saw the bright side in all those small things?"

She nodded again. We sat there for a quiet moment and she listened to my words intently.

"You know… I meant what I said before." I slowly shimmied towards her and wrapped my arm around her tiny body. Her eyes widened in shock when I pulled her against me.

"I loved you because it was you. Not because of how you looked. And since you are that same girl that I just made love to, I don't think that anything should change, right?" I smiled softly.

"Kalai?" She couldn't believe what she was hearing. I accepted her, even now. Her tears were flowing, but I wiped them away with my thumb.

"And judging by what we just did, it seems like you really aren't a kid. Kids don't have these kind of lewd thoughts." I joked as I cupped her cheek.

She blushed deeply but at the same time smiled brightly up at me.

"Should we continue where we left off… Tera?" I winked at her with a gentle smirk.

"Hehe, that would be marvelous." She joked back before her face turned serious and she was focused on my lips.

Delia drew closer until our lips touched. Her small lips of course felt different from Tera's. But nonetheless it sparked the same fire within me when I kissed them.

She threw her arms around me as she kissed me hungrily and deeply. As if she learned everything from before, she immediately opened her mouth and met my tongue with hers. She was prepared.

I lifted her small body up in my arms, never breaking contact with her lips as I set her down on the pile of hay. Compared to her former figure, she felt more alive. More real than her Tera form. I felt her body clearly and I could feel her heated breath against my cheeks in between kisses.

"Delia, I am quite ahead of you already in the preparation." I pointed at my lower half, which was still bared. My cock regained its erection and stood up, pointing at her crotch.

"In this form, it should be much quicker." She chuckled a little before her black dress disappeared in a cloud of smoke and her entire, pale body was naked underneath me. I saw her wet crotch, overflowing with juices. She must've fingered herself earlier when she watched me and 'Tera'. The sweet scent tickled my nose. It fueled my lust for her even more.

"Are you ready?"

"I've done this before, haven't I?" She smiled assuringly as I leaned over her and pointed the head of my cock at her tiny slit. It was just as bare and hairless as before but seemed even tighter and smaller. But I would fit in. I had to.

Delia held onto my arms as I pushed forward. I pried her folds open and buried my cock inside her bit after bit. Her small body trembled as she tried to get used to the foreign object. She bore the slight pain, focusing on the pleasure of her tight walls being rubbed by my dick.

She clung to me wholeheartedly and didn't seem to want to let go. For the first time since I've met her, she seemed to feel safe.

We exchanged loving kisses, with Delia holding my arms and moaning into my mouth as I began thrusting.

We moaned loudly when we weren't covering each other's lips.

I held her small body in my arms, pulling it closer to mine while I fucked her. I could feel her perky, little breasts on my chest, scraping against it and fueling my arousal.

Our bodies went wild as we synced up almost immediately. Must've been from the practice we had before. Her tight, clamping pussy felt even more amazing than before.

"Delia! I love you!" I moaned with bated breath as our bodies were intertwined with each other.

"I love you too, Kalai! I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!" She repeated over and over, getting louder and louder as she got more and more turned on.

She pressed her face into my shoulder, no longer to keep up with kissing due to her slack and constantly open mouth. She panted onto my skin as I rocked her body.

I was wheezing, straining all my muscles to prolong this incredible pleasure. Her legs shook limply every time I crashed into her and it told me that her body was already numb.

"C…CUMMING!" It was the only word she could bring out as she blissfully took each one of my thrusts.

"Soon, Delia! I'm almost there too!" I clenched my teeth as my big hands grabbed her surprisingly supple butt cheeks and I increased the force in my thrusts with the leverage.

I moved one of my hands to her hair and combed her black locks out of her face to have an unhindered view of her beautiful red eyes. Without exchanging words, we both smiled at each other. Each accepting the other the way we are.

Our lips naturally came together in a meaningful romantic kiss as our loins spilled over and we released our lust onto each other. With my cock buried deep within her, I filled her to the point of overflowing. The mixture of our cum burst through the cracks and our crotches became a mess of liquids. But we didn't care.

We were out of breath and collapsed together. My muscles were sore and her body was numb. It was a peaceful kind of exhaustion. One that we both wished could last longer.

But the after glow eventually subsided and was followed by actual exhaustion. I got off Delia and instead let her rest on top of me.

In contrary to before, this time I could actually feel her weight. I knew she was there. And knowing that, I felt happiness. I didn't need to be a noble or royalty in the higher city. I was myself, and she was herself. And that was enough.

I cuddled up with her, holding her tiny body in my arms and resting in the hay.

Delia nuzzled me and closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Shortly before I did myself.

What happened after then?

The farm thrived with me and Delia being able to do everything quicker together. She was eager to help and was curious about all the little things that we had to do as farmers. She overcame her fears and never had to change forms again to please me.

At first it was pretty hard for her to get used to it due to all the heavy and large equipment and how small she was.

It was cute to see her struggle and try to lift the massive wooden crates of food and I had to buy a new size especially made for her. She did the best she could at all times and her enthusiasm kept me going and happy every day.

I was sure to help her out whenever she needed it and we only ever grew closer and closer.

And if we didn't have anything to do, we'd pass the time with a little romp in the field or cuddling up in a pile of hay.

And there's nothing in the higher city that could have possibly made my life more happy.

[And that's it for this time. I hope you enjoyed it. I know, I know, I didn't post on time. Sorry about that. For one there was a power outage a few days ago that prolonged the time I needed to finish this and additionally to that, it turned out WAY longer than I anticipated.

But I hope it was worth the wait.

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