Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Decidueye(Yuurei) x Jeremy

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It is almost always sunny in Crescendo Village. The quiet little place north of the capital city had a gentle breeze blow about its countless fields of corn, wheat and flowers.

Such a beautiful scenery of rich gold and all sorts of brimming colors attracted the city folk that was not used to the serenity of nature. Crescendo had no cars driving through, no highways or airlines above it. It was just a remote little village with hay covered rooftops and cobblestone roads just meant for walking.

The only thing that remotely broke the silence was once you went a bit past the little village into the nearby thicket where a summer resort was built. It was a popular vacation area for children since it offered tons of activities to choose from.

Our story centers around two of them. The ten-year-olds: Jeremy and Yuurei.

Weirdly enough, it all begins with an arrow flying aimlessly through the air. The sharpened, wooden projectile zipped through the forest until it got stuck in the trunk of a tree. Way past the one where a target made from a roll of hay was hung up.

"Aww, I'll never hit ANYTHING like that. I told you, Jeremy. I just can't hold the string long enough!"

This was Yuurei. An anthro Rowlett girl that came to Crescendo for summer break. Still being in her "baby" form at her age, she looked even younger than she already was. She wore a cute little beige summer dress with brown dots all over it. Her arms, from her shoulders outward, transitioned into soft brown feathered wings as well as her legs which did the same, but into yellow, tiny talons. One of her red eyes was adorably covered by her grassy green hair that swirled around the top of her head. A thin ribbon was tied around her neck, which was tied together in a tiny, green fly.

Yuurei was holding a bow in her feeble wings, which she was barely able to hold. Her body was tiny, the bow was too big for her and her wings didn't allow for a very firm grip. She had to wrap the tips of her wings around the bow and then even get enough strength together to pull back the string. The result of this was an array of arrows sticking in the earth and the trees around the target she wanted to hit. Most of them didn't even reach the target's distance and just softly plopped to the ground.

"*sigh* Maybe archery isn't for me." Yuurei sighed disappointed. But someone carefully placed his hand on her shoulder and comfortingly consoled her.

"You just need the right stance Yuurei. Even if you're small, you can still even it out if you stand right." A boy smiled at the sad little owl Pokémon.

The boy that was slightly taller than Yuurei, was Jeremy. A child from an orphanage in Kalayda City. Usually, he was a very introverted, shy kid, who was almost never allowed to leave the orphanage much. His hair was a light blonde which often was messy and full of mud from playing around with Yuurei. His clothes were very simple, since he couldn't afford much extravagance. It was a simple, white button up shirt, which just like his hair, often got dirty. Blue Jeans and suspenders and red, used up shoes. His eyes were a hazelnut brown, always glimmering with curiosity.

But despite his urge to go out and explore the world he always had to be inside or at least near the orphanage. Except for summer break that is, where he got to meet Yuurei. The sweet, clingy little Rowlett. After getting him to play with her, after hours of nagging him about it, they became like best friends.

Every year, they would meet at the summer camp and hang out together. This went on for several years, and every year at the same time, they would meet again and try something new together.

This year it was archery. The young duo found some unused targets in a thicker part of the forest with some arrows and a bow, probably stored away for some events that took place throughout the rest of the year.

Jeremy took the bow out of Yuurei's wings "Here, look how I do it." He said as he readied his bow.

With a steady stance, he lifted it up and closed one eye. "See? You need to stand sturdily and aim down the shaft of the arrow. Count in the drop when you shoot aaaaannd…" Jeremy let the arrow fly and as it pierced forward, it found the red center of the target.

"Wow! You're a natural!" Yuurei gushed with wide eyes. "How did you know how to do that?"

Jeremy rubbed his neck shyly "Oh well, I've trained with slingshots in the orphanage. I always shot bottles off the wall in our yard. Shooting a bow feels pretty much like a big slingshot."

Yuurei's smile turned slumped from her former amazement "But what about me though? I'm too tiny and weak." She stood on tiptoes as she barely reached Jeremy's chin.

Jeremy smiled and held back a chuckle "Like I said, you just have to stand right. Here. Take the bow." He said as he got behind her while she readied the bow.

Yuurei could barely hold the bow up straight. "I don't know if I can do it, Jeremy. *gasp*" She gasped as she felt Jeremy wrap his arms around her from behind. He guided her wings where she held the bow and string and helped her straighten up her stance.

He corrected her positions "Pull your legs together to gain some height and take a deep breath. It helps you hold the bow steadier. Do you get it?"

Jeremy's chin was resting on her shoulder as he tried to get her into a right position. It was almost as if he hugged her from behind.

Yuurei smiled and blushed as she felt his hug. She leaned back against him as she concentrated on stretching the bow. She took aim and closed one eye as she aimed. And as she took one last breath, she let the arrow go.

It hit right in the center. Close to Jeremy's own arrow.

Yuurei gasped in surprise and her eyes lit up in joy. "Did you see that, Jeremy? I did it! I really did it!"

Jeremy smiled at her happily "Told you, you could do it."

Yuurei looked back over her shoulder as she faced Jeremy who was still hugging her from behind. Blood shot to her head "Uhh…umm… you can let go of me now… if you want to." She stuttered sheepishly.

Wha… oh! Sorry." Jeremy stepped back and blushed as he rubbed his neck awkwardly.

Yuurei closed her hands behind her back as she swayed back and forth girlishly. "No worries. Thank you for your help."

"S…sure thing."

The young pair went silent as they occasionally smiled at each other shyly.

"Anyway, summer is almost over. You're coming next year too, right?" Jeremy asked to break the ice.

"Y…yeah, my parents already wrote me up for next year."

"Awesome! It's gonna be pretty lonely the rest of the year without you, though."

"I know. But time goes faster than you think." Yuurei smiled enthusiastically.

"I guess. I wish you could come home with me. It's so boring in the orphanage." Jeremy sulked.

Yuurei felt sad as he saw him being down and with wide open arms ran towards him to hug him tightly. "I'll miss you too, Jeremy. But whatever happens, we'll always have the summer for each other! That way you can always look forward to it every year!"

Jeremy couldn't help but smile as the little Pokémon wrapped her wings around his sides because she couldn't reach higher. He hugged her back and pressed her tiny body against him. "I hope the next summer comes fast."

"Me too…" Yuurei sighed as she rubbed her face against his chest.

3 years later:

Summer time had come again and it was already late at night as Jeremy and Yuurei met in the thicket again where they trained their skills in archery. Both of them had started to enjoy it over the years and practiced every time summer camp came around.

Today though, they went a step further and instead of getting ready to sleep in their cabins, they stayed up. They lit the target up with green glow sticks around the rim to use it for some extra night practice.

Both of them were 14 years old now, but while Jeremy had grown like any other human, Yuurei still looked almost the same since she still hadn't evolved.

It was Yuurei's turn at the bow, but while she drew back her bow, her one eye that was not covered by her green locks should be focused on aiming, was constantly gazing towards Jeremy who stood at the sidelines. He was watching intrinsically as Yuurei took the next shot.

She wanted to focus, but somehow Jeremy was so much more enticing to look at. She felt her heartbeat going out of rhythm and her breath got nervous as he watched her.

"What are you waiting for, Yuurei? You're getting better at it. I know you can do it. You've hit the target on your own before."

"I know, I'm just… a little distracted." Yuurei said with flushed cheeks. She took a deep breath and pulled the string back all the way.

But as she was about to let go, her eye wandered somewhere else. She watched with a hidden smile as Jeremy combed through his dirty, blonde hair and scrubbed out the dust. He was somehow so interesting to watch and she felt something stir inside her, that she never felt before. Maybe it was the puberty taking a hold of her, or maybe… it was something more she felt.

As she stared, she didn't even notice that her pulling wing slipped and the arrow blindly shot off. "Oops!" She yelped as it didn't come far and hit nothing but grass. Several feet away from the target.

Jeremy looked at the embarrassed girl in confusion. "Yuurei, what's wrong? You never missed that badly since we started training."

Yuurei shrugged her shoulders embarrassedly as she blushed. "I don't know. It just slipped."

"Are you feeling alright?" He asked worriedly as he leaned down to her and held her shoulders. Yuurei stiffened up as she felt his touch and met with his gentle brown eyes. She combed her lock that covered her eye and averted his gaze abashedly.

"Do you think you could maybe show me how to take a proper stance again. I don't think I remember it right anymore." She said quietly as she turned her back to him.

Jeremy raised an eyebrow in curiosity but shrugged it off as he got behind her and guided her wings.

"Okay, like I taught you. Just keep your legs close together…" Jeremy started his lecture. But instead of listening and acting on it, Yuurei leaned back against him and rested her head on him. She took in his scent and rubbed her head affectionately against his chest as she closed her eyes.

"Y…Yuurei..?" Jeremy stuttered nervously. Yuurei dropped her bow and instead turned around to wrap her wings around her friend.

She rested her forehead on his chest as the green light of the glow sticks illuminated them. "I don't know what's going on, Jeremy." She whispered as her heartbeat rose in her chest.

"If there is anything I can do to help, you can count on me." He answered comfortingly rubbing her back and pulling her tiny frame close to him.

"There is one thing I think you can do."

"Anything. So what do you want me to do?"

"Could you… lean down a bit?" She hesitated.

"Sure, but wh…?" Jeremy hunched down to her height, but before he could ask her reason, he was quickly cut off by a pair of lips pressed against his.

The tiny Rowlett craned her head upwards, sharing a surprise kiss with her friend. But instead of pulling away as she was afraid he would do, Jeremy actually closed his eyes blissfully and leaned down into the kiss.

In the mixed glow of green from the glow sticks and the blue of the moon the Yuurei and Jeremy pecked at each other's lips and entwined their bodies with each other.

Yuurei giggled as she parted and rested her head in Jeremy's shoulder "Hehe I knew there was something I was missing all summer." As if she sought out warmth, she hugged Jeremy as snugly as possible while he was still in trance from the sudden turn of events.

"I… I don't understand. I never expected you to like me that way."

Yuurei's face scrunched lightly as she was afraid she might have ruined their friendship. "Is it okay?"

"Is what okay?" Jeremy asked as he combed her hair softly.

"Is it okay that I love you?"

The word crashed down onto Jeremy like a pile of bricks. "Love… me?" he was speechless as he almost entranced pulled the little Pokémon into an unexpected kiss again.

He felt the hot air of her surprised gasp in his mouth as he locked lips with her. With bleary eyes the young girl looked up at her friend who hummed happily as he kissed her soft lips. With blissfully closed eyes, she moved her wings to the back of his head, pulling him into a deeper kiss.

They both didn't witness as a bright glow started to envelop Yuurei. She was still exchanging passionate smooches with her newfound boyfriend. Trickles of light clung onto her body as it began to change.

The first one to notice was Jeremy as he felt how the short little girl began to grow taller in his arms. Soon he didn't even need to hunch down anymore.

Yuurei had gained a considerable spurt in height as she grew almost exactly as tall as Jeremy, but still a little shorter than him. She finally had the body of a teenager instead of a child. With her hips and thighs widening and even her breasts sported some bumps of C cup size instead of her flat chest she had before finally filling out her cute summer dress. Her wallowing green hair stayed the same, but grew slightly in length as it still completely covered one of her eyes.

With a smack, both of them parted and looked at each other in shock at what just happened. Yuurei frantically felt up her body as she explored her new, more mature figure.

"Jeremy! I evolved! I turned into a Dartrix!" She burst out into joy.

Jeremy wrapped her up in his arms as he cried out in shared happiness. "How the hell did that happen? You look so cool!" he said in awe as he inspected her winged arms that had also grown out more.

Yuurei dropped her gaze at Jeremy's flattery. "You really like it huh?"

He smiled at her warmly "Yeah, you look… really pretty too. But it kind of bums me out that it happened just now." He chuckled awkwardly.


"Because it broke me off before I could answer you."

"An answer to what?" She already kind of knew, but she wanted to hear him say it himself.

Jeremy cupped her smooth cheek "You asked me if it is okay that you love me."

Yuurei combed away her lock to uncover her eye, but it fell right back into place. "Yeah?" she asked anxiously.

Jeremy kissed her on the cheek, making her stiffen up in surprise. He whispered into her ear. "I am totally fine with it. Because I love you too, Yuurei."

Yuurei's eyes watered as she heard him returning her feelings. Her soft feathers of her wings caressed his face before both of them collided in another deep kiss. More daring this time, they explored each other's mouth with their tongues and experimented on their first French kiss.

With the moon shining brightly above them, the newfound love blossomed. This night, they were just happy to have each other, their emotions and feelings mutual and true.

They knew fairly well that the summer vacation was about to end. But to them this night felt like time stopped and belonged entirely to them.

If only they had known what the future had in store for them.

A few days later:

Jeremy left his cabin with a sigh, carrying his travel luggage in a backpack. He knew that he would have to wait an entire year again before he could see Yuurei again. He was already craving for summer to come back.

But nonetheless he tottered down the narrow, paved road that led to the bus stop where he would be taken back to the orphanage.

With a heavy heart he took a look back at the wooden cabin. "Well, see you next year." He chuckled to himself as he waved goodbye to the camp.

His spirit still was slightly lifted since he still had one thing to look forward to. Yuurei would come to see him off at the bus stop. It was a pleasant thought to kiss his new girlfriend goodbye. He never had something like this before and was justifiably anxious about it.

Little did Jeremy know that there would be another surprise waiting for him at the bus stop. A much more unpleasant one.

His smile dropped as all the other kids and Pokémon of the orphanage were circled around the bus while two of the overseers were arguing heatedly.

"What do you mean it's all gone!?"

"There's just nothing left. We couldn't stop the flames in time."

"Wasn't there anyone around?"

"They came just in time to get all the other children out. But as for the building, it's all gone."

Jeremy approached one of the two men who rubbed his eyes in disbelief. "Sir, what happened?" he asked worriedly.

"Oh, Jeremy, you overheard that, didn't you?" He rubbed the tears out of his eyes. He was the owner of the orphanage. He blew some air before continuing. "This is gonna be hard to hear but… the orphanage burned down."

Jeremy dropped his backpack in shock "WHAT!? WHY!? HOW!?"

"Some of the kids who stayed back at the orphanage for summer. One of them was a Charmander. He and two other kids played around with his flame and one of the curtains caught fire. They were able to get everyone out of the building but… they were too late to save the building itself."

Jeremy held his head as he held back his tears. "B…But what are we gonna do now?"

"We don't know either. We're looking for a solution yourself. I would recommend you take a moment to calm down. We need to figure out our next move."

Jeremy sat down on his backpack as the owner left. He cupped his face in his hands, worrying what that would mean for his future. Where would he go now?

At this exact wrong moment, a cheerful voice of a girl cried out for him "JEREMY!" He looked behind him to see Yuurei coming running down the road, waving at him with a joyous smile.

Jeremy wiped away the tears and put on a weak smile as he got up. With open arms he caught her and hugged her tightly. "Hey, Yuurei. You came to see me off huh?"

"Of course, silly. I wouldn't let my handsome boyfriend get away that easily." She chuckled as she nuzzled his chest.

Meanwhile Jeremy was fighting the tears welling up in his eyes as he realized this could be the last time he saw Yuurei. But for her, he was ready to put on a smile, to act as if nothing was wrong. "I'm so glad you came. Couldn't have stood the thought of… not seeing you." He choked up.

Yuurei looked up in confusion. "Jeremy, what's going on? There are tearstains on your cheek."

As he saw her worried eyes look up into his, Jeremy broke down and hugged her to his chest tightly. "The orphanage is gone, Yuurei. It is all gone."

Yuurei gasped in shock as she grasped the situation. "What happened?"

"It burned down. Completely." He sobbed into her hair.

"B…but if you're not living in Kalayda anymore, does that mean… next summer…" She started to cry as well as she realized what that meant for both of them.

"I don't know. I have no idea where I'm gonna go."

"But we just… not now…" Yuurei whimpered as her tears stained his white shirt.

"I know, I know. Calm down, I don't want you to cry too."

As the couple embraced each other, the owner of the orphanage finished a phone call and called out to the kids. "Alright, everybody in the bus. We found a temporary solution. Everybody get in."

The couple heard the call as all the other kids already boarded the bus. "Will I see you again, Jeremy?"

"I can't tell. I will try my best to be here next year. I'm going to seriously miss you, Yuurei."

Yuurei wiped away her tears and pulled out a folded piece of paper out of the pocket of her dress. "Here, look at this whenever you miss me. So you won't forget me."

"How would I ever forget you, Yuurei?" He said as he put the paper in his pants before placing a soft kiss on Yuurei's lips. "I love you."

"I love you too, Jeremy." She said as she feigned a smile and rubbed his tears away.

"Jeremy! Come on, we need to leave!" The overseer called out from the bus door.

"Coming! I need to go Yuurei. I'm gonna miss you."

"I will too."

Jeremy got on board of the bus, waving out the window to his girlfriend who smiled through her tears.

As the bus left the station, Jeremy talked to the overseer. "Sir, where are we going?

"Well, we made some calls and we contacted the Pokémon Day Care near Lagunia. They have just enough space to take you and some other kids in."

Jeremy slumped back into his seat. Lagunia City was on the east coast. Way too far away from Crescendo. A thousand thoughts went through his head during the ride over. Most of them about Yuurei and how he could possibly never see her again.

He looked out of the window, defeated and heartbroken. As the lamp posts and trees zoomed past his vision, he felt the protruding piece of paper in his pants.

He pulled it out and unfolded it. It was a picture of Yuurei she took of herself in her cabin. She was stretching out her tongue cheekily and smiled brightly. Seeing her so happy, Jeremy smiled while his eyes got bleary.

He ran his fingers over the picture before putting it back into his pants and continuing to watch everything go by as he was on the way to his new home. Creating more and more distance between him and Yuurei.

4 years later

Jeremy laid on his bed in his new room in the Lagunia day care. He turned 18 years old a few weeks back and summer was fast approaching. He kept looking at the picture of the girl of his dreams. He waited so long, and today, he would finally be let out of the orphanage on his own for the first time ever.

He of course already knew where he wanted to go. "Well, guess it's time to get started." He said to himself with a wide smile that he hasn't had in a long time.

With enthusiasm he left his room and strutted through the halls towards the entrance. He walked past the Pokémon adoption wing and as he passed witnessed quite a scene. There was a boy even younger than him who apparently wanted to adopt two of the Pokémon there. A Lucario and a Zangoose. He was kneeling down with them as one of them protected the other. And within seconds he made them smile as he comforted them.

Seeing that, Jeremy smiled even more. This day seems to be a pretty happy one for everybody.

He boarded a bus to Crescendo, right to the summer resort.

All throughout the ride, he kept admiring the picture of his happy girlfriend, not believing he would see her again after 4 years.

He reached the camp and practically jumped out of the bus, quickly heading to the reception.

"Good day, mam!" He barked out at the receptionist.

"Woah there! You startled me, young man." The elderly lady said as she straightened her glasses.

"Well, I'm in a rush. I'm looking for someone. Do you know someone named Yuurei?"

"I'm not too good with names. Do you have a picture per chance?"

"I actually do. Here, that's her." He handed over the folded picture.

"Oh, she's pretty. But I'm sorry, I haven't seen anyone looking like that in the whole camp."

Jeremy's enthusiasm was crushed. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely. I'm sorry, young man."

"I… it's fine. It's not your fault. Thank you anyways." He stuffed the picture back into his pocket as he still wanted to head back into camp to take a look around. He was hoping that maybe, he would still find her in their secret spot.

But that hope soon disappeared after he discovered that their archery training ground was completely empty. Disheartened, Jeremy picked up the wooden bow and arrow in the corner.

He sighed to himself in sadness as he took a few steps back from the target and took aim. But with his mind still focused on Yuurei he didn't even hit the tree. What he didn't notice, was that someone watched him from the thicket. A tall woman with a green hood over her head and a brown cape. She wore a white summer dress underneath with a deep cleavage for her massive F cup size breasts. An orange fly in the form of an X held together her hood and had thick green vines hanging off it. She was extremely curvy and mature, but had a youthful look to her as well. She watched from the shadows as Jeremy failed to hit the target over and over.

"Could I perhaps help you somehow?" the woman called out to Jeremy.

"Woah, sorry, miss. Were you standing there the whole time?" Jeremy asked startled by the hooded woman, her cowl hiding most of her face.

"Yes, I was watching you attempt to shoot straight. Is something wrong? You seem so unfocussed."

"I… I guess I'm just out of practice. I haven't done this in years."

"Heh, out of practice. That's a good one. You don't fall out of practice with something like archery. It's like riding a bike." The woman chuckled.

"How would you know anything about archery?"

"I've been trained very well. Let me show you." The woman stepped in front of the target as Jeremy was about to hand over his bow. But the woman waved it off.

"There is no need to give me a bow. I always carry my own." The woman lifted her cape, revealing that she had wings for arms and in a swift movement, she pulled out one of her vine like strings from around her neck. She stretched it out until it was supple and created an arrow from one of her own feathers. Jeremy watched in awe as she spanned her bow and unleashed a ripping fast arrow that completely penetrated the center of the target.

His jaw dropped as the bountiful woman smirked at him. "Now you show me how you do it again."

Jeremy took a deep breath as he readied his bow. Suddenly, the woman approached him from behind and wrapped her wings around him as her voluptuous breasts flattened against his back.

"Umm, miss, I don't think this is appropriate. I have a girlfriend." Jeremy blushed deeply.

"It's gonna be fine. I'm just going to teach you how to shoot an arrow again." She murmured as she clasped his body from behind, guiding his hands. "It's really easy. Just put your legs together."

Jeremy followed her guidance despite feeling slightly distracted by the bodacious woman pushing up against him. She rested her head on his shoulder as she gently moved her wings to around his body instead of guiding him.

"W… what are you doing?" Jeremy felt her rub up on him as she nuzzled his shoulder. He felt tears drop down onto his shoulder out of the hood of the woman.

"I don't believe that you've lost your ability in archery. You're a natural, Jeremy." Her wings tightened even more around him as she sobbed.

Tears welled up in Jeremy's eyes. "Yuurei?" He asked uncertainly as he pulled off her cowl to be met with her beautiful red eyes and her wafting, green hair that still covered one of them.

"It's me, Jeremy. You came back to me." She giggled in pure joy as Jeremy craned his neck to the side and pressed his lips against hers.

"I've been missing you so much. I wanted to see you so badly."

"I know, me too, Jeremy."

And thus, the star crossed lovers were able to meet again. Yuurei told him all about the last few years. How she awaited him to come back to the camp eventually. How she evolved into a full blown Decidueye 2 years ago. And Jeremy told her all about his new home in Lagunia and how lonely he was without her.

Yuurei was especially overjoyed when she learned that he held on to her picture. The day turned into night as the couple spent all of their time catching up, cuddling and kissing, and Jeremy getting used to Yuurei's new, busty form.

"I guess you won't need my help anymore since you're now almost taller than me."

"I AM taller than you, Jeremy." Yuurei giggled with her wing covering her mouth.

Jeremy smirked "Don't test me, Yuurei. I can be very self-conscious about my height."

"What?" Yuurei cocked her head. "Where did that come from all of the sudden?"

"I'm a shy guy, Yuurei."

Yuurei cuddled up to him as he put his arm around her possessively. "You don't seem shy to me." Yuurei smiled as she looked up at him. She felt hot as she met with his eyes. "I've missed this so much, Jeremy. She said with a flushed face.

"So did I." He hugged her close to him as he kissed her passionately. While Yuurei pressed herself up against him, Jeremy began to fondle her newly grown big bust that he took a great liking to.

He rubbed one of her massive tits with his hand, feeling up the heavy flesh and suppleness of it.

Under the blue moon, their bodies were filled with red, hot passion for each other. The tension between them grew ever greater as they slowly removed each other's clothes. They were tossed aside until they were all hanging around them in the branches of the trees and the couple was entangled on the ground.

Yuurei was lying on top of her boyfriend, wantonly kissing him desperately while he kept groping her tits from below. Her breasts almost poured into his hands as his fingers dug into her soft skin. Her brown nipples stuck out of her downy feathers on the tip of her breasts.

Yuurei moaned and squirmed on top of Jeremy. Her crotch was already filling with juices and the anticipation made her hot and bothered. She craved for everything, her boyfriend could give her and relished in his touches.

The grass tickled Jeremy as he laid on the ground. But he was plenty busy with Yuurei to even care.

Yuurei moaned into Jeremy's mouth as their tongues wrestled with each other hungrily. She caressed his cheek with her wing before cooing lustfully. "Jeremy, I feel so hot down there." She whined as she rubbed her slit with the tip of her other wing.

Jeremy looked at her, biting his lip as he thought of a fantasy he kept hidden for a long time. "Yuurei, can you turn around and just… let me see your crotch?" He asked, wondering if he was too direct.

Yuurei blushed embarrassedly as well, but nodded shyly. She shuffled her body around and set spread her legs so he could look right at her glistening, downy feathered pussy. Little droplets of pre cum dripped down onto his face, signaling her enjoyment despite the embarrassment she felt.

"I… I did it. What now?" Her legs twitched in anticipation since she couldn't see what Jeremy was doing.

Jeremy was awestruck by her beautiful, pink folds, pulsing with enticement. "Oh, you'll feel it."

"What do you… NNNHAAA!" the Decidueye cried out as something wet and slippery was pushed into her already sensitive pussy. Jeremy was humming happily behind her as he lapped up her dripping juices with the flat of his tongue which he ran sensually up and down her slit. He used his two thumbs to spread apart her folds, getting a look at her tender, pink center.

His mouth watered, being tempted to dive in. Her hole smelled sweet and alluring. He dove his face into her crotch, making Yuurei twitch and drool as his tongue penetrated her entrance. He licked her insides, which tightened around his tongue, giving him some actual resistance but at the same time wanting to keep his tongue inside.

Yuurei was struggling to keep her hips up as her talons dug into the ground left and right of his head. She was about to lose it until she saw an opportunity to strike back right in front of her. A towering member, standing straight up towards the moon. It basically begged to be taken care of.

Yuurei smiled as she endured Jeremy's licks. She leaned forward, with her tits squished onto his stomach. For Jeremy it looked like she was resting. "Yuurei? Do you need a breaaaaOOOOHHH!" His question turned into an unintelligible moan as he felt his dick being engulfed in the hot wetness of Yuurei's hungry mouth.

She bobbed her head slowly as she got accustomed to taking in his length. She closed her eyes tightly as she tried to use her tongue to pleasure the tip of Jeremy's cock as it slid in and out of her mouth.

Jeremy almost had his tongue loll out at the pleasure he felt from her revenge blowjob. It was almost sadistic how much effort she put into repaying his sudden attack on her pussy.

But not to be outdone, Jeremy reinstated his efforts by shoving his face in between her legs again. With enthusiastic effort, he ate her out more as juices kept pumping out of her love tunnel.

Yuurei, as well as Jeremy could already feel their respective orgasms fast approaching. Both of them could feel the twitches of the other with their mouths. Thus, they both went down faster and harder on each other.

Jeremy got a firm hold on Yuurei's thick thighs as he pressed his face desperately harder into her crotch. Meanwhile, Yuurei steadied herself with her wings on the ground as she chowed down on his member.

Both of them jerked repeatedly until their bodies stiffened up and they shot out both of their loads into each other's mouth.

"*choke* MMMMMHHHHHH!" Yuurei choked up as the sperm shot out into the back of her throat and she tried her best to catch it all before swallowing.

"HHHMMMMMM! *slurp*" Jeremy took in the torrent of juices that squirted out of her slit.

"Haaaaa, oh my god!" Yuurei popped off of his cock with trickles of sperm still dripping out of her mouth. She panted as she still rode high on her orgasm.

Jeremy wasn't much better off, as his body went limp underneath her. His cock thought, would disagree with his exhaustion as it still was just as hard as before. He knew that he was still not done, wanting to go all the way with Yuurei.

Yuurei willfully accepted it when Jeremy lifted up her body and laid her down on the grass. She smiled up at him as Jeremy smiled back down at her as well. She could feel that he was about go over to the next step with her, and she was ready to accept him.

Jeremy combed away Yuurei's lock that covered her eye and looked into her glistening, awaiting irises "When I moved away from Kalayda, I was afraid I would never see your face again."

"You still like it, even though I've changed this much?"

"I love you all the same. No matter how much you will change."

Yuurei smiled as Jeremy slowly lifted up her legs to set her up in a pile driver position. He loomed over her, with his face mere inches apart from her face as his hot breath tickled her skin.

"Tonight I will finally show you, just how much I longed for you all those years."

Yuurei pulled him into yet another kiss as his cock slowly entered her. With her pinned down on the ground, Jeremy had all the leverage he needed to shove his length more and more inside of her. He was careful enough not to hurt her, but her insides kept tightening around him like a vice, sucking him in faster so that they could finally be filled.

Their crotches finally touched as Jeremy let out a long moan after his member was fully engulfed in her wiggling folds.

The couple panted and rested a moment to take in the feeling of being truly connected. "This is it, Jeremy. We're finally going to make love." Yuurei fawned as her insides wiggled with joy. Her wings held onto his shoulders as she was readying herself for a pounding. "Now make me yours. Forever!"

Happily agreeing with her sentiment, Jeremy began to fuck her still tight hole raw. The lubrication of her plentiful cum was enough to make thrusting and hammering easy and pleasurable for both of them. What little pain there was, was quickly taken over by ecstasy and pleasure. Yuurei took in the rigidness of Jeremy's member as it penetrated her.

"OHH! HAAA! JEREMY! DEEPER!" She demanded with a stretched out moan. Her talons dangled in the air as Jeremy rammed his cock as hard as he could. Thrusting his hips down into her crotch.

"FUCK! Yuurei, you are so tight! I love your pussy!" Jeremy panted as his breath grew more and more ragged.

"OH YES! I WANT MORE! JEREMY, I LO… LOVE YOU!" She cried out as her body was shaken by the constantly increasing roughness of Jeremy's thrusts. Their hips clashed together as he hammered her body against the ground, creating squelching noises of their respective juices.

Jeremy's cock was coated in moisture and slipped fluidly in and out of her cooch. He stretched her legs even further up as Yuurei tightly held onto him. Bearing the pleasure until their final simultaneous climax would hit.

"Jeremy! I… I… I'm CUMING!" she shrieked as she bit her lip.

Jeremy was moaning and panting, with sweat building up on his forehead, making his blonde bangs stick to his forehead.

The lovers clashed in a final deep kiss as Jeremy crammed his twitching, hot cock into her folds. He felt the tip of his dick widening, and with a heavy, final pump of his hips, he released his white love into her expectant snatch.

Yuurei closed her eyes tightly as her insides clung to the foreign intruder. They got so attached to it, that it was almost hard for Jeremy to move as the walls hugged his shaft tightly.

The couple was in heavy breathing as they coated and covered each other in cum. Their conjoined laps were dripping with the overwhelming amount of love juices and it stained their bodies equally as much.

Lying in a pool of their loads, Jeremy and Yuurei couldn't help but smile at each other.

"*pant* Haaaa, we actually did it." Yuurei sighed relieved with a happiness that filled her to the core.

"Yeah, we sure did. And I wouldn't have ever imagined doing it with anyone else beside you."

The silent night fell over them as the two lovers rested on top of each other in the grass. Holding onto one another until the morning came.

From that night forward, Yuurei and Jeremy could not be apart for a whole year anymore. Life would not function for them if they didn't have each other.

And since both of them were old enough, they got a small flat in Kalayda City. But still, every year in summer, they made sure to come back to the Crescendo summer camp. Meeting in their hiding spot, doing nothing but serious training.

Well… most of the time at least… ;)

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