Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Weavile(Kid aka Picklock) x Irene

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In Arkani City, life can either be heaven or hell. Depending on what you were born as. To the displeasure of the other lands of Vindicta, Arkani was always reluctant to deviate from their hateful Pokémon suppressing ways.

A majority of the city's population still believed that Pokémon should never be more than tools and pets and thus treat them accordingly. If a Pokémon were ever to walk around the city without a human owner, they were fair game for everything from burglars, violent individuals that beat them up and on occasion even sexual crimes.

For that reason, the city of Kalayda established a specialized authority in Arkani. The Crime Investigation Bureau Arkani Devision or CIBAD for short. They were specialized in investigating and preventing crimes involving Pokémon, and there was no shortage of work to be done.

One of the members of CIBAD was Irene Valery. An investigative Detective with a passion for the safety of Pokémon.

She was an athletic, attractive young woman at the age of 21. She stood at 5''8' and her slender body was one that many girls her age dreamed off. She sported perky, well rounded C cup breasts and a nice, bulging bubble butt to go along with it. Her sapphire eyes were piercing and intimidated even the most hardened criminals, perfectly contrasting with her wavy, black as the night hair that poured out beautifully over her lean back.

She was the fiercest agent of CIBAD. Feared by criminals and beloved by the upstanding citizens of Arkani.

It's a good thing, that neither party knows how Detective Irene acts in private because otherwise…


…they would probably be pretty disillusioned.

It was already noon as Detective Irene Valery still laid in her bed. Well, at least the lower half of her. The top of her body hung down from the side of her bed and continued to nap on the floor.

Her blanket was long shoved aside while she slept and her underwear clad body lazily hung there, dressed in a grey tank top and black panties.

But her blissful rest would soon come to an end as the alarm clock on the night stand next to the bed slowly ticked away toward the inevitable.


"WAAAAHHH! *Bonk*" Irene cried out as the alarm ripped her from her sweet dreams. As she wanted to get up from the ground, she hit her head against the unfortunately placed night stand.

"Owww…" Irene sighed as she rubbed the back of her head and shut off the annoying alarm.

"*sigh* Chocolate rivers and candy corn mountains… It was nice while it lasted." She complained as she stood up, stretched her arms and straightened her black hair that was messed up from her tossing around at night.

"Man… Just as I was about to get a bite as well. *groan* Guess it's back to work as usual then." She turned her head from side to side, cracking her neck.

After every bone was set back into place, Irene dressed up in her working attire. She threw over her trademark red trench coat, some tight, black jeans and brown calf length leather boots with silver buckles.

Barely done with dressing herself, Irene slumped to the kitchen and prepared a strong dose of coffee for herself to wake up properly. Her head hung sleepily over the white cup as she stirred it around weakly with a small spoon.

"*yawn* I'm beat. Man, you would think at 21, 5 hours of sleep would be enough." She said to herself as she took a sip from her coffee. Another relaxed moment that would soon come to an immediate halt.

A cheerful jingle rang out from the cellphone that was in the pocket of Irene's trench coat. She took it out of the pocket and laid it down on the table with the loudspeaker on.

"Who's there?" Irene said sleepily as she continued to sip from her coffee mug.

"U…Umm, it's me Irene." A nervous voice came out of the phone.

"Oh, Quincy. What is going on?" Irene spoke calmly to her shaky office partner Quincy. An anthro Yamask that was in charge of researching crime cases and tracing the location of suspects.

He was constantly on edge and even paranoid on occasion, being a product of a deceased person. Wanting no one else to go through something that he went through, he co-founded the bureau and acted as an assistant to Irene. He doesn't remember how he died, but he was still shaken in the afterlife and has always been since.

"I…I… I just wanted to let you know that I've got a new case for you."

"Another one already? Just yesterday I stopped a bank robbery, caught a burglar, beat up a street gang, all on my own I might add and I had night watch until 7 o' clock in the morning!" Irene groaned as if she had a hangover.

"I know! I know!" You could practically hear him waving his hands in defense through the phone. "And I really would've sent someone else to do it, but…." He fell silent.

"But what, Quincy?"

"It… It would really be best for you to handle this one. It's kind of a personal deal."

"Ugh!" Irene groaned as her eyes fell shut. Her head that rested on her hand rolled off and crashed onto the table. "*Bang*"


Irene rubbed her forehead as her partner lost his mind and with a final sip of her coffee, she shut off the phone.

"Guess it's time to kick some ass again." She said as she headed for the door and left for yet another mission.

Later at the bureau:

"Alright, Quincy. I'm here." Irene said to her partner, sitting at the office desk.

The black skinned Pokémon looked up at her with his sad, red eyes. A wooden mask hung around his neck as a necklace that always reminded him of his face before he died.

"I'm so glad you came. I know last night was pretty harsh on you." He nervously rubbed the back of his head, combing through his messy black locks.

"It's fine. So what is it that made you get me on such a short notice?" Irene asked as she sat down on the other side of the desk.

"Right…" Quincy leaned towards her conspicuously. "He's back."

Irene's eyes widened. "You don't mean…"

"Yes, it's him. The only criminal that always slipped away." Quincy explained as he spread out several photos with sightings of a male Weavile running over the rooftops of Arkani.

Irene knew him all too well. It was a thief called Kid, or as he was known in the streets: Picklock. An anthro Pokémon with a body covered in black fur that made him blend in with the night. The only thing that stuck out was the golden signet that adorned his forehead. His black messy hair, transitioned into a row of feathers and the black fur on his arms into white furred clawed hands. A black leather jacket with a black T-shirt underneath and some black pants granted him perfect invisibility in the dark. Besides that, Picklock had many tricks up his sleeve that made him escape from the pursuit of the Police. Irene herself had been on his heels for the last year, but every one of the few times he appeared, he escaped and vanished for another month.

Irene gulped as she saw the pictures. She remembered her first encounter with Kid vividly.

Several months ago:

"Hold it right there!" Irene called out to the man running away from her.

A Weavile was donning a black hood and a black scarf over his mouth as it ran away frantically. He carried a brown handbag with very valuable jewelry in it. "Sorry, can't do that. You would catch me!"

"That's the point you crook!"

They ran through the back alleys, avoiding cardboard boxes and trash cans. With incredible agility, the Weavile cut the corners but couldn't shake off the pursuing detective.

"Damn, you're a fast one!" Kid said with a cocky smile as he looked back at Irene who managed to dodge every obstacle he threw her way.

The chase went on for a while until Kid saw a great opportunity ahead. A chain link fence. With his ability to phase through it by turning into a dark cloud of smoke, he passed through the fence that the detective saw a little bit too late.

And with a gasp of surprise, Irene ran right into it, cutting open her arm as it got stuck on a sharp end of the chain links. "GAAA! Shit!" Irene fell back onto the floor and held her arm in pain.

Kid ran a bit further but as he looked back and saw Irene sitting on the ground with her wound, he stopped. Without a second thought, he turned back and went towards the hurt detective.

With a look of surprise, Irene stared up at the hooded criminal. He pulled off his hood and revealed his face as he took down his scarf, allowing Irene to see the sharp purple eyes of her escapee.

"Why did you come back?" She spoke with anger in her voice.

"Just hold still." He spoke calmly as he pulled out a spray can from his jacket. It was a simple potion. "It usually works on Pokémon, so it might just work on you too."

"I don't understand. Why would you help me?"

Kid carefully sprayed the potion onto the wounded area that soon closed up again. "I never wanted anyone to get hurt." Kid said sorrowfully as he tended to Irene.

"You do get that I can't just let you get away, just because you came back for me right?" Irene said, still not trusting the Weavile.

"Hehe, oh trust me, sweetheart, I know. This is just a small distraction before I make my getaway again. I've never been caught once. And I doubt you will be the first one who does." He smiled smugly.

Irene chuckled "Pretty cocky for someone who almost got caught by me."

Kid chuckled back "Heh, I do have to admit, you were pretty good. But in the end, I still got away."

"Because you cheated." Irene remarked.

"Touché." He extended his white hand to Irene. It felt soft as she touched it despite the claws that tipped it off.

"So, what now?" Irene asked.

"Dunno, do you want to try to arrest me?" Kid asked sarcastically.

"Will you let me?"

"What do you think?"

"You probably won't."

"Good instinct."

Silence followed as the two of them were at a stalemate.

"You know, you're not like the other ones." Kid said kindly.

"What other ones?" Irene asked confusedly.

"The other ones who tried to catch me. They would have already made a move, trying to subdue me." He smiled as he leaned back against a nearby wall.

"What makes you think that I don't just bide my time to wait for an opportunity?" Irene smiled back at him cockily.

Picklock moved towards her and ran a finger alluringly along her jawline. Irene shivered as the clawed finger slid over her skin. "I don't take you for that kind of person. I don't know why, but it seems like you suspect that I might not be such a bad guy." Picklock said smugly as he slowly cornered her against the wall.

Sweat built up on Irene's forehead as the sly Pokémon pushed her into a corner. "You have no idea of my mind, thief!"

"Oh but that's where you would be wrong, sweetheart." He leaned in close to her, with his hand pressing her more against the wall as his hot breath touched her skin as their faces were inches apart. "Your eyes tell me everything I need to know." He whispered temptingly.

"Y…You're a criminal, Picklock. I know that you are an evil man!" Irene blushed involuntarily.

Picklock caressed her cheek lovingly, making her heart beat faster and faster. "Are you really so sure about that?" His other hand caressed her sides as his hushed words sent shivers down Irene's spine.

Their lips slowly moved towards each other, Irene being drawn in by the luring Pokémon. But instead of their lips touching, Picklock went for Irene's ear and started to nibble on it. His slimy tongue darted around her earlobe.

"Wh…What are you doing?" Irene panted lightly.

"Something you'll REALLY enjoy, sweetheart." Picklock cooed into her ear as his sharp tongue traced the nape of her neck. His hand, sliding over her wide hips, moved towards her perked up breast and massaged it through the thin fabric of her black shirt.

"N…No… you can't…" Irene moaned under his ministrations.

"Oh I CAN do. I want to do a LOT of things with you. Seems like the hunter has turned into the prey now." The Weavile lusted after the moaning detective. His body pressed up tightly against her as he groped her tits that perfectly fit into his hands.

With his lusty tongue parting from her neck, the thief stared deeply into Irene's eyes. Her face was flush from arousal and her dazed eyes told him that she wanted more, even though she would never admit to it.

He smiled smugly as he shoved his hand under her shirt and massaged her breasts right over her bra.

As the detective's mouth went agape from the new type of sensation, Picklock used the opportunity to close her lips with his own.

Irene gasped in surprise, but as the tongue of Picklock entered her mouth, her hums went flat and calmer. She didn't know why, but the pure immorality of making out with a criminal left her defenseless.

Irene wrapped her arms around his back as she leaned into the kiss.

But just as she was about to get lost in the moment, her eyes fell onto the shimmering jewelry in the handbag that loosely hung from Picklock's shoulder.

Playing along, by returning his kiss by rubbing her tongue against his, much to his delight, Irene slowly inched her hand to grab the handbag.

But just before she could reach for it, Picklock turned into a cloud of smoke and phased himself back through the fence.

He chuckled and dangled the handbag in front of him. "Heh, sorry, sweetheart. But I still need this one. I'll admit, this little make out session was pretty hot…" He threw the handbag over his shoulder "…but it's not worth risking the loot."

Irene angrily called out after him, her face blushing with embarrassment "Come back here, Picklock! You're under arrest!"

He turned around one more time before running away. "Please, just call me Kid." And he dashed off into the night, as Irene was left behind blushing deeply.

Back in the present:

Irene's face flushed at the thought of her encounter.

Quincy looked at her from the side worriedly. "A…are you alright? Do you feel sick? I can make you a cup of tea i…if you want me to."

Even more embarrassed, Irene's face reddened. "It's… fine. Just thought of something. *clears throat* Anyways, what is it about Picklock this time?"

"Right, he's been seen around the human complex. He's been breaking into several homes and nobody has been able to stop him. You are the one who knows him the best, so I thought, maybe you would be able to get him this time."

"Hmm…" She put her finger to her chin in thought. "His next target would probably be the high rise apartments. That would be the most obvious target."

"Why is that?"

"He goes for the richest of the rich, the ones that wouldn't mind a few missing jewels. Lowest risk at getting people to notice."

"Are you going to head out?"

"Right away. I've got a bill to settle." Irene said confidently as she popped her trench coat and moved out.

Later in the evening

Irene waited until nightfall before she headed into the high rise apartments. She knew that if Picklock was going to strike, it would be at night, when all the rich people were out and he would have the best camouflage in the dark.

Following a trace of little scratches, produced by clawed feet, Irene traced it into the 23rd floor of the building.

A fancy door was slightly ajar and had obviously been picked open by a set of sharp claws.

"Not so smart after all, are we?" She whispered to herself cockily as she slowly opened the door. She was faced with the culprit, catching him red handed as he stuffed a duffle bag full with trinkets and jewelry.

"This is gonna go back to where it belongs." Picklock spoke to himself shortly before his eyes turned towards the entrance door. "Good evening, detective. It's a beautiful night for a stroll wouldn't you say?" He chuckled cockily as he threw the duffle bag onto a glass table nearby. It rattled from all the treasures that were stored inside.

"Picklock, you are under arrest by law of CIBAD. Put your hands up and surrender yourself."

"Umm, how about no?" He replied with crossed arms.

"Good, I was hoping I'd get a chance to put you down the right way." Irene cracked her knuckles as she approached the thief.

But just after her first swing, Picklock dissolved into a puff of smoke and appeared right behind her. He swiftly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and shackled Irene to a nearby wall.

"What the? What do you think you're doing, Picklock? You son of a…"

Her curse was quickly silenced by Picklock's finger "I've told you to call me Kid, Irene."

Irene looked at him in surprise "Where did you get my name?"

"I've been watching you. Ever since I've met you the first time, you… I couldn't get you out of my mind. I really meant it when I said you were different. I saw it in your eyes that you weren't hunting me out of prejudice, but justice."

"Well, you are still a criminal."

"But you don't hate me for who I am, do you? You don't hate me because I am a Pokémon."

"N…No… of course not. Pokémon deserve justice just like the humans do."

"And that's why you are different." Kid pulled Irene towards him while she was shackled to the wall by her wrist.

"I'll explain it to you later. Maybe you'll see it my way. But right now, I want you so bad."

"I don't understand." Irene moaned as the Weavile caressed her body and pressed his lips against her wantonly.

"You will, in time. You want this too don't you. Just like back then?"

Irene blushed deeply. "I was weak at the time."

"Did it feel wrong?"

"N…No." She admitted as she pressed her full lips back against the Pokémon. Kid released the handcuffs and let her wrap her arms around his lean body.

Kid wrapped her up in his arms as well and pressed his lips against her hard as he pushed her up against the wall. "Let's continue where we left off last time, shall we?" He spoke with hot breath as he shoved his hand under her shirt and groped her breast. He felt her hardened nipple under his palm as he shoved the bra off her alluring mound.

Irene dropped her trench coat, to allow Kid to fondle her easier.

Quickly driven by lust, the two counterparts undressed each other, piece by piece until they were both left in their underwear.

Kid, in his black boxers, pushed his athletic body up against the well-shaped detective, his fur tickling her hairless skin.

Irene was left in her olive green bra and embroidered panties that were already slightly disheveled by Kid's ministrations.

Their intertwined bodies were still up against the wall where they share hot, wet kisses. Kid had his leg firmly placed between Irene's to arouse her by rubbing up against her clit. Her panties already had a wet stain from the arousal she received from this lewd situation.

The feeling of doing this in someone else's apartment alleviated the thrill and pleasure.

Kid parted from their steamy kiss and looked down at his leg that was already moist from the juices that had transpired through Irene's panties. "Seems like you're ready for me." Kid smirked as he ran his clawed fingers over her moist spot. "You're getting so turned on from a criminal. You are a bad girl. You like bad boys like me, don't you?"

Irene moaned as his fingers traced the wet outlines of her slit. "It's not like that."

"Are you sure, sweetheart?" He asked devilishly as he shoved his fingers into her panties and rubbed her pussy directly.

"KYAAA!" Irene cried out, her sweaty black bangs sticking to her forehead.

"Let's find out if you are lying, detective." Kid hooked his claws into the waistband of Irene's panties. Her legs twitched nervously as Kid got a good look of her well-kept pussy. It had a beautiful color of fleshy pink and a small upside down triangle was cut in the hair right above her clit.

Kid smiled lustily as he licked his lips. "You've been prepared for something like this, haven't you?"

Irene blushed deeply as she avoided his eyes.

"You wanted to show off when you finally got the chance to let someone see it."

She clenched her eyes shut in embarrassment.

"Did you keep it this pretty for me, perhaps?" Kid smiled even more as Irene gasped in surprise.

"You did? Oh, that's lovely." Kid kneeled down as he completely removed her panties from her legs.

He got face to face with the glistening, wet folds and inhaled the scent as Irene already panted in expectation.

"It even smells wonderful. Like sweet candy." He mumbled deliriously. "Let's see if it tastes good too." He pulled apart her legs and pressed his face into Irene's crotch.

Irene moaned lustily as Kid began to run his tongue up and down her dripping labia. He formed circles around the outer rim with occasional dips into the hole of her love tunnel.

Whenever his tongue penetrated her entrance, Irene gasped and her face went flush from the pleasure.

Kid smiled as he turned his eyes upwards and saw Irene moaning heavenly. He found another place to attack and quickly took the opportunity.

"Not there!" She cried out as Kid suckled on her clit.

"Why not? Did it hurt?"

"N…No, but it felt too good. I might cum too quickly." She panted as her legs quivered.

Kid smiled smugly "Then let's see how long you can hold it back." And he pushed his face into her pussy once more.

Irene moaned out loudly as she reeled her head back against the wall.

Kid took turns between running his sharp tongue over her labia and tongue punching her pussy hole. Irene held onto the back of his feathered head as Kid ate her out.

His mouth covered all of her slit as he moved his tongue around expertly. He occasionally poked her clit with his nose which made Irene drool as she walked the sharp edge of climaxing.

Kid made long licks from the bottom to the top of Irene's cunt and finished it off with sucking on her sensitive, throbbing clitoris. With his eyes closed, he enjoyed the juices that he lured out of her depths and licked them off her dripping lips as they tried to escape.

Irene dug her fingers into the back of his head as her legs clenched up and prepared her for her orgasm.


Sloppy noises could be heard from Kid's mouth as he tossed his head side to side, rubbing her pussy with his mouth and taunting her to cum.

"I'm serious! Ha! HAAA! HYYAAAAAAAA!" Irene threw her head back against the wall. Her black, wavy locks sprawling out against it.

Kid pressed his eyes shut as he eagerly caught the torrents of cum that sprayed out from Irene's orgasm.

The detective was left drooling, panting and out of strength as her body twitched. She almost fell over as Kid stood back up and caught her weak body. She leaned against his warm chest as she needed a moment of rest to catch her breath.

"Thank you." Irene whispered as she closed her eyes. But just at the next moment, she opened them again in shock as Kid had lifted up her body by the nape of her knees and pinned her against the wall again. Her body hovered over the ground as Kid held her up in his strong arms.

His boxers had already dropped to the ground and a throbbing hard erection rubbed up on Irene's slit. "You didn't think we were done already, did you?" he smiled lustily as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. After just a short amount of resistance, Irene readily accepted him and closed her eyes in bliss.

"Except if you want to end it here, I guess."

Irene blushed in deep embarrassment as she could no longer hide her want for sexual relieve. She wrapped her legs around his hips and closed behind his back in a vice grip. "Just… be gentle, okay? It's been a while."

Kid smiled at the detective lovingly and gave her a small peck instead of a deep rough kiss, giving her his answer as he prodded her entrance and slowly shoved his hot red cock into her snatch.

Irene's hot breath reached into Kid's mouth as he thrusted his hips forth against her crotch.

His thick cock spread apart her folds tenderly and rubbed and pulled at her walls. The thick member teased her with shallow thrusts, leaving her to want more.

Despite her earlier pleas to go gentle, her legs clamped around his hips, urging him to penetrate her deeper and deeper.

Kid groaned in pleasure as the head of his dick kissed the entrance of Irene's shallow womb.

He smiled at her as his full length was engulfed in her moist warmth.

Irene smiled back but blushed at the embarrassing position she had put herself in.

Kid was quick to erase her embarrassment though as he placed his wet lips onto hers and kissed her deeply as he began to pull back his hips.

In a steady rhythm their crotches slapped together as Kid's cock dove into her steamy hot sex. The detective wrapped her arms around the back of the thief's head as she felt every bump of his rigid cock within her.

Irene parted from his kiss as she couldn't help but chuckle "If I had known back then, how good it felt to have you inside of me, maybe I would have waited a bit longer before trying to steal the handbag back."

Kid smiled smugly from the surprising lewdness of her "You really are a bad girl." He said as his thrusts became harder. Her round bubble butt clapped as Kid slammed his hips against it. He steadied his footing and started to fuck Irene harder than before.

Making the relatively composed detective submit her mind to pure pleasure. "YES! That's the spot!" she cried out as Kid repeatedly hit the area around her womb's entrance. She was especially sensitive there and Kid hammered away to hit the spot over and over.

The fur around Kid's crotch already glistened with their combined juices. Wet sounds emanated from their crotches as they collided.

Both of them moaned lustily as their fucking continued and Irene clung onto Kid as hard as she could from her position.

In turn, Kid rammed her ass against the wall as he shoved his cock in as deep as he could too.

The tightness of Irene was too much even for Kid to handle and his twitching member already urged for release.

"Irene, I'm gonna cum!" he groaned as his thrusts became long and hard.

"Oh Arceus! Me too Kid! I'm coming!" Irene hugged Kid close to her as his hips swung back and forth rapidly.

"Here it comes!" Was all Kid could wring out before the couple shared their first simultaneous orgasm.



They each cried out as they exchanged a mixture of juices with each other that soon trickled down onto the wooden floor.

With Irene in his arms, Kid leaned against her as he himself was out of breath from the intense sex.

They both stared deeply into each other's eyes. Both of them had no bad feelings for each other, and each one of them saw something in the other that no one else did.

And as they embraced in a tight hug and kiss, they slumped to the floor. The detective resting tiredly in the arms of the thief.

As the afterglow of their climax settled down, Kid stood up and put his clothes back on. He smiled back at the detective who was still redressing. "You got me today, Irene. I will leave. But there is something I have to tell you. And I hope you will listen."

Irene cocked her head in question "What is it?"

"There are Pokémon out there in Arkani. You know just as I do that they are not being treated fairly. Often they are victims of crime, or they have to turn to crime themselves to survive on the streets. Now look around this room. Filled with luxury and wealth as far as the eye can see. Pointless trinkets that don't do anything other than standing around and looking pretty." Kid pointed at the duffle bag full with gold and silver.

"Do you think this is fair?"

Irene rubbed her neck as she realized that Kid actually had a point. Most crimes she had been up to had been about Pokémon's rights being trampled. She could only imagine how much some of them suffered out there.

"That's why I decided to create Picklock. A thief that takes from the rich and gives to the poor. So they could afford to pay for a meal or a place to stay in. I wanted to give them a chance in a city that doesn't give them one."

Kid walked over to an open window and stared out into the dark. "You know… you have a chance to do the right thing. I hope you will take it and really change something in this city."

Irene fell silent, not sure what to say. But one question still burned in her soul. "Will I see you again?" Irene asked worriedly.

"One way or another, you will. I promise." Kid smiled warmly as he turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared into the night.

Irene was left alone in the apartment with the duffle bag full of treasures lying beside her on the table. She took a peek inside and picked out a small gold ring with an expensive looking ruby engraved into it.

"*crackle* Irene? Are you there?"

Irene, surprised by the call of her partner picked up her cell phone from her pocket. "Yes! Yes, Quincy, everything is fine!"

"Phew, I'm relieved. Did you get Picklock?"

"I caught him in the apartment while he was stuffing a bag full of loot. He escaped, but at least I've got everything he wanted to steal. It's still here with me."

"He didn't get away with anything?"

Irene looked down at the expensive ruby ring and put it into her pocket. "Yeah, it's all still here."

The next day

Irene visited the Arkani city hospital with a silver briefcase in hand. Inside, she talked to the Sylveon receptionist who immediately called in the doctor of the hospital.

"Patrick, come here! You won't believe this!"

"What is it, Alice?"

"Ask the detective here." Alice jumped in joy.

"Detective Valery? What are you doing here?"

Irene put the large briefcase onto the desk and opened it. Revealing rows of Pokédollars. "I've come to make a donation to your hospital. I've heard that you were planning to build a shelter for the Pokémon of our city."

The doctor was baffled "We…We never thought we would actually get the money to go through with it! Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to us."

"It's the right thing to do. We need to look out for the less fortunate inhabitants of Arkani." Irene said proudly as she turned around and left the hospital.

"Oh Patrick, isn't this wonderful?" The Sylveon jumped into the doctors arms and peppered him with kisses of joy.

Outside, Irene stood in the pouring rain, prattling down onto her. She looked up at the white moon that shone brightly and illuminated the flooded streets.

On her way home, a shadowy figure emerged from a back alley. "You actually changed something." Kid spoke in an almost tranquil tone.

Irene chuckled "Who would've thought I would learn to do the right thing from a crook?"

Kid chuckled as well as he walked towards Irene. He extended both of his hands, ready to be handcuffed.

Irene looked into his purple eyes that looked right back into hers. "Are you sure about this? No foul tricks?" Irene asked confused.

"I've done my part. With someone like you out there, dealing justice. Maybe the Pokémon don't need a Picklock anymore."

Irene put the handcuffs on her unconventional partner and smiled at him sheepishly. "I'll vouch for you. It's the least I can do."

Kid cupped her cheeks in his shackled hands and pulled her lips onto his. "I love you, Irene."

"Sounds crazy for me to say it… but I love you too, Kid."

And thus the unlikely couple shared a kiss in the rain.

And for some reason, some really cheesy jazz music started to play and everything turned black and white, with a final text that read:



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