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Mewtwo(Oracle) x Eric

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"Stand at attention!" A booming voice rang out over the training ground of the Glace Tundra Castle. The home of King Mathias and his newlywed wife Maria.

The voice ringing out among an army of soldiers standing in a straight line, belonged to General Eric Gallus. Even among the army, he was renowned for his leadership and strategic brilliance.

Typical for someone of his rank, his garments were thick and made of strong hardened fabric. A dark blue, long trench overcoat reaching from his shoulders to his ankles covered up the black leather armor that protected him underneath. Branded onto the leather that showed on his chest was the emblem of the Kingdom, the golden trident. His legs were armored as well with leather thigh guards and hardened black leather boots.

His body was lean but sturdily built, with defined muscles and above average height. Blond spiky hair that caught the snow falling from the sky topped off his head and a long scar ran from his silver eye down over his left lip. A wound he had garnered from the attack of a wild rogue Scyther that tried to attack the king on a trip through the Alabaster Forest.

A stern look graced his face that day as he walked past his loyal soldiers. His piercing gaze made the soldiers shiver in their boots as he walked by. Eric Gallus was the youngest general that the kingdom of the Glace Tundra ever had at the age of 24. But nonetheless, he was respected and even feared among the army.

Eric's leadership was a strict and harsh one. Training every day until your body gave out. If you couldn't keep up, you weren't fit for his corps. With a life of solitude and growing up without any family, he found shelter when King Mathias and Queen Maria found him in the streets, looking for food. He lived in their castle ever since and repays their favor with the utmost loyalty. Weakness could not be tolerated since every slip-up could end up hurting the highnesses.

The soldiers stood there frozen in place, looking straight ahead with utmost resolve as their leader spoke to them. "Men! Today we will receive a new cadet among our ranks!" He walked along the row of his soldiers who slightly flinched whenever he walked past. "The new recruit will be a female! An anthro Pokémon as far as I've heard! And among all else, she is supposedly coming from the Synth Temple."

The soldiers whispered among themselves, excited to meet an artificial Pokémon. There have been Pokémon within the army before, but never has there ever been one from the Synth Temple.

The Synth temple was a remote location at the south eastern shore of Vindicta. On the top of a faded volcano, scientists and psychics came together there to create artificial life. Almost all of Vindicta's steel, ice, rock and fossil Pokémon were created there. They give usually nonorganic materials life and give them a body that allows them to function within society. Robots, golems, prehistoric Pokémon you name it. It all was brought to live in that remote temple that serves as a research facility. Recently, some of the Pokémon created in the Synth Temple, started searching for a purpose in live. Some wanted to become teachers, some wanted to help build cities and faculties and some wanted to join the ranks of the army to protect the inhabitants of Vindicta who created them.

"Our new subject will arrive any minute, I expect all of you to not treat her any different than you treat your fellow comrades! She had a thorough training in close quarter combat and she is apparently one of the highest ranking fighters in her class! So show no pity or mercy towards her, she can handle herself! We are the royal army and we won't accept weakness!"

The soldiers saluted in perfect sync "Sir, yes Sir!" they chanted proudly.

General Gallus nodded approvingly even with a slight, appreciative smile that he didn't show to his soldiers as he turned his back to them and looked towards the road that led up to the training ground in front of the castle. The frosty wind blowing about his hair as he stood there with his arms crossed.

A few moments later, a hooded woman appeared on the horizon. She wore some monk like robes and ascended towards the training area. Anxiously, the around 50 soldiers standing at the entrance stood at attention to greet the new recruit.

The woman approached the group as she lurked forwards, she seemed to be breathing heavily and her steps were relatively slow.

Finally reaching the top of the slope, she stood before the assembled troops and popped off her hood. It was revealed that the woman was an anthro Mewtwo. The troops gawked at the sight of the woman's beautiful angelic face. Her lightly tinted purple skin enhanced the shine of her flashing magenta eyes going along with her long, wallowing hair that reached all the way down to her waist as it fell out of the hood. Even through her robes, you could make out her busty figure. Her breasts were at least a large E-cup size and her feminine, plumb and wide hips outlined her attractive figure. The back of the robe left an opening for a thick, purple tail that extended from her lower back.

The troops stood there, too nervous to approach the new arrival. Her sharp eyes darted from one soldier to the other, inspecting them. Until her eyes focused on Eric who was completely calm and composed. With her gaze fixated on him, she stepped forward, past the guards who made way for her. Eric followed her with his eyes as she moved in close to him and looked him straight in the eyes before bowing deeply.

"My name is Oracle. I have come to serve you, General Gallus." She said with a hushed tone of voice.

General Gallus stood there stoically as he observed the newcomer. "How is it you arrived by foot? Didn't you get an escort?"

"The Synth temple offered me one, but I refused. I can handle myself." The Mewtwo said proudly as she put a hand to her heart and closed her eyes with a subservient nod.

"But how did you get here in time? The Synth Temple lies half across the region."

"I ran." Oracle replied nonchalantly.

The other soldiers gasped and whispered among themselves in amazement.

General Gallus threw them a piercing glance and shut them up by merely looking at them.

"I have been created a few months prior. Since my creation, I've heard many tales of your exploits. I was so enthralled in reading about them that I devoted every living moment with training and steeling my body so one day, I could join your ranks. I am very grateful to get the chance now." She spoke somewhat coldly in a matter of fact tone. She didn't crack a single smile, making it questionable if she was even capable of expressing emotion.

A satisfied smirk crossed Eric's lips "Render me impressed, Cadet. To run all this way for acceptance in my corps might be a bit overzealous, but an astonishing feat nonetheless."

Oracle nodded in appreciation.

The smirk left Eric's face "Nonetheless, don't expect us to give you bonus points for this. Our training here will be hard and nobody will pander to you. This training will be hard and cruel." He said as he walked circles around Oracle with her following him with her eyes.

"I never expected special treatment. I am ready to prove myself."

"We shall see." Eric said coldly as he came to a halt. He turned to his men and spoke out loudly with Oracle by his side. "Men, please welcome our new recruit Oracle!"

In unison, they chanted "Welcome, sister! May our battles along with you be ever victorious!"

Oracle brought her hand to her chest and bowed honorably.

"At ease!" Eric yelled and the troops dispersed, going back to their training position. Some went to train sword fighting with mannequins, others trained all terrain parkour and some just did fitness training like push-ups and lifts. All in the open, plastered training yard in the cold weather of the Glace Tundra to steel their resolve and their endurance.

"Follow me, Cadet." Eric said with a glance at the Mewtwo.

With an accepting nod, she followed him along. They circled the yard, observing the soldiers training their hardest within several groups who all worked on separate disciplines. Speed, agility, strength and endurance were all accounted for and were represented in the workouts.

"They seem to be very determined." Oracle said in a calm tone.

"They have to be. We don't accept anything but the best for our troops."

"They probably get inspired by you, General. From what I've heard, you are a marvelous leader." She spoke with a hint of admiration.

"You don't think that smooth talking me will get you something like a better chance here do you?" the General spoke sternly.

Without even flinching, the Mewtwo said "No, I'm just speaking my mind." She avoided eye contact with Eric after that.

The two of them walked along the yard without further dialogue. Somehow, Oracle became a little bit more hesitant to speak after their last conversation and avoided looking at Eric.

Finally, they reached a small fighting rink filled with sand. Eric got to a hold next to it and watched the fighters that fought each other in the center.

"HYAAAAAAHHH!" one of the soldiers from the corps stood up against one of the others and tested his mettle in a staff fight. Both were armed with a wooden staff and tried to swing them at each other's weak spots. They fought aggressively without abandon and even made swings at their heads.

"This seems familiar." Oracle spoke up.

"You've been to a duel before?"

"Yes, I've taken on ring fights in the Synth Temple. I was the best in my class. The other classmates were not much of a challenge though."

Eric scolded her "No need to get braggy, Cadet."

"It's not bragging if it's true, is it?" Oracle said without the slightest hint of her joking. She was just speaking her mind again.

Eric smirked "Soldiers!"

The two men fighting in the rink immediately stopped fighting and stood at attention. "Yes, Sir!?"

"I would like to see what our new Cadet can show us in the rink."

Oracle looked at Eric questioningly but still without showing much surprise. "Why me, Sir?"

Eric whispered "I want to test your mettle. If you are as good as you say you are, you could serve as an inspiration for the others. Are you up for it?"

With determination in her sharp eyes, Oracle nodded and took a staff from a nearby rack before stepping into the ring. With both of her strong hands gripping the staff, she stood ready, waiting for her opponent.

Another woman from the corps stepped into the ring that had a similar figure to Oracle to keep it a fair fight without body advantage.

Both of them glared at each other while Eric watched intriguingly from the sidelines.

Another one of the soldiers stepped between the woman and the Pokémon and called out the battle "The next fight will be Cadet Oracle VS Cadet Helena. The first one to get knocked unconscious or otherwise unable to keep on fighting, loses. On your marks, ready, go!"

Sticks began to clash and a fierce fight began. Oracle grit her teeth as she took heavy swings at the other girl.

Helena put up a hard fight. Harder than Oracle had expected. She was stronger than any of the opponents she fought at the Synth Temple.

Helena pushed up against Oracle by shoving her staff against hers as hard as she could Oracle was face to face with Helena as she parried her attack. Helena seemed determined to win and do her General proud but Oracle fought even harder for it.

Oracle closed her eyes for a second to gather her focus and began to move swiftly across the ring. With quick slams against Helena's staff, she staggered and lost her footing, causing her to almost fall to the ground.

Eric watched in amazement as the battle went on. Oracle was definitely deserving of her pride in her fighting.

Helena twirled her staff around until she swung out to her full extension and landed a hard hit on Oracle's sides.

The crowd of soldiers around the rink cringed as they could practically feel the pain of the hit.

"*cough* Haaaa… nnnggghh!" Oracle groaned as she held her side but still stood on her feet. Her eyes wandered towards the General who looked at her slightly worried. He looked like he wanted to step in and end the fight but Oracle shook her head in denial.

"What's wrong? Did it hurt, huh? Hehehe." Helena laughed haughtily.

Oracle was spurred on by her taunt and straightened her stance again before twirling her staff around and using the momentum to land several smaller hits on Helena's body. Hitting her shoulders, head, hips and with a final swoop of her legs, Oracle brought Helena to the ground within seconds.

With Helena lying in the dirt defenselessly, Oracle pointed her staff at Helena's face.

The soldiers were stunned into silence from the surprising comeback until they started cheering. "Finish her off!"

"You got her right where you want her. Just knock her out and you win!" The soldiers were fevering with the fight.

Oracle looked down at her opponent, who was lying on the floor in pain and was coughing up little spurts of blood.

At that moment, she looked over at Eric. Their eyes met across the ring and for the first time since she arrived, Oracle put on a proud smile.

Eric was smiling back and nodded in approval, making Oracle smile even more. He nodded, giving her the signal to land the final blow.

But to his surprise, Oracle shook her head and instead stepped away from her downed enemy.

"What? Why aren't you finishing the job."

Oracle spoke softly "The battle IS done. You fought well. I was glad to have you as an opponent."

"But you need to knock me out first."

"I don't think that'll be necessary, you are already on the ground. I don't need to hurt you any more than necessary. The fight is over. We are comrades again." Oracle said meaningfully as she turned her back to Helena.

Eric, who listened to her felt a stirring in his heart that he hadn't felt for a long time. Everything in his corps was trimmed on showing no mercy, but yet, here was the outsider expressing mercy towards her comrade. Why did this feel so familiar, it hit a mark in his heart that he had long forgotten. All the anger all the determination to have no pity. And yet, when he saw Oracle denying her own victory and even showing respect to her opponent, he in turn felt a sense of respect for her for being above something as petty as domination.

It left a smile on his face.

"You! I tell you when the battle is over!" all of the sudden, the silence was broken and Helena cried out to Oracle. With a swipe of her legs, she swiped Oracle off her feet, making her land face first in the sand.

Oracle ate sand and coughed as she looked back up to see Helena holding her staff over her head ready for a final blow.

"Unlike you, I am ready to see things through to the end." Helena said as she readied herself for the attack.

Oracle shut her eyes tightly as the staff swung down towards her.


The staff clashed, but surprisingly not against Oracle's head.

"G…General?" Helena asked her leader who had grabbed a staff himself and blocked her swing inches from hitting its original target.

Oracle stared up in surprise as she saw the young General herself. She was speechless that he actually came to her defense.

Releasing her pressure, Helena stepped back. "I…I was just going to…" Helena stuttered nervously.

"You heard Cadet Oracle before. The fight was over."

"B…But you told us not to show…"

"The battle is over, Helena." Eric spoke more sternly.

"U…Umm… Sure, General. I apologize." Helena bowed deeply before disappearing in the crowd of the other soldiers who were all equally speechless.

"Get up, Cadet." Eric said to Oracle as he offered her a hand. Oracle blushed slightly as she took the General's hand and dusted off her robe.

"Did I do well, General?" was the first thing she asked despite hurting quite badly from her fight.

"You did great, Oracle. Are you alright?"

"My ribs hurt." She said honestly.

Eric looked at the men surrounding him. "You there, bring a heating pack to my quarters, now!"

"Yes, Sir!" the soldier said quickly as he dashed off.

"I'm gonna take care of the Cadet myself, you all go back to your training routines and afterwards you are let off for the day.

The men looked at each other questioningly for the sudden shift in the General's strictness but quickly stood at attention and chanted "Thank you, Sir!" and dispersed.


"Yes, Sir?" Oracle spoke calmly as if nothing happened.

"Follow me to my quarters. We need to talk."

With a quiet nod, Oracle followed the General who gave her a shoulder for support.

In the General's quarters:

Next to a colorful stain glass window stood a heavy desk in the small room. It was the room from which the General overlooked all of his operations. With maps, notes and books strewn about. Eric made room on the desk and let Oracle sit down on it. Her long, tentacle-like tail knocked a few small things off the table nonetheless.

"Sorry, General." Oracle said with a slightly downcast face.

"It's fine, those were just small trinkets anyways." He said as he sighed. Somehow he had this stir in his heart now that he talked to her alone. All this time she had shown no emotion, except when it came to his approval of her.

"Well, anyways…" Eric picked up the heat pack that the soldier delivered to his room. "I need to see your injury, Oracle."

Oracle spoke in hushed whispers "My…My ribs, Sir?"

"Yes, I need to take a look at them so I can help you."

For the first time, Oracle's cheeks took on a flushed red tone as she shoved her robes off her shoulders. Eric swallowed audibly when he saw the Mewtwo's slender, feminine arms as the cloth fell off her top.

Oracle stopped for a second as the robe was hanging just above her breasts. Her deep cleavage from her E-cups was already showing as she embarrassedly hugged her front.

Eric's breath began to get more labored while he tried to keep a calm mind. "I'm just your General, Cadet. Letting me see your body will not affect that."

Reluctantly, Oracle let her robes fall off her, exposing everything above her waistline. Her heavy, bouncy breasts dangled free in the open now, with alluring, purple, bumpy nipples topping off the perfectly shaped tits. Despite their size, they didn't falter at all because of her well trained body which made her breasts firm but still malleable. Underneath was a lean belly with a slight hint of six pack and a sexy stretched out belly button.

Eric was quiet for a moment as he stared unintentionally.

"General? Aren't you going to check my injury?" Oracle spoke in a matter of fact way.

"Wh…what? Oh, yes, you're right." He could slap himself for unashamedly staring at her body like that. He focused on the task at hand and looked at the wound on Oracle's side.

"It's just a hematoma, but we should probably keep it warm so it will heal faster."

"Alright, do it."

Eric grabbed the heat pack and pressed it onto the injury. Oracle flinched a little but quickly got accustomed to the small pain from the pressure.

"There we go." Eric said as he kept the heat pack in place by fastening it on her body with wraps.

Suddenly, as he was done, Eric spoke up. "Why didn't you do it?"

"What are you referring to, General?"

"In the duel… why didn't you knock your enemy out? She was right there underneath you, all it would have taken was one more strike. Why didn't you deliver the blow?"

Suddenly a small happy smile crossed Oracle's face. "I did it because I learned it from you."

Eric was taken aback "From me? B… But how. We've only met today."

"And yet, there is so much I know about you." Oracle continued. "When I was created in the Synth temple, as an experiment to see if it was possible to clone a Pokémon, the first thing I overheard were two men talking next to me while I awoke. They spoke of the great Eric Gallus, who had almost lost his life to save the lives of the King and Queen. As I heard this, I swore myself that one day, I would serve under such a selfless leader."

Eric fell silent as he listened to her "I… I remember that day. It was a few months ago when our escort was attacked by a Scyther that had gone rogue and attacked the caravan of the highnesses."

Oracle nodded with a tiny smile and continued. "The story was that you got in between the Scyther and the king as he lunged at him with his blades. You managed to pin him to the ground and you could have easily killed him. But you saw the fear in his eyes, you felt that he probably had his reasons however unjustified they were. And even though, this Scyther almost killed those you held so dearly, you decided to let him go."

"Yes, that I did." Eric spoke with a downcast face.

"It's where you got your scar from, right?"

Eric touched the scar that ran from his eye over his lip "I didn't want him to hurt the King. If he had, I... I would've…"

"But you didn't." Oracle said calmingly. "You had mercy and you let him go. You gave him a second chance."

"I don't know why I did it. He could come back."

"But maybe he won't. There is always a risk of consequences for sparing your enemy and we as soldiers are supposed to detach ourselves from our emotions. But mercy… mercy does not make us weak."

Oracle said as she ran her fingers across the General's scar. "It must've hurt though." Bringing her face closer to the General's cheek. With her puckered lips, she placed a soft but lingering kiss on the scar. Eric felt the warm lips on his cheek, making his mind go blank for a moment.

Oracle pulled back as she realized what she was doing. "I'm so sorry, General. I'm not that good with expressing my emotions."

Eric surprised her by cupping her cheek. "Don't worry about it, Cadet." He whispered as he pushed his lips up against hers.

"HMMMNNNN?" Oracle gasped with his mouth covering hers. He pecked at her lips with her soon joining in willingly. With her still sitting on the desk, Eric pressed his body up close against her bare top. Oracle's breasts were flattened by his armored chest.

"Brrr." Oracle shivered.

"What's wrong, Oracle?"

She shyly smiled "Your armor is still pretty cold."

Eric smirked knowingly "Let me fix that."

Unbuckling his overcoat and armor, his clothes fell to the ground, leaving him in just his underwear of black boxers.

He pressed up against Oracle again, feeling her massive tits squishing against his own bare skin. "Better?"

"Way better!" Oracle sighed in lust as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for another kiss. Snaking her tongue into his mouth this time. Swapping spit and wrestling their slippery, hungering tongues. Savoring the sweetness of each other's mouths.

Eric pushed up against her harder and made her lean back a little as he pulled the rest of her robes from her wide luscious hips downwards. With her fully naked bodies rubbing together, they felt up each other's bodies. With Oracle exploring down his torso until she found his hard tool, throbbing in his boxers and massaged it.

Eric on the other hand grabbed Oracle's juicy ass and squeezed the buttery smooth cheeks firmly, making the Mewtwo moan in longing for more.

She pushed him away, prying Eric from her steamy lips.

"Did I do something wrong, Oracle?" Eric asked slightly sulky.

"You did everything right, General. I just think that I want to get a little head start."

"A little head start? What do you…"

Oracle licked her lips as she got off the desk and kneeled down in front of the General, facing his crotch.

Hooking her fingers into the waistband of the boxers, Oracle pulled them down, meeting with the object of her desire. Eric's cock stood up straight and pointed right at Oracle's intrigued face.

"So this is it…" She whispered to herself. "It looks so strong and… tasty." Oracle stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of Eric's cock. Her eyes closed in satisfaction, she savored the taste and lavished the entire length in her saliva.

Eric squirmed and combed his hands through the anthro's violet hair while he clenched his teeth and his breath became ragged. "Oh, shit. This is amazing, Cadet." He panted.

Happy with his approval, Oracle continued her hungry licks. With her lips running over the shaft, the cock twitched from the stimulation.

Running her tongue to the top of his length, she placed small kisses on it before circling around the tip. She looked up at him with her shining, magenta eyes, checking for his reactions that pleased her and drove her to move forward.

With her open lips hovering over his dick, Oracle gazed down at it, salivating onto it before delving onto it. She buried the cock within her mouth and cradled it within her cheeks.

"HOOO LORD!" Eric moaned as his cock was showered with love from her blowjob. She used just how to use her tongue correctly as she used it to rub the cock from underneath while it slowly thrust in and out of her mouth.

In between her lips, she squeezed it and bobbed her head with her saliva sloshing around it. Strands of saliva ran down to his balls as her giving head continued.

She added shallow sucking to suck and lick on his sensitive head that was already throbbing, just a short bit away from blowing the load.

With his hands behind her head, Eric's hips moved on his own. His cock slid easily into her wet mouth. "Oracle, I'm gonna blow. Watch out."

"*slurp* Blw it n m mowf! *suck*" She spoke around his cock, adding the vibration to the stimulation.

"What…? HAAAAA!" His question was answered as oracle sped up her sucking and took his cock up to the back of her throat, almost gagging on it.

And with one last passionate suck… "OOOOOOOHHHHHH!" Eric couldn't stand it anymore and blew his load into the back of her mouth. It was so much, that Oracle couldn't contain it all in her mouth and sperm popped out of the sides of her mouth, running down her cheeks.

"AAAAAHHHHH… Arceus! That was intense!" relieved, Eric sighed as his member popped out of Oracle's filled mouth.

With the load resting on her tongue, Oracle closed her lips and swallowed all that was left of it. "*gulp* *gulp* It's… salty… but I kind of like it." She said as honestly as always.

"Oh my lord!" Eric said in amazement as he saw Oracle swallowing his cum and the rest still lingering on her face.

"Did I do a good job?" Oracle said with a shy smile.

"Okay, that's it!" Eric announced as he lifted Oracle onto the desk and leaned over her.

"Did I not?" Oracle asked innocently.

"Oh hell yes you did!" Eric said out loud as he started to lick her neck.

"Haaaa! General, what are you doing!"

He looked her deep in the eyes as his dick rubbed over her puffed out, wet, pink cunt. "I'm going to fuck you. Really hard!"

Surprisingly, the Mewtwo wrapped her slender arms around his shoulders with hooded eyes. "Bring it on. I was always one for a challenge."

At that moment, Eric's heart throbbed as a feeling emerged within him that he hadn't felt before. "Oracle, I love you."

A genuine, happy smile crossed her face "I hoped you would. I loved you for so long now. Whenever I heard stories of you, I wished that I would one day be with you like this."

"You did?"

"I may be artificial, but my feelings are real." She said with another meaningful smile as she pulled him down into a loving kiss.

At the same time as their lips touched, Eric's penis slid into her soggy pussy and pushed its way into her depths.

Her legs squirmed as the foreign object entered her insides and pushed through her flesh.

"*pant* You are inside me!" she cried out in realization. "I love it!"

"Does it feel good?" Eric said with a smirk with labored breath.

Oracle cupped his cheeks and looked him desperately in the eyes. "Fuck me! Really hard! Just like you told me!"

Wanting to fulfill her wish, he pulled back his hips and slammed them right back into her crotch. Being an artificial Pokémon, she had no hymen to speak of and thus, Eric didn't have to hold back. With strong thrusts, mixed with shallow ones to rub her sweet spots.

The desk creaked under their combined weight with their bodies mingling with each other on top. Slams of their slapping hips created nasty sounds that filled the small room. Eric used different angles as he fucked Oracle mindless.

"Oh creator!" Oracle panted within elongated moans. For how much room she had, she moved her hips expertly to allow Eric deeper pistoning.

Her body went limp as her head hung loosely off the other side of the desk as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Smiling deliriously from the feeling of cock filling up her hungry pussy.

Eric hugged her body close and with one arm supporting him by leaning on the table, he used the other to assault one of her tits. Her massive udders gave enough room for thorough groping and Eric took advantage of it to its fullest.

He tweezed her nipple between his index and middle finger as he tossed her breast around in circular motions. Meanwhile, her dripping snatch swallowed his dick and squeezed around it tightly, ready to urge it to cum along with it.


"ME TOO, ORACLE! PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A HUGE LOAD!" He cried out as he pumped his hips like a mad dog.

He filled up her pussy with cock, thrusting all the way to her uterus, kissing the entrance of her baby room.

"ER…ERIC… I…I…!" Oracle whimpered as her orgasm was fast approaching but she didn't want to blow before him.



The biggest load the General ever shot out in his life, flooded out into the pussy of his newest Cadet, who twitched in pleasure underneath him.

Eric grabbed her ass tightly and shoved their crotches together until every drop was spilled, whether from him or her.

With both of them at the height of their orgasm, they panted and sweated heavily. Eric slumped down onto the Mewtwo, resting on her welcoming boobs.

Eric cupped the anthro's cheeks and pressed his firm lips against her soft pink ones. So lying within each other's arms and their bodies connected in a hug that made them completely forget the cold of the outside, they closed their eyes and rested just like the troops that were relieved that day.

Several months later

"Stand at attention!" A booming voice rang out over the training ground of the Glace Tundra Castle.

Two figures stood on a pedestal speaking to the Glace Tundra Army. One of them was the renowned General Eric Gallus and his new Lieutenant Oracle. In the past few months, she had made a name for herself within the army. Gathering popularity with her less strict attitude. And along with her extraordinary skills, she was quickly rising up the ranks.

"In light of the new reform we initiated, we have reviewed the results of it and found that morale has gone up exponentially. As your General…"

"…and Lieutenant..." Oracle added.

"Yes, and Lieutenant, we have decided that every one of you will receive extra leave from the army to visit your families. You deserve it!"

The crowd of soldiers cheered in happiness. The hard work and tons of successes had paid off for them finally. And the new policy on the "no mercy" rule has led to much better teamwork and comradery.

After the troops dispersed to go back to their regular training, only Oracle and Eric were left in the yard. Standing next to each other, they looked over their troops, both with satisfied smiles on their faces.

"I told you mercy would not lead to weakness. Look at them. They are so happy now."

"I know, I know, you've been bragging about it for months now."

"It's not bragging if it's true." Oracle let out a sigh as she rested her head on Eric's shoulder.

"Was that actual sarcasm just now?"

Oracle smiled "Guess I'm getting better at dealing with emotions."

"We'll see about how long that will last."

"Want me to prove it?"

"I'm listening?"

"Come closer." Oracle said with a hushed voice.

Eric leaned over to her as she cupped his ear and whispered into it.

"I love you."

With her body pressed tightly against Eric, Oracle twined her fingers into his and pressed her moist lips against his mouth.

"Also, I'm pregnant."

Yeah, she still didn't have human emotions down.


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