Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Cacturne(Dust) x Kyle

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The Faradha Steppes, despite their sparse population are one of the wealthiest communities in Vindicta. One would assume that once you've made it in Faradha, you are set for life. Whatever else could you ever want? Wealth, luxury and the finest foods. Who wouldn't be happy with that?

Well I wasn't. My name is Dust. I know, funny how someone named Dust lives in the desert huh? It fits even more since I'm an anthro Cacturne as well. My skin had a slight tint of green due to my species and the prism shaped thorns on my arms and legs were sort of like ornaments that represented wealth and fortune. I was a well curved young girl if you asked me. I had long slender legs that transitioned into wide bodacious thighs. My belly was flat, at least there isn't any unnecessary fat, and I had a nice bust going on. Firm C-cups that I was very proud of.

Covering all that up was an array of royal garments. For example, a red knee length skirt with decorative golden linen ropes adorning the sides. It was cut open at half length for each leg to allow free movement. My top was a red embroidered toga with a golden double scarf loosely hanging from my neck. The scarf was combined with a dark green cowl that covered my head from the heat of the desert. Flowing out of the side of my cowl was my long flowing purple hair that was braided into two locks on each side.

I was different from the other inhabitants of Faradha. They were all content with living their life day by day being served, surrounded by extravagance. Not me though. I wanted more from life than to sit on my butt all day and having to endure the boredom of royal politics.

I was the advisor of Vizier Ulysses, his right hand woman so to speak. I already can hear you say: "Oh, but you work for the Vizier don't you? That should give you plenty of interesting things to do." But you'd be wrong.

The Vizier, believe it or not, is a tactical and political genius. Every move that I am about to suggest, he already knows. So I don't even need to intervene in his decisions much when he meets some ambassadors from other cities. And his trade of gems and heart scales is a source of steady income that no one rivals him in.

That means I'm barely needed in the courtroom anymore. Meaning boredom for me. I still earn plenty but I don't feel satisfied just from being wealthy.

"And that is why I want to leave Faradha my Vizier. To seek out some more excitement and to see more of what the world has to offer. I want to be free." I pleaded in the throne room of the Vizier's palace. He and his two wives judged me from their thrones. The rest of the palace was surrounding the scene and whispers emanated from the masses. I could hear their judgement, but I didn't let it get to me.

Kamara and Ivari, the wives of the Vizier leaned over to him from their thrones and seemed to be just as confused as the rest of the people at my sudden decision as they whispered to the Vizier.

Suddenly the Vizier closed his eyes calmly and clapped his hands two times. The throne room fell quiet and all eyes were on Vizier Ulysses as he slowly rose from the throne. I gulped audibly as I watched him descend the stairs from his high seat.

Now he stood before me, his eyes calm and composed. I could never interpret his emotions. He had a poker face like no one I ever knew. The years I've been serving him, still didn't help me figure out his character. You could never tell what he was thinking.

The crowd gasped as he lifted his right hand. I started to sweat nervously as his hand loomed over my head. I clenched my eyes shut and anticipated his judgement.

Suddenly I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. With one arm behind his back and the other gently resting on my shoulder, the Vizier smiled at me.

"Thank you, Dust. For all your services to the kingdom and for me. You've served me well and I will not forget that. I never forget my allies." He spoke in an authoritarian voice that bolstered across the hall "If this free life is what you wish, then I will grant it. With the blessing of Faradha, you are free to go."

My eyes lit up but I tried to keep composure. I bowed deeply before my Vizier. "Th…Thank you, your lordship! Your understanding is very much appreciated." I stuttered not knowing what to say.

The whispers in the crowd got louder until the Vizier raised his voice again. "You needn't be so formal. As a friend of my house it is only mandatory that I grant you this little of a request. Nobody in my kingdom should feel like a prisoner."

"Oh, n… no I didn't feel like a prisoner at all. I didn't mean to offend…" I was stopped with a finger on my mouth.

"It's quite fine, Dust. If you ever feel the need to come back to us, Faradha will greet you with open arms."

I smiled from one ear to the other "I… thank you Ulysses. I will never forget all the good times I had here."

Ulysses bowed slightly in a very elegant manner "I hope you will find the life you are looking for, Dust."

The goodbye ceremony was short. All the people of Faradha stood at the entrance gate of the Palace to see me off. And from that moment on, it was just me, nature and the supplies I carried in a pouch I wore around my waist.

The moment I stepped out into the wild I was immediately overcome with a feeling of freedom that I never had before. I wondered what would lie ahead and what I would see. Without a set goal in mind, I started my travels. The first waypoint I set myself were the high reaching cliffs of the Areondae plateau in the distance.

"Hah! Piece of cake! I can do that!" I was brimming with confidence as I took my first step into the desert. My feet were already accustomed to the hot sand and being a Cacturne I didn't need much water. The hot sun actually fueled me and I made my way with a smile.

Dune after dune passed and the plateau didn't look like it was any closer. I forgot that the hot airwaves over the sand created fata morganas, meaning that Areondae was way further away than I thought. I started to sweat and my clothes started to feel heavy but I pushed on. After a few hours more than I anticipated I arrived at the steep cliff.

"Finally…" I looked up the high rock, seeing the forest atop of it. A few years back, thankfully a stairway was built to get to the top to allow travel between Faradha and Areondae. The narrow stairs at the cliff side were only secured with a chain that you can hold on to. Which was just fantastic since I had a fear of heights. "…now to the fun part." I said to myself hoping that sarcasm would keep me calm. Surprise, surprise… it didn't.

I pressed my back against the rock wall as I ascended step by step, not daring to look down. "Please, Arceus, don't let me die today! It's way too soon and I haven't been that bad! I'm sorry for that one time, I was young and stupid! I…" My feet suddenly felt soft earth and I realized I've reached the top.

As I realized that, I closed my eyes and fell onto my butt. I took deep breaths as I tried to calm my racing heart. "Thank you Arceus!" I cried out as I fell back into the grass. "Ohh no, my clothes! They're full of dirt and grass marks now!" I groaned as I inspected myself.

"Could it get any worse?" I planted my hands on the ground yelling up to the sky. And at the moment I finished my sentence, a lightning struck across the sky. Within seconds, a deluge of rain fell from the sky.

"Figures." I sighed to myself as I covered my head with my cowl. With a slightly bitter mood I trudged forward. I could barely see anything due to the impending night and the storm clouds blocking the moonlight.

I stumbled through the forest, cold and wet. My clothes clung tightly to my body and weighed me down heavily. I needed to find a place to rest for the night.

That was when I saw a flickering light in the forest. A fire. I slowly moved towards it in case it could have been something more dangerous. With the cover of the many trees around me, I ducked from one to the other without being seen until I was close to the fire.

The closer I came, the clearer it was that this was a camp. A tent was built up here, made of leaves with the cotton that grew nearby serving as a surface to lie on. For what it was, it was actually very well crafted and it seemed like no raindrops slipped through the roof that was held up by four branches that served as posts. Scattered under the tent were several sketched out maps and satchels full of herbs and fruit.

"It seems like this camp has been used recently, but it seems like it's abandoned." I observed quietly, not noticing the presence of someone behind me.

"It's pretty nice isn't it?" A male voice spoke over my shoulder.

"WAAAAHHH!" I screamed and stumbled away from the man. I fell onto the ground again and immediately shielded myself with my arms. "I beg for mercy. I didn't intend to steal anything. I was just curious about this camp. Please don't hurt me!" I scrunched my face together, prepared for the worst. I slightly squeezed open my eyes and inspected the man that had snuck up on me.

He was tall and lanky with a slim figure. He was dressed in green robes with a large hood he had covered his head with. I could still see his brown tussled hair underneath and on his nose he wore pretty modern looking glasses that had a slight crack on one side. He hunched over me and looked down at me with a bemused look.

"Pffff me? Hurt you? Do I really look like a man who would hurt an adorable little thing like you?" He cackled with a toothy grin on his face.

"You look like a serial killer in those dirty robes. So yes actually, you do look like someone who could hurt me. And don't call me adorable, you savage man!" I gave him a piece of my mind as I asserted myself. But somehow he didn't even flinch.

"Ho ho! What a feisty little thing you are. You're lucky I don't have a high standard for visitors, I don't usually get any, so I'm not picky." He said tauntingly.

I had such a deep urge to get that smug grin out of his face but I composed myself. "Aaaaanywaaaays, I need to get going. Lots of stuff to do and such." I just wanted to leave as soon as possible. Even though I was completely drenched, it wasn't worth having to spend any more time with that guy. I crawled out from underneath him and dusted off my clothes. With my pride still intact I turned my back to him and walked away.

Meanwhile, the man laid down under his tent and watched me lazily with a smug raised eyebrow. "And where exactly would you go? Do you even have a direction?"

He was slowly starting to annoy me. But I took my first step towards the forest. But just after a few trees I was blocked by an unclimbable rock wall. I was met with a smug smile as I turned back.

"Yeah, I could have told you that way was blocked."

"Shut it, I know what I'm doing!"

"Sure you do." He said sarcastically as he pulled his hood over his eyes.

He was infuriating, but I didn't waver and took another direction. But even before I could take my first step I heard him call out from behind me.

"Thorn bushes." He said plainly.

I took another direction. "Cliffs."

Then another "Leads to a dead end."

"UUUUUUURRRRGHH!" I groaned in annoyance as I crossed my arms.

"You don't have a plan do you?" He said with a slight bit of pity.

"I… I… no. I have no idea where to go." I sighed in defeat.

Suddenly his smug grin turned into an understanding sincere smile. It surprised me how totally different his expression was. He actually looked like a decent guy with that complexion. He padded the cotton surface next to him where he kept a space for me. He obviously knew I wouldn't be able to leave. "Come on, sit down. There is no reason to get even more wet than you are already."

Reluctantly I took him up on his offer and sat down next to him. I guess it was a better choice than darting off aimlessly.

He sat up and looked at me as he took off his hood. To my surprise he wasn't looking half as bad as I thought. Attractive even. His hair was obviously wild and messy, but the style of it was combed in a way that made it look neat and stylish.

"Name's Kyle by the way. I thought you nobles from Faradha would have enough manners to ask that before you judge a person."

"Wha… how do you know that I'm from Faradha." I rebutted.

"Your clothes kind of gave it away and you don't usually see Cacturne so far away from the desert. So what are you exactly? Banker? Trader?"

"I am… I mean I was the advisor of the Vizier." I said with a bit of pride.

"Well, I'll be damned. Seems like I should have bowed before you when we met. Excuse my prudence miss fancy pants." He chuckled as he made fun of me. Though somehow it didn't seem malicious.

"Don't mention it please!" I gave him the cold shoulder for his stupidity.

"I'm wondering though… what is someone like you doing out here in the wild?" I couldn't say why, but behind all of his backhanded jokes, he was sincerely interested in my story.

"It's… it's complicated…"

"It's not like we don't have time." He said with a gentle smile.

Somehow it set me at ease "*sigh* For a long time I just felt like I had no purpose being in the royal house. I was just there for representation. I was never really needed and I felt like I was of no use. So in short I thought I should leave Faradha and make it on my own. Something that I myself accomplished."

"And you thought that just going off on an aimless journey would help you find it?"

I looked to the ground in shame. "I dunno. Maybe it really was a mistake…" I felt the tears well up in my eyes. Was I really foolish for doing this? I started sniffling as the idiocy of my plan weighed down on me.

But then I felt Kyle's hand on my shoulder. He looked at me as if he knew how to help me, as if he wanted to help me. "You know, just because you're clueless now, doesn't mean you have to keep being clueless. I can teach you."

"Teach me to do what?" I whimpered as I wiped the tears from my eyes, smearing my black eye shadow away.

"To make it out here. I can show you the ropes if you let me. Being the savage man that I am, I know the ways."

"Hehehe, okay I'll bite. When can we start?" I said, eager to learn about survival.

Kyle smirked "Well, first you need to agree to the terms and conditions."

I raised an eyebrow "Are you serious?"

"Absolutely serious. You nobles should be familiar with formalities shouldn't you?" Kyle gave me a snide remark, it met with a wall of deadpan. "Okay, I get it. Good lord you royals are stiff." He rolled his eyes sarcastically.

"Just tell me what you want from me." I sighed in equal annoyance but couldn't suppress a small smile. Somehow he had a certain charm to his stupid humor.

"You basically just need to agree to the 3 Rules:
Work with what you are given by nature
Rid yourself of everything that binds you to your past
And most importantly, Whatever I say, goes.

If you agree to that, I can take you under my wing and show you how to live on the road. Now my question." Kyle reached out his hand to me.

I was fidgeting around nervously. Was this the right way. Could I trust him?

"I promise you won't regret it. I know I didn't make the best first impression but I hope we can start over."

I don't know why, but it felt like he meant it. I slowly put my hand onto his and grabbed it. It was warm and strong. "I agree to the conditions. But don't you dare make fun of me again."

Kyle smirked devilishly "Wouldn't dream of it… partner." He said as he laid down on the cotton bed. "You should get some sleep. *yawn* We'll be starting your training early in the morning." He yawned as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

I looked at my hand that still felt so warm from his touch. I could never let him know, but somehow it made me feel so much calmer.

I laid down on the cotton as well as Kyle snored quietly beside me. Tomorrow would mark the beginning of my new life. There was a mix of excitement and anxiety within me, but I could barely wait for it.

2 weeks later

"CATCH!" I yelled down from the mango tree I was standing on. I was climbing through the branches, collecting the ripest fruits I could find. Kyle stood at the bottom with a woven basket and caught what I dropped down to him.

Now that the rain season was over, he could ditch his robes and actually wore some pretty decent clothes, if a bit dirty. Brown cargo pants with lots of pockets, a green T-shirt with some broad letters in lighter green that read the letters: KC and some neat white running shoes with black outlines. It wasn't royal standard but I still knew that those clothes were something that a decently well off person would wear.

"That's enough for the next few days, Dust. You can come down." Kyle called out to me.

"Alright, coming down!" I declared as I carefully made my way downwards. But the tree was mossy and my foot slipped.

"WAAAA!" I cried out as I lost my footing and fell down from the tree. Somehow I didn't fall to the ground though. I opened my firmly shut eyes to see that I had landed in Kyle's arms who was holding me in a bridal style now.

"Man you are not even a princess and I still need to save your butt all the time. Just like a damsel in distress."

I blushed involuntarily as he held me in his strong arms. But despite feeling slightly happy that he would compare me with a princess, I just couldn't let his taunting get to me. "Let me down, Kyle or I'll stab you." I said with a threatening glare at him.

Kyle set me down and rolled his eyes "Sheesh, always you with your threats. Do that a few more times and I could actually start thinking you don't like me."

"Would that be so far from the truth, Kyle?" I remarked with a self-satisfied smirk.

"Oh, you hurt me. I might feel like a bad guy now."

"You ARE a bad guy."

"Come on, you don't actually mean that." He leaned towards me and reached his hand out to my face. I froze up in place as he touched my cheek. My cheeks flushed as he moved his face close to mine. "Do you really, really hate me, Dust?"

My heart started to race, he was so close to me and I could feel his breath on my skin. "Umm… I… I… I didn't… you know..."

But shortly before his lips touched mine. He had a victorious smile on his face and pulled away. "HA! I knew it! You have a weak spot for me after all!" He bolstered as he picked up the basket of mangos and walked back towards the camp. Leaving me behind speechless.

I sulked and called out after him "Y… YOU DICK! I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT!" I ran after him, but after a bit of more bickering with him, I calmed down and we went back to the camp together.

I had learned a lot in the last few weeks. Kyle had shown me how to navigate in the wild, how to tell what plants were poisonous, how to build a camp on my own and how to make fire.

It was late in the evening already as Kyle gave me the honors of making tonight's fire. With the wood we collected days in advance and a few flint stones, I managed to stir up the flames. After a short while it got dark but the campfire that I made lit our camp up nicely.

Me and Kyle sat on a fallen over tree trunk and relaxed after another day of scavenging. We sat a good bit apart, with me still slightly sulky how he left me hanging earlier. We both hadn't confessed any feelings for each other, but despite our constant teasing, I felt that there was something.

I tried to make a bit of small talk to break the ice. "Hey, Kyle…" I said quietly, just enough so he could hear it.

"Yeah?" He turned his head to me with a slight sweet smile.

"You never told me how you ended up out here. I told you my story, it's only fair that you tell me yours." I smiled back at him. I didn't want to make it look like I was pestering him.

He rubbed his neck awkwardly "Ah, well that's a long story."

I shimmied a bit closer to him. "I think we have the time."

He cleared his throat "Well, believe it or not, but I used to be an office worker."

My eyes widened in surprise.

"Yeah, I know. You can barely believe that right? Anyways, I used to work for a huge corporation in Kalayda City called KALCORP. I sat in a cubicle there, day in, day out. Typing out contracts and business offers and such on my computer. Doing the same thing day after day. One day, I got sick of it. I didn't want to waste my life in a job that I hate, never being allowed to do what I want. So I said: Fuck it! Without any notice I left my past life behind, packed only the most necessary things and left the city." He said with a little hint of regret in his voice. "After a few days I was almost starving, I had no direction, no survival skills. I had to learn the hard way how to find food and how to build anything. I had to train myself to do it. It was hard. I almost gave up on it."

As I listened to him, I saw a side of him that I never knew existed. Behind the wall of sarcasm and jokes, he was going through the same struggle that I was.

He turned to me and smiled at me with a sort of warmth that made me feel so safe and calm. Maybe that was the reason I had such conflicting feelings for him.

"But I stopped worrying once I met you, Dust."


"Yes, you. I was almost about to give up. I thought there was no point in going on like this. But then you came along and it was fun again. Seems like all I needed to get my spirits back up was someone to have by my side." Kyle moved closer to me. He looked at me with adoring eyes that made me anxious and wanting. He could be so sweet when he wanted to be. To the point where I even felt weak. He could play me like a violin.

"I really hoped you wouldn't leave me the day we met. I wanted you to stay with me." We sat right next to each other, our hands on top of each other. He twined his fingers around mine as he cupped my cheek with the other.

I put my hand on top of his. "Well, I'm still here am I not?" I smiled at him wantonly and whispered "Hey, Kyle… could you remind me of your three rules again?"

He was confused, just as I had hoped. It was my turn to tease him now. "Umm… Rule number one would be… Work with what you are given by nature. MNNN *smack* *slurp*"

Right as he finished his sentence I kissed him on the lips. I lusted for his lips. Kyle was stunned but soon he grew accustomed to me and took me into his strong arms. He pulled me closer, pressing his lips eagerly against mine. I quivered at the satisfaction I felt.

As we parted, my eyes were dazed and looked at him, wanting more.

"Where did that come from?" he asked lovingly as he caressed my hips.

"I'm working with what nature gave me. It gave me you. Go on, tell me the second rule again." I whispered as I bit my lip in expectation.

"The…the second rule… Rid yourself of everything that binds you to your past."

I smiled and leaned over to his ear "These clothes are a part of our past. Maybe we should get rid of them."

It was funny to see him choke up before he moved his hands to my garments. To my surprise, he didn't go for my breasts right away but instead removed my scarfs and my cowl. He blushed as the cloth fell from my head and my now slightly messy purple hair was exposed. Kyle looked into my eyes.

"I never knew your eyes were so beautiful. Were they always such a shiny green? I love them." My heart skipped a beat as he started to nip on my exposed neck as his hands started to grope my breasts through my toga. He brushed apart the fabric and was gladly surprised that I didn't wear anything underneath. He admired my perky breasts with dark green hard nipples. I was just so aroused by him it was hard to hide.

His suckles left marks on my neck. It somehow made me happy. Letting me know that I was his. Meanwhile Kyle kneaded my breasts, letting me feel the palms of his hands rubbing against my nipples. He caressed my bared front, his hands exploring my body as he licked and kissed my neck.

I gently put my hands to his chest to stop him. I looked him in the eyes and smiled showing him that I really liked the attention. "Now, you remember the third rule?"

"What I say goes." He muttered under his excited breath.

"Exactly. So tell me what you want, Kyle."

"I want your lips."

I leaned in for another kiss but he stopped me with his hand. "Not on my mouth, Dust." He whispered as he guided my hand to his crotch. It was hard and twitching. I gulped as I heard his demand and my mind was racing.

But following his orders I got off the trunk and kneeled between his legs. His pants were easily pulled off and I was face to face with his thick throbbing cock. Just two weeks ago I would have never imagined myself in such a lewd situation. I was of noble heritage. But my past didn't matter to me anymore and I was ready to give in to my lust.

I pressed my tongue against the front of his ball sack. He squirmed and I could feel his body tense up. I smiled as I slid up his length, tentatively covering his pulsating shaft in my saliva. The flat of my tongue ran over the underside and made his dick jerk against it. Using my own saliva as lube I stopped him from moving around too much and jerked him off with my hand.

"That feels nice, Dust. Take it in your mouth now." I could hear the anxiousness in his voice. He was craving for my mouth. Abandoning all my pride I followed his will and opened my mouth widely over the head of his cock. I could taste the pre cum on his tip that had flowed out from my foreplay.

I swallowed his cock to the back of my throat. I pushed onwards with my eyes closed happily in knowing that I was driving Kyle crazy. I wanted to show him what even a pampered noble like me was capable of. I squeezed my lips tightly around his member and started to bob my head. My tongue created some extra pleasure as it scraped him from underneath as his cock thrusted into my mouth.

I crammed his length in as far as I could, with my saliva swishing around it. I turned up my eyes to see Kyle as he clenched his eyes shut and his fingernails digging into the tree trunk. It was so satisfying to see him like that.

"Arceus, Dust, I'm… I'm gonna blow! Haaaaa!" He moaned as he laid his hand on the back of my head. He assisted me by shoving my head against his crotch, forcing me to take his cock in deeper. I was suppressing my gag reflex and actually took his length to the hilt. He should cry out my name. I wanted him to feel like he was in heaven.

"DUST! AAAAAAAAAHHH!" With his cock deeply buried within my lips, he shot his load down my throat. He grabbed my hair forcefully as he endured the pleasure. I took every drop of his rich cum. It tasted bitter, but the more the taste lingered, the more I started to crave it. I kept my mouth on his length, squeezing his shaft with my hand to get everything out.

Kyle was exhausted and panted in the aftermath of his orgasm.

I was not about to let him rest though. After I parted my lips from his dick and I wiped the rest of his cum off, I shoved him off the tree trunk, making him lie on his back.

He looked at me in confusion, wondering what I was gonna do. "Dust… this was amazing. But what are you doing now."

I smirked as I climbed on top of him. I pressed my lips against his and he didn't resist me. It was my turn to get my pleasure now.

"Listen, Kyle. What you say goes." I picked up my scarf that was lying beside me and wrapped it around his mouth. I didn't let him struggle against me as I glared at him. "But I can't follow your words if you can't say anything. So…" I leaned down to his ear and spoke to him sensually. "I'm in control now."

I lifted up my skirt and showed Kyle my dripping wet pussy. Kyle's eyes went wide and he muttered something but was muffled by the scarf. "What? You're surprised I don't wear any panties. Well, that's kind of what we do in Faradha. It's too hot for underwear. And I think it comes in quite handy now too." I giggled as I hunched down over his cock. He probably could have taken off the scarf since his hands were free, but he seemed to enjoy this little roleplay.

It was blissful as I lowered myself onto him. The head of his dick spread apart my pussy and inch by inch skewered me more. My insides were shuddering at the enormous satisfaction of being filled. "OOOOOHHHH!" I cried out in pleasure as my hips plopped down onto him and his cock was buried entirely within me. Saliva ran from the edges of my mouth as the pure giddiness of me fucking him was taking a hold in my mind. Somehow it filled me with a feeling of revenge, seeing the oh so smug Kyle lying on the ground and indulging in the pleasure of my pussy. He could squirm and fit around but I was in charge now. All the jokes he pulled on me would come back to him now.

In a gyrating motion I rode his dick. His length rubbed my insides and gave me pleasure beyond comprehension. My green skin flushed red as my blood boiled in my body.

"KYLE, aaaaaaahhhh your cock is amazing!" I moaned as my hips moved on their own, humping him in 8 shaped gyrations. His cock thrusted in and out of me at a faster and faster pace, hitting my deeper spaces. It kissed my womb as it hammered inside me.

"MMMPPPPPFFF!" Kyle moaned into the fabric, his eyes closed in bliss.

"What was that, Kyle. Haaaaa! I couldn't hear you! AAAAHHH! You need to speak up!" I taunted him between moans. It felt so fricking good.

I felt Kyle's hands on my waist. I let him have that. I enjoyed being held by him.

His cock twitched, announcing another orgasm of him. Coincidentally I was on the brink of my endurance as well. We were apparently both struggling to keep our composure.

I leaned down, removed the scarf from his mouth and replaced it with my lips. With his hands on my ass, he slammed me down with our hips slapping together and his cock crammed into my pussy.

He met my lips with his tongue and prodded them to gain access. I opened my mouth wide and greeted him with my own. We wrestled and rubbed our tongues together as his hips jerked upwards to meet my downwards slams.

I moaned into his mouth and he as well was groaning out in pleasure. His delicious voice sent vibrations through my mouth that tickled and encouraged me even more to go on.

I humped him even harder and our sexes collided with zeal. Wet sounds ringing out into the forest. He massaged my ass cheeks as we did.

I pried my lips from his. "KYLE! I'M CUMMING! CUM WITH ME, KYLE! CUM WITH ME!" I blurted out with my mind going blank.

Without saying a word, Kyle wrapped his arms around my waist and shoved his cock as far in as he could.

And the moment he did, his cum shot into my depths. He painted my insides with his colors by shooting his seed into my womb. It felt me with a joy I couldn't describe as I fell onto him in exhaustion. Despite being used to the heat of the desert, the heat that culminated during sex was enough to make me actually sweat. I was completely out of breath but I felt so satisfied and happy that I barely even noticed how drained I was.

"Well, that was surprising." Kyle muttered as he panted. I just now fully realized what I had done to him.

I hugged him tightly. "Please forgive me! I got carried away, you shouldn't have seen me like that!" I buried my face in his chest from embarrassment.

But he just chuckled "It's alright. It's nice to see that you nobles have a wild side as well." His hands gently caressed my arms as they glided over my thorns.

I blushed deeply. "I'm sorry though for gagging you. That was too far."

He placed his lips on mine and gave me a soft but firm kiss. "No need for apologies. It felt fricking amazing."

I smiled as well "It felt fricking amazing for me too, Kyle." I hugged him warmly as I rested my head on his chest.

"So I guess if I make jokes about you from now on, I will get it back two fold when we do this."

"You bet your sweet little butt you will."

He sighed "Figured as much."

And we both laughed as we cuddled up. While the flickering fire kept us warm during the rest of the night.


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