Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Yveltal(Yadea) x Paul

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In the dark of night, nobody in Arkani City had a clue what was about to happen.

A shadowy, hooded figure ascended a hill that was overlooking all of the quiet naval town, holding a red trigger in their hand.

And from one moment to another, things would go from quiet and peaceful… to absolute disaster.


An expanding ball of fire rose up from the outer rim of the city, throwing everything into chaos. Only seconds later, dozens of sirens went off, ripping the entire population out of their sleep.

Screaming people fled the scene, most of them workers who were still busy this late at night. The sky filled with smoke as the hooded man's smile stretched further and further.

"That's what you get for trying to shut out my goddess. Good luck raising the funds to try something like this again, you heretics."

The man threw the detonator in his hand over his shoulder as he turned his back to the blazing fire that broke out and disappeared in the nearby woods.

Scrawling his way through some thick brush, he made his way to a hidden clearing that hosted a small wooden shack, covered in grass and moss for extra camouflage. The forest itself was already thick and visually impenetrable and with additional measures like those, there was never a chance for anyone to find this place.

The heavy, mossy door creaked as he opened it and squeezed through the tight entrance.

Finally out of sight, the man uncovered himself and dropped the dirty robes that concealed every detail that witnesses could use against him.

The man responsible for the massive destruction was Paul Kelley. A 19 year old boy with messy, feathery brown hair riddled with dandruff and cinched tips. He was very skinny, surviving on only what the forest provided him with and his blue eyes were sharp and piercing, filled with some sort of motivational drive that kept him up at all times.

He was the youngest and presumably last follower of an underground cult that worshipped the legendary Pokémon Yveltal. A goddess that hasn't been seen in years and nobody knows where she had gone off to. The cult was formed even before the anthropomorphization and persisted ever since. But after her disappearance, more and more members were either caught as they tried to bring destruction and chaos over the land by fighting the authorities and going on vigilante missions to destroy anti Pokémon facilities. And the others just gave up, leaving the cult as they lost faith in their goddess.

Paul had been raised in this cult, having been taken in as an orphan kid and trained in the teachings of disarray. And even as his mentors were taken prisoners, he kept following his goddess; the only thing in this world that meant anything to him anymore.

Paul threw his robe into the corner of the dank room and ruffled the ash out of his hair. He walked over to a small generator and pulled the zipline until it started to buzz into action.

Several makeshift lamps, that were basically just lightbulbs with cables, lit up the room. The inside wasn't really furnished or decorated, rather it was the bare minimum. The floor was just grass and earth and the only furniture in the room aside from the generator and the lights was a basket of fruit, a bed of leaves as well as a table and stool made from the dried stumps of trees.

There were only two things really sticking out in the room.

A shrine to Yveltal in a corner with candles surrounding a statuette of the legendary Pokémon in her old form. Nobody had seen Yveltal after the anthropomorphization so the cult could only pray to what they remembered her as.

Paul sighed as he threw a glance at it and turned to the only other thing that stuck out in the room: a ham radio that could pick up most of the stations all across Vindicta.

Paul kicked back and slumped onto the tree stump stool as he turned the nobs and tuned them to a local station, here in Arkani City.

"…in recent news: Yet another construction site has fallen victim to an unknown saboteur hindering local government operations. A new city border wall was supposed to be built in Arkani and opened in less than 2 weeks. Its purpose was supposed to be to keep out wildlife Pokémon who may secretly enter the town without being registered. Tonight though, just an hour ago a bomb has apparently been planted around the construction site, effectively destroying the foundation and damning the project."

Paul rested his feet on the stump table next to the radio and listened to the radio as he bit into an apple he picked from his fruit basket. "Serves you right for dishonoring my goddess. Try to lock her out of her rightful kingdom one more time, I swear." He slammed the apple onto the table as he let the radio shuffle through several more stations on its own.

"…is the work of a mastermind! Nobody has arrested anyone yet nor do they have even a single lead. Every trace always gets destroyed in the fires…"

Paul got up from his chair and approached the shrine to Yveltal and knelt in front of it as he lit the candles.

"…Kalayda City emergency news, quicker than the weathermen! Smoke rises over Arkani City as yet another construction site has been the subject of an attack. Just last month an unknown assailant had set fire to the university campus in Kalayda City, burning thousands of Pokédollars of school property. The university had been the first one to successfully integrate Pokémon into the mostly human schools…"

Paul clapped his hands 3 times in front of the altar and closed his eyes as he spoke his prayers. "None shall teach Pokémon how to live their lives but you, my goddess. They do not own your lost children. Nature is not to be tamed but to stay as chaotic as it has always been. One day, they'll see, Yveltal. One day those who left me behind. Those who left YOU behind will receive their just punishment."

He was shaking, taken by his own words as he stroked the side of the Yveltal statue's head with tear stained eyes. "If only I could summon you once again, goddess of death. If only we could all bathe in your life draining aura once more! I would give my life if I could at least get to see it once!"

Paul pulled out a pocket knife and flicked it open. He dragged the knife over his palm, creating a narrow cut that was deep enough to draw blood. With a nostalgic smile, Paul dragged his hand over the grey statue and from the head down to the long, broad tail, he covered it in his colors.

"There, black and red, just as you used to be, my goddess. Take my life force away. I will give you… anything!" His voice became whispery and hushed as he vowed his loyalty to his queen.

"…we have new information on the case, local police have… hold on a second…"

Paul was taken out of his prayers as he heard the unusual broadcast interruption. He once again turned to the radio and locked it onto the current station. It took the news anchor several seconds before he spoke again.

"We've… received new information from the local police force in Arkani City. The efforts to quench the fires have apparently been… successful." The man stated with a quivering voice. "But the reasons for which are… unsettling to say the least. The explosion caused by the unknown saboteur has caused a cavern underneath the city border to collapse. Within said caverns, police and firemen found something. Something that they have no other words for other than calling it a… cocoon."

Paul grabbed the sides of the radio as he listened intently.

"Eye witnesses claim the cocoon to be of a massive size, with a black outer shell and spikes protruding from it. We're cutting live to the scene of the event to hear from the leader of the local investigation bureau."

From there on, a woman took over and described what happened at the site. "Irene Valery, reporting live from Arkani City. I've been on the site since the first efforts to stop the flames started and was just about ready to investigate the crime scene. But once this sinkhole opened… the flames just died down! Immediately! Armed police officers are currently approaching the strange cocoon. It could be anything! Maybe an unknown Pokémon, a fossil one probably. The question is though if it is still aliv… wait! It's moving! The cocoon is opening up. What's this? It's all red inside! What is…"

Suddenly, the talking woman stopped and screams could be heard in the background. People were screeching and crying as apparently panic was breaking out among the citizens.

"Holy shit! It's killing them! The officers! They're dropping left and right! This thing is sucking the life out of them! They're all empty husks! Oh no… it can fly! Run people! Ru…"

The transmission immediately was cut off and only crackling and buzzing were on air. Even the reporters stayed entirely silent until the news anchor finally managed to wring out at least the closing line. "We'll… oh god… we'll return once we have more news about the situation at hand… This was Harvey Klein. Signing… signing off…"

While everyone was panicked and apparently in a fit of horror, Paul's heart was dropping into his stomach. Hope swelled within him. "It couldn't… It could… It could be her! My goddess!"

Paul shouted with stunned excitement. Without a second thought, he grabbed his robe and threw it over before pulling up a black face mask with red markings on it that formed a bloodstain in the shape of a Y. With his identity completely hidden, he dashed out the door and raced across the forest.

Coming closer and closer to the edge of the woods, he saw the skies darkening on the horizon. His heart was soaring with anticipation, knowing it to be the sign of his goddess' arrival. Even in the middle of the day, it became harder and harder to see ahead.

On the horizon, Paul could barely make out the skyline of Arkani. Reaching the same ridge from which he had witnessed his own destruction, he saw a site which filled him with even more ecstasy. Above the city was the goddess he had been waiting for all these years.

Two massive wings and a broad, red and black tail kept the feared Pokémon in the air and threw a shadow over the city of Arkani while the town was coursing with pestilent mist. Paul for the first time caught a glimpse of Yveltal and fell to his knees in pure reverence. The beauty of the destruction and darkness she brought with her was breathtaking for him to witness. Underneath darkened skies, a luminescent red stream of energy flowed through the air towards her. Life energy that she was slowly draining from the people who were crawling through the destroyed streets.

Paul reveled in the glory of death spreading all around him. His queen had returned. "It's so… BEAUTIFUL!"

He cried out, unable to contain his excitement anymore. He balled a fist around a patch of grass and tightened his grip around it to maintain his almost orgasmic outbursts. The suffering of others gave him ecstasy beyond compare.

His outcry did not go unnoticed. Over her shoulder, Yveltal glimpsed at the young masked and robed man, interrupting the lifedraining ritual she performed.

In mid-air, she swiveled around and presented her full-frontal body to Paul who was simply speechless from the beauty that he was exposed to.

Yveltal had not been excepted from the anthropomorphization even in her deep slumber. Her massive, imposing wings and tail supported a human sized body with busty curves and outstandingly alluring proportions. Her wide, hourglass figure was to die for, fitting of a goddess, with heavy, Double D cup breasts and motherly, swerving hips and thighs. Her entire body was covered in something similar to red scales which looked way smoother than those of the usual Pokémon who sported them. Her appendages ended in bright red talons with grey claws both for her hands and her feet.

Paul became bashful as he noticed further, massively appealing features. She had long, wallowing black hair with crooked, black, aerodynamic horns protruding out of it. Her eyes contrasted the dark reds and blacks with a bright, glowing blue color piercing out from sharp, narrow eyelids. The biggest reason he became bashful and stunned though was that she was still mostly naked. Her clothes, which she formed with the help of her collected life energy, were still about to be formed and only scraps of them covered her most sensitive spots like her crotch and her breasts. Meaning that Paul had a clear view of his goddesses, mouth-watering legs, belly and shoulders.

Yveltal's eyes narrowed even further than they already were as her clothes were slowly being woven by an invisible force. She hovered towards the ground, barely needing to use her wings as apparently her pure willpower was able to suspend her in mid-air.

When she landed, her wings became like a cape, lining up with her tail to the left and right of it and creating something like an overly long dress. She approached Paul with a confident, almost menacing look. One that Paul deeply savored and which aroused his admiration even more.

Still on his knees, his breath became ragged and his eyes were solely focused on those of his mistress. "M…my q…queen… I…"

"Quiet, servant!"

"As you wish, my queen!" He bent a knee as he hung his head, not feeling worthy of gazing at her any longer. To his surprise though, Yveltal held his chin with her claw and hooked it underneath his mask before gently removing it from his face.

Unmasked, Paul shuddered even more, fearful of her judgement. She threw intrigued glances at Paul and the mask which she caressed nostalgically with a one-sided smirk. "I recognize this mask. My former followers made them in my image to be… closer to me. Of course, it takes much more than some cheap wooden facial cover to gain my favor but… it was still a sweet attempt. "Hmhmhm…" She chuckled deviously as she scraped some of the dried-up blood from the mask and smiled, satisfied with the metallic flavor. "You used your own, I assume?"

Paul nodded proudly and crawled towards her for appraisal. "Of course, my queen. I would never let another's blood sully your ritualistic artifacts! I… I carved the mask from cherry wood and made sure to nail your appearance as close as possible. Well, that is obviously outdated now but hehe… well, we haven't seen you for a long… long time."

Yveltal leered down at the young man, humbly prostrating himself. She dejectedly turned her gaze towards the cavern which she emerged from. Her dejection didn't come from sadness though, but from disgust. "It has indeed been a long time. Yet I still shouldn't have awoken so soon. From within my shell I've been observing the goings-on in Vindicta. This shallow excused for a realm ruled by humans who now even turn the mightiest of Pokémon into the weak, pathetic versions of themselves that they are now."

"I can explain everything that happened, my goddess! The last years have been horrendous and ridiculous! Everyone left you, I…"

As soon as he wanted to start railing off the disgust he carried himself for all this time, Yveltal hushed him and softly caressed his cheeks and combed his destroyed hair behind his ears. Paul was immediately stunned into silence and reveled in the touch of his queen as he adoringly cupped his hand over her claw. "No need to exert yourself, my child. I've seen everything. I know that you've been a good boy, Paul. Loyalty to the rightful ruler of Vindicta never goes unrewarded, I assure you." Her former, soft, almost motherly smile turned back into a frown of distaste. "This body of mine has robbed me of a lot of my power. It must be the same reason causing me to wake up so soon. My sleep should've lasted a thousand years but merely a tenth of that has passed now."

"What… have you seen, your highness?" Paul asked carefully, knowing that what happened in the last years can't have pleased her.

"Everything, my child. Everything. I've seen how the Pokémon transformed. I've seen how humans and they bonded more than ever before. Worst of all though, I've seen how my sisters have been relegated to mere concubines in another human's kingdom. It is like they forgot about the immense power they hold. It simply sickens me." Yveltal closed her eyes in a moment of relaxation as her clothes finally finished forming. They turned out to be a long. One-piece dress with red and black jagged markings and slits on either side that reached up to her hips to allow full movement of her curvy legs. "Hah, I have to admit though, it feels good to be able to feel the energy again."

"I've heard and seen the beauty of it with my own ears and eyes, my queen. The people of Arkani got a fine taste of your powers. Even in your weakened state, they stand no chance against you. And the suffering… their wails… they're delicious!" Paul savored the sensation of the moment as he walked up to the side of Yveltal and licked his lips tenderly.

"They are, aren't they?" Yveltal admired her own work, looking over the suffering she caused in the city which was by now shrouded in darkness and the musk of death. "I have to make a confession though. These people might not die after all."

Paul was confused and reluctantly spoke up. "Why would you keep them alive, my queen? They are not worthy!"

"They certainly aren't. But a kingdom has to be built on something. And a kingdom without inhabitants won't stand for long. I've sucked out just enough for myself to function decently, if they are willing to take my power away, then I see no problem with stealing it back. Some of them may even have some near-death experience but that will only make them even easier to break. Soon they will all follow… or they will die! Word will spread quickly. Maybe even some of our old followers will return. Unlike you, though, they will of course initially be punished for their disloyalty. Haaaahh, I can't wait till that day comes." She said as she clutched her heart like a maiden in love.

Paul understood her feelings all too well, looking forward to the day he could see the people who raised him into the cult only to desert it, disciplined himself. "So, what will happen now, my queen?"

Yveltal turned to her last loyal follower and fawned on him like a devious succubus. "Your queen will need help building up an empire. Won't you… help her achieve that, Paul? You would do anything to serve her, wouldn't you?"

Hearing her speak his name sent shivers through his spine. "I… s..ssee how you have so many followers, queen Yveltal." He quivered in his boots as he became putty in her hands. His arousal spiked from the sheer honor and feel of having her touch him.

She circled his chest with one of her claws and licked her lips like she was inspecting her newest prey. "It certainly has its perks being me. But you know… serving me with utmost loyalty has its own advantages as well. For example, you get to call me by my real name and you should be honored to use it. Not many get to take it into their mouths and live to speak another word."

"Your… real name?"

"Indeed…" She spoke huskily as she whisperingly slid up to his ear with the shadow of a cursed city behind them. "You may call me… Yadea." She muttered, grazing his earlobe with her moist, full lips and flicking it with her thin, flexible tongue.

His heart was beating out of his chest but knowing that his goddess approved of him to this extent, gave him more confidence than any suffering of people could ever cause him to have. He excitedly wrapped his arms around her lower back like a couple at a royal ball. He slowly ran his fingers up to her shoulder and back down her arm until he held her clawed hand inside of his own to lift it up to his lips and kissing it reverently. "Awaiting your orders, queen Yadea."

She cocked her head and bit her tongue with her canine tooth. "First off, a queen needs a castle, wouldn't you agree?" Her eyes flared up in a menacing bright blue glow and she flashed a bone-chilling, toothy grin. "Let's make one of our own!" Her voice boomed like the sounds of echoing, demonic screeches.

Back at the hidden shack within the forest:

The ham radio Paul left turned on, flicked through the different frequencies, playing different songs and podcasts only for no one to hear them.

A soft, smooth country song was playing with an acoustic guitar and a melodic harmonica. After that, it switched to a seemingly dead station only for a crackling sound interrupting all transmissions.

It was an emergency broadcast cutting off any other stations.

"ckkcktzzzz… To all citizens of Vindicta, this is an emergency broadcast. Wherever you are located, search for shelter. News of several disasters have reached us, including consecutive landslides in Taliman City, floods in Lagunia City, sinkholes in Homunculi and avalanches near Mt. Ulciscor. All accounts have been linked to a rupture in the southern seas of Vindicta and a land mass emerging from the ocean floor. Meteorologists are clueless and deny natural causes to be at fault. The source of this phenomenon is yet to be discovered yet some reports of a rediscovered legendary Pokémon become more and more rampant. We will keep you informed and will send other emergency broadcasts as frequently as necessary. Stay safe… ckckckkckkzzz…"

As soon as the broadcast flickered out, the guitar picked up again. Playing the final strums of a chord before even that station fizzled away.

A deep rumbling thunder could be heard in the distance and following that…

…every other station the radio switched to turned into static.

Off the coast, in the South of Vindicta:

In the midst of the ocean, right in the middle of a large triangle of islands: Full Moon Island to the north west, Radiant Sun Island in the north east and the kingdom of Solail on the Kabakas Islands, a new island emerged from the sea, shaking the grounds of Vindicta and stirring the seas around the shores all over Vindicta.

It was however not a mass of land like the news suspected. Instead, it was a spire. A massive tower being erected from materials pulled from a dimension unknown to anyone. A portal, summoned on the floor of the ocean increasingly spat out more and more of the red, crystalline material that seemed like it had black veins pulsating inside of them.

The spire grew tall enough to loom over the entirety of Vindicta and it cancelled out any signals or communication with a simultaneously forming waft of massive clouds of smoke the pulsed with dark energy themselves.

The smoke poured over the sea and created an impenetrable barrier for anyone trying to approach from the sea and making even approaching from the air difficult.

When the spire finally reached the height it was meant to be, the residue of unnecessary crystals broke apart, shaping the spire into a full blown, steep fortress with one massive tower and gradually wider, lower levels with thick, massive walls of dark, dense crystal.

On the flat platform near the top of that spire was the new, self-anointed queen of Vindicta: Yadea. Alongside her, her servant Paul, collapsed on the ground, clutching his fists as his queen siphoned some life energy from him to fuel her stability as she formed her fortress. Yadea herself seemed to be struggling herself, suffering immense strain from keeping open the interdimensional portal.

Once the structure was finished, she put in one last push to close the portal again, causing the massive tremors to stop and closing off the construction of the seat of royalty.

Yadea and Paul simultaneously collapsed and fell onto the floor, equally exhausted from either using up or being drained of life power.

Yadea and Paul were both heaving heavily with Yadea taking a knee as she rested on it and Paul slowly getting back onto his feet, surprisingly making a faster recovery than the legendary Pokémon.

He stumbled over to her and extended a hand. "It's done, your highness."

She panted as she nodded in affirmation as it was hard for her to even form words. She limply raised her arm for Paul to help her stand up. "I… apologize that I had to use you like this. I'm weaker than I expected, still, pretty impressive, isn't it?" She shot him a wry smirk as she leaned on his shoulder.

Paul smiled back as he carried Yadea into the castle. "It sure was, your majesty. You should rest for now though. You seem pretty spent."

She scowled a little but nodded. "I hate to admit it, but you might be right. There is a throne room in the center of this fortress, it should be right where I envisioned it. I'll tell you where to lead me." She said weakly as she started to limply point out the turns Paul had to take to navigate the castle.

It was a long way. An opportunity for Paul to talk with her. "You know… we're centered right between three kingdoms that are ruled by legendary Pokémon. Placing our tower here is bound to look like a provocation."

"That's what it's supposed to be. I don't fear them. I appear weak now, but with this tower built, I can extract life energy from all over Vindicta. Once I'm fully back to my old power I will have no trouble to deal with all three of them. At once if need be."

"I hope you're not overexerting yourself, Yadea. You're nowhere near ready to face them."

"I'll be the judge of that, Paul. I know my limits. They don't. They've been cushioned and without an equal."

"Queen Veil and King Prisma may disagree with that. And what about the other legendaries that live on the mainland?"

Yadea chuckled. "The queen and king may have been a force to be reckoned with when they were together but now? They're too busy sulking and living out a pampered life on their tropical islands. No better than House Solail and their useless daughter. And as for the others? Models? Filmstars? Or my pathetic sisters? None of them even remember how to fight. I do. It's all still fresh on my mind."

"Hmhmhmhm!" Paul laughed to himself.


He sighed. "It's nothing, my queen. I've just been thinking that you're exactly what I hoped you would be. A Pokémon with no mercy, no fear, no hesitation. It was about time someone came to this country who could take the reins. I wish I could have seen your destruction back in your prime."

Yadea laughed. "Hnhn! You've caused quite a lot of chaos yourself. And all that in my name. Going big seems to be your forte as well."

Paul forced a smile as he abashedly turned his head away.

"You seem troubled." Yadea noticed.

"Don't worry yourself. It's nothing that matters now anymore."

"There's nothing that I wouldn't know about your past anyways. You can tell me."

Paul rubbed his neck in slight embarrassment at his own sentimentality. "Everyone… everyone abandoned me. I wasn't good enough for my parents and even the people who adopted me afterwards didn't really raise me as much as used me. I did all the chores that needed doing until I was old enough to go on missions with them and just when I finally understood the magnitude and beauty of the goddess we followed, they left me. Gave up."

He turned to Yadea with a sorrowful frown. "You were all I had. I was scared that I would give up eventually too. And then I would've been alone." A single tear broke from the side of Paul's eye but he quickly shook it away, not allowing it to drop. "Fuck, you shouldn't see me being this pathetic."

Yadea surprisingly met him with a gentle smile even chuckled a little. "I am at the weakest point I've been in over a thousand years and you get to see me like that too, I think we're about even. And besides… you won't be alone anymore. We both won't be alone for long actually."

Paul and Yadea laughed as they finally after much confusion found the throne room deep within the bowels of the castle. The room was surprisingly bright with a light red hinge filling the long, spacious room coming from a set of crystalline chandeliers dangling from the ceiling and burning with bright red flames that reflected all throughout the room. So far there wasn't much in here but you could already imagine the beauty this would once contain. A set of stairs let up to a decorated, engraved crystal throne which Paul carried the queen up to, to let her rest her exhausted, mortal body.

"Ahhhhh, finally. I feel like I've travelled dimensions myself right now."

"Do you need anything, my queen?" Paul asked as he carefully sat her down.

"We should have some quiet for a while and I could really lose some tension. Give your queen a massage, if you please."

Paul knelt in front of her throne, gladly obliging as Yadea placed her talon on his knee, rested her head on her hand with her elbow on the glistening armrest and watched her servant knead her tough yet surprisingly smooth soles. She had 3 claws instead of toes and one claw on her heel but rolled in the latter one to not pierce his leg with it. They were remarkably sharp after all.

Paul's heart started to pump faster than he wanted it to as his fingers rubbed over the surprisingly supple surface. Her sole, although not human in the slightest, felt like it had the same smooth curves as a usual foot. He found himself involuntarily staring and only barely managed to pry away his focus by talking. "My queen?"

"Yes, Paul?" She answered with closed, relaxed eyes.

He hesitated a bit, thinking his question might be prudent, but his curiosity took over. "How did YOU come to hate life so much. I know you said you hate humans, but you obviously hate some Pokémon too. Specifically, other legendary ones. How did it come to that?"

Yadea let out a painful chuckle and softly began speaking. "I don't hate life, Paul."

"You don't?"

"I hate disrespect. When I chose my resting grounds over a hundred years ago, Arkani City was but a small harbor town. Sure, it hosted the elite four, but even that didn't take up much space. Over time though, the city expanded and expanded until it finally reached me. The construction team wrote me off as simple bedrock and kept building over me."

"I… see." Paul said calmly as he kept working on her highnesses' feet.

"But that's not where it started…" Yadea spoke with a hushed and reluctant voice.

"Yadea?" He asked as he looked up at her.

She smiled as a visibly painful memory crossed her mind. "How many people do you think appreciate a Pokémon whose entire existence revolves around extinguishing life?"

"Your followers admire you, certainly. I know that I do!" Paul threw in quickly as he heard the queen doubt herself.

But his attempt to assuage her sadness didn't seem to be accepted by her. "And how did they do it? In secret. Afraid that anyone ever found out and having to result to crimes to get people to recognize them. And in the end? They couldn't take the pressure and dispersed or got arrested. If you want to grow a big following in this world you either have to deny who you are… or you become what they fear."

Paul kept up his fingerwork, but became a bit slower as he listened to the sorrowful tone of Yadea. When he looked up at him, she turned away.

"It's nothing that matters now. It's all in the past and we should concentrate on founding our empire now." She looked into the distance, not focusing on anything of interest. She clearly was just trying to distract her thoughts.

"It sounds like you must've been awfully lonely…" Paul muttered. Yadea looked at him from the corner of her eyes. "I can imagine how that felt."

Yadea slumped a bit on her throne. But then…

"I'm glad I stuck with you then, your highness. I will stay with you for as long as I can be of use to you. And I have no doubt that soon there will be a lot more people who bow to you soon." Paul smiled at her meaningfully.

A soft, unexpected smile crossed her lips and an unfamiliar spark stirred her heart. She hesitated to show it, but she felt happy. Happier than she felt in a long time actually. It would betray her image as a queen but she felt some attraction to her servant. The only servant that even after being forced into it, treasured a shrine of her and acted in HER name.

Improper thoughts ran through her mind, but she couldn't be the one initiating it. She licked her lips as he looked down upon Paul. "You don't seem to dislike massaging my feet."

"Of course not! It's… it's a privilege for me!"

"Is that ALL you want to do to them though? You seem to focus on them a lot." She says temptingly as she alluringly twiddled with her toes.

Paul stared at the alluring, sharp claws before looking up at Yadea with confusion.

"You can kiss them too, you know? Your queen allows it." She whispered with the tempting voice of a succubus.

Paul immediately and without caring, cradled her leg and lifted her foot up to his mouth. His resistance was destroyed and he unleashed a flurry of kisses over the entirety of her sole.

Yadea giggled amused and spread apart her toes as placated every nook and cranny with a thin veil of his salivating lips. He was not content with that though and began sticking out his tongue and sliding over the entire arch of her talon.

Yadea felt an amazing tingling sensation as she watched Paul lick her like an obedient pet dog. Though the erotic note to this though made it a hundred times more arousing to watch. "Yes, lick them. Lick them like the peasant you are, Paul. Mmnnghh… that tickles."

Paul was lost in ecstasy. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he would one day get to service Yadea this way. All the more reason was it for him to live this out as lavishly as he could. His tongue danced around the cracks between her clawed toes as he sucked on one of them and the claw scraped his soft gums.

Yadea was elated to see such a humiliating display play out in front of her and prodded his mouth to make him take it in its entirety. Yadea sat on her throne, taunting Paul as she began to caress her breast through her tight dress. Light moans escaped her mouth as her foot was lavished with saliva. She bit her lips and ordered him. "Go further up now. You've earned it."

Paul hesitantly peppered kisses down her sole, over her heel and then up to her joint, all the while looking at her with upturned eyes for confirmation.

"Further." She muttered temptingly.

Paul didn't have to be told that twice and continued to trail his tongue along her immaculate leg. He passed her smooth thigh and moved up, licking the bend of her knee before reaching the upper end of her inner thigh. He got nervous. Right there, was the flap of her dress. The only thing that covered her crotch from his sight.

He saw no such hesitation in her eyes. Instead, she grinned impishly and mocked him. "I don't remember giving you orders to stop."

He gulped… hard. "I can't possibly intrude on her highnesses'…"

"Oh? You can't? What's under there that's peaking your curiosity, Paul? Tell me!" She snickered while looking at him like prey she caught in a trap.

"I can't tell you that."

"Are you saying you want to disregard your queen's orders?" She hooked her clawed finger underneath his chin and made him look her straight in the eyes. "Say it…" She spoke with a quiet yet menacing tone.

"Her queen's… pussy, your highness."

"And what makes you think she doesn't want you to hold back from doing it?"

He stuttered and stumbled over his words. "I d…don't know! It just s…seemed… prudent, I think."

Her gaze turned serious but somehow like she was acting deceivingly harmless. "When a queen invites you to dinner, you don't refuse that offer, do you?"

"Of…of course not! It would be an honor!" He rebutted in a fit of panic and confusion.

"Well then…" she said with a satisfied smile as she snatched the flap of her dress and slowly slid it upwards, revealing more and more of her legs until it finally reached her pelvic area. When she dragged away the last piece of cover, the pointed tip of the dress glided over her red, quivering pussy in a straight line, it pulled strands of thick, sweet juices with it that, only after several inches of being dragged along, popped.

Paul was speechless and left aroused beyond comprehension as he laid eyes on her scaled, smooth pussy flesh. Her folds were glistening and staining the surrounding, red skin with wetness.

Juices were dripping onto the seat, proving how much the queen had been turned on by the sadistic display of her newest plaything. She smirked as she looked down on him and signaled him with a sarcastic, joking tone as a lust-filled smile crossed her lips. "Dinner time."

Paul's breath was quaking as the sweet scent of thick love juices tickled his nose. Reluctantly, but equally excited he leaned into it and carefully prodded her perking clit with the tip of his tongue. Her sensitive pussy reacted as her crotch tensed up and her hips bucked slightly with every tender stroke he made.

"Mnnnhhhhyeaahh… go deeper!" She demanded as she removed the shoulder straps of her dress and bared her breasts to better toy with her hard nipples. Her voluptuous orbs rolled through her fingers and bounced springily when they dropped.

Paul could only take glances at her fondling as he excitedly started to probe his tongue further into her cunt. He tasted her slick insides, coating his tongue in the slippery nectar.

Yadea's breath began to pick up and she started to violate her tits harder and harder with her claws. But it still wasn't enough! She knew that she could tickle more pleasure out of this.

She put one of her hands on top of Paul's head, pressing him further into her crotch. He took the sign and hammered her pussy with his tongue, knocking against her inner walls and exploring her cavern.
But no matter how much he sucked, nibbled and thrusted it was still not enough. Yadea was drooling but a dark sadism had awoken within her that had to be quenched. She wanted to push him to his limits.

She clenched her teeth as her body already writhed in pleasure. And then she finally gave in. She folded one of her legs over the other, trapping Paul's head in a tight space between her thighs. "I said deeper and I didn't say stop yet!" She moaned desperately as she tightened the muscles of her legs and buried Paul's face entirely in her pussy. His nose pressed her clit into its shell and his lips sealed off her tender folds. There was no way he was able to breathe but Yadea still felt his desperate attempts to catch some air through his nose which tickled her clitoris even more.

She was growing more and more wet, getting off on how much Paul was struggling to breathe. She began gasping as Paul's tongue wildly thrashed about, desperately wanting to please her with everything he got, no matter the cost.

"You love sucking your queen's pussy, don't you! That's right! Tongue punch her and make her cum! Awwww yesssss! This hits the spooooooot!" She cried out, causing echoes in the empty throne chamber.

Paul had to swallow load after load of juices that just kept pouring out from within her. Only brief glimpses allowed him to catch a bit of air with the edge of his mouth. He was drowning. But he had to press on, tossing his face from side to side to not only eat her out but to also caress her folds and push her tiny button in.

"Ahhhhh! Fuck! If you make me cum, I'll make you my favorite, Paul! Good boy! Good boy!" Her last cry was drawn out and breathy with hot wafts escaping her mouth.

She clenched her legs even tighter, making Paul choke and taking away any chance for him to catch another breath of air. His face was slowly turning paler, but the queen wouldn't allow him to pass out now.

In fact, Yadea was tossing in her seat and ground her pelvis on his face as she finally reached her long awaited, desperately needed orgasm. Squirting hard, she gave Paul no other choice but to swallow and receive every drop of her hot, juicy nectar. Her body spasm'd wildly as her muscles finally grew loose and released Paul from her grip.

He immediately gasped for air and collapsed backwards until he fell onto his butt. His face all around his mouth was glistening with cum that had sprayed into his face. His heart was beating like crazy, and even though he felt like he almost died… he was massively aroused. He mustn't have known it until now, but he was a complete masochist which was a win-win situation for both of them.

It didn't take long for Yadea to recover from her orgasm as she sat on her throne in a pool of her own juices. When her half-lidded eyes fell on her exhausted lover, she had the look of a predator ready to rip apart a helpless prey and that might as well had been the case actually.

Without a moment's rest, she pounced Paul to the ground, pinning him by the wrists. Their faces were incredibly close as Paul smiled up at her in pure ecstasy. "Use me, your highness. I'm nothing. Nothing but your servant. I'll give you everything!"

Yadea returned his outburst of excitement with a wicked smile of her own. Her hand wandered down to his crotch where Paul sported a huge tent already. She cupped it and squeezed it tightly, tickling a pleasured yelp from him. "Well… your queen sure enjoys gifts. I'll make sure to play with yours until it's all used up."

Her claws hovered over his crotch and like a hot knife through butter, they cut his clothes up from the bottom to the top. After nothing but shreds remained of his clothing and his thick, hard manhood was uncovered, Yadea cut the flap from her own dress which was still covered in her juices from before. She leaned down and pressed a loving kiss onto Paul's lips before she bunched it up and stuffed it into his mouth.

She licked the remnants of her own juices that she gathered from Paul's mouth off her lips and smirked. "You should already be used to the taste of this by now, right?" She taunted him to which he could only respond with muffled, unrecognizable words.

Without much hesitation, she crouched over his erect manhood and prodded her own slit with his tip. He was eagerly waiting for her to put it in but could do nothing but toss a bit and protest inaudibly.

Yadea visibly enjoyed holding his pleasure at ransom and relished the time she could use his cock to pleasure only herself. "You want to stick it inside?" She gasped. "You don't think you're deserving of a royal pussy, now are you?" She said playing innocent and pretending she didn't want to stuff his cock inside her herself.

Paul's eyes widened, seriously afraid that she would torture him by withholding pleasure from him.

To his relief, the queen laughed in amusement and caressed his cheek reassuringly. "Don't worry. I wouldn't be such a cruel queen. Not towards my favorite subject at least. I promised you there would be benefits, didn't I?"

Her hips slammed down onto his, plunging his cock deep into her hungry, expectant cunt. With a relieved cry of pleasure and a held back moan by him, their wild delve into pleasure began. Her now cut dress didn't hide anything anymore and when Paul raised his head, he could see his member penetrating her godly folds.

Yadea breathed heavily, gasping and choking as she pierced herself on his defenseless cock. She gave herself up to her desires, pounding Paul into the floor with heavy, forceful slams.

"Fuck! Well? How does it feel, huh? Is it better than anything you've ever imagined? Hehe haaaaaaa!" She mocked him while she clawed at his chest to steady herself.

His skin turned red from long scratches she dragged across it. Paul's head pushed against the ground, keeping up tension to not burst immediately. But while she was clearly experienced, he was not in the slightest.

He bit down on the cloth in his mouth, squeezing the juices within down his throat. The taste on the back of his tongue did not help his composure in the least.

Without abandon, she humped his crotch, splattering her already plentiful cum around their connection point and adding Paul's quickly oozing precum.

His cock twitched already and Yadea was tense already too, mostly from the enjoyment of violating his defenseless body.

"Shit! I'm close! Come on, you pathetic servant! Give your queen what she wants! Fill her with your dirty cum!

Yadea and Paul were sticking together with sweaty bodies. Yadea settled down, swallowing Paul to the deepest point to receive his thick, voluminous seed. Paul would've cried out loudly were it not for his stuffed mouth. His body twitched and the relief from cumming this much left his body in a state of heavenly afterglow.

But very shortly after his cum had settled within Yadea, she began moving her hips once again.

Paul's eyes widened and he grit his teeth as his sensitive member was assaulted once again. He looked up at his queen with confusion, only to be greeted with a toothy grin. "You didn't think just once would be enough to satisfy 100 years of frustration, did you? We'll be here for a while. Buckle up!" She announce as her eyes flashed him a menacing, blue shine.

She violently began thrashing her hips once more, laughing maniacally as she satisfied herself by milking him.

Paul could do nothing but endure, controlling his cock as best as he could to make sure Yadea could pleasure herself on it. He didn't care about himself anymore. His life was now hers.

The sex didn't end after the second time either. Nor the third, fourth or fifth time. Yadea drew seven more loads out of him before she finally felt anywhere near satisfied. Her face was that of ecstasy and once the last load painted her insides white, she let out a long, exasperated sigh.

Yadea chuckled as she wiped the slight sweat off her forehead and looked down at the unmoving, young Paul. His head was turned to the side and his chest was shallowly heaving up and down. "Aww, he fell unconscious. Well… I suppose I overdid it a little. Mmmhh, you did make quite a mess of me." She giggled as she slowly lifted her hips and let the massive amounts of cum leak from her slit.

Paul was on the floor, snoring and recuperating. He muttered something in his sleep, but Yadea couldn't make out what it was. Still, she was enthralled by it.

"You're so cute when you're spent though. Ah whatever. I will forgive you. I'll even give you something that should make you REALLY happy once you wake up."

She slowly dragged her hand claw over his throat, creating a dark marking on his neck. In swirling letters on his skin, almost like a leash, it read the branded words:

"Royal Lapdog"

Satisfied, she leaned down and placed a small kiss on his reactionless lips and fell asleep on top of him.

"Nighty night, Paul." She giggled to herself.

Back in the forest within the old hidden shack:

A long static silence emanated from the radio that now uselessly stood and played in Paul's old hideout. After the crystalline tower was built there were no transmissions coming in or out anymore.

Only once and again, if the queen allowed it, a single, repeating message sounded through the airwaves.

"kkckckkgkktzzzz… My followers. For long enough have we let ourselves be suppressed, made unheard or imprisoned by the society that supposedly gave you the same rights as everyone else. Too long have we been held back by nay sayers, walls and authorities.

But these times are over!

Rise up and rebel against your overlords! Your queen has returned and she will free you of all boundaries! You have heard the news and you have not misheard them! Yveltal has come back from her slumber and in the southern seas she will create an empire. Those with dark hearts will find no resistance when crossing the treacherous fog while those who seek to infiltrate will be found out by it and perish.

Brothers and sisters, it is time to unite and strike fear into this world again. Join the cause, join the fight, join the rightful ruler of Vindicta.

Mercy… is no longer an option… kkkhkkzzz" With a zap the ham radio fell silent and shortly after the message ended, theradio imploded, sending chips of metal flying everywhere.

The smoking remnants of the machine wafted through the room and shrouded it in complete, impenetrable darkness.



This has been a long time coming and it's been brewing on the back burner for even longer. Gotta admit, this was tough to write for me. Partly because it's been a while, obviously, and also because I rarely do such dark and somber stuff. I'm actually not too certain whether or not I pulled it off well. You'll be the judge of that.

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