Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Silvally(Dee) x Fallon

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"*huff**huff**wheeze* SHIT! SHIT Shiiiiiiit!" A suppressed and muffled voice curses to itself as the blaring alerts and red lights filled the halls of a supposedly abandoned warehouse.

Hard footsteps could be heard on the floor above as Fallon Ryder went deeper and deeper into the bowels of this hellish facility.

Name: Fallon Ryder

Species: Human

Codename: Blackstreak

Appearance: Blonde, spiking hair with a name giving black streak crossing over the top of his head. Muscular, athletic body. Average height. Flaring, orange eyes equipped with a genetic phenomenon granting heightened night sight.

Equipment: Standard issue KCPD uniform of the black ops variety. Details: Shadowed pants and shirt with the typical KCPD emblem on them. Including… black leather jacket granted after personal request.

It was a late, very late night in Vindicta. All of Kalayda City was probably sleeping already. But people at the police department aren't granted such luxuries.

On this one fateful night, the coup of the decade was uncovered. Something that the research teams had been dreading for years.

A new market was threatening to come to the surface. A market… of artificially created Pokémon. Several criminal organizations had been reportedly working on finding formulas to copy what other scientists had been researching around Vindicta. But while these scientists had just been investing the genetics of already existing Pokémon to figure out how their genetic material meshed with the human half of themselves, these organizations aimed to create entire Pokémon from scratch, train them to be obedient and sell them to an ever-growing black market of Pokémon trades and fights.

But one man came to stop this project. Fallon Ryder, or better known as Blackstreak, was a highly trained covert operative, mastering the art of disappearing into the shadows and managing to find his way in the deepest darkness due to his impeccable eyesight that allowed him to see where others would only see blackness.

Which was doing him a lot of good now that he was cornered into the basement of this warehouse. He had found the location of the source of the Pokémon creation program but he had been too careless after he initially met no resistance.

He tripped a laserwire, causing a blaring alarm to ring out. He took deep breaths after running downstairs, hiding underneath the metal stairway. "*deep inhale and exhale* Alright… calm down. It's alright… they haven't seen me. Who knows, maybe they'll think it was a rat or something."

"(From upstairs) Somebody was in here! Search all the fucking floors. Leave no room unsearched!"

Fallon closed his eyes and blew some air in frustration. "Fuuuuckk…" Knowing that they would immediately find him if he stayed where he was, he dashed out of his hiding spot, making sure to exploit every shadowy path he could take as he inevitably went further and further down into the depths of the facility. The small warehouse he thought this place was from the outside turned out to be a deep network of tunnels and connected, small rooms. Something had to be hidden down here.

Fallon randomly picked directions to run towards as crossing paths became more and more confusing. Long corridors led to empty rooms with at max slightly suspicious crates lying about.

But he had this itching feeling that that was not all that was down here. It couldn't be.

Walking down another pathway, with the sounds of thugs completely disappearing, he ended up at a last, three-way crossing. One leading to where he came from, another leading to an unfinished, bare room and the last one… leading up to a single, magnetically sealed door with a fluorescent, green lamp above it.

He hadn't even noticed it until he saw how bright the light was in his vision, but right now he was shrouded in complete darkness. He didn't need to turn on a single lamp to see, so the one lamp that was, caught him a bit off guard and almost felt like it blinded him a bit.

He lost his fear of the criminals finding him since they probably wouldn't expect him to run into a completely dark maze but even if he did, there was only one way back out and if he went that way back, they would catch him anyways.

Struck down but at the same time relieved by that realization, he sunk down on the ground and caught up on his long overdue breather. His lungs burned from the lack of oxygen and he fanned his jacket to vent a little.

"Arceus… heh, didn't think it would go down this way." He laughed to himself as he stretched his body. "Ahahaha… I'm so fucked!" He laughed as he let his head fall against the wall behind him. He checked his pockets, pulling out something that used to be a Pokédex. But since the new dawn of anthro Pokémon, they've been seen as an invasion of their privacy, they've been repurposed for a multitude of other functions like transmission of data.

"Still got some reception left. Tsk, these things are persistent." His head turned to the strange, lit door looking back and forth between it and the Pokétransmitter. "Might as well check it out. If it's worth it, maybe I can send it to Leo. Maybe throw in a little 'Holy shit, I'm trapped! Send help!' while I'm at it." He chuckled to himself, trying to suppress his worry a little. He took a deep breath, propping himself up and heading for the door.

The locking mechanism was child's play for him. With the transmitter in his mouth, he cracked open a small control panel to the right of the door, a knot of differently colored cables inside.

All he had to do, was pull out two of the thicker cables and clip them together. And shortly thereafter, a small clicking and grinding sound could be heard from the locking mechanism.

Fallon shook his head almost as if in disappointment. "10 years and these guys still use the old systems? Really? *sigh* Imagined this a little more flashy." Grabbing the transmitter out of his mouth, he entered the… oddly mechanic room.

Panels of different sizes were covering the right-side wall, full of switches and monitors. The most prominent one… being a heartrate monitor.

Fallon dropped his humor at the potentially huge discovery. Carefully, he checked the room, looking for someone who might be around.

But there was no one. The alert must have forced whoever was in here to either flee or help look for him. He must've been lucky enough to not come across anyone in the corridors.

The floor was made of steel plates as well as the rest of the walls and the ceiling. It was like a contained prison cell underground.

"But why? Why all this tech?" Fallon wondered to himself. That was until he saw a gigantic hermetically sealed door. It was carved into one of the walls reaching from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. It was apparent that the gate was controlled by a monitor right underneath the one that showed the heartrate of… something.

"So that's why this door was like breaking open a fortune cookie. Double encryption used on this one. 7 lines of binary as a passcode. They've really put a tight lock on this one. Meaning that they probably REALLY don't want me to see this. Tsk. Too bad." Fallon smacked his lips as he opened the computer's BIOS.

He hammered the keyboard at the type of speed that makes you blink repeatedly so you can keep up.

"Annnd… done." With enthusiasm and as if to make a show of it, he pressed the enter key, followed by the code on the screen disappearing with a single message saying: ACCESS GRANTED

Terrifying sounds of grinding metal roared through the room. The hermetic locks popped open and the door parted to either side.

Strange steam poured into the room, disguising something large that was emerging from the wall.

Fallon stepped in front of the weird opening and as the steam parted, a glowing, huge glass tube filled with dark blue liquid emerged. It was damp from the steam and it was hard to look inside.

"Alright then… what… are… you…" Fallon muttered to himself, touching the weird container. He could vaguely make out that there was something else then liquid inside; a dark silhouette shined through the condensation.

He wiped away at the wet glass, revealing a… Pokémon. Although it didn't look like anything he had ever seen before. His eyes widened as he examined the floating body.

Although the Pokémon was apparently naked, there were no noticeable gender defining features. No wide hips, no broad shoulders, no breasts, no genitals, nothing. And the body structure itself was weird as well. Even in a world of human/Pokémon hybrids this was unusual. It was definitely anthropomorphic and bipedal as the others but the body parts were a weird amalgamation of different types.

The legs and torso were covered in a sort of dark black fur with a few purple scales on the shins and the side of the thighs, kind of like you would expect from a dog or wolf Pokémon. But then there were these other features that just did not match. Blue and silvern fins grew from the lower back like a large fan and the arms were like those of an insect Pokémon with the fingers tipping off in blunt claws. And then, there was the head. A long, grey coat of feathers spanned around the neck, only to be cut off… by a strange, almost alien helmet. The base of it was brown and almost like clay and a large mohawk-like axe blade protruded from the top. Green screws kept the whole contraption together and there were two big slits for the eyes and one thin slit for the mouth. Either of them too dark to see the face inside.

Fallon's eyes darted around in confusion. Why would they mesh all this weird stuff together? Maybe it was a product of having no idea what to do with the knowledge they had.

"*crack* Hello? Are you reading me? Fallon, where the hell are you? Your signal is extremely weak." A female voice with a slight hissing tone called out.

Fallon jerked up, quickly fumbling with the transmitter to respond. "Calling in; Blackstreak here. You have no idea how perfect your timing is, Liz." He said, still shaken as he talked to his second Chief in command.

"Have you made progress? Did you find anything?" The Arbok sounded like she was on the edge of her seat.

"I did. I found something massive actually."

I could basically hear her tension from the other side of the speaker. "Tell me! What is it?"

"It's a Pokémon… I think."

"You think?"

"It doesn't resemble anything I know. We have a database of all species of Pokémon there are and yet I have never seen anything like this."

"Well, is it female? Male? Water type? Fire?"

"I… can't tell. None of it makes any sense. Look at it yourself." Fallon turned on the live feed transmission and held the screen towards the unknown Pokémon.

"Oh, Arceus. Fallon! Listen! You need to get it out of there somehow! We need to research this!"

"Did you recognize something? What does this mean?"

A short moment of silence followed before Liz spoke again. She seemed to have discussed something with someone in the background. "Fallon, I've showed the footage to our research team. They say that these criminals have managed to create a whole new Pokémon from scratch. They actually did it. It has no gender or features yet because it hasn't had time to grow and develop. If they refined this process, they could create their own slave ring of codable Pokémon. Free it and bring it here. We need to see how it develops and we can't leave it there for them to mess with nature any more. Do you understand, Fallon! This is a mission of utmost importance. Please make it out of there safely and keep the Pokémon safe as well. Please."

Fallon looked at the tube and nodded with determination. "I will. I'll see you in a few hours tops. I'll find a way out. I always have." Fallon smirked into the camera reassuringly.

"Good luck, Blackstreak. Liz out." The crackling transmission stopped and Fallon stuffed the transmitter back into his jacket.

His gaze went back to the massive, incredibly thick tube. "Now how the FUCK am I gonna pull this off?!" He cursed to himself, having a minor freak out.

He fumbled around his equipment, hoping he would have something with him to crack open the container. And that's when his hands caught something metal and he pulled out a sonar charge. A small explosive that would create a vibration that could shatter any kind of glass, no matter how thick... at least that's what it's supposed to do. It was a small tinkering project of Fallon and was still in its Alpha stage.

"Time to put you to the test little buddy. Don't make daddy sad now." He clenched his teeth a little as he applied the charge to the glass surface. Worried it could go off early or way stronger than it should be, Fallon summersaulted away from the explosion radius and shut his ears.

He clenched his eyes shut as he heard a muffled soundwave which's pressure even reverberated in his body.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked over to the tube, noticing the metal parts of the charge lying on the floor and an impact of it slowly spreading through the glass. Large cracks were expanding more and more as even a few streams began to spill out.

Finally, the glass gave way to the pressure and the wave filled the room heels high with liquid. The disgusting gunk stuck to the sole of his boots and shards of glass cracked under his steps but there was no going back now.

Fallon waded through the goopy mass until he reached the broken tube. Liquid was still dripping from a grate in the top and the unknown Pokémon limply laid on top of the matching grate on the bottom. He at first thought about pulling her out, but… where would he go from there?

The guards would catch him on the way out, even more so if he was slower with having to carry someone. No, the front entrance was definitely not an option. It was time to get creative.

Fallon stepped into the tube, checking on the Pokémon. He could feel a pulse and its chest was heaving up and down in a static breathing routine. It was luckily just unconscious.

As unlikely as it probably was, he looked around the room for vents, crawlways or some other kind of chute that could lead outside.

And yes, there was one way out. Something that had to connect to the outside world somehow. The water pipe underneath the tube. They were wide enough for a person to fit through and maybe, just maybe you wouldn't drown if you were flushed through it fast enough.

Fallon heard a faint grumbling and the body of the Pokémon springing to life slowly.

"Hey there… slow."

It looked up at him as it sat up, a gaze that spelled absolutely no emotion or even a reaction to him being there.

"Umm… well… hi, I'm Fallon. Don't panic now, I'm gonna get you out of here." He tried to explain to it, but was only greeted with a cocked head. It seemed to have no knowledge of what 'here' was referring to. Although it seemingly understood words and language but not exactly the situation.

"Okay, you probably don't understand any of this, but if you do… when I tell you to, hold onto me any way you can. I know you're probably weak right now but keep holding on as tight as you can. Do you get this?"

The Pokémon stayed silent, probably not even being able to talk at all. It wasn't like its helmet prevented its mouth from forming words, it just didn't seem to be able to.

"Just nod your head like this if you want to say yes and shake it from side to side for no."

After a short period of confusion, it seemed to comprehend and nodded.

Fallon sighed in relief and petted the strange creature's helmet. Even though it felt artificial, the Pokémon purred as if he was directly petting its head. It definitely seemed happy about this little gesture that it most likely never felt before.

"Great, now stay put for a second. I need to check how to get us flushed out. Don't worry too much about it, it will make sense soon." Fallon rubbed the back of his head as he stepped out of the tube and got back onto the computer monitor. With the now open access, files on top of files popped up. All headlined with the words: Type: Null.

Among statistics of heartrates and breathing patterns was a new folder he hadn't noticed before. A folder full of controlled orders for the tube to execute. The open and close function for the seal, updating the vitals and… flushing the system to replenish fresh liquid. That's the one.

He hammers the keys and sets a timer for the replenish liquid command to execute in 30 seconds.

Taking a deep breath, Fallon stepped back from the console and into the tube to the confused, uncertain Pokémon.

Fallon looks down at his feet. The grate underneath would give way under enough pressure. Once the flood would start, he would kick it down in hopes of it breaking.

"Okay, do you remember when I told you to hold on to me?"

It nodded while fidgeting with its clawed fingers.

"Now's the time. Put your arms around me and don't, DON'T let go!"

The Pokémon was scared but obediently threw its arms around Fallon's back, locking them tightly.

"*gulp* Trust me, I'm scared too. But we'll make it. Just… try to trust me. Alright?" Fallon tried to smile as convincingly as he could, given the circumstances.

It looked back up at him, its eyes shining up at him through the darkness of its helmet. They were full of anxiety.

Fallon put his arms around its back as and rubbed it comfortingly.

The Pokémon pressed its face into his chest, nuzzling it in an attempt to cling tighter to him, certainly being put at more ease.

The timer went down until the fateful moment came. Fallon closed his eyes and stomped down on the grate. The first kick has no effect, but the second one finally makes the rim of the grate crack.

A flood of blue goo rushed down the tube and swept the two of them with it. Surrounded by complete darkness, they were flushed through the pipes.

Fallon could still feel the claws digging into his back which told him that Type: Null was still with him and holding on for dear life. They could neither breathe nor see as they shot through the maze of tubes along with the flood of liquid.

He just hoped they would get out somewhere. This couldn't be connected to the city's sewer system.

He was just about to give up on that hope when…

"*splash* Gaaaahh! *gasps* Finally!"

Popping out at the other end of the system, Fallon and Type: Null were launched into a small pond just afoot the hill that the warehouse stood upon. Him and the terrified Pokémon inhaled as much air as they could, enjoying the pure feeling of breathing. Even though Type: Null didn't really need to refill its lungs. It could breathe underwater before after all, but it was still panting as it recovered from the shocking ride.

"Hey! You alright?" He asked the still clinging Pokémon in his arms as they floated on the surface.

It hugged him tighter and nodded while its face was nuzzling him.

"I know… that was intense." Fallon puts his arm around her as he looks down into the water. The pipe they came out of was underneath the surface and was now spewing out slowly declining amounts of dark blue liquid that mixed into the pond. Fallon ran his free hand through his hair, pushing the water out of it and making it stick to his head. He smiled down at Type: Null and spoke proudly. "Let's get you to safety now. You did really good back there."

The Pokémon's eyes glimmered as they looked up at him.

"Need a hand to get out of there then?" A familiar female voice called out to them. They turned and saw the all too familiar anthro Arbok standing at the shore of the little pond with a group of elite policemen at her side. She extended a hand to Fallon with a happy, relieved smile and pulled him out of the water alongside Type: Null.

"So, you are the thing that Fallon found in there. You have no idea how important you are." Liz tried to carefully approach the frightened Pokémon. But while Fallon knew all these people and was used to them, for Type: Null it was an overload of senses and new faces. Its knees trembled and it quickly took steps away from Liz to hide behind Fallon.

"Come on, sweetie. I don't bite. We're going to be really careful with you. I know this is a lot to take in and you have no idea what this all is, but you have to come with us."

But all was in vain. Type: Null looked up at Fallon for help, begging with wavering eyes in the slits of its helmet.

In surprised response, Fallon tried to comfortingly pet it. "She's with me, we can trust her. She's just going to… do some research." Upon saying these words, Fallon hesitated to try and persuade it. He instead turned to Liz and rubbed his neck awkwardly. "Liz, I don't think I should send it back to HQ with you."

"What? Why? After we put all this effort into it?"

"I know, I know but you need to understand. The last thing she needs right now is another lab." Fallon protectively let Type: Null cling to his jacket and tried to reason with Liz.

She crossed her arms and thought about it. "Well, maybe you're right. But what do you suggest we do then? We can't just let her roam free and we still need to check on her frequently. We have no idea what it is and what it is capable of."



"It was the name I saw plastered all over the computer that monitored it. I think that's what we should call it for now. As for what we should do for her… maybe she should experience a more normal environment. A normal home or something like that."

Type: Null looked up at him, not really grasping what all of this meant, but it seemed to spark her interest.

"If we show it what a normal life is like, maybe she will adapt faster."

Liz chuckled and patted Fallon on the shoulder. "It's settled then. Well, congrats Blackstreak, you just got yourself a new roommate."

"I… WHAT? ME? Are you serious?"

"You saved the princess, you get to keep her. Or prince, or whatever it'll turn out to be. Anyways, I'm gonna head up to the warehouse with the big guns and clean out the pests. Good luck!" Liz said as she jumped onto the side of a heavily armored jeep and drove off. "I'LL SEND A DOCTOR TO CHECK UP ON YOU LATEEEEEEEER!" She yelled from a distance, leaving Fallon standing there with his mouth hanging open.

"What?" He once again muttered to himself while holding his forehead.

He felt a tug at his jacket from the side and saw the slightly shorter Pokémon cock her head in questioning.

"No don't… don't think I don't like having you around. Don't look at me like that."

It continued, digging its fingers into the leather of his sleeve trustingly.

Fallon raised an eyebrow after rubbing his eyes. "You really like the idea of staying with me, huh?"

It nodded vehemently.

"*sigh* Alright buddy. But if we're gonna do this, you definitely need a name. I'm not going to call you Type: Null for sure. Way too clunky. You don't like that name either, do you?"

Its eyes formed into disapproving slits and it shook its head.

"Then its settled. We should probably give you something neutral though, seeing as we have no idea what gender you are… if you even have one. How about Dee? Pretty simple and catchy. What do you think, buddy?"

He got his answer with a tight hug and an approving nuzzle of his chest.

"Heh, guess that means yes then. Alright Dee, let's head home. I think we both really need a shower after this whole mess." Fallon chuckled and started hitchhiking down the hill. Dee was not far behind and always stayed close to him, occasionally holding onto his arm when it felt frightened by the new things it saw around itself.

At his side was the only place it felt safe. It was the most familiar thing it had after all. Fallon didn't mind either and slowly found peace with the idea that he would have some company back at home.

And so, they walked through the crowded streets of Kalayda City. Snaking through the masses of people who gave them weird looks when they saw the strange Pokémon. Dee didn't understand why they were looking at it, but she didn't mind either. As long as Fallon was there to protect her, it bore with it.

After a healthy amount of walking, they arrived at a house in a row of other houses that looked all the same. It was next to the Kalayda City Park and was one of the more upper-class houses in the city.

Fallon pulled out a pair of keys from his jacket and opened the front door.

Stepping inside, Dee let go of his arm as it took in the spacious, warm room. It was everything you needed in one large open space. An open kitchen took up the right side of the room while the other was dedicated for sleeping with a king-sized bed covered with red blankets and pillows.

To the left of the entrance was a hi-fi TV setup with a comfortable, cushy sofa and several speakers lined around a wall mounted flat screen TV. And lastly, on the right side of the entrance next to the kitchen, in the corner of the room was a highly spec'd computer setup. The highest level of tech and every accessory you could imagine.

But despite the luxurious setup of the house… there were signs of neglect everywhere. Piles of clothes laid on the foot end of the bed, the kitchen sink was filled with dirty dishes, the sofa was covered in crumbs. Only the PC seemed to be well taken care of, even though there was a stack of blank DVD and CD disks as well as a small pile of USB drives.

"Sorry, I didn't really have any visitors in a long *sigh* long time. But you can still get comfortable wherever you like. The fridge is still full, so I'll make us something nice to eat later. You do eat, right?"

Dee shrugged.

"Why did I even ask that? Well we find out together later. Even though I don't know how to get food into that tiny slit." Fallon put one hand on his side while examining Dee's helmet with his other. Once again, he noticed these green screws.

It got him thinking and made him want to try something. He knocked on the surface and an echoing dong emanated through it.

Dee's head vibrated and it put its hands on the helmet to stop them. It looked up at him with a questioning glare as if asking: Why did you do that?

"That's interesting. This helmet is part of you but it's not directly connected to your body. Maybe… Dee, could you stay still for a second?"

Dee was confused but stayed put as ordered while Fallon rummaged through a shelf in his computer desk to pull out a screwdriver.

"Now stay still. This most likely won't hurt you."

Dee jerked back a bit as it saw the threatening tool.

Fallon quickly reached out to Dee and gently took its clawed hand into his own. "I'll be careful. Please trust me, okay? It'll be over before you know it."

Dee slowly accepted his hand and approached him with careful, small steps.

"There you go, I'll unscrew your bolts now. Maybe we can somehow get this off you and get rid of that bulky thing. It's heavy, isn't it?"

Dee nodded vehemently and held her head in Fallon's direction to show him how enthusiastic it was to be rid of this weight on her head.

Fallon carefully held her head stable as he started to loosen the different bolts. But as the first screw fell to the ground, something weird started to happen. Dee's body began to faintly glow with white light and with every screw that got unscrewed the light grew stronger.

Noticing that, Fallon's excitement sparked. He hastily tried to quickly remove the rest of the bolts and screws and the helmet slowly lost its stability.

And then finally, it happened.

Dee's entire body was engulfed in light and the clay helmet shattered on the ground.

Fallon had to step away from it as his eyes widened. Right in front of him, Dee's body transformed and grew.

Dee gained a curvy, smooth figure with waist and chest growing in size. It was immediately apparent that Dee was evolving and turning into a female.

She grew fluffy, long hair that spilled over her narrow shoulders with grey feathers woven into silvery locks. She still owned her fin and clawed arms but what was new, was her head. Revealing a new addition to the set, were a pair of perky, small dog ears poking out right and left to a cute little feather mohawk on top of her head. Her face was that of a cute, young girl at the age of approximately 18 and her eyes were a shiny silver color.

As the glowing subsided and the transformation was complete, Dee looked up at Fallon who was still holding his arms in front of him to shield himself from the light. He slowly lowered them, his eyes still carefully half closed. But when he noticed the new girl suddenly sitting in his room, they widened and he ran up to her. His mouth hung open as he investigated her new body.

"Holy hell! Look at you! Did… did you just evolve? And you're a female as well? How? How is this even possible?"

"S…Silvally?" A feeble, quiet voice reached his ears.

Fallon slowly raised his head to look into Dee's eyes. "W…what did you just say? You can speak?"

Dee clenched her hands to her chest and gasped in surprise. "Silvally!" She cried out in realization.

"That is INCREDIBLE! You're… you're like an actual Pokémon now! I mean, you already were but… you can evolve! You can talk! This is revolutionary!" Fallon clasped her hands with his and Dee smiled at him happily as they shared their joy over this discovery.

Fallon especially was astounded by this. His eyes darted all over her, landing on her newly shaped body. When he noticed her new feminine form, her busty hips… her D cup breasts. Blood rushed to his cheeks and he quickly tore his gaze away from it to avoid any further embarrassment.

Dee looked at him confused as he didn't look in her direction anymore and took off his black leather jacket.

He sheepishly handed it to her while still looking away and blushing. "You umm… might want to put this on."

"Silvally?" She raised an eyebrow, not understanding why.

"You don't know that but… a guy shouldn't just see your body like that unless it's for the right reasons."

Dee still didn't fully understand what Fallon was talking about, but she noddingly accepted the jacket that was several sizes too big for her. It was long enough to fall over her hips and her sleeves were floppy and loose. When she lifted her hands, the sleeves folded in and Dee jokingly flopped them around giggling to herself.

Fallon couldn't help but smile himself and was… weirdly charmed by her. He thought to himself: How in the world does something that weird, something so jumbled together turn out so… cute?

Suddenly, something sparked in his memory. "Oh shit! I need to tell Liz about this! She's going to flip out!" He turned towards the PC but looked over his shoulder quickly. "I'll be right back with you!" He was so excited that he almost slipped on the laminated floor as he raced to the PC, throwing himself into the rolling chair and rolling right to the desk.

Dee looked at him from behind, watching him hammer the keys of his keyboard. Intrigued, her ears perked up and she snuck up behind him. She could barely look over the backrest of the chair as she peeked at the monitor. She scrunched her eyes in confusion as she just saw a black screen with paragraphs of green numbers.

Fallon continued typing without noticing her and filled more and more paragraphs with numbers with short breaks in between to wait for a response. Suddenly, he felt something poke him from underneath. It was a silver haired head trying to snuggle its way in between his arms. He chuckled and loosened his muscles to allow her to slip onto his lap. Her mohawk feathers tickled his nose and he had to put his chin on Dee's head to even see the screen anymore.

He looked down at her and her eyes rolled to the top of her head so she could look up at him too. "Interested in the stuff I'm doing?"

She bit her lips and nodded enthusiastically. "Silvally!"

"Alrighty then. Do you see those numbers on the screen? That's binary code. It's what every computer runs on. And all those numbers in a certain order, create certain letters of the alphabet."

Dee's mouth formed into an amazed O as she sat on the edge of Fallon's legs.

"Heh, you wanna give it a shot?"

"Silvally! Silvally!"

"Okay, remember. You need to put the numbers into order." Fallon knew she couldn't possibly get binary without having tried it before, but it just seemed too fun to not see what she would do.

He looked over her head as Dee seemed very determined and her eyes scrunched with intensity. Almost like a seasoned veteran, Fallon saw her close her eyes and stretching her arms while cracking her knuckles. Her jacket covered, boneless knuckles. It was just too precious too watch.

Fallon held back his laughter and curiously watched her fingers dance across the keyboard. She was so fast that it was hard to keep up with her movements. Fallon had a second of doubt, thinking that she might somehow know what she's doing.

Almost as if showing off, she pressed the ENTER key and crossed her arms proudly.

Fallon was amazed and read what she wrote down for the first time, being too enraptured by her enthusiasm before. "Let's see: 0 1… 2 3 4 5…"

Fallon needed a moment. A moment to contain himself. Air escaped his lips as he tried his very hardest to not burst out laughing.

"Pehehe, okay. Sorry. You tried, and that matters the most. It's my fault. I set you up there." He cleared up as he petted the confused Pokémon's head. But the feeling of petting her though… changed a lot. It felt warm in his palms and her mix of feathers and hair was so incredibly soft.

Dee was a little dejected but her mood quickly lifted when she leaned her head into his hand. Her mohawk and ears wiggled along with her head and a cheeky little smile crossed her lips.

Fallon's heart felt warm. He had a feeling of connection and companionship that he hadn't felt in what felt like what was it? Months? Years? And then his heart skipped another beat when he heard this:


His eyes widened as he looked at the smiling girl. "Fallon? You just said my name, Dee!"

She cocked her head like it was obvious that she could.

"Can… can you say other things too? Can you say your name as well, Dee?"

"D…Dee?" She asked innocently.

"Yes! That's it! Arceus, it's almost like you're a freshly hatched Pokémon! That means you can learn the human language! And really quickly as well too probably." Fallon was overwhelmed by this. The fact that an artificial Pokémon that never existed before could evolve, understand and even talk was astounding. It opened up a bit of fear from the thought of that power falling into the wrong hands and people could create entire new strings of Pokémon evolutions.

But that worry was completely pushed away when he felt something knocking against his hand. It was Dee's head. She was asking to be praised with more head pettings.

Fallon happily obliged and even went a step further. He had found such adoration for this girl that he lifted her up to sit on his lap the other way around. He let her rest her head on his shoulders and ran his fingers through her feathery locks. She closed her eyes, her ears twitching and her nose scrunching a little in enjoyment.

With her sleeve covered arms, she wrapped them around his back and made the chair creak as she nuzzled him, just like she had done before.

This time though, a lot of dangerous thoughts crossed Fallon's mind. With her now clearly being a girl and how tight and close she was to him, a few all too lewd ideas popped into his head. It didn't help either that he knew she didn't wear anything else but his jacket.

"F…Fallon…" Her voice was almost oozing with cuteness and even a little hint of adoration mixed in with it.

Blood began rushing to his face and he was nervous enough to stutter. "Umm… hey… maybe we should watch some TV. You can learn a lot about human behavior that you can learn from there. How about it?"


"Yeah, TV, the one over there by the sofa. It's like the computer but you can see a lot of other people on there."

With a cheery smile, she shrugged as if to say okay and hopped off his lap, thinking nothing much of it.

Fallon took a breather and watched her skip over to the soft, cushy sofa and flopping onto her belly. A dangerous sight as the barely covering jacket flapped around and gave little glimpses of her… behind.

Fallon had to seriously calm down and turned his chair towards the monitor. "Thoughts on the numbers, Fallon. Keep your thoughts on the numbers." He tried to report his findings to Liz but soon his mind wandered from the encoded chat, over to the girl over on the sofa, fumbling with the remote control and shrieking when she accidentally turned the TV on. She hugged her knees and buried her face in them before realizing that some sort of movie was running that Fallon couldn't make out from his angle.

He tried to refocus on his work but… instead he felt compelled to shut down the message window. Knowing that he probably pissed off Liz in a major way since she was really interested in every discovery he made. But right now, his mind was not with her, but with Dee.

Something had her complete attention. The light of the TV reflected in her eyes and whatever was on there had her completely rapt.

Curious at what she was watching, Fallon got up and sat down next to her on the sofa. She barely even noticed him as her eyes were glued to the screen.

And when he looked at the screen, he didn't know how to react.

It was a generic, typical romance movie. One with the cliché scene of the man standing in the rain at the door of the girl after he had made a terrible mistake. It was a male Zekrom playing the role of the man and a nerdy but still attractive human woman standing on the doorstep with her hands covering her mouth. The Zekrom brought her flowers and was in the middle of a heartfelt confession.

"That's what you're supposed to say when you like someone, right? I love you, Melissa. I fucked up. I fucked up really bad, I know that! I know that… But that one thing has never changed. I just… I just hope you'll take me back."

Tears were mixing with the rain on the woman's cheeks. "Jives, I… I don't know how to answer that. It hurt, you know? When I saw you with her… You knew how I would feel!" She tried to fight her sobbing as she did her best to be angry at Jives. But her heart wouldn't let her hate him.

Suddenly, Fallon felt something tug on the sleeve of his shirt. Dee was pinching it with her claws.

"I…I just can't! Why is my heart so stupid!?" Melissa screamed and fell into Jives' arms. Sopping wet from the rain, they embraced each other and cried, apologizing to each other over and over.

And in one of the final shots, the couple threw away the flowers and their lips met in a kiss. Droplets ran down their faces and the romantic, overdramatic music played them off as the camera zoomed out until the screen faded into black.

It was nothing special. Just a romance flick like any other. But of course, it was different for Dee. She had never seen anything like this and it seemingly left a great impact on her.

Fallon looked over at her, her hand still holding on to his shirt. She mumbled to herself.


Fallon was taken aback as he overheard her quiet whisper. Her eyes slowly wandered away from the TV and over to him. He saw the helplessness and reluctance in them.

She gave a small nod to herself as if affirming something and got on her knees, facing Fallon. Her cheeks were slightly flushed. Even she seemed to feel embarrassed by something.

And suddenly, she said her first full sentence. "I love you."

His eyes widened. "Dee? I don't think you know what you're doing." He gently held her shoulders, trying to console her. His heart was beating out of his chest at this point.

"That's what you're supposed to say when you like someone, right?" She ad-lipped from what she heard in the movie. Fallon didn't know if she herself even understood what these words meant. But her face certainly matched the situation.

"Listen, I like you too, but if you love someone, that's a step even higher. When you love someone, then it has to be someone who makes your heart race. Someone who you want to be together with for a long time."

Slightly frustrated, Dee unzipped her jacket halfway, down to her belly button. She grabbed his hand with both of hers and guided it to her furry chest, dangerously close to one of her breasts. Fallon quickly noticed what she was trying to tell him.

In his palm, he could feel her heart beat in her chest. And it was beating fast. She was blushing and breathing irregularly. Fallon sighed and looked up at her. "You're serious, aren't you?"

She guided his hand away from her chest and made him cup her cheek instead. She nodded.

Fallon sat up while Dee shimmied onto his lap. She gently laid her hand on top of his and entwined their fingers. "Maybe we should make it serious then." He averted his eyes for a second, looking around the spacious room before looking back at her. "*chuckles* To think that I've spent all this time in here alone and now it's someone like you to keep me company… And even weirder..."

Fallon held her free hand with his own and guided it onto his chest just like she did. Dee's eyes widened as she felt his equally fast heartbeat.

"…I feel the same way as she does." Their eyes meet, with his orange ones staring back at her silvery ones. "You know what to do, right?"

She nodded. Their lips met almost magnetically and a soft, sheepish kiss followed. Dee was not really sure what she was doing, but the feeling she got from it was too good to stop. She leaned into it until she was clinging to Fallon's shirt.

They got closer and closer until their bodies were basically entangled with each other.

Dee threw her arms around him. She didn't know what this new feeling was, but she wanted more of it.

Fallon gently held onto her hips as she ended up on his lap. The light of the TV flickered and was one of the last things that illuminated them as the evening sun slowly sunk.

Dee was dazed as she parted from him. She couldn't find it in her to let go of him. This man that she only knew for a day, felt like a lifelong companion to her. It was as if two pieces of a puzzle clicked together. Even in her cluttered, inexperienced mind, she had no doubt that she wanted to be with him.

Fallon felt similarly. He wasn't a very social man before. He never had close friends and the only time he left his house was if he was called for a mission. And with Dee… he felt like a hole within him was slowly getting filled.

Their foreheads pressed together as Fallon's gaze slowly went down Dee's body. Her half open jacket was showing her cleavage and his previous reluctance was blown away now. He slowly unzipped the rest of the zipper and shoved the jacket off her.

Dee was slightly unsure what he was doing, but even so, she started gasping when he massaged one of her fluffy breasts. Her body twisted slightly when he toyed with her grey nipple that poked out from her black fur.

Her tail fin perked up along with her dog ears and even her feather mohawk. She bit her lips and her fingers dug into Fallon's back.

His gaze was lustful and lecherous. It was as if the held back temptation from before was finally let loose. How could he resist now?

He planted his lips on hers once again, stopping her harsh breaths as his hands covered her breast and her tight, soft butt. He gently caressed her, but still put in enough strength to make her shiver at the stimulation.

Dee wanted more and the way she felt she could do this, was undressing Fallon as well. The unfamiliar desire to see him naked suddenly flared up in her mind. Not knowing how to open buttons, she fumbled with them as she tried to open Fallon's black shirt, ripping most of them with her claws. Neither of them cared though. Fallon's chest was athletic and well-toned. Despite being mostly a homebody, he must have kept in good shape due to his missions.

Some sort of arousal stirred up Dee's mind. Her eyes were glued to his body just like they were to the TV earlier. Her clawed hands wandered over his smooth front and a certain heat surfaced inside of her.

She started squirming and restlessly rocking back and forth. Her eyes were hooded and lewdly focused at Fallon who was still fondling her body.

"Fallon!" she moaned with hot breath, inquiringly holding his jaw from either side.

"You're confused, aren't you?"

"Fallon! I love you! I love you!" She repeated the few things she knew how to say, desperately asking for his guidance.

"I know. You probably feel a bit weird. Down here maybe…" Fallon spoke huskily as he moved his hand from her ass… to the other side. His fingers slowly dove into her crotch and stroked her inexperienced, dripping pussy. She was oblivious to these new sensations, not knowing how to act on them. But it all became clearer and clearer when she felt his finger inside her.

"That's called pleasure, Dee. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"P…Pleasure? Ngghhaaa!" She asked innocently with drool starting to flow out of the side of her mouth. She couldn't control her body anymore and her movements became erratic. Adding to the stimulation was that she was subconsciously grinding on Fallon's crotch. There was a bulge inside his black pants and it was prodding her pulsating, hard clit. A stain spread over the fabric and of course, it didn't leave Fallon unfazed either.

He was hard. Painfully hard. His cock was straining and longing for release.

Dee noticed the strong bump she was rubbing over and touched the strange thing with the palm of her hand and started groping it curiously. Fallon hissed and his mouth hung open at the sensation of her hand.

The curiosity got the better of her and she wanted to inspect this package. She once again fumbled with the button and zipper but this time managed to not tear anything.

Her eyes widened as a foreign, unknown object sprung forth from behind the zipper. It had a weird, thick shape and Dee wondered why it wasn't the same thing that she had. She touched her pussy, entwining her fingers with Fallon's while touching the weird, different thing in between his legs.

"Pleasure?" She asked as she started stroking it.

"Y…Yeah. It's called a dick. You have a pussy and I have a dick. And we can give each other pleasure with them." Fallon gasped as his fingers sped up their thrusting.

"Dick…" She whispered in wonderment. Somehow saying that word sparked the excitement in her and her pussy created even more juices.

Fallon was suddenly taken aback when Dee let herself fall backwards onto the sofa. With her body sprawled out on sofa, her chest was heaving with excitement.

She was touching herself, her fingers glistening with moisture as she runs them through her sticking, glistening fur of her pussy. Now that he had a clear view of it, Fallon could really appreciate the narrow, deep pink folds.

Dee was whimpering desperately as she tried to wring out the pleasure by fingering herself. But no matter how quick she went, it was just not enough. "Pleasure…" She whined, looking up at him, begging him to help her.

Fallon almost salivated at the sight of her. Her legs were spread wide open, her hair was splayed out over the sofa padding and her fingers were thrusting aimlessly into her growingly hot slit.

Fallon loomed over her, his now naked body hanging over hers. She lovingly looked up at him, her eyes hazy and filled with longing. He grabbed the wrist of her hand and guided it from her crotch… to his mouth.

He sucked on her fingers, tasting the sweet and slightly sour taste on them. It excited her even more as she saw him do that and her thighs restlessly rubbed together.

"You taste really good, Dee. I think you're excited enough by now." He licked his lips, making Dee blush in response.

His rock hard, throbbing, veiny dick prodded her privates and the impending rush of pleasure became all too real for her. She was not prepared for what actual sex would be like, but she was ready.

"So am I." He whispered temptingly as he rubbed the precum that was dripping from his tip into her cunt, mixing with her fluids.

Dee smiled ecstatically, ready for more pleasure. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she invited him to keep going. "Fallon…" She whispered meaningfully. Fallon could tell that she was genuine. She wanted this and it took a load off his mind.

Their faces met in a deep, passionate kiss while their genitals pressed into each other an Fallon's cock slowly made its way inside her pussy.

The lust between the two of them exploded. Dee's eyes were closed and twitching as the foreign object penetrated her. It was like an itch being finally satisfied when his cock was shoved in as far as it would go. She could feel it knock against her cervix, grinding her hips to satisfy the spots she wanted him to hit. But she would soon realize that she didn't even need to do that when Fallon started thrusting.

Their bodies were wrapped around each other as their tightly glued together hips collided and grinded together.

They embraced each other, sweat starting to get them sticky and sliding. Fallon was amazed by how hot her body got and how smooth her insides felt. He ground over her walls with ease and pushed her constantly growing amounts of juices to the back of her love tunnel to mix with his dripping precum.

Their hearts, minds and bodies became one, crashing together and embracing each other. A mess of liquids pooled between their crotches. Signs of their neverendingly growing arousal.

Their tongues went wild and messily wrestled in the air between them. Dee was initially sheepish and uncertain but quickly learned to go with the flow and met Fallon's by ferociously sucking and licking at it.

There was barely any coordination to their actions but their wild movements drove both of them insanely mad. Lewd, splashy noises filled the spacious room as the light of the TV reflected in not only their eyes but also their liquids that covered their crotches, lips and the sofa.

Dee's pawed feet crossed behind Fallon, wanting him to keep close and make deep, grinding thrusts.

"Fallon! Fallon! I love you! *shivers* Mnnnnhhhh!" Dee moaned uncontrollably, her face contorting at the insurmountable pleasure.

Fallon grabbed the back of her head, petting her soft, damp hair while he rocked her body. The springs of the sofa began creaking as their movements became more uncontrolled.

Fallon bit his lips. He could barely hold on, but wanted to see more of Dee's enraptured face. She must've had a few small orgasms since her insides were twitching and sensitive. She also inconsistently clenched down on him several times.

His blonde and black hair stuck to his forehead and his entire body was like a hot iron.

He was groaning tirelessly, lusting over Dee who was losing herself as well. Their eyes were locked onto each other, not wanting to separate their gazes.

The sofa was a mess at this point. The padding was disheveled and the fabric was stained with various secretions.

"Dee, I'm gonna cum! I'm going to poor something inside you! It'll be amazing, I promise!" He said, completely out of breath. His threshold was breached. There was no way he could hold back or pull out.

"Silvally! Cum! Cumming!" Dee figured that she was experiencing the same and used this new word that he was using too.

Loud screams of pleasure and release echoed in the room with both of them pressing their faces into the others shoulder.

Their genitals twitched and each released a load of their cum into and onto each other. While Dee's face was scrunching in her first ever orgasm and Fallon moaned as he released his entire, pent up load into her, their bodies slowly went limp and collapsed.

The sticky mess of cum trickled down from their connection point and further stained the already ruined sofa.

Dee was panting the heaviest, overwhelmed by her orgasm and struggling to regain her breath. Her ears were jerking and her tail fin was even twitching.

Fallon was out of breath as well but knew too well that he had to take care of Dee first before he could care about himself. After all, it was also his fault that she got into something she wasn't prepared for.

He looked down at her and felt a bit worried as he saw her apparently out of it.

He did his best to comfort her and gently touched her face to see if she would react. Her eyes were closed and her nose was slightly twitching as she recovered.

He got up from the sofa, no matter how unsteady he was himself, and gently picked her up. He slid his arms underneath her shoulders and knees to carry her over to the big, soft bed.

He laid her down, resting her head on the cushy pillows. Her body was still sweaty and heaving. This really took it out of her.

Fallon laid down next to her, gently combing her hair as she seemingly drifted off to sleep. He watched her for a good while after that.

Her breathing seemed to be calming down more and more and Fallon was relieved to see her cutely rolling around in her sleep.

She rolled onto his arm, reaching out to touch his chest in her sleep and smiling to herself.

Fallon couldn't help but smile either and pulled her body close to his.

"*sigh* Fallon…" She mumbled after taking a sleepy breather.

"Yeah, that's me. I'm here." He reassured her.

She hummed a little and nuzzled her face into his chest before completely losing track of what was happening around her.

Fallon heard a faint beeping sound from somewhere. It was a sound that he knew well. That of his Pokétransmitter.

He reluctantly got up after gently sliding out beneath Dee's head to get his pants. He pulled out the blinking transmitter and was greeted with a notification that told him he had received over 50 messages. All from Liz. All of them just filled with questions about how living with Dee was and if he noticed anything unusual. Oh, she had no idea.

Fallon sat down on the edge of his bed, opening the message window. "A lot happened today. It would blow your mind if you knew. I can't wait to tell you everything! I'll speak to you in person tomorrow." He texted, not willing to put that much work on himself this late.

He looked over at the peacefully sleeping Silvally and gently petted her head.

"Well, maybe I shouldn't tell her EVERYTHING, right?" He smiled to himself and down at his new roommate. Who knows what she could do in the future. How she would grow and what she would experience.

As of now, that didn't matter. Because the thing that was most precious to Fallon right now, was that he found a new companion.

His hand gently petted her, careful not to wake Dee up.

Her little mohawk perked up along with her tiny ears and Fallon could have sworn that he heard her giggling happily.


This was a freaking long one, I know. I just felt like I wanted to come back with something special. So I hope it was worth the extra wait and you enjoyed it.

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