Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Virizion(Aleena, Miss Seraph) x Ricardo

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At Lagunia High most relationships aren't… usual as you might know by now. The wild blend of Pokémon and humans was bound to bring with it some strange couples, but still you would be surprised.

A senior boy dating a slimy Ditto girlfriend, a Liepard teacher dating the father of one of her students and a senior girl who loves her adoptive father quite a lot more than other daughters. But honestly, it's not a bad thing that so many people of so many different backgrounds manage to find love here.

And still there is even more to discover.

Take todays example for one.

It all began one school afternoon as the bells rung to signal the end of the day.

*Ding Dang Dang Dong*

"Well, seems like that's all for today. Please don't forget to hand in your assignments by the end of next week and have a nice afternoon!" A chipper, yet quiet voice cheered from behind the teacher's desk.

A female Pokémon wearing a lab coat over some… pretty extravagant clothing stood there. Underneath the white coat she wore a cream-colored button-up shirt with a lime green overcoat that flapped all the way down to the bend of her knees. And her bottom half was covered with pants in the same creamy color as her shirt along with some calf-high boots that had a black tip, red outlines and green base. Her hair was only neck-long but the green locks of hers were nicely bound together in a bun that looked like the tailfeathers of a duck. It was creatively decorated with two horizontal green horns that stuck out at the sides of her head and green feathers with red tips sticking within it.

The voice belonged to Aleena Seraph, the science and biology teacher at Lagunia High. And among all the teachers at Lagunia, she was probably the most out-of-place one. Not because she was a bad teacher or didn't know her stuff. Very much the opposite of that.

But the reason she was so amiss at this school was…

…that she was a Virizion. A legendary Pokémon.

As you might know by now, Legendary Pokémon are regarded as the high class of Pokémon. They make up celebrities, royalty and various other high positions.

But unlike most of her kind, Aleena never wanted the flashy and attention-grabbing life that legendaries lived. She was quiet and shy. And if it were for her to decide, she wouldn't even consider herself above anyone else.

She wanted to pass her days as a simple teacher. Teaching the students of Lagunia about plant life, nature as a whole, chemistry and science. And she did manage that, yes. But even so, she could obviously never escape her status.

"Miss Seraph? Can I carry your handbag to the teacher's room for you? It seems heavy." One of the girls ran up to the teacher as soon as the lesson ended.

"Ah, Mia. You don't need to do that at all. I can handle it myself." Aleena denied reluctantly.

"Miss Seraph! I've done my homework during the lesson already, I swear I've gotten better thanks to you! You're the best teacher ever!"

"Ahhehehe, you don't need to flatter me…r…really. You've done this on your own. You should be proud of yourself. I've only…" Aleena blushed as she got flustered.

"Miss Seraph, our group project has been going great, thank you for helping us out with getting the specimens prepared. Well, what am I saying? Of course you helped us out. Legendaries always look out for us small people."

"Small people?" Aleena clasped her handbag to her chest and stumbled over her words. "A…Anyways, I think you should all get going now. Have a nice afternoon." She forced a humble smile as all the people around her disappointingly but understandingly dispersed.

The last one in the room was Mia, the human daughter of another Pokémon teacher at the school. As she packed her last books and notes into her handbag, Aleena's eyes wandered to the desk next to the windows. She sighed as she looked at it.

"Goodbye, Miss Seraph. See you tomorrow."

"Hey Mia!"


"Did you see Ricardo today?"

Mia rubbed her head as she tried to think about it. "I don't think I've seen him in any of the classes. I guess he's late as usual. Aren't you used to it by now?"

Aleena rubbed the bridge of her nose in disappointment. "*sigh* That boy always worries me. I think he's been missing school for about a month now. In case you see him, please let him know that I want to talk to him. Can you do that for me, Mia?"

Mia gave a thumbs-up and dashed out of the classroom. "Of course, Miss Seraph. See you tomorrow!" Her voice grew more and more distant as Mia headed for the teacher's room and to her father. Meanwhile, Miss Seraph was left in the classroom, with the bright orange glow of the fall shining in through the windows.

"*relaxed inhale and exhale* Finally some room to breathe! I love these kids but they can be so pushy sometimes. I probably shouldn't be saying things like that. They look up to me. Whether I want them to or not. I just hope that they know it needs more than status to live a successful life."

Aleena smiled to herself as she hung her handbag around her shoulder. "Well, time to go. There's a Crème Brûlée just waiting for me to get home! MMmmmmmhh! I can already taste it!" Aleena amped herself up as she made for the exit door. When suddenly…


"AAAhhh! Oww!" …Someone ran smack dab into her. Their heads collided and both of them stumbled backwards.

When Aleena rubbed her forehead and looked up, she saw a student in front of her. Ricardo, who was rubbing his forehead as well but recovered quicker.

"Miss Seraph! I'm so, so sorry! I didn't see you standing in the door, I was rushing to get to class!"

Ricardo was a young boy and a senior in Lagunia. He arrived in the typical Lagunia High school uniform in marine blue and the matching pants in white. Ricardo had tussled and wild black hair that always seemed to be greasy and ruffled with tufts of it standing off in every direction. He really seemed to be in a hurry, judging by how sloppily he wore his uniform, and how beads of sweat stuck to his forehead.

"Ricardo? What are you doing here now? Do you have any idea how late it is?"

"I know I'm late! I'm sorry! Where are the others? When does the next class start?" Ricardo asked in a fit of panic. His tense face slackened as soon as he saw the empty classroom.

"*Sigh* I'm sorry, Ricardo. But you're not just late, you missed the entire school day… again." Aleena brought out quietly and regretfully.

With all color leaving his face, Ricardo slumped backwards until he pressed up against the wall. His legs gave in and he sunk to the ground his gaze going straight ahead in disbelief. "But I was rushing so much. It was… still not enough. FUCK!" He punched the wall, making Aleena jerk in response.

"Every DAMN time I try to make it, I just can't manage it!"

"Are you… oversleeping?"

"OVERSLEEPING!?" Ricardo yelled at Aleena.

"*gasp* R…Ricardo?"

The tension left Ricardo's body when he noticed how scared Miss Seraph looked at him. "I…I… *blows air* Excuse me ma'am I just had a very… *sigh* very shitty day." He muttered as his head fell back against the wall.

Aleena curiously sat down next to him and hugged her knees as she spoke to Ricardo eye to eye. "Why don't you tell me about it? I'm your teacher after all. What's on your mind?" She asked carefully.

"My dad…"

Silence fell over them for a short time. "Your dad? What about him?"

"You know that my family owns a car repair shop, right? I think I've talked about that in class before." Ricardo looked over at Miss Seraph with a serious gaze.

Miss Seraph put a finger to her chin in thought. "Yes, I think I recall that. As far as I know your father runs it mostly on his own."

"And that's where the problem is, Miss Seraph." Ricardo continued. "As much as he wants to deny it, my dad is getting old. Most of the time he's just… alone there and… his body is giving in." Ricardo choked up. "If he continues to take all the work throughout the day, he will hurt himself. He's already got a weak back and his legs aren't going to carry him much longer either. I would love to take over his work but I can't risk not finishing my last school year to get my degree. He's taught me everything I know about auto repair, so I decided to help him out and take over at least some of the work load. Yet… when I think about leaving for school… and having him continue on without me… I stay with him longer and longer instead." Ricardo holds his forehead in his hand and sighs.

Miss Seraph twirls some locks of her hair with a troubled look. She didn't exactly know what to say to him. That he should put his studies first? That he should tell his father that he can't work for him anymore? But at last, a thought popped into her mind and Ricardo could almost see the lightbulb flashing up above her head.



"You know, technically you only have a few tests left before the year is over, right? So… I was thinking… you only really need to pass them and you will actually get your degree."

Ricardo was stunned, but his initial optimism soon faded. "But how am I supposed to pass? I've missed so many lessons! I think I can pass maths and English alright, but what about Science and Biology? I barely know anything about that stuff."

Aleena pumped her fist in confidence. "You just need to be prepared. I've had you in my classes for over 4 years now. I know you learn quickly! And… I think I could help you achieve that. Not to brag, but Biology and Science is kind of my thing hehehe." Aleena giggled dorkily, making Ricardo smile along with her.

"You'd really help me? You know it might be a pain in the ass to teach me."

Aleena put her hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes. "I want all of my students to succeed. And when I say all of them, I mean it. I'll support you all the way to the end if I need to." Her cute little smile was as adorable as it could possibly be.

"When do we start?" Ricardo asked enthusiastically.

"Meet me after school tomorrow. 7PM. You can get your work done with your father and still have the time to meet me."

A gentle smile crossed Ricardo's lips. "I think I get why all the other students like you so much." Ricardo chuckled.

Miss Seraph blushed. "Don't mention it, Ricardo. Hey, umm… before you go… there's something that's been bothering me."

"And what's that."

Ricardo was surprised when Miss Seraph leaned towards him face to face. Her eyes looked straight at his face, closely inspecting him. "Umm… *gulp* Miss Seraph?"

"You have a smudge on your face riiiiiiight…" She cupped his cheek and wiped away a black spot with her thumb. "…there."

Ricardo was stunned for a second before he could react. "Ah…Aaahhhh, so that's what it was. Hehe, thanks. Don't think I would've noticed that on my own." He rubbed his neck embarrassedly, trying his hardest not to make his embarrassment show. It failed, but Aleena wouldn't tell of course.

"I'll see you tomorrow afternoon then?" Miss Seraph smiled brightly as she got up from the floor and dusted off her pants. Her gentle, light blue eyes formed into slits in an endearing happiness that emanated from her.

Ricardo stood up as well and followed Miss Seraph with his eyes as she headed for the classroom door. "Hey! Miss Seraph?" He called out to her.


"I'm looking forward to it."

"Hmhm! Me too, Ricardo." Miss Seraph gave a cute little wave as she left. Leaving Ricardo in the classroom, smiling to himself.

He leaned against the wall, not really feeling ready to head out yet. His gaze wandered to the window, looking at the orange autumn weather outside. And then… Miss Seraph as she walks along the school path towards the main gate. He followed her, watching her back as she walked.

Why was his heart beating so hard? "See you tomorrow evening, Miss Seraph." He muttered to himself as he grabbed his backpack. Even as he walked towards the door, his gaze was still fixed on Miss Seraph.

Until she disappeared around a corner.

And Ricardo finally headed home.

The next day:

After showering and dressing in prep for meeting with Miss Seraph, Ricardo for once decided to put in some extra effort to not look like a mess when he got there. He combed all remains of filth and oil out of his hair as well as washing it out of his skin and put on some more presentable clothes. A red and black plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves and jeans that were only ripped in minor places and minimal holes. He also styled his hair a little, making it not stand into all sorts of directions but instead spiky with the back of his hair swirling to the right a slight bit and his hair at the front barely hanging above one of his eyes. Along with his decently fit body, you could almost count him as an attractive rebel. He sure as hell was convinced of it. And thus, he grabbed his backpack with a boost of confidence and headed out.

Ricardo found himself standing in front of a white picket fence, bordering the edges of a beautiful little garden. Miss Seraph seemed to grow all kinds of plants. Pots of flowers, herbs, vegetables and even some exotic fruits were spread out around her house. It must've been just a small fraction of it that he saw, because the garden was winding all the way around the back of the house.

The house itself was like it was straight out of a romantic novel. Vines were growing up white walls with wood separating all the different sections. The shingled roof was red and covered in small tufts of moss. All in all, it looked like the house of an herbalist rather than that of a teacher.

On the way here, Ricardo noticed several tufts of grass that sprouted from the ground. All of them were growing in the same distance from each other. Almost like footprints leading up to Miss Seraph's house.

Carefully, he stepped up to the front door after passing the small fence gate.

"*Knock Knock* Miss Seraph? Are you there? This IS the time we were supposed to meet, right?"

"Coming! Just a second!"

*Various noises of grunting and rustling*

"Ummm…" Ricardo stood in silence, waiting until the weird noises stopped and the door opened.

The door snapped open with several pieces of foliage seemingly shedding from it on the other side.

Out steppes Miss Seraph, wearing a frilly dress of cream color and green flowers stitched into the outlines. Real flowers that is. Her top was a light green, open cotton blouse with the usual cream colored button up shirt underneath and her long, thin legs still ended in her racy, and oddly stylish calve high boots.

"I'm glad you're finally here, Ricardo. Eheh, sorry, my children kind of get in the way of my door sometimes."

Ricardo jerks up at those words. "Your umm… children? I didn't really think you'd be a mom, Miss Seraph. You seem a bit young for that."

Aleena cocked her head. "Huh? Oh! Pff, my apologies. I didn't mean actual children. That's just what I call my plants out here. They're only here because I made them so it seemed kind of fitting, I think. Hehehe." Miss Seraph chuckled cutely.

Ricardo's eyes dart around in wonder. "Yeah, I think it does. It probably would take someone like you to make something pretty like this." He says as he let one of the leaves that grew around the doorframe slide over his hand.

Aleena reddened a little and looked at the floor with a sheepish smile. "Pff, smooth talker. Do you want to come in? I have some tea prepared. All home grown."

"Now, who would've thought that?" Ricardo rolled his eyes sarcastically.

"I feel like you're trying to make fun of me. You shouldn't do that with a teacher, you know?" Miss Seraph pretended to be mad and scolded him before chuckling along with him.

They both headed inside, leaving Ricardo once again in awe as he saw the interior of the house. Now that he looked at the walls, he found that they were indeed made up of wood but also that the white parts in between were hardened mushroom fiber. The ceiling also let in tiny rays of light, suggesting that it was not covered in shingles but instead red moss with green moss mixed in.

"Miss Seraph? Is this whole house really made out of plants?"

"Yup! All of it is wood, mushrooms, herbs, moss and rope. It's why I live so far out in the outskirts of Lagunia. It would cause a lot of trouble if I let something like this grow in the city. I'm already having trouble controlling it at school. I can hardly allow a tree to grow in the middle of the classroom, can I? *giggles*"

Ricardo smiled at her with a smirk. "It sure would make that day a lot more interesting. *chuckles* But this really has something. I'm only used to machinery and loud noises."

"Do you like the silence out here?" Lost in thoughts, Miss Seraph sits down on a bundle of vines that form a chair next to a small, wooden table. "I sure appreciate it. I can barely hear my own thoughts at school with all the students constantly praising me and flocking to me whenever they have the chance. Oh! Please don't tell anyone I said that. That probably makes me a bad teacher." Aleena covered her mouth in shame.

But Ricardo took it in stride. "Nah, I can see how stuff like that would get annoying after a while. Specially if it happens to you daily. I don't blame you."

Miss Seraph cocked her head in confusion. "You seem oddly casual talking to me."

"Sure, I do. Why would I be talking to you any different?"

"Well, I mean…" Aleena seemed flustered as she tried not to sound like she was bragging. "I mean I AM a legendary Pokémon after all. The other students always hold me in such high regards and have all these amazing expectations of me. How come you don't?"

Ricardo took a seat across from Miss Seraph, sitting in the soft grass that covered the floor. "I dunno really? I guess I just don't see the reason to. You're not your status. You're you. We're both people. Well… one human and one Pokémon but you get the idea, right? *chuckles*"

Miss Seraph's confusion turned into a sheepish smile and giggle as she looked at Ricardo over the table. For a moment, their eyes locked until both of them abashedly turned away and rubbed their necks almost simultaneously. "I can't say I don't appreciate that, actually."

"I've been missing school for a while, but even I've seen how all the other guys in class flock to you. Doesn't that get annoying?" Ricardo asked bluntly.

"Urgh, you have no idea! After work I just want to go home and eat some dinner! And every time I have to listen and put on a face like I am so glad to help them all with their projects."

Ricardo smirked a little. "So… kinda like you said that you wanted to help me then?"

"NO! No! I… I… *sigh* Arceus… I swear, I meant it when I said that I love to help my students. I really care for them all and I want them to succeed! You included. It just gets overwhelming sometimes, you understand?" Miss Seraph slumped with a look of genuine concern on her face.

Ricardo smiled back at her. "It's alright, Miss Seraph. You don't need to justify yourself to me. I was just teasing you a little. If anyone can understand stress at work, it would be me, wouldn't it?"

Miss Seraph cusped her heart in relief and took a deep breather. "Thank you, Ricardo. It's… been a while since I could let out some of this stuff."

"Same here, Miss Seraph." Ricardo said calmly. "Hey, completely unrelated, but I've noticed that I've never really seen you outside of a lab coat. I like seeing you wearing more green; that blouse makes you look kinda cute.

"Eh?" Miss Seraph jerked up as her face reddened. "Ricardo! I'm your teacher! You can't just say stuff like that so suddenly."

Ricardo chuckled "I thought we just established that that doesn't matter. Come on, Miss Seraph. We're alone here. It was just a compliment."

Miss Seraph sulked a little as she rubbed her arm in embarrassment. "*mumbles* You're one to talk, looking all pumped up and fresh."

"S'cuse me? I didn't quite hear that!"

"You weren't supposed to hear that anyways." Miss Seraph kept sulking.

"Maybe I wasn't, but I'm kidding, I heard all of it anyways." Ricardo taunted her even more, making her face flush even deeper.

In a fit of embarrassment, Miss Seraph pulled out a thick book from behind her and slammed it on the small table. "W…Weren't we supposed to be learning by now. We've gotten way off track!"

Ricardo smirked and pulled out a notebook just to slam it onto the table right next to Miss Seraph's book. "Sure… Let's do this then…"

Both of them leaned over the table, pressing their respective books onto the table. Dangerously close to each other, their noses almost touched as Ricardo almost temptingly looked Miss Seraph straight in the eyes.

Miss Seraph gulped at the tension of the moment and pulled back, clearing her throat. "So… since I already have most plants we need for research around already, we should probably start with the easier subjects and steadily go up in complexity, alright?"

"I'm ready if you are." Ricardo eagerly grabbed his notebook and followed Miss Seraph as she headed towards one of the windows. The window was sprawling with vines and several of them were growing some kinds of fruit on them.

"Like I said, let's start easy. Ricardo, tell me what kinds of fruits you see here, what they'll taste like and why that is."

"Alright, I can do that. Let's see…"

Ricardo leaned over the vines and inspected the extremely varied assortment of fruits. "Well, they're clearly all berries, 3 different variants I think. This one looks like a purple acorn so that must be a Chesta berry, those red ones with the green vines must be Cheri berries and the flesh colored one that look like peaches must be Pekka berries."

"Very good, so what do they taste like. Tell me without eating one and tell me why they have that taste." Miss Seraph leaned in, passionately anticipating his answer.

"Well, despite looking like cherries, cheri berries are actually really high in Scoville and extremely hot. Chesta berries are kind of like nuts and have a very earthy flavor due to all the natural fats inside and Pekka berries… those are the ones that actually taste like they look. Sweet from all the fructose in it and full of juices. Almost like a small peach."

Aleena moved next to Ricardo and let one of the Pekka berries glide over her hand. "These basics are so insignificant but still so fascinating, aren't they? Seems like you remembered a lot from our classes."

"The early stuff, yeah. That's when I still had time for school…" His voice got softer and a thoughtful smile crossed his lips. "…I umm… I wanted to thank you again… for taking the time for me. I bet my dad would be thankful too."

"I'm having fun too, Ricardo. So, don't even mention it."

Ricardo smirked and looked at the Pekka berry in Miss Seraph's hand. "So… now that we've done that, we can eat them too, right?"

"Sure, they're ripe. I hope you enjoy them."

"Alrighty then… here you go." Ricardo gently plucked the Pekka berry and slowly held it towards Miss Seraph.

"Sh… shouldn't you be the one trying them?" Aleena asked anxiously. Her heart was beating faster and faster and she didn't know why.

"Come on, Miss Seraph. Ladies first, I can taste them later." Ricardo smiled cheekily.

"O…Okay, I'll take the first bite." Aleena took a deep breath before closing her eyes and opening her mouth. The cherry plopped onto her tongue and the sweet juices washed over her tongue.

"It's… really good. It's been a while since I tasted these, but… man are they still sweet."

"Really? Let me try too then." Ricardo spoke softly as he leaned in towards Miss Seraph. Their faces were mere inches apart.

"Ricardo… wh…what are you doing?" Miss Seraph rebuked weakly while showing no sign of backing away.

"*chuckles* I wanted to taste the berries too, Miss Seraph. Don't leave me hanging now that you made me hungry for them."

"Ricardo…" Her voice grew weaker and weaker in resistance and her lips trembled. "…we can't do this… we… can't…"

"What can't we, Miss Seraph?" Ricardo inched closer until his lips barely grazed hers.

"I don't know, Ricardo. My mind's a mess right now."

"I think I can help you there. *kiss*" Gently, Ricardo held her slender hips and pulled her closer. Their lips connected ever so softly until they both embraced and passion took over.

The built-up tension from before culminated in this moment. Bundled together, they let themselves fall into the grass with Ricardo on top, pinning Miss Seraph to the ground.

Their lips locked passionately, their tongues wrestling sultrily.

Ricardo moved his hands to hers, pushing them next to her head on the floor. Aleena slowly entwined her fingers with his as she let all of her inhibitions go. Her reluctance had been broken and she just wanted to submit herself to the moment, however immoral it may be.

Ricardo parted from her and combed her green locks, gracing her horn. "Are you scared?"

"A little anxious maybe." Miss Seraph admitted with flush, hot cheeks.

"Miss Seraph, I want to make a promise to you."

"And what's that?" She asked with wide eyes.

"I don't know what we will be once today is over. I've been fantasizing about you for so long. I was always anxious about approaching you with all the other students around and I've been waiting for an opportunity to have you for myself for so long. Now that I know you, I want to promise you something. Any other person would've scolded me and left me out to dry. So, when I finish my finals… I'm gonna come back to get you."

"Ricardo…" Miss Seraph cupped his cheek, gazing up at his sincere, dreamy face until her lips curled into a snickering smile. "…I'll hold you to that promise."

"You can trust me."

"I know… You've always been a reliable student. Well… when you were there at least. Hehehe." She giggled cutely making Ricardo laugh along with her. "So where do we go from here, Ricardo?"

"I have a few ideas…" Ricardo's eyes wandered down Aleena's body, to her heaving, D-cup breasts. With her blouse open, the only thing covering her chest was her cream-colored button up shirt that stretched over her bust.

One after another, Ricardo popped the buttons from top to bottom. With every one of them, more of her taut, supreme body came into view. With the top layers of clothing aside, only a delicate and elegant bra separated Ricardo from seeing her bare top.

Ricardo lusted over her, stunned by her beautiful skin. She was slender, yet her curves were delicately defined.

Aleena averted her eyes. "You're staring an awful lot there."

"In a positive way, I swear. Your body is incredible, Miss Seraph."

"Y…You're going to use it, aren't you."

"As if I could NOT do that at this point." Ricardo lost his resistance and kissed Miss Seraph's neck while roughly groping her breast over her bra.

Miss Seraph yelped and hissed with his fingers fondling her body. Sliding underneath her bra and shoving it off.

His entire body covered her and dominatingly kept her pressed into the grass.

"Ricardo…" Her voice trailed off into a trembling whisper as her body was tingling with excitement.

The bra's shoulder straps loosened until the fabric served no purpose whatsoever anymore and Aleena's pert, erect nipples were completely open for attack.

Ricardo dug into them with his fingertips while contorting the flesh around them. His kisses as well trailed down her slender, smooth body until the latched onto the other, free nipple. His tongue swirled around it and lavished it in hot spit that made it slick and glistening.

Miss Seraph grabbed the back of Ricardo's head, ruffling his hair and messing up his new hairstyle. But she made up for it by sparking his lust even more with how excited she was. Ricardo was already getting hard at this point, but he decided not to act on it yet to prepare Miss Seraph with even more pleasure.

His slurping and licking noises ended and his mouth kept trailing further and further south. Her fine skirt was in the way on his trip and subsequently, it had to go. Hooking his fingers into the waistband, he slowly dragged the skirt down her legs, kissing every inch of her pelvis on the way. Miss Seraph watched with bated breath and bit her lips in anticipation.

Her skirt, along with her thin underwear was completely removed and Ricardo faced with Miss Seraph's crotch. Her exceedingly long legs lead towards her thicker, inner thighs and lastly, to her narrow, light green pussy. A darker green nub topped off the glistening slit and pubic hairs like thin vines surrounded it.

Ricardo, lured in by the naughty sight, leaned in and took in the scent. "*sniffs lightly* Hmmm, you smell sweet, Miss Seraph. Your pussy gives off an awfully lewd smell."

"It's not like I made it like that on purpose." Miss Seraph sulked a bit.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way either. Those pubic hairs of yours are pretty cute as well. Glistening all shiny with your sticky precum." Ricardo kept teasing her as he slid his finger over her creases.

"*shivers* It feels weird when you keep touching it like that." She blushed.

"I can do much… much more than just touching, Miss Seraph."

"Call me Aleena. Please. I don't want this to feel so distant if we're really doing this."

Ricardo smiled warmly up at her. "Aleena it is then. Well… Aleena. Get ready to feel really good. *lick*" Ricardo stretched his tongue and touched the wet folds.

With one hand on Ricardo's head, she threw hers back onto the grass and moaned loudly as Ricardo began eating her out.

His skillful tongue first grazed her on just the surface, but soon it delved deeper and deeper inside.

Making sure to put attention to her clit, Ricardo flicked it with his thumb and rolled the small nub around. Quick licks and thrusts followed, gathering the sweet taste of her pussy on his pallet.

His mouth soon covered her entire entrance and he probed her insides with his slick and flexible muscle. His nose added to her pleasure as it prodded Aleena's clit as well and the pubes tickled Ricardo's nostrils a little. But even these small details made him more aware of who it was he gave this pleasure to, and he loved every second of it.

He heard his teacher make noises that no other student would ever hear her make. He wanted this to be THEIR moment. It didn't matter who they were anymore. Teacher. Student. All irrelevant. Right now it was just one man and one woman who sought the most exciting pleasure they could give each other.

"This is too much! Ricardo, slow down! I'm getting so wet! I can't… I can't…!" Miss Seraph was trembling, her fingers digging into Ricardo's hair. Her student's head was pressed into her crotch and she could feel his slippery tongue going wild inside of her.

Those moans and gasps were music in Ricardo's ears. He pulled her hips even more into his face and dug in deeper and deeper into her cavern. The overflowing juices stuck to the edged of his mouth and slowly trickled down.

Aleena's back arched and her mouth hung open. No longer able to hold onto his head, Miss Seraph instead steadied herself with her arms behind her.

She bucked her hips into Ricardo's face, grinding on his lips and tongue while her clit was constantly teased by his fingers and nose.

"I…I…I'm cumming Ricardo! Haaaaa! AAAHAHHHHHH!" Her barrier broke. Everything went white.

Aleena's legs clamped around Ricardo's head while his face was sprayed with incessant juices. The sweet flavor washed into his mouth and seeped into his nostrils. His arousal grew and grew more and more with his pants feeling tighter and tighter.

"*gasp* *pant* Man, for someone saying they can't do this, you've let out an awful lot." Ricardo chuckled teasingly.

Miss Seraph covered her exhausted and flushed face with her hands. "Ohhh, I can't believe I just came like this. I shouldn't have…"

"There you go again… *kiss*" Ricardo crawled up and faced her, his lips immediately connected with hers and he shared the juices sticking to his lips with her. "…you keep worrying about this too much. I loved every second of your cute self, back there. I want to enjoy this with you. You can let go. Nobody's ever going to know about this. Nobody but me. And you. I love you, Mis… Aleena. Let's make this worth every second we have."

Aleena chuckled "You know we still have a lot to learn to prepare you for the finals, right?"

"And we will get to that. I promise. But right now… I want to fuck you so bad." Ricardo reached down to his pants and opened his zipper before getting out of them. His bare bottom was revealed, along with his throbbing and ready cock.

Miss Seraph bit her lip and unbuttoned the front of his plaid shirt to even the playing field. Hanging over her, Miss Seraph had a perfect view of Ricardo's muscular body with a strong chest and a defined sixpack. Overtaken by the sight, she pulled at his shirt to reel him into another deep kiss. Despite inciting the kiss, Ricardo was the one to dominantly explore Miss Seraph's mouth with his tongue. They passionately locked lips as Aleena reached down and stroked Ricardo's thick cock with her slender hand.

While doing that, she guided it to her steaming pussy, coating it in her overflowing cum. The tip rubbed over the creases, kindling the flames of her lust once again.

Their lips were still tightly locked when Aleena's brows furrowed. Ricardo's cock slowly pried open her slit and made its way deep into her. Her tight insides were contorted by the shape of the foreign object. With every inch, Aleena got more accustomed to the size of it and her trembling body settled down.

Ricardo had to bite down on his lower lip to keep from bursting immediately. The pressure and warmth almost sent him over the edge as soon as he felt it. He even hissed at the sheer pleasure her pussy provided but he kept pushing on until his entire length was hilted inside her.

Both of them panted and took a break for a second before moving on. Ricardo hung over Aleena, his black bangs hanging from the side of his face. An exhausted and enthralled smile crossed each of their faces and they slowly moved towards each other to kiss softly.

Without even noticing it, vines started to grow out of the ground, crawling towards them. They gently winded around their legs, up their thighs and lastly bound them together by the hip. It wasn't forceful, but enough to signal them that the plants wanted them to stay together as close as possible.

Miss Seraph chuckled awkwardly. "Sorry… heheh, they sometimes don't know how to behave themselves."

Ricardo combed her hair and cupped her neck. "Why? I think they've got the right idea." He spoke softly as his hips gently started to grind against hers.

His cock stirred around inside her, rubbing the walls and prodding her soft spots.

Miss Seraph whined with stocking breaths and clung to Ricardo with her arms wrapped around his neck.

Ricardo started to pull back his hips, wanting to start softly. But instead, the vines forced him back as soon as he moved. Every time his hips pulled back, the vines quickly shoved him forward to bump into her hips once again. With that rhythm, Ricardo made short thrusts that hit Miss Seraph deep in the back of her pussy, almost right in front of her womb.

Aleena gasped in the rhythm of the thrusts. Ricardo's tip unknowingly kept prodding her G-spot and her body was reacting to it.

Short and quiet gasps turned into wilder and louder moans that mixed with Ricardo's heavy panting. He wanted to hammer her deeply and her squeezing, wriggly insides rubbed him in just the right ways. It tickled something deep inside him, but he longed for more. Putting more force into it, he managed to pull his hips further back only to slam into Aleena with big force, making him moan out loud from the satisfaction.

"MMNNNHHHAAHAHHHAAAHHH! *pant* Ricardo! This was too intense! Wait!"

"I can't anymore! Hold on to me, Aleena! It'll be alright!" Ricardo said with hot and uncontrolled breath as he once again prepared for a violent, heavy thrust.

Aleena did as Ricardo said and embraced him tightly. Her fingers dug into his back as her whole body started to shake back and forth.

Her formerly tightly closed insides now happily welcomed the cock pumping into them. The shape it had established earlier was perfectly fitting and gave the exact right amount of pressure and leeway for it to stimulate Ricardo's entire length.

Ricardo's fingers dug into the grass that he steadied himself on. His face full of sweat and his heartbeat pumping faster than a jackhammer.

All he felt and all he saw was Miss Seraph and her face contorted in pleasure. This was for him only. The teacher that he relied on the most and who he loved. She was now his.

His heart was burning with this thought and he put all of his effort into giving her the pleasure she deserved. His angles varied, trying to hit different spots that garnered the best and cutest reactions of her.

With her head tossing around and her eyes closed to feel every impact, Ricardo rocked her sweaty body.

Lost in delusional state of pleasure, Miss Seraph looked up at Ricardo with a loving, absentminded smile while her legs slowly locked around his hips that were bound to hers already. She wanted to be more connected with him. Even more so than she already was.

She wanted him to be the one to know her like this. Imperfect and relying on him. The thought of having someone like that for herself made her heart flutter with happiness and her body hot with longing.

Ricardo and Aleena locked eyes as their faces contorted into those of a desperate struggle to keep from cumming. But it was no use and they both knew it. They would cum together.

They pulled each other close and kissed as the final spark flipped and their bound-together crotches collided one more time.

Deeply connected, Ricardo busted out his semen in the very back of Aleena's love tunnel with the juices of her orgasm mixing with it.

Burst after burst of cloudy white liquid met in the warmth and pooled together until Aleena's pussy could no longer hold it all in. At the edges of their connection, small droplets of cum trickled out while above, loving kisses were exchanged.

Exhaustion quickly took over and the restricting vines from before loosened to allow them to collapse next to each other.

The grass was soft and comfortable to lie on. Perfect for their heated bodies to cool off and catch a breather.

They looked at each other and just at the sight of the other's face couldn't keep from laughing happily. Partly in genuine love and partly in disbelief of what they had done.

Minutes passed as the two of them laid there, arm in arm, looking at the sunrays breaking through the ceiling.

"Don't you ever worry about rain coming through that roof?" Ricardo broke the silence with his arm around his teacher.

"The moss usually absorbs it. You know it's like a sponge in a way, except it also uses this water to grow."

"A teacher through and through." Ricardo chuckled.

"Hey, you asked!" She nudged him playfully.

"Heheh, sorry, sorry, I just love teasing you. You're such an easy target sometimes."

Aleena smiled gently before it sunk a little "You know I can't treat you any different now, right? We're still teacher and student. I can't give you any extra credit when you write your finals." And then her cute smile returned. "We need to work really hard so you can keep your promise, okay?"

Ricardo smiled back and pulled her thin body close to himself. "You bet it. Besides, with a teacher like you, I can't really lose there, can I?"

Aleena gave him a peck on the cheek before resting on his chest. "I love you, Ricardo."

"I love you too. I'm already looking forward to the next lesson." Ricardo winked at her as he looked down.

Miss Seraph blushed sheepishly and buried her face in Ricardo's chest to hide it.

Ricardo laughed and combed her hair, waiting for her to calm down again.


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