Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Noivern(Sona) x Jaiden

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Kalayda city has a dark side. A side that is darker than most people like to imagine. Even now, many years after the abolishment of Pokéballs and ownership of Pokémon, people had a hard time letting old habits die. And they wanted to go back to the old times by all means. Even if it means harming the Pokémon and forcing them back into submission.

Day after day here in the KCPD I get calls from burglaries, kidnappings and illegal trafficking of Pokémon trapped in Pokéballs that secretly get shipped off Vindicta.

The name of today's main character is Jaiden Brays, and it's his job to put an end to this. Jaiden had been an officer in the most advanced force in the business and worked as the third of the big trifecta of leadership in the Kalayda City Pokémon Division. Right next to Leo, the commanding chief and his right hand, Liz the Arbok.

Jaiden was a 27 year-old man with black, messy hair with a short buzzcut on the side and longer hair on top. He was a generally big and chiseled guy with strong musculature. His eyes were a bright blue-grey mix and a trimmed stubble beard adorned his chin. During service he was wearing the standard issue KCPD uniform, with the blue beret, bullet-proof west with KCPD letters on the front and back as well as blue shirt and pants with purple stripes. Both of the latter strapped with ammunition pouches, holsters and gadgets for policework.

While the two other leaders of the Police force mostly handled the gathering of information, investigating crime scenes and undercover surveillance, he handled the more hands on and direct stuff. Breaking into slaver dens and actual violent confrontations with criminals that were barely small-scale enough for the special unit SIU (Silent Infiltration Unit) not to step in.

The targets of those crimes were often Pokémon who possessed some form of wealth or influence. They presumably think that it's ridiculous for animals to own anything that belongs to humans in their eyes. And thus, they do anything to strip away anything that is valuable to them, money, property, clothes or even their freedom.

But not today!

In a dark and narrow alley way, a family of two Noivern and one little Noibat girl gets cornered into a dead end. Chased by an armed man who is threateningly waving a gun in their faces.

"Give it up already and hand over the girl! You don't need to die for just one of your children! Where's your survival instinct you animals?!"

"Sona! Get behind me! Don't let this man touch you! Everything will be alright." The male of the two adult Noivern called out to his little daughter.

She was shivering and scared as she hugged the leg of her father from behind.

"Daddy, I'm scared."

"Just step back, sweetie. We'll handle this." The mother said with her voice quivering with uncertainty of her own words.

"Listen, just hand her over and you can go back to your villa or whatever. You can always make a new one anyways. But Pokémon like her, especially the little ones are worth a lot of cash in the other regions. Owning anthro's is like the hottest shit over there."

"Is that what you want? Money? W…we can give you that if that's what you need. Just let me get out my wallet and…" The father's hand shakily moved to his pockets.

"Forget that shit! I don't want your dirty money. Pokémon aren't supposed to have money to begin with. Your money is worthless to me, I only deal with humans like I should be. Now stop wasting my time and give me the girl!" The burglar got incredibly angry as he waved the gun in the face of the man of the family.

They backed up until they were fully cornered against the wall.

"Not threatening enough huh?" He turned towards the wife and before she could even react, the burglar smacked his pistol across her face, leaving a red mark on her cheek.

"*smack* AHHH!" The Noivern fell to her knees, holding her bruised cheek.

"Mommy!" The little Noibat girl ran towards her and hugged her in panic.

"What was that for?! Just leave us alone!" Yelled the male Noivern.

"My clients are pretty eager to get their wares and I'm running out of patience."

"Funny, I'm running out of patience with guys like you myself." An unknown voice spoke up behind the burglar.

He jerked up for a second and turned around in annoyance. "Now who the hell… *SMACK* URGH!" And before he could finish his sentence, the butt of rifle hit his temple and he fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

As the man collapsed onto the ground, a new figure stood in his place. No other than Jaiden Brays. His rifle in hand, he stood atop of the fallen criminal and after making sure that he was not getting up, Jaiden turned his attention to the family.

"You all alright back there? He given you much trouble?" Jaiden smirked confidently as he holstered his police rifle on his back.

The faces of the family lit up with happiness and foremost, the father dashed forward and grabbed his hand. "Officer! Thank you! Thank you so much! He could have… he could've done horrible things to my family.

Jaiden's eyes wandered over to the little girl, hugging her mother. Jaiden walked towards them and knelt down.

"Don't hurt my mommy anymore! Please!" The little girl was in tears as she defender her mother with her body. She sobbed and choked on her breath. The little girl wore a short, now dirty pink dress and a bowtie in bound around her left bat ear. Just like her parents she had the typical bat wings and white tufts of fur around her neck.

Jaiden calmly reached out his head. The little girl flinched, but relaxed when she noticed that he was just touching her head to pet it. She looked up at him in fear and uncertainty.

"What's your name, sweetie?" Jaiden smiled as he rubbed her ears and head.

She calmed down and closed her eyes at the pleasant feeling of his hands. "I'm Sona. I'm 10 years old." She said with a cute, squeaky voice.

"Nice to meet you, Sona. I'm officer Jaiden Brays. I'm a policeman." He pointed at his badge to prove it. "You've been a really brave girl to defend your mommy like that, you know. But now I really need to take a look at her, alright? She seems to be hurting a bit."

"The…the bad man hit her!" She was fighting tears again as she tremblingly recalled what happened.

"It's okay, sweetie. It's over now. The bad man won't hurt mommy again. I promise."

"Will he go to jail?"

"Exactly. You're a smart little girl." Jaiden chuckled as he petted her head some more with her giggling happily.

"What about you, mam? Are you feeling alright?"

"Y…yes… it just stings a bit. Thank you, officer. He… he wanted to take my girl away. I don't know what he would've done if you hadn't come in time."

"A kidnapper, huh. Miss? May I ask who you are?"

"We're the family Eclipse. That over there is my husband Dusk, I'm Nocturna and you've already met my daughter Sona. Why are you asking?"

"Hmm… are you THAT Eclipse family?"

"The owners of Eclipse Enterprises. Yes."

"That'd explain why he targeted you. He must be from the extremist faction."

"The extremist faction?"

"Yes. They are people who can't stand the sight of Pokémon owning more than they do or owning things in general. Call it envy, jealousy or just unacceptance of the changes since the anthropomorphization. They want to hurt Pokémon as much as they can to 'put them in their place'. Especially the wealthier ones." Jaiden's eyes wandered over to the knocked-out criminal.

"Either way, I need to shackle him before he wakes up. I'm going to call someone to pick you up and look at your bruise. Just stay right here. I'll bring this man to the nearest police station."


Jaiden turned around as the little Sona wrapped her arms around his waist and snuggled his stomach. "Everybody said thank you already. So, I wanted to say it too. Thank you, officer!"

Jaiden carefully rubbed her back and smiled "No big deal, little lady. This is my job. And we in the KCPD always bring justice. You're a good girl. You don't deserve to be treated like that man wanted to treat you. Remember that, okay?"

"*sniff* I will!"

"Good girl." Jaiden knelt down and hugged her before giving her one last pet and turning around. His shackles clicked around the wrists of the burglar and he was carried off.

Later that night, Jaiden would finally arrive at the HQ of the KCPD. His night shift was almost over as the leading chief Leo called out from his office. "Hey, Jaiden! Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure, Leo. What's up?" Jaiden asked nonchalantly as he slumped into the seat across from Leo's. Jaiden noticed immediately upon entering the office that there was someone standing at the desk next to Leo.

It was a Kecleon, draped in the standard KCPD uniform. A relatively young man around the age of 18 with slightly green tinted skin with yellow stripes running over his face and a swirly tail poking out on his lower back.

Jaiden's eyes constantly flicked over to the young Pokémon. "So… are you going to introduce me or should I make a move first?"

"This, Jaiden, is Solya. Our newest recruit and junior officer in the KCPD. Seeing as you have a lot of experience in the field already and since I already made a team with Liz, I thought it might be good to have him assigned to you. Solya still needs to learn the ropes and has never really been to any bigger missions. But he showed a lot of promise in training. He's agile, smart and reliable. He might be a good addition to you to watch your back."

Jaiden stood up from his chair with a stern face and walked towards Solya. He froze up right in his place and stood at attention. "S…sssSir?"

"So, you're supposed to be my partner then, eh?" Jaiden inspected him from head to toe, his eyes cold and piercing.

"Y…yyyou will not even notice me, sir! I will blend right in!" He was shaking and cold sweat was forming on his forehead.

Jaiden squinted his eyes as he got threateningly close to Solya's face. "*chuckles* Hah! I get it!"

"Wh…what's so humorous, s…sssiir?" Solya asked in utter confusion.

"Blend right in! I get it now. You know because you're… *clears throat* …nevermind." Jaiden patted his shoulder as the fear visibly drained from Solya's body.

"I'm more than happy to have someone as backup. Though I gotta warn you. The missions that you're gonna go on with me, might be a bit dangerous."

"I'm ready for that, Sir! I've trained months for this!" Solya proudly saluted.

"Fine then. Welcome aboard the team. So… Leo. When's his assignment gonna start? Next month?"

"Actually… Solya was pretty adamant about wanting to be assigned to you. I gave in and made the assignment effective immediately. It didn't seem like he could hold back longer than a day." Leo chuckled.

"Effective immediately, huh? Guess that means we're gonna go on our first patrol tomorrow night. Look forward to it. The weekend starts tomorrow and there are all sorts of shadiness going on in the streets." Jaiden said encouragingly.

"Alright! I'll give my best for you sir! And thanks to you General for granting my request!" Solya turned around and saluted to Leo.

"Seriously? Even the newbies are gonna call me that now? Arceus! Is this never gonna end?" Leo folded his hands and laid his face into them.

Solya was taken aback by that reaction and leaned towards Jaiden, whispering. "I don't understand. Chief Liz told me to refer to him as General. What did I do wrong?"

Jaiden leaned in closer, trying to hold back laughter. "Don't worry. You're doing it right."

"But why is he reacting that way?"

"Long story. Goes waaaaayy back."

"So, should I keep doing it?"

"Absolutely. Welcome to the team, partner."

"Honored to be here, sir." Solya smiled from one ear to the other and the new member was officially taken into the team.

But what began as a light hearted, endearing partnership. Would someday turn into something not quite that cheerful.

7 years later:

"Solya, do you copy? I haven't heard from you since we parted ways on patrol!"


"Solya, you're not answering! This isn't a joke anymore. I'm gonna track your route."

On a sunny afternoon on an otherwise average patrol day, something was amiss. Solya was nowhere to be seen on his route. Jaiden panickally looked around but only saw people and Pokémon walk along the streets like usual.

It wasn't until he came across a parking garage that he heard something suspicious.

"Come on, Solya! Just get in there! We can put you to much better use!"

"Don't even step near me or I'm going to shoot for real!" Solya was cornered by a group of three thugs who threateningly approached him with Pokéballs in their hands.

"Pokémon have no place making the law, Solya! That's a human job, to put the beasts in line."

"Right now, you're the only beasts in here!" Solya said with a quivering voice and his shaky gun aimed at the thugs.

Jaiden hid behind a corner trying to think of ways to approach them and resolve the situation.

"Now I'm gonna ask nicely one more time. Get in the ball!"

"I don't think so, you scum!" Jaiden lost his temper and stepped forward with his rifle drawn.

"Jaiden! Thank Arceus!"

"Should've come alone, Solya!" One of the thugs leapt towards Solya while he was distracted and grabbed his gun hand.

"Let go of me, you…"

"Solya! NO!"


"*GASP* NOOOOO! *pant* *pant*"

When Jaiden woke up in a soft, cozy bed, his whole body was dripping with cold sweat and his breath was completely out of sync.

His eyes were welled up with tears and he was shaking profusely.

"It's the third night in a row you woke up like that." A soft, female voice spoke up in the darkness of the large bedroom.

"I know. Sorry, I'm… I'm still not over what happened."

When Jaiden looked to his side, there was a familiar girl sitting next to his bed. It was Sona, the little Noibat he had saved many years ago from being kidnapped.

Now 17 years old, Sona had grown considerably of course. She grew taller, sturdier and bustier. She was wearing pretty loose clothes, with a shoulder-free lime green sweater with a teal blue tank top underneath and a similarly blue thigh-length skirt. She sported a surprising bust, given that she was still a flying Pokémon with upper E-cup breasts. Her bared neck was still surrounded by the same fluff as when she was a kid and just like that, she kept the pink ribbon that was bound to her right, large bat ear.

"You need your sleep, Jaiden. You're stressing yourself too much." Sona spoke softly with her ears slumping in worry.

She put her hands on his chest and pressed him back down onto the bed, pulling his blanket over him again. She moved her hand to a little table next to the bed and pulled a wet cloth out of a bowl of cold water.

"Everything's alright. Just relax a little." She said up-beat as she padded his forehead with the cloth.

"*sigh* Thank you, Sona. I… I don't know how to handle all this. It's coming back to me over… and over again."

"You haven't really told me what happened yet. Was it bad?"

Jaiden averted his eyes, sighing to himself as he looked out of a window, staring up at the night sky.

"I used to have a partner. In the KCPD I mean."

"Oh? What was he like?" Sona asked curiously as she put the cloth back.

"He was… an alright guy. We worked well together. I think we were friends even." Jaiden trailed off.

Sona knelt down next to the bed and laid her head on her crossed arms. "What happened to him?"

"We went on a patrol together and… I lost contact. When I found him, he was surrounded by a bunch of thugs who tried to catch him in a Pokéball."

"Kind of like me, huh?" Sona looked straight ahead sadly.

Jaiden did the same and looked at the ceiling. "Yeah… it happens more often than I'd like it to. Anyways, unlike with you… it didn't have a happy ending. My partner was pointing a gun at them to defend himself. I approached them and in the following fight… my partner's gun fired off and hit him in the chest.

Sona went quiet and looked at Jaiden with shock and sadness. "Oh. So, that's why." She spoke to herself.

"I should have been there to protect him!" Jaiden gripped the sheets as he gritted his teeth.

"You can't put that on yourself!" Sona jerked up immediately.

"What do you mean?! It was my fault that he died!"

"NO, IT'S NOT!" Sona protested as she leaned towards Jaiden intensely.

"…" Jaiden stayed silent and turned away from her.

"It was an accident. No matter what you would've done, it would've had the same result. If you beat yourself up for it over and over you're not going to recover." Sona fidgeted around as she gripped the sheets in tenseness.

"It's not the only reason that I sleep bad at night, Sona."

"Then what else is it?"

"We caught them. The guys who did it."

"Is…isn't that a good thing?"

"I don't know."

"What do you mean?"

Jaiden turned to her with shame in his eyes. "I… I followed procedures when I put the guys in shackles. The ones that… killed Solya. I had to stand there… next to his corpse and continue with my routine of telling them their rights and letting them get driven off to the next holding cell. I wonder every time I think about this, if this was justice done. This man was my friend… and they didn't even bat an eye, treating it as if they just killed a fly or something. I… I just wanted them to learn a lesson. To regret what they've done. But they didn't. I could see it. I… I wanted to teach them their lesson… with violence."

Sona was taken aback and fell into silence for a while. Jaiden didn't know how to follow up and sunk his head in shame.

"You did the right thing." Sona spoke up


"The KCPD always tries to do the right thing, right? And... you did it!"

"Where did you get that from?"

"From you, silly." Sona smiled brightly. Her cheerful face set a flutter in Jaiden's heart that he hadn't felt for ages.

"Back when you saved me, you looked so heroic when you took down the burglar. But instead of hurting him to teach a lesson, you instead went to my mother and looked if she was okay. You didn't want to fight pain with even more pain. You wanted nothing but to stop the suffering no matter who was at the end of it." Sona laid her hand on top of Jaiden's which was clenching the sheets. And as she did, Jaiden's balled fist relaxed.

He felt… calm.

"I can see that you're still pretty tense. So how about I sleep over here with you tonight?"

Jaiden's eyes widened in surprise. It had a bit of a wrong feeling for her to suggest to sleep with someone his age while she was barely an adult.

"Wh…why would you want that?"

Sona blushed a little "Because when I was a bit younger, I used to cuddle up with my plush toys to keep calm at night. Maybe when we sleep together and we have each other's company it will have the same effect for you." She grinned innocently but soon blushed in slight embarrassment. "Besides, I can't really seem to fall asleep myself. It's why I came in here in the first place to be honest."

Jaiden blushed and averted his eyes as he rubbed his neck. "B…but why not your father or your mother then?"

Sona leaned in and whispered ashamedly "Because I wanted someone who could protect me at night." Her face was a little red as her cheeks flushed.

Jaiden was equally abashed by her request and after a short period of reluctance lifted his blanket. "Then come in. But only for tonight. I wouldn't want your parents to find out about this. This might look… bad to them."

"It'll be alright, I promise!" Sona said excitedly as she climbed onto the bed, curling up next to Jaiden.

Jaiden reluctantly let her huddle closer to him. Though he knew that this was likely going to cause some problems if he was caught, he couldn't help but feel pleasant when Sona snuggled her arms around his sides and nuzzled his chest. Apart from the obvious softness from her surprisingly big breasts, he also felt a calming sensation from her embrace.

Sona completely trusted him and apparently, she even revered him in a sense. She was so openly optimistic that it was even a little contagious. Jaiden's nervous heart settled for a while and even his tense body began to relax.

With a deep exhale, he finally gave in to his exhaustion. He nodded off, his chin resting on top of Sona's head. Half-asleep, she smiled and even giggled a little to herself as her embrace tightened a bit more.

Bundled together, they fell asleep and slipped into the land of dreams.

And for the first time in a long time… Jaiden slept calmly.

Now, you may wonder how he got here, and where 'here' is exactly.

After the years of service in the KCPD, Jaiden had to resign from his post due to the constant stress and anxiety caused by the loss of his partner.

Kalayda City was no longer the right place for him.

Remembering a favor, he had to redeem, Sona's father Dusk, hearing about this, took in Jaiden to give him a shelter in the far west Areondae Plateau. This is where their main residence, the Eclipse Estate lies.

It was Sona who first urged him to help Jaiden, her personal hero. And now he was welcomed as a permanent member of the family as an old friend and rescuer.

The next morning, Jaiden stood on the veranda of the surprisingly large garden that stood right at the edge of the steep plateau. For Dusk, Nocturna and Sona this was obviously no problem. They could fly, but Jaiden couldn't even count the amount of times that he almost slipped off while walking through the garden.

Jaiden looked over the vast abyss, different winged Pokémon flying in the distance. Most likely coming from the other rich families or maybe even some wild Pokémon living in the forests of Alabaster below.

The gentle breeze of the spring winds blew about the top of Jaiden's hair as he aimlessly looked ahead.

"It's pretty, isn't it?" A male voice called out to him, coming up to him. It was Sona's father, Dusk. With folded arms, he leaned on the railing of the veranda.

Jaiden acknowledged him with a nod. "It sure is. In Kalayda… you don't often see so much green, let alone with such a vista. Well, unless you live in the high-rise apartments or you go to the park." Jaiden chuckled along with Dusk.

"Man… if I had known that my life would lead me here one day… out of Kalayda, out of the KCPD… it's strange. I thought I would spend my whole life there. Protect people."

"Do you miss it?"

"Yeah, I guess. But I think I can get used to live here for now at least. I need to forget. I want to have purpose again. Because as a protector, I've failed."

Dusk nudged him with a scowl. "You didn't fail, Jaiden. You saved us back then. You saved lots of people before. Sona and Nocturna can't even stop talking about you. They've been following all of your mission reports ever since that day. And especially Sona was always so in awe of you." Dusk laughed.

"Really? Sona did?"

Dusk teasingly raised an eyebrow. "Oh? You ask about Sona specifically? You like her, don't you?"

Jaiden blushed a little as he stared ahead. "I… uhh… no, I was just curious. She was so young when I went on that mission. It's just hard to imagine that she followed everything I did for all this time."

"Every single day, Jaiden. I think she likes you too."

"I… I didn't even say that I liked her to begin with. She is still so young… and I'm so…"

Dusk laid a hand on Jaiden's shoulder. "It was written all over your face, Jaiden. And she's a woman by now. She's grown up quite a bit. She's not the little girl from back then anymore. She has feelings… serious feelings." Dusk chuckled. "I'm just glad she didn't take after you. No offense, but I don't think my heart could take it if my little Sona went out to become a police officer." Dusk sighed in relief. "But still, I want someone to protect her even out here. And who knows where she will end up one day. If there was anyone who I would entrust her to, it would be you, Jaiden."

Jaiden smiled a little to himself. "Okay, Dusk, I'll keep that in mind. I will protect Sona for as long as I can."

"I'm glad you say that. You should tell her that too." Dusk suddenly stepped away from the railing. "He's all yours, sweetie." He said smugly as Sona stood right behind them.

Sona who had just come out of the house, stumbled over her words as her father walked past her. "Wha…? Dad? Uhh…?"

He opened his wings, and without another word, Dusk took off from the ground and disappeared in the valley.

Sona and Jaiden were left alone in the quiet park with only the soft winds creating sounds around them. They stood across from each other, both with a slight blush on their cheeks.

"J….Jaiden? Do… you know what this is about? Did you two… talk about something?"

"I umm… yeah, but I'm just as surprised as you are." Jaiden chuckled shyly.

"Hmhm! Oh, alright. Jaiden… about last night…"

"Don't say anything. It… actually really helped me. So if anything, I should be thanking you for looking out for me."

"Hehe, shouldn't it be the other way around?" Sona nudged him with her elbow and giggled.

Jaiden rubbed his neck with an amused smile. "Can we talk? Alone?"

Sona blushed shyly but quickly returned with a cheerful smile. "S…sure! Let's go to my room then." She suggested as she opened her wings to fly over her house to the other side of it. "I'm waiting for you there!" She looked excited as she dashed ahead, leaving Jaiden to walk to her room on his own.

Jaiden crossed his arms and sighed at her brashness but quickly set out for her room. Winding through several corridors, Jaiden found the finely decorated, blue door to Sona's room.

Just as he took a deep breath and stepped through the door, he was surprised to see Sona running around her room, picking up various pieces of clothes and candy wrappers.

"Just a bit more and it should look okay!" She spoke to herself in panic. Her eyes were scanning the room for more dirty corners even though it was about clean enough. She suddenly froze into place and her echo-locating ears twitched and turned towards Jaiden, standing in the doorframe.

"You… need a bit more time?"

"NO! Nooooo…" She put the last piece of clothing that was in her hand behind her back, dropped it and kicked it under the bed. "I'm all ready for you. I mean… to talk. Right? You wanted to talk to me?" She seemed to barely hold her excitement as she expected Jaiden to come inside.

"Come over here! I don't bite! Unless you like that of course! What am I saying! That's weird, right? Hehehe!" She forced a laugh as her face was almost burning up in nervousness.

"U…uhmm I just want to talk, alright. There is something I needed to tell you."

"Sure! Go straight ahead! I'm prepared." Sona sat down on her bed along with Jaiden and gripped the hem of her low-hanging sweater while biting her lower lip.

Jaiden took a deep breath. "Sona…"


"Would you accept me…"

"A…accept you?"

"…as a bodyguard?"

The color drained from her face and her tension slumped. "Huh?"

"I know I don't have a great track record now. I was a failure as a protector before and I'm not even fit to be a police officer anymore. But if there is anything in this world that I want to protect, then it's you. Even if that is all I can do."

"Is… is that all you wanted to ask? Isn't there anything else you might want to get off your chest?" She stuttered as she clenched her lap hopefully.

"I… think that's all. Are you disappointed?"

Sona sunk her head as small tears gathered in the edges of her eyes. "Ye… No, it's alright. You can be my *sniff* bodyguard. Sure. Cool."

"Are… are you crying?"

"No! Why would I? Right? I should be happy to have someone look over me. *choke*"

"Am… Am I no good? I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to insult you!" Jaiden fidgeted as he tried to calm her down. He petted her head in a desperate attempt to console her but she wacked it away.

"Okay, I want you to tell me now! Is there anything else you feel for me, other than wanting to protect me?! At all?!" Sona stared at Jaiden as she fought her tears.

"I… I… Sona, I can't… we can't…" Jaiden sighed as he avoided the question.

Sona sunk her head with tears falling onto her lap. "For so many years… I've waited to meet you again. And now, I can't even repay you. I thought… I thought if you would actually like me… I could be of some use to you. I wanted you… so bad. There was no one else I wanted to have me." She clenched her teeth, her hands trembling.

Jaiden was shocked. His face visibly slackened as he realized her feelings. He reached out to her, his hand cupping the top of her shaking one.

Sona wiped at her eyes with her other hand and turned her head towards Jaiden. This time, she didn't smack his hand away and instead weakly entwined her hand with his.

Jaiden softly spoke up. "Listen, Sona."


"You don't have to force yourself to give yourself up to me just because you think that you have to make things even. I don't need your repayment. All I ever wanted was to keep you smiling, but it seems an idiot like me can't even do that."

"You're not an idiot." Sona responded weakly.

"I am. I thought if I could protect you at least, I could make up for my mistake in the past. But on the path, I forgot that you are your own person AND that you are no longer an immature child that doesn't understand. You're not a replacement for Solya. Instead, you made me forget about him and managed to calm down the terrors that I lived through again and again at night. And it's been a long time since I've been that calm. I guess… that's why I fell for you."

Sona's eyes lit up and glimmered with her tears. "You fell for me? But I thought…"

"I know, I was avoiding it. I felt like I didn't deserve you. I wanted to do what I thought was right and resist my feelings. But I like you, Sona. Maybe even more than that. I umm… hope you'll take m…mpff hmmm…" Sona surprisingly wrapped her arms around Jaiden's neck who tried to catch her by grabbing her waist, but instead they both fell over together, toppling onto the bed.

Sona was on top of him, holding his cheeks and peppering his lips with kisses. She was humming desperately, her body full of energy and giving Jaiden no chance to escape.

With a smack, they popped apart from each other, gazing into the other's eyes with ragged breath.

"Sorry, I got… too excited there." Sona panted with a delirious smile on her face.

"I don't even care!" Jaiden was suddenly overwhelmed by passion as if a fire had been lit inside him. He pulled Sona against him, with his hands on her hips and ass, caressing her.

Her neck fluff tickled his chest and his hands felt her smooth, black legs. Her red fingers were surprisingly gentle when they caressed his face. Her loose sweater hung down freely, giving him a nice top-down view into her purple cleavage. It didn't take much for him to hook his fingers into the suspenders of Sona's tank top and slide it down along with her sweater.

Her full, voluptuous breasts sprung into view as her clothes slid over them. Her skin was a deep purple with a slight hew of pink on her erect nipples. Jaiden groped them lustfully, rolling them around between his fingers which emanated heated moans from Sona.

Sona was not to be outdone, or maybe just stubborn, and wanted to see Jaiden's body as well. Just as she expected, she was greeted by very defined muscles mixed with a few lacerations and scars when she tugged his shirt open. She pressed her palm on his chest, probing the rugged surface.

"You feel so hard." Sona moaned with a listless gaze.

"Heh, what did you expect? I was in the police force for years!" Jaiden chuckled but felt incredibly flattered at the same time.

"Yeah, maybe. But that wasn't the only thing that I was talking about." Sona blushed as she gently rocked her hips from side to side. Her crotch underneath her skirt rubbed over a bulging part of Jaiden's crotch.

Jaiden gasped and blushed as he felt his bulge slide over her crevice. A faint heat emanating even through the fabric.

Jaiden averted his eyes from gazing up at her beautiful, lust-filled face. "Sona I have to ask again… are you okay with me? After this, we won't be able to go back."

Sona leaned down and pressed her lips on top of his again. It was a short, but meaningful kiss that gave Jaiden his definite answer.

"I've been saving it for you." She whispered as she moved her nimble hand down to his erect member. Fumbling around a little, she struggled with the zipper.

Jaiden chuckled at the cute scene in front of him and helped her open his pants. Sona giggled shyly and pulled the jeans over his hips and down his legs until she tossed them to the side.

Sona gazed upon the fleshy rod springing up towards her face. His cock was extremely fleshy with a thick shaft and bulging veins from tip to base. "Woah!" She was audibly amazed by it.

"What? Is it… weird?" Jaiden asked shamefully.

"No, it's just… so big. I mean I have nothing to compare it to, but it seems so large. Do you… do you think this will fit inside me?" Sona tapped her lower belly worriedly, her pussy pulsing underneath her panties in curiosity at the same time.

"I think it will if you lube it up first." Jaiden gulped in anticipation.

"How do I do that? What should I use?"

"Well…" Jaiden rubbed his neck "You could use your mouth to cover it in spit." His face and even his neck flushed red when he said it out loud, but Sona simply looked at the towering shaft before her, investigating it.

Without saying any other word, Sona leaned forward, her hand wrapping around the base of the cock to keep it in place and licked it from there, all the way to the top, flicking the tip when she finished. "Kind of like this?"

A shudder went through Jaiden's body. "Yeah, that's a good start. But I think it could feel even better."

"Tell me how then. I want to learn it. I have no idea about stuff like this." Sona blushed embarrassedly but flashed a coquettish smile up at Jaiden that made him want to have her do more.

"I know it's big, but try to take it into your mouth. Just work your way down from the tip. It's called a blowjob."

"A blowjob…" She whispered to herself. She reluctantly opened her jaw and hovered her head over his cock. It twitched in anticipation as she closed her lips around the tip. With the head almost being too big for her tiny mouth itself, Jaiden could already feel her slippery, slick tongue touch his sensitive frenulum. Even though it didn't move yet, the touch of her flexible muscle was enough to send shivers down Jaiden's spine.

"Sona?" He wrung out desperately.

"Hmph?" She answered with Jaiden's dick only partially stuffed in her mouth and yet her cheeks were already bulging slightly.

"Use your tongue. Move it around a bit. Please!"

Sona blushed but nodded at the request. With all her efforts, she tried to lick the tip while simultaneously moving down the shaft. Jaiden felt embalmed in spit and wet warmth. His dick throbbed with every inch that disappeared within Sona's mouth. About at the halfway point, Jaiden felt that he was knocking at the back of her throat. He laid his hand on top of her head and spoke softly. "That's far enough. Don't force it. Just work with how far you can get, okay? I… don't want it to hurt you."

Sona seemed a little relieved and her eyes flashed up at him in adoration. Suddenly, she lifted herself back up and with a loud pop, Jaiden's cock sprung out of her mouth.

Jaiden was a little frustrated but soon saw what she was aiming at.

Sona licked the remnants of precum off her lips and caught her breath with a wicked smile on her face. "Well… since I can't fit all of it… do you mind if I try something else?"

"Go… go ahead." Jaiden answered confused. But then, he saw what she was trying to do.

Gripping both of her breasts and holding them apart, she fit Jaiden's cock right in between them. Her breasts then sandwiched him almost without needing to be contorted. They just fell into place and their sheer volume was enough to smother his dick in a soft and gentle embrace.

"I thought that… maybe you like my breasts so… I wanted to use them. D…do you like it?" She said unsure if what she was doing was right.

"You were definitely right about that. I like that… a lot actually." Jaiden lusted over her and reached for her breasts, squeezing them around his dick. "Just focus on sucking it, I'll take care of your breasts.

"*giggle* Okeydokey." She cheered happily, refocusing her attention to Jaiden's shaft. With about a third of it poking out at the top, she took what she could get into her mouth and started sucking and licking it. Her hot saliva swirled around her mouth, stimulating Jaiden to the point of him stiffening up.

Jaiden meanwhile pushed her tits together tightly and started thrusting his hips upwards. At first, Sona was surprised but she remembered what Jaiden said: Focus on sucking and letting him take care of her breasts. The thrusting was gentle and didn't hurt her, so she kept on trying to bob her head and licking his sensitive spots with the tip of her tongue.

Jaiden panted as his crotch pushed up into her breasts, pressing them towards Sona's face as she tried to give him the best blowjob she could muster. She was determined to pleasure him and in turn, she herself got turned on to no end by seeing Jaiden enjoying her so much. With one hand steadying herself on his leg, her other hand wandered to her crotch, slipping underneath her skirt and rubbing her wet pussy over her panties.

Sona yelped at her own touch and doubled her efforts with her arousal driving her even more. With her fingers shaking rapidly, pushing into her crevice, she licked and sucked feverously.

Jaiden squeezed her tits even tighter together as he fucked them along with Sona's mouth. He was clenching his teeth and his fingers cramped up as he neared his climax. "Sona! I'm… I'm…"

He didn't even need to finish his sentence for Sona to speed up the bobbing of her head. Sloshing her spit around and swirling her tongue over half of his cock, she tried everything to make him cum.

And finally, after a few more thrusts, Sona slammed her mouth down as far as she could, even colliding with her breasts. A huge load of cum shot into the back of her throat, half of it making her cough while she tried to properly swallow the rest. But with Jaiden's cock taking up most of the space in her mouth, the cum didn't have enough room and spurted out between her lips, covering Jaiden's member and her own tits in strands of cum.

Coughing and swallowing, she popped off him with semen sticking to her lips. With one circling of her lips, she licked up what she couldn't catch and swallowed it eagerly. She was ready to capture every part of Jaiden's thick spunk.

Jaiden himself was panting and sweating with his head plopping down onto the soft, silken pillows. "That… was… incredible!" He cried out between pants. "Are you alright, Sona?" He asked as he reluctantly got up.

Sona was still gulping as her chest was heaving from a lack of air. "I… I got all of it, I think. I did good, right?" She asked with innocent, hopeful eyes.

Jaiden smiled adoringly and petted her head. Sona closed her eyes happily. "Yeah, you did. I can't even believe you did this for me. You were so sexy."

Sona smiled and giggled before her face turned flush and heated. "Then..." She averted her eyes. "…could you take care of me now?" She whispered almost inaudibly with her fingers sliding in between her dripping legs.

Jaiden was filled with lust for her and his member quickly filled with desire once more. He knew that he had to be gentle with her, but right now, he wanted to ravage her and make her his.

"Come over here, Sona." He instructed her, propping her up in a doggy style pose. Her plumb butt stuck up in the air, Sona hugged the pillow in front of her. Jaiden crawled up behind her and Sona shuddered when he pulled down her sweater, tank top and her skirt at once. It was all so loose that it easily slid off her body, but when he also tried to pull down her cute, pink, frilly panties, they stuck to her skin and drew lines of juices with them.

Jaiden almost salivated at the sight. Sona lifted her legs one after the other, so Jaiden could get completely rid of all of her clothing and all that was left on her, were her neck fur and the pink ribbon around her right ear. Sona was about to untie it when Jaiden leaned over her and stopped her hand. "Don't. It looks cute on you." He whispered, making Sona blush and crane her head to catch Jaiden in a romantic kiss. Their privates rubbed up against each other as they were lost in their kiss. Jaiden gently licked at her lips, asking for entry making Sona gingerly open her mouth. Their tongues met, at first shyly and reluctant but later lasciviously and passionate. Their deep kiss almost distracted them from their genitals playing around with each other and their lusty juices mixing.

Without parting, Jaiden guided his slick, still coated member and lined it up with her equally slippery entrance.

Jaiden parted from her lips, smiling deliriously. "This might hurt a bit, Sona. Think you're ready."

"As ready as I'll ever be, Jaiden." She sighed with her face burning up from anticipation. "Take me…" Her voice trailed off as she cupped his cheek and his member slowly slid inside her. Jaiden pushed his hips forward ever so gently before he reached a tight spot inside her. He knew what it was and with determination he pushed on in. After the resistance was torn, Jaiden was almost sucked in the rest of the way.

Sona pressed her face into the pillow as she bore the pain. Her wings on her back twitched and even reflexively extended as she stiffened up.

Her insides were tight and clung to Jaiden like a vice. Leaning over her, Jaiden tried to calm her by placing small, comforting kisses on her back and neck.

"I'm f…fine, Jaiden. Please… move. I want to feel you!" Sona demanded with her lips trembling from the pain.

"Are you sure you're ready yet?"

"It will just make it drag out longer if you don't. Please, I want to feel good with you too." She looked up at Jaiden with moist eyes.

Jaiden nodded and took a deep breath before he started thrusting. With his hands on her sides, he tried to comfort her as his hips collided with hers. At first it was shallow and gentle grinding to calm Sona down from the pain. But then it turned into more passionate and rapid thrusts that even made a wet smacking sound as their equally wet crotches met.

Sona moaned into the pillow with her fingers digging into it while Jaiden clung to her body desperately. It was a pleasure he had never experienced before and with every grind, he could feel the bumps and folds caressing his dick.

Sona could feel her insides being pulled every time Jaiden dragged his hips back. Her wings were now fully unfolded as she could no longer hold them together. Even for a Noivern, she had pretty wide spanning wings and as the pleasure grew ever stronger, Jaiden began holding onto them since they gave him more of a grip.

Sona twitched profusely when she felt his hands slide over her wings and tugging at them. "N…No! Not there! It's… it's ticklish there."

Jaiden stopped for a moment before grinning cheekily. "You mean your wings are sensitive?"

"Yes! I've never touched them myself but it feels so… weird when you do it. I'm… it's making me feel so tingly inside!" She admitted as she blushed, her face pushing into the pillow even more.

Jaiden leaned over her and guided her face from the pillow towards his. Just as their lips touched again, Jaiden began stroking her wings from the hardened muscles to the soft and smooth fans.

Sona yelped but was unable to do anything as Jaiden held her. Their kiss was passionate and heated. Jaiden had no intention of stopping his caresses towards her wings. She was obviously turned on by it.

Their juices mixed even more with Sona especially dripping even more than before.

Their bodies trembled as they were bundled up. Their naked bodies glued together with sweat and juices. With more and more passionate thrusts, Jaiden rocked Sona's body and gouged her insides deeper and deeper.

Sona clenched her eyes shut and Jaiden was equally tense. Their climax would soon set in and their bodies were already stiffening up in preparation for it.

"*smack* Jaiden mmhhmmmm! I'm cumming!"

"*slurp* Me too, Sona! I'm going to pull out!"

Sona's eyes shot open as she protested between kisses. "Don't you dare! I want it all inside! I want your baby, Jaiden!"

"Sona!" Jaiden's heart was racing at her words and he kissed her even harder. One arm wrapped around her and grabbed one of her hanging tits while the other kept stroking her wing.

"Jaiden! I love you!"

"I love you too Sona! FUCK!"

Jaiden lost control and with a singular burst, his cum was bursting out into her belly. The flow of it was strong enough to quickly fill her up to full capacity so that everything else just dripped out of her and onto the bed. Sona came hard herself, her insides cramping and her body arching against Jaiden. After the huge wave of her orgasm passed her and washed over her, she collapsed onto her pillow and gasped for air.

Stained with cum, Jaiden pulled out his laced cock, covered in a mixture of juices and slight hinges of blood. As soon as his cock passed Sona's entrance while making a squelching sound, a load of cum poured out profusely. The mixture of liquids stained both of their crotches and the bedsheets but right now, they couldn't care less about how dirty it was.

Jaiden rolled over, falling right next to Sona on the bed when his rapid breathing needed to slow down first before he could talk again. They both were an exhausted mess but their faces were those of satisfaction and fulfillment.

They each stared at each other as they rolled over to face one another and they smiled in exhaustion.

Sona shimmied over into Jaiden's open arms and they cuddled up snugly. Jaiden squeezed her body possessively and Sona turned her face upwards to look into Jaiden's eyes.

"I know this kind of defeats my point but… you're still always going to be there to protect me, right?"

Jaiden laughed as he petted her ear with the ribbon on it. "Of course, I will. But for the right reasons this time."

"Thank you." Sona smiled lovingly as she placed a short but sweet kiss on Jaiden's lips.

A gentle breeze blows through the room from the open window to Sona's balcony. And a bright shimmer of light entered through it that told of the bright future that was yet to come.

7 years later (again)

"Awww, I really don't know if I can do it yet! Can't we do this another day?" Zara whined as she stood at the edge of the garden overlooking the valley.

"It's okay, you can do it. You're old enough and you need to know how to do it." Jaiden encouraged her as he crouched down next to her and patted her head.

After their confession, many years ago, something big happened between Sona and Jaiden. Turns out their first time was a hit right away. And Sona got pregnant. They gave birth to Zara, their adorable but shy little daughter. She was still a Noibat, but her parents decided that if she wanted to go out and visit other kids from the other families around the plateau, she needed to know how to fly. Living on a steep cliff is dangerous after all and at least in case of an emergency, she should be able to save herself from falling.

"I know it's scary. But me and your father just want you to be safe, okay?" Sona knelt down and tried to comfort her child as well.

"Then why doesn't daddy do it first and I'll go after him?" The little Noibat protested with moist eyes.

Jaiden pulled her into a hug and Zara nuzzled his shoulder in fear. "Zara, listen. I'm not like your mommy. I can't fly like you and her can. But that just shows how much of an amazing gift you both have. You want to play with the other kids too, right?"

"*sniff* Yes."

"Then go out there, sweetie. They're just waiting for someone who's as cute as you are. Everybody would like to play with such a pretty girl like you." Jaiden petted her ears.

Zara giggled happily as she closed her eyes.

Sona was touched as she saw Jaiden making Zara smile. She thought for a moment on how to help her and her face lit up when she had an idea.

"Here, Zara, take this." She said as she untied the ribbon around her ear and reattached it to Zara's instead.

"Your ribbon?" Zara asked confused.

"It's a lucky ribbon. It's the reason why I never fall down when I fly."

Zara touched it in amazement. "Wow! Really? But what about you now? Won't you fall down next time you go flying?"

Sona laughed. "I've been wearing it for so long, the magic effect will probably stay with me."

"O…okay. I'll try it then." Zara said with determination. She stepped towards the edge of the cliff and flapped her wings wildly. Soon, she was hovering and lifted upwards. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Mommy! Daddy! I'm flying! The ribbon really works!"

Jaiden smiled happily and applauded her along with Sona.

Suddenly a swarm of other Pokémon flew by with a mix of bird and bat Pokémon playing catch.

Zara looked after them and then towards her parents.

"Go and have fun, sweetie!" Jaiden waved her with Sona doing the same shortly after.

Zara gave a cute little wave in return and flew after the other kids.

From the distance, Sona and Jaiden could see her talking to them. They laughed and invited her in. And then, they started to play with her.

Jaiden and Sona sat down at the edge of the cliff, Sona resting her head on his shoulder as they watched their daughter play.

"Time flies, doesn't it?" Jaiden sighed nostalgically.

"It sure does. To think that she's grown up so quickly. I don't know how I feel about that."

"You should be happy. She's growing up to be a beautiful woman one day. Just like her mom."

"*blushes* Ohh, shut up." She sulked a little but smiled at the same time.

"You look pretty nice without the ribbon by the way. It makes you look more mature." Jaiden teased her.

"I was always mature!" Sona protested as she nudged Jaiden.

"Ehh, doubtful." Jaiden sneered sarcastically.

"Okay, mister, you're going down!" Sona giggled and swung over, pushing Jaiden into the grass as she got on top of him.

"And there you go. Case closed." Jaiden said smugly but with an underlying love in his eyes.

Sona was feeling the same and leaned down to softly kiss him.

"You are such an idiot." She chuckled.

"I love you too." Jaiden responded and pulled her down into another passionate kiss.


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