Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Houndoom(Akio) x Jamie

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The speakers ring loudly with the voice of a gruff man announcing the end of the shift. And with that, another work day at the steel factory of Taliman City comes to an end.

Taliman City lies to the middle northern area of Vindicta, just on the border to the Glace Tundra. It was a rocky landscape with only evergreen, snowed over trees around and here and there a pile of snow, but the real cold was still far off in the distance where you could see the big mountain of Ulciscor.

You could describe the weather around these parts as a constant mild winter.

Taliman City was the biggest home of the working class in Vindicta. Industry and Mining took up most of the income and the people who lived here were honest, hard workers in all sorts of different fields. Not that there wasn't a need for intellectual workers who overlooked schedules and production quota and such, but the biggest bulk was made up of the people who got their hands dirty. And they were completely happy with that kind of life.

Due to this heavy industry and mining, there was also a heavy influx of rock and steel Pokémon around here with some fire types joining as well. They worked in unison with the human workers around here. Actually, they were insanely useful.

Rock Pokémon could blast holes into mountains, steel Pokémon could cut and work almost any material and fire Pokémon could melt irons and fan the flames of the industry furnaces. So they quickly became an invaluable part of the economy.

That doesn't mean that the humans were in any way less useful though. Humans handle the order around the workplace and instruct coworkers and Pokémon alike. Pokémon tent to overdo it with their sometimes immense power and the weaker ones need to learn how to use the powers that they have efficiently.

One such member of the work force was Jamie, a girl that was born and raised within this cold north, inheriting her position from her father and mentor. She was an instructor and overseer of the steelworkers at Vindisteel Industries. The very company that built and forged the steel beams that were used in the construction of Kalayda City.

Jamie was a redhead with a ponytail that poked through the hole at the back of her blue worker's cap. Her usual work attire was a dark brown undershirt with a blue worker's jacket tied around her waist which closed it off from her lower half where she wore baggy, light brown, thick pants. She was pretty young at 20 years and yet was already a worker in flesh and blood. She had a thick skin when it came to her personality and could handle herself without a problem. Her body was sturdy and lean with lightly defined muscles and a still very prominent bust. It didn't bother her that she was one of the very few women around the steel factory, in fact she was even proud of that and held her own around the other men. She was even friends with most of them.

But this fateful day, Jamie was about to face something that even someone like herself wasn't prepared for.

The sound of the loudspeakers fades into silence.

All around, workers stretch and wipe the sweat off their foreheads. Just as Jamie did as well.

She turned off the assembly line which was still hot from the freshly hammered steel bars.

"*blows air* Shit, I'm never gonna get used to this heat. You did good today though girl. Not even a single issue. You're startin' to make me proud." Jamie smirked as she patted the machinery.

She chuckled as, as if in response, the vents blew a last load of steam with a whistling sound.

"I'll miss ya too. See you tomorrow, big girl." She playfully saluted the machine goodbye when her coworkers came by, ready to hang up the coat for the rest of the day.

"Heya Jamie. Good work today."

"Thanks, you guys could do with busting your asses a bit more though. No offense."

The guys laughed "You're not gonna go soft on us eh? Thought you girls would be more caring. Motherly instincts and all that jazz."

"If only your mother raised ya right, ya wouldn't be talkin' to your master like that." She responded snarkily.

He bellowed in laughter once more "Master? Someone's startin' to develop a superiority complex over 'ere guys!"

"It's not a complex if it's deserved!"

"Hahaha! You're a riot, Jamie! See ya tomorrow! Have a nice break!"

"Hehe! You too, guys! Don't stay up too late and keep it down on the beer, okay?"

"Yes mom! We'll be good boys! I swear!" He called out to her sarcastically!"

"It's gonna be enough if you're not shitfaced at work!" Jamie smiled to herself as she pulled off her working gloves and her cap to store them in her locker. She unwrapped the jacked from her waist and slipped into it. It was unusually cold this time of the year, so the company clothes were full of thick stuffing to keep the wearer warm and protected. The radical change from the extreme heat inside the factory and the cold winter outside could lead to serious sicknesses so the company had separate sets of work clothing. One for the warmer times of the year and the current one for the colder times.

Once Jamie was done packing her stuff, she was the last one to leave the factory hall and locked it up for the evening and night.

Stepping outside, she trudged through thin layers of snow which were imprinted with her footprints while she walked.

Jamie looked upon the big factory and smiled to herself. "*sighs* You're really missing out dad. I wish I could've worked alongside ya for a bit longer. Oh well. But I guess life goes on eh? Just hope you're proud of me."

She stood there for a good few seconds, her heart heavy as she clutched her chest. She sunk her head a little and remembered all the memories she had with her father in this factory. He taught her everything she knew about metalwork and coordination. Hell, he even taught her how to teach others. Shame she never got the opportunity to do that since her coworkers were already experienced enough. But nevertheless, she treasured these moments.

"Ah well, not much use to dwell on it now, is there? I'm happy I can walk a mile in your footsteps, old man… I really miss you. Hope they've got use up there for a steelworker." She ruffled herself up and pulled up the neck of her jacket as cold winds started to blow around her.

Heading home, she came to her familiar old house. Built half from cobblestone and half from concrete, reinforced with steel bars.

She was just about to head inside when she saw a light coming from the woods right behind her home.

"What the…" She wondered to herself. It was tempting to just go inside and get out of the blistering cold, but curiosity got the better of her.

The flickering, red light came from deep within the forest and only faint glimpses were visible with the falling snow being a hindrance as well.

Nevertheless, Jamie trudged forward and bore the freezing temperatures. She blew air into her hands and clamped them underneath her armpits to keep them warm.

She got closer and closer until a small flame came into her view. And not only that, but there was someone sitting close to the fire as well. Someone who was apparently freezing just as much as she was.

A figure, shivering and twitching from the cold. A figure with… black and brown fur.

Upon coming closer, Jamie noticed that it was a Houndour. Couldn't have been older than 17 or 18 years. It was a boy, his hair a darker shade of black with some sort of bony shield reaching over his forehead. His arms and legs were wrapped with iron shackles that weren't attached to anything. He seemed muscled and tall even in his crouched position and his Pokémon features were showing. Small dog ears protruded from his black hair and a small stubby tail protruded from his lower back.

This young Houndour cowered next to a small fire made up of small branches of the trees around here. With every time he exhaled, he spouted a blast of flames to keep the fire going, but he had a hard time doing it with the cold and wet wood.

"*shudders* C…Come on! Stay lit already! This s…s…sucks!" He cursed to himself as he hugged his body as tightly as he could. The small embers that shot forth from his mouth were merely making the fire stay up for a few seconds before it went out again.

The boy was scared and it seemed like he was all on his own out here. He looked strong and like he had a sturdy build, but even men like that can't hold out in this kind of cold for long.

Jamie decided to approach him. "Umm… hey there! You alone out here? What are you doing in this cold without clothes? You're gonna catch death outside!" She cried out to him as she shielded her face from the harshening winds.

The Houndour turned around, his teeth clattering together as he laid eyes upon Jamie. "Wh…what? Who are you? What are you…" He could barely finish his sentence before his icy breath stopped and he collapsed face first into the snow.

After a shock second passed, Jamie ran over to the limp body of the boy.

"SHIT! I've gotta get you inside quick! Now please don't be heavy! HRNGH!" Grabbing him underneath his armpits, she dragged the boy towards her cabin, trying to withstand the cold herself. Of course, she had her warming clothes on, which made it easier to keep warm, but also harder to move.

After a long, grueling walk she finally burst through the door of her house and laid the Houndour onto her green sofa. The door was hard to close because of the blowing winds, but as soon as Jamie shut it, she hastily recounted what she needed in this situation. "Okay, okay, okay, stay calm. Blanket, hot water and fire. *Inhales* *Exhales*" She ran towards the kitchen and put on the water-heater after which she ran to her cupboard and pulled out a thick blanket that she spread over the boy until she finally lit some matches and set fire to the fireplace.

"Done, done and done. *wheeze* Now all I can do is wait for you to thaw out, huh? Bough!" She let out a low grunt as she sunk down to sit against the sofa that the boy was lying on.

With him quietly breathing behind her, Jamie scratched her head and sighed. "So much for taking a break after a long workday. Oh well, couldn't leave you out there to turn into a dogcicle. Pfff! Get it… because you're… Forget it. It's wasted on you now. I'll tell ya later. Would've been hilarious though. Just saying."

"*Grumble* Dear Arceus, please end it now." A weak voice groaned behind her as she was just about to stretch her bones.

"Oh, you're awake already. Good. Feeling better."

The boy sat up on the sofa and blinked a few times before rubbing his eyes and patting the remaining snow out of his fur. "I was just about at death's door and I could basically feel myself leaving my body just before now. So yeah, you could say I'm feeling better."

Jamie chuckled and turned around to lean against the sofa. "You're welcome, buddy. What were you doing out there?"

"Didn't… *exhales cold air* really have anywhere to get shelter. Fuck, I've been on my own for months by now. I lost my pack back in… I don't even know what the place is called. Something Glace…"

"The Glace Tundra, huh? You've come a long way from up north."

"You don't need to tell me." The boy sighed and hung his head. "Name's Akio by the way. I… don't think I've said thank you yet. So… thank you"

"Pleasure to meet'cha. Jamie." Jamie answered with a nod as she handed him the cup of hot water.

Akio smiled as he took A sip from the cup. Shortly after, he blew fire from his throat. The heatwave instantly warmed up the room even faster than the fireplace did.

Jamie chuckled and ducked away a bit. "Heh, feels almost like work."

"Ahh, that was good! Who knew that hot water could rekindle fire."

"It's the last thing you think of, isn't it?" They both laughed as Akio got up full of energy.

"Welp, seems like I have a debt to pay to you now. So, tell me. What can I do for you?" His blanket slipped off and bared his entire lower body with Jamie getting a first row view of it.

Her eyes darted up and down his body which was gruff and well-defined. Strong muscles poked through even through his fur from his six pack. And a bit lower was his limp, but still surprisingly big penis. She tried to avert her eyes but occasionally involuntarily caught a glimpse of it. "Not that I'm complaining, but you could start by covering yourself."

"Never had to wear anything when I was outside." He responded confused.

"Well, you are now! I doubt it'll fit your… physique but I think I might have something baggy enough so it can fit you. What do you prefer? Jackets? Sweaters?"

"Just give me something light. I don't want to be restrained too much. And pick something that doesn't burn too easily. I tend to set things on fire a lot." He stretched as he inspected his surroundings. "So… where are we exactly? I've never seen a house around these parts."

"Yeah, I can imagine that it's hard to find. Taliman City is hidden behind a lot of steep mountains and forests and such." Jamie called out from another room where she was foraging through her pile of clothes.

"Taliman City. Sounds like a name that someone made up for a fantasy story."

"Nope, perfectly real. I should know. I've lived here since I was born. And I've worked the factory from 15 and up."

"You work for the factory? What do you make?"

"Steel mostly. Sometimes also some other metals as well. I… learned it from my dad." Jamie sighed as she came around the corner with some clothes in hand. "Anyways, here, I hope you like it."

In her arms was a pair of roughly patched up light blue jeans and a black tank top. "Like you said. Nothing too heavy. These pants even got holes in them. Can't go any lighter than that."

"Well, except if I wore just nothing."

"Yup, but that ain't an option. Dress up and hide that shameful body of yours. What if Arceus saw you like that?" She joked as she handed him the clothes.

"I think Arceus already made us this way. I don't think he's got a problem with that stuff." Akio laughed with her as he leaned against a wall to put on his new outfit. The pants were no problem and had patches of his fur pouring out of them, but the shirt strained a little bit from his strong upper body and tightly stretched over his muscles.

Jamie found herself staring as she leaned against the doorframe. "Damn." She spoke to herself quietly.


"Nothing… just… those clothes really suit you. Wouldn't have thought that since they're women's clothes."

"Well, you already dress a little more masculine than most girls I know."

Jamie smirked at him cockily "Hmhm! Shut up! I like your attitude, but don't push your luck."

"Hehe, alright boss. Not gonna push it any further than I need to. Anyways, I'm at your service. I can't do much, but I'll use what I have. It's the least I can do to repay you for saving me."

"You really wanna do this? I'm not really demanding any pay."

"If there's one thing I learned when I was traveling in the pack, it's that you settle scores when they need to be settled. So yeah, I'm sure. I'll work for you. No pay needed. No bonds attached."

"Where's the hook?" Jamie asked teasingly.

"I guess that you'll have to deal with me while I'm here."

"Hmm a small price to pay I think. Doesn't seem too unpleasant either. Alright, I think I have something that I could use you for."

"Really? What is it?"

"Just wait and see… partner."

3 years later

The siren blows once again over the Vindisteel factory.

"Alright, Akio. Keep the flame steady and even. Keep the bars hot, but not too hot for them to melt. I know you've just evolved but… keep your cool a little, okay?" Jamie carefully instructed Akio as he worked on the conveyor belt. Hot steel bars were transported over the line and had to constantly be kept glowing hot for the hammers to beat them into shape.

"Will try, boss." Akio assured her as he cleared his throat before blasting a flamethrower attack on the steel bars.

"Remember, slow, steady and evenly spread. We don't want any dents. Just a little bit more. We're almost done!"

The steel bar was a bright orange glow and Akio managed to keep it that way until the bar reached the hammers and an evenly hammered construction steel bar left the end of the conveyor.

"Not bad, rookie. You started as a microwave, but you've worked your way up to an oven. That's what I call progress!" Jamie tried to contain her chuckling as she wrote the work report on her clipboard.

"Tsk, save me the sarcasm, Jamie!" Akio chuckled in reply.

He was now a full blown Houndoom and one of the most prominent workers in the factory. As a fire type, he was responsible for igniting the furnaces and keeping the heat and flames going in the production line. His body was almost as if enhanced from everything he was before. His muscles had grown but weren't too big for them to look ugly and he grew curved horns as well as a devilish, sharp tail.

Jamie on the other hand became his instructor and managed him all the way until he could work on his own without overblowing or underdelivering.

"I'm just kidding, Akio. You're a good boy. Come on, who's a good boy?" She patronizingly rubbed his head with a smug smile on her lips.

Akio smirked and smacked her hands away. "Oh, shut up!"

Jamie smiled and walked up to his side, looking over at him as she leaned against a railing with her back. "No, but really… you're doing a good job, buddy. I'm glad you're starting to get into the groove."

Akio smiled as he wiped his brow and leaned against the railing as well. "Thanks, Jamie."

They shared a quiet moment as the siren called out for the end of the workday again. Jamie and Akio stayed behind while the others headed out home and left the factory.

"Don't wanna head home yet?" Akio asked.

"Do you?"

He shook his head as he smiled over at Jamie. "Not yet at least."

They sighed as the load of the work day fell off their shoulders. The machinery settled down and the halls went quiet. Only the two of them were still there, just enjoying the moment and staring up out the factory windows on the ceiling.

"Hey, Akio?"


"Hey umm… you don't take it too seriously when I boss you around a little, right?"

He waved it off "No big deal. I promised to do as you tell me and I have no complaints."

"Yeah, I knew you'd say that. It's just… the way I did it reminded me of my father. The way he used to teach me."

Akio somberly looked over to her "You never told me much about him. What kind of person was he?"

Jamie smiled nostalgically "He was the best. When mom left him, he always looked out for me. Taught me how to work steel and how to instruct others to do it as well. We didn't always earn that much back then, but we always managed to..." A tear welled up in her eyes as she talked. "I miss him… Fuck… You shouldn't see me fuckin' crying." She laughed off her pain as the tears rolled down her cheek.

"Hey, it's alright." Akio went over to her and wiped her tear away as he cupped her face with his hand. "Your dad must have been a great guy. He set you into this world after all. I'm sure he's proud of you."

"*sniff* Thank you, Akio. Y'know it's funny. Ever since dad passed away, you're the first guy to ever set foot in my house." She laid her hand on top of his and smiled up at him as her tears subsided.

"Well, aren't I a lucky guy?" Akio spoke softly as his thumb rubbed over her cheek.

"I'm really glad that we've become friends too, Akio. Don't know what I'd do without ya!" She said cheerily as she moved away from the rail and headed towards the lockers. But before she walked off, she turned her head one more time. "Hey umm… I don't know how to say this without sounding like a sad sap but… thank you for being that guy, y'know."

Akio smiled and nodded as he stepped away from the railing as well. "Don't mention it. Well, wanna head home now? Seems like we're the only ones left."

Already half down the stairs, Jamie laughed and called up to him. "And if you don't hurry, you're gonna be the only single one left. I'm already half out the door!" She hurried towards the lockers, quickly stuffed her gear in it and ran outside through the big gates.

Akio rolled his eyes before stepping outside himself.

The cold air blew about him and a soft snowfall covered the landscape in a thick layer of it. Akio looked around but didn't see Jamie anywhere around, which was weird because you could see a long way in the direction of their home.

"Hello?! Ja…. MPF!" And immediately, he felt something jump onto his back. Trying hard to keep his balance, he stumbled around before finally getting some footing again.

A giggling, snarky voice reached his ears. "Gotcha! Sucker!"

"What the hell Jamie? You want a piggyback ride home or something?!"

"You got that right, buddy. Now onward!"

Akio chuckled "You're impossible, Jamie!"

"Onward I say! You are not to question the authority of your leader!"

"By Arceus, one day I'm gonna get back at you for these power trips!"

"Maybe, my trusted steed. But today is not that day! Now buckle up and move!" Jamie laughed as she rested her arms around Akio's neck as his strong arms reached behind and held her up. Akio's hands landed right of her butt and he blushed as they dug into it as he held her up.

He didn't show it, but he enjoyed the feeling of her supple cheeks in his hands. And after a few steps, another sensation made his senses tingle when Jamie leaned on him and her chest pressed up against his back.

It was somewhat of a somber feeling to have her rely on him to carry her home. She was clearly exhausted and lazily rested her head on top of his. Another little perk of this was that her body heat warmed him to the point of him not even feeling the cold anymore.

Akio smiled to himself while Jamie squeezed her arms tighter around him. "I'm not too heavy, right?" Jamie suddenly asked worriedly.

"Huh? Oh no, not at all. Don't worry about it."

"Okay, just wanted to ask. I know you said you wanted to be of service to me in any way you can, but it was just intended as a joke that you would have to carry me."

Akio squeezed her butt tighter, making Jamie jerk up and blush slightly.

"Like I said, don't worry. I like the feeling of carrying you."

Jamie smiled to herself and let her body relax on top of his which inevitably pressed her above C-cup breasts against his back even more. "I could get used to this too, buddy." She sighed in relief.

Akio had a hard time, focusing on not growing hard at the feeling and focused on carrying her onwards until they finally reached home.

Settling down after the long day, Akio and Jamie slumped onto the sofa as the crackling fire of the fireplace slowly heated up the room. With their heads leaned back against the sofa, they stared at the ceiling and even in this quiet moment, they shared a kind of somber happiness together.

Akio couldn't help but look over at Jamie who had her hands behind her head and her eyes closed. As she breathed in and out, her chest heaved, stretching her brown undershirt over her alluring breasts. Even her nipples showed through. Jamie was never one to wear a bra.

Akio gulped as he hypnotically watched her. He felt the instinctive lust grow in his lower half but he had to suppress it. He didn't know how she would react if she found out that he was lusting over her. Over all these years seeing her lean, hardened body working alongside him made him crazy. When she was glistening with sweat and her clothes dirty with soot.

His erection started to grow in his ripped jeans, but he tried to occupy his mind with something else. Yet nothing came to mind as his gaze was focused on her breathing body. Her flat belly, her stretching legs and those wonderfully round breasts.

Without thinking, he crawled over to her to watch her closer. He could already smell her sweet, musky fragrance. All he had to do was reach out and…

"Umm… Akio? What are you doing there?" Jamie opened one eye and saw Akio instinctively reaching out to her breasts. He was mere inches apart from them.

Akio froze in place as he was caught, but just after a brief moment… "I… uhh… mmhh… damn it!" He pounced her and pushed her down onto the sofa. With eagerness and lust overtaking him, his lips pressed down onto hers.

He leaned over her possessively and wrapped her body in his arms.

He expected a lot of reactions. Shock, bewilderment, even rejection. But not this.

Jamie quickly wrapped her arms around his head and eagerly returned the kiss, moaning. In fact, Akio was taken aback more than she was.

The kiss deepened and their bodies intertwined, wrestling on the sofa.

After a short while, they parted, gasping for air as a string of hot drool still connected their lips.

Jamie was the first to speak up as she reached up and cupped Akio's cheek. "And here I was, thinking all that flirting and caring for me was just kidding around. Glad I was wrong." She chuckled as she looked up at him with burning lust in her eyes.

"You felt it too, Jamie?"

"Every day, buddy. How is a woman supposed to keep calm when she's working with you?"

Akio chuckled back. "Well, now that it's out in the open, wanna bring it to the next level, boss?"

"Hmhm! You betcha!" Jamie giggled as she pulled Akio down into another deep kiss. Their lips opened up for each other and their tongues met as their bodies restlessly rubbed up against each other.

Akio clawed at her breast, groping it excitedly. His breath grew ragged, the tension in his lower region peaking. Jamie could feel his bulge press up against her crotch and without breaking away, fondled around his crotch to find the zipper.

Even though she had seen his cock before way back then, she had never seen it fully erect and was impressed by the size of it as it laid in her palm. She stroked it, her body itching already. With his hand on her breast and hers on his cock, they caressed each other for a good while before their lust couldn't swell any further without bursting.

Akio looked down at her questioningly. "Do that any more and I'm gonna bust, Jamie." Akio struggled as her hand rubbed his cock tenderly with her nimble fingers running up and down on it.

"Well, that would be a big waste, wouldn't it?" She teased him as she let go of his cock to hook her fingers into the waistband of her black jeans. She raised her butt and shoved her jeans off her legs.

Her legs were surprisingly smooth with only a few blemishes. Akio couldn't help but stare as inch after inch of skin was revealed to him. A small patch of red pubic hair topped off the fleshy slit in between her legs. He was almost drooling as he laid eyes on it. His cock twitched in excitement and Jamie licked her lips as she noticed it.

Her legs opened, giving him a full view.

"Well, impressed?" She smirked cockily, hiding how excited she was herself. Her mind slowly became a haze of lust, but she didn't want to show it yet.

"As if you had to ask, Jamie. Don't think I'm disappointing you either, am I?" He smirked back almost just as cockily.

At this point, they couldn't hide their lust anymore as their eyes met. Their emotions and sensations spilled over and their lips clashed wildly.

Akio reached down and placed his tip on the entrance of Jamie's cunt. He could feel the wetness on it and his cock slid over her pussy, rubbing her folds.

Jamie squeezed his butt, making him jerk in surprise for a second before she smiled at him. "Don't be such a tease, Akio. Can't you tell that I'm getting impatient?" She pretended to whine a little as she laid her hand on top of his, holding his cock.

She sighed as she gingerly helped him push his cock inside her. Akio bit his lip, his canine teeth showing. His tail had been rolled up at the tension since they started.

He saw his rod disappearing inside of Jamie who was moaning hotly and gritting her teeth. She seemed to be in a slight bit of pain and just shortly after, Akio knew why. Her pussy felt incredibly tight and only seemed to get tighter the deeper he went. Something seemed to rip and additionally to her juices, he felt another, thicker liquid stain his shaft.

"Y…you're a virgin, Jamie?"

"I…ngghh told you, you were the first man that set foot in my house aside from my dad!" She cringed in pain.

Akio, knowing this now, went slower until he finally reached the end of her hole. The entrance of her womb. Her insides settled and slowly got accustomed to his shape. But it was still a strain.

To calm her, Akio lifted her undershirt and gently rubbed her breast while he kissed her to distract her body from her aching pussy.

"I'm sorry… if I had known, I would've gone softer."

"*pant* Fuck no." She chuckled through her pained breath. "I'll get mad if you go soft on me now, buddy."

They exchanged a heart-filled, loving smile as Akio's dick restlessly twitched.

Akio combed her red hair and removed the hairband that kept up her ponytail making her flaming red hair spill out over the sofa. "Should we get started then?" He asked inquiringly as he lifted one of her legs over his arm while grabbing her firm butt cheek.

"Rock my world, Akio." She whispered seductively.

With a hearty grip on her ass, Akio pulled back his hips before thrusting back in and he couldn't even believe how satisfying it felt.

Her pussy gripped him air tight and every ripple of her walls stimulated him from every side. Her juices made it easier to slide in and out, but her freshly deflowered love tunnel was still twitchy with low stings of pain.

But still, Jamie started to feel it and the hammering thrusts of Akio made her body hot and her breath unsteady.

She soon moaned along with him as she dug her fingers into his neck and the padding of the sofa.

A satisfying slapping sound emerged from their crashing hips and wet splatters spread across their crotches.

"Fuck! This is so damn tight, Jamie! HRNGH!" He struggled to keep his lust in check but his cock demanded more and more stimulation.

"It was… HAAAAAA!... worth saving it up for you! It's so damn gooooood!" Jamie finally got into it, as Akio's blood covered cock kept gouging her pussy for more.

Akio stopped his thrusts for a second as his pleasure-clouded mind came up with something.

"Jamie, I want to try something. Turn over!"

She was confused but followed his orders and with his dick still buried inside her, she turned around and propped herself up on all fours just for Akio to immediately start ramming her again.

He hung over her like a dog in heat and drooled from his mouth, licking Jamie's back and neck with his dripping tongue.

Jamie shivered at the feeling and her insides twitched with happiness at the new sensations of this position.

Akio fucked her in the doggy style position, his thick cock spreading her cunt more and more to fit him. His body grew numb and was made up of nothing but pleasure and thoughts of making Jamie moan and scream.

Her butt created a heavy slapping sound every time their crotches collided. Akio was so damn close, but he was intent on finishing this together with her.

"Jamie! How are you doing?!"

"I'm so close, Akio! More! Just a little more! God your cock is so deep in this position!" She cried out in pure ecstasy.

This key sent Akio into a frenzy. His hips sped up significantly and he changed up his angles to scratch every itching part of Jamie's insides. Leaning over her, he groped her tits again with her undershirt shoved up to her armpits.

His fingernails teased and groped her flesh and nipples tenderly as their bodies became one, glued tightly to each other.

"AKIO! This is too much! I'm… I'm cumming! Nnhhaaaaa!"

"ME TOO JAMIE! I'M gonna CUUUUUUMM!" He squeezed out as he landed one more powerful thrust.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" They moaned in unison as their bodies jerked and cramped up with ecstatic pleasure. Akio's balls emptied inside of Jamie to the point where she could feel a slight swelling in her abdomen.

Jamie as well came hard and her juices, mixing with Akio's sprayed out onto the sofa and stained it. The cloudy white liquid mix dribbled out from their crotches and ran down their legs. Proof of their mad arousal earlier.

With heavy breaths and limpening bodies, they collapsed into a pile of exhausted bodies and aching muscles.

Akio slipped out of her as it happened and as if pulling a plug, the rest of the cum spilled out of Jamie's pulsing folds, still aching faintly, but feeling satisfied as well.

In a bundle, Jamie and Akio cuddled up. His fur was warm and soft as Jamie nuzzled it, and Akio appreciated the springy firmness of Jamie's body as well. Their bodies almost became one as they shared their body heat which even the fireplace couldn't match.

Jamie relaxingly opened her eyes in slits and smiled deliriously. "It's a shame that some of it spilled out, huh? Hehehe."

Akio became self-aware of what he had done to her and answered abashedly. "Why would you say that, Jamie? It's embarrassing!"

"I can still feel your size inside of me, you know?" She rubbed her belly happily.

Akio averted his eyes even though he couldn't hide a little bit of manly pride. He turned around and spoke seriously. "Hey, Jamie umm… if this… you know, got you knocked up or anything… I want you to know that I'll take care of you."

"I sure hope so, buddy." She booped his nose and giggled, making him laugh and lighten up as well. "You could start by working on your own payroll. I think I've had you under my wing long enough. You want to provide for us too, right? After all, I want to love a man who knows how to take care of me. Hmhm!" She nuzzled his neck and closed her eyes as she buried her face in his fur. "I'll count on you." She mumbled sleepily.

Akio smiled blissfully and let her red hair slide through his fingers. "Whatever you say, boss."


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