Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Goodra(Sally) x Dragonite(Peach) x Tex

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Vindicta is a very unique place. It brings together all kinds of humans and Pokémon. Couples, siblings, friends and other kinds of relationships are formed every day.

One of those rather unusual relationships we are looking at today is the one between a young man called Tex Malesa and his two Pokémon partners he houses in his home.

"Let's see… Shopping is done, dishes are done, cooking is done too… Seems like the only thing left is laundry and then I'll finally get some rest!" Tex stretched his arms out to straighten his labored back. A few cracks could even be heard as his spine snapped back into place. "Arceus! This is going to wear me down someday!"

Tex was an everyman. But he was even a little bit nicer than the average man. His hair was a flaming hot orange and his messy curly hair was puffing out in all direction. Having to take care of himself and two other people in the house, he didn't take much care of his hair, making it look wild and unkempt. A look that oddly enough really suited him.

As always, he was wearing a white undershirt with a red and black plaid button up shirt that was always unbuttoned. Along with that, his blue jeans was slightly torn with some scratches here and there. He was also pretty tall which considering his Pokémon, was very fortunate for him.

Tex was kind of a caretaker for two female Pokémon he had taken in some years ago. Two dragon Pokémon called Sally and Peach.

Sally was an anthro Goodra with a body to die for. Due to her species, her body was comparatively large. Not massive, but still taller than Tex by a head. Her curves though were something to behold. With wide child bearing hips and a bust of E-cup size she was always the center of attention wherever she went.

Much to her misfortune, because Sally was extremely shy. The only one she ever felt comfortable around was Tex and even then, she only dared to show her body in the privacy of their home where no one else could see it. Another reason she felt ashamed of her body was because she constantly secreted some sort of goo from it. It often made her clothes wet and made them cling to her body even tighter, hugging her bodacious figure. Usually, she wore a thick purple wool hoodie so it wouldn't draw too much attention along with some light blue knee length skirt. But even that didn't stop people from staring at her when she went out for a walk.

Tex was ruffling through the bag of clothes that needed washing. The bag was almost as large as him since he was doing laundry for three people and two of them were of a rather large size.

He looked at the washing machine as something still laid on top of it. "Oh, hey. It's the shirt that Peach was looking for." Tex held up the shirt that was comparatively small considering the size of Peach which was equivalent to the size of Sally.

Peach was a Dragonite, and a bomb shell one on top of that. The body shape of Peach was comparable to that of Sally in every way but even more curvy and massive. Despite her enormous size, she didn't look fat at all but rather had a perfect hourglass figure, with bodacious thighs, a slender waist and boobs with an even bigger size of E-cup than Sally. And in contrast to Sally, Peach was never shy to show off what she got. That was also the reason for the shirt being as small as it is.

It barely covered Peach's enormous rack and showed off her slightly thick belly with her alluring belly button always shown. It clung to her bust just like she wanted it to and she wore mostly short jeans hot pants along with it that had a large hole for her dragon tail to fit through. Wherever she went, people stared at her just like Sally, except that Peach enjoyed the attention. Despite that, she never let anyone get closer with her than just looking. Every time someone proposed his love to her, she denied him. She just wanted to tease people with her astonishing body.

Along with Sally, Peach was taken in from the street of Arkani City by Tex who offered them sanctuary in his house in the suburbs of Kalayda City. Ever since then, Tex was taking care of them, making sure that it felt like a real home to them. Tex had been homeless before. He knew how hard it was to get back to a normal lifestyle and it was probably even harder for Pokémon, especially in Arkani City.

"HRRNGHAAA!" Tex grunted as he set down the enormous bag of clothes. "Phew, at least the hard part is over now. Now I just need to put it in the washing machine. Thank god!"

At that moment, Tex heard the front door open in another room. "Ah, sounds like the girls are home." He said to himself as he stuffed the clothes in the washer.

After he heard some ruckus in the living room next door, someone appeared behind him in the doorframe. Tex looked behind him to find that it was Sally the Goodra. She stood there shyly playing around with the sleeves of her hoodie and gave him a cute little smile as she blushed. Her swirly tail that poked out of her skirt swayed around slightly. She combed away the strands of her shoulder length blue hair that had two thick tentacles growing out of it on the top of her head. She looked at Tex sheepishly with her innocent royal blue eyes.

"H…Hey Tex. Me and Peach just got back from college. H… how was your day?" she asked as she fumbled around.

"Ah, pretty okay. I'm almost done with chores today. If you want to have some, I made some stew heated up in the kitchen."

Sally's face slumped into an apologetic sad frown. "I'm sorry that we put so much work on your shoulders. Taking care of yourself, the house and three people on your own must be really hard." Her tentacles hung down in shame.

Tex chuckled at her unnecessary apology. "You always say that. You really don't need to. I really don't mind the extra work if it means that you two can live here comfortably. I enjoy doing it." He feigned not to be exhausted.

"B…B… But still…" she stuttered, clenching her hands together over her voluptuous breasts.

Tex gulped as her arms pressed together her deep cleavage. Even though it was covered up you could clearly see the shape of her heavy tits. But he tried not to stare and keep calm.

"Really, Sally, it's nothing to worry about. I'm finished after I did the laundry anyway. See?"

He picked up the bag of clothes that was almost empty and reached inside to pull out the final batch of clothes.

He got a hold of something and took it out of the bag.

Sally's eyes went wide and she blushed heavily. Tex had gotten a hold of a pair of white panties with blue polka dots on them. They were one of Sally's more sexy lace panties. Tex knew it immediately because it had a thin layer of stringy goo on it and blushed slightly.

"EEEEEHHHH!" Sally shrieked up and with an embarrassment-struck face she snatched away the panties pressing them close to her chest so Tex wouldn't see them. "Noooooo, you've seen my pantieeeeees!" she almost wanted to cry from embarrassment.

Tex was nervous to say anything but tried to calm her down. "But Sally, this isn't the first time I've washed your underwear. It's fine." Tex put his hands on Sally's shoulders and consoled her.

With wet eyes she looked up at him with upturned eyes. "B…But they're all gooey." She whimpered. "You'll think I'm disgusting!"

Tex lifted up her chin so she would face him and calmly spoke to her "Aww, come on. Nothing about you is disgusting. I would never think about you like that."


"Promise!" Tex carefully reached out his hand to Sally, hoping she would entrust him with her panties.

She looked at his hand unsurely but after a small smile from him, she smiled back and handed him the panties back.

With the laundry done, Tex clapped his hands together. "Annnd finished." He said proudly.

Sally gave him a small applause before turning shy again and rubbing her shoulder as she adoringly looked at Tex. "Umm, by the way Tex…"

"Yeah Sally?"

"Since you are done with chores now. Well, I wanted to ask you something…"

Tex wiped the sweat off his forehead. "Sure, what is it about."

"Would you… would you like to visit the sauna with me today. They have a 2 for 1 offer today and I thought we could… relax a bit there. J…Just if you want to of course." She waved her hands frantically as if it was too much to ask.

Tex smiled at her offer. "Of course, I'd love to go to the sauna with you. Haha. It almost sounds like a date now that I say it out loud." Tex chuckled.

Sally blushed deeply and averted his eyes "Hehe, yeah, weird right?" she gave a fake chuckle. "Well, I hope we can meet there this afternoon." She whispered "I'd love to spend some time alone with you." Her whisper was almost inaudible.

"What did you say there?"

"N…NOTHING!" she quipped and shot off to the kitchen to get lunch.

Tex was left confused but shrugged it off as he turned back to the washer. He switched it on and after hearing the rumbling start, massaged his neck. "Finally, done for today. Well, apart from having a date with Sally later. It's really kind of her to worry that much about me."

A switch turned on in Tex's head. "Wait, she invited me to the sauna right? Doesn't that mean that I'm gonna see her... *gulp* naked?" Tex realized as his body started to heat up at the imagination. "*Deep inhale* *Deep exhale* Okay, calm down. Have some restraint, Tex!" he steeled himself and went into the living room to get the thoughts out of his head.

His mind wouldn't get much rest though. Because in the living room waited another surprise for him. It was Peach, who was lazing around on the couch. Her wavy, crimson red hair flowed over the armrest she laid her head on, with her arms behind her neck. She was clearly relaxing after school and had her eyes blissfully closed.

She drew small breaths as she snored slightly. The tight black shirt Peach wore was almost bursting at the seam as her chest heaved up and down. Even her nipples were poking through the thin fabric.

"Oh man, Peach how often did I tell you to put on a bra when you go out?" Tex whispered so she wouldn't hear him slightly annoyed. But he just couldn't avoid staring at the plentiful mounds. They were tempting. Tex was even itching to touch them, but as his hand reached out, he shook his head and stopped himself.

"Ah, stop thinking about perverted stuff, brain!" he whispered to himself again. He didn't want the girls to think that he was some sexual predator, but with their cute looks and banging hot bodies, it was really hard to keep a clear mind.

Suddenly, Peach started to turn in her sleep and after stretching and groaning she slowly opened her eyes. "*Yawn* Seems like I dozed off after all." She turned her head towards Tex who was standing still as if he was caught red handed. "Why so stiff? You been stunned by my pure beauty or something." She laughed at him cockily. The small antennae on her head bobbing at her laughter.

Tex rolled his eyes "Wow, hilarious and original. Never heard that one before."

Peach grinned cheekily as she sat up, stretched her turquois wings that stretched out of her shoulder blades and pinched Tex's cheeks. "Aww, is the little guy mad at me?"

Tex deadpanned at the response and shook his head off her grip. "Could you be serious for just one moment?"

"I'm always serious aren't I?" she giggled devilishly as she put her arms behind her head again.

"Agh, forget it. Then I'll just keep it for myself." Tex turned around teasing her as he hid her favorite shirt he found earlier.

That got Peach's attention as her antennae perked up "What are you hiding there?"

"Oh nothing much." Tex grinned mischievously.

Peach sat up at full attention "What is it? Come on, show it to me already!" she grew impatient as she tried to get a glimpse of what he hid behind his back.

That was exactly what Tex was hoping for. "No no no. It won't be that easy. I am deeply hurt by your disrespect for me." Tex took on a dramatic pose with the back of his hand on his forehead. He then shot an evil grin towards her. "First you'll have to ask nicely."

Peach puffed her cheeks in annoyance and crossed her arms in defiance.

"I'm wating…"

Peach brooded over it but quickly she got a great idea to get back at him. She stood up and leaned down to Tex, making sure that her full cleavage was showing.

Tex gulped as Peach pressed together her hanging boobs making them squish together and stretch her scanty shirt. "I'm vewy sowwy, Tex. Could I see what you got there for me. Pwetty, pwetty pwease." She whispered in a sultry, cutesy voice. All the while, she twisted her top to rub her tits together and entice Tex even more. She saw the sweat build up on his forehead and gave him the final push by looking at him with her flaring red, hooded eyes.

Tex was entranced by her enormous breasts.

Peach added with a sexy tone "Well, I'm waiting…" Revenge was sweet.

Tex immediately surrendered. "Okay, okay, I'll give it to you."

Peach put her hands to her hips in victory "Finally, I knew you'd give in. So what is it?"

Tex showed her the shirt "Well, I found your shirt again, you said it was your favorite one right?"

Peach grew silent and her eyes wide. She was slightly blushing for some reason. "Th…thank you, I… I really missed that one." She spoke unusually shyly.

Tex looked at her reaction curiously and took a look at the shirt again. "Hey, now that I look at it again… Wasn't this one of my shirts before?"

Peach quickly dug her claws tightly into it and grabbed the shirt "N… no, this was always my shirt, you must be imagining it." She waved off his question.

"Huh, weird. Oh well. Come on, give it to me, it looks like it needs to be washed first, I can put it to the others."

Peach shook her head rapidly and laughed nervously. "Ahh, that really won't be necessary. I'll just take it as it is."

"Well, if you think so, it's your shirt after all." Tex shrugged.

"Y…yeah, mine… right. Hehehe" she said somewhat awkwardly as she laughed.

"If I didn't know you better, I'd be thinking there is something going on. But I guess it's better not to ask questions with you. By the way, where did Sally go off to?" Tex asked as he looked around the room to see no one else but the two of them there.

"Oh, right. She headed out before I fell asleep. She probably went to hit the sauna again. You know, because of her "condition"." Peach made quotations with her fingers.

"Oh, she went already? Then I need to go." Tex headed towards the door.

"Wait!" Peach stopped him.

"Is there anything else you need to tell me, Peach?" Tex asked curiously.

Peach blushed a little as she thought of something to say "It's just… thank you for everything you're doing for us. I know I'm a lot to deal with sometimes."

Tex was dumbfounded at her sudden words. He smiled a little in happiness. "Yeah, you really are sometimes. But that's okay, I like you the way you are."

Peach smiled warmly and continued "Do you think… we could meet later this evening. In the park. You know just to have a bit more of our dumb back and forth?"

Tex chuckled along with her. "Sure thing, I'll make sure to come around." He waved her goodbye and went out the door with a heartfilled smile.

Once Peach was alone in the living room, she fell back onto the sofa. She put her hand to her forehead as if she had a fever. "What is wrong with me, why can't I be straight forward with him? Stupid me!" She complained to herself.

She picked up the shirt that Tex had given her. She lied when she said it was hers. She stole it from his dresser some time ago. After feeling the soft fabric, she pressed the shirt to her nose.

"*deep inhale* Haaaa! It still smells like him." She sighed as her body twitched from smelling Tex's odor. Her heartbeat sped up and her body started to grow hot.

"Mnnnhh! Tex…" Peach squirmed around on the sofa as her groin started to twitch. "No, not again… Well, nobody's home anyways. Fuck it."

Peach unzipped her jeans hot pants and stuck her hand into her orange colored underwear. Her puffy slit was drenched in juices.

"I love you, I love you so much Tex!" she cooed as she rubbed her fingers over her snatch. She arched her back as she shoved two of her fingers inside and started masturbating furiously with the image of her unrequited love in her mind.

Meanwhile at the sauna

The sauna in Kalayda City was usually very popular, especially with most millennials. But of all days, it was today that Tex and Sally were the only people there.

Tex already sat in the steam room with his towel around his waist, waiting for Sally to come in after him. She didn't want him to see her get undressed and sent him in before her.

"Man, she is taking quite a while now." Tex's voice echoed in the wooden room. A large bowl of coals stood in the center of the rows of seats. It produced natural steam that made the air hot and moist, making people sweat tremendously.

Tex had been in there for just ten minutes but his body was already glistening with sweat and water.

"Ahhh, but I have to admit, this was an awesome idea from Sally. I should thank her later for recommending this." Tex laid his head back against the headrest behind him, taking in the vapors.

Then a sudden cold gust of air crossed the room, meaning someone had entered the room.

"S…Sorry to interrupt your relaxing. I'm coming in now."

With his head still staring at the ceiling Tex responded "Oh, Sally, you're finally…" his mouth went wide when he saw Sally standing in front of him. There was only a towel covering her body that could barely hold her enormous bust. On top of that, the towel was already drenched from the goo that oozed out of her body even more than usual. Making her secretes pool together in her cleavage and her body slick and wet with drops of goo everywhere.

"Tex? What are you looking at? Oh no, I forgot what happened when I go to the sauna! You shouldn't see me like that!"

"W…What do you mean like that. You look normal to me."

Sally was blushing deeply and avoided looking at Tex "You know what I mean! I secrete much, much more when I'm in the sauna. I used to go here more often because afterwards the juices would become less when I got out. And now you see me dirty like this and it's so embarrassing."

"Sally, Sally, it's alright. Remember what I said earlier?"

"*sniff* That you don't think that anything about me is disgusting?"

"Right, so don't worry about it and just relax. Okay?" Tex rubbed her arms comfortingly and guided her to the seat next to him.

A few silent moments passed as the two of them sat next to each other. Suddenly, Sally spoke up. "You know Tex…" she spoke softly "…you are the only guy I could ever do this with."

"Huh? Why is that? I bet there are tons of guys who would love to date you." Tex answered

"Yeah maybe…" she fell quiet for a moment before readying herself to speak. "…but none of them are you."

Tex perked up on his seat "Wh…what are you saying there, Sally?"

"It's just… I couldn't imagine being with anyone else in the world Tex. You are working so hard for Peach and me just out of kindness. Never expecting anything in return. You accept us just the way we are and I… I…"

Tex's heart was pumping hard as Sally inched closer to him. He had no intention to back up and actually leaned towards her as well. "And you what, Sally?" he spoke with hot breath.

"…And I love you for it... I love you, Tex." Her voice echoed in the small room. With the doors locked, no one could interrupt them as Sally pressed her moist lips to Tex's. The moment that they kissed, both of them grew even hotter than the sauna could ever manage.

"*smack* Tex! *slurp*" Sally basically melted into Tex's arms as she sucked on his lips. Her melty body pressed against the topless Tex rubbing against his bare skin.

Along with her secretes, the towel that covered Sally's top flowed down to the ground as well. Her huge breasts were now out for Tex to see. But Sally didn't let that bother her anymore. She would let Tex see everything from now on. She offered her heart, soul and body completely to him.

Tex whispered under his breath "You look freaking gorgeous naked. Do you know that?" He said as he reached out his hand to Sally's sweaty, sticky breast. He could barely cover it with his hand when he started to dig his fingers into her supple flesh and massaged her bouncy orb lustily.

Short gasps with small whimpers escaped Sally's mouth when Tex fondled her body. He was the only one she would ever allow to touch her. She was ready to give everything to him, just as he gave everything for her and Peach. "I'm *gasp* so happy that you love my body. I was dreaming about this moment… haaa… for a long time."

"I was waiting for an opportunity to see you like that too. I just didn't want you to think that I was a creep." Tex moaned as he kept massaging and kissing Sally. Her large body was overflowing with secrete, making her skin glisten with drops of juices running down her busty thighs.

"I would never think of you as a creep, Tex. I would have let you do everything you wanted with me. I would've been yours!" She confessed her deep sinful thoughts. "There were so many things I imagined doing with you. But I never dared to even say them out loud.

Now Tex was intrigued "What kind of things did you have in mind?"

Sally's face grew flush as the images she kept as fantasy in her mind, would now turn real. She cupped Tex's face as she reluctantly parted from his kisses. And with a red, nervous face, she slid down onto the floor and kneeled in front of Tex's crotch.

Delicately, she unfolded the towel that cover his groin and revealed his towering member.

Sally gulped as the thick cock sprung up in front of her face. She was entranced by it the moment she saw it. This was it, Tex's hard, swollen cock. Her eyes were immediately drawn to it, admiring the shape and size. She gulped as his dick jerked around, enticing her to touch it.

"Tex, please don't think I'm weird for what I'm about to do." With bleary eyes, she looked up at Tex, who was anticipating what came next with anxious excitement on his face as he bit his lower lip.

"I could never hate you. You know that Sally."

Sally smiled from the bottom of her heart and giggled. "Yeah, I know. It's you after all."

Tex blushed "You praise me too much."

"I don't think so." Sally said with hot breath as she sandwiched Tex's member in her deep cleavage. "You deserve it all." she said with lust tinting her voice. Immediately, Tex felt the slippery wet hot skin of Sally around his expecting cock. The slippery slime engulfed him and made every movement, even her breathing, feel incredible.

"Arceus! This feels amazing!" Tex moaned as he threw his head back against the headrest.

"It does? But I haven't even started yet." Sally said innocently. "I wonder what happens when I actually…" the words got stuck in her throat when she decided to let actions speak for her. She took a hold of her heavy tits and squeezed them tighter around her lover's shaft.

"Holy shit!" Tex was already drooling from the intense stimulation and heat. And now, Sally even started to pump her tits up and down on his lap. His cock completely disappeared inside Sally's cleavage, embracing it completely.

"Hihihi feeling good?" Sally asked innocently as she was proud of herself.

"Way too good!" Tex panted in ecstasy.

"Seeing you… haaa… enjoying yourself like that… *pant* makes me really happy." Sally moaned with a delirious smile and hooded eyes. "Please enjoy me as much as you want!"

"Oh my god, you are too adorable Sally!" He answered with his mouth open in pure pleasure. He lovingly reached out to the tentacles on top of Sally's head and petted them tenderly.

Sally's body began to twitch from the happiness of him touching her. "Oh, Tex! I'll be yours forever!" she cooed as she leaned her head against his hands, closing her eyes in bliss as she continued her boobjob. The heat and steam of the sauna made both of them dripping with sweat and thus, wet sounds and slaps emanated from their naughty act.

"And I'm yours Sally! I love you!"

Sally gasped and stopped her motions as she stiffened up. Her love was returned. Tears started to roll down her cheek and mixed with the other fluids. "Tex…" She whispered under her breath with an overjoyed smile on her face.

Tex reached his hands out to Sally's breasts and laid them on top of hers. He looked at her questioningly for permission and Sally nodded while she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Tex smiled back at her and with her tits in hand, he began to fuck them hard. His hips slapped against them from underneath as he fulfilled his carnal desires. "AAAAHH this is so good!" he moaned as he thrust his member between her lubricated cleavage.

"Tex! TEX! I love you too! I LOVE YOU SO, SO MUCH!" Sally screamed in delirium. Tex had started to run his thumbs over her sensitive light blue nipples and pressed them in. Along with the pleasure of rubbing his dick with her tits, Sally was in heaven.





With exaggerated motions of his pistoning hips, Tex fucked Sally's tits until his climax. The moment he made his last, deep thrust, the tip of his member poked out of the top and shot his load right into Sally's face who took it all in with a smile of ecstasy.

Strands of cum hung from her face and everything that was even nearly close enough to her mouth was licked up by her long dragon tongue.

"That… That was amazing, Sally." Tex panted while his dick was still just as hard as before.

Sally's gaze was focused on it and she already knew what she wanted next.

Tex saw her gaze and noticed too, that he was not done yet. "Come here, Sally!" he whispered to her lovingly as he guided her to sit on his lap. The two lovers looked at each other adoringly and caressed their bodies from top to bottom.

Both looked down to their sexes which were dangerously close to each other. Tex looked her in the eyes and asked earnestly. "Do you think you are ready to go that far? I mean you don't have to if…" His words were cut off when Sally embraced Tex tightly. She clung to him tightly and pressed her face into his shoulder. Tex could feel the tears of happiness drip onto his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around Sally's feminine back. Her gooey body was pressed tightly against him with her breasts being squished on his chest.

"I knew I was ready for a long time, Tex." Sally whispered into his ear. "Please don't let the wait be for nothing."

Tex's doubts were blown away by her lovely words and he moved his hands from her back down to her thick, juicy ass cheeks. He lifted them up to hover Sally's pristine, dripping pussy over his cock. It was spotlessly hairless and glistened alluringly. Her puffy lips pulsated and indicated that they needed to be satisfied.

Without a second thought, Sally slammed herself down onto Tex's crotch. With his member jammed inside of her love tunnel, her eyes shot open at the immediate overwhelming pleasure of being filled with the man she loved. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and her face contorted in blissfulness.

Weakly, she fell forward and rested her upper body against Tex.

"Sally, are you alright? Tex asked as he combed her wet blue hair.

"I… I just came a little. Please, don't hold back. Make your mark inside of me!" she moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted up her hips weakly. Her body was so weak from the pleasure that she could barely keep it up.

Tex took that onto himself as he took a hold of Sally's ample bottom. With his fingers digging into her ass, he guided her downwards to pierce her on his length. The feeling of being inside of this dragon Pokémon was indescribable. His cock was in a vice. Her pussy clamped down on him possessively and her inner walls squirmed for stimulation. They would get what they desired.

After starting to thrust slowly, Tex heaved Sally up and down faster and faster. The two of them were moaning relentlessly as their bodies slammed together. Sally's virgin pussy was spread open by the cock that kept hammering through her entrance.

All kinds of fluids ran over their crotches, from their own down to the water that settled on them.

Sally's eyes were focused on Tex's and stared at him longingly. The feeling of being fucked by him was heavenly and satisfying as hell. With her lust overflowing, she eagerly pressed her lips on those of Tex and quickly shoved her long tongue into his awaiting mouth.

The slapping sounds of their hips were now accommodated by their sloppy, deep kisses. They looked at each other with half lidded, glazed over eyes as they swapped spit and humped each other.

With Tex's swollen, thick cock inside of her, Sally began to squirm and gyrated her hips back and forth with vigor. He hit all the spots that made her want to scream. And after a while, it was too much.

"Tex! Tex! I'm… I'm cumming! Hold me!" Sally moaned as she sped up her humping. Her pussy lips convulsed heavily and her insides clamped down on Tex even harder, signaling her oncoming orgasm.

"I'm right there with you, Sally! I'm cumming with you!"

"I'm so happy Tex! You make me so happy! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" A loud moan emanated from her mouth. The dam was broken and a torrent of her juices sprayed out onto Tex's lap.

The enormous pleasure of her final convulsions gave Tex the rest as well and with an equally loud groan, he released his plentiful seed inside of her depths. "HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA! ARCEUS! YES!" Even more than from Sally's boobjob squirted out and stuffed her insided with the white fluid.

His hips jerked up and delivered spurt after spurt inside of Sally.

Exhausted, both of them collapsed onto each other on the seat and panted heavily. Their afterglow was long and felt like a huge burden had been taken from their shoulders. They no longer needed to show restraint around each other and they could fully express their feelings now.

"Sally, no matter what happens. I will always. Always be there for you and Peach. Don't you ever think otherwise." Tex said as he hugged Sally tightly.

Sally smiled as she hugged him back. "I know Tex. I won't be scared anymore."

And with those words, they rested in the sauna for a while.

After leaving the sauna, arm in arm, Tex noticed that it was about to be evening.

"Are you coming home with me, Tex?" Sally asked innocently.

He smiled at her tenderly "No, you go ahead. I need to go to the park first."

Sally smirked. "Peach invited you there huh?"

"How did you know?" Tex asked surprised.

"I suggested it to her. You should go to her. I have a feeling that it's important." She said with a knowing smile.

"What are you…" His question was silenced by a kiss on his lips.

"See you later, Tex." Sally whispered softly before turning around and walking back home.

"Important…" Tex whispered to himself wondering what it could be about.

Later at the park

The moon was already rising on the horizon. The faint red glimmer of the sun still piercing through the clouds, Tex arrived at the Kalayda City Park. A long footpath snaked around the Kalidus lake that made up the center of the park. Tex followed the path around the lake to find Peach, until he finally arrived at a park bench where the dragon Pokémon was waiting for him.

Her eyes darted around as she sighed to herself. She looked like there was something on her mind.

Tex walked up to her from the side. "Everything alright Peach?"

"WAAH!" Peach gasped in surprise "Oh Tex, it's you. You came." She said with a slight hint of nervousness in her voice.

"Well, yeah, you called me out here, didn't you?" Tex sat down next to the usually so cocky and confident Dragonite. But something was different. She was nervous and reluctant to look Tex in the eye.

"I did, didn't I? Oh what am I saying? Of course I called you out here. Otherwise you wouldn't be here now." Peach laid her face into her hands out of embarrassment.

"Peach?" Tex put his hand on her shoulder, making her look at him. "Is there something wrong?"

Peach blushed as she saw Tex worried for her and turned away again. "I… I don't know what is happening with me lately. I… I dunno! I'm supposed to be cool, but every time I'm around you I just… *sigh*"

"Peach, don't pressure yourself so much. If you need to tell me something, just let it out. I'll still like you, no matter what you say." Tex tried to calm her with a gentle smile.

Peach blushed even harder and puffed her cheeks. "See, when you say stuff like that, how am I supposed to keep calm?" she stood up and fluttered her wings in frustration. She walked towards a nearby tree and leaned against it with her back. She laid back her head and looked at the sky.

She was obviously having some inner struggle. Tex knew that much already, so he moved to her side. Calmly, he picked up one of her hands in his.

Peach's eyes widened as she felt his touch and blushed immediately. Her heart started to race and she stared at him nervously. "Tex... I…"

"Just tell me, what you want to tell me. I promise, I won't laugh. I care about you. I want to know how I can help."

A tear rolled down Peach's face. "Oh TEX!" she cried as she unexpectedly kissed Tex on the lips. Everything grew quiet around them as only the sound of their lips could be heard.

Tex was frozen in place as he tasted the her sweet, firm lips. Slowly, but surely, he relaxed and leaned into the kiss. Much to Peach's surprise. Her eyes widened as Tex pushed her up against the tree and returned her kisses with vigor. Her eyes became hooded and her face flushed from the happiness she felt inside.

Sliding his fingers over Peach's voluptuous body, he grabbed her butt and massaged it eagerly.

"MMNNHH! Tex... haaaann *kiss* *smack*" Peach wrapped her arms around Tex's neck and pulled him close to her. Her huge tits pressed up against his chest and Tex could feel her hard nipples scrape against him through the fabric.

Tex's eyes darted down to her plumb mounds, seeing the nipples stick out. "Still not wearing a bra are you?"

She chuckled "Well, I needed to be ready if this happened. Just like today when you wanted to touch them in my sleep."

Tex blushed in embarrassment "Y…You noticed?"

"Yep, I kept my eyes open a little. I wanted to see what you would do. It was so cute how you struggled to hold back." Peach teased him with a sly grin.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't…"

"Shh… I don't mind if you touch me…" Peach shushed him as she guided his hand to her breast. She started to coo when Tex moved his hand around. Tex's hand pressed together her flesh and churned it around. Her malleable bust contorted under his massages.

"Hnng. You're so gentle. It…it feels so good." She panted slightly. She sulked "Ohh, look at me. I'm supposed to be the cool one and now I'm fawning on you like that."

Tex gave her a small loving peck on the cheek "Don't worry, you are still plenty cool to me." He whispered as he pulled up her shirt to touch her tits directly.

"What if someone sees us like this? Haaaannn!" Peach moaned.

"Then they can be jealous all they want."

"I love you Tex." Peach panted with her claws grasping his shirt desperately.

"Since when?"

"I don't know when it started. But I knew it for a long time."

"Well, that's convenient." Tex smirked devilishly.

Peach raised an eyebrow "Why? HAAAA!" until her face contorted into pleasure as Tex slid his hand down her hot pants. He shoved his fingers into her folds. She shivered under his fingering and hot breaths left her mouth.

Tex leaned up to her ear and whispered sensually. "Because I love you too."

"What about Sally?" she whimpered.

"I love both of you equally. Is there something wrong with that?" Tex asked under his breath as he kept thrusting his fingers into her.

"I... I… no. As long as you love me, I couldn't be happier." Peach's legs grew weak and wobbled, but Tex kept her standing by pinning her against the tree.

"Then let's get started, shall we?"

Tex moved his face down to her tits and admired the look of her perky orange on top of her beige scales.

It lured him in and without a second thought, he latched onto the nipple and sucked on it. His tongue darted out to lick her areola and covered her delicious mount in his spit. Meanwhile, his fingers churned up Peach's insides, rubbing her walls tenderly.

Peach was paralyzed as her body quivered and she combed through Tex's orange locks lovingly. She wanted to feel him intensely and started to ride his fingers. Her hips gyrated and grinded up on his hand, stimulating her clit with his palm.

Her juices flowed like crazy and ran down Tex's arm, staining his shirt. "OHHH! Tex, you're fingers and tongue feel incredible. I feel like I'm melting!"

With her tit in his mouth, Tex shot her a wry, confident smile. His ministrations gained in intensity. He started vibrating his fingers relentlessly and he sucked on her nipples hard, making sloppy popping and slurping sounds.

"HAAAAA, STOP IT'S TOO MUCH! I'm gonna…! I'm gonna…!" Peach's tongue hung out of her mouth from the pleasure as her eyes became delirious.

With a strong suck and a deep shove into her pussy, Peach clenched her teeth and drooled as her orgasm hit her. "HRRRRNNNNGHHH!" She tried to hold back her ecstatic scream and her body convulsed. Her pussy clamped down on Tex's fingers and sweat built up on her forehead. She came hard.

Peach panted in exhaustion as Tex pulled his fingers out of her snatch and his face away from her tits.

"Sorry, I think I overdid it a little. Do you need a rest?" Tex asked caringly as he checked up on Peach.

"No!" she pressed up against Tex wantonly "Please, I need to satisfy you too!" She turned around and put her hands against the tree, presenting her voluptuous ass. She lifted up her tail, showing it off even clearer. The outline of her butt was clearly visible since the jeans hot pants could barely contain her huge ass.

"Please, do me first! I don't want it to be over already!" she whined as she looked back at him over her shoulder.

Tex's breath got stuck in his throat as he admired her bountiful rear. His cock reacted immediately and grew hard as rock inside his pants. As if in trance, he moved forwards and pulled down Peach's hot pants. Her round, plumb butt showed and in between her thighs, puffed out her dripping pussy. It bulged out from between her legs and twitched in expectation.

Tex pulled down his own pants and released his rock hard dick, holding it in his hand. He moved up behind her and poked her entrance with his tip. He leaned over her and took a hold of her free hanging tits.

"Ahh! Tex, please, will you give it to me? I wanted to give you my first for so long!"

"You mean, I… I'm going to take your virginity?"

She moaned as she turned her head to kiss him lovingly. "I saved it up for you. Please, deflower me and make me yours!"

Not being able to decline her lovely offer, Tex thrust his hips forward. His cock, spread apart her folds and snaked its way through her love tunnel.

Peach arched her back as the tip of his cock kissed the entrance to her womb. It was thick enough to fill her up completely and it rubbed up against all her weakpoints.

"ARCEUS! It's so tight!" Tex grit his teeth as he enjoyed the warmth and pleasure of her soft insides. It felt like tender silk that caressed his length.

"I'm not tight, you are just so big!" Peach rebutted while she moaned in pleasure.

"Whatever, I just love it! You'r pussy feels so good!" With his pleasure clouding his mind, Tex started to thrust repeatedly. His hips slammed against her ass with each hump. It wobbled as their crotches collided.

With a tight grip on Peach's tits, Tex massaged them violently. His fingers malformed her breasts and tweezed her nipples, making Peach moan lustily. It was music to Tex's ears to hear the usually so laid back Dragonite moan from his ministrations.

Peach wanted to taste him again and while Tex fucked her pussy like a madman, she leaned back and caught his lips. "Haaann *lick* TEX! You're so good! My pussy is on fire! *smack*" Their lips snaked around each other and rubbed together sloppily.

"I feel the same way! I feel like I'm gonna bust at any second!" Tex was moaning with his wide open hanging mouth.

"You can! Please cum inside me! I don't care if you make me pregnant! I want to feel your cum inside of me!"



They cried out each other's name as they overlapped their lips again, exploring their mouths.

Heavy thrusts followed as the wet slaps of their fucking rang out into the park. Anyone would have been able to see them. But they didn't care. They would let them see their love and be jealous.

"TEX! I'm getting close!" Peach panted wildly as she thrusted her hips back to meet Tex's.

"Me too, Peach, let's come together!"

"YES! CUM WITH ME TEX!" Her voice grew louder and more labored as she felt her climax approaching. Tex was moaning heavily as well, drool running down his chin from the overwhelming pleasure.

"HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" the screams of their orgasms echoed through the park which was luckily empty because of how late it was. They didn't notice it before, but the sun had already disappeared and the moon was high up in the sky. It was night.

The gentle air of the night cooled their heated bodies as they panted together. Their juices that they squirted out intermingled and mixed together. Tex had shot his thick load into Peach's depths in such volumes that it was overflowing. Drops of sperm and juices fell into the grass below.

Tex hung over Peach limply and the usual strong, independent dragon Pokémon was twitching and wobbling from the steamroller of an orgasm that just hit her.

"Haaa… Haa… Peach, how are you."

"So… so amazing…" she mumbled. Her body stumbled and collapsed. Tex caught her body before she fell over. Peach had passed out. The bangs of her red hair stuck to her forehead and her sweaty face was slumped as she slept peacefully.

Tex smiled as he dragged her heavy limp body over to the park bench. He let her rest on his shoulder and covered her with his plaid shirt to shield her from getting cold.

Tex looked up at the sky. "It's a beautiful moon out tonight, isn't it, Peach?" he whispered.

Peach opened her eyes a little bit and smiled. "It really is…" she smiled to herself as she cuddled up to Tex's shoulder.

Peach took a rest for a few minutes before both of them could finally get home.

Later in Tex's room.

Tex looked at the clock next to his bed. He had collapsed the moment he got home. It was midnight already.

He put his hands to his face and rubbed it "*sigh* So much for a relaxing day." He looked up at the ceiling as the exhausting day of work and sex caught up with him. He could barely feel his body anymore.

"I'm probably gonna be even more sore than usual."

He thought to himself if it would actually work out, now that he had made a connection with the two girls. They would probably need even more care and attention now.

"*sigh* I wonder if it was the right decision. Was it worth taking the risk?"

Suddenly the door to his room opened and two familiar Pokémon entered the room in their underwear. One of them in orange panties and her favorite skin tight shirt on and another with panties and a bra with blue polka dots on them.

Both of them climbed into the bed and cuddled up to Tex from either side. They wrapped their arms around each arm of Tex and sandwiched it in between their cleavages. Tex felt the warmth of Sally and Peach hugging against him.

They snuggled up to him and rubbed their heads against his neck adoringly like pet cats.

"It was… It definitely was worth it." Tex thought to himself as her wrapped his arms around each of the girls and hugged them close.

They giggled and looked up at him. "We love you, Tex."

"I love you too. I love both of you." He smiled lovingly and placed a kiss on either of their lips.

And with that good night's kiss, they fell asleep in Tex's large bed.

Starting a completely new relationship. Just as mentioned in the beginning: Vindicta has a lot of unusual couples. And this… was but one of them.


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