Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Milotic(Shayenne) x Marlin

This week's request comes from multiple people actually. It began with an older request like I said in the last chapter but since then several others had also requested Milotic. So here we are. The first chapter with a fish Pokémon.

This should be interesting. I was actually struggling with how to pull off a fish Pokémon and had two options. Either they'll be like mermaids who can switch between having legs and having fishtails or they have both at the same time. I went with the latter option. It's a story about half human half animal creatures, there's already enough voodoo magic involved.

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"And alley hop!" Marlin yelled before he blew his whistle.

As soon as the sound rang out over the flat water of the lake, Shayenne broke through the surface and jumped as high as she could to slip through the hoop that Marlin was holding up.

"Not bad! A meter higher than last time. You're getting better by the day!" Marlin said in astonishment as he climbed down the ladder he had set up at the edge of the pier.

Marlin was a marine biologist who specialized on the rehabilitation of water Pokémon that were hurt by either injury, caused by careless fishermen, or other kinds of accidents like being dragged away by a torrent and hitting hard surfaces. He was an early millennial at 25 years and a very tall and sturdy man. He had a fit, muscled body gained from a lot of training in swimming and he had shoulder long, tussled brown hair tied to a bushy ponytail.

His eyes were as blue as the ocean and a few scars crossed his body from injuries that he suffered while he was out on the ocean. Wearing his usual red swimming trunks with black stripes on them, he stood at the pier of Arkani City.

He was one of the few people who protected the marine wildlife of the water Pokémon and currently housed only one subject. The anthro Milotic Shayenne.

Just as Marlin got down from his ladder, a loud splash came from the waterside as Shayenne burst through the surface once more and hopped onto the pier. She whipped her long, flowing wine red hair over her shoulder and wrung it out with her hands.

"How high are we at by now?" She asked happily as she dripped with water.

Shayenne was as mentioned, a Milotic. Beautiful, curvy and elegant as can be. Her body was rather short and petite for her species but she still didn't lack the feminine appeal. Her breasts were a medium D cup and her figure was sporty and slim yet still with defined curves. Her wet, wine red hair had a similarly colored pair of antennae poking out of it and a long, blue tail fin with red dots extended from just above her bulbous butt.

The tail fin was shredded on one side due to a painful incident in her past. A fishing boat had docked too close to the area for water Pokémon and Shayenne got caught in a one of the nets. In a struggle to free herself, she had to shake off the net that her tail was stuck in and as the fishing boat reeled it in, she used too much force and ripped her tail fin apart on it.

She would've probably never been able to swim properly again and would've been forced to live on land if it weren't for Marlin. Just days after the incident, he found her stranded on the beach, trying to get back into the water. But every time she did, the waves flushed her back onto the sand.

Arkani City didn't have many people willing to help stranded Pokémon like her so she was completely left to the elements until Marlin, one of the very few marine biologists that specialized on Pokémon rescue and rehabilitation came in to save her from her troublesome situation.

Marlin lifted her up and brought her to his house at the beach to at first treat the injuries and slowly getting her ready to swim again and then to have her get used to her crippled fin.

"You were about 6 meters high. Not too shabby if you ask me. Considering that I can't even jump a single meter out of the water." Marlin joked as he folded in the ladder.

"Oh, shut up." Shayenne nudged him as she walked to the beach house with him.

"*chuckle* Okay, I'll admit you're doing amazingly well for just a few months of rehab. You might just be fit to perform at the aquarium. You like being tossed fish right?" Marlin chuckled as he nudged her back.

She scowled a little jokingly. "That's totally a racist stereotype and I won't stand for this!" She humphed and crossed her arms as she looked away from him.

Marlin raised an eyebrow as he pulled a little sardine out of his pockets. "Hey, Shayenne. Lookie here. A cute little fishy!"

Shayenne's antennae perked up and she looked at him out of the corner of her eye. She gulped.

"It's freshly caught and still has the smell of ocean water on it." He dangled it in front of him.

A slight sweat built up on her forehead as she desperately tried to ignore it.

"It's been deboned already and it's probably really delicious. Of course, I could just cook it later and…" He pretended as if he was actually considering eating it himself but he didn't even need to.

Shayenne quickly turned her head and with a single chomp, snatched the fish out of his hand. She gulped as the little tail fin slipped through her lips and she swallowed it. "That doesn't prove anything!" She sulked as she kept her arms crossed stubbornly and blushed.

Marlin smiled gently and kept looking ahead as he walked. Shayenne looked over just as he turned away and smiled herself. She felt warm inside when she was with him. His sturdy, tall body was glistening with sweat from being out in the hot, humid air of Arkani city. It was the middle of summer and the hottest time of the year was in full blast.

"Hey, Marlin. You seem kinda sweaty. Do you wanna clean up later?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, guess I am. Man you'd think I wouldn't sweat so easily with so much water to cool off with around." He said as he wiped a few beads of sweat off his neck. He opened the knot that kept his ponytail together and shook up his sweaty locks with his hands. With his arms behind his head, his muscles flexed and Shayenne gulped as she secretly gazed at him from the side.

"So…umm… would you… like to take a bath… maybe. Together… You know, not like a couple or anything but… you know you go first and then I'll go in after and…. Uhhh… *gulp*." Shayenne blushed deeply as she tried to avert her eyes.

Marlin looked up and cocked his head at her unusual behavior. He went closer, almost touching noses with her when he lifted his hand to her forehead. "Are you getting sick, Shayenne?"

At the touch, she went stiff. "M…me? Sick? Why do you think that?"

"You seem to be a bit out of it. You're getting hot too. Let me see your body if everything checks out." It was incredible how unaware Marlin seemed to be sometimes. Shayenne, like any other fish Pokémon, never wore clothes when she was out swimming. They would just get in the way.

And here Marlin was, running his hands over her body to look for any stings she might have gotten or signs of an infection. His big hands glided over her body and Shayenne shivered with every touch. "Th… that's not why…. Mmmhhh!" She was too carried away by the sensations to respond properly.

Marlin inspected her arms, her front and her back before he put pressure onto her thighs and stomach. Shayenne stood the intensely and just decided to let him finish before speaking again.

But he wasn't done yet. "Turn around for a second. I need to see if your fin is healing alright." He said in a matter of fact tone.

Her heart was racing but with shaky legs, she turned around, her toes curling at the anticipation. Just above her butt, he started trailing his hands over her scaly blue tail. Shayenne shut her eyes tightly as he touched one of the most sensitive parts of her body.

"Just… be gentle okay?"

"I know, I know. Not the first time I'm touching you there." Marlin answered as he was entirely focused on her tail. He slid his hands underneath it and dragged it out to the end where the shredded fin was. He didn't touch it directly but inspected the little holes and tears incredulously.

Shayenne gasped a little.

"Hmm…" Marlin moved away. "Doesn't seem like anything's wrong. Then why were you so flustered and hot?" He held a finger to his chin in thought.

Shayenne panted a little in excitement but also frustration as she stomped her foot and walked away sulkily.

Marlin cocked his head again and followed after her. "What about our bath?"

Shayenne suddenly stopped in her tracks. "H…Huh?"

"I thought you wanted to take a bath together. Seems like it wasn't just a fever driving you to ask me that. Never expected you to be so affectionate."

Shayenne twitched a little when she felt his big hand on top of her head, petting her. She sighed a little in joy and closed her eyes happily. "I thought you might think it's weird for us to do this, you know? I AM a girl after all."

Marlin smiled softly as he put his hand on her shoulder. "You're still one of my subjects and I think I know you well enough to go bathing together. My home is your home, Shayenne."

Shayenne's eyes widened a bit as she heard that and she blissfully laid her hand on top of his. "I'd love to!" she clutched his hand clingily.

"Besides, you still smell like algae and fish so…" Marlin broke out into a small laughing fit as he teased Shayenne. She scowled and beat on his hardened chest with her small, feeble hands. It wasn't very effective.

"AAAAWWW! You have absolutely not tact around women, do you!?" She puffed her cheeks.

"Only around those who I like." He whispered as he walked past her and caressed her chin in passing.

Shayenne's heart fluttered at his words. It was so mean how he sent her on an emotional rollercoaster every time.

"Well? Are you coming?" He asked as he held open the door to the secluded house in the bay area. He smiled invitingly with his eyes closed in playful innocence.

She sighed and lightened up as she walked into the house alongside him. The house was larger on the inside than the outside would let on. There was a small living room with only a set of sofas and a TV. But the biggest part of the house was made up of a huge bath with a wide and open bathtub in it. It was big enough for several people or Pokémon to fit in.

Marlin stretched as he entered the steamy bathroom. "Well, I'll go in first. Come in when you're ready." He sighed relaxed as he closed the door behind him.

Shayenne stood outside, anxious to follow him in. She took a deep breath of courage and after a few minutes of waiting, she entered. A waft of hot air hit her and her body took in the hot, damp air. She let out a relaxed breath, seeing the huge tub of hot water in front of her. It went from one wall to another and was big enough for her to even swim in it a little.

She saw Marlin resting on one side of the bathtub, with a hot towel over his eyes and his arms on the edge of the tub. With him not able to see her, Shayenne used the opportunity to stare at his body once again. It made her shiver and tremble the more she inspected his perfectly toned and massively muscled body. The many scars on it with their dark lines might have just accentuated that even more.

"Aren't you going to come in?" Marlin asked without even looking up.

"Huh? H…how did you even notice I was here?"

"I could hear the door open, silly." He chuckled as he sighed in relaxation as if he had no care in the world.

Shayenne steeled her nerves and dipped her toes into the water. It was not hot enough to burn but it was pleasantly steamy. She sunk into the water with an audible sigh.

Marlin smiled to himself as he heard her.

Her petite, cream colored body flushed red from the heat. She settled down on the opposite side of the tub and sunk into the water until half her face was beneath the surface. She blew some bubbles there and her eyes slanted in pure bliss.

She opened her eyes in little slits as she looked over at Marlin relaxing. He stretched his arms and legs. "Yyyyyeeaaaahhh! This is really the best way to end a day, huh Shayenne? Just you and me, relaxing in some nice hot water. I remember the day I brought you here. I kept you in this tub til I knew you could swim again."

"It's been 6 months already huh?" Shayenne responded as she bubbled up from the water.

Marlin smiled as he pulled the towel off his eyes and looked over at her. "It's crazy, right? When I found you, I thought we'd never get you back out in the ocean. And now look at you, breaking our ring jumping records left and right."

Shayenne blushed deeply and not just because of the heat. "I dunno, it seems kind of natural to be better in shape than ever. You pushed my rehab really hard and did everything you could to make my wounds heal as closed as possible. I think you are the only reason I can be this good again." She smiled at him sheepishly.

Marlin smirked back and chuckled "You really are an especially lucky one. And I might just be a lucky one to have found you as well."

They smiled at each other. The atmosphere growing even hotter as their gazes met. Underwater, their feet touched and they blushed as they noticed it.

"You can… come over here if you want to, by the way." Marlin snickered as he petted the water in front of him.

One side of Shayenne's mouth curled up in a cute smile as she dove forwards and swam over to him. With his back turned to him, she rested against his chest and Marlin wrapped his arms around her sides.

They both sighed as they were surrounded by the hot, damp steam in the bath. Shayenne laid her head back onto his shoulder and closed her eyes while he petted her silky, slick hair.

"Who would've thought that I would get to catch something so pretty in my career."

Shayenne snuggled up against him like a kitten proud to be admired. She sulked a little bit though. "You could show this side of yourself more often."

"What do you mean?"

"Sometimes I feel like you don't even see me as a member of the opposite sex. Like back outside when you were checking my body. It was like you didn't even mind in the slightest that I was a girl." She puffed her cheeks and slumped sadly.

"Who says I didn't?" Marlin squeezed her tighter and pulled her against him.

"B…but you didn't show any sort of embarrassment and you didn't even get flustered like I did."

"Maybe that's the whole point… I want to see you flustered. Maybe I just pretended not to care so I could see that cute embarrassed face of yours."

"So, you were just teasing me?" Shayenne's eyes furrowed in annoyance.

"I said maybe. You can't hang a man without proving he's guilty."

With confidence, Shayenne turned around and stared right into Marlin's blue eyes. She was almost getting weak from being so close to him and her magenta colored eyes getting lost in his deep blue ones. But she steeled herself and asked strictly. "Then give me more clarity! So, what am I to you then?" She crossed her arms as she sat on his lap.

Marlin raised his eyebrows. "Really? Was I not making that clear enough by now? Excuse me then, let me clear this up." He cupped Shayenne's right cheek and pulled her closer. He kissed her on the lips and wrapped his other hand around her back to pull their bodies together. Her petite body jerked and flushed red as she almost melted into the kiss.

With lustful smacks, Shayenne clung to his lips and they made out lusciously. All of her built up confidence was gone and she just submitted herself to his arms.

His big hand moved from her sides to her ass and squeezed her ass cheek. The flesh prodded in between his fingers as her little bubble butt was contorted into different shapes.

Shayenne enjoyed the strong grip he had on her and she felt so small, pressed up against him.

A long drawn out breath left her mouth as she parted from his mouth. Her eyes were hooded and a gentle smile crossed her mouth as she combed through his brown hair.

"I was really worried you didn't care for me, you know? In a sexual way, at least." Shayenne smiled shyly.

"I'd have to be mad to ignore a body like that." Marlin licked her neck, making Shayenne's tail fin splash about in the water as she shivered from it.

"*pant* Marlin…" Shayenne cooed as her hands pawed against his front.

"And I can prove it as well." He whispered. "I don't think I would react like this if I didn't find you sexy."

Shayenne gasped slightly, followed by a breathy moan as she felt Marlin's hardened cock grind against her ass. It slipped right in between her crack and rubbed up and down against it, teasing the lower half of her pussy as well. He bucked his hips and ground his cock in between her thighs.

His breath grew a little labored as his shaft was embedded in between her flesh and it gave off a soft pillowy feeling as he thrusted away.

Shayenne moaned as her petite body was used by him and he basically shook her to grind his cock. She enjoyed the feeling of his burly member gaining pleasure from her. But she herself didn't come short either. Her folds almost bit into his incoming dick and slid over the rigid surface.

"Man, *snickers* even in the hot water I can feel how turned on you are."

Shayenne blushed and turned away. "Don't say stuff like that! It's embarrassing!"

Marlin turned her face back to face him. "I'm just the same. Don't worry about it. Even I need to cover up my embarrassment with some humor every now and then." He smiled and kissed her.

"Stand up and put your hands to the wall." He whispered with hot breath as he parted.

"Why?" Shayenne asked unsure.

"Just trust me. It won't hurt." He answered meaningfully.

Shayenne gulped a little before standing up on her nervously shaking legs and faced the wall. The how water was only up to her knees now and the rest of her naked body was completely out in the open.

She shuddered as she heard the splashing water when Marlin stood up as well. Goosebumps dotted her body when his hands stroked her round ass and petted it admiringly.

But it moved even past that. To her confusion, Marlin moved on to slide his hand across her tail fin and let it slide over his palm with a worried look. "Does it still hurt you when I touch it?"

"Huh? Umm… not really. It's mostly numb by now." She answered as she still held position.

Marlin smiled to himself "Good, I don't want to cause you any pain. I think you've had enough of that." He petted her tail caringly and let it sway to the side so he had a perfect view of Shayenne's ass and dripping pussy.

The way he actually showed care for her, made Shayenne's heart jump with joy and even more juices were pumped into her cove, ready to accept the only man she loved. The man she craved.

"I…I think I'm ready to take you, Marlin. I want to feel you inside me." She raised her butt for him to see and Marlin licked his lips in lust.

"You don't say. Tell you what… I just thought the same thing. I want you to feel me inside you as well." He leaned over her and made her crane her neck so she could kiss him longingly.

Just now she noticed his looming size bent over her. His muscular, big body could easily crush her and his thick cock, still wet from the water of the bath was even bigger than she imagined it when she felt it underwater.

It was glistening at the tip and rested on top of her ass, ready to piston into her. She avoided thinking about it prying open her tight pussy as her mind was consumed by their tongue-wrestling kiss.

Gently, Marlin's hands caressed her butt cheeks. Her skin, if you looked closer, was made up of very fickle, little scales. Their cream color was flushed in some places from the sexual tension.

Without even pulling away from their saliva swapping kiss, Marlin grabbed his cock with his hand and guided it to the puffed out slit that was protruding from in between her legs. Its surface was glistening with more than just water and the folds were almost pulsating with expectation.

In the steam of the bath, their bodies grew heated. Marlin set himself up for the first thrust. Just before moving, he fondled her hanging breasts, eliciting another moan from the Milotic. "Am I going to take your first time, Shayenne? Just wanted to make sure."

She wordlessly nodded as she bit her lip when she felt his tip squishing her moist entrance.

"I will keep my promise. I won't hurt you. But I will still get my chance to go crazy later." He muttered seductively as he got a tighter hold of her ass.

Shayenne breathed heavily and again nodded in want, her breasts being fondled and groped by him. Her breath was ragged.

Marlin leaned over her and pulled his hips back an inch. "Oh, and one more thing."

"Huh?" Shayenne looked over her shoulder confused.

"I love you." And with that, he bored into her, penetrating her with a loud moan from him. He inched his way inside, pushing past all of her folds.

Shayenne was flush with embarrassment but way too absorbed in the pleasure to care. She could feel his cock deep within her, her insides spreading to accommodate his size. It felt like her body was being stretched out from within.

He pierced her until his hips met hers and he was balls-deep buried in her heat. With his massively bigger body, he loomed over her and held her quivering figure in his arms. He licked the nape of her neck which just made her twitch even more.

Marlin could feel a different warmth than the juices on his member. Namely, it was a few trickles of blood that dribbled down from their connection point into the water of the bath. It was the proof of him taking the seal of her virginity and he felt a flutter in his heart as he realized this.

He didn't show it, but the knowledge that he had been given the first time of someone as lovely and gorgeous as Shayenne, filled him with pride and love.

He pulled her up against him to feel her back on his chest. It was calming for her to be held so close after being deflowered.

"Could you hold me like this for a little?" She asked shyly without even looking up at him in fear that he would see the tears of pain and happiness in her eyes.

"Of course, tell me when you're ready. I'm right here." He still kept massaging her breasts in hopes to make her feel more pleasure and have it overtake her pain.

After a few moments of silence and quivering, Shayenne nodded. "I'm fine. You can move now. Use me however you want!" She said with steeled determination.

Flattered by her devotion, he kissed her neck and pulled back his cock to slowly start thrusting and then getting gradually faster. Shayenne felt as if her insides were pulled when Marlin drew his hips back.

Just as it felt like he completely pulled out, he slammed all the way back in. Shayenne turned her head to muffle her moans by kissing him deeply. With him easily towering over her, he kept groping her body as they kissed.

His massive member pried apart her folds and pistoned into her deepest depths. It knocked the entrance of her womb and tickled her walls as it ground along them.

"Fuck! This feels so good! I could get addicted to this!" Marlin groaned through his teeth, heavily thrusting in long strokes.

"Me too, Marlin! Your cock! *pant* Your cock is amazing!" Her lust swelled over. Their hips collided in loud slams and the water around their legs splashed about from the rapid action.

Like a piledriver, Marlin screwed her pussy and slammed against her ass.

As the fucking grew more and more passionate, he parted from their kissing for a moment to move his arms to the bend of her legs and he lifted her out of the water. The droplets still trickling from her legs and tail, Marlin kept fucking her standing up.

He bounced her on his massive cock, her comparatively tiny body being rocked by him skewering her on it.

Her tail, shoved to her right side, splashed about on the surface of the water still. Her eyes were vacant and her hot, steaming tongue lashed out of her mouth. She was driven mad with pleasure.

"Ahhh! MMHHAAAAAA! Maaaaarliiiiin! More! MORE!" She screamed of the top of her lungs, her voice echoing in the bath and ringing in Marlin's ears. Spurred on by her lewd state, he hardened his stance and slammed his cock upwards to meet her bouncing hips.

He moved her with his strong arms and seeking even more contact, he kissed and licked her shoulder, neck and ear.

Shayenne's antennae curled in from the tensity of her body and her entire being shivered in ecstasy.

"Shayenne! AAAAAHHH! I'm cumming! Take it all in! *pant* You want it inside, don't you?" He smirked, trying to hide how hard it was for him to hold on and not cum right on the spot.

"YES MARLIN! MMMHHHAAAAAAHHH! Fill me! Fill me with your cum!" The Milotic cried out as the pleasure in her trembling pussy took the upper hand. Her heart was racing and their bodies topped even the heat of the water and steam.

Marlin felt his balls swell and a boiling load of hot cum was ascending through his shaft.



They both moaned out loud and their juices mixed as burst after burst shot forth from Marlin's tip. He let out enormous loads, large enough to overflow Shayenne's hole and spray out into the water.

Shayenne's similarly smoldering juices squirted out and just like Marlins' they trickled down from their connection point, making the water in the bath cloudy and milky.

Their shivering and heaving bodies were glistening with extensive sweat. Shayenne rested her body against Marlin's chest who steadily held her up and stood strongly. His limpening cock slowly slipped out of her and pulled out with it a mixture of their juices again. Though Shayenne could feel that a lot of it was still stored up inside her and she smiled at the thought of that.

"Shayenne… I hope I didn't go to rough. I know I lost myself a little there." Marlin said in between hot, shallow breaths.

"No worries, Marlin. I'm all good. Even better than good probably." One of her arms held onto his neck while the other hand rubbed her belly where she could still feel the lingering cum and her still stretched insides. "I think I might even keep the shape of you."

Marlin chuckled. "Were you planning on taking in the shape of someone else?"

Shayenne rested her head on his shoulder and giggled as well "Of course not. I just want you to take responsibility."

Marlin smirked "Why would I not want to? You give me enough reason to be proud."

Their lips met in a loving kiss as the steam slowly overtook the room and they settled down in the water again to have a proper bath. Though it might not have been too much of a good idea to do that with all their juices staining the water.

But that would be another worry for another time.

5 years later

It should come as no surprise but even after getting back to full health, Shayenne didn't set out for the ocean.

Well… yeah she did but always close enough to be with her new lover. And since old habits die hard, he still felt the need to test her abilities from time to time to make absolutely sure that she was in top shape. Her fins still did suffer some scars after all.

"Alley hop!" Marlin cried out as he stood on the highest level of his ladder on the pier.

"Alley hop!" But the water didn't even ripple.

"Shayenne?" Confused he stepped down and went to the edge of the pier. "Didn't you hear m…? *splash*"

Before he could even answer, a loud splash shot out from the water and as he opened his eyes again, he already held Shayenne in his arms, clinging to him tightly.

"Gotcha!" Shayenne grinned cheekily as she wiped the wet bangs out of his face.

Marlin laughed "Still standing sturdy as a rock. Did you really think you could topple me over?"

Suddenly two more splashes came from the water and two little anthro Feebas boys darted up to the pier.

"SURPRISE!" The two boys shouted in unison.

Marlin panicked as he tried to catch them too but the combined weight was even too much for him and he was pinned to the ground.

The boys and Shayenne laughed victoriously and the two Feebas high fived each other.

"Mom might not be enough…" Shay said cockily.

"… but this sure did it!" Darwin continued and the brown-haired fish twins hugged their dad.

"That's not fair! I'm only used to catching your mom like this, boys." Marlin laughed with them as he ruffled their slick hair. They had beige skin and a silverish blue tail fin on their lower back.

The boys smiled as their father petted them and after they hugged him, they stood right back up. They were extremely energetic and competitive.

"Okay, Shay. Let's see who dares to jump from the highest step of the ladder into the water!"

"You're so on, Darwin! Dad? Can we use your ladder for a bit! We'll be really careful!" They both were even twitching with energy as their hopeful eyes turned towards Marlin.

Marlin shot an asking glance towards Shayenne. She giggled and nodded.

"Knock yourself out, boys!"

"YESS!" They pumped their fists as they ran off.

Shayenne crawled onto Marlin's lap as she watched her children play and sighed as the rested against him.

"Never would've expected that an accident would lead to me being a mother one day."

Marlin nostalgically looked over at his sons and smiled. "Do you regret that?"

"Don't even joke about that." She chuckled as she nuzzled his neck. "There's nowhere I'd rather have ended up."

"Me neither. I just hope I'll be a good dad. Well, guess I don't have to worry about being tactless. They're boys after all. The only girl I'm gonna be an idiot for is sitting in my lap right now and for Arceus knows what reason decided to fall in love with me."

"Maybe I'm just into idiots." Shayenne smiled up at him.

"That would make two of us then." He rebutted.

"Shut up!" She rolled her eyes but still smirked happily.

Without another word, their lips met and they kissed each other lovingly.


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