Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Charizard(Roxie) x Derek

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It's a calm and gentle morning at Lagunia high. The winds of autumn blowing the red leaves around the school yard. At least it would be a calm and gentle morning if certain students weren't so tardy.

"Run, Roxie! We can make it in time! Catch up!" Derek yelled as he was running in front of Roxie, the anthro Charizard.

Derek was a senior student at Lagunia High along with his childhood friend Roxie. Derek was 18 years old, green haired and rather sporty. He wore the usual Lagunia High uniform in White and Blue with the LH logo on the left chest of a marine blue jacket and a white shirt with blue tie underneath along with white trousers. His hair was styled to the back wildly and spiky with a streak of white on the right head side. He was a top-grade student but quite unorganized and often absent-minded. Much to the misfortune of Roxie.

"*pant* Haaa! Wait up a little, I can't breathe anymore!" Roxie ran with her curled, thick red hair blowing in the wind.

Roxie was as mentioned before, an anthro Charizard. One that couldn't quite control her ability to fly yet. She just recently evolved and wasn't used to having wings yet. So usually she just walked or in this case, ran everywhere.

The problem is, those wings were heavy and often got in the way for her. Because Roxie is a pretty big girl. Not in the way of being fat, but because she was a Charizard. She had a busty, broad frame with massive hips and heavy breasts of F cup size. Her belly was a little bulgy but not fat and a long, heavy tail extended from her lower back which made running even more of a hassle. The problem was that Roxie waited for Derek for him to walk to school every morning habitually. That meant that when he was late, she was too.

This was one of those mornings. Derek overslept as he knocked off and smashed his alarm clock and Roxie waited patiently at her house that was on the way to school for him to pick her up. And Roxie was devoted. If Derek wouldn't have come, she wouldn't have walked to school.

It's a habit she developed over the years of being friends with him and she had no intention to break that habit since she enjoyed these walks with Derek so much. Well… except for walks like these.

"*gasp* I think we can't make it to the first lesson anyways, so let's just walk normally and excuse ourselves for oversleeping!" Roxie yelled after Derek, who stopped as he heard her voice. She came to a quick hold as well and rested against a fence on the side of the road. "Finally. *pant* I think I can taste blood."

Derek turned around and walked towards her. As he came close to her, he rubbed his neck anxiously in panic. "No, no, no, we're having a test in the first lesson. If we're late, we're gonna flunk them automatically. All the learning will have been for nothing!" Derek walked from left to right, trying to think of what to do. His wristwatch told him that they'd have five more minutes to reach school. But on foot, they'd at least take seven even if they were running.

"Don't you think haaaa… that you have enough As in math to offset that? I mean it would probably barely make a dent in your score." Roxie gasped for dear life as she tried to fill her lungs with air again.

"It's still a dent that I don't want to have there. One step away from a perfect score is one step closer to failing." He proclaimed proudly. Derek walked up and down some more, time ticking away on them as he got an idea. He snapped his fingers. "I got it! Roxie!"


"You're a dragon now, right?"


"You have wings, right?"

"Also yeah?"

"Fly us to school!"

"Hell no! I can't control it well!"

"What are you? A man or a mouse?!"

"Neither. I'm a dragon as we just established."

"Even better!" He lifted a finger in victory. "Now hold me and fly us to school. Your wings will do most of the work. It should be like riding a bike." Derek lifted his arms to let Roxie reach around him.

She closed her eyes in panic. "This is a bad idea, Derek!"

"This is a great idea. Lift off!" Derek commanded as Roxie gulped and began flapping her wings. They slowly lifted off the ground, higher into the air.

"I'm unsteady, Derek. This isn't going to work!" Roxie said hastily as she held Derek tightly in her arms as the wings on her back did their best to keep the two of them airborne.

"You can do this, Roxie! I believe in you. You can do this!"

Encouraged by Derek, Roxie took a deep breath and dashed forwards to fly towards the school. They zoomed through the sky, breaking who knows how many laws of traffic as they make a break for it. It was only one more minute until school would begin, but the High School was already in sight.

"Okay, land on the schoolyard. Roxie? LAND ON THE SCHOOLYARD!" Derek yelled from the top of his lungs as they were careening off towards the school building at full speed.

"I can't the wind is blowing me away! HOLD TIGHT!" Roxie yelled back as the autumn breeze carried her wings further than she intended.



The two of them crashed right through one of the windows in the side of the building… right into their classroom.

As they slide over the floor, the students inside the classroom hide underneath their tables to escape the blasting shards of glass.

And right in front of them as they came to a hold, was Miss Yumi. Their math teacher, holding up her maths book like a shield to protect herself. She looks down at Derek who landed right next to her.

Just as the glass scatters all over the ground... the bell rings to start the lesson. Derek pumps a fist in victory. "Yesss, we made it, Roxie! Roxie?" He sat up to see that Roxie lied on the floor unconscious. Not because of a hard knock, but because all the adrenaline and panicky stress scrambled her mind to the point of overload.

Miss Yumi sighed and leaned over Derek. She handed him the test papers and looked down at him with a deadpan face. "*sigh* See me after class, Derek."

He accepted the papers and shrugged in shame. "Yes, Miss Yumi."

A necessary set back, in favor of a perfect score.

After Derek helped Roxie to get back onto her feet, he guided her to her seat to take the test herself before he sat down at his usual spot right next to her. He smiled over at her, smiling at her as she smiled back at him. And underneath the table, they gave each other a high five.

All while in the corner of the room, there was an anthro Jolteon holding her head in her hands. "This fucking school, I swear!" And mumbled to herself.

Just another typical day at Lagunia High.

5 hours later in the same classroom

Derek and Roxie collected shards of broken glass with thick gloves covering their hands. They swiped up piles and piles of the remaining pieces of the window, knowing that after this, they were going to have to swipe and clean the rest of the classrooms too as a punishment for the rushed entrance in the morning.

Roxie grumbled as she shoved the piles onto a shovel and into a bin.

"Come on, how often do I have to apologize? I'm really, really sorry for this." Derek spoke up sadly as he picked little shards out of the corners of the room.

"Hmph." Roxie scowled as she stood there, brooding.

Derek dumped his collected shards into the bin as well as he walked up to her. "I know I shouldn't have pushed you to do this. I was selfish and arrogant. I was an absolute idiot. Please don't be mad anymore."

"*sigh* I told you it was a bad idea and you didn't listen." She sighed as she looked away and puffed her cheeks.

"I know, I know. *sigh* I was wrong. I should have." Derek reached out to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Roxie blushed as she felt his arms around her and gasped in surprise. She submitted herself to his hug and chuckled. "You're mean, I can't be mad at you when you're acting like a sensible guy."

"What are you talking about? I AM a sensible guy."

Roxie turned around as she broke free from his hug and smugly raised an eyebrow. "Reaaaaally now?"

"What was that? I could swear I just heard a sarcastic tone in that. But that can't be true. Because that would mean that my statement was questionable."

"You never change, do you?" Roxie laughs.

"What do you mean?" Derek falls out of his sarcasm and faces her.

"Even back when we met you were such a sarcastic hothead. You were always on top of your game and quick on your feet. You knew how to have fun and how to spontaneously come up with solutions for any problem." Roxie blushed as she reminisced about their childhood.

"You mean like when I met you first on the playground and you scraped your knee in the sandbox?"

"Yeah, stuff like that. You used some of the nearby leaves to make me a bandage out of it."

"*chuckles* Well, that was nothing special. I just acted out of necessity. I had to think quick so that you wouldn't get worse."

"I envied you for it." Roxie admitted as she shyly looked down at the floor. "I'm always overthinking things and I'm too worried to go through with anything. I just… I just wish I could act like you sometimes. Maybe I would be able to fly right then." She sighed to herself as she hopped onto one of the student's desks.

Derek sighed as well as he walked towards her, rubbing his neck, not sure what to say. He put his hand on her shoulder and spoke anyways as he looked into her green eyes.

"Hey, look, you already saw that acting quick and out of necessity can lead to a lot of bad stuff happening. Like crashing through a school window to be on time. Sometimes long thinking and rational acting can be the better option than a quick and effective solution. You just happen to be good at being cautious and thoughtful. That's a great thing too." Derek cheered her up as he sat down next to her on the desk.

"You really think so?"

"Of course, in other circumstances I could've failed at a lot of things because I haven't thought them through properly. Imagine the plants that I used to make your bandage would've been Poison Ivy." He chuckled as he wrapped his arm around Roxie's shoulders.

She rested against Derek as she chuckled along with him. "I don't think we would've been friends then. Can't really imagine liking a guy that makes me have rashes."

"Man. You're so picky." Derek pressed his head against hers as they looked into each other's eyes.

Roxie's eyes glimmered with adoration as she looked at him and Derek pulled her even closer as she wrapped her arm around his neck.

As if magnetic, their lips were drawn towards each other and they kissed. Years of built up frustrations and secret admiration for each other led to this moment.

The big scaly dragon and the young student wrestled their tongues with each other as they reached out. They exchanged saliva and explored their mouths in a sloppy but passionate French kiss.

Their lips parted and a string of saliva drew out between them as they pulled away. Their breaths were ragged and their faces flushed.

Derek and Roxie blushed and turned away from each other shyly. They smiled to themselves as they couldn't believe what just happened.

"Well, I guess that means you like me too huh?" Derek rubbed his neck awkwardly.

"I did for kind of a long time actually." Roxie grinned stupidly as she giggled to herself in happiness. "Still can't believe we finally did it."

"Me neither. I could get used to it though." Derek smiled over at Roxie as he laid his hand on top of her clawed one.

A weird but happy atmosphere surrounded them as they shyly looked at each other. "We should… probably continue our work. There's still a lot to do. We shouldn't get Miss Yumi any more angry." Roxie chuckled as she jumped off the table.

Derek smiled sympathetically. "I think you're right. Let's get back to cleaning. Business as usual…"

"Yeah…" Roxie responded, reluctant to leave Derek's side. She stands close to him, entwining her hand with Derek's as she looks into his eyes.

Derek looks up into her eyes too and presses his forehead against hers. "Yeah, we should focus."

"Yeah, focus." They went in a loop, trying to stretch out the moment for just a bit longer as they stared at each other in longing, biting their lips, eager for kissing some more.

But they had to part as they moved the cleaning equipment to the other classrooms.

They spend the time, constantly glancing at each other from the corner of their eyes as they swipe the floors and clean the windows. At least those that are still intact.

The hours pass and the evening sun soon sets on the horizon, covering the school in a warm, reddish glow. After finishing their work around school, they go back to their own classroom. They stand next to each other, leaning against the teacher's table as Roxie rests her head on Derek's shoulder while they're in each other's arms.

Right across from them is the window they broke through this morning. A soft breeze enters the room through it and the gentle evening sun shines right through this side of the building.

Derek sighs and gently speaks "I guess sometimes not thinking ahead does pay off."

Roxie chuckles "You do realize it got us into trouble and we had to clean the school until evening right?"

Derek smirks and chuckles with her before his look turned gentle "Yeah but… everything else wouldn't have happened either. And admit it, no matter how bad it ended, wasn't it fun. Don't you think this will be a day to remember?"

"I guess you're right. It was kinda funny."

"I can't wait to tell our kids about this story one day." Derek spoke without thinking.

Roxie's eyes widened "Did… did you just say our kids?" She blushed deeply as she tried to avert her eyes but failed as Derek guided her face towards him.

"This is one of those moments where you shouldn't try to overthink it too much." He kissed her, holding her cheek.

Their lips touched and they exchanged saliva as the kiss went deeper. Their tongues swirled around each other and they pressed their bodies together as tight as they could.

Roxie swung over, pressing up against Derek's front as she continued to kiss him deeply. Her wings shielded them from the blinding sunlight outside as they were covered in a shroud of their own lust.

Without even having to think about it, Derek shoved his hand underneath her uniform and shed it off her, leaving her in a tight white shirt that was stretched by her enormous bust. It was apparent that she didn't wear a bra as her nipples were leaving visible bumps in her shirt.

Derek assaulted them with his fingers as they closed their eyes in blissful pleasure and enjoyed their deep, sloppy kissing. Roxie stroked Derek's bulge which began to form within his trousers. She could feel his rock hard cock even through two layers of fabric and noticed its thickness and length. She rubbed it with her entire palm, in turn enjoying how Derek fondled her weighty tits through the shirt.

His breath quickened as his lust took over and he just had to see her naked. He popped open button after button, gradually revealing more of her orange skin until he the shirt only loosely hung over her breasts. He pulled it down her arms, his eyes widening as he laid eyes upon her scaly, massive boobs. "*gulp* Damn."

"What's wrong? Do they look weird?" Roxie whispered shyly, a hint of worry in her voice. But she was quickly silenced.

Derek's eyes were completely fixated on them as he slowly moved closer with his face. "What did I say? Don't think too much about it now. They're perfect." He delved forward, latching onto one of her nipples as he covered it in his spit. He sucked on it and swirled his tongue around her sensitive nipple, making Roxie yelp and gasp in surprise.

Roxie pulled his head onto her tit, wanting to preserve the pleasure as her free hand continued to rub his cock. She managed to get it out of his trousers, letting it spring free as Derek's pants dropped to the floor.

She wrapped her clawed hands around his member, making sure not to hurt him before she started jerking rapidly with her movements being quick and pleasurable. His cock was dripping with precum, staining her hand and making it easier to slide with the sticky, slick lubricant.

Derek moaned along with her under her touches. Along with Roxie, he panted and pulled her body close as they clung to each other.

Roxie pushed him onto the desk of Miss Yumi, slid down his body and knelt between his legs. Derek's burly, thick cock was right in front of her face as her strong but gentle claws kept jerking him off. "I always wondered what you would look like down here. It's way bigger than I imagined it." She muttered as her eyes wandered from base to tip.

"I don't think it's bigger than average. But I'm happy you like it. I've wanted to see you naked for some time too. Pretty embarrassing to admit now but I think we're past the point of no return by now." He chuckled as Roxie couldn't even react with her eyes fixated on his cock.

"I wondered what it would taste like too." She mumbled thoughtlessly.

Derek blushed as he nodded "You can taste it if you want to. I'm sure it'll feel amazing to have your mouth on it." He encouraged her as he combed his hand through her orange locks.

With his hand on top of her head, Roxie smiled and leaned forward to coil her split dragon tongue around Derek's shaft. Her long tongue snaked around his member, coating it in sweet saliva. Her tongue pulsated and licked him up and down as it even managed to jerk his cock with the length that was wrapped around it.

Derek moaned lusciously as the redhead dragon sucked him off. The thought of his childhood friend doing something so lewd to him was overwhelming and made the pleasure even more incredible.

Derek steadied himself on the desk with one hand while he used the other to gently guide Roxie's head onto his cock. As her lips slid over his shaft, her penetrated her mouth and was enveloped in the hot saliva of the fire type.

She diligently began to suck his member with her snaking tongue pulsating around his cock as she bobbed her head. Roxie closed her eyes, enjoying the taste of the precum from her long time best friend. The taste wasn't anything special but to her just the thought of it being Derek's was enough to drive her mind crazy at the sensation.

"You're doing great, Roxie. I love you." Derek said lustily as he panted.

Roxie perked up as she heard it, still not used to the sound of those words. As if to return the same sentiment, she blushed and redoubled her efforts to make Derek cum soon. She clung tight to his body and pushed forward as hard as she could to force Derek's member as deep into her mouth as she could take him. She took it far enough to hit her throat and in a desperate wish to give him all of her, she let him enter. The tight sensation of her throat made Derek wince in pleasure and he grit his teeth.

From here on, Roxie's blowjob only grew in intensity. In long strokes, she licked, sucked and squeezed his dick with her mouth until she felt it throbbing against her tongue.

"Fuck! I can feel it coming. Roxie, get off before I…. Ahhh!" He threw his head back as Roxie gagged herself on his cock as it penetrated her throat over and over again. Her saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth and she showed no signs of letting up.

She sucked him all the way to the end until his tip opened up and a torrent of white hot fluids spurted right down her throat. Roxie forced herself to let every single drop run down her throat and she fondled her own breast as even the fire type was aroused by the hot cum flowing down into her stomach.

Derek could do nothing but moan as Roxie greedily stuck to his cock and sucked him dry.

As Roxie was finally done, she popped her mouth off his member and gasped for air as she could finally breathe again. Hot steam blew out of her nostrils as she panted and her skin was flush with arousal. She looked upon the result of her actions and stared at the saliva and cum coated cock of Derek. Her nether regions grew hot and she could barely hide her excitement as she gulped and blushed.

Derek picked up on it as he recovered from his afterglow and with his member still hard and unsatisfied, he tackled the dragon girl to the ground and pinned her there. He breathed onto her neck as he began to lick her scales there and the tip of his cock poked against her red panties underneath her blue school skirt. Roxie's breasts flattened as Derek pressed his chest to them.

"I love you, Derek! I love you so damn much!" She moaned as she wanted to make up for not being able to say it earlier. Her words were quickly cut off by Derek as he pressed his lips on top of hers and his hand snaked underneath her skirt. He pulled aside the red panties, leaving her skirt on and prodding her cunt.

"I love you too, Roxie. Will you give me your first time? I know I'm a bit of an airhead sometimes but right now I don't even NEED to think about how much I want you!"

Roxie teared up and smiled a little in return. "You will give me yours too right? So of course I will!" She clamped her legs around him to pull him in.

Derek slowly inched his way inside, pushing past the seal of her virginity, dousing his cock in a little amount of blood.

Both of them flinched in a mix of pleasure and pain as Derek pried open Roxie's tight insides. Derek could've almost cum right then and there as his cock was squeezed tightly from all sides but for the sake of Roxie he held back and shoved his cock until he reached all the way inside, burying his cock to the base in her pussy.

They panted onto each other's lips as they faced each other with their crotches connected as deep as they went. Derek could even feel the entrance to her womb against his tip.

They rested together with their foreheads pressed together. Roxie spoke up first to let Derek know it was alright to start. "Make my pussy take the shape of you, Derek!" She said sultrily as she locked lips with him once again and Derek began to thrust his hips.

He gouged her walls and ground into her as his cock penetrated her depths. Roxie's tail swung over the ground excitedly until it coiled around one of Derek's legs to keep every part of her body close to him.

Her wings as well, wrapped around him and covered them in a sort of cocoon of sex. Derek swung his hips wildly, moaning and panting heavily in between their deep kisses. His hand dug into her breast and kneaded it roughly as the heavy flesh spills through his fingers. He teased her nipples and contorted the shape of her tit.

Her pussy constricted around his cock, making Derek quiver from the intense feeling. His back arched as he used his entire strength to pound Roxie. "This is incredible Roxie! You're so tight! Are you feeling it too?" his wavering voice called out to her as he was drowning in the pleasure her wet, slick pussy gave him.

"Your cock is amazing too, Derek! I can feel it so deep inside me!" She touched her belly, feeling the little bulge that showed on top of it.

The sight made Derek reinvigorated and he lustily hammered away into her. He could feel his climax approaching fast and from Roxie's furrowed brow he could tell that she was struggling to keep it together too.

Derek grabbed her voluptuous ass and lifted it a little, making thrusting a little easier for him as their bodies rocked together on the school floor while the evening glow kept them warm.

"I'm cumming, Derek! I can't hold on anymore!"

"Me neither, Roxie! I' m cumming with you! All the way inside!"

"YES! Fill me with your cum, Derek!"

"AAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" They screamed in unison, their bodies arching in intense climax. Their respective juices sprayed out into and onto each other and they mixed into a naughty blend.

Knowing that they'll have to clean the floors again later, they still didn't care in the moment as their crotches collided in the last few thrusts before their exhausted bodies went limp.

With heavy panting and convulsing bodies they rested together, mangled in a mess of sweat and juices.

Derek slid out of Roxie and lied down next to her, letting her rest her head on his shoulder with her wings folded in so they wouldn't be in the way. She nuzzled him, taking in his musky scent. "This smell is something really amazing isn't it?"

Derek smiled gently as he squeezed her body close to him. "The smell after sex? Yeah, it's something that only lovers get to know of each other. You smell quite nice too." He chuckled as he nuzzled her hair.

Derek pulled them both up so they could sit against the side of the teacher's desk. With Roxie in his arms and resting on his shoulder, they watched the sunset through the broken window.

The orange glow covered them in a gentle warmth as the autumn wind blows around them, cooling their hot bodies at the same time.

They didn't even bother covering themselves as no one would come to school this late anyways and they instead just enjoyed the calm of their afterglow.

"It's beautiful." Roxie smiled gently as she looked over the horizon. The sun was slowly setting over the ocean in the distance and it was even getting a little darker.

"It sure is." Derek said as he watched the sun go down with her. "But there are still prettier things than this sunset."

Roxie giggled, expecting the punchline. "Like what?"

"You for example." He smirked cheekily.

She laughed as she nudged his chest "Wow, how long did you have to think for that one?"

"Well, I've kinda waited to use a whole array of flirting lines and now that I finally have a girlfriend you'll get the full front of them." Derek laughed as well.

"Arceus have mercy!" Roxie turned around and blushed. "But… I'll look forward to hearing them anyways."

"I'll look forward to telling them too." Derek sighed happily as he cupped her cheeks and pulled her into another loving kiss.

Sometimes you need to think long and hard about the choices you make, but occasionally you should follow your instinct and take chances.

"What if I'm actually pregnant though. For real now?" Roxie asked as it popped into her head again.

Derek gulped in panic. "Well, then we really do have to think a bit more."

They both chuckled at their own reaction and just decided to face this when the time came.


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