Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins

God damn, it's been a while. These last few weeks have really been keeping me away from writing for this series.

I guess that calls for something special to celebrate the return! Well, how about we do our first foursome story with a Pokémon that's pretty fitting for the occasion? One that's been requested several times before. Yep, it's Salazzle, one of the new Pokémon from Sun and Moon. 3 guys and one girl, that's the one everyone wants to see when people ask for a foursome, right? ...right?

I want to thank you again for being patient with me, I know it's probably pretty frustrating to wait for my updates. You've been pretty supportive throughout this hiatus though, so I can't stress enough how much I appreciate it.

But enough sap for now, let's get right to it and have a new entry for AP x H!


Lagunia City doesn't only have a large offering of students, teachers, scientists and experts of various areas. Everyday people shop at one of the many markets, normal teenagers hang out in the parks and the people who have already made it with whatever expertise they've mastered, settle down in one of the more extravagant homes in the outer ring of the city.

Lady Celita was one of the latter. She was a highly renowned inventor, revolutionizing the techniques of geothermic technology that uses natural gas to heat homes and serves as a biological energy source.

She was somewhat of an expert, being a very unique and exotic Pokémon. Lady Celita was a Salazzle, the only Pokémon in the world being specialized in both poison and fire. She definitely had the appeal of those attributes. A dark and dangerous look with burning lust behind her eyes. She was in her late 30s, her body still holding up the beauty of a young, attractive woman. Her curves were tantalizing with voluptuous, massive F cup breasts and a firm, well-rounded ass with curvy thighs. Her body was slick and scaly from head to toe due to her species and a long, reptilian tail protruded from her lower back. Her scales were black and purple with a few pink ornaments crossing over it in her chest and crotch area. Her eyes were a light shade of violet and were narrow like those of a lizard.

With the money she earned from her previous position as the head of her own company, she was now a multi-millionaire and retired in Lagunia. To put it lightly, Celita was a woman of… acquired tastes and needs. She was never satisfied with the bare necessities and was a big fan of excess and relishing in the comfort of luxury and pleasure.

Our story starts with a man called Logan, and don't worry it'll become clear how he is related to Lady Celita soon.

Logan was a very handsome man with a high education. He was 20 years old and just recently graduated from Lagunia Highschool as a master in salesmanship and economics. Being amazed with science and technology, he was always enthralled by the great minds that emerge from Lagunia City.

He was tall, slender and quite a looker. He had shoulder long, tussled brown hair and hazel brown eyes that were so gentle and lovely that a lot of girls often got lost in them. He usually wears a white button-up shirt and a skinny pair of jeans. He always had a happy-go-lucky kind of smile on him which made him very approachable and likeable to the people of Lagunia. There was just one thing that was kind of off-putting about him: a black, belted leather collar around his neck.

Today Logan went to the shopping district in the center of Lagunia. He walked through the isles, picking up all sorts of exotic fruits and vegetables.

"Hmm, what would the mistress like? A mango maybe? No, she had that last week. A drakefruit? No, she didn't like the taste of those. Man, what to pick?"

"Hey Logan, what are you up to today?" A store clerk walked up to him as his eyes darted over the fruits.

"Huh? Oh, hey Trisha. Say, do you have any new fruits in store? I want to give the mistress something fresh and exciting so that she'll love me more." Logan asked curiously.

"The mistress? Oh, you mean Lady Celita? Well, she used to be a regular customer of ours. You might want to pick up some pineapples. She likes those so much she even used them to put on pizzas. A bit of an acquired taste if you ask me, but there you go." Trisha shrugged as she laughed.

She reached behind her to grab one of the pineapples and handed them to Logan whose face lit up in excitement. "Oh Arceus, thank you Trisha. Was really getting desperate there." Logan chuckled in relief.

Trisha crossed her arms in curiosity as she smiled "I don't get why you're always so eager to make Celita happy. Wait. Are you having a crush on her?" She smirked as she nudged him.

Logan blushed and rubbed the back of his head as he smiled sheepishly. "Well, I guess it's a bit more than that. I just… I really admire her for all that she has achieved and I really look up to her. She is an incredible woman that me and the other guys really appreciate for all the things she does for us." He rambled on as he daydreamed about his mistress.

Trisha raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Did…did you just say 'you and the other guys'? What are you talking about, Logan?"

Logan gulped "I umm… y….you wouldn't understand." He tugged on his leather collar around his neck uncomfortably.

"You never did tell me why you are spending so much time at her place. What's the deal with that?"

"Again, you wouldn't understand. It's an… arrangement between me, my mistress and the other two."

"What arrangement?" Trisha got more and more suspicious as she tried to corner Logan to give her the answers she wanted.

Logan was getting desperate as a bit of sweat formed on his forehead. "You see I… uhh Look! A Primeape is swinging on the lamps!" He pointed behind her hastily.

Trisha rolled her eyes as she turned around "Again? I told them to keep their kids in contro… wait." She turned around again only to see that there was only emptiness in front of her with the fruit isle missing one of the pineapples that were there before. "Oh no you didn't! LOGAN!" She called out into the empty void where Logan used to stand. The revolving door in the entrance of the store was still spinning quickly after Logan had managed a quick and hasty escape and a couple of Pokédollars slowly fluttered down onto the cash register.

Outside of the store, Logan panted with the pineapple clutched in his hands. "Sheesh, that was close. Man that woman is nosy. At least I got you out of there. I hope what she said about the mistress liking you was true." Logan said out of breath as he spoke with the pineapple.

"Come on then, let's bring you home." He chuckled enthusiastically as he put the pineapple under his arm and headed home.

With his spoils in hand, he headed to the outer rim of the city, heading for a fancy, large house with a hedge and fence surrounding it. The walls of it were red and grown over with vines. It was quite an extravagant home and designed by the best architects Lagunia has to offer.

Logan lived here along with the mistress and as he said it before with two other men. These two were Chance and Torbin. Two other graduates from Lagunia who, just like Logan, absolutely adored Lady Celita. She's taken them in gratefully and has made every effort to support them in any way she could in return for… favors. But with a woman as attractive and seductive as Lady Celita there was no way that the boys wouldn't be willing to submit themselves to her.

The inside of the fancy building were just as beautiful as the outside promised. Red drapes covered the walls of the rooms and a fancy black pattern crossed with the wine red tapestry. The floors were covered with soft, smooth carpets and a set of red armchairs and a large red sofa made up the center of the room. There were two floors, one for the living space and kitchen and one for the sleeping chambers upstairs. The kitchen was modern and filled with the most up to date appliances, and a narrow door next to the kitchen lead into the basement where the controls for all the technicalities were.

As Logan entered through the front door, he met with Torbin who came out of the basement door, wiping his black hands with a washing cloth. "Oh, hey Logan, done shopping?"

Torbin was a rather strong and sporty kind of guy with black sweat pants and a sleeveless denim shirt. He had black, short, trimmed hair, blue eyes and was a pretty burly man. He was a master in engineering which was why he was responsible for all the repairs that were to be done around the house. Just now it seems like he finished repairing the water boiler in the basement which heated the house and most importantly the hot water that the Lady used for her bath. And just like Logan, he wore a black collar around his neck, symbolizing his service to Lady Celita.

"Yeah, just bought a little treat for the mistress. I hope she likes it as much as I think she will. Maybe I'll one-up you this time with her favor." Logan smiled smugly.

"Heh, in your dreams Logan. I'm running this operation. The lady prefers effectiveness above simple presents." Torbin chuckled as he crossed his arms.

"But even more than that, she loves a man who can consistently keep her happy and knows how to treat a lady. You have no chance topping me in that regard, gentlemen."

A third voice called out to the two of them heckling each other. It was Chance, who lazily leaned over a railing on the top of a flight of stairs on the second floor.

Chance was a suave smooth talker and master in PR, marketing and advertisement. He had slick combed-back red hair and emerald green eyes. He was dressed in a black suit vest with a white shirt and red tie underneath along with a jet-black pair of pants and of course a black collar.

Chance smoothly walked down the stairs and joined the two other guys. "It's really impolite of you two to just fight over Lady Celita. So childish." He rolled his eyes in annoyance before smirking deviously. "I'm the Lady's favorite anyways, so there really is no need to be so prudent."

"One moment there fancy-pants, you don't seriously think you're more man than me to take care of Lady Celita, do you? That's laughable." Torbin bellowed as he bumped Chance's shoulder and stared him down provocatively.

"Woah, Torbin, you don't need to turn this into such a big deal. Just settle down and relax. The Lady will be here any minute." Logan stepped in between the two of them, trying to calm things down.

"Yeah, Chance, listen to the discount store vendor!" Chance cackled from behind Logan.

He immediately turned around and scowled angrily. "The fuck did you just call me, you child's birthday magician?"

"Hey, I'm not saying being a salesman is a bad career choice. But you certainly lack the charm that a woman like Celita needs. Just like the knucklehead over there."

"Just say one more word, I swear to…"


The three guys froze in place and turned their heads towards the entrance door. And in that door… stood the Lady of the house herself.

Lady Celita was dressed as fashionable and elegant as ever in a purple sequin dress with a short black jacket worn over it. A black sun hat that covered half of her face with one sultry, reptile eye peering out of the side.

Celita stood there with a scolding raised eyebrow and crossed arms. Her look was piercing and sent shivers down the guys' spines.

"Did I perhaps miss something here? This is not what I usually expect when I arrive at home." Celita said huskily as she took off her black hat and shook her hair elegantly until her purple, smooth locks fell into place with her long, luscious hair still covering one of her eyes in place of the hat.

The boys gulped and immediately obediently ran to her side.

"I'm sorry, ma'am! This was nothing you should be worried about. Here, let me get your jacket." Chance quickly got to her back and gently took her jacket off her shoulders.

"Yes, nothing serious. Just a little disagreement." Logan took her hat and put it on the hat racket.

And Torbin kneeled down to take off her high heels.

The three of them then quickly stood straight in front of her, awaiting further orders and hanging their heads in shame.

"Well… would any of you like to clue me in? Logan? Chance? Torbin?" She went to each of the guys, sliding her index finger along their jawlines so they would look up at her.

Torbin was the first to speak up. "It was really nothing much. We were fighting about something really unnecessary and childish. I'm…I'm really sorry for bothering you with this, Lady Celita." He admitted reluctantly and the other two nodded in agreement.

Celita smiled coquettishly and began to snicker girlishly. "Hmhmhm! Oh boys, you are so adorable! Do you really think that I'm not aware of your little fight about my affection?"

The boys gulped and looked at each other in surprise before again hanging their heads in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it too much, my darlings. Let's talk about it after I get a bit more comfortable. Work assignments have really worn me out today and I… nnnngghhh! could really use a little break. Would you do that for me, my darlings?" She asked as she stretched her body, showing off her voluptuous figure. Her breasts stretched the confines of her dress and her contorting figure presented her round, tailed ass in full glory.

The boys gulped and quickly bolted to prepare the sofa for her. Chance escorted her, by holding her hand and fluffing up the cushions before she sat down. Torbin sat a bit away from her, letting her rest her feet on his lap so he could give Celita a foot massage and Logan ran into the kitchen, quickly chopping up bite-sized slices of pineapple and arranging them on a plate.

He raced back to the others as he sat on the armchair next to Celita.

Torbin was kneading the bare soles of his mistress, massaging her feet softly and gently.

Celita hummed in relaxation and relished in the peacefulness of finally being home. "Mmmmhhh, yeah. Torbin, your fingers are like magic to me." She sighed in appreciation as she reached out and stroked his cheek.

"I'm glad you enjoy it Celita. I'm not that gentle usually, but I still hope you like it."

"Very much, Torbin. Your strong hands make me weak every time." Celita said huskily, making Torbin flustered.

"And what's that you got there, Logan?" She asked in cheerfully curiosity.

Logan stiffened up as his name was called "I…uhh, I asked someone in town about your favorite food, and she said that you used to love pineapples. I hope that's still true." He spoke up shyly as he handed the plate to Celita.

She picked up one of the slices and gleefully took small bites of it. The juices stained the edges of her mouth and ran down her scaly cheeks. "MMMMHHH, oh my, I haven't tasted pineapples for so long. Oh, Logan, you're such a sweetheart. It's delectable." She murmured as she scooped up the juices on her cheek with a finger and took a long lick with her tongue. The guys stared at her, feeling a stir of arousal at the image before them.

As she was done and her lips smacked together one last time as she licked them, she craned her head a little, gazing up at Chance who was leaning over the back of the sofa.

"What about you, Chance. How is my little smooth talker doing?" She reached her hand up to him which he took into his own and placed small kisses first on her hand and then along her arm.

He stared down at her, her body splayed out over the sofa in bliss. "I'm just admiring the beauty of Lagunia. I've dreamed about this body for so many nights, you have no idea. It's driving me crazy just to be near you."

"I bet it does. And I bet when you think of me, you're not just dreaming, are you?" She smirks and throws a kiss his way with a suggestive wink.

"That brings me to a good point. Darlings, at attention." She clapped her hands two times. The guys knew what that meant and stood up side by side next to the sofa.

With Logan in the middle, Chance on the right and Torbin on the left of him, Celita slowly and seductively stood up and walked up to them. Her butt and tail swayed and the strut in her walk made the boys stare in lust. They each felt a stir of excitement within them as Celita inspected them.

"So, you guys have been fighting over me. Do you really think that I pick favorites with the most important men in my life?" She asked softly as she looked at each of them with love in her eyes.

"We just want to make you happy, Lady Celita." Logan intercepted.

"But you all are, silly. Logan, you are one of the most thoughtful, sweetest guys I've ever met. Chance, the sweet nothings that you speak make me weak in the knees every time you talk to me. And Torbin, every woman would be butter in your strong hands. Just the thought of being held by you is… mmmhhh." The Salazzle whispered to each of them as she bit her lip in hunger for them.

The boys blushed flustered as they looked at each other apologetically.

"There is a reason, that I asked you to wear these collars for me, you know. I want to let you know, that all three of you are equally dear to me, and that I want to show to everyone that you belong to me." Celita cupped each of their cheeks adoringly. The boys smiled happily and leaned into her caresses.

"You all are an important part of me and you are all amazing people in your own way. If I ever had any problems in any area that requires your expertise, you'd be the first people I'd fall back on. I love you guys absolutely equally."

Celita put a finger to her chin in thought and her face lit up as she got an idea. "I know how I'll make that clear to you. How about we do a little… team exercise?"

Her fingers moved to the shoulder straps of her dress and sensually shoved them off until the fabric fell to the ground. The boys' eyes widened as they were presented with Lady Celita's naked body. She was not wearing anything underneath her dress and the pure thought of that, sent a bolt of arousal through their bodies.

Her naked, scaled body moved so smoothly that it was tantalizing to watch. Her voluptuous, swaying F-cup breasts were tipped-off with alluring purple nipples and her smooth, hairless puss seemed to already glisten with expecting juices.

"Well? Won't you undress too? Or are you just gonna stand there and let the opportunity go to waste?" She chuckled teasingly as she ran her hands over her body, showing off her curves.

Logan, Torbin and Chance looked at each other before rushing to undress themselves. Their clothes are quickly tossed aside and with their bodies bared to Celita, they lined up in front of her again.

"Good boys." She admired their bodies as they stood in front of her. Their burly, thick cocks stood erect and were twitching at the sight of Celita.

She walked up to Logan, pressing her large breasts against his chest while holding the cheeks of the other two with her elegant, soft hands. "You'll get the first round, but don't worry, you'll get your turn as well." She addressed Logan and then Torbin and Chance.

"I'm honored, Lady Celita." Logan trembled in excitement.

"Shh, just enjoy it." She whispered huskily as she slid down his body until she kneeled in front of three massive cocks, her eyes glistening with lust.

She reached out to her left and right, groping Torbin's and Chance's cocks in her palms.

In front of her, she licked the shaft of Logan's cock slowly as she ran her tongue from the base to the top. The guys moaned at her hands and tongue, moving their hips closer to her so she could caress them easier. Her hands jerked up and down, rubbing their cocks lusciously while she lavished the cock in front of her with her spit.

Logan grit his teeth, holding back his urge to moan as his cock was licked from top to bottom. That was until Celita moistened her lips with her agile tongue and squeezed them around his throbbing member.

With his cock in her mouth, she bobbed her head, massaging the shaft with her cheeks and tongue. He slid easily in and out of her, filling her cheeks with his meat. The feeling of her mouth was divine and filled Logan with a gigantic rush of pleasure while the other two guys writhed in the slowly quickening handjob they were pleasured with.

In slow strokes, Celita took Logan's cock to the back of her throat, licking the underside with her reptilian tongue while she made sure not to let it distract her too much from jerking off Chance and Torbin.

Logan was shaking in ecstasy until suddenly, Celita pulled her mouth away, leaving his cock wet and restless.

"You need to share, Logan. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging but it's Chance's turn now."

"Mine? You will honor me with your mouth next, my lady?" Chance asked expectantly as he changed positions with Logan.

"Indeed, Chance. Enjoy it while it lasts." She said sultrily before moving her mouth from Logan to Chance and getting to sucking on his massive cock next. Logan meanwhile was serviced by her hand which took the place of her mouth and just like Torbin was jerked off.

Chance meanwhile was in heaven as Celita chowed down on his cock and let him buck his hips into her throat. She was sucking him masterfully, alternating the direction of her bobbing head to grind him against her cheeks.

Chance gently reached out to her, combing her hair as she bobbed her head. The sight of her naked body, pleasuring him from down there made his cock throb in her mouth as it pumped in and out. He was close to blowing his load as Celita chuckled and gave his cock a last lick, leaving a string of saliva as she pulled away.

She winked up at Chance tauntingly as she changed positions again and guided Torbin towards her. She kept jerking off Logan and Chance, keeping them close to the edge of their orgasm.

Torbin groaned in absolute bliss as Celita once again stuffed her cheeks full of cock, taking him all the way in. "Finally, being the last one in line is aggravating." He shivered at the warmth and moisture of her mouth.

Celita popped off his cock and chuckled. "Well, as a reward for being so patient, you'll get to finish inside my mouth."

"Thank you, mistress. Please suck me off good."

"I plan to, my dear darling." She snickered before gulping down his precum again and blowing him. The other two squirmed as Celita speeds up and slows down her handjobs to keep them from cumming.

Torbin, excited to be the one to finish inside her mouth, grabbed her head and bucked his hips against her throat. He effectively fucked her face as the wait got too tiresome for him. Celita gratefully took his fat cock in to the base.

All three of the guys were in absolute bliss as they were driven closer and closer to climax. Her hands and mouth moved in perfect synch, giving the guys immense pleasure and stimulation.

"Shit, Celita, I'm gonna blow! Your mouth is just too good!" Torbin moaned as he kept thrusting into her face.

At his words, she sped up the jerking of her hands, making Logan and Chance moan along with Torbin. With their cocks throbbing, close to release, they shuddered in pleasure. Their semen pumped up their shafts and from the left, right and in Celita's mouth, torrents of cum sprayed onto her face and into her throat.

She swallowed the hot semen and closed her eyes in bliss as the rest of it shot onto her face from all sides. "OOOOOOOHHH! Boys, that's good! Cum all over your mistress."

"AHHH! Lady Celita, your service was magnificent. Goodness!" Chance blurted out as his white load spurted out.

"Yeah! Arceus, You can't imagine how good just your touch feels." Logan panted in exhaustion as his balls emptied on her.

With cum, completely staining her elegant face, she smiled and scooped the rest of it up and licked it off her fingers. She hummed in enjoyment as she swallowed drop after drop. She seemed to shiver with horniness as her legs restlessly squirmed about. Her breath got hot and she huskily gave a demand as her eyes grew vacant.

"Logan, lay down on the sofa. Torbin and Chance, you get in front and behind us!" She sighed in want.

"Do you need any…?"

"Now, Torbin!" She demanded in a harsher tone, her voice still having a heated, sweet undertone to it.

The boys rushed to get into position. After Logan laid down on the sofa, his cock hardening in excitement at what's to come.

Torbin stood at the foot end while Chance took the head end of the sofa. Lady Celita straddled Logan on the sofa, salivating at her teeth to finally have her every orifice filled with the cocks of her subjects. Her slick, wet pussy ground up on Logan's member, readying itself to be penetrated by it through coating it in lascivious juices.

"Arceus, *pant* I've been waiting to do this the whole day. Give me your best, boys. I want you to give me your all!" She murmured almost in trance as the Salazzle lifted up her hips and slammed them down on Logan's. Her pussy was immediately filled with Logan's cock, rubbing her every fold and grinding against her walls as it entered.

"Holy shit! You are so tight, Lady Celita! It's like your pussy is swallowing me!"

"Good! So good! Now prepare to get some company, it's going to get even tighter, darling. Torbin! Go ahead and use this!" Celita lifted her tail and used reached her hands behind her to spread the cheeks of her ass. Her anus puckered, inviting Torbin to take it.

"What are you waiting for Torbin! Fuck me in there! Fuck me good!" She moaned as her breasts flattened on Logan's chest and her ass stretched up high.

Shaken out of his overwhelming trance, Torbin climbed on top of Celita, steadying himself by gripping her ass and pushing the tip of his cock into the confines of her bowels. He grit his teeth as he pried open her anus and entered into the warm tightness.

With two cocks penetrating her to the hilt, Celita gasped in bliss. Her eyes grew hazy and her tongue lolled out of her mouth at the feeling of fullness.

"Now you Chance, you want to get the opportunity to cum in my mouth too, right?"

He nodded vehemently in response.

"Then come here and take it. And you two, you just mess me up good. Please your mistress!" She moaned loudly before guiding Chance to her side and like before, letting him fuck her mouth.

With all of her holes stuffed, Celita submitted herself to the guys as she was thrusted into from all directions. Logan bucked his hips from underneath, fucking her pussy and feeling the extra tightness from Torbin who was slamming his hips into her asshole.

Her body shook from the thrusting and her moans of pleasure were muffled by Chance's cock that was pumping into her throat. Saliva dribbled from the edge of her lips as she tried her best to swallow every drop of precum that flowed onto her tongue.

"Shit! Your asshole is so good, Celita! I could make your ass ripple like that all day! NNNGGHHHAAA!" Torbin moaned out as he leaned over her, his cock grinding her insides.

"Agreed, but her mouth is so sublime as well!" Chance cried out while thrusting his hips into Celita's face.

"Nothing trumps your pussy though. God, your folds are gripping me so tight!" Logan boasted as he kept fucking her from underneath.

With the compliments of her darlings filling her with arousal, Lady Celita grew wild and unpredictable. With throes of passion she swayed her body in different directions deepening the connection between her and the three cocks thrusting into her. Moans became muffled hums and her flesh rippled and slapped against that of the boys.

Her pussy, ass and lips stretched to their fullest extent, giving Logan, Torbin and Chance the most amount of pleasure possible.

They all writhed in unison, their bodies shaky and close to yet another incredible orgasm.

With all their might, the boys swung their hips, clashing with their mistress. The pleasure of her body overwhelmed them.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH! I'm cumming!" The boys yelled in unison as they each delivered their final thrusts. Celita screamed around Chance's cock as her pussy and ass tightened up in her climax. Juices sprayed out from her crotch as every one of her holes was pumped full with plentiful amounts of cum.

Her cheeks puffed out with the sperm of Chance filling her mouth while Logan and Torbin creampied her asshole and vagina.

Her tail stiffened in her orgasm while she relished the feeling of cum flowing around inside her.

Their bodies were completely slack as the last of their juices were spilled.

Together with Logan, Torbin and Chance, Celita slumped off the sofa and onto the soft, calming carpet.

All of them panted in exhaustion but smiled in bliss. Chance and Torbin cuddled up to either side of Lady Celita, while Logan let her rest her head on his warm stomach.

"I love you boys. I love you all so much!" She sighed in happiness.

"We love you too mistress." They answered in unison before they all closed their eyes, resting their spent, dirtied bodies and falling asleep.

In her sleep, Celita used her tail to tug on everyone's collar, smiling at the luxury she's been blessed with.


And that's it, my first ever foursome story. It's been quite an experiment and I hope you really enjoyed it. It's not exactly easy to flesh out a four way relationship but I did what I could without sacrificing story and character.

For next time, I'm not really sure what I'll do yet, but it will probably be something with as singular couple again before I tackle a threesome again. We'll see.

But until then, I want to again thank you for being patient with me and tagging along with my content.

I'll see you in two weeks and I wish you a good day, night or anything in between.

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