Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Crobat(Erica) x Ian

This week's story is one requested by someone who's been around and waiting for it for a long time. Paradyce is one of my followers who's been with the series for the longest time and one of the most frequent reviewers. And now I finally get around to do a chapter for Paradyce. This one's for you, buddy. I hope you'll like it and as always, please let me know what you think and follow and favorite the series if you enjoy it.


It was the late summer in Vindicta. School was out and the summer holidays are barely halfway over.

This story takes place in Kalayda City, in a small household in the outer rim of the city. The weather in the city was insanely hot and the skies were completely devoid of clouds. It looked like this was going to be an awesome summer, especially for kids on summer break.

And one of those kids happens to be the main protagonist of our story.

"Watch out below!" Erica yelled as she cannonballed into the kiddie pool out in the garden of her house. A huge splashing wave of water shot out in all directions as she hit the surface of the shallow water.

Erica was an anthro Zubat who was just turning 14 years old. She lived in a nice neighborhood, with her parents right next to her best friend and neighbor, Ian. Actually, he was her only friend. For one reason or another, a lot of kids like to make fun of Zubats and have a pretty unfair need to make fun of them a lot. Who knows, kids can be cruel sometimes, but Erica's unusual appearance certainly didn't help her.

Typical for a Zubat, she had bat wings growing out from her shoulder blades. Her turquoise hair was made up of very thick locks that completely covered her eyes and since she had no problem with seeing ahead from her constantly emitted sonar, she had no need to cut them. She also had canine teeth that poked from her lips and all that combined gained her quite a few insults and mean comments.

The only one who didn't seem to care about her looks, was Ian. A boy that lived right next to her and walked to school with her ever since they've become friends. He was one of the very few people at school who paid more mind to Erica than most of the other kids who just jumped on the bandwagon and made fun of her.

He was the same age with her at 14 years and was quite an unusual guy himself. He was a big fan of weirdness and he wasn't much of a sportsman. He wasn't the buffest boy out there but he had an unbreakable loyalty to those who were close to him. His hair was black as coal which was long enough to on occasion cover his eyes. But unlike Erica he constantly had to wipe it out of the way to see. He usually wore a striped pullover in red and green along with a pair of blue jeans with black neat shoes. But not today.

Today he was only in his black pool trunks, enjoying the summer heat with Erica who was in her childish, red, two-piece swimsuit. She hadn't really developed much of a bust so she could actually wear them child-sized.

"Arceus, Erica watch out where you're jumping! You're small but you can still do some damage!" Ian laughed as Erica splashed into the water.

After rising to the surface again, Erica spit out a fountain of water and started laughing herself as her wet bangs stuck to her face. "What are you crying about, Ian? We're already in a pool! What are you being worried about? Getting wet?"

"No, but you're gonna slap me with your wings again! I'm not taking that risk again."

"Ah, come on! When was the last time I hit you with them?"

"Yesterday." Ian said with a deadpan look.

"Oh yeah, right. Sorry about that again." Erica rubbed her neck embarrassedly and folded in her wings carefully to keep them tightly closed on her back.

Ian smirked "Don't sweat it, Erica. I'm gonna get revenge soon enough anyways."

Erica chuckled cockily "Uhuh, and when exactly is that supposed to…"

"NOW!" Ian shouted as he tackled her.

"EEEEEEEEP!" Erica screeched in surprise as they both toppled over.

Laying on top of each other they laughed out loud together. Ian sat up and helped Erica up with him as they had fun together.

The happy moment was soon disturbed though.

"Oh, sweet! Look guys, Ian is hanging out with Dracula again!" A group of children gathered at the hedge that shielded the garden from the outside.

Ian scrunched his face at the sight of them and turned to Erica "Just ignore them. They're gonna go away eventually."

Erica looked downtrodden and rubbed her arm uncomfortably.

"Watch out, Ian! If you don't check your back at all times, she might bite you and turn you into one of them. Bhahaha!" Another kid chimed in, making Erica more and more unnerved.

"Would you guys shut up finally?!" Ian stood up with his fists clenched.

"Hey, Mrs. Can't see shit! Do your victims get to sparkle in the sunlight as well?!" One of the boys cried out towards Erica. As Ian saw the tears well up in her eyes, he snapped!

He gripped his fists tightly and stepped out of the pool. He made a dash for the hedge, ready to beat up the other kids. But as he reached the hedge, they were quickly getting on their bicycles that they had come to them with and drove away, laughing.

Ian punched the hedge in frustration but tried to cool his temper to talk to Erica in the pool.

"You all right, Erica?" He asked worriedly.

"*sob* You shouldn't get yourself in trouble just because of me." Was the first thing she said as she wiped her face.

"Nonsense, of course I have to. You're my best friend. Friend's stick up for each other."

"*sigh* Is that okay though? These guys could get back and bully you again." Erica looks at him with apologetic upturned eyes. She rubbed her arms nervously.

Ian looked away for a second to where the bullies were and turned back to her with a smile. "C'mon, we won't let those ass hats ruin our holidays for us. I want to make the most that I can out of the rest of the break."

"You're right! Screw those guys." Erica said timidly as she gently wrapped her arms around Ian in a hug.

Ian hugged her back with a gentle smile. But there seemed to be some sort of sadness behind it.

"Ian? What's wrong?"

"N…Nothing, really. Anyways, I need to be home soon. See you tomorrow again?"

"Obviously! Like you said, don't want to waste any time of summer, right?"

Ian gave her a humble smile as he left her garden and combed his wet bangs out of his face. "Yeah, see you tomorrow." And he ran off to his house next door.

Erica got inside her house as well and looked out the window of her kitchen where she could see Ian running home. His mother was waiting there alongside of a large truck with its back open. Several guys went in and out of the house carrying small boxes with them.

Erica's father who was an anthro Crobat entered the kitchen and saw Erica. "What are you looking at, sweetheart?" He asked carefully.

"Daddy, what are those trucks doing over at Ian's house?"

The four-winged bat Pokémon looked out the window with her and bit his lip in uncomfortableness. "Has Ian not told you yet?"

"No! What are those people doing over there?" Erica was getting frantic and nervous.

"Well, ahhh, you see sweetie, Ian's parents can't really afford living here anymore. The rents in Kalayda have gone up and they can't pay it anymore. So… Ian is going to have to move. I'm… really sorry, Erica." It was all he could say before Erica turned to the window again. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she sobbed as her hands pressed against the window.

The days fly past. Summer comes to an end. And the last few trucks are loaded with the last big pieces of furniture.

On the last day of the summer break, Ian and Erica meet in front of the closing truck.

"So… that's goodbye then?" Erica asked with tears welling up in her eyes.

Ian trotted over to her, not knowing what to do at this point. "Yeah, seems like it… Hey, we had a nice summer at least, right?" He tried to lighten her up but it was no use.

Erica couldn't do anything but hang her head and let the tears flow. Ian himself couldn't help but choke up himself several times.

He grabbed her shoulders "Hey, Erica. Can I ask you one thing to do once I'm gone?"

"And what's that?" She mumbled unhappily.

"No matter what, don't let anyone tell you that you are somehow weird or ugly or whatever." He grabbed her chin so she would look up at him. "You are right just the way you are."

Erica threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled his shoulder in tears. Ian wrapped her tiny frame up in his arms. She seemed even more fragile than usual.

"Ah, there is one more thing."

He put his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He pulled out something silver. It rattled when it moved and a nice red ribbon was bound to it.

"It's called a Soothe Bell. I hope it's… gonna remind you of our friendship when you keep it with you."

Erica held it dearly to her heart as she cusped it in her hands. "I promise I'll keep it safe, Ian."

"IAN! WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW! Jump into the backseat so we can get going!" Ian's mother cried out from the driver's window of their car.

"COMING!" he yelled before turning to Erica once again. "Sorry, I… I gotta go. Goodbye, Erica."

"Bye, Ian." She said sadly as she let go of Ian. She watched as the car moved further and further away until it disappeared over the horizon. She was left alone. With the only thing left of her friend in her hand. She lifted it to her ear and shook it. The bell rang softly, but it gave her a distinct feeling of Ian being with her still. The sound tucked at her heart and Erica could at least smile a little through the tears.

4 years later

The years went by for Erica as the time in high school came to an end. Erica finished with top grades and was about to move up into a university. Since Kalayda City didn't have a university yet, she had to visit the next town which had one. And unfortunately, the next city that offered her a spot in a university… was Arkani City.

An inclusion program was set in place there, to get the inhabitants of the city to be more accepting towards Pokémon as part of society. That would take a long time to work out though, and Erica came in just as it was introduced for the first time.

Living at the campus in Arkani wasn't all that bad for her, since she could just stay in her room as long as she wanted and have time to herself. It was the school grounds that were the most troublesome to her.

She was 18 by now and had turned into a Golbat, which didn't really change much about her. She still had the same blue tint in her skin, her hair got a bit darker in its blue shade but still covered her eyes, her wings got bigger and her body matured more. She had more noticeable curves now compared to her former childish body and actually had a pretty nice figure with a rounded, bulging butt and a nice pair of C-cup breasts. Her style was pretty usual as well. A school jacket in flaming red and yellow with a black shirt underneath it and a short denim skirt. It was offset though by her unusual features like her jagged bat teeth and her uncontrolled emission of ultrasound waves, that she needed to see, which irritated those around her.

It was still at the beginning of the semester, the first few days after the school season started. Erica walked the campus, wanting to get to her room after the classes. She picked the spitballs from the back of her head that she got shot at with. She passed through the overarching walkways in the inner campus garden as she struggled to get them off.

"Stupid! This shit is never gonna come out. Eww, my hair smells like saliva! This is the worst!" She grumbled in frustration. The sticky balls of paper stuck to her locks incessantly.

"Damnit! *Sigh* Hope it gets out in the shower. Urrr, this is disgusting!"

She fumbled around with both of her hands combing through her hair. She didn't look ahead as she was distracted and then it happened. She ran into someone. Erica flinched as she walked against some guy's back.

"Hey, what the fuck!? Oh, well, well, well, it's the batgirl." The man she walked up against was tall and strongly built. He was sneering as he noticed who hit him.

Erica jerked up as she was called out. "Oh… hey Tommy. I…I… sorry. Didn't mean to run into you."

"And yet you did, didn't you? Listen, I don't care about the integration program if you animals start to get disrespectful!"

"I already apologized. Lay off already!" Erica snapped at him as she tried to push past, but he got in her way.

"Hey, hey, Batgirl. You don't get to brush me off like that! Show some respect to a human!" The tall guy loomed over her with a smug smile.

"It's Erica, douchebag. Stop giving me names like that!"

"Dafuck did you just say?" Tommy's face turned angry and he slowly approached Erica.

Erica gulped as she was backed up against a brick wall "I was just saying that I have a name."

"Weird. Because I could've sworn that I heard a 'douchebag' in there." He pressed her up against the wall and put his arm against her throat.

"*gasp* I really didn't mean it that way. Please, let me down!"

"If only you damn Pokémon still knew your place. You used to be submissive to us and now you think you can sass us like that. I'm not gonna take that lightly." Tommy raised his hand.

His hand swung down towards Erica and slapped her right across the face. Erica flinched as her cheek burned red and pulsated from the impact.

Other students walked past but not wanting to get involved, they ignored it.

"Do you get it now? You are worthless here. Nobody cares about you here." Tommy raised his hand for another swing but just as Erica flinched and prepared herself for the next hit, someone stepped in.

Another student pulled Tommy away from Erica and turned him against the opposite side of the walkway. The boy who wore a green and red pullover, blue jeans and styled dark hazel brown hair pushed Tommy against a brick column and pressed him against it with his hands pushed against his chest.

"What the hell are you doing, Tommy!? How the fuck can you just hit a woman like that?"

"That's not a woman, Twitch! This thing over there is just a Pokémon! What the hell do you care about that?"

"Even if she is a Pokémon, she's still half human, Tommy! Have a little decency here!"

Tommy pushed the other boy away and scuffed at Erica. "You'll get away this time, Batgirl. And you…" He looked at the other boy angrily "…you'll regret siding with these things. If you're not with your kind, then you're against it." He knocked the other guy with his shoulder as he walked away.

The boy sighed before turning to Erica. "You okay?" The boy asked her while she still caught her breath and touched the red mark on her cheek.

"Yeah, I'm pretty used to it by now."

"That sucks, let me look at that mark though. Just wanna check if he did some damage. He's packing a pretty strong punch after all." He turned her head and took a look at her swollen cheek.

"Name's Twitch by the way, in case you didn't hear it when Tommy called me that."

"Twitch? That's not your real name, is it?"

"Nah, it's a nickname. Got it last year when people started calling me that because I always get nervous during oral exams and my eyes begin to twitch."

Erica chuckled "Really?"


"Well, if we stick to nicknames I guess you can call me Batgirl. Now that I use it myself it kinda sounds cool. Like a comic book hero."

"Hehe, who knows, maybe it is somewhere. Alright, Batgirl then. I'm glad you don't let Tommy get to you like that. That's always the advice that I give the Pokémon that arrive here lately. It's probably gonna take a while until some students of Arkani tolerate Pokémon here."

"Yeah, I noticed. Had my first classes today and I'm already cleaning my hair from spitballs."

"I'm sorry for that. These guys have no mercy sometimes. Shit, this is really disgusting." He noted as he checked her hair. Most of it was out by now, but there were still a few pieces of paper tangled in it.

"Let me get that real quick." Twitch picked out the remaining stuff and put her hair back into place.

"There, nice and pretty again." He smirked with a satisfied smile.

"Th…Thanks, Twitch." Erica blushed.

"No big deal. I've picked worse stuff off of people's heads."

"Do I want to know the details?"

"Probably not. One word: lunch."

"That doesn't sound too bad." Erica cocked her head.

"You definitely haven't eaten in the cafeteria here yet then." He said making both of them laugh in unison.

"Oh, that reminds me." Twitch snapped his fingers "I don't suppose you've been shown around yet, have you?"

"Not officially, no. I kinda found my way from my rooms to my classes on my own."

"Oh, you've missed quite a bit then. This campus has quite a lot to offer beside terrible food. Wanna take a tour?" He stepped ahead signaling her to follow him.

Erica smiled and gleefully took the invitation. They walked along the beautiful courtyard viewing the various important spots of the university. A commons room, a computer lab, the cafeteria and the sports gymnasium.

On the way, Twitch and 'Batgirl' started to chat each other up.

"So… what's your favorite colour?" Twitch asked out of the blue.


"Sorry, I'm really bad at small talk." He rubbed his back in awkwardness and chuckled.

Erica laughed "Are you always trying to strike up a conversation like that?"

"Nah, usually that only happens around you know… people like you."

Erica cocked her head in question "You mean Pokémon?"

"No, no! But I… I mean… you know… c…cute… girls." He blushed deeply, trying to hide his face in embarrassment.

"Oh, that… that's new." Erica smiled to herself as her face reddened.

"Sorry, I… I'm a bit awkward with stuff like that."

"I thought that was pretty nice of you to say. There aren't many people who would say that about me. I don't really think I'm that pretty myself."

"Why would you think that?"

"Slackjaw, creepy batwings, messy hair that covers my eyes and let alone the inaudible but irritating sounds that come out of my mouth when I talk."

"What sounds?"

"You know, I can clearly see with my eyes as well but I guess since I'm a Golbat and all, I prefer trusting my sonar more than them."

"You mean you can see without your eyes? That's pretty awesome. I've had a friend once who had the same thing. I'm pretty jealous of that actually."

"You are?" Erica jerks up in surprise.

"Of course, you have no idea how cool that is. You'd kick ass at Marco Polo with that!"

Erica laughed "That's a pretty weird pro to it."

"I have a habit to think of the weirdest things sometimes." Twitch laughed with her.

"Hey, look at you. You're perfectly fine doing small talk after all." Erica smiled cutely.

"I know, it's kinda unusual. It somehow feels pretty nice talking to you actually. I'm usually more of a loner."

"Yeah, same here… It's nice to talk with you too." Erica said sheepishly.

Twitch smiled at her, his face reddening in shyness. "Anyways, here we are. This is the gym. Not sure if you are into sports or not but, you know, can't hurt to at least show you what the university has to offer. Wanna take a look inside?"

"Sure, go ahead."

Twitch opened the door and smiled as he invited her inside. Not noticing that the two of them were being watched by someone.

Inside the gym, Twitch showed Erica around. The gym itself was pretty small but very modern. There were several pieces of sports equipment at the back of it along with a knee-high stack of gym mats. Two rows of small windows in the ceiling let in enough light to brighten the room and the shined wooden floor made it reflect to all corners of the gym.

"Man, that sure is a step up from where I went to school before." Erica said in awe as she ran her fingers over the state of the art sport's equipment that was made of stainless steel and smooth leather.

"Really? Was it that bad?"

"Not bad just… not this clean."

"I guess, the school I went to before didn't have such good equipment either."

Suddenly there was a loud rattling sound coming from the entrance door of the gym. "What the…?" Twitch ran over to the door, trying to open it. Only to find it locked shut.

"Hey! We are still in here! Open the door."

"You should've thought about that before you got friendly with the wrong team, Twitch! Hope you'll have fun in there with Batgirl!"

"Tommy? What the fuck, Tommy?! Let us out!"

"You'll get out when the next gym lessons start which is… oh hey… tomorrow! Good night, losers!" The voice grew distant as Tommy walked away.

Twitch punched the door, hoping someone would hear it. But no one came. He sighed as he turned away from the door. It was hopeless.

He looked over to Erica who sat on the pile of gym mats and hung her head in shame and rolled something around in her hands. Twitch sighed and wordlessly sat next to her. "Sorry to get you into this mess right now." He said apologetically.

"You're the one apologizing? I'm the whole reason I got you into trouble here!" She barked in frustration at herself. "I always get people in trouble."

"You don't. I got bullied even before you were here. Pokémon aren't the only ones who have problems here."

They sat there next to each other wordlessly, waiting for someone to maybe come around to let them out. Twitch looked over to Erica as she rolled a small round object in her hand. She looked at it affectionately and it seemed to relax her.

"What is that little thing in your hand by the way?"

"It's a soothe bell. A friend gave it to me some years ago. He… handed it to me the day he moved away."

Twitch's face lit up suddenly. "Can… Can you show it to me for a second?"

Erica cocked her head in confusion "Okay, but… don't break it." She handed it to him with extreme caution.

Twitch lifted the soothe bell up to his ear and shook it to hear it ring. It seemed to evoke something within him as his face it up in joy. "Erica?"

Erica jerked up in shock "H…How do you know my name?"

"It's me! Ian!"


Their mouths went agape in ecstatic joy as they threw themselves into each other's arms. They couldn't believe that they finally met again after all those years.

"What happened to you? You look so different from how I remember you!"

"I evolved a few years after you left. Guess it left quite a bit of an impact on my body."

"I mean, I was kinda suspicious when I saw you at first but I would've never imagined that it was actually you!"

"God, you have no idea how happy I am to see you here. What happened to your hair though? I remember it being completely black."

"Yeah, it got a bit lighter over the years." He looked at her in incredible happiness. "So, you kept the Bell over all these years, huh?" He rolled the bell in his hands.

"I kept it with me everywhere I went. I always listened to it when I got nervous or scared. It felt like you were still with me when I heard it." She smiled at him adoringly.

Ian blushed shyly "You know, Bells like this one are supposed to strengthen or keep up the friendship between two people. I hoped it would help you when I'm no longer there to protect you."

Erica chuckled "And yet, here you are again. Getting yourself in situations like this because of me."

"Heh, guess because it's worth it."

"I can imagine why. You just spilled the beans earlier." Erica smirked as she blushed.

"D… Did I?"

"Yeah, you said I was cute earlier. Remember?"

"I ran right into that one, didn't I?" Ian muttered as he got closer to her.

"You sure did." Their faces inched close towards each other before their lips gently touched.

"I've really missed you all those years." Erica mumbled with a husky voice.

"Me too." Ian kissed her back, running his fingers through her turquoise hair. He toppled her over onto the mats, pinning her underneath him.

He made out with her, kissing her deeply and letting her tongue snake around his.

"Ian! What are we doing here? *smack*" Erica moaned between kisses.

"Catching up on the lost years. Isn't it obvious?" He chuckled along with her and locked lips with her even harder. The soothe bell rolled out of Ian's hand as he needed it free to start undressing Erica.

He shoved his hands underneath her jacket, pushing it off her and leaving her in the black shirt she wore underneath. He lifted that one up as well, revealing her uncovered, perky C-cup breasts.

Ian sat up again to make it equal and slowly pulled his pullover over his head. His torso was slender and surprisingly defined. Erica gawked at it, waiting for him to return his former embrace. He laid his body on top of hers again, their skin rubbing against each other.

Her nipples were erect and her breath excited. As they swapped their spit, Ian began groping her, her fragile frame shaking at his touch. And as she panted underneath him, something weird happened. The soothe bell next to them began to glow and guided a beam of light towards Erica, covering her whole body with its brightness.

With their eyes closed and their lips still locked, they didn't even notice it as they were lost in the moment.

Erica's body began changing. Her evolution into a Crobat began. Her body became more voluptuous and turned from a shade of blue to a darker tint of purple. Her wings on her back split in half and instead of 2 wings, she had 4 now. Her hair grew long and silky down her back while her bangs still stayed the same and covered her eyes. Her breasts grew from C to double D and her butt bulged out even more. Even her jagged teeth retracted a little, but she still had her bat fangs protruding from her mouth. Though they looked more cute than jagged now.

As the glow subsided, Ian and Erica parted from their kiss. Ian couldn't believe his eyes as he opened them.

"Holy shit! Erica! Woah!" He cried out in awe.

"What? What is it? Did I have bad breath?" She asked in confusion as she lifted her hand to her mouth to smell-check her breath.

"What? No no! Look at you! You changed into a Crobat!"

She padded down her body in excitement "Holy shit! Oh my god!" She yelled out in joy at her new body.

They celebrated together as they hugged each other, only to come back to the realization that they were in the middle of something here. They became self-aware that they were half naked and smiled as they blushed.

Ian looked at her new form in awe. To him, she looked like the most beautiful girl he ever met in his life. He raised an eyebrow curiously as he examined her. He looked at her eye-covering locks and with gentle hands, he lifted up her hair to reveal her eyes.

Erica blinked a few times, adjusting to the light and seeing with her eyes for once. Ian was stunned as a pair of glistening, gorgeous violet eyes looked up at him.

"Wow… You really should show off your eyes more often." He whispered to her as he was struck by her beauty.

Erica choked up and her face heated up at hearing him say that and before she knew it, he had his lips on hers again.

He returned to his caresses and groped her sized up breasts. They were malleable and wonderfully soft.

He moved one of his hands down to her skirt and unbuckled it. The denim skirt was tossed aside and Erica was left in a pair of pink panties with an oval stain of her juices at the bottom of it. Ian smiled to himself as he felt up her crotch and Erica averted her eyes in embarrassment.

Ian turned her head to look at him again. "Don't worry, you're not alone here." He said reassuringly.

He unbuckled his own jeans and presented his tented boxers. A small wet spot was visible were the tip of his dick was.

Erica gulped as she saw it. Her eyes were locked on his crotch, her curiosity for it turning her on immensely.

The two of them looked at each other questioningly as they both reached out towards the waistband of the other's underwear.

"At the same time?" Ian asked anxiously.

Erica nodded and they both hooked their fingers into each other's underwear.

They timed their movements and at the same instant pulled their last layer of clothing off them.

Both of them had a trail of pre cum sticking to the cloth that was pulled off. They stared at each other's genitals. Their hands exploratively moved towards them and they touched each other. Erica wrapped one of her hands around Ian's shaft as he ran his fingers over the slit of Erica's moist pussy.

They felt up each other and moaned under their touches. Erica jerking off Ian and Ian fingering her in return. Their excitement and breath ascended and the feeling of being touched by each other that way made their hearts race at incredible speed.

But both of them didn't seem to be satisfied with just that.

Ian pushed Erica to lay down on the mats as his arousal took over. He prodded her slit with the tip of his penis, tempting her pussy as it emitted heat in anticipation.

"Can I put it in, Erica. I can't hold back anymore. I want to have sex with you. Right now!"

Erica looked at him with moist eyes as she looked at him with upturned eyes of shyness.

"You know, I actually imagined you being my first a few times before. So…" She was too embarrassed to finish her sentence but Ian didn't need anymore reason to hold back.

In an overwhelming rush of emotions, he thrusted into her as he cupped her cheek and kissed her deeply. His cock made its way through her love tunnel until it was fully embedded in it.

"Ohhh god! This is amazing!" He cried out as his member pushed all the way into her. His dick was surrounded by moisture and heat as the tender flesh wrapped around him.

"Nnnnghhh! Fuck!" Erica moaned as her insides coiled around Ian and her pussy got accustomed to the shape of Ian's cock. She felt every rigid part of it stimulate her walls. As her body inevitably moved around from even small things like adjusting her position and even breathing, she felt a shock of pleasure run through her.

Erica pulled Ian down onto herself and pressed their lips together in a sloppy kiss. Their eyes delirious with pleasure, they began to rub their bodies together. With maximal skin contact their crotches met each other in repeated thrusts.

Ian thrust down into her hips, fucking her expectant, wet pussy with pelvic movements. She twisted and turned, searching for the pleasure spots she wanted to hit.

"*smack* Ian! You're fucking amazing! Do me! Do me as hard as you want to! I LOVE YOU!" Erica cried out beneath him in between their French kisses.

"I love you too, Erica! Trust me, I won't hold back!"

Ian lifted up one of Erica's legs to allow him to penetrated her even deeper. He knocked against the backside of her pussy, pounding her with all the power he could muster.

Thick liquids sprayed between their crotches. Wet slapping echoed in the gym as they fucked each other senseless. The years of pent up emotions swelled within them and a buried repressed urge to make love to each other burst out within their minds.

Ian thrusted his cock to her deepest depths, the urge to ejaculate edging closer and closer.

"IAN! AHHHHH! I can't hold out much longer! My pussy is on fire!"

"I feel like I'm melting inside you too, Erica. You're so hot! I'm gonna bust soon!"



Their naked, sweaty bodies pressed together as they kissed and explored their mouths. Ian sped up his thrusts and in response, Erica bucked her hips upwards to meet his.

They accelerated more and more, their genitals burning each other in the heat of the friction until they both couldn't hold their desires in any more.

"HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ahhhhhh! MMMmmnnnhhhh!" They yelled out into the emptiness of the gym.

Ian's body was shaken as he emptied his balls inside of Erica's swallowing pussy. Erica panted as she regained her breath after an exhausting orgasm. Her body settled onto the mats and went limp.

Ian crashed down on top of her, trying to hold himself up just enough to not weigh on her too much.

With ragged breath and numb bodies, they managed to smile at each other and slowly pressed their lips together in a small, soft kiss before they collapsed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The evening dimmed down and the two of them spent the night, hugging each other in their sleep.

The next day, a jangling noise of a key woke up the sleeping couple.

Ian and Erica jerked up quickly and sat up on the mats as the school's principal came into the gym along with Tommy who he pulled along angrily. He was in the middle of a rant with him.

"Now you really messed up Tommy! Locking up students in the gym?! What were you thinking?"

"It was just a prank, sir!" Tommy yelled in fear.

"Just a prank?! Just you wait until your parents get to hear that! Now, first, you should apologize to Erica and…" His mouth slowly opened in shock as his eyes fell upon Ian and Erica sitting naked on top of the pile of gym mats.

Ian awkwardly smiled and raised his hand to wave "Hey, Mr. Sawyer. Good morning."

The principal as well as Tommy were speechless. The principal took a deep breath and shoved Tommy out the door. "Umm… *cough* Ian and Erica! Get your clothes back in order and we're gonna have a serious talk about this later!" They stormed out of the gym, leaving Ian and Erica behind.

They look at each other and start laughing uncontrollably.

"This is gonna be so much trouble later." Erica laughed.

"Ah well, I'm used to that by now. We're gonna get through this. We're friends after all."

"I think we're way beyond friends by now, don't you think?" Erica asked sultrily as she hugged Ian from the side with his arm sandwiched in her cleavage.

Ian smirked at her "Well then. What should we do now, girlfriend?"

"I feel like breakfast. I hope my boyfriend is gonna treat me."

"Sure thing…"

Ian looked down on himself "…right after we're not naked anymore."

They laughed out loud and put on their clothes again. They still had a hard time sometimes with the other students. But until they grew more used to it, they would brave it together…

As Batgirl and Twitch.


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