Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Whimsicotts(Winona&Whitney) x Calvin

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Crescendo village. Since our last expeditions in Vindicta have led to crazy Queens, sibling love and kidnapped Pokémon, I thought why not go to a place where it's nice and quiet.

"AAAAAARRRGGGHH, I can't believe he would just ditch me like that!" a shrill voice rang out inside one of the small countryside houses.

Well, guess not then.

It was an average day inside the household of Calvin. A relatively short, quiet guy living in Crescendo together with two Whimsicotts that he shared a house with. As said before, Calvin was very short for a guy, standing at just 5' 10''. He had long, brown curly hair, down to his shoulders, and a 6 o'clock shadow. He also wore square plastic glasses as he didn't like wearing contacts, and preferred to dress in baggy shirts, oversized hoodies, and baggy jeans. Probably to appear bigger than he actually was. He was a lightweight and kind of a pushover but also a reliable and caring guy for those who were close to him. Ever since his mother sadly passed away several years ago, he lived with two other Pokémon in the same house. They were friends from childhood on and spent tons of time together back then, so it wasn't much of a challenge to get used to living together with them 24/7.

His two roommates, if you could call them that, were Winona and Whitney. A pair of twin Whimsicotts who represented almost the exact opposite of Calvin. They were cheerleaders and some of the most popular girls at the Kalayda city college campus which they attended together with Calvin.

The twins both had beautiful smooth bronzed skin and soft, fluffy layers of cotton that spread around their shoulders and into their cleavage, puffing it out even more than their H cup breasts already did. They both shared their white hair which they both wore in a side wards ponytail, Winona wearing it on the right and Whitney on the left side of their heads. Protruding from their white hair were a pair of green curled ram horns that rounded off their adorable looks. Wherever they were, they were the center of attention especially during their cheerleading sessions where they spurred on the masses with their cute cotton pom-poms and of course their well-rounded, busty figures. Rounding off their busty bodies were their tight, body-hugging cheerleader outfits in purple with the black letters 'KC' imprinted on the crop tops as well as on the sides of their purple skirts.

Despite growing up together, Calvin and the twins always were pretty different from each other. While Whitney and Winona were open and always out to hang out with friends and going on dates with their boyfriends, Calvin was more of a shut in who was just content with supporting the girls, helping them with chores and school work and giving them moral support whenever they were feeling down.

Today was probably one of the days Calvin would need all of his willpower to get through.

"Tyler just dumped me. Again!" Winona came home crying with her cotton already soggy from her tears she wiped off on it. Calvin sat next to her, comfortingly wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

"It's alright, he's just an idiot. He didn't deserve you anyways, Winona." He said caringly as he rubbed her arm.

"Thank you Calvin but… I still don't believe it. Am I really that ugly? Is that why I can't hold a boyfriend for even a month?" she sobbed into Calvin's shoulder.

"No of course not! Don't sell yourself short like this." Calvin rubbed her back as she pressed her face into his chest and rolled his eyes. He was already used to this whole procedure that it was almost textbook. Winona and Whitney had a bad habit of dating douchebag guys.

Calvin would always do the same procedure each time. Let them cry their eyes out, let them rest in their shared bedroom and preparing them their favorite snacks to lighten their moods up. The girls always thanked him afterwards for caring for them all the time and how they finally learned not to trust every guy they meet… before then getting another boyfriend just a few days later. Rinse and repeat.

But it wouldn't even cross Calvin's mind to not help them out. He wanted them to not feel bad about themselves and gave them a caring ear whenever he could. Not that it didn't make it all the more annoying when they did the same mistakes over and over though.

"Hey…" Calvin said as he grabbed Winona's shoulders "…you are not the one at fault here. You are perfect just the way you are, okay?"

She wiped away the tears with the cotton of her collar and gave Calvin a gentle smile. "You're right, Tyler was just an idiot. Thank you Calvin, I promise I'll never bother you like that again."

"Like the other 8 times before, I believe you Winona. You're better than these douchebags." Calvin smiled back at her and gave her another comforting hug. The dust had finally settled. But then…

"*SLAM* I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS CHEATING SON OF A HERDIER!" Whitney loudly announced her arrival as she slammed the door behind her. Her face was scrunched with anger.

"Oh no, what now?" ran through Calvin's mind as he saw Whitney fuming with anger. "What's the matter, Whitney?" He asked carefully, a bead of sweat running down his collar.

"THAT LYING, RATCHET… ARRRGHH!" she flailed her arms.

"Not much of an answer." Calvin sighed as he rubbed his neck nervously.

"CALVIN!" Whitney grabbed Calvin's shoulders.

"Wh... What!?" He answered in panic.

"You won't believe this. Tyler just dumped me. He canned our date today to meet some other girl he had a date with the same day!"

"TYLER? DATING YOU!?" Winona suddenly shot up.

"Oh shit!" Calvin thought as he gulped. The girls met head to head, glaring at each other.

"Tyler was dating me, Whitney. Not you!" Winona barked at Whitney.

"You're lying! We've been a couple for at least a month now."

"He's been dating ME for the last month too."

"That double timing…"



"…PIECE OF GARBADOR!" They added to each other.

"How could you Winona!?"

"What do you mean? He was my boyfriend first!"

"Was not! Tyler had an eye on me way before you!"

"You're the worst!"



They yelled in unison before dashing towards their bedroom.

"Girls, just calm do… *SLAM*" Calvin was trying to settle the conflict but was quickly met with a door being slammed in front of his face.

With a sigh, he ran a hand over the door before looking up to the ceiling. "Some girls you left me with, huh mum? You would've been way better at dealing with stuff like this." He smiled to himself as he talked to no one in particular.

"Well, time for the usual then." He stated after taking a deep breath. He went to the kitchen and threw on an apron before cracking out a bowl and making some dough.

Later in the girls' bedroom:

Whitney and Winona sat on the floor, several feet apart with their backs turned to each other. They were still salty about both of them being dumped. By the same guy no less.

They were throwing disgruntled stares over their shoulders at each other occasionally. Both urging to maybe make up. But neither one of them was ready to make a move.

That's when a knock came from the door. The girls curiously perked up their ears as the door opened and Calvin stepped in the room.

"Hey." He said calmly. The girls acknowledged him being there but still were stuck in their grumpy state.

Calvin pulled out a plate filled with several variations of well-made, freshly-made poffins. "I thought you might need something to lighten up a bit, so I thought I'd make you some poffins. Come on, you can't be mad all day."

The girls puffed their cheeks but quickly perked up as their noses took in the delicious smell of the poffins. Reluctantly they shimmied closer to Calvin and reached their hands out greedily towards the plate.

But just as they were about to grab a piece of the sweet pastry, Calvin lifted the plate up beyond their reach. The girls looked up at him with disappointed confusion.

"First, we need to settle this." Calvin announced. "Winona." He said as he looked down at her.

"Yeah?" She asked slightly nervous for being called.

"You're not actually mad at Whitney right?"

She sunk her head embarrassedly "No, not really."

"And Whitney."

"Yes Calvin?" She stiffened up.

"You're not mad at Winona either are you?"

She rubbed her neck "That's… true."

Calvin knelt down and set the plate aside to put his hands onto their shoulders. "You shouldn't let a douchebag guy like that get you that separated. You two should stick together against him instead of being angry at each other. That makes absolutely no sense." Calvin said with a supportive smile at each of them.

The girls looked shamefully at each other before simultaneously speaking up. "I'm sorry." They laughed embarrassedly.

"Calvin is right, Winona. We're sisters, no douchebag guy is gonna get between us."

Winona smiled at her sister relieved "You're right. Are we still besties?"

"Of course we are, Winona." They laughed in unison before hugging each other tightly. Calvin smiled as he looked at the resolved feud. He pulled the plate with poffins closer to them. "That's the stuff I like to hear. Here you go, enjoy it. I'm gonna go and watch some TV." He was about to stand up but was held back by two pairs of arms grabbing his wrists.

He was greeted with two smiling Whimsicotts who pressed their lips to either side of his cheeks. "Thank you Calvin, you're seriously the best." The girls said with broad smiles and snickered at his blushing face.

He rubbed his neck and responded "Ah, I just don't like to see you two fighting. I'd do anything I can to keep you two happy. You're like family to me."

"That's why we're so happy to have you, Calvin." Winona said as she gently caressed his hand.

Whitney meanwhile wrapped an arm around him and rested her head on his shoulder "We really wouldn't know what to do without you."

Calvin gulped and smiled awkwardly as he felt some excitement grow within him. He laughed it off and got up again. "Oh, you're flattering me too much. Anyways, I'm gonna go now. Hope you girls like the poffins. See ya later." He mumbled as he left the room before leaning against the door from the other side and took a breather.

He calmed his nerves and as he settled down, he went over to the large blue sofa, let himself fall onto it and switched on the TV.

The girls meanwhile had themselves a little well-meant laugh at Calvin's awkwardness when it came to girls.

"He really is so cute isn't he?" Winona asked her sister as she bit into her Persim berry flavored poffin.

"Who? Calvin? Yeah, he really is such a sweet guy. I have no idea why he hasn't even had a girlfriend yet."

"Well…" Winona said reluctantly as she blushed "…have you ever thought about Calvin as like… you know… a guy."

"Well of course. He is a grown man after all."

"I meant like… in a sexual way." Winona muttered quietly.

"Oh…" Whitney's face grew flush as well now. "It… It's crossed my mind before. But do you think he would actually like us back? I mean he's never made any moves on us."

"You know how he is. He is way too shy for stuff like that." Winona giggled "He is such a cute guy though, and he's always been there for us."

"He always cared for us when we were sick." Whitney added as she reminisced with a smile.

"And he always gives us a shoulder to cry on when we messed something up again." Winona said nostalgically.

"Maybe…" Whitney started with a blushed face "Maybe we should tease him a bit and see how he reacts."

Winona fidgeted around "That sounds really exciting."

"You think he's going to...?" Whitney asked as she cupped her own mouth at the thought of it.

"I definitely want to know how he feels about me. I've… I've been curious for a while now." Winona whispered secretly as she covered her mouth from chuckling.

"Me too. It could be really fun."

The girls giggled in unison as they went back to their poffins.

Meanwhile in the living room:

Calvin leaned back against the soft padding of the sofa with his arm lazily hanging over the back. The light of the TV flickered in all colors as Calvin flipped through the channels. Finally, he settled on a kind of indie concert that apparently took place over in the capital.

"Welcome to the Kalayda City Upstarts. Today we have a new talent right from our home city. He writes his own songs, plays the guitar like a god and has captured our hearts in several other competitions before. He is one of the favorites every time. Give a round of applause for: MARCUS!" The announcer yelled excitedly as the crowd erupted into cheers.

A dark blonde man with a manbun tied into his hair and a full beard entered the stage with his guitar and began to sing several of the songs that he apparently wrote himself. They were impressively catchy and Calvin found himself bobbing his head in the rhythm.

He was distracted enough to not notice the two Whimsicott sisters sneaking up behind him. With mischievous smiles they slid onto the couch and cuddled up to Calvin. Winona rested her head on his lap from the left and Whitney leaned on his shoulder from the right.

Calvin looked at each of the girls smiling at him before looking straight ahead again and gulping. "Ooookay, what's this about?"

"Nothing, Calvin. We just want to hang out with you a bit."

"We do that all the time don't we?" The girls said as they cuddled with Calvin.

"Yeah, but usually you're not that… close."

"We know, but we thought we'd make an exception today. We're still really down about today. We need someone to take care of us." Winona said as she ran her hand up and down Calvin's leg.

"Just pretend like we aren't there." Whitney whispered into his ear huskily.

Calvin gulped as the girls lounged with him but continued watching the TV, cornered by two girls still dressed in their cheerleader outfits.

"Hey Calvin?" Winona spoke up.

"Yeah Winona?"

"Don't you think that girl back there is pretty cute?"

Calvin looked at the girl in the TV that Winona pointed to. It was an anthro Purrloin standing backstage and apparently cheering on the guitarist on the stage.

"I guess so."

"You guess so?" Whitney and Winona gazed up at him curiously. Their stares were lusty and their hands slid over his body. "How is it that you don't find her cute? Look at her. She looks really pretty."

"Yeah but…I…" Calvin stuttered as his heartbeat rose.

"Yeah?" The girls asked in unison.

"But I am already used to having you two around me. No one else could compete with that."

The girls were brimming with smiles as they swung around and sat on each of his legs. "You're so sweet Calvin. I didn't know you'd even think about us that way." Whitney said teasingly with her face close to Calvin's.

"Of course. You girls look amazing. Even I am not daft enough to notice that."

They giggled as Winona slowly moved her hand downwards over his chest. "You see, we actually really, REALLY like you Calvin." She moved down to his pants and rubbed over the bulge that formed down there.

"HA! Really? You do?" He jerked up in surprise.

"Yes Calvin, aren't you turned on by us too?" Whitney said as she joined Winona with stroking his bulge.

"I think you already know the answer."

"It's pretty hard evidence." Winona giggled as she grabbed the shaft through the pants.

"That makes us really happy, Calvin." Whitney said under her hot breath as she leaned up and pressed her lips against Calvin. She kissed him eagerly and moaned into his mouth. Calvin's eyes shot open in surprise at the incredibly soft feeling of Whitney's full, soft lips.

Meanwhile, Winona moved to his earlobe and licked it sensually. Her wet, warm tongue made Calvin shiver as it lavished his ear from top to bottom. Winona giggled as she noticed his reactions.

Both girls continued to stroke his crotch and expertly fiddled with his zipper and pulled it down. His hard cock sprang up immediately and stood at full attention. The girls stopped peppering Calvin with their lips to take a look at the erect cock.

Their eyes widened as they looked down at the twitching, upstanding member. Eager to get into business as it glistened with pre cum of excitement.

The girls grabbed the shaft with a tight grip and jerked it joyously. "I think we're getting Calvin really riled up here, my dear sister." Whitney snickered at Winona.

"Seems like he likes us even more than he led on, Whitney." Winona answered to her sister.

"I call dibs on it first!" Whitney quickly snapped up as she announced the first round.

"Aww man, I wanted to take his first time too!" Winona sulked but giggled as she made room for her sister to sit completely on Calvin's lap.

"I'm still here you know? D… Don't I get a say in this?" Calvin stuttered anxiously.

"Do you want to refuse me, Calvin?" Whitney asked with a saucy, lusting voice. Her sharp eyes were slanting and glistened with anticipation.

Calvin took a deep breath. "You know I couldn't even if I tried."

"That's the spirit." Whitney said sultrily as she cupped Calvin's face and locked lips with him. It revealed itself to Calvin then, that Whitney didn't wear any panties under her already skimpy skirt. Her wet crotch hovered over his cock and was lining up with it to prepare for the real act. The head of it prodded Whitney's slim pussy which had a tuft of cotton like hair on the top of it.

"Prepare yourself Calvin. This is gonna be REALLY fun for both of us." Whitney whispered into his ear before lowering her hips and piercing herself on Calvin's rod. With zeal, she swallowed every inch of his cock, biting her lips and closing her eyes in pure bliss.

Calvin groaned and reflexively wrapped his arms around Whitney who even as a girl had a bigger body than him. He grabbed her smooth back and rubbed his hands over her as he endured the pleasure, which made Whitney chuckle in amusement.

"AAAAHHH! OH ARCEUS! THIS IS… HAAA INCREDIBLE." Calvin moaned as his member was buried inside the hot flesh.

"No, not Arceus silly. If anything, you should be moaning only for me." Whitney licked her lips lustily as her eyes dazed over. She enjoyed the feeling of having Calvin's dick inside of her and ground her hips on him playfully.

"Time to get serious now." She said with conviction as even she lost her attitude and started moving her hips. Her face contorted to one of genuine pleasure as she rode him. Her hips began to move on their own and bobbed up and down on Calvin's lap. She slammed down as strong as she could to make sure that every spot of his dick would be getting some love.

Her hips switched between the direction of her grinding and toyed with the penis inside to have it rub against her walls.

"Oh fuck! YES! This is even better than I thought it'd be! AAAAAAHHH!" Whitney cried out in ecstasy.

Calvin ground his teeth and let his head fall back against the sofa as he allowed Whitney to take the reins. She wouldn't allow him to look away though as she leaned over him and pressed her lips against him earnestly. She prodded his lips with her tongue and made her entrance into his mouth. After a short moment of confusion, Calvin was swept up in his lust and entwined his tongue with hers.

As the two of them kissed deeply and fucked each other senseless, Winona was no longer content to just stand by.

With a look of mischief Winona knelt down in front of the humping couple and moved her face to their connection point. She licked her lips in anticipation before starting to lick interchangeably between Calvin's thrusting cock and Whitney's spread open pussy lips.

Whitney and Calvin tensed up in surprise as their fucking was just spurred on even more by the added pleasure.

Winona closed her eyes as she savored the taste of their sweet emanating juices dripping down from their crotches.

"Winona! No! I can't control myself if you keep doing this!"

"Me neither, I can barely stand it as it is!" Calvin added to Whitney's plea. But it fell on deaf ears.

Winona reinforced her assault on their connection point and ran her tongue over both of their sexes.

"I can't anymore, Whitney! I'm cumming!"

"I'm close too! Calvin! *pant* You'll make me cum! I'm really cumming! Keep going! Your dick feels so good!" Whitney went wild while Winona was getting turned on herself as well. Her brows furrowed as she kept sucking and licking while rubbing her own pussy, wet from getting heated. Her fingers delved into her dripping snatch and thrust into it at the same rhythm as the other guys were humping each other.

"OH MY GOD! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Whitney arched her back and screamed as her insides tightened hard.

"NNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHRRR!" Calvin clenched his teeth as he let out his first load into a girl. His dick twitched inside of Whitney who was drooling in satisfaction.

But while he was still out of breath from his first time having sex, Whitney was already recovering from her own climax. She combed back the damp hair that stuck to her forehead and smiled down at Calvin. "*pant* What did I tell ya? That was fun alright." Whitney said with steam rising from her sweat covered body.

"It… it was…*smack*" He was cut off by a soft pair of lips pressing against his own.

"*slurp* I know… you don't need to say it. I know it was amazing, I felt it too. Not bad for a first timer." She smirked as Calvin was still exhausted. "But you're not going to leave Winona hanging now do you?"

Calvin looked past Whitney, seeing Winona bite her lip in want. Before he could even react, Whitney lifted herself off his cock and made room for Winona who eagerly replaced her. She straddled Calvin in the reversed cowgirl position and rubbed her wet crotch over his shaft. She rested her head back against Calvin and looked at him dreamily.

"Finally, I've been so horny waiting for my turn." She whined immediately as she gazed into his eyes. "Are you good for another round, Calvin? Please say yes." She pleaded with hazy eyes.

A bolt ran through Calvin as he was met with Winona's adorable plea. His lower region immediately reacted and blood was soon pumping through his cock. With a newly risen member, Winona immediately rubbed herself up on it with a dreamy smile. "I guess that's a yes then?"

Calvin gulped "It wouldn't be fair otherwise, would it."

"Smooth." Winona commended him before pressing her lips to Calvin's. She grabbed his wrist and guided it down past her wet slit. With his hand within hers, he was guided to his cock to help it line up with her pussy.

After that was arranged, Winona let herself drop down and pierced herself on his cock. She whined lustily as she finally got the feeling of fullness she craved. With her head craned back, kissing Calvin she bucked her hips in a steady rhythm.

Her cunt greedily took him in, glazing the hard member in a coat of glistening juices. From her positioning, the head of Calvin's dick rubbed the roof of her insides. She squirmed with every hump she made as she caressed Calvin's face lovingly.

"Calvin! *smack* Calvin! *slurp* So good!" she called out to him as she moaned. Her entire body pressed up tightly against Calvin, sharing her warmth with him.

Winona moved her hips in the largest strokes possible to get every bit of pleasure out of it. From left to right, she swayed her hips while riding him. Her folds rejoiced with every time he thrust his cock into her.

Gaining a bit of confidence, Calvin wrapped his arms around Winona's stomach and used the grip to thrust his hips up into her crotch as well.

Appreciatively, she let him take a bit of command and allowed him to fuck her as well. Her pussy liked this attention as well and juiced flowed out relentlessly.

Whitney meanwhile, saw her opportunity for revenge and sat down next to them. She rolled up Winona's crop to teasingly, releasing her massive swaying tits.

"Whitney, what are you doing!" Winona whined as she watched her sister.

"Getting back at you." She answered with a devilish smile before latching her lips onto one of Winona's nipples. She teased Winona relentlessly, lavishing her breast with her tongue.

Winona moaned even more than before but that wasn't even all that Whitney had in store.

With slow movements, so Winona could see it clear as day, Whitney ran her fingers down Winona's body over her belly and down to the spot where she and Calvin were connected.

While she sucked on Winona's breast, she placed her middle finger over Winona's clit and rubbed down on it violently.

With the triple stimulation of tongue, fingers and cock, Winona shrieked and reached new heights of pleasure she never even dreamed of. Her eyes shot open and her hips went wild on reflex.

Desperate to silence her moans, she wrapped her arms around Calvin's neck and pulled him into a hard, deep kiss.

Calvin was spurred on by the sight of Winona going crazy on top of him. He already was close to busting earlier, but now it was almost torturous to hold it back.

He pulled away from Winona's kiss and looked her into the eyes. "I'm gonna cum Winona! I'M GONNA SHOOT ANY SECOND!" He groaned in pleasure.

"DO IT! DO IT CALVIN! CUM! CUM INSIDE ME!" Winona moaned while her sister reinvigorated her assaults on her clit and her breast even more. She was merciless.

"God it feels amazing! AARRRGGHHH!"

"I'M… I'M… CUMMIIIIIIIINGG! HHHAAAAAAAA!" Winona sprayed out her juices as Calvin unloaded his white, thick cum inside of her pussy.

Winona twitched before slumping back against Calvin, who was still busy trying to catch his breath.

Winona rolled over to look at Calvin "Thank you. That was incredible." She said with a cute smile and placed a small kiss on his lips. All before both girls actually settled down and nestled up to Calvin from each side like they'd started off.

The girls cuddled up to him and caressed his body with a wide, satisfied smile on their faces.

"I… I did not expect that to happen today."

"That's why we had to tease it out of you. Hehe." Winona giggled.

"Was that really your first time? Are you sure, you haven't had a girlfriend behind our back before?" Whitney teased him.

"No… that was absolutely my first time. And what a way to go in with a bang." He let out a long relaxed sigh.

"By the way, we were really serious before. We really, REALLY like you Calvin. It just took a while for us to realize." Whitney muttered as she ran her index finger over his chest.

"What am I supposed to say? This is like a dream come true. I have two of the most beautiful girls in the world like me. I must be the luckiest guy in the world."

"So are you ready to take on the responsibility." Winona asked anxiously.

"What do you mean? What responsibility?"

The girls leaned up to him with wide smiles. "The responsibility of having two girlfriends of course." They said in cheerful unison before both kissing him on the cheek from either side.

One week later:

It was finally prom night and all students of Kalayda City and the surrounding area gathered up at the campus to celebrate.

But all eyes this evening were fixed on a certain couple. Or trio rather.

"I'm gonna dance with him first, Winona! Let go!" Whitney yelled at her sister.

"No! You already took his first time! It's my turn now to be first!"

"I love him way more than you though!"

"That's such a lie! I was the one who even brought it up that I liked him!" Winona rebutted.

"Girls, can't we just have a nice evening and enjoy the party? You're tearing me apart here!" Calvin groaned in panic as his arms were tugged from either side. He looked helpless as he was torn between these two eager girls who neither of wanted to give in.

"Good point. Let Calvin decide." Winona suggested.

"Yeah, Calvin, who felt better when we did it? Me or Winona?"

"Does that really matter that much? I really promise I'm gonna dance with both of you equally. No need to fight. I love both of you."

Whitney and Winona looked at each other for a second before quickly grabbing each of his arms again and playing tug of war with his body.

"I'm first!"

"No! I am!"

"*sigh*." Calvin let out as he accepted his fate.

No matter where you turn, you always see something crazy like this happen. There really is no escape. Even in the quietest of places.


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