Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3 @alleskeins
Lunala(Veil) x Lester

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Some things in life, we just accept as fact. Things that go without saying like having to blink to keep our eyes from running dry, some materials are harder than others and the sun goes up in the East and down in the West.

But in Vindicta, the latter one actually isn't that simply explained. There is a reason why days end and nights set in the further the sun reaches the western horizon.

You see, far off the west and east shore of Vindicta lie 2 islands. Radiant Sun island in the East and Full Moon island in the West. Both of them are separate kingdoms controlled by two contradicting forces. The western island was controlled by Queen Veil, an anthro Lunala who recently turned into the sole ruler of the island since she divorced her husband. Her ex-husband King Prisma was an anthro Solgaleo who retreated to the far East to create his own kingdom and to put as much distance between him and his ex-wife as possible.

Ever since their parting sun and moon have been controlled by the former couple with King Prisma raising the sun in the far east until Queen Veil begrudgingly shuts it down in the West.

Our journey takes place in Full Moon island as a new inhabitant is taken into the royal family.

"*thump* Urgh! *cough*" A man coughed as he was thrown onto the floor. He was brought before the court of the feared ruler of Full Moon island, Queen Veil.

The man had shaggy light brunette hair with several strands of it standing off in all directions. Sharp grey eyes adorned his gaze and a wooden pearl necklace was hanging around his neck.

His clothes were Slightly ragged and ruffled. They clearly have been through a lot. He wore an open thin brown leather jacket over a black shirt with a white skull design on it. His pants were black with an orange stripe going from the left side of his waist across to his other leg's knee, looking like a loose orange belt. On his feet were some black sneakers with an orange star on the side of each of them.

He painfully got back onto his feet, which was pretty difficult since his hands were tied behind his back "Dude, what the fuck man!?" He barked at the Ursaring guard who dropped him.

"I am supposed to deliver you to the Queen traitor." The large grizzly man bellowed.

"I got that part, but you didn't have to drop me like a sack of potatoes! I landed right on my face. In case you haven't realized that yet, if you tie people up like this…" He ruffled his bindings in show "…they can't really catch their falls."

The bear of a man shrugged disinterested. "Not my problem. I just did my job. If you think I'm rough, oh boy, you haven't met the Queen nowadays."

"What? Queen Veil? From what I remember she used to be a really loving, affectionate person."

The guard snickered "Emphasis on 'used to'. The divorce was not really good for her mood." The guard turned around, heading for the exit of the large throne room.

"Wait, how bad are we talking about?"

The large, hairy guard peeked back over his shoulder "Oh, you'll see. Mhahaha. Good luck." He laughed in Schadenfreude as he closed the heavy swinging door behind him, leaving the tussled young man alone with his arms still tied up.

"Yeah, thanks for the helpful info." The man spat towards the closed door, way too late for the guard to hear it. "Perfect, just perfect. What've you gotten yourself into now, Lester?" He groaned to himself as he restlessly waited for the royal highness to come down from her chambers.

He took the time to take a look around. The dome of the high ceiling was decorated with a huge crystal chandelier with crystals aligned in a circle around its rim that looked like they contained small night skies and starry firmaments with dark colors of red, blue and purple.

The walls that stretched down into the circular room were shading from dark blue at the top and transitioning into lighter blue the further the paint went down. White columns separated different sections of the wall and stars spread out more and more dense up the wall giving the impression of being at the edge of space.

There were two entrances to this wide open room. One that Lester just came through and another one further up a set of marble stairs right next to a dark throne with blue padding and a purple wooden frame.

"Huh, guess the Queen made some redecoration." Lester scuffed in amusement as the doors next to the throne swung open. Out stepped a gorgeous woman dressed in a thin, glistening dress with glitter that sparkled like stars in the dark purple transparent fabric with white stitches holding it together. Long veils extended from her sleeves and fluttered with every step giving the appearance of a moving night sky. Large crescent wings protruded from her back that had a bladed golden frame and folded in neatly like a hand fan. An elegant walk completed the aura of authority and menace from the dark beauty.

Her skin was fair white with purple eye shadow outlining her piercing red eyes contrasting her straight, black hair tied up in a bun on top of her swirl. Sharp canine teeth protruded from her lips like a vampire and her long, slender legs dragged along a skirt of the same color pattern as her wings behind her. It was short in the front but so long on the backside that it slid over the floor when she walked down the stairs. Lester's eyes fell on the feminine figure he knew too well. Even back when he serviced under both the King and the Queen he admired her wide, curvy hips, her thin waist and her voluptuous E-cup bosom.

Queen Veil's eyes were focused on Lester as she descended the stairs until she was face to face with him. Like a proud eagle she spread open her wings to make a pompous, menacing appearance.

"You still enjoy making an arrogant entrance, don't you?" Lester smirked.

The Queen scowled and raised her head in arrogance. She was in no mood to humor him. "Lester Riley, what a pleasure to see you return to our family." She bolstered with her typical royal mannerisms as she circled Lester.

Following her as she moved around him, even Lester got nervous. "Well, I was not really asked kindly. Your guards just kidnapped me from my apartment in Kalayda City. And they were not really gentle by the way."

The Queen smirked mischievously "Oh really, what a shame. It really is too bad that we don't treat deserters with the utmost respect, isn't it?" She glared at him as her face darkened and a daunting aura surrounded her. "You are a traitor in case you forgot!" She yelled angrily.

"What did you expect me to do? It was absolute chaos when King Prisma left! Just because of your fighting the whole concept of day and night became a victim of your irregular whims. You had nights that lasted for several days and summer lasted for 9 months! Do you think I'd just stand idly by and support you?"

The Queen took a deep breath and calmed down her boiling anger. "Well… it's all stable now. So you shouldn't have a problem with serving me again, do you? I mean it's not like you could escape now anyways, but I'd like to have your willing cooperation." As Queen Veil stood behind Lester she held onto his shoulders and whispered into his ear. "Will you serve your Queen once more?"

Lester scowled "*sigh* What would you have me do?"

"Oh nothing too bad my dear Lester. Just some work around the castle. We have an empire to rebuild after all." She smirked devilishly awaiting his answer.

Lester gulped since he knew that she wasn't being honest but also that she wouldn't take no for an answer. "Alright, I'll think about it. But you're really pushing it with your new attitude. Maybe try asking more nicely."

"Is that a way to talk to your Queen? I'm disappointed, Lester." As she stood in front of him again she used a dark aura to control his body.

"What the fuck!" Lester cried out as he lost control of his bodily functions.

"Now kneel before your Queen like a good servant!" she smiled viciously as she controlled Lester with nothing more than her mind. Her eyes glowed in bright red with a dark purple aura around her.

Lester's body jerked as it was slowly forced to kneel down. With the aura still holding him firmly in place, the Lunala loomed over him with an arrogant glare. "Well, have you maybe reconsidered your decision yet?"

"What the hell are you doing to me?" Lester groaned as he tried to force his body out of her grip.

"Just making sure that you know what it means to defy me. I still expect your answer." The aura darkened and Lester's body cramped up in pain.

Lester gritted his teeth "Alright! Alright! I'll serve you again! Just stop! Argh!" The second he submitted himself, the aura dissipated and the Queen smiled victoriously. Lester recovered his pained breath and slowly got onto his feet again.

"Good. I'm glad you came to your senses." She cut open his restraints with the blades of her wings, turned around arrogantly and walked back up the stairs. "Your chambers are still the same as when you left. It will almost be just like it was before. Good night, Lester." She chuckled darkly.

"What? It was just afternoon when I got in here. Why would it already be night?"

Queen Veil turned around "Because I decided that it is. If I want it to be night, it will be."

"You've gone mad, Veil." Lester scuffed as he stretched his still stiff body.

"No…" she turned towards the door to her chambers standing in the open frame. "…I've just realized how things really are." A small glimpse of sadness crossed her face as she looked down. With a small sigh she went to bed. Leaving Lester behind confused.

He turned around and exited through the door he came in through. The Ursaring guard already expected him. "You done? I'm supposed to escort you to your chambers."

"You won't pick me up again right?"

"Will that be necessary?"

"I guess not. The Queen has already convinced me to stay."

The guard nodded before tilting his head to signal him to follow him.

Lester looked up at the bulky, bearded man. "How did you know that I would be ready to go to my chambers anyway?"

"Heh, the Queen is very persuasive. I had no doubt that she would get you to stay."

"Yeah, she is persuasive alright." He looked around as he was guided through the elegant, dark corridors. He couldn't rid himself of a question that ran through his mind. "Say, what happened to Queen Veil? Since I left I mean?"

The guard rubbed his neck in discomfort "Oh man, she did not take it well. It was as if she just snapped. Queen Veil fell into random mood swings. Sometimes angry, sometimes sad, but never good. She's been growing very cold and cruel to her servants and she often locks herself in her chambers throwing temper tantrums."

Lester faced the ground, being disheartened by the fact how bad things went. "How did it come to this? I remember the Queen to be so optimistic and lovely."

"Look, I don't know, but don't you dare tell the Queen about what I told you or I'll take you down with me." He glared down at the way smaller man who shrunk down even more at the Ursaring threatening him.

"Trust me, I won't. I like my spine the way it sits inside my body."

"So we understand each other. Good."

They reached a small wooden door to Lester's old chambers. Inside was a simple interior of a bookshelf with a wide variety of books, a simple bed and a table with a bowl of fruit. The only thing that changed since Lester was gone was the paint on the wall that changed from a synergy of bright, warm and dark, cold colors to exclusively colors representing the night and darkness. It was probably the Queen's way of signaling to everyone that she was the sole ruler now.

"Well, here we are." The guard said as he shoved Lester inside.

Lester sat down on the bed and sighed. "Here we go again. Hard to believe it's been two years."

"Hey, buddy. I know it isn't the best situation to say this but… welcome back to the family." The guard said as he closed the door.

Lester laid down in the bed, staring up at the starry dome ceiling. He smiled weakly, trying to stay positive. "Well, I guess this is kind of a nice change." It was like looking up at the real night sky. The stars shone brightly and whole galaxies seemed to pass. Maybe Queen Veil somehow manipulated the ceilings to simulate an actual night sky. Maybe it was a glimpse of the Queen's love for the universe. Maybe it wasn't all bad.

There were certainly a lot of uncertainties for Lester. But he closed his eyes in hope that tomorrow wouldn't be too terrible.

The next day in the throne room:

"Alright, what do you want me to do?" Lester sighed reluctantly stepping before the Queen.

The Queen awaited him with a witty smile on her face "You will scrub my stairs for now. I used them yesterday to greet you so they need to be cleaned."

"You gotta be kidding me. It's not necessary to clean stairs every time you use them."

Her aura darkened and her smile sunk into a frown and her eye twitched "You are not to ask questions! You just do as I say!"

Lester jerked back and gulped as he saw her clenching her fists "Alright already. I'll do it, geez."

She breathed heavily as she calmed down and the smile returned to her face. "That's what I want to hear. Go over there to my other servant and get to work. Do not disappoint me!" she turned arrogantly as she flicked her dark hair back.

Lester grunted in annoyance, quiet enough for the Queen not to hear it as he kneeled down to a bucket of water with two sponges in it. Next to it sat another servant. An anthro Taillow with a maid outfit on her. It was noticeably difficult to grab the sponge out of the bucket since she had to put her wing up to the first bend into the bucket to wrap it around the sponge.

"Do you need some help there?" Lester asked friendly as he wrung out the sponge and handed it to the Taillow.

She smiled at him embarrassedly as she appreciatively grabbed the sponge and began scrubbing the stairs "Thank you, that's very kind of you."

"Do you always have to do this on your own?"

"Every single day."

"Sheesh, man, how is one supposed to do handiwork if they don't even have hands huh?" Lester chuckled at his own stupid joke as he grabbed the leftover sponge.

The Taillow suppressed a chuckle "Be quiet, you don't want to let the Queen hear you, do you?"

"I'm just trying to make some small talk to make it more bearable. Name's Lester by the way."

"Sophie. Nice to make your acquaintance."

"Sophie huh. Well, it is getting quite soapy here, I can tell you that much."

She put her wing to her mouth to stifle her laughter. "Stop it! The puns are too much! We're gonna get caught."

"Hey, have you met this Ursaring guard before? You know, the big bulky one?"

"You mean Horace?"

Lester snickered relentlessly "Pffff! Horace? His name is fucking Horace?"

"You're terrible!" Sophie laughed along with him, not noticing that her wing slowly tipped over the bucket of water until it rolled down and spilled all of the dirty water over the stairs.

Alerted by the sudden noise the Queen glared over at the two of them with anger written all over her face while Sophie went completely pale. As the Queen stormed toward the scared Taillow. "I'm so, so sorry your highness! I was being careless, please don't hurt me!"

"You imbecile! Your orders were so simple and you still messed it up! Do I ask for much? No! You were just supposed to clean the stairs! You little…" Her eyes glowed bright red as Sophie shielded her face with her wings.

Lester jumped in between them, spreading out his arms protectively. "STOP!"

The aura of darkness that formed around Queen Veil quickly subsided in surprise.

"Veil, you are seriously going to torture her with your powers just because of a spilled bucket? Come on, that's ridiculous!"

"Are you defying me, Lester?" The Queen quivered with suppressed anger.

"I'm trying to protect you from becoming worse than you are already. And if you look inside of you, you already know that THIS is just wrong!"

Being torn on what to do the Queen clenched her teeth and grunted in frustration "GRRRGHH!" as she dashed up the stairs and slammed the doors behind her as she disappeared in her chambers.

Sophie stood back up in total shock, her body shivering with fear "I… thank you, Lester."

Lester slowly let his guard down as he grasped what had just happened. It seemed that the Queen still had some of her senses to her. "Don't mention it." He stared up at the door of the Queen's bedroom in uncertainty. "Sophie… do you think the Queen has turned evil?"

Sophie shrugged in uncertainty. "I can't tell. She had a rough time lately and I think she mostly just hates herself more than anyone else. She lets it out on the staff sometimes but… she always seems to feel bad about it afterwards, and locks herself up in solitude."

"I… I think I should go up in there. I knew her before all of this. Maybe I can talk to her."

"Right now? That's suicide!"

"Probably, but I need to see if the Queen that I once swore my loyalty to is still within her." Lester declared as he ascended the stairs and slowly opened the door. Shortly before he entered, he looked back seeing Sophie saluting him for his bravery.

He chuckled lightly and went right in.

Queen Veil sat in silence and darkness at a table in the corner of the bedroom. Like all the other rooms it created a beautiful night sky on the ceiling that lit up with the shine of the stars.

With her chin resting on her flat hands, the Queen sat there, staring at a glass ball with a miniature of a galaxy floating within it. She carelessly twirled her fingers around it making the galaxy twirl around as if she was stirring a coffee. Lester shook off the thought that it might be an actual galaxy considering who she was and approached her carefully from behind.

"Veil, are you alright?"

She acknowledged that Lester called out to her but kept starring into the ball. "A galaxy can't be beautiful without the light of the stars. Wouldn't you agree?"

"I guess you could say that. But why are you saying something like that?"

The Queen sighed to herself "You remember yesterday when I told you that I grasped reality?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"The thing that I realized is that I'm no use without King Prisma. I'm totally worthless."

Lester walked up behind her grasping her shoulders in encouragement. "Come on, you don't actually think that do you?"

Her absentminded stare didn't stop "Of course I do. When me and my husband broke up, everybody left me. I was completely alone. Everyone abandoned the kingdom…" she sat up and looked over her shoulder with a glare at Lester "…just like you did. I realized that nobody really loved their Queen. I knew that I had to force people to even stay with me."

Lester sighed as he now realized her inner fight and why she changed so drastically. "So that's why you are being so forceful to us."

"If I don't, you'll just leave me again. And I'll be alone again. With nobody who cares for me."

Without a word, Lester wrapped his arms around Veil from behind. She gasped in surprise as his strong arms embraced her. But her surprise soon turned into a feeling that she didn't feel in quite some time. The feeling of true affection.

"Listen, Veil, the reason we left you was not because we hated you. But when you and King Prisma fought with each other, we were scared. You were acting so angrily and not like the Queen we knew anymore. The Queen we loved."

Veil caressed his arms who tightly hugged her. "You loved me?"

"We did. You were a great Queen. I've heard nothing but praise for you back then from the other servants."

She managed to smile finally. A small smile, but one with big meaning behind it. "I've been acting really bad haven't I? How is it that you even care to tell me this?"

"Maybe because deep inside I still felt that love for you. You still have that loving Queen within you. I've always admired you for that. And I still do." Lester pulled her closer hearing a small gasp escaping her lips.

Her fair white skin reddened as she felt his grasp tighten around her torso. "Umm, Lester, the way you're holding me… it's… quite daring." she blushed deeply. Lester had his arms on top of and under her bulging bust making her feel his touch on her breasts.

Lester blushed himself now "I'm so sorry, I'll let go…"

"Don't…" Veil intervened as she kept his arms locked around her with her psychic powers.


"There's another reason why I've been so moody lately…" She pulled Lester down by his wooden pearl necklace to look at her as she craned her head back to see his dazed grey eyes. "I've been so incredibly lonely since Prisma left. And I've been so pent up for the last two years. Please, keep touching me, Lester, my loyal servant."

With an audible gulp, Lester moved his hands on top of the Queen's bountiful tits, gasping in arousal of the heavy flesh in the palm of his hands. Through the thin fabric of her glimmering dress, he could feel the heat of her body and her rising heartbeat.

Lost in the feeling, Lester began to cup her breasts tightly and moved them around in circles, massaging her sensitive orbs.

Veil bit her lower lip and rested her head back against Lester. "Mmmmhh yeah that's the ticket!" She nuzzled his chest like an affectionate kitten, driving Lester crazy with arousal at the scenario he found himself in. He was just fondling the Queen of Full Moon island and she was entrusting herself to him completely.

He always felt a deep love for the Queen, but he thought that he was just admiring her as a fair ruler. It seems that his love went deeper, he loved her as a woman even through all her faults he could not hide the attraction he felt to her strong personality.

With her gaze aimed up at her servant, her eyes went hazy and a sorry frown crossed her face. "I'm so sorry how I've treated you. NNNNHHH! You didn't deserve that kind of treatment. You are a great servant."

"It's okay. I'm just glad you came to your senses. And now I get to do this to you. So I guess we're even." He smirked slightly as he began to roughly fondle her tits, removing her thin blouse and leaving her in a white bra with purple stitches.

The Queen moaned as her servant dove his hands into her bra, assaulting her sensitive grey nipples that contrasted only slightly with her white skin. Her nipple was hard and her body twitched every time Lester touched it. His fingers pressed the nipples in and rubbed around them, the Queen shivering in pure arousal.

"AAAHH MMNNN! HAAA! LESTER!" she cried out to her lover to get him to look down at her. As his face looked down, he was caught by a pair of lips desperately pressed against his own. Veil's lips felt so soft, Lester wanted to feel them forever if only he could.

Swept up in the tension between the two of them, both opened their mouths and sent out their tongues to meet in a saliva drenched tongue wrestle. Curiously, they tasted each other's mouths and shared their breath.

Lester used the moment of distraction to move one of his hands down her body, approaching her crotch which she covered with her legs that were rubbing together to cope with her arousal. As his fingers touched her lower belly though and the Queen noticed what he was up to, she willingly spread her legs, eager to feel more of his touch.

With his grip on her tightening, he moved two of his fingers over the outlines of her slit which protruded from her already wet, white panties with the same purple stitches as her bra.

Parting from their kiss, Lester looked down at his handiwork, smiling proudly. "You are pretty wet already, your highness."

Veil blushed as her breath picked up and gasps escaped her mouth. "You don't have to spell it out. Your fingers, your kisses, it all is so exciting." She twitched and her legs quivered.

As even that wasn't enough, Lester dove into her panties from the top and rubbed her fleshy pussy directly.

"GAAAH! NOOO! Too good!" Veil drooled from the side of her mouth. Years of neglect have left her incredibly sensitive.

Lester was proud of himself as he made her shake in pleasure. With a smile, he moved his mouth to her slender neck and began to lick her. Veil's skin grew goosebumps as his tongue caressed her smooth skin. He latched his lips onto her neck as his hands continued to stimulate her tits and pussy.

He sucked on her skin, covering it in his saliva. Leaving a red mark on her neck.

He leaned over her shoulder, smiling widely. "Hehehe."

"HMMMAAHH! What are you laughing about?"

"I'm just kind of happy. I just left my mark on you. It almost feels like you belong to me."

The Queen smiled through her pleasured moans as she was still fondled and fingered. "Well, what if I was?"

"What are you saying, your highness?" Lester said in surprise.

"Make me yours Lester! I want you to leave your marks on me. Love me! HAAAA!"

Incredibly happy at her loving words, Lester crashed his lips against Veil's once more. He eagerly snuck his tongue into her mouth and licked her own tongue.

His fingers picked up speed, vibrating inside her pussy and tending to her nipple as he covered her mouth, sharing saliva with her.

Her hips jerked violently until torrents of juices sprayed out onto Lester's hands.

"MMHHAHAAAAA MMMMMHHH!" Her lips slipped over Lester's as her uncontrolled screams of pleasure rocked her body. Her climax was heavy and since she didn't feel one for quite some time, it took her completely by surprise how intense it was. The flow of juices dripped down onto the padding of the chair and stained it wet.

"*phew* Haaa, so good! Incredible!"

"You liked it?"

"I couldn't imagine how amazing it would feel. You were amazing, Lester."

"Well, I liked it too, see." He grabbed her wrist and guided her hand behind her. He led her to his crotch where an impressive tent had built up.

Veil smiled as she felt the rock hard shaft. "I see, you want to feel good too, don't you?"

"You have no idea how much I want you."

Queen Veil stood up from her chair and leaned onto the table in front of her as she dropped her disheveled dress completely. This left her in just her white and purple underwear with her bra no longer covering her breasts and her panties dripping wet. She raised up her rear, presenting it to her servant.

Hungrily, he ran his hands over her well rounded small ass. Her cheeks bulged out lovely and were soft to the touch, just right for an established royalty.

He hooked his fingers into her waistband and pulled her panties off her body. He was faced with the smooth, hairless pussy he had fingered earlier. He was astonished how the taint pink flesh inside of the white lips pulsated, awaiting penetration.

He moved in behind her, leaning over her and placing small kisses on the nape of her neck. She shivered from the tickling feeling before he whispered into her ear. "I will make another mark on you now. I will make the mark of your husband go away. You will become my shape."

Veil panted with anticipation and craned her neck to catch his lips again wantonly peppering him with kisses. "I would love nothing more, Lester." She fawned on him as she caressed his cheek.

With his hands firmly on her hips and his lips locked with her, Lester thrust his hips forward, parting her folds and engulfing his member in her hot flesh. It snugly wrapped him up in the twitching walls and squeezed on him all the way into her depths.

"HAA MPPPPHHH *smack* NNNNNHHH!" Veil moaned into his mouth as she continued to wildly kiss him with the pleasure driving her onward. Her hips instinctively moved back against him. Her pussy hungrily devoured his length and her hips jerked with every inch.

Shortly after he reached her deepest parts, Lester panted into Veil's ear. "I'm completely inside of you now. Can you feel me?"

Her entire body stiffened and she wheezed out of her nose. "I can feel you! You're so deep in me." She clenched her teeth to bear the stimulation.

Lester smirked and continued whispering lustfully "I will fuck you until your pussy will accept no one else but me!" He moved his hands from her hips to her free hanging, white breasts where he caressed her erect nipples tenderly as he pulled his dick out from her warmth.

The head of his thick rod was almost poking out from within her. He licked his lips before he slammed his hips against hers violently, making her butt cheeks ripple from the impact. With her lips tightly clamped together, she let out an ecstatic squeal from the intense pleasure.

Lester assaulted her tits violently as the back and forward motions of his hips sped up. He thrust into her as hard and deep as he could manage and fucked her violently. The feeling of her reshaping pussy as it clung to his member tightly was delectable to him.

Veil's hips moved back against his swings, trying to strengthen the hammering feeling. He handled her roughly but she loved every second of it. "AAAAAHHH! LESTER! HOLD ME! MY MIND IS GOING BLANK!" She begged him as she weighed her body back against him to feel his whole body on her half naked skin.

"FUCK! I LOVE YOUR PUSSY! IT'S SO DAMN SMOOTH!" Lester let out in a long groan as Veil leaned back and caressed his cheek as he fucked her. Their lips met as their bodies collided and a feeling of a culminating climax swept over them. Lester's dick twitched inside of her and his head widened, throbbing and preparing for ejaculation.

"Lester *pant* I can't hold it in much longer! *smack*" Veil wheezed as she peppered Lester's face with kisses aimlessly.

"Me too, Veil, me too! I'll cover you in my colors and make your body remember me forever! *pant*" Lester swung his hips with his body jerking uncontrollably from the approaching climax.



With a hard thrust that shook Veil so hard that she knocked over her glass ball, Lester delivered his final blow. He crashed into her hips and unloaded tons of his spunk, more than even he expected. Veil's pussy clamped down on him and drenched his crotch in her spraying juices.

"*pant* Hmm ha ha ha…" her voice quivered as she recovered from her cumming. Her legs grew weak and she staggered. It was hard for her to even stand straight. She fell backwards and leaned against Lester.

"It's alright, I got you. *pant*" Lester was equally out of breath but not nearly as weak as Veil was. He retracted his member from within her and picked her up bridal style. "See, I got you. Nice and comfy." He smiled at her reassuringly.

As her gaze focused, Veil smiled back at him and wrapped her arms around him. "Thanks Lester. Sorry for going weak on you now."

"It's okay, just relax. You need some rest." He said as he laid her down on her silk covered bed. It had dark purple sheets and felt extremely soft. Lester laid down with Veil and stared at the ceiling, calming down.

Veil rolled over to him and hugged his body with her wings sprawled out across the bed as she lost the strength to keep them together.

"I have to say, this was the last thing I expected as an outcome today." Lester said lovingly as he combed her silken black hair.

"Me neither, but I can't really complain. Hehehe." Veil laughed, something she hadn't done since her husband left. It felt like she was back to her former self and it made Lester happy beyond measure. She was the Queen that he fell in love with even when she was with her husband. The Queen that had fallen to her resentment and which he now finally got back again.

The couple looked up at the ceiling, watching the stars pass across it.

"Do you like my design changes? I thought the ceilings took away the chance to appreciate the beauty of the night sky so I manipulated them so you could see the firmament."

"It truly is beautiful. I've always kind of liked the night more than the days."

"If you want me to, I could make it night forever."

Lester gulped "I don't think that will be necessary. Beautiful things should keep being occasional treasures." He sweated nervously, hoping she wouldn't seriously plunge the world into darkness for him.

"Hehehe, I was just joking. I learned my lesson. I'm not going to mess with nature again."

Lester sighed in relief and took Veil into his arms. "Are you sure though you won't regret this? Doing this stuff with one of your servants?"

"Don't be silly. I've made my decision earlier already. You are more than just a servant to me. Not anymore."

"I understand." Lester smiled warmly "I love you, Queen Veil."

"I love you too…" Veil placed a small kiss on Lester's lips before she finished her sentence.

"I love you… King Lester.


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