Monster Hunter: Monstergirl World @alleskeins

[Warning: Contains smut]

Night came over the forest when we finally got out of the forest. We had to get to an open area so we could call for the Mernos to pick us up and carry me, Jaina and our new companion back to Astera.

I carried the unconscious girl in a bridal style in my arms while Jaina repeatedly and 'subtly' shot me annoyed glances.


"Oh, you know what!"

"How else would I get her back to camp if not by carrying her?"

"Well… why won't you let me carry her? You're still wounded anyways!"

"Because I'm worried that you're gonna rip her throat out if I leave her in your hands."

"So what if I did! Do you care that much about her? You're probably already into her and thinking about how you're gonna do her!" Jaina crossed her arms and grumbled to herself as she continued walking with her head turned away from me.

"You're being unreasonable, Jaina! I don't even know what she's like, how could I imagine doing that with her?"

"Well, she's pretty, isn't she? She has big boobs, bigger than mine and she has cleaner hair than I do!" Jaina's voice was sulky and pouty with a twinge of sadness.

"Jaina… there's more to it than that. In order for people to love each other, they have to know each other."

"But… when other males I knew looked for a partner they just looked at which one had the strongest and best body to make babies with."

"Well, humans are different. Looks can only get you so far. Love is a whole different ballpark."

"But what does love have to do with wanting someone to mate with?"

"Simple, you only 'mate' with those who you love. Usually at least." I shrugged. I wasn't that confident in my own statement. I didn't know much about how others viewed sex after all, but I felt like what I said was still valid.

Jaina carefully walked up to my side without looking at me. But even with her head turned away from me, I could tell that she was acting a bit bashful and sheepish. "So… does that mean you love… me?"

I stopped in my tracks when I first heard her question. She was still not facing me and honestly, I wasn't sure if I could face her either with all the blood that was rushing to my face.

I tried to act casual as I processed what I really thought the true answer to this was. "I ran right into that one, didn't I? I guess, I really never did say it out loud, huh?"

"You didn't… That's why I asked." Jaina's gaze went towards the ground as she kept walking and twiddling around with her claws anxiously.

A small twinge of guilt went through my heart when I realized that I've never told her. I just thought it went without saying but… I guess I couldn't be vague with her. All these concepts were new and alien to her so it was stupid of me to expect that she would just pick it up that easily. I had to be clear with her.

"Well… I do."

"Huh?" Finally, she looked at me again with expectant, attentive eyes.

"I do love you. I'm… sorry I've never said it."

"Really? Since when?"

"I guess ever since that night at the beach. We've both been beaten down and didn't know how to move on. I related to you on so many levels and… I guess it just kind of developed from there. You were cute, fun and you always kept up such an optimism that it sprung over to me."

Jaina's cheeks and the bridge of her nose flushed red and her twitching hands calmed down as a sweet smile crossed her lips. "That night… Around the same time then…"

"Around the same time? What do you mean?"

She chuckled and gave me a cheeky little wink. "I'll let you figure that out for yourself."

"Haha, veeery funny." I playfully rolled my eyes as she played my cards against me.

"Revenge is sweet." She cheerily shrugged back and walked closer to me again. It was good that she lightened up again, but I couldn't help but notice her throwing worried glances at the woman in my arms.

I tried to divert her attention from her. "You know, come to think of it… the night I found you I carried you the exact same way."

"Really?" Her brightened, golden eyes looked up at me with pure, genuine happiness.

"Yeah, I held you just like this. You know usually this is the way you're supposed to carry your… bride…" And when I said that, while I was almost wishing to sink into the ground from embarrassment, Jaina only cocked her head.

"What's a bride?"

"It's… well… when someone is very special to you and you love them so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you marry them."

"And what's marrying?" Jaina came ever closer to me and I could feel her clinging to my arm as she intently listened to me.

"In a marriage you… exchange vows. A promise that you… want to keep being with them forever. For as long as life will take you." My heart was beating out of my chest and Jaina seemed to be massively excited by the idea.

"O…oh, so that's what that means, huh? Hehe, that's an… odd tradition you humans have." She chuckled awkwardly as she sheepishly combed back her hair with her claw. Her face was burning up and I wasn't faring much better.

But soon, there was something else going on with her. "Hrrmmmh…" Once again, she grumbled and threw nasty glances my way.

"What… now?" I hesitantly asked.

When I called her out on it, she slumped a little and turned her gaze away with a pout. "It doesn't make me happy that you carry HER that way now."

"Oh… yeah… b…but it doesn't always… mean something. With her I have to do it; for you I'd do it even if I didn't have to."

I could see from her expression that she was still not happy. I should not have expected her to, to be honest. This woman who I held in my arms was one that had caused Jaina a lot of pain and several wounds after all.

I questioned myself. Why DID I insist on taking her with us so much. By all accounts I should hate her. She hurt the girl I loved. But somehow there was this urge inside me to give her a chance to redeem herself no matter how irredeemable she seemed.

Maybe it had to do with the way how I met Jaina. Back then, we were both ready to kill each other and if I hadn't discovered her human form… she would be…

I couldn't even finish that thought. But the point was that we were just two creatures from two different sides pitted against each other. Neither of us meant anything by what we did. It was just nature.

Maybe that was my small hope for our new frenemy here. She could be terrible. She could be completely different. But before we gave her a chance, we wouldn't know. Maybe one day she and Jaina can resolve their issues with each other. Maybe…

"We should be in the clear up ahead." Jaina said coldly and unusually monotone. Following that announcement, she sped up her steps and walked ahead of me, knowing that I couldn't keep up with the girl in my arms.

"Jaina! Wait up!" I shouted after her as loudly as I could without alarming the wildlife. But she wasn't hearing it.

I sighed into the lonely silence of the dark blue forest, having to track Jaina's footsteps to find the clearing where we were going to take off.

"I really hope you're worth this." I lamented to the girl in my arms.

She restlessly twitched in her sleep. Her eyes were trembling and her claws were clenching and opening irregularly. In general… she kind of reminded me of how Jaina was when she was out of it. Who knows, maybe both of them have their own demons to fight.

But for that to happen, I'd first have to make up with Jaina again.

After a while more of following her trails, I reached an opening. The opening that we entered the forest from.

I heard the shout of a Mernos in the air and I knew already what that meant. Jaina had already taken off back to Astera and that suspicion turned out to be true when I saw a hooded figure hanging off a flying Mernos heading for the camp.

I really didn't think she'd be this upset.

I dejectedly and disappointedly called for my own Mernos which shortly afterwards came flying down to me. I tied the rope, that it carried, around my waist and attached the girl to it as well with an extra belt.

Thankfully Mernos are known to be incredibly strong fliers and it was able to lift both of us.

During the flight I thought about what I would tell Jaina and how we would move forward from now on. I had to have her on my side, otherwise… I wouldn't forgive myself.

It was probably pretty selfish to think that, but I needed her. I wanted her with me. And I'd do everything to be on her good side again.

Crossing the border to Astera, everything seemed quiet. Obviously. The hunters were out cold from the fire blight and the researchers were probably sleeping after the stress and exhaustion of caring for them.

It actually put my mind at ease to know that nobody would probably notice me and the semi human I carried in my arms. In fact, as the Mernos landed, I didn't even have to hide her and could head straight for the commander's quarters which were still lit with torches.

I carefully pulled aside the curtains that closed off the commander's room from the public and entered just to find the commander sitting at a desk full of documents running one hand through his hair while holding his head with the other. He was visibly exhausted and was apparently having a headache from working through a slough of papers.

"Commander. I'm back from my quest. I uhh… wanted to report in?"

His eyes wandered over to me and immediately widened as he saw me as well as the girl in my arms. He grumbled for a second before he got up and approached me. "Would you care to explain yourself? First your friend comes in here on her own, aimlessly wandering around the camp, and now you bring another one of these hybrid monsters. I'm really trying to work with you here. What happened?"

"You've picked up Jaina? Where is she?"

"Report first, answers later!" He spoke through his teeth trying to stay formal and collected.

I gulped and collected myself. "We carried out our mission as you ordered, sir. We found the clearing with the nulberries and collected as many as we could. But in the middle of everything there was an… incident. We alarmed the wildlife and got attacked by a monster. A huge, strong one that could breathe fire and ram us with its head. Definitely a brute wyvern I think." I pulled out the five containers of nulberries and placed them on his desk.

"That would be an Anjanath then. I'll make sure these are distributed to the medical staff. Continue." He explained to me before I went on.

"Well, long story short, we fought it and… this was the result. Just the same result as it was with Jaina. I took her with me because I thought she could be of some use for the research commission. I hear that you've captured several other monsters alive before, but I think if you had one that could actually tell you everything you need to know, it would be way more practical." I built up a sweat on my forehead as I tried to rectify my actions. I had no idea how that reason would hold up.

But to my surprise, the commander just nodded and accepted it, though there was something weird about him. He shook his head and laughed amused. "Man, you really are just like your father. But at least your father stopped at one."

I was taken aback and almost dropped the girl in surprise. "You… you know my dad? How? What are you talking about."

"Ah, boy, there's a lot I have to explain to you. Too much for this time of day. But, joking aside now…" He grew stern and came closer to me. "… Nobody must know. Not yet at least. I prepared private quarters for you and your companion. That's where I sent her when she arrived here. You're lucky I was the last person to be up at this point. I'm afraid there's only enough space for the two of you for now. Haven't exactly expected you to bring a new arrival so soon."

My eyes flicked all over the room as I tried my hardest to comprehend the situation I was in. "I'm glad to hear that you provided us with a place to stay, really I am but…There… There are still so many questions I have. What have you… When have you…"

He just shook his head and gave me an understanding smile. "In due time, Kalaydus. I will come visit you and Jaina tomorrow and explain everything to you. Trust me, I know more than you think." He took a deep breath. "In the meantime, I will take care of that new companion you brought along. She'll stay in a separate room where she can recover from her wounds and her transformation. Put her down on this bench over there, I'll transfer her later."

I did as I was ordered, as bewildered as I was, and gently laid her down on a long bench that was probably used for visitors in the commander's office.

When she settled down, a long, exasperated breath escaped her lips as she kept sleeping.

"What if she wakes up?" I asked cautiously.

"She won't. Not today at least. Judging by the wounds you caused her, she might take a while to recuperate. If she does however… well, we'll see how she'll handle it."

"I think I really should stay here if she…"

The commander waved me off, denying my retort. "You have your own troubles to face first. I've noticed the mood that your companion was in when she arrived here. It's not my business but you better sort it out quickly if you don't want it to turn into a bigger problem than it has to be. You'll get all your answers and our new arrival will be safe. I'll make sure of it. Now go!"

I was thankful but at the same time so confused. "Commander?"

"What is it, Kalaydus?"

But when he looked over his shoulder with a confident smile, I swallowed any further questions I had and instead: "Thank you."

"No problem. Everything will become clear soon. I promise. Now take care of Jaina, will you? Your quarters are at the bow of the hollow ship."

I nodded vehemently. "I will!"

I exited the commander's office into the dark night and scanned around for the quarters he described.

I found what I was looking for at the front of one of the stranded vessels, behind a couple of barrels and crates of unused sails for the ships. Apparently, the commander did this so nobody else would go back here.

Just like the commander's office, a curtain with the logo of the research commission on it kept it from the sight of the people outside. I carefully snuck a peek inside.

I lifted the curtain gently and was greeted by the back of Jaina, sitting on one of the two beds that were provided. The room was a bit cramped but still had enough room for the both of us. It was clearly not meant to be a living quarter but it would be enough for now.

I quietly slipped inside. Even from the faint rustling of the curtain, Jaina perked up a little and took a careful look over her shoulder. When her golden eyes met my blue ones, they quickly turned solemn and sad.

She turned around without saying a word and rubbed her right arm with her left claw uncomfortably.

"Hey." I said to break the silence.

"Hey. You're here." She stated with a monotone, hesitant voice. "Where's… she?"

"At the commander's office. She won't live in the same room as us."

"Did you want her to?"

"Why are you saying this stuff? You're acting like she's going to steal me away from you."

"Is she?" There wasn't even a hint of joking when she said that, yet when she did, a small snicker escaped my lips. When she heard my snickering, she crossed her arms and hugged her knees on top of the bed.

I came up behind her and crawled onto the bed. Before she could even react and escape, I wrapped my arms around her and dragged her into a soft, warm hug. I thought she needed this right now and apparently, I was right.

Jaina didn't struggle, nor did she protest it. Instead, she snuggled against me and let me entwine my fingers with her claws.

"I told you before, didn't I? I don't know her, just being attractive doesn't mean I'm going to like her. I just took her along because I wanted to give her the same chance as I did you."

Jaina seemed to still struggle with the idea and finally broke down. "But what if you DO end up liking her!" She whined and pressed her face into my chest. I could feel that she was crying. Tear stains were forming on my clothes. I was an idiot. The whole time I thought her doubts were silly but I forgot that to her… this was serious. I tightened my grip on her and tried to calm her down as she clung to me with trembling shoulders.

With a barely audible voice she wrung out a few words. "I don't want you to like her. Everything I'm good at, she's better at it. You're… you're going to forget about me. You won't need me anymore. Taking you away from me would be the last thing she hasn't done to me yet."

The weight of her words weighed down on me harder than I could describe. I took a moment to let her cry herself out and when the sobbing finally stopped, I spoke up again. "I don't care what she's better in."

Jaina lifted her head to look up at me with her watery, glistening eyes.

"I…I know this is all hard and confusing to you. Trust me, it is for me too. But whatever happens, whatever she can do that you can't… she's not you. She will never… ever replace you. You need to have trust in yourself, you need to have trust in me. WE need to have trust in each other. I won't forget about you and I hope you won't forget about me either."

"Of course, I won't. I love you!" Jaina half whined and half chuckled when she wiped the tears from her face with her palm.

I finally managed to wring a smile out of her and in turn, she made me smile as well. I ran my fingers through her hair that was just as messy and dirty as the day I met her. "And besides, you're leagues ahead of her. You know why?"

"Why?" She asked with a curious look up at me.

"Eh, I'll let you figure that out on your own."

I broke down laughing a little bit as she softly punched my chest with her clenched claws. "AWW! You can't get away with this NOW! Why do you think I'm leagues ahead of her?"

I finished giggling when I moved my hand from her hair to her cheek and looked directly into her eyes. "Because you've already got me." I said as a finishing touch before I pulled her closer and pressed my lips onto hers.

It was so relieving to finally have a moment like this with her again. With Jaina melting into the kiss and our bodies naturally wanting to be connected. Jaina fully turned around to my so that she could sit on my lap and sling her arms around me. While I held on to her hips, she almost painfully embraced my neck as she enthusiastically kissed me back with several small pecks and long, drawn out, silent kisses just so we could feel one another.

Since she didn't wear anything underneath her poncho, I could feel her bare crotch grind against my clothed one and felt like I was in a pretty unfair advantage. My cock naturally grew at the thought and feeling of her pressing herself against me and the faint warmth of her of her hot privates just added even more excitement.

Feeling her like this again felt like a missing puzzle piece was attached to me again. It felt natural and incredibly comforting.

But these clothes… they were just in the way now.

"Jaina?" I spoke up in between kisses.

"Yeah?" She responded with dreamy, hazy eyes.

"We should probably get a little more… comfortable. Don't you think?" I whispered huskily as I playfully toyed around with the rim of her furry hood.

"Leave that to me." She responded with an unusually sultry tone in her voice while her hooded eyes locked onto mine.

Before I snapped out of my daze, Jaina got off me and off the bed as well. She knelt down by the side of the bed and padded it to signal me that I should sit on the edge. I followed her instructions with a curious smile and after being instructed to, spread my legs to find Jaina snuggle in between them, petting my crotch.

"You got this big for me?" She giggled cheerily as her claws unimaginably gently put pressure onto my excitedly twitching cock.

"I thought it was pretty obvious back there that you were turning me on." I tried to laugh back but it was interrupted by soft gasps that escaped my mouth. "But you can't trick me, I felt you on my lap before. You're pretty into it yourself."

"Ha bap bap, this isn't about me, this is all… about you." She said huskily as she sneakily hooked her claw into the waistband of my pants and pulled them down to my knees. She almost predatorily gazed down at my exposed cock as it sprung up from its cover.

Her hunger for it was clearly visible in her expressions and she was already planning on how she would take it into her mouth like last time and give me yet another mind-blowing fellatio. But to my surprise, even though she was clearly tempted to do that, she left my cock alone for now. Instead, I watched as she hypnotically shimmied out of her poncho. Flipping up the flaps of it, she revealed her breasts as they swayed about after dropping out of her clothes.

My cock throbbed at the sight of the familiar smooth body that aroused me more than any fantasy ever could.

Shedding herself of the only layer of clothing that covered her, Jaina was ready to put her actual plan into action. She returned to her spot between my legs as I waited with bated breath for what she wanted to do to me.

"I know they're not as big as hers but…" Jaina trailed off before her voluptuous boobs pooled out onto my crotch, smothering my dick until its strength got it to pop into her cleavage. "…I think mine should do the trick just as well." She licked her lips with hot gasps of excitement.

I was so surprised by her bold move that I grip the sheets at the sudden shock of feeling her cold but stimulatingly smooth skin around my member. The tanginess of her flesh served like the perfect pressure to stimulate my shaft and tip equally, swallowing my cock in its entirety.

"I don't think you've got…nghh… any reason to talk yourself down, Jaina."

"Really! Does it feel good? I… I honestly wasn't too sure about that but… I'm… glad." Even though she put up a very seductive and confident façade, she was apparently still very self-conscious about sexual things. But in the end, that just made her efforts even more adorable.

I took the opportunity to let her know how much I appreciated that and combed past her ears with my hand. "You can get started now. Move them up and down. Trust me, I'll feel even better then."

Enthusiastic about pleasuring me, Jaina soon grabbed a hold of her tits and smooshed them together while sliding up and down around my cock. With firm pressure she squeezed it tightly and started to put all of her effort into smoothly rubbing my cock in between her distorting, plentiful breasts.

I could see from her flushing face that she was fully concentrating on it. Her mouth was slightly agape and I could faintly feel her hot breath when it hit the tip of my cock every time it peeked out of the top. With every elaborate stroke, I started to get more and more turned on and started to leak with precum. My cock glistened with wetness when it emerged from her cleavage, after a while being caked in slippery liquid.

But no matter how amazing it felt to have her give it her all, I felt like it could be even more amazing. I felt guilty for demanding it, but if I was going to put my trust into Jaina, I had to be forward. "Jaina, do you think you could… suck on it as well?"

Her motions didn't let up when she gaspingly looked up at me with a confused but attentive look. "Huh? But I'm already doing this with my breasts for you."

"I know, but do you see when my dick pops out of them at the top. When that happens, catch it with your mouth… and keep it there!" I ordered her, losing all sense of reluctance I had before. With my slipping cock, sliding through her tight crevasse. Her irregular movements as she was distracted from the talking sent shivers through my spine.

Jaina's face was flush with excitement and insecurity, but she nodded in response. "I'll do my best!" With those words, she looked down at her boobs while she moved them like a fisherman waiting for his bait to be taken. My red, swollen tip pistoned in and out of the cover until Jaina dove into her own breasts with her wide-open mouth.

With her forked tongue, she guided what she could catch into her mouth and started to suck on it hard to not lose her grip on it.

I was overwhelmed from the sudden mixture of supple softness and slippery moisture. While her skin and tongue were inherently cold, her breath was hot and wafting around my cock. It made for an incredible mix that made me moan and grip the sheets of the bed as well as the back of her head.

Jaina completely devoted herself to what she was doing, sucking as hard as she could and slurping loudly as her saliva swished about.

"It tashtes like your cum… I shtill remember it." She muttered as her eyes closed shut. She was taking in the taste and furrowing her brows as she did her best to lure the cum out of my balls. Her body pressed more and more against me, her breasts pumping on my lap.

"Fuck yeah, keep going, Jaina. I think… nghhh… I'll cum soon. You're doing great. You're doing amazing!" I shiver as her motions kept increasing in speed. Her tits slapped against my crotch with increasingly wet sounds emanating from it. I felt her tongue swirling around whatever length it could cover and her lips teased my cock as they slid over the ridge of its head.

My cock was twitching and I could feel myself edging closer to orgasm.

Once Jaina heard and processed that I was going to come, she was doing everything in her power to make it happen. She squeezed her breasts and lips tighter and was visibly hungering for my cum. She seemed intent on proving to me that she was a glutton at heart. The naughty noises that rang out through the small room, sent my mind into overdrive. I could feel my balls tighten and my shaft thicken in preparation for my climax.

I bunched up a bundle of her hair in my fist as I slowly lost my restraint.

And just as I reached my limit, Jaina shoved my cock far enough into her mouth for me to hit the back of her throat. A wave of cum sprayed onto her gums and tongue while whatever little rest that she couldn't hold in, spilled onto her breasts and made them glisten with my surprisingly plentiful sperm. I don't think I've ever came so hard in my life.

It felt like my orgasm sucked me dry, yet more and more of my cum bubbled up for Jaina to greedily swallow and lick up. There was no stopping her. Her throat pumped up and down without even breaking off for a second. Jaina even moved of her claws to hold my throbbing, pulsing member in place. She truly wanted to gulp down everything she could get.

It took several seconds before she finally finished and even licked my entire shaft and tip free of cum.

Her face was distant with a look of satisfaction. Her eyes were hooded and her tongue limply hung out of her mouth while she breathed heavily. As if to present herself to me, she looked up at me with her sparkling eyes and opened her mouth wide to show that it was empty. She didn't even notice that there were droplets of cum hanging from her chin as well as on her breast.

The sight alone was enough to get my cock to grow full on hard again.

"Jaina!" Grabbing her by her shoulders I pushed her towards the other bed that was parallel from hers. I pushed her onto the sheets, pinning her and swiftly capturing her lips. Even though I could faintly taste the remnants of my cum, I couldn't care less.

Jaina seemed in too much of a daze to be surprised at my sudden move and just went with the flow by wrestling my tongue with hers.

The more I got into our make-out session, the more I felt restraint by my clothes. I shimmied out of my pants and boots, and even Jaina couldn't wait any longer to get my burnt leather armor off me. With her claws she tore into it and roughly shoved my jacket off of me. "You don't need that thing anymore anyways!" She moaned in between kisses, disposing of my now burnt AND ripped armor.

After stripping me naked, Jaine threw her arms around my neck and head, passionately returning my kisses.

Without looking, I tried to reach for my cock and line it up with Jaina's dripping, faintly cold pussy. Our naked bodies were tightly pressed against each other and sweat was starting to form on our skin. I lovingly looked into Jaina's golden eyes as I gently held her cheek. She looked anxious and restless, shimmying around underneath me, causing her pussy to toy around with the tip of my cock.

"Nnnhhh…" She was audibly and visibly annoyed.

I chuckled cheekily. "What?"

"Put it in alreadyyyy…" She whined as she puffed her cheeks.

I deflated them again though as I popped her lips open to snake my tongue inside. Her eyes go wide before she returns to her dazed, desperate look. "Can do…" I mutter almost inaudibly in between kisses as I push my hip forwards and plunge straight into her folds.

Her wiggling insides snugly embraced my incoming cock while Jaina's mouth went more and more agape and her expression slack. Just the same, my face contorted in pleasure and ecstasy was rushing through my body.

My breath grew ragged and quivery as I began thrusting. At first slowly and deliberate, I slid in and out of her while holding her body close. My arms were on her side and her hip as my hands grabbed onto her supple skin.

When our synced rhythm sped up, our hands met and entwined left and right of Jaina's head. We were holding hands like lovers were supposed to when they were doing this. Our sweaty bodies collided harder and harder as my cock spread open her slit. Both our sexes were slick and wet with our juices, making it extremely easy for them to slide around and into each other.

"Fuck! Kalaydus! Faster! Hit it all the way in the back!" Jaina moaned into my ear.

I followed through with her orders and moved on to short but deep, grinding movements. Our crotches were almost glued together.

The more we went on and the further in we got, Jaina's legs slowly closed around me to keep me in place. Her leg claws were tense and twitched in erratic movements with every time I pounded into her.

My cock's head gouged her deep insides which were happily kissing my tip. I was embedded in this slight cold, yet it felt so snug to be inside of it.

"I love you, Jaina! Fuck! I love you!" I cried out, kissing Jaina's slender neck to reinforce my emotions.

Upon hearing this, she lost grip of my hands and instead dug her claws into my back. Not strong enough to hurt me, but enough to hold on and give me light scratches. "I love you too, Kalaydus! I love you so damn much! Oh my goooood!"

I was itching all over, craving to cum inside of her to seal our confessions. I wanted to fill her to the brim and give her all that I can.

Jaina closed her eyes and pressed her face into my shoulder while I was smothered by her earthy, but familiar smelling hair.

I crashed into her harder, making the juices splatter around between us and effectively ruining the bed. Our collisions began to ripple throughout our bodies and we tensed up from the impending finale.

"Cumming! I'm cumming, Kalaydus!" I heard the muffled, strained voice of Jaina reaching my ears.

"Same… haaaa... here!" I wrung out in response as I grabbed her smooth, sweaty thighs to get a tight grip and pulling her towards me.

Jaina was writhing in pleasure just as much as I was and I struggled to keep up the pace. Our lips slowly opened as we were ready to let out our final moans.

"HHhahhhhhhHHaahhhh!" "KyyaaaaaaaHHHH!"

Our bodies contorted, mangling on the bed. In several erratic spurts, I filled Jaina with my sperm to the point of overflowing. And yet I couldn't stop myself from spreading more and more of it. Jaina's insides constricted around me even though they could hardly get a grip with all the cum swishing around. Our bodies tensed up together and we embraced as we rode out our aftermath. With heavy breath, we slowly settled, cum flowing from our connection point in mass. The cloudy, clear liquid stained the bedsheets and created a small pool underneath us.

I lifted my head although I could barely even think straight right now. "Maybe we should use your bed tonight, huh?"

Jaina reacted with an exhausted smile. "You're probably right there. We'll switch it up next time."

I chuckled along with her, embarrassedly laughing at the thought that we were already thinking of doing this again in the future. We met in a gentle, soft kiss to send the night off before we sluggishly got up and moved over to Jaina's bed.

I pulled the blanket over us as we left the room and the bed in complete disarray. Well, not like it mattered much. It looked like a storage unit before already.

The gentle moonlight shone through a few slits in the bow of the ship and let the room glow in a dark blue. Jaina resting on top of me while I held her in my arm. She exhaustedly inhaled through her nose.

"I like your smell." She whispered.

I chuckled. "Where did that come from?"

"I dunno, it just came over me like that and I really wanted to tell you."

"You know that I still haven't had a shower yet, right? I've been walking around with thick armor until now. I must smell pretty strongly."

"Maybe… but now you smell just like me."

Somehow… those words made my heart flutter and I pulled Jaina even closer to me, nuzzling her hair. "I like your smell too, Jaina. I like it a lot actually." I muttered as I caressed her head.

We both closed our eyes as sleepiness took over. And with a few last words, Jaina closed off the night before we dozed off.

"I'm glad."


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