Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 4 @alleskeins
It's been a fun ride y everybody, Alleskeins here.
I knew it'd come to this sometime but it doesn't make it any less unfortunate. I've been notified that over the course of the next couple of days, my works will be removed from this site for explicit content.
That'll mean the end for Anthro Pokémon x Human, Monster Girl Encyclopedia Encounter Compendium as well as Monster Hunter Anthro World.
My MGE series at least will be continued on Literotica where you can find me as Alleskeins1 but as for the rest, this will be it.
I appreciate all of you for reading and sticking with my stories over the years. You've made it quite an enjoyable ride.
I wish you all the best and maybe we'll see each other someplace else.
Thanks for everything,
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