Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 4 @alleskeins
Cinderace (Jessica) x Brian

I see lots of you are in the mood for some new Pokémon stories. Like holy hell, there have been a lot of you flooding me with suggestions and requests. Well, I won't say I'm complaining and I'm sorry that I can only ever pick one out of the masses.

Here is today's winner though. AWSMAndrew303. We are coming back right away with a Galarian starter Pokémon: Cinderace.


The skyline of Kalayda city was filled with the shine of spotlights as the yearly tryouts for the soccer home team. It was one of the local teams, the Kalayda City Contras, which was scouting for a new member. The Spectral Stadium was roaring with the sounds of supportive cheers as well as merciless booing. Second place meant nothing. There could only be one winner to be selected and with everyone wanting to join one of the most popular teams of Vindicta, the competition was fierce.

After simple things like endurance, accuracy and teamplay tests, there was one metaphorical and literal wall that everyone broke their teeth on.

"Sloppy!" "Concentrate!" "Come on, keep up!" "Eyes on the target!"

Jessica Chester, the striker and captain of the Contras. A relentless, powerful member of the team and an anthro Cinderace. She was a fast, short girl at 5'4'', agile and had the kicking power of a bulldozer. Perfect for the offensive.

She wore a jersey and gym shorts in the team colors of purple and knee high black socks with a purple stripe. Her studded shoes were jet black and had the logo of the team on their heels; a bright purple shooting star. Her hair was a fiery red with yellow highlights and large white bunny ears piercing through it.

People are often fooled by her cute appearance and the image they have of a shy bunny, thinking that she would be a meek, frail little girl. They would regret approaching her that way however. Jessica was fierce and highly competitive, she lived for the sport, especially when it came to soccer. She wasn't the team's captain for nothing, which was why she had the final say on who would be allowed on.

The final test she put people through was "simple". Prospective members had to score one penalty shot against her and keep her from scoring one against them as a goal keeper. A test of offensive as well as defensive abilities, yet not an easy one by a long shot.

Yet, hundreds of people came to try their luck, many of them failing even before getting to the final challenge. One of these hopefuls was Brian Crow, midfield soccer player of a small regional team from Crescendo Village.

He was more versatile when it came to soccer. 6'1'' tall, decent in defense as well as offense, a jack of all trades. His hair was a dark royal blue with a streak of black going through it on the sides. He still sported the jersey and short colors of his old team, the autumn colors of Crescendo, orange and yellow. Along with that, deep orange socks and black sports shoes with orange studs. This was his day, the day to graduate to the big leagues.

Standing in the waiting line next to the field, Brian hyped himself up, loosening his muscles and bouncing from one foot to the other on the spot. "This is the day, Jackson. I can feel it!" He proclaimed to his buddy in front of him.

"Someone's hyped. Don't you think you should temper your expectations a little. I mean no one in front of us has even come close to finishing the entire training course, let alone that brick wall over there." He motioned towards the field where Jessica Chester was demolishing everyone who stepped up to her.

"If you don't think you can win, why did you even come with me?"

"Moral support? Nah, I'm kidding. I do think you might have a chance here. Just want to make sure you stay grounded and don't get cocky. As for me, I mean... how often do you get the chance to see an icon like THE Jessica Chester!? This is as close as I'm ever gonna get, man!"

Brian took a glance over at the trial area. The realization that soon, he was going to face off against the leader of the Contras, the most renowned regional soccer star, was slowly setting in. He'd trained for weeks for this moment, during and outside of regular soccer practice. It was maybe the only chance he had to branch out of the minor leagues. And all that stood in his way, was that girl over there.

The next ball hit the net, with the contender not even close to catching it. Worse than that even, he jumped into the wrong direction. How could someone miss the ball that badly?

"Nice try, but you're out. Train your reflexes and try next year!" Jessica shouted, trying to motivate the guy but it only seemed to hammer home the feeling of defeat.

"Damn, I always knew she was good but she is actually ruthless."

"Yup, she sure is in top shape."

"You're right, her form is impeccable. She's not even breaking a sweat."

"Her thighs, those hips and damn those breasts, she's packing!"

Brian was torn from his admiration and side glanced at his friend, noticing that they were admiring very different aspects of her. "Dude, what the hell?"

"What? You can't tell me you're not looking. Bet she could crush a man with those legs."

"Keep your head in the field, Jackie." Brian joked as he nudged his shoulder.

But soon after, the jovial mood was gone and a knot formed in Brian's stomach. The line was getting shorter and shorter. People entered the field and were spat out almost just as fast.

The man checking the list for entry, read out the next name. It was Jackson's turn.

Jackson looked over his shoulder and smirked. "Wish me luck! And good luck to you too. If it doesn't work out, well... see you Wednesday at training!" He slapped Brian's shoulder and jogged onto the field, into the gauntlet that Brian only now paid attention to.

It was a course consisting of the usual. Tires to run through for dribbling training, a kick strength test to see how far you can kick a soccer ball and dummies to maneuver that same ball around. Nothing out of the ordinary even for our team of Crescendo during training. It seemed like all of those tests were only building up to the final challenge. Even so however, once Jackson had passed all of them he was already out of breath and sweating heavily.

Jessica stepped in front of him and shoved the ball into his hands. "So, the next challenger then. You've seen how it goes. You try to score against me, I try to score against you. If you manage to do both in a row, you're in, got it?"

"Could I take a breather first?"

"A match lasts two times 45 minutes. The hurdles took you a fraction of that to get through. If you can't handle that, you can't handle being on my team."

"That's a no then... alright, I'm ready." He put the ball on the chalk marker in the grass and took a few steps back while Jessica put on her goalie gloves. She seemed laser focused and not threatened even in the slightest. She didn't appear to have high hopes for Jackson in the first place.

"Ready if you are." She stated plainly, slapping her hands together and getting into a defensive stance."

From a distance, Brian saw Jackson's eyebrows scrunch, trying to find a space to get the ball past her. He lined up, shot and... failed miserably. He made it very obvious that he was aiming for the upper left corner which was apparently not only clear to me, but also Jessica who was already lunging there before the ball even left his foot.

Dropping to the ground, she firmly held the ball in both hands, got up and dusted herself off. "1-0, last chance. She opened the straps of her gloves with her teeth, then tossed them at Jackson, swapping places with him.

"I was always better at defense anyways." Jackson sulked.

"I'm sure you were. Get ready."

Frustrated by the loss before, Jackson put on the gloves and watched every step she took. Brian had never seen Jackson be so concentrated before. He was actually one of the less aspiring players on the team. Maybe it was Jessica's mocking attitude that spurned him on.

"Ready." He said confidently.

Jessica nodded and reeled up for a kick.

It certainly sounded like she made contact with the ball, yet no one was able to see it fly into the goal. Just as quick as her foot touched the leather, the ball seemed to already be in the net. Jackson hadn't even made a move yet. It didn't even seem real to him until he saw the ball slowly coming to a halt behind him.

Jessica sighed. "Well... it was fun, but you're not what we're looking for."

Jackson started getting irritated and yelled back at her. "W...wait! This can't be right! I need another chance! This is bullshit!"

"One chance is all anyone gets here. Maybe try next year when you've gotten... good."

"I...I... ghhh... screw it anyways. Not like I was trying seriously."

"Might be why you didn't make the cut."

"Can I at least have your number so this wasn't for nothing?"

With a deadpan face and an exasperated tone she responded. "You might want to leave while you can still do it standing on both legs."

Grumbling, Jackson stomped off the field, slamming the goalie gloves on the lawn. Jessica, right behind him, picked them up and wiped the grass stains off them.

After walking off the field and passing Brian, he leaned against the wall underneath the spectator seats and grumbled on.

Brian smirked to cheer him up and rubbed his shoulder. "You gave it your all out there. Nothing more anyone could ask for. And hey, you faced off with Jessica Chester. That's still a story worth telling back in Crescendo."

Jackson glared at him, not out of annoyance with Brian, but rather frustration. "I'm telling you, it doesn't make sense. I didn't even see the ball go past me. It couldn't have flown that fast and the way she lined up would have meant she'd shoot to the right of me, yet the ball landed in the left corner..."

"Brian Crow? You're up!"

Their talk was interrupted by the man behind them calling for the next contender.

"Well... you're up. Good luck, but I tell you, it's rigged so don't feel too bad if it doesn't work out. See you on Wednesday." Jackson tried to encourage him, not doubting for a second that Brian would flunk it like he did.

Brian took a deep breath and stepped onto the field as many others had to do before him. He doubted himself. He wondered if he would also be one of the many before him who failed and had to step off the field as well.

He came to the hurdles. He got into his starting position and after the referee blew his whistle, he went off. He had to make it, it was the only option. Years and years of playing in the minor leagues, winning nothing but participation trophies and minor awards. He was made for something bigger. He wanted to prove to himself and all the people assembled in the stadium, including the Captain of the most renowned team in Vindicta, that he was worthy of going regional, maybe even world class.

Tire courses, sprints, passing and receiving tests, none of it was going to stop him. He was so deep in thought and focused on his goal, that he barely noticed that he already passed the hurdles.

The crowd's heads turned to him, seeing as he had unconsciously beaten the gauntlet in an astoundingly fast time. Brian was breathing heavily, yet he didn't allow the exhaustion to set in yet. He regulated his breath, taking deep inhales through his nose to fill his lungs and then faced his final obstacle.

Jessica Chester, after leaning against the goal post and looking at him with slightly raised eyebrows, approached him with the ball, kicked it up into her hands and presented it to him. "You're not tired?"

"Can't be yet. The hardest part is still ahead of me, isn't it?"

"You're not wrong. You were pretty impressive back there. Even got a decent time. Now let's see if you have potential." And with those words, she stepped into the goal, ready for Brian to shoot.

The moment he put the ball down, Brian went into tunnel vision. The shot had to hit its target. For the first time in this competition, Jessica seemed wary and on guard. It looked like... she was taking him seriously.

The moment of truth was there. Brian focused on the ball, Jessica and the goal.

It was time.

He made a decision to aim for the space right above her head. With a bit of luck, she might think he'd go for the corners. He lined up and took the shot.


The ball whizzed through the air, yet Jessica stood there unmoved. She simply raised her arms up and caught the ball mid-air.

Brian's heart sunk. He failed the first test.

"Well, that one had a lot of power behind it. The windup took too long though. Nice try, but it was pretty obvious where you were aiming for."

"I swear I can do better! I wasn't..."

"Save me the excuses. You're not out yet." She reached out with her hands, demanding the ball. Brian threw it to her and got into position in the goal.

His hands were shaking more than before. The pressure had doubled. He was so certain of his skills before, but now he was wavering. He couldn't come back home a failure. He could not let that happen.

Jessica put the ball down as he put on the gloves.

He had to think. Jackson said there was something wrong in the way she executed her shots. It could be that it was just bad luck, but what if it wasn't?

He went into tunnel vision. He saw nothing around anymore but Jessica. Her stance, her run-up, her leg movement. Everything indicated she was going for the top left corner. The way she twisted her upper and lower body lined up with that assumption. Yet as he inspected her, one part of her did not. Something about her eye movement.

It was a gamble. Brian had to choose between what was logical and what his gut told him.

Then he closed his eyes and took the leap. Towards the bottom right corner.

He felt an impact in his stomach. He opened his eyes and glimpsed down. He had body blocked her shot and, in a fetal position, cradled the ball in his arms.

The stadium went silent and was now paying full attention to him. Those who did not pay any serious attention before, were now on the edge of their seats.

"I... I caught it! I did it?!" He laughed to himself almost maniacally. He was in disbelief that his gamble had paid off. "I fucking did it! HahahahahAHAHAHAAAA!" He threw his fist in the air, his heart beating out of his chest with adrenaline.

The podium was filled with people celebrating along with him. Murmurs and loud talking equally emanated through the crowd. Since this competition started, this was the first time they were this interested in a contestant.

Jessica was almost just as much in disbelief. Impressed, but not convinced. She approached Brian with a slight smirk and with an encouraging tone. "Not bad. You've earned your second chance. Don't waste it." She picked up the ball and pushed it into his chest almost like a friendly gesture. It almost seemed like she had hope for him. That after a day of trials, this guy might be the one to make the cut.

The ball was set at the eleven meter mark once more. One more penalty kick.

Jessica slapped her wrists, tightening the Velcro of her gloves and faced Brian. Neither her nor him had the need for any more words. She was ready; and so was he. They exchanged a nod and got into position.

Brian blurred out everything around him, even with the sounds of the audience growing louder. The world seemed to be muted. The only sound he could hear was his heartbeat.

The sensible thing would have been to go for the corners. They were the furthest away from her and the hardest to reach. But again, his gut told him differently. The way she impatiently bounces on her heels, her restless movements, it all indicated something to him.

Then he took the shot. He chose the bottom center, right where she stood. And just like he thought she would, she jump into one of the bottom corners as the ball rolled right past where her feet used to be.


The wave of sounds rushed back to Brian's ears as the eruption of cheers from the spectators washed over him. Jessica got up from the ground and faced the crowd alongside him. Rather than on the audience, her looks were more so focused on Brian. She saw his face of sheer disbelief and inability to comprehend the situation.

She walked over to him and bumped his shoulder. "Hey, you did it. Congrats."

In the moment it seemed like they could hear each other clearly even over the excited cheers of the people. "I can't even believe it's real yet. I... what am I gonna do now?"

"You're gonna play for our team, silly! What kinda question is that?" She laughed teasingly.

Brian turned to her and smiled brightly as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head. "Thanks... for the opportunity I mean."

Jessica returned the smile and asked endearingly. "What are you thanking me for? You earned it yourself, champ." She seemed earnest in that statement, yet there seemed to be something on her mind still. Even though the entire goal of the competition was for someone to beat her, that still meant for her to accept a defeat.

Brian noticed the slight bother behind her words and gestures, yet in the moment, there was no time for questions.

"WE HAVE OUR NEW MEMBER!" Jessica yelled from the top of her lungs as she lifted his arm up to present him to the crowd who received him with even louder hollers and outcries. This was the day, the Kalayda City Contras got their new midfield player.

It was almost evening as the tryouts ended. The stadium fell silent again and the people in the stadium, spectators and contenders alike, had gone home.

Only Brian remained, sitting on a bench in the locker room, still in his Crescendo team soccer outfit, holding his new purple shirt in his hands. An empty space on the back was left for his name to be put there. His eyes and hands wandered over it several times. Having physical proof of his success, finally made it seem somewhat real to him.

"It was 'Brian Crow' right? Don't worry, we'll get it done as soon as you hand it in to be washed first. Feel free to use it next week though." Without Brian noticing it, Jessica had entered the room and leaned against one of the rows of lockers.

Brian shot up, hitting the back of his head on the locker door behind him. "Holy... sh...shit! You scared me! I didn't think anyone would still be here."

"You know what they say. The Captain leaves the ship last. Well... stadium, but who's arguing."

"Well, you're not the last one yet." He weakly chuckled as the surprise of the situation subsided.

"The better question would be: Why are YOU still here?"

"I dunno. It hasn't really set in yet that I'm gonna play on your team, you know?"

"You're not playing on my team. You're playing for the team of Kalayda City. You're going to represent us out there, so try taking some pride in that."

"Great to hear that there's no pressure then." I joked with a smirk before my gaze wandered to the shirt again. "I know I'm just a small town guy with no reputation or references to speak of but... thank you for the opportunity. This might be my only chance to make it beyond the local leagues."

"You think you don't deserve it, mate?" She scoffed and sat down next to him, bumping his arm from the side. "What are you getting all submissive for? Me and everyone out there saw what you can do. You've earned your place!"

"What if it was just luck?"

"Luck?! You're kidding right? Two times in a row?"

Brian scratched his head and leaned back against the locker. "It could have been. When I took my shots, they were out of gut feeling."

Jessica pulled one of her legs onto the bench and hugged her knee as she looked up at the ceiling lamp. "Gut feeling eh? You know I've been lying a bit before. You know, the reason I'm still here."

"You did?"

She nodded. "I was hoping you were still here. I waited in the parking lot before but you didn't come out."

"Well, what was it you wanted from me then?"

"I wanted to know how you figured it out?"

"Figured what out?"

"The penalty shots. How did you figure where the shots would have to go?"

His hand moved from the top of his head to his neck, scratching it bashfully. "I told you, it was a gut feeling."

"Wrong!" Jessica snapped forward, almost as if she was offended and pointed a finger in his face with a stern look. "No matter what move you make on the field, there's always a thought process behind it. We are not mindless! It may be snap decisions, but they are always based on something."

"I'm telling you, it was..."

"No, it was not! Instincts, gut feelings, those are just different words for quick thinking. What thoughts did you have when you went up against me. Please... I really want to know!"

Brian blushed a bit, trying to put himself back into that moment. "Before I was called onto the field, a friend of mine competed against you. When he stepped off, he said he was caught unaware by your shots. He said they didn't line up with the way you were approaching the goal. I dismissed it at first but... then I remembered something."

"What was it?" Jessica encouraged him, leaning back and relaxing again to listen attentively.

"The rules of play with mixed human and pokémon teams say pokémon are not permitted to use many of their abilities, especially elemental and fight abilities with one exception. You're still allowed to use low tier normal type attacks." Brian looked over at Jessica, wondering whether what he was about to ask her was stupid or not. "You used Feint, didn't you? To disguise your actual shot."

She smiled from ear to ear and pumped a fist. "Bingo! I did!" It was almost like she was getting more and more excited like a teacher whose student was on his way to understand what he was being taught. "What about the other part? How did you figure where to shoot?"

"I...I think that was more of a personal thing. I've seen you play before. You're a striker, not a goalie, so you're always on the move and on your toes. On top of that, you're a Cinderace, so I knew you were going to be restless when you stood in that goal. So I figured, you'd be eager to jump to any of the sides or corners, meaning the only spot that you would not be at..."

"...would be the space where I already was. Do you see what you are doing!?" She leaned over, putting her hands on his leg as she had now fully climbed onto the bench.

"Shitting my pants from how intense you're acting?"

"No, smartass! You got into your opponents mind! You get what they're thinking and how they will act! Not that nonsense of 'gut feelings'! You're making decisions based on what you know about your enemy and playing their own faults against them. That's why we need you on our team. That's why you deserve it!"

"I...I guess I did do those things, didn't I?" A small smile formed on his lips as his confidence swelled.

Jessica stood up, standing on top of the bench and extending her hand to Brian as he sat below her. Her smile brimmed with confidence and pride as she looked down to him. "You're on my team now. You don't guess anymore. You know! We have to know each other and we have to know our opponents. I wouldn't be here talking to you, if I didn't know you could do that."

A sudden burst of courage swelled in Brian's heart. He was looking up at her like a soldier would at a General after a rousing speech. "You're damn right I can! I didn't train my whole life to have this be the peak! We can go bigger! We'll make the Contras the best team in Vindicta!"

"You're thinking too small, Brian! I promise you, we will go inter-regional! We will represent Vindicta and show all those other regions where to stick it!"

Brian started to sweat as her mere presence pushed him into a corner. "You know how crazy you're sounding, right?"

She didn't lose any enthusiasm however. In fact, her energy was kind of contagious. "I don't care. I want to see this team go as far as it can. I want us to represent what Vindicta is all about. The most capable humans and Pokémon working as a unit! Galar, Sinnoh, Alola... we can compete with all of them!"

Her excitement left her exasperated, leaving Brian unsure how to respond.

Jessica finally broke out of her fit and touched base with him. "Look, I know it seems delusional. I've known for years now. But I believe our team can be at the top, not only in Vindicta, but worldwide. And the fact of the matter is, to get there... we need people like you... I need people like you. Someone I can count on to measure up and have his head in the game at all times. You've already earned having the option. So I have to ask you... are you in... or are you out?"

When Brian looked up to see his future captain extend her hand to him, he saw desperation in her eyes. With how revered the Contra's were, he almost forgot that they had never once qualified for the inter-regional championships. It became clear to him why Jessica was making such a big deal out of putting together the best team she can. "A lot of people would disown me if I rejected a chance like this one. Actually, when I came here, I didn't even believe I would have this chance at all. I already believe in the team, so... I'll have to believe in your goal too." Brian grabbed her hand and stepped onto the bench as well, standing face to face with Captain Chester.

"You've got your midfielder, captain! Let's make sure we're ready for the next round of qualifiers so we can kick the world's ass."

The relief was plainly visible on Jessica's face as she shook Brian's hand. "It's a promise then. This time next year, we will make it into the world championships. I swear. You won't regret picking us."

A gruff, hoarse voice interrupted their agreement as the quite annoyed janitor came around the corner. "I hope you do at least regret putting your dirty shoes all over the benches. Get offa' there, will ya?"

"I uh... heheh" "We uh...heheh" Both of them responded with an awkward, guilt-ridden chuckle as they gingerly stepped off the benches.

"Go on and scoot you two. I've got it handled. Just... no climbing on the furniture anymore, got it?"

"Yessir..." "Yessir..."

"And do go home, kids. The sun's gone down already."

All of the sudden, Jessica became anxious and panicked. "Is it that late already? Oh no, oh shit!" With those words, she hastily grabbed her backpack and bolted out of the locker room and towards the road outside of the stadium.

Wondering what was going on, Brian ran after her, arriving at the local bus station where the last bus had already left. Jessica leaned on her knees, catching her breath from the sudden sprint. "Dammit..." She whispered under her breath.

Brian, coming to a stop shortly after her, was even more out of breath from trying to keep up with her. "Arceus, you're fast. What's gotten into you?"

She sighed in defeat. "I lost track of time. I missed the last bus home."

"Really? So what are you gonna do now?"

She shouldered her backpack after her breath became steady again. "I'll walk. We're meeting on Tuesdays and Fridays at 16 PM. I'll see you there."

"Wait, how far is your way home?"

"It's on the outskirts of Kalayda. Won't take longer than an hour I think."

"It's gonna be dark by then, Jessica." Brian noted concerned.

But despite this fact, she just smirked and pulled out the flashlight of the Pokédex she carried with her, switching on the flashlight on its backside. "Got all bases covered."

Brian furrowed his eyebrows at her sad display and approached her. "Look, instead of doing any of that, I could just drive you."

"Drive me?"

"I came with my parent's car. I can give you a lift and drop you off on the way."

She took on a defensive, resistant stance and gripped the strap of her backpack. She cautiously asked in a somber tone. "Look, I don't like you that way. I don't know what you're expecting to get out of this, but I'm not interested in looking for something like this right now."

Brian was taken aback by her putting up defenses. He just shrugged, not knowing what she thought he wanted. "Well, neither am I. Whatever that means. But I still don't want you to have to walk home alone at night in the dark. What's the team gonna do if something happened to you?"

In that moment, Jessica relaxed a bit. Somehow seeming relieved. She let out a soft exhale and broke into a more confident smile. "Guess you're right. I'll take you up on it then."

Brian smirked and scoffed a little. "Do you usually act this weird with the new guys."

"No, usually the new guys do act weird around me."

"What? Why? We're Teammates. Gotta help each other out sometimes. Nothing weird about that."

Jessica smiled to herself and then at Brian. "Yeah, that's how it should be."

"What are you smiling for?"

"Ignore that, just get me home, rookie." She joked, nudging Brian's elbow as she walked past him and towards the parking lot.

Though he wasn't going to press the issue, Brian knew there was something going on behind that joking, sarcastic front she put up. For the moment, he was going to go with it and tried to keep her good mood up.

With a small smile, he went to his car and drove her home. With this small gesture of kindness began a long lasting friend- and partnership between the two. The quick-witted village boy and the ambitious Cinderace.

They didn't know much about each other just then, but they both shared their passion for the sport. And they would bring the team to new heights.

Over the course of the following year, the Contras became even more notorious than they already were. One local tournament after the next, they would bring home more and more trophies and medals than ever before due to their new killer combo of their restructured midfield and their relentless strikers.

It all came to a head when the qualifiers for the world championships came around. Two teams had made it to the finals. The Kalayda City Contras and their long-time rival team: The Arkani City Brigadiers.

The Brigadiers were a team of exclusively human players as, due to political reasons and many protests by the public, Pokémon were not yet allowed to participate in official sports teams in Arkani and the surrounding area.

Despite this, they have demolished many of the other regional teams without the help of Pokémon which further sparked their self confidence and feelings of superiority towards Pokémon inclusive teams.

This made them a very controversial group with many enemies and fans alike. And with the Pokémon-led Contras climbing higher and higher in the rankings, the confrontation between the teams had become one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The stadium was packed and expectations were high. Whichever of the two would win this final match, would be allowed to represent Vindicta and compete for the world cup.

Tensions were high. The game's 90 minutes had already passed. It was the final break before overtime would commence. The teams had one last chance to regroup and talk strategy and among the huddled up Contras, everyone looked to Jessica for a game plan.

"Their defense is absolutely unbreakable, we've gotta switch tactics!"

"It's zero all. If we don't score now, we'll have to get into penalty kicks. Aside from you and Brian, most of us are average at best at that."

A barrage of worries and complaints was lobbed at Jessica who was just as exhausted and desperate as the rest of the team was. The sweat was dripping from her chin and forehead and she could hear her own heartbeat.

Her options were limited. The only thing she could hope for was that the Brigadiers were at the very least just as tired as they were. "Look, I think their defense will crumble if we push it hard enough. Playing only defensively, will do them just as little good as it will us. They'll have to spare their players to put up an offense. So if all of us move forward, we can push our defensive wall into their side and they'll have less room to maneuver around."

"So we attack now? What if they counter attack?"

Jessica sighed and looked towards the other team, who were already done with their meeting. Time was running out. "We won't let them. Trust me, we push them now, they're gonna break. Now let's get out there and finish this!"

"Yes captain!" The resounding salute of the players didn't help to alleviate Jessica's own doubts as the others walked onto the field. Only Brian remained with her for the few seconds they had left before the whistle would be blown.

"Are you sure about this? An all out attack so late in the game is risky."

"I know... we don't have many options left." She took Brian's hands and begged him with pleading eyes. "It's not fair of me to do this but... I'm counting on you, Brian. If you see an opening, any chance to pass the ball forward to me or anyone else, take it."

"Won't let you down, Jess." Brian nodded confidently and supportively patted her shoulder as he walked out onto the field with Jessica not far behind.

The whistle was blown and the match was on. The Contras got the kickoff, meaning a head start for them. As planned, all players pushed for the enemy field and surrounded the airtight defense. Brian had the ball and was looking for a gap, an opportunity, anything.

Then him and Jessica locked eyes across the field. There it was. The gap. She had positioned herself in a position amid the other team where she could receive a pass. She nodded, Brian nodded in return.

He went for the a long shot and the ball arched towards her. Jessica jumped up to ricochet the ball into the goal and what followed was... a header.

Not hers however.

The goalie had run up to the mass of players and blocked the oncoming ball with his head. Before any of the Contras could react, the goalie had already caught and kicked the ball all the way onto their side. Even though there were only two of the Brigadiers back there, the defense was nonexistent, which gave them an open path to the goal.

Everyone knew what was coming. It was inevitable at that point. The Brigadier striker shot a final volley and the goalie had no chance of catching it. Goal.

Half the stadium erupted in cheers while the other cried out in disbelief. Disappointment and absolute exhilaration flooded the players. The reality of the situation hadn't quite set in with them until another whistle marked the end of the match.

There'd be no penalty kicks. The score was 1-0. The Contras had lost their chance at the world cup.

The Brigadiers would get to represent Vindicta in the World Cup.

Among the players, none were more distraught than Jessica, who's ears were in a constant slump as she looked up at the scoreboard.

"Burn it into your mind, Chester. That score should tell you something." The captain of the Brigadiers, Charles Granger felt the need to announce.

"You've struggled to the last minute to even keep a defense up. My team did their best."

"And failed! Give it up, bunny. This isn't gonna be the last time you'll lose against us like this. Maybe you should hop home, eat some grass or some shit. This artificial stuff will probably just give you stomach cramps. Hahahaha!" He mocked her with a wheezing laugh as he brushed his feet over the lawn.

Jessica's teeth gritted painfully as she bit her tongue. "Don't you have a girlfriend to disappoint waiting for you at home? Go back to your trainer and tell him how well you did, maybe he'll even give you a treat this time."

Both parties would have been at each other's throats, had it not been for their teammates holding them back.

"The only ball you should even be touching is a Pokéball. You dirty the sport by participating in it!"

"Maybe it's a good thing you'll be on the world stage, maybe then everyone can see how much of a SCUMBAG you are!"

"JESSICA!" Brian barged into the argument, breaking up the two.

"What are you gonna do now, pussy? You wanna speak up for your pet? You wanna fight?"

"Trust me, I'd love nothing more, but contrary to you, I care about sportsmanship and fighting you wouldn't be much of a sport. You've won. Congratulations. But if you care this much about releasing whatever's got your panties in a twist, go right ahead."

Charles grumbled as a teammate patted his shoulder to get his attention. "The press is here. We can't have you get into another... 'incident' for them to write about."

Charles begrudgingly agreed. He nodded and walked off with a few choice words to yell over his shoulder. "Wear your silver medal with pride. It's the furthest you'll ever get with a Pokémon leading your team."

Jessica visibly wanted to retaliate, but her body just slumped and she fell silent as she realized the pointlessness.

Brian put his hand on her shoulder from behind. "It's not worth it anyways, Jess."

"I know..."

"Are you alright? Do you wanna go?"

"You go ahead, I... I'll be right with you."

Brian wanted to reach out, but in front of the team, she probably wouldn't have wanted that. "Gotcha... okay guys. Let's head home! Nothing left for us to do here."

He herded the team out of the stadium and into the locker rooms, taking occasional glances back at Jessica sinking down onto the grass. He knew she would not be coming. He knew her well enough by now to know when she was lying.

Knowing that, Brian changed into his regular clothes, a dark blue varsity jacket with purple details over a lighter blue colored T-shirt, long black jogging pants and Purple street shoes with a white sole and dark blue stripes, and waited at the exit of the stadium. The teams had already gone home and Brian was just short of nodding off when he was rattled awake by the sound of metal being pounded and dented.

He followed the noise into the locker rooms. Putting his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket, he turned the corner, watching on with little surprise as Jessica kicked and punched the doors of her locker until they were bent inwards.

"Why!? Why these guys!? WHY!? I've worked my ass off to get here. To get even the tiniest bit of respect and out of all people to beat us it's the fucking BRIGADIERS?!" She used one last quick punch. It was very effective, with the door finally breaking off its hinges and clattering to the floor.

Her breath was ragged, her anger radiating in the air. You could feel the heat coming off her worked up body.

"Got it out of your system?" Brian asked from behind her, leaning against a wall.

She was not surprised to see Brian stand behind her and just sunk down to sit beside the now busted locker, brushing her floppy ears to the back of her head until they bounced back up and spattered sweat through the air. "Not by a long shot, but what else am I gonna do? It's over... I fucked it up and we're not going to get our chance."

Brian came to her side and sat down on the floor next to her. From a side glance, he could tell she'd been crying. Possibly for a long time.

He sidled up to her. He wanted to lay his arm over her shoulder and comfort her, but he knew that's not what she needed. Instead he stared at the ceiling, looking at the light dangling above their head. He closed his eyes and indirectly spoke just as much to himself as he did to her. "We were so close, weren't we?"

"Yeah, but I fucked it all up."

"No you didn't."

"Yes, I did!" She reinforced. "I made the game plan. I told everyone we didn't need defenses. I was so cocky that I thought I could break through and get us that final goal. I should've seen the counter coming, but I didn't." Her head fell to the side, letting her look directly into Brian's face. "I'm responsible for all of it."

Brian rolled it over in his head and then responded. "Yeah, I guess you were."

Jessica rolled her head back to look at the light again... "You're right I..." at least she would have, if Brian commanded her attention again.

"Do you know what you're also responsible for? You carried our win against the Glace Mountaineers, you scored the deciding goal against the Lagunia Elite team, earned us the regional gold cup and now... you've gotten us here, to the finals. Our team's never dreamed of making it this far, hell, I didn't believe we could do it. Yet you pushed us until we could. You're the biggest reason we've ever made it this far."

Jessica blushed and stammered, not being used to receiving so much praise. She was hesitant to accept it. "But this was an important win for us to get. Now that we lost, against these guys of all people... everyone's going to think they won because they're an all human team. It'll send the message that they are still superior to Pokémon like we're not competent enough to compete with them, let alone lead a team."

Brian laid a hand on her shoulder and looked deep into her eyes. "What do they have to brag about? That they barely scraped by and won by 1 point during overtime? That's hardly anything worth claiming superiority over. If anything, we've just made a mistake we're not going to repeat next time."

From her embarrassment, Jessica turned to exasperation and flailing. "I don't get it, why aren't you more mad about this!? I've broken our promise! I told you that by this time we'd be world champions and you're sitting here... accepting defeat like it was nothing."

A deafening silence fell over them. It seemed like Jessica had finally gotten around to the crux of her frustration.

"So that's why this has been eating you up so much. You think you owe me a victory."

"Not just you. I've let down everyone. The people of Vindicta, all of our Pokémon fans, the team... but to you... to you I straight up promised it when you joined us. It's the one that stings the most."

Brian smiled as he tapped the underside of her chin. "You know why I'm not angry about our loss?"


"Because you taught me that. It wasn't the promise that made me choose the Contras, I've made that choice long before. But what sealed the deal for me was that can-do attitude of yours. You made big goals seem reachable. I've never dreamed big until you showed me that I should. With the team and without it, during the game and outside of it."

Jessica felt her heart tighten as she listened to him. It was a mixture of pride and guilt that she felt about said pride. She felt like she overpromised and underdelivered. "So what about our promise then? Didn't it mean anything to you then?"

"Oh, I'm still holding you to that promise, Jess." Brian smirked, eliciting a befuddled reaction from her.

"Huh!? I... you are... what do you mean? It's already too late." She stammered

"I have the same dream you do, Jess. You've got to take responsibility for that. You told me it was possible after all. And well... whether it's going to take one or two... or even 10 times... I'll be right there with you."

Jessica started grinning to herself as a small tear ran down her cheek. All of the sudden, she latched onto Brian and buried her face in his shoulder as she hugged him. Taken aback, Brian broke into a relieved smile as he pulled her in for a full hug. He patted and rubbed her back, reassuring her that everything would be okay. "Are you really okay with that? Waiting I mean."

"Sure it's okay. What are you on about? Listen, if you're still upset about the loss, let's head home, put on a movie and have some snacks. How about it, huh Jess? You'll feel better in no time."

Jessica chuckled as she shuffled onto his lap and laid her hands on his shoulder. "Like it's that easy to get my mood back up."

"It's just one of many things we could do. Got several others if that doesn't work... hey Jess umm... you're getting... pretty close now. Didn't think you'd be one for... cuddles." Brian blushed, becoming more acutely aware of the situation the two were in. A boy and a girl alone in a locker room with no one around while the warm evening sun shone in through the narrow windows, covering the room in an orange tinge.

"I'm not... usually. Hearts are kind of stupid sometimes you know."

"Heh, what's with the mood all of the sudden? I didn't know you could be that soft to be honest. It's like... you're a different person." His eyes locked with hers. The sincerity in them made him stop trying to make any more jokes. She was tense; he could feel that much through her body language. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as they sneaked underneath his jacket. He saw the shakiness in her gaze as her eyelashes twitched from the tensity.

He apologetically lowered his head and scratched his cheek. "Sorry, I never know when to turn off the sarcasm. You're my best friend and I shouldn't be joking around when you're feeling down like that. I wish I could make you just instantly feel better and that'd be that but... I'll stay here with you as long as you need me. No rush to get home. I hope I can make it at least a little bit better."

A painful grin formed on Jessica's lips as she shoved Brian's jacket off him and threw her arms around his neck to hug him tightly and feel him more. Unaware of the feelings behind this hug, Brian accepted her and returned the tight hug, resting his chin on her shoulder as she did with hers on his.

He could hear the light sobbing behind his ear yet an almost macabre sense of humor in her voice as she spoke again. "You know what's funny? Back when we first started recruiting, many guys came from all over to join our team only because they thought it would be a way to get with me. I thought at that time, that no one really cared about the sport, or my skills. I felt like a prize to be won that'd be dumped as soon as they got me. I had to prove over and over that I could be just as good as any human player out there. Yet these guys would still come to stare at me whenever I played or tried to get with me one way or another without any passion for what I do or what I stand for."

Brian's heart grew heavy as he heard this and somberly petted her slumped bunny ears. "That's not... really a funny story, Jess. I never knew. Shit... that must have been lonely."

"It was. You were the first and only person I thought I could actually rely on." Jessica suddenly chuckled. Her bad mood seemingly brightened up as another thought crossed her mind. "But that wasn't the funny part..." Her look seemed nervous as her grip on Brian tightened. She looked up at him intently, gathering the courage to say what she desperately wanted to. "...the funny part is that... the one time a guy doesn't look at me that way... I'm the one to actually have some feelings for him."

Wires in Brian's brain short circuited, not able to comprehend what she actually just said and what was implied with it. "'re... you're serious right now, aren't you?"

Jessica leaned her head back a bit. Her eyes stared once again into his and she cupped his cheek, bringing her face closer until their lips touched.

Until this point, they had heard the sound of distant traffic, the humming of the lights and the coos of birds outside. But after they kissed, the sounds grew muffled until they completely faded. The only sound left, was that of their hearts thumping in their ears and beating out of their chests.

With a light, faint sound their lips separated. They were equally flushed in the face and their eyelashes fluttered from the lingering sensation. Jessica averted her eyes, confessing the feelings she carried for quite a while. "As serious as I can be. This is as good a moment to say this as any. I've been kind of crushing on you for a while."

"But... why? I'm just me. You're like... leagues above me." Brian babbled, the feeling of the kiss still lingering and his mind still fried. His face was burning up like an overheating radiator.

"I dunno, I... I... I guess it's that you just make me feel like my talent matters. You recognize what I can do beyond just having decent looks. You're smart, you're quick, you know how to make me happy. And fuck it... sometimes I think you're better than me! In many regards actually." It was her turn to become bashful, as her cheeks reddened, her eyes hooded to avoid looking ahead of her and she couldn't stop awkwardly pinching herself in the arm.

Brian was overwhelmed by the things she was saying. His heart warming up at the unusual amounts of praise she was showering him with. His eyes darted around until he dared to look at her again. "I'm sorry, I can't say I feel the same."

Jessica's heart sank down to her stomach. Her hands shook as she tried to play it off. "O...oh... I see. I gotcha, I'm not..." But then Brian interrupted her, putting a hand on her cheek and staring deep into her eyes.

"I'm not better than you. If anything I'm barely on your level and that's only thanks to you. I mean look at me, a girl is going to such lengths to confess to me and I'm freezing up, stammering like an idiot. I don't like seeing you with this losing mentality. You taught me that I am supposed to know when I'm in a winning position." He gently lured her in closer. "And by Arceus do I think I'm winning big right now." He squeezed the midriff of her body, hugging her against him as he wraps his lips around hers. She squeaked for a second from the surprise attack but soon her tenseness melted into pure relief and bliss.

Brian's hands trailed over her sides, resting on her hips as he held her. Their kiss grew more and more bold as the barriers between them melted and they committed to the situation they were in. Brian's hands wandered, feeling up her sides, her waist and hips all the way down to her thighs. His mind perks up as he passes the rough texture of her soccer shorts and enters into the fluffy fields of her white fur. Even through the layer of hair, he could feel her springy flesh underneath. It was tender enough to let his fingers dig in a bit but returned back into place as soon as they passed. She clearly didn't skip leg days.

Brian broke from their kiss to exhale in light amazement. "Wow, Jackson was right, you really do have nice legs."

"What was that?"

Brian shook his head in denial. "Nothing, nothing, more importantly... you still haven't showered yet, right?"

Jessica slowly shook her head in confusion.

"Maybe if you want... we could go and catch up on that."

Jessica's face burnt up to the point of visible steam wafting out of her ears. "Di... did you just say we. As in... both of us?"

"Unless you don't want us to be together alone in a room where we are way less likely to be heard and spotted than in here." Brian smirked cheekily with a shrug and a suggestive look.

Jessica gulped, got up in a hurry and grabbed him by the wrist while avoiding looking at him. "The showers it is then! Let's go!"

Once inside the shower, both of them went with the heat of the moment and made out wildly as Brian pressed Jessica against the shower wall. Haphazardly, they stripped off their clothes, tossing them onto the tiled floor, not caring whether or not they'd get wet in the process.

Layer after layer, they undressed one another. Jessica peeling Brian out of his clothes until there was nothing left but his purple boxer briefs and him stripping her out of her soccer clothes down to her black and purple striped sports bra and spats shorts. In the throes of their intense kisses, they turned on one of the shower heads, drenching them both in an instant. Their hair started to stick to their heads and streams of water ran down their bodies. They scanned each other up and down, taking in every inch of the other's physique.

Brian had a firm, developed, athletic six pack while Jessica's belly was equally tight yet less defined. Maybe that was just the appearance though, as the fur distorted the view of the muscles. The rest of their bodies contrasted just as much with Brian's shoulders being slightly broader than hers but Jessica's thighs and calves being much more contoured than Brian's. Their eyes were giving off a hungry look as they wandered.

Brian groped Jessica's breasts through the wet fabric, locating her nipples and toying with them. Her C cup breast fit perfectly into his palm, allowing him to not only massage her flesh but also pinch her nipple between the middle knuckles of his fingers.

Pinned against the wall, the fiery bunny Pokémon had nowhere to escape to and took the pleasure she received. She could only watch as Brian shoved aside the fabric of her bra, bearing her white mounds with light pink peaks. While squeezing together one of her tart breasts, Brian leaned down, his lips wrapping around her nipple and suckling on it. The fur smooshed against his face, tickling his nose as he showered the smooth yet firm little nub with tender love.

Jessica's mouth went agape as she was too focused on the attack on her breast to notice Brian's other hand smoothly gliding up her thigh before rubbing the bump of her pussy. A squelching sound emanated from it when Brian pushed into it. The water that had drenched Jessica's clothes may have played a role in it, but it was undeniable that another source of wetness had caused that sound.

Slightly proud of himself, Brian broke off from Jessica's breast to lean up to her big, floppy ears and, with his breath labored from the excitement, moaned into it. "You're pretty hot down there, Jess." He squeezed the flesh of her pussy with his index finger on the left, ring finger on the right side of her pussy and his middle finger pushing into her sticky hole.

"It's just the water!" She winced, pressing the back of her head into the tiled wall. Her lips curled up in strained pleasure, trying and failing to not let it show.

"You know it's not. You're a horny little bunny aren't you?" He asked teasingly as he trailed his tongue along the length of her ear, making her squeal even more.

Jessica pushed through her embarrassment, going for a counter attack despite her tenseness. She grabbed onto Brian's junk, wrapping her hands around the outline of his cock which bulged out from his boxer briefs. "Big words from the guy who's already pitching a massive tent down there."

Brian flinched for a second before chuckling. "Yeah, I can't really help it. You're just too damn cute."

Jessica's ears perked up at hearing him call her that before her body once again went limp from the comforting warmth. "Well, neither can I. I guess it's a fair match then."

The two of them faced each other again, unable to resist the urge to deeply kiss one another. In the rhythm of their tongues clashing, their hands moved around their crotches, rubbing the surfaces of their underwear until even that wasn't enough contact.

Their arms crossed another as they simultaneously shoved down the last remnant of their clothes. Jessica stretched the waistband of Brian's briefs over his ass and revealed his thick, eager cock which was already topped with a drop of precum on its bulging head while he in turn rolled her spats down to her knees, baring her bulging pussy with wet, sticky, orange fur surrounding the swollen, light pink slit.

As soon as their privates were unshielded, they couldn't contain their desire to touch them. Their fingers were uncontrollable, as was their lust for each other. The steam from the evaporating shower water wafted off of them, clouding the room in a thick fog as they got each other off. Brian gently slid over her cunt with his middle finger, encroaching further inside every time he rubbed back and forth, grinding his palm over her unhooded clit before delving in deeper and sliding in between her folds, pushing into the tightly squeezing flesh. His finger got sucked in, her pussy licking it all over with its juices.

Meanwhile, Jessica wrapped her fingers around the girth of Brian's cock. She could feel the veins pulsating against her palm as she started jerking up and down. It was difficult to get a good grasp of its girth but she tried her best nonetheless. She had to turn her eyes downward during their kisses several times to see how she was holding it, hardly able to believe what she was doing.

His meat contorted around her squeezing hand, bouncing upwards, eager to get more attention. She rubbed the whole length, bumping against the underside of Brian's glans over and over.

Brian on the other hand, grew more bold. Noticing that Jessica's insides slowly adjusted to his foreign finger, he started thrusting deeper in. Jessica yelped into his mouth as he parted her depths, at first only with one finger, but after a while sliding in his ring finger as well. He made a sort of hook with both of them, scratching and scrubbing the roof of her tunnel.

Their cheeks grew ever more red, their breath more labored. They could taste the pleasure from the increasing heat of the saliva they exchanged. Their faces were coming together so fervently, that their noses scrunched together when they booped each other.

They closed their eyes as they let their lust guide their hands. Jessica gyrated her hand around his member faster and with more twists and variations of tightness and Brian massaged every wall inside her, searching for and assaulting the little spots that roused the biggest reaction.

Jessica's hand was already runny with the precum coating her palm, the same being true for Brian who's fingers were soaked and glazed in more than just water. Mixing with the sound of the rushing shower, their voices could no longer be contained by each other's mouths. They needed to be apart from each other to properly catch some semblance of breath, meaning that their moans and whines uninhibitedly escaped their lips.

As their hands sped up and the urge to cum grew ever more prevalent, Jessica looked Brian in the eyes, ashamed of the request she was about to make. "Brian, are you close? Are you cumming?"

Out of breath, Brian replied, clenching his teeth. "Yeah, Jess. I'm so close! I can feel it."

Hearing that, Jessica's movements suddenly, gradually slowed down until she completely came to a hold. She hesitantly pinched his shaft, looking down to make sure he hadn't orgasmed yet.

In his confusion, Brian slowly stopped fingering her as well, still leaving his hand in between her legs but hesitating to move. "What's wrong? Why did you stop?"

Jessica gulped, the taste of him still lingering in her mouth. After a few moments of just heavy breathing, she finally dared to express what she wanted. It was clearly visible how embarrassed she was of her request. "If you cum now, all of it will just be washed away. I don't... want that. This is our first time. I want it to last at least a bit longer. I'm sorry if I'm being selfish, Brian but... I want our first time cumming together to be with you inside me. I want it to feel like this is going to last."

Brian's heart soared at her endearing request. He held her in his arms and hugged her as he pushed her against the wall to close even the slightest distance between them. He petted her ears and combed through her hair before cupping her cheek and giving her a short kiss. "There's no question that it will, Jess. I'm not going anywhere. When I said that I will stay with you, I didn't just mean it to be just for soccer or the team. I want to stay together with you... because of you. Because I love you, Jess."

Jessica's heart melted, her breath and voice growing shaky. "Really? You mean it?"

"I think I've known that for a while but... I never thought you'd feel the same way about me, so I pretended like it wasn't there. Right now though... I couldn't imagine doing something like this with any other girl. You may be my captain, but you're my best friend too... and if you'll take me... I'd love for you to be my girlfriend as well."

Instead of an answer, Jessica threw her arms around him, her eyes wet with tears of joy. She couldn't be stopped anymore, shoving her tongue into his mouth in a desperate need to kiss him as deeply as possible.

She pecked him over and over, only briefly breaking off for breaths and the words "I love you!" escaping every now and then.

Brian slipped his hands underneath her ass, grabbing her thighs and lifting her up until her legs wrapped around his hips. Their bodies were so tightly pressed against each other, that he could feel his cock being on just the right height to push against her pussy. Its welcoming warmth lured him in, making resisting the want for penetration almost unbearable.

Tickling her face with hot breaths, Brian confessed to his struggle. "I'm going in, Jess. Are you ready?"

She cupped his cheeks in both hands, her lips only inches from his as she longed for another kiss. "Let's do this!" Following that declaration, she muffled the sound of her slightly pained groans with a deep kiss as he penetrated her. Bit by bit, spreading open her folds, Brian pushed on, knowing that stopping midway would just extend her pain. There was no blood, but her body's stretching to accommodate him was still strenuous.

Slowly but surely, with him feeling her face scrunch up right in front of him, he completely sheathed his member inside of her. With how sensitive he already had been before, it was hard to repress the urge to cum right away, especially with her wet, hot, sticky flesh clinging to him. Once he had gone as far as he could, he needed to take a breather.

"Is... is it all the way in?" Jessica asked anxiously.

"I think so, Jess. We did it..." The happiness he felt was enough to brighten the room and as soon as Jessica saw his warm smile, she broke into one herself.

She hugged him with arms and legs, pulling him against her tightly and nuzzling his shoulder. She then turned her face towards his ear and sensually whispered. "You want to move, don't you? Fuck me, Brian. Fuck me as hard as you want to. You can have me."

Brian's heart skipped a beat hearing those words. His blood was almost boiling over and he wouldn't have to be asked twice to adhere to her. He thrust upwards, reinforcing the new opening he created in her pussy. At first he needed to put a bit of force behind it to plunge into her cavity, but soon he developed a rhythm and once he had gotten a few thrusts in, it became easier and easier. In fact, it was almost as if her pussy was welcoming the foreign intruder and lovingly clung to him to pull him deeper.

Her body and soul wanted him to make a mess of her, to carve himself into her. Her legs, locked behind his back, aided his thrusts and left barely enough leeway to pull back a bit but never to fully pull out. Her insides turned hotter with every moment, be it from the friction or her fire type body overheating itself. Whatever it was, Brian loved every second of it. It was as if her pussy was trying to coax the cum out of him by massaging and warming his cock. Then again, with the hot water of the shower and the room steaming up with thick, hot fog, it was hard to tell what was unusually hot or not anymore.

The room was filled with the sounds of their colliding bodies. The wall made some sort of smacking noises with Jessica's wet body sticking and bumping against it, their hips slapped together and emanated in wet cavalcade of squelching noise.

The draining water already clouded with the juices they produced, without which the two of them would have probably been even more of a sticky mess.

"Hngha! Fuck! I can feel it in my belly!" Jessica moaned as her face went slack from pleasure. She drooled onto Brian's shoulder as he rocked her body.

Brian squeezed her ass tighter with his hands, pulling it against him as he pistoned away. He shifted her around so he could stab her insides from different angles, scraping against the far back just as much as the walls closer to the entrance. "You're so fucking tight, Jess! I love your pussy! I love every freaking part of your body! Arceus, it feels so damn good!"

Brian almost lost his senses, losing all conscious control of his hips. The only thing on his mind was her and how good it felt to make love to her. He wanted for the pleasure to overwhelm her just like it was doing to him.

Despite the severe breathlessness they were both already under, they searched out each other's tongues, wrestling each other with them as they fucked each other. With every thrust, their breaths jumped for a second, accompanied by a gasping yelp of pleasure.

In between their sloppy kisses, Jessica stammered with a slovenly face. "Brian! I'm cumming! You're so fucking good! Keep going! I want you to cum for me too!"

"Don't worry! I will! I'll fill you up until there's no more room!"

"I love you Brian!"

"I love you too, Jess! It's coming! I can't stop!"


Each of them throwing their head back, they let out a massive final scream that echoed in the shower and rang in their ears. With open mouth inhales, they tried to regain their lost breath.

Strands of cum coated the inside and outside of Jessica's womb; she could practically feel it filling up her belly. Brian continued to gently rock his hips back and forth as he squeezed out more and more semen. He seemingly couldn't stop ejaculating.

The knot Jessica's legs had formed around Brian's hips loosened until she couldn't hold them up by herself anymore. Brian assisted her with his arms although he had grown weak in the knees himself. He gently let her down, leaning against the wall and against Jessica in exhaustion.

Still breathless, they put their foreheads together, looking into each other's eyes, enjoying and sharing in the afterglow with relieved, satisfied smirks and giggles. They could not believe they had actually done it.

"You... went kind of wild there, huh?" Jessica blushed as she looked at him with upturned eyes and a cheeky grin.

Brian smirked back at her and laughed. "I guess I did. Looked like you didn't hate it either. You are... actually really cute when you're like this. I think I could get used to that."

"Heh, you know, I wouldn't mind showing you that side of me as long as you're the only one to see it." She joked, but somehow she still felt a bit anxious. "So... where do we go from here then?"

"What kind of question is that? Everything will be as it's always been. I'll stick to you, you stick to me. Nothing has to change, Jess." He grabbed her shoulders, gently laying his lips on hers.

Jessica couldn't help but smile and uttered her final request. "If that's the case... is that sleepover offer still open. You know, the one where we watch movies and eat snacks together? I think I'd still like to take you up on that. I could really use a cuddling session right now."

Brian sweetly kissed her forehead before putting his own against it once more. "You got it, Captain."


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