Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 4 @alleskeins
Chapter 1

Heyo everyone, Alleskeins here and here we are, back with a new Season.

In case you are new to this, I'd recommend you read at least some of the previous stories to get the jist, though that is not necessarily required. This chapter is just going to be a refresher on what this series is all about.

We're gonna go into different stories of anthro Pokemon and human couples who live in one big joined world, called Vindicta. A fictional new continent where, as previously mentioned, anthropomorphized Pokemon and humans share their homes. Some already adapted to society, others are still wild and untamed. All of whom will find love in a human mate within these stories.

What Pokemon I cover, is completely up to you. After every chapter, you can leave a review with details on what you'd like to see. You can be as detailed or undetailed as you want with your request concerning locations, names, characteristics, kinks and so on. At the most basic, you can just give me a pairing of a Pokemon and a named human, though the more creative the request, the higher your chance of getting picked is.

I hope you'll all enjoy this newest entry in the series and I'm looking forward to your opinions and suggestions.

Welcome back to Vindicta

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