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Chapter 9: Waterfall of Tears

Subaru – Gamer and Shinobi

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A reason why Subaru hasn't used his extra 13% of control on his wind chakra is because he used to be a Skyrim player. In all seriousness though, he's a good player at games, and realises that hoarding is the best thing to do. He may end up going down the Skyrim path, and saving it for bad time, only for the bad time to not be bad enough.

Like I explained before, I'll be calculating damage by percentage. That means depending on who it's used on, Ninjutsu and other techniques will show different damages. So yes, I am going to show damage.

For CP/Second and HP/Second, that may not be a bad idea, I might put up a poll. For Naruto, that will be a plot point in the future, so I don't want to reveal too much, but know that your review does mean something.

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Now, finally, for the major backlash and questions about phones. Firstly, you have to remember that both in the anime and in other fan fictions, Hiruzen grew really soft. The appearance of another 'grandchild' would have furthered that. Additionally, the fact that his 'grandchild' made something so alien and amazing, would have warped his decision. Some of you are acting like Danzo is the Hokage.

Now, for a random fact about the story:

There are lots of possible reasons Subaru is in the world of Naruto. Don't discount Orochimaru, Danzo or even the Sage being the reason.

Now, on with the story!

Chapter 9: Waterfalls of Tears

It was currently midday and we were nearly at Taki, at our speeds (which were slow, since we were with a civilian), we would reach there in less than a minute. As we approached a waterfall, we saw two ninjas jump out in front of us.

"Why are you here?", one asked.

Itachi-Sensei took out the mission request from his pouch and showed it to them.

"For security reasons, you will be blindfolded."

The other ninja tied a blindfold to Itachi-Sensei's head, and the first one came to me and the merchant to do the same. We pulled no resistance. They then led us through a series of tunnels, and probably through a Genjutsu, to make sure we couldn't remember the path to the village. Out of all the villages, Takigakure no Sato was the only name that made sense, since no other village was actually hidden, to my knowledge.

Once the blindfolds were taken off, I was greeted with the sight of a giant tree, with houses and buildings neatly aligned around it. Even Konoha, which was known for it's trees didn't have any as big, or majestic as the one I was seeing. The merchant saw my laugh and chuckled, "Yeah, it's an amazing sight to behold, isn't it."

I just smiled. We were led to the office of the leader. Once we arrived, we were met with a boy, around the age of 20, in the seat.

"Welcome to Taki, Konoha Nin.", he greeted, "My name is Shibuki."

Itachi-Sensei and I both bowed, then Sensei handed Shibuki the mission document, which he read over, to confirm it's details.

"Very well. I'll have a shinobi escort you to your living accommodations. Please feel free to explore the village, once you've settled in."

The merchant split off from us once we were outside the building. We then went, with the escorts, to a nice looking hotel. We were given room no.21 and no.24 (which was unusual, since normally, we'd be expected to share a room), and packed out some of our stuff. All I really left behind were some scrolls I didn't need, since most of my things were either stored by The Gamer or stored in one of my scrolls.

I leapt out of the building, through the window, happy that I could explore another village.

[Achievement Get: Waterfall]

For every village you go to, you will get an achievement which gives you some coins, or even a perk. For going to all the major villages, you will receive a bonus.

+500 Ryo

+3 Stat Points

+1 Perk Point


While the Ryo was not much, compared to what I had, the stat points and perk points were welcomed. It was now that I realised I had not used them. 'Menu':

Name: Subaru Uzumaki

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Title/Status: The Gamer, Orphan

Level: 16 (Next Level 12%)

HP: 8.32 Million/8.32 Million (Regeneration: 277300/minute)

CP: 7.49 Million/7.49 Million (Regeneration: 149750/minute)

CC: 100%

Affinity: Wind (5%)

STR: 190

VIT: 198

DEX: 224

INT: 302

LUC: 65

Points: 13

Perk Points: 2

Allegiance: Konohagakure

Ryo: 13230

Yen: 2550


+13% Control Scroll

+500 Rep Points

50 Kunai

50 Shuriken

500 Senbon

Chakra Weights

I assigned 2 to VIT, 10 to STR and the last one to LUC, since you can never have enough luck. I rolled both of my perk points.

[You have rolled: +50% Control Scroll. This has been combined with +13% Control Scroll to create +63% Control Scroll]

[You have rolled: +1 Perk Point]

The first one was cool. The second one was useless. Story of my life. Anyway, deciding I wouldn't roll the perk point I got, I entered the market place. There were tons of shops there, ranging from the normal food stalls, to gift shops to even laundrettes. I made my way to the gift shop to get a present for Naruto and maybe a few others.

I left the gift shop 400 Ryo less rich and with a snow globe-type toy which has a Genjutsu cast on it to emulate leaves falling from the great tree. I decided to go to a food stall to see if there was any good food, hopefully ramen. I found a stall called "Ichikaru Ramen", which sounded a bit too familiar to a shop I new back home.

"Can I get two bowls of Miso Ramen please?", I asked, sitting down at a stool. Even the inside of the stall looked like that certain ramen stand brought from the heavens back home. As I got my bowl, I had a taste. It was good. But, not Ichiraku Ramen good.

"Meh. Ichiraku Ramen was better.", I muttered under my breath.

With the speed of an elite Jonin. Scratch that, a Kage. The two Ichikaru's sped to me.

"Oh, so you've heard of my cousin's stall in Konoha?", the male said, "Tell, me. What ingredients does Teuchi use? I must appease every customer I serve, else I would be sinning to the Ramen Lord."

"And who looks better, me or Ayame? Obviously me right? I mean, of course.", the daughter of the stand owner said.

I didn't know what to do, so I slurped up the rest of my ramen, at speeds only Naruto and future Hinata could rival and Shunshined away in a Ramen Body Flicker.




That was intense. Anyway, I think it gave me an idea for my Shunshin. A ramen body flicker. They would call me Lord Miso on the streets and would taste my broth in the sheets, "MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHH"




I really need to get a life, don't I?

I looked around. In my excitement, I didn't think of where to flicker, so I flickered to a random place. It seemed I was on one of the lower branches of the trees. The lush green leaves and the view made that obvious. There was a young (around my own age) mint-haired girl at the edge, who had looked towards me, to see what caused the commotion.

"Hello! My name's Fu. Wanna be friends? I don't have a lot of friends. Please will you be my friend?"

The girl had somehow made her way to me and was jumping up and down. It was like a second Naruto. Taking a closer look at her, I recognised her from canon. She was the Jinchuriki of the Nanabi, who sadly didn't get much screen time. At least she got more screen time than Tenten.

I smiled, "Sure. My name's Subaru."

"Yay! Now I have 2 friends!", she shouted, fist pumping the air.

Oh yeah, as a Jinchuriki, she wouldn't have much friends.

"So, where're you from? Is that a headband? Woah, you're a ninja already?"

I sighed. This was a lot like another Naruto, "I'm from Konoha. I became a Genin recently, so I'm on a mission here. I have a week break, so I was exploring."

"Oh cool! How did you do that Ramen thingy?", she asked, stars in her eyes.

Did all Jinchuriki love ramen or something? I mean, sure it's a blessing of Kami, but I never knew there were this many religious people. To be fair, ramen was the only thing Naruto could buy in canon, meaning he had to love it. Maybe the same thing happened to Fu?

"It's a body flicker. I was running away from the Ichikaru's.", I shivered at the thought of them.

"Yeah, they can be... eccentric sometimes.", Fu said, also shivering.

We both laughed it off, uncertainly.

"Anyway, since you haven't been here before, wanna explore the village? Please! Pretty please. With a cherry on top too. Those things are nice.", Fu said, closing her eyes and nodding her head at the thought of cherries.

I laughed at her cheerfulness, "Okay."

No sooner did the words leave my mouth, than I was forcefully taken.

She showed me her tree-house, which contained a simple bed, desk and a few other things. There was a picture of herself and Shibuki, presumably taken recently, given the heights. They were at a waterfall, probably the one straight outside the village.

Other villages had stupid names. Village hiden in the sand? At best, it was near the sand. Waterfall was probably the only village with a sensible name.

The park was where we went next. There were other kids there who started whispering about her, to the point where I ended up glaring at them, directing some of my chakra towards them, making the kids scurry off, not wanting to 'die' from the 'demon' and her friend, the 'monster'.

We ended up laughing and playing at the park for another hour or so, since everyone else had left. Our next stop, the ramen stand. There, I encountered the demons from hell themselves, the owners. They weren't as bad as they were last time, but still kept nagging me for how Ichiraku Ramen tastes, though I gave no answer, not wanting to betray devout followers of the ramen god, Kami.

Oh? You thought Kami was the God of All? You're not wrong.

Ramen is Love; Ramen is Life. Ramen is the sustainer and the protector, the omnipotent and the benevolent. Ramen will protect you in times of need. Hail Ramen!




Naruto's rubbed off on me too much.

At the end of the day, it was time to get back to the hotel. We had ended up visiting more places, like tourist areas, and other shops. I ended up spending a few thousand Ryo on items to give to Naruto and a few other people back home.

"Do you have to leave?", Fu said, teary-eyed, hugging me.

"I'll be back tomorrow to play with you, I promise.", I said, comforting her.

"That's what everyone else says, then their parents tell them not to play with me."

"I don't have parents. Besides, you're my friend."

"Really. You promise?", she looked into my eyes, hers sparkling.

"Yes.", I smiled

She let go of me then jumped around, "Yay! I have 2 friends now."

"Before I leave, I have something to give you.", I said, unsealing a scroll with some phones I had made. I handed one to her, "Here."

"Woah! What is it?"

I spent the next ten minutes explaining what it was and showing her how to use it. I gave her my number, so to speak, and tested it out.

Subaru: Ramen is nice, isn't it?

She giggled before writing out her own message.

Fu: Yes it is

"Anyway, I really have to go now."

She wrapped me in a hug, "You better come back tomorrow, you hear me, mister?"

I smiled at her, "Sure. Bye!"

"Bye, Subaru!"

I vanished in my Ramen Shunshin, once again amazing Fu, and reappeared outside my room at the hotel, room no.21, as we had decided. I unlocked the door then went in, and saw the bed ready, and all my scrolls where I left them. I checked the clock on the wall, and saw that it was 7:32 pm. I had some time to kill.

I made some Kage Bunshin to practice some basic lock-picking with some locks in a random scroll we had.

Yes, we have a scroll full of locks. We? Hmmm. I guess I'm accepting that they're different people.

"Yo! Creator, I have an idea. We should make an archive/storage with tons of things. Kind of like the inventory, but for everything. And better. Obviously."

Now that I think about it. I should make an archive. It'd be really useful. Maybe I can become the Amazon of this world? I could put tons of companies out of business. Total market dominance. I WILL BE ALL POWERFUL. MUAHHAHHAHAHHA.




I really have to tone that down, don't I?

But in all seriousness, it would be easy enough to store whatever I need to. The hardest part would probably be getting exactly what I want out. Maybe some simple thought projections? What would that even include?

Obviously, some electric impulse readers, and decoder modules made of some logic gates, but what else? Does it really need anything else?

I created another Kage Bunshin, this one with enough chakra to last a while, and had it start working on the thought reader side of it.

I'd also have to index all of the things inside, which wouldn't be that hard with some electrical data stores and some basic shock and stun seals for intruders. Might make a blood seal too, for extra security ™.

I decided to get an early night in, while I worked. Yes. Totally me working. Not clones. No sir.


| Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi |


I've decided. It's finally time to get myself a summon.

It was 6 am, and I had awoke in a fit of genius. I put off summoning because I didn't want to get into a hostile summoning clan that may try to kill me if I go into their territory. But now I realise something. I'm the Gamer. I had plot armour. Or so I should have. Are there any other gamers in the world? Either way, I should have plot armour, which is probably enough to protect me.





I body flickered to an open field I saw yesterday, and performed the hand seals I had seen so many times before, channelling my chakra through them.

"Summoning Jutsu!", I shouted, before being teleported to a different location.

I looked around to see a forest of black wood, with firing embers on all locations. A squawk above me made me turn to see a few dozen black silhouettes in the form of birds. They started dropping down on all sides, circling me with burning black and grey feathery monsters. A path was cleared and a larger bird came down. It's beak reached to at least 50 ft in the air, it's majestic wings closing in and the commotion died down.

"Welcome human...", the beast started, "You are at Hi no Mori, the ancestral home of the phoenixes. What is your name and why are you here?"

I Got. PHOENIXES. Thank god for the fucking plot armour. I'll be set for life.

"My name is Subaru Uzumaki.", I bowed to the boss summon, "I am here because I performed the summoning jutsu. I wish to sign the summoning contract of the phoenixes, if you will have me. I am prepared for any test you wish to give."

The summon looked into my eyes, "Very well, young Subaru. My name is Yoru, I am the leader of the Phoenixes. Now, sit down, young one, let me tell you a story first.

"Long ago the summoning world was rules by a singular summon, and their master. The summons were the phoenixes, and the master of the phoenixes was the Shinigami himself. I was only a young chick back then, but I still remember his presence.

"Then came the Otsutsuki. The God clan, as they so arrogantly call themselves. They decided to plant a chakra fruit on this world, but a woman names Kaguya decided to eat the fruit to stop a war. The labours of the fruit, the God Tree, understandably got angry, and decided to retaliate by sending the Juubi, a chakra monster with 10 tails.

"It lashed out at civilisation. But that is not the story I wish to tell. Instead, I wish to tell you about the summons. We, as the phoenix clan, decided that in order to protect the world, we would give a portion of our power to every summoning race, and so, the summoning clans were born.

"After the war, we let the summons keep the powers we gifted them. Death granted us power beyond what we had before, but at a cost. We were not allowed to interfere unless the situation was dire. And so, we watched. The endless wars, which Kaguya had sought to stop. The change of Ninshu to Ninjutsu. The formation of the hidden villages. However, we still needed a way to keep in contact with the mortal world, while all this happened.

"So we hid our power and size, and became something mortals call pigeons. W-"

"Pigeons?", I asked incredulously. Though, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Pigeons were not usually noticeable, making them the perfect spy summons. What's more is that they must be coordinated attacks. No bird species shits that much on people. But enough of my conspiracies, they also could look alike, by just changing the size and slightly lightening the colours.

"Yes. Pigeons. We are the most powerful species in the world. My species are spread all over the world. We are the perfect spies, the perfect offensives and the perfect defences. Now, young Subaru, the Shinigami said that only the most worthy would be able to use the same summonings as him, and so, he left a test."

Shit. The Shinigami himself left me a test? Does my plot armour cover this? Hopefully. I promised Fu I'd play with her today and promised Naruto I'd be back safe.

"The test is simple. Resist the call of death for 10 minutes. We will begin when you are ready."

The call of death? Am I going to have to face the Shinigami? Naruto... Fu... Sorry if I don't make it back.

[Quest: Death's Embrace]

Survive the call of death for 10 minutes

Rewards: The Phoenix Summons, 10000 exp, ?

Bonus Quest: Learn why you are in this world

Bonus Reward: 25 Points, 5000 exp

[Y / N ]

"I am ready.", I said with false confidence.

The flock of birds rose into the air again, forming a tornado of black, flaming feathers around me. The sky darkened, but at the same time, the light brightened. Occasionally, a feather would burst out and be incinerated by an invisible force. A loud crack could be heard above me, and I looked up.

Only to see a black lightening bolt strike my head.


| Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi |


I looked around, taking in the sights. To my left, there was darkness sporadically moving about, almost like it was alive. To my right, there was the same thing, only light instead of dark. At my feet, the two forces were peaceful, occasionally sending bursts of white or black into the other side. The two beings, as it seemed, were almost working in harmony.

Out of the black side, a figure emerged. It came out holding an orange book. It's robes were tattered, exactly how you'd imagine the God of Death to be. Its face was covered by the shadows of the hood it wore.

What was that orange book? Did it contain the names of everybody who is going to die that day? Did it contain everything that would happen to me in my life? What was in that boo-

A giggle came out of the Shinigami, "Oh, Mai. How can you take so many at once?"


It was Icha Icha Paradise.




The Shinigami, God of Death. Was. A. Pervert.

I give up.

"Oh, you're here. These mortal books can be fun.", the death god said, holding the book in the air, it disappearing in a flash, "Welcome to my domain. This isn't the first time you've been here, I see."

"No?", I said weakly, "I'm here this time because of the phoenix summons."

"I see.", the god said, stroking his... chin? I really couldn't tell, "How about a match of chess while we wait. We can talk while we play."

He summoned a chess board and a seat for me and himself. He wanted to play chess?

"There are some rules, obviously. The first is that both of us will have 5 minutes on the clock each. You don't have to win the match, but I may give you some information if you do."

The god cheekily smiled.

"However, should the timer run out, your soul will once again belong to me, and you will die.", he said grimly.

I sat down at the seat. I looked at the board before we started. Could that be the bonus quest? Is that how I find out about why I'm in this world? That must be why he was both saying that I didn't have to win and that the timer running out would signify my death.

Sure, I could just purposely lose, but that would mean I would never find out whatever information he has for me. And thus, the match would be prolonged with me trying to win, which could bring me closer to my death.

"I'll play blacks, you can play whites. Let's begin!", the god looked like he was having fun.

I begun with a simple move, "Pawn to G3."

Click. I clicked my side of the timer.

The piece moved itself when I said this. I somehow knew that I wouldn't have to move them manually and, so, didn't even attempt to.

"Pawn to E6. Now Subaru, how are you liking the new world?"


"Knight to F3. It's good so far. I have friends and am slowly revolutionising the world. One phone at a time."


"Nice desires. Bishop to B4. But what about the going ons with the world? How are you going to deal with the Akatsuki, Otsutsuki and everything in between?"


"Bishop to G2. I'll get there when I get there, I suppose. With enough strength and with my knowledge of the future, it should be doable."


"Should be? You realise that you'll be going against people who can level villages in their groups? Maybe even individually? Queen to F6."


He wasn't wrong. As I am right now, even going all out, I probably wouldn't even be a nuisance to them. I'd have to get stronger.

"I'll have to get stronger, I suppose. King to G1, Castle."


"You're not wrong I guess. How would the phoenixes help you against such great foes? Pawn to D5."

"Pawn to D4. They would..."


And so the match continued. Pawns were taken, and so were queens. I managed to upgrade one of my pawns to a Queen.

1 minute seconds remaining for me.

I used my queen to go to the edge of the board, where he retaliated by sending his knight after my king. I sent my queen to capture his knight, and in 2 turns I won.

I looked over to the side and saw the timer at 6 seconds. 6 seconds more and I would have died. The Shinigami chuckled, "Well done, Subaru. You have earned 3 things. The Phoenix Contract, the Seal of Death's Messenger and information."

"Seal of Death's Messenger?", I asked, confused.

"I wish for you to be my champion on the mortal plain. Killing those who dare try to affect the balance. Naturally, you will gain an insignia so that those who know of me know who you are."

"But doesn't everyone know about you? You're the Shinigami."

"Sure, they know of the death god, but they don't know of my exploits on the mortal plain."

"I see.", I said blankly.

I felt a burning sensation on my back as I fell to the ground.

"You have been marked with the insignia of death, and have been granted powers and my own summoning contract. Use these wisely, Subaru Uzumaki."

I fell into the darkness and let slumber consume me.


| Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi |


Hello, everyone! I know it's been a while since I've updated. Sorry, I've been busy with irl stuff. I know this chapter isn't to my usual (shit) standard, but I hope it's good enough.

Name: Subaru Uzumaki

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Title/Status: The Gamer, Orphan

Level: 16 (Next Level 92%)

HP: 8.76 Million/8.76 Million (Regeneration: 291900/minute)

CP: 7.88 Million/7.88 Million (Regeneration: 157600/minute)

CC: 100%

Affinity: Wind (5%)

STR: 200

VIT: 200

DEX: 224

INT: 302

LUC: 61

Points: 0

Perk Points: 1

Allegiance: Konohagakure

Ryo: 9738

Yen: 2550


+63% Control Scroll

+500 Rep Points

50 Kunai

50 Shuriken

500 Senbon

Chakra Weights

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