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Chapter 6: Sensei and Surprises

Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi

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Chapter 6: Sensei and Surprise

"You will be apprenticed to Mr. Dumplin Popo."




Lol, JK.


| Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi |


"You will be apprenticed to Itachi Uchiha, a new Jonin."

Well... shit. That is either really good or really bad. Sure, he is going to kill his entire clan in a few months, but that might give me an opportunity to save some kids he killed or get better really quickly, since he probably won't care about letting me keep my 'innocence' a while longer since he, too, is a child prodigy.

It also doesn't affect the timeline much... I think? Itachi was ANBU until he killed off his clan so Sasuke wouldn't know what happened in that time. But if he is already a Jonin, then he left ANBU early. Meaning plans for the coup have already started... After he kills his clan, who will I be apprenticed to? Do I go into ANBU? No. The only reason I'm a Genin is because Jiji and the council don't know the 'mental' effects of going into a ninja life early.

To be fair, if I was a normal person, those effects will apply, but with The Gamer ability, they don't really matter, do they? But what about my first kill? I really don't want to have to go through that if The Gamer ability doesn't apply that way. The entire thought reminds me of that scene where Naruto is clinging to Kakashi's shirt when Haku and Zabuza died. Precious scene. Protecc at all costs. If I want to protect that, I need to make sure I am willing to kill to make sure things like Madara never happen and tons of people don't die.

"When can I see him?", I asked, before feeling a presence coming with my Chakra Sense. I turned to it and saw a short ANBU with a Kitsune mask, signifying that it is Itachi. But what did Jiji mean by new Jonin if Itachi was in ANBU, I thought that ANBU classified as it's own rank while in it?

He nodded before turning to Jiji, "Hokage-Sama, I was called?"

Sarutobi looked at him, "Itachi, take off your mask."

He did so, revealing a Sasuke with wrinkles. Yes, that is how I described him. Get over it.

"You have been in ANBU for the majority of your life. I, Sarutobi Hiruzen, hereby promote Uchiha Itachi to the rank of Jonin."

Itachi bowed. Oh, that's what he meant by new Jonin. I should have expected this. Naruto's compulsiveness must have rubbed off on him. To be fair, his love for ramen had partially rubbed off on me, and combined with the Uzumaki perk, I love ramen too.

"You have been giving an long-term ongoing A rank mission, should you accept."

"I live to serve, Hokage-Sama."

"Very well. Your mission is to train one Subaru Uzumaki until such time he reaches either Chunin or 10."

Itachi turned to me, not revealing anything through his poker face, before turning back, "Very well Hokage-Sama. May I enquire into his skills and knowledge?"

"From what I know, he is Genin overall, but with Chakra Control, he is able to sustain an echolocation technique indefinitely, even during his sleep, according to Inu, signifying a high Chakra Control. He will need to be taught Taijutsu in a style you find suitable, and all else to at least Chunin level. He will also have to take a weapon of his choice and with his Chakra Control, it will be useful to have him learn basic Iryoninjutsu (Medical Ninja Techniques) and maybe Fuinjutsu if he so wishes."

Itachi nodded and activated his Sharingan, showing a triple tomed red eye on rings, looking at me for a moment before deactivating it and turning to the Hokage, "Will I be able to teach him Kage Bunshin and affiliates, he has the capacity to make a few. His control, on the other hand, looks perfect."

"Yes, and perfect?", the Sandaime asked, eyes widening slightly.

"The more internal chakra fluctuates, the less control a person has. Uzumaki's chakra does not fluctuate at all.", Itachi explained.

"Does that not mean that Subaru-Kun has high level chakra control, not perfect?", the Sandaime further asked.

"While that is normally true, Uzumaki's chakra flows through his body at about the same speed as the average person's blood flow, meaning that he has between 98% and 100% of his Chakra Control."

"But that-", the Sandaime started.

"-Would mean his Chakra Control is above your Tsunade Senju's", voice cut in.

A man, who I recognised as Danzo Shimura, came in. Shit. Version 2. If Danzo knows about me, then he may try to get me for himself. Itachi bowed to Danzo, "Danzo-Sama".

I gave a quick bow too, to not show disrespect, since it may put me in his good books, whether that be a good thing or not. I really don't want to be in his bad books. I'm nowhere near strong or politically powerful enough to stop him from doing things to me.

"Boy.", Danzo said looking at me, "I do not believe we have met, why do you bow for me?"

"You look important and Jiji doesn't seem bothered by you interrupting him.", I answered.

He gave a small chuckle, which I never would have thought I would have heard, before turning back to Jiji, "Hiruzen."

"Danzo.", Jiji replied in the same monotone that Danzo had used just moments before, "Itachi, Subaru, you may leave."

Itachi turned to me, "Tomorrow, meet me at training ground 5 at 0700 hours."

Both me and Itachi Shunshined away, me to my home and Itachi to god knows where. 'Time':

[The time is 13:04:17]

I have a lot of time to kill before Naruto comes home, so I might as well train. I make 2 Kage Bunshins with double the necessary chakra, leaving me with 120,000 CP.

[Kage Bunshin has levelled up.]

I leave them to training Henge, Kawimari and Bunshin, before looking at a menu I unlocked. 'Perk Store: Black Market':

[Welcome, Gamer, to the Omni-Dimensional Gamer Market (ODGM), often called the Black Market. Here, you can buy, sell, auction or bid for perks, items, and even worlds.]

[To start, click 'Trade' on the bar, to trade Ryo to Yen, the omniversal currency.]

I did so, on a bar containing things from weapons, to mounts to gear. It came up with a graph of the left side showing the conversion rate and a box on the right showing how much Yen I'd get from an amount of Ryo I put in. To test, I put in 1000 Ryo. I got 4850 Yen back, so a 4.85 conversion rate right now, though I don't know how good that is.

[Click 'Back', then click onto the 'Store' menu, to see items that you can afford.]

I did what the UI told me to and was presented with a screen containing a few things from kunai to senbon to chakra weights t- Chakra weights? 3000 Yen, and go up to 20 levels. Reason for price: slightly damaged seal. Weight seals can't be too complex right? I scrolled further down and got to a section on Fuinjutsu. Basic Fuinjutsu: 1000 Yen. Advanced Fuinjutsu 1500 Yen. Fuinjutsu Mastery: 2000 Yen. After Fuinjutsu Mastery, it goes to specific things, like chakra conversion and space-time, which sold for 500 Yen a subject.

I scrolled back to the top. 800 Yen for a set of 25 kunai/shuriken or 250 senbon. I added 50 kunai, 50 shuriken and 500 senbon, totalling at 4800 Yen. I decided to bite the bullet and convert 2000 Ryo to Yen, giving me 14550 Yen in total. I then bought those Chakra Weights from before, raising the total to 7800 Yen. I bought Basic, Advanced and Mastery of Fuinjutsu, giving me a subtotal of 12300 Yen. I didn't really need much else, so I stopped there.

[Please click on the basket to view your order.]

I did so and it showed me everything I has bought, plus a 10% off for my first purchase, giving me a grand total of 11,070 Yen. I clicked 'Confirm Purchase'.

[Your purchase has been confirmed. All items have been added to your inventory.]

I decided to leave the rest of the Yen as Yen, so I wouldn't have to convert it again next time if I didn't need to. I might look into what I can sell to the shop later, since I may be able to get a reliable source of income from the shop. I exited to Perk Menu from the exit button.


+13% Control Scroll

+500 Rep Points

Mystery Taijutsu Scroll

50 Kunai

50 Shuriken

500 Senbon

Chakra Weights

Basic Fuinjutsu

Advanced Fuinjutsu

Fuinjutsu Mastery

I took out the three scrolls on Fuinjutsu and opened the basic one. In it, there was just gibberish, with random symbols, but my I got a notification:

[Would you like to learn Basic Fuinjutsu? Y/N]

I said, "Yes.", aloud, and it came up with another notification.

[Are you sure, this will take away your scroll?]

I said 'Yes' once more and then clicked an option which said to not show them warnings anymore. A flash of light blinded me for a second before the scroll was gone and I got another notification.

[Through your actions, a skill has been created: Fuinjutsu (Basic)]

Fuinjutsu (Basic): Lvl 1 (0%):

Allows you to create basic seals, including explosive tags and storage seals.

Uzumaki Perk: Experience to this skill is earned 5x faster.

Perfect Control: Seals take half the chakra that they would usually take.

Well, I guess it was too much to hope for a maxed out level, wasn't it.

[For thinki-

Oh, shut up! I guess those chakra weights will have to wait. Pun not intended. 'Time':

[The time is 14:01:32]

Woah, I guess I was doing that for a lot longer than I thought. I went into the other room and told my clones to dispel.

[Henge had levelled up to Lvl Max]

[Kawarimi has levelled up to Lvl Max]

[Bunshin has levelled up to Lvl 17]

They must have been low of chakra near the end, but to be fair, I did give them double to normal amount of chakra, and E Rank jutsu don't really take up that much chakra. I went back onto the Black Market and bought a stack of paper, ink and some quills for dramatic effect, costing a total of 1200 Yen. Bringing the newly bought items out of my inventory, I created another 2 Kage Bunshin, though with the normal amount of chakra, mine having recovered through regeneration and the Perfect Control perk.

"Master.", the two said in unison, saluting, shadow clones of paper, ink and quills on hand.

"Practice Basic Fuinjutsu, by making storage seals, while I take a jog around the village. If Naruto comes, dispel before he can see you, the rest of the items should dispel as well.", I said. They saluted and went to the table to do so. Since they were only shadow clones, I still had the real copies of the items, which I put back in my inventory.

I discovered a while back that jogging gave experience to running, even though they were two different things.


| Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi |


[Running has levelled up to Lvl 32]

[Eavesdropping has levelled up to Lvl 7]

[Observe has levelled up to Lvl 27]

[Fuinjutsu (Basic) has levelled up to Lvl 7]

[DEX has increased by 3]

[INT has increased by 2]

While jogging, I tried eavesdropping on as many conversations as I could and observe as many things as I could, to level up more skills. I even Shunshined back, just to get that little bit of experience. Something that I had found out when my DEX got over 100 was that Running was nerfed a bit. Seriously, if it wasn't, then I'd be able to go over 400 Kilometres per Hour, or over 250 Miles per Hour, which would have been amazing. Now it takes into account my running level too and the equation is a bit like this:

DEX * 0.5 * (1 + (Lvl / 1000))

It lets me run at 79 metres per second, without chakra or any enhancement, which is about 280 kph and 175 mph, which is still amazing, but nearly half of what it used to be. I haven't tried adding chakra yet, since I have nowhere to train with it, but that changes tomorrow.


[The time is 14:58:59]

I got changed into more comfortable clothes (sadly, The Gamer doesn't have an equip function), still keeping on my headband, and Shunshined to the front of the Academy. In a minute, all of the students came outside, a few came up to me, including Naruto holding my stuff.

"Hey Subaru, where did you go. Did you do so bad that you got kicked out already?", Kiba asked. A few others came to hear what happened.

"Nah, I did so good that I'm a Genin now, apprenticed under Sasuke's brother.", I said.

I took my stuff off of Naruto, "Hi, Ototo. Thanks."

"Hey Subaru-Nii. Did you really graduate?", he asked.

"Yeah, the Inu took me to Jiji."

"Woah.", a few of the boys there said, along with a 'Troublesome' from Shikamaru.

Sasuke came over to me, "And you're apprenticed under my brother?"

"Yeah. He was promoted when I came, making him one of the youngest Jonins ever."

"Well yeah. The Uchiha clan's greatness outshines all.", he replied, giving me the classic Uchiha Smirk #4 (the 'Showing-Superiority-Over-All-Others' smirk, for those not fluent in Hn), making me and the others sweatdrop, of course with another 'Troublesome' from the resident Nara.

The parents made their way over to us, to pick up their children, though Itachi came for Sasuke instead. It was nice not to be talked about by some people, since the clan heads aren't bothered by me or Naruto.

"Hello Subaru-Kun.", Itachi greeted.

"Hey, Sensei.", I replied, to which he just gave a 'Hn'. A few of the other clan parents said hello before we left. To my side, Naruto looked slightly sad, "Hey Naruto, are you alright?"

He turned to me, "It's just that I'll be by myself now."

Oh, I see. I had been with Naruto for years, even developing a brotherly bond. Now that I'm a Genin, he thinks that I won't have enough time for him. Or that he won't have anyone to talk to.

"Hey, don't be sad. I'll still have tons of time for you and them clan kids were nice, weren't they."

He brightened up at that, "Yeah."

"And Iruka-Sensei was really nice too, wasn't he?"

"Yeah.", he said with more conviction.

"And with a Genin paycheck, we can get more ramen!", I practically shouted that last part.

"RAMEN!", he shouted too. Ahh, the Uzumaki addiction.

"Why don't we go and get some?", I asked.

"Sure!", he answered, dragging me with him to Ichiraku Ramen.

As soon as we got to the stall, we were greeted with a nice warm smile from the pair, "Naruto, Subaru, it's nice to see you.",Teuchi said.

"You too, Ojii-San!", I replied, Naruto doing the same, before we both sat down identically on two of the seats at the stall, "We'll have the usual.", I said.

"Sure!", he said, before going to the back, causing a young woman to come out, "Hey Naruto, Subaru."

"Hi, Ayame-Nee-Chan!", we both said.

"Hey, Subaru, what's that on your forehead?", she asked, acting oblivious for the two of us.

"Oh, I graduated from the Academy today.", I answered.

"Woah. Hey Tou-Chan,", Ayame called to her father, "Subaru here, graduated from the Academy today."

"Well for you boys, how about you get the first bowl free each?", he said from the back.

"YAY!", Naruto shouted with me, digging into the first bowls of ramen that Ayame had put in front of us.

"So who is your sensei then, Subaru?", Nee-Chan asked.

"Oh, Itachi Uchiha.", I replied, after finishing a mouthful of ramen (Uzumaki Mouthfulâ„¢, not a normal mouthful).

"Oh, the child prodigy who was ANBU captain for a year?", she asked.

"Yeah, him."

Eventually, it was time for me and Naruto to go home. Along the way back, I could hear whispering, though not the usual.

'Have you heard? The demon brat's brother graduated.'

'They're calling him a child prodigy.'

'Maybe we were wrong?'

[+500 Rep with general Konoha.]

[+250 Rep with all Konoha Shinobi.]

It seems like life was getting better here.


| Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi |


I awoke early in the morning, about an hour before I had to meet Itachi-Sensei. After taking a shower and eating a quick breakfast, I Shunshined out to the training ground which Sensei had told me about, having already located it on a map that Naruto and I have. There, I decided, to see how much I could suppress my chakra, since I have tons of it and any sensor would be able to locate me at any time.

[Through your actions, a new skill has been created, 'Chakra Suppression'.]

Chakra Suppression: Lvl 1 (0%):

Allows you to suppress your chakra to amounts of your choice, allowing you to hide from sensors.

Max Suppression = (CC * Lvl) / 20

Hmm, so that means that I can currently suppress 5% of my chakra, which while a lot of chakra, is basically useless. For now, I'll keep it suppressed as much as I can, to level it up. Since it takes CC to suppress your chakra fully, that means that I will eventually be the only person alive who can suppress their entire chakra capacity, since Tsunade doesn't even have Perfect Control. I eventually sensed a presence coming to me, so I turned towards it.

"Good Morning, Subaru-Kun.", he greeted, to which I returned, "To start, do 5 laps around the training grounds as a small warmup."

While that sounded ridiculous, I didn't complain. Something I had found out is that physical work doesn't make me tired, meaning as long as I didn't need sleep or food, I could theoretically run at full speed indefinitely. I ran around the training field at about double a normal speed, to complete it quickly (about a tenth of my full speed, or 7 m/s). Once I finished, I went to where Sensei was standing and waited for further instructions.

"Now, I'll teach you a jutsu called the Kage Bunshin. The Kage Bunshin, or Shadow Clone, is a physical clone that is popped when it is hit or dispels. When dispelling, you gain all of the memories of the clone, allowing you to train mental things, though not your actual body. While you can train Taijutsu with them, due to muscle memory, but you'll need to still workout.", Itachi explained, "However, it is a B-Rank Kinjutsu, due to the memory functions and its enormous chakra usage. It's sister jutsu, the Taiju Kage Bunshin, or Multiple Shadow Clone, is the same as the former, though allowing you to make as many clones as you wish."

I nodded, while he showed me the sign for the clone. While I knew it already, and knew the jutsu already, I couldn't exactly let anyone know, since it would mean explaining the whole Gamer system and me being reincarnated. It would just make me look crazy.

"This is the hand-sign for the Kage Bunshin. Use about a quarter of you chakra capacity in this.", he said, while demonstrating by making a clone which nodded to him.

I did the hand-seal and made the clone with the right amount of chakra, causing a Kage Bunshin to appear, "Master.", the clone said saluting. I waved at him (me?) and he (I?) waved back.

"Hn.", Itachi gave Uchiha Hn 7 (the Trying-To-Work-Something-Out Hn), "I've heard that you know the Shunshin, how long did it take you to learn it?"

"I got it on my first try, why?", I answered truthfully.

"I see...", he said, "Try doing the seals Snake then Rat and then project your chakra to me."

Hmm... If I remember correctly, those were the hand-seals for Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu, or the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique. I did the hand-seals then projected my chakra towards him.

Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu: Lvl 1 (0%):

Shows the target their worst fear, via Genjutsu.

Chakra/Minute: 500 CP/Min

"I see...", he said, giving Uchiha Hn 7 again, "Do you have Kunai or Shuriken?"

"Yes.", I answered, taking one out of my inventory for him to see.

"Take out 20. Clone, stand 20ft away from him.", Sensei said, to which we followed him orders, "Subaru-Kun, you will be trying to hit your clone with kunai, one at a time. Clone, you will be dodging your master's kunai, should you think they are going to hit you. This will train both your accuracy and your dodging skills."

I threw one kunai at him, which missed him by about 3ft, though I don't know how good that is for a first try.

[Through your actions, a new skill has been created, 'Throwing'.]

Throwing: Lvl 1 (0%):

Your accuracy and speed whilst throwing.

Accuracy: Lvl * 5 [+ LUC / 5]

Speed: (STR + DEX) / 20 Metres/Second

So now, is 17%, and my speed is 15 m/s, which is fast, about a fifth of my full speed. That reminds me, how much damage to my kunai do: 'Observe':

Standard Kunai (500/500):

Dmg: Speed * 3 (Average Damage, this may be increased with position and style)

So my kunai would do 45 Dmg when I cut someone with it, but if it stab someone, obviously other things would be damaged, like organs, so it would do more damage. I threw another which was around the same distance away. Me and the clone spent the rest of the day doing that, until it was time to leave, me having to make more clones periodically due to chakra. I made 2 clones with enough chakra for an hour and left them while I went home.


| Subaru: Gamer and Shinobi |


Subaru has gotten a teacher and is starting to get stronger. I want to explain something, skills transfer. For example, making tons of storage seals, would increase his Fuinjutsu skills, allowing him to make better explosive seals as well, without even having to make one. He didn't want his clones to make explosive seals because of... well... BOOM. That part at the start, with Mr Popo, was because of a review.

Name: Subaru Uzumaki

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Title/Status: The Gamer, Orphan

Level: 12 (Next Level 94%)

HP: 1.25 mil / 1.25 mil (Regeneration: 41800/minute)

CP: 115,600 / 1.12 mil (Regeneration: 22550/minute)

CC: 100%

Affinity: Wind (5%)

STR: 145

VIT: 145

DEX: 154

INT: 267

LUC: 61

Points: 0

Perk Points: 1

Allegiance: Konohagakure

Ryo: 3475

Yen: 2280


+13% Control Scroll

+500 Rep Points

Mystery Taijutsu Scroll

50 Kunai

50 Shuriken

500 Senbon

Chakra Weights

Advanced Fuinjutsu

Fuinjutsu Mastery

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