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PA: Lovantis @gamerkid134
Chapter 7: saving the Angels part 2

"Why did I just get that fourth wall breaking feeling?" Ariel wondered. "Anyway, so this is where it's happening?"

"That's correct, now discard your armors and show us your sexy bodies~!" Saur stated, clearly excited at the upcoming event.

Some of the angels felt uncomfortable when she said that. 'She's getting way too eager for this…' Sera grumbled.

Hana raised her hand. "I'm taking Aqua back while I face you, what's-your-name!" She points her index finger at Leau.

"It's Leau, nice to meet you, Angel Floral~." The Shiny Samurott greeted. "I presume you are Angel Water's wife?"

"That's right, alongside Angel Siren too!" she stated proudly, much to Sera's embarrassment. "But I'm her No. 1 Wife!" She boasted that last one.

'At least I'm more mature than you.' She thought as they all got nude for the succubi. "Arlight you three, we're ready for your sick little game."

"I'm sure you're already aware, but no angel powers. You gotta rely on your own strength to win." Leau said stepping forward. "I'll choose first."

'While a show is going on, I'm gonna call in for heavy artillery~...' Ariel thought as she activated a protocol in her smartphone from behind her back.

The Shiny Samurott examined the 5 angels looking for one to choose. She then noticed Ariel looking like she's hiding something like a child having something behind her back. "What's that behind you?"

"My smartphone." Ariel said bluntly.

"So casually!?" The others exclaim at her answer.

"Let me see it." Leau said, putting her paw out with the strict look of a mother.

Ariel looks down and mutters a few unintelligible words before the Shiny Samurott cleared her throat. "Now."

"Fine, here!" She gives her the smartphone. "I was only messaging my online friends on things."

"Any case, I'll hold on to it until we're finished. Back on topic, I'll choose… you." Leau said as she both confiscated the smartphone while pointing at Hana.

"Alright then." The Chikorita said, walking forward. "Now where are they?"

"Well… I'm actually afraid to answer that…" Leau said as she sweatdropped, going to get them.

"Why?" Sera asked.

"Usually, when we go see them…" Saur explained. "Well, ever since we drugged them with our aphrodisiac, Heart's Lure is what we called it, their sexual drives have gotten…" They all then hear moans from the three they are supposed to rescue being carried by an annoyed Leau. "Exactly that, and we've asked Valdora to tone down the addiction in the drug's effects."

"And yet they're still like this? Why don't you just lessen the doses you give them if she hasn't done them yet?" Sera asked in an annoyed tone. "They can't possibly still be like this after one shot."

"A few of us blame how they were raised before becoming angels…" Venine whispered in the Kirlia's ear.

"But I can only see Water being that, Psychic and Steel have better control." she pointed out.

Saur and Venine were silent and shrugged, saying and deciding. "Must be Water's fault then?"

"Pretty much." Frost stated flatly, surprising the succubi.

"Wow, that was… Ice Cold~! Am I right~?!" Saur stated, chuckling.

Everyone else was silent as a cricket sound was being made by a Kricketune in the corner.

"Oh burn…" Ariel grumbled with a facepalm. "Sometimes I wonder why your flame ports become redirected to your head areas when you evolve."

"Just how my evolution goes, and you get out of here!" Saur pointed to the bug-type that leaves. "I get no respect let me tell you. Well anyway, it's my turn now to choose," she stated, looking over the remaining one as Leau carries Hana with her.

"Alright, who's got the Mawile with Venine then?" The Typhlosion asked.

"Don't ask them, you're the one choosing." The Shiny Nidoqueen asked. "Plus, you had the Mawile, I choose the Espurr."

"They're the succubi version of Water, Forest and you." Frost whispered to Sera.

"Yeah… you're not entirely wrong about that…" The Kirlia whispered back, just then hearing Saur's loud voice. "You~! Come on down~! You've got yourself a date with Venine~!"

"Hey, who said you can choose for me?!" Venine asked, crossing her arms. "You're supposed to choose for yourself!"

"Call it an anniversary gift for Angel Siren~!" She grinned as she picked the Kirlia up and tossed her to Venine.

"What?! Why me?!" She yelped in surprised. "And how is this an anniversary gift for me?! Isn't there some sort of announcement or argument outside this world that said I won't have to face another Nidoqueen!?"

"And from that reaction, you got an easy one~. You're welcome~!" They shiny Typhlosion said, giving Venine a thumbs up.

"I wasn't cheering!" Sera shouted, only to hear claps and minor cheers from Sally, Frost and Ariel. "Why are you three cheering?"

"And now, who would be the lucky girl to take me on and save Angel Steel here~?" Saur challenged.

"Um… since this wasn't your choice, I'll just go back in line." Sera said, trying to walk back, only to get grabbed from behind and sandwiched by Venine and Ellie. "Mmmfff!" she muffled in response.

"Well then, who's gonna come up to face this fiery thicc babe~?" The Typhlosion teased, looking over the Flareon, Alolan Vulpix and Manaphy. She then stares at the snowy white fox. "I do have a thing for icy pups like you~..."

Frost blushes at the suggestion. 'She makes me nervous just how eager she is. Is this how all fire-types act? So passionately?' She stepped forward to her. "I-I accept then…" She muttered anxiously.

"Alright then~." Saur lifted Frost up and carried her and Junie together. "You two stay where you are~."

The white Vulpix nodded and looks at the Mawile. "A-Are you alright, Junie?"

She was staring at the Typhlosion with a wide smile and heart-filled eyes when she turned to Frost. "Teehee~... You look so sexy~..."

She blushes from the gaze and caressing she gave her thigh. 'She really is drugged badly even though it was only one dose…'

The remaining angels were left and looked at each other.

"Guess it's just me and this fluffy Fire Fox." Ariel said.

"What are we supposed to do?" Sally asked them before they leave to separate rooms. "Maybe find something for a Deus Ex Machina?"

"I guess.." Ariel stated, looking around a little. She then thought of saying out something for an object to appear in front of them conveniently. "What I wouldn't give for a noodle cart with fireworks right about now~!"

Sally decides to take a look around the room for a moment. "Is one supposed to appear with a succubus pushing it?"

They do start hearing something coming from a distance as they hide to peek. "Kinda dumb to leave us alone don't you think?" Sally whispered to Ariel as they try to walk out, but something blocked and electrocuted them slightly from the doorway. "Ah! Well that smarts!"

They then look at the lines with a small sentence saying 'In case of attempt for a Deus ex machine or plot device in layman's terms.'

"So much for that. Guess we'll see how the others are doing." Ariel said, sitting on a couch. "Still, good thing I came in prepared prior~..."

"What do you mean?" Sally asked and remembered her confiscated smartphone. "What was on it?"

"Oh, just some kind of so-and-so I made sometime ago~..." Ariel said as she thinks how she'll be able to turn the tables on Opal and the others.

"Just hope Sera and the others hang in there…" Sally stated.

*With Leau, Hana and Aqua.*

"Hngh~...!" Hana cringed at the feeling of being thrusted in her anus while thrusting in her wife at the same time.

"Wow, she told me you were a tight one back here~." Leau stated, licking her neck, making the Chikorita shiver in unwilling pleasure.

"Aahh~... I'm so glad you came here~.." Aqua cooed lovingly as she nuzzled Hana.

"Aqua…" Hana muttered, feeling touched before the Oshawott said something idiotically perverted.

"Now we can make a lot of 'Haney' together from your beautiful vagina~!"

'I missed her idiotic perversion.' she thought while trying to calm herself from the lewd situation. 'We'll have to break them all out of their aphrodisiac control when we get back…'

Leau started to caress and rub Hana's belly as she goes faster.

The Chikorita giggled a bit at the rubbings "S-Stop~... I'm ticklish~...!" Her face was bright red from the arousal as she went and kissed Aqua. 'Remember me, Aqua… please remember…'

She murmured from the kissed as she embraced her Chikorita wife. "Hana~... make a lot of sweet love with me~... love that makes us do each other forever~..."

Hana blushes from the words as she place her hands at Aqua's heart. She then closed her eyes and saw the sparkly blue color being overshadowed by a purply globby substance. It was a sign that the aphrodisiac was stuck there in her mindset like glue. 'I'll need to focus on that later, right now I gotta focus on enduring them.' she thought feeling Leau going faster.

"Aaahhh~! Squeeze my titties~! Make them run dry of their milk~!" Ellie screamed from Hana's right.

She turned and saw Venine on her back, thrusting into Sera's rear as the Kirla suckled and squeezed her breast.

"Even Ellie is getting into her dose…"

"N-Nnaahh~..." Sera moaned from the Shiny Nidoqueen thrusting and holding her sides. "Y-You're big down there~..."

"Thanks, and you're so tight there~!" Venine chimed as she thrusts in deeper.

'J-Just gotta be calm. Go along with the pleasure, but stay relaxed and don't resist it.' she thought, moaning from it, but not getting too erratic.

"Kyyaaahhh~! Give something my jaws from my head to taste even more~!" Junie cried out, grinding and using her jaw mouth to lick both herself and Frost at the same time.

"Aauggh~! Y-Your tongue feels so limber~!" Frost muttered, feeling Junie licking at her nipples as well. She then felt a red hot poker slide into her buttocks. "H-Haaahh!" she cried out from the heat of Saur's member. "S-S-Sssooo waaarrmmm~!" She screamed out.

"Ahhh~... so cool inside, and so fluffy~.." Saur cooed, kissing her cheek. Her own cheeks burning red while her neck was glowing with a faint flare.

'She's not so bad, for a fire-type~...' Frost thought as she moans and gropes her breasts and twirl her nipples around the Mawile's, making the steel-type moan louder.

As the three groups were moaning, Ariel and Sally became warm and frisky from hearing their loud moaning from the other side of the room. "Whoa~... It's making me feel sexually wet between my legs~..."

"Sera told me that happens when one hears sexual moaning." Sally stated, blushing warmly as she felt her pussy leaking pre. 'I do hope they win, but I also want to have fun too~.' She then stared at the princess of the sea.

"Sally, I know it's tempting, but we should hold off in case they come after us." Ariel stated. Then she heard some guards shouting some things while shooting.

"Hey! What is some robotic fist doing flying around and blasting at us!?"

"Okay… It should be coming in 5, 4, 3…" Ariel stated as she posed like she was welcoming a hug for someone… but nothing seemed to have happened.

"O-Okay, a little ahead, 5, 4...3...2.." The Manaphy then spun around before sliding forward a bit like she was finishing a dance.

"Uhh.. Maybe they stopped it?" Sally guesses before they see a guard being knocked out by a flying robotic arm and a foot which equips itself on Ariel.

"S-See. Right on time!" Ariel said quickly as she posed again before asking after a few seconds. "... Where's the rest of it?"

*Meanwhile, back on Lovantis Training Grounds.*

"This is heavy!" Brio groaned carrying some bags. "Why do we have to help with manual work?!"

"It's all part of what it says in here, Brio-chan." Sakura explained. "Plus it can be fun in the tournament."

"Hey is this a public tournament or private? Do any of you know?" Ivy asked.

"No, why?" They answered before asking.

"Is it going to get sexual is all~." Ivy grinned.

"Couldn't we just water some plants?" Sakura asked, wishing that they would do something normal for once.

"Yeah, Ivy. Relax once in a while" Jeane said, hammering in some nails. "Maybe we could water your chest while we do that~..."

"Ahahahaha~... What are you implying?" Ivy laughed before shifting to an annoyed tone.

"You're just as whorish as Aqua is." Jeane stated. "Plus, you're a Grass-type, so you're part-plant, which must mean your breasts have got to grow like flowers~."

"Hey, thanks for the latter, but hey!' Ivy said before shouting those last two words out.

"Look, just try to relax a little." Alex stated, applying rope to supports.

Suddenly, they heard some loud banging with someone grunting and growling in frustration about it. They jolted and see what it was.

There was a Sharpedo Angel trying to keep the equipment door locked. "Darn lock, it's too fidgety! Of all the darn times she had to summon it..." She then heard a window breaking and flew a robotic shoulder to the sky. "Blast!"

"Do you need help?" Brio asked the shark. "Who are you, by the way?"

"Victoria. And sure." The Sharpedo answered. "I am Ariel's caretaker should her majesty, Neptunia, be hung up on her royal duties."

"Must've been hard on Ariel." Alex said, getting a drink of water.

"I have tutored her, bathed her, fed her, and even changed her diapers those days." Victoria said. "I'm also a master in roasting sarcasm."

"Like to hear some someday." Sakura chuckled, "Guess the robotic arm is Ariel's handy work?"

"Indeed. Young Mistress Ariel has powerful friends who aid her in her heroic battles." Victoria explained. "One of them being a wiz in technology."

"She had good teachers." Ivy stated, "I wish I can get a robotic arm."

"No, please don't." Victoria dryly suggested. "It would require your own arm… literally. And for your information, it is not a robot, it's-" Before she could explain, Sakura had picked the lock and opened the doors.

"Here, got it opened." Sakura said before something flew off to the sky and passed the pink Greninja, blowing her onto her bottom. "EEEKKK!"

"Uhh.. You do remember I was trying to keep it locked right?" Victoria asked her. "I only wanted to ensure that things won't become messy as how Mistress Ariel always, well…"

"I'm very sorry..." She stated, bowing. "Gomenasai… but what was that which flew away?"

"Yeah, it looked like a robot twice our size." Ivy said. "And I don't mean our bust size!" She said the last part to Jeane.

"It looked like a piece of an armor set." Jeane stated, shaking her head to Jeane. "I think it's not gonna be quiet in and out any longer."

"Hmm… Her Highness must think it is now going to be one of those movie-esque getaway scenes…" Victoria stated.

"I hate it when it goes from wanting to stealth it out, to ending the mission with flare and fireworks." Alex stated, shrugging. "Well I guess as long as they rescue Ellie, it'll work out."

"You know… Does Ariel almost remind you of someone we know in a way?" Sakura asked.

"Of who? Aqua?" Brio asked, confused. The pink Greninja nodded. "Oh, I understand… Aqua does tend to satisfy her sex drives more than completing the mission."

"But it looks like she intends to battle her way out, not satisfy herself in any way." Alex pointed out. "I mean, I doubt she would summon it so soon, and we know how her dragonic half goes out of control."

"Tell me about the time I was forced to pilot one of her custom jets to save her." Victoria mentioned.

The group sighs at this. "I just hope she doesn't cause trouble to this. Come on, we should finish up our task." Jeane said, picking up some bags.

*Meanwhile, back to Ariel and Sally.*

Ariel was lightly punching the wall with her un-gauntleted fist as she leaned her head on it too.

"Hey, what are you planning to do when your armor comes?" Sally asked, checked her time to see 3 minutes have passed. "I mean, they said the time limit is 4 minutes, and since no one's coming out for us, seems like we'll win."

Ariel was about to answer but then she heard a guard coming. She places her gauntlet and foot-guard in hiding in case they enter the door.

"I swear I'm hearing noises around here…" The guard said before hearing a knock from the door she just came from. Confused, she opened the door but there wasn't anyone.

"Huh?" The Lanturn was confused why there wasn't anyone at a knocked door. "Was this a ding dong ditch without the doorbell?" All of a sudden, she was hit on the head by a gauntlet hastily fused with a bunch of parts, getting knocked out. Its form was hidden behind something so it doesn't get discovered.

The parts then flew to Ariel piece-by-piece. "Great, oh wait!..." She quickly grabbed the face armor before it could reach her. "Oh, that was close~...!"

They soon hear the 4 minute timer set off near them.

"So what's the timer for?" Sally asked. "Oh wait, the 4 minute time limit they set." she remembered.

"Yes, at this time, Sera and the others must have succeeded." Ariel stated. "As you said, if one didn't, they would come after us. Now the real question is are they gonna keep their end of the deal." She then looks at Sally staring at Ariel's now-covered torso.

"That is so cool~..." she said, looking over and feeling the armor. "Though it kind of covers you up too much."

"What do you mean?" Ariel stated before looking at her naked form being covered up by her larger armor. "Look, we'll need to focus, we'll have fun later." Ariel said, before hearing the door near the area wiggling before she turn the camo on. "Right now, it's time to rescue those three."

The door opened and showed Leau, Saur and Venine coming out, caring the exhausted angels out with them. "And they were doing sooo~... Well."

They were laid down on their fronts, sweating, panting and covered in cum. "Y-You… won't g-get away with…" Hana panted as she held Aqua close to her.

"What are you talking about?" Ariel asked, confused. "You never came after us after 4 minutes. We clearly won the bet."

"What bet?" Leau asked coyly before being stunned at the sight of the armored Ariel.

"Well if that's how you want to play, we're game~!" She quickly used a blue orb and launched them at the downed angels. "A rejuvenating orb~!" she explained as it activated on Hana, Sera and Frost. "I'm now conflicted in whether to allow you girls to do your thing or can I have my time to shine now?"

She then sees that there are guards approaching the room at their end. "Okay, one group fights the three succubis, the others hold off the ones coming our way~!" Ariel stated. "I'm just gonna make like this one big gal who has infinite strength that fended off a Roman army because she fell into some cauldron when she was just a baby."

"Huh?" The Angels and Succubi asked in unison, not knowing what she's talking about.

"Oh for Kyogre's sake, I'm just gonna punch every guard coming our way!" Ariel said before charging like a Tauros.

"You want to be in the spotlight, and yet you go after unnamed guards while leaving the previous season characters to deal with known enemy characters…" Frost stated, turning to Sera to see if she can see any logic in what Ariel's thinking.

"She almost reminds me of Aqua…" Sera said, sweatdropping. "Frost, go after Ariel and give her backup."

The Alolan Vulpix nodded as she decided to transform into her Goddess form. She grew taller and her tails sprouted into nine as her sword had an icy pale blue glow as her eyes opened with glowing intent. She then extended and enlarged her sword into a lance. "Feel my power~! Goddess Snow~!' Then she thrusted her lance on the ground, causing an icy rock to form out of thin air before exploding. "Magic attacks, am I correct?"

"Yeah." Hana answered as Sally fawned over Frost's form.

"Aaahhh~... You're just as majestic as ever, Frost~...!"

"Please focus on the upcoming battle Milady~." She said sweetly as she left to find Ariel.

"R-Right~." She stated as she joined Sera and Hana as they head into their goddess form. "Good luck~!" She then blew a fiery heart via air kiss for Frost.

'I feel like one of the co-writers forgot about what was said and had to correct something when the other pointed out. Something about sending Frost herself and not Frost and Sally~."' Sera thought to herself, but shrugged it off as they battled Leau, Saur and Venine. "Take this!" She shot a homing arrow at Venine. 'This time, I won't run away from any Nidoqueen!' She thought as her arrow split into clusters at her. The Poison type blocks the arrows to lessen the pain.

"Ha! You might want to change the modding of your shots~!" Venine mocked.

"As a matter of fact, I can!" Sera says as she changed her arrow mod from homing-cluster to homing-shell. "Like I wouldn't expect something like this~! Fire away!" She then shot her arrow and it managed to land a dent on her.

Hana was thrusting her Rapier to Leau, who was fighting with a scimitar. "Don't think I'll lose to you just because your sword is bigger!"

"Say that when you can hit me." She counted back as their attacks counter each other. "But don't think just because you're a Grass-type, same thing!"

"Really now~.." She then stabbed the tip of her sword to the ground, sprouting vines from the ground to bind Leau's arms and legs. "Good thing these can appear even through metal~."

The Shiny Samurott struggled as she thought to herself. 'I will never underestimate plants again if they can cause damage inside a structure!'

Hana charged her rapier before thrusting at the Shiny Samurott with lightning fast movements. Leau then tried blocking her attacks with her natural shell-plated armor. "Other than keratin, do you even know what are these shells of mine made of~!?"

"No time for a lesson!" Hana stated, as she summoned an energy ball from the tip of her rapier and thrown it at Leau. The energy ball then hit the Shiny Samurott, knocking her away.

"You know, even though I had Nidoqueen issues, I really had a lot of fun with our round Venine~. You enjoyed it~?" Sera asked teasingly, sword locking for a moment. It then opened a bit, letting off an energy-induced power-up.

"Heh, it was~. And happy you enjoyed it as well~!" Venine said, her own sword powering up. "Maybe you'll enjoy what I have planned for you more after I beat you~!"

"Maybe, but I'll have to pass, I gotta get my friends out~!" Sera said as she knocks her sword away, discard hers next and lay down on Venine with rapid-fire punches. "Ora ora ora ora ora!" she rambled.

"What do you think you're doing!? Mimicking some kind of fighting spirit that does the fighting for its master!?" Venine let out the punchline.

"It sounds fun when one does it." she stated, finishing with a forward punk, knocking her away. "ORA~!" She shouted as the Shiny Nidoqueen was knocked out cold.

Saur was swinging a club at Sally, who continued to dodged the Typhlosion's swings.

"Miss me~! Miss me~! Now you got- Oh wait, never mind." The Flareon said quickly before slashing at her. "Forget that last part I was going to say!"

"Hey!" The fire-type succubi got out, offended she didn't finish. "That would be a nice idea for me~!"

"Well if you did, this would take longer~. Maybe next time." she then slashed at her chest.

"Ack! Not at my tits!" The Typhlosion roared and decides to use Flame Charge at the Flareon to grab her.

'I'll get stronger due to my flash fire ability...' She thought to herself pondering what to do.

Saur was about to charge at the Flareon but then looks at Sera. The Gallade was watching the two of them, seeing if Sally could beat her on her own. The Typhlosion then got an idea and quick switched her move to a Quick Attack.

Sally was surprised and got hit by it. She was then brought into a bear hug by the Typhlosion as Saur has their breasts mash hard together, making the Flareon blush. "Eep! Hey, you were supposed to use Flame Charge!" she stuttered, arms flailing. "What was the point of looking at Siren before doing a smart move!?" she asked, feeling her soft skin.

"What can I say~? Just because I'm a milf, doesn't mean I'm blubber for brains~." Saur said before licking her lips. "Now, I believe you were gonna say that 'Now I gotta~...?'"

Sally blushes as she made a quick glance at Sera, "You just gonna stand there honey?" she asked, not out of worry, but curiosity.

"Well I figured that this is your fight and if I get in the way, that would be dishonorable." Sera said calmly. "You gotta win your battles."

"I see, in that case~.." Sally went and kissed Saur on the lips. While the Typhlosion was slightly surprised, she felt weaker for some reason as they kissed. She soon let go and gasped out of breath.

"Wh-What…?" Saur panted exhaustedly.

"You never had a draining kiss before~?" Sally asked, wiggling her hips cutely before she summoned a ball of spectral energy and launched it at Saur's face, knocking her out. "Guess that's one way to overSHADOW a bad date~!" She joked badly.

Sera smiled as she gently held her head. "Stick to being unbelievably adorable~." she stated, rubbing her head. "Now let's get our friends and find Snow and Sea~. Though, I think we should keep that drain kissing moment between you and me unless Frost doesn't mind?"

"Why? It's a pokemon move after all." She asked confused, trying to lift up Ellie.

"I wanna get a kiss from you girls too~!" The Espurr said, annoying the two.

"They really need to work on the lasting effect." Sera grumbled, as she picks up Junie and trying to keep her still. "Ease up Junie, we need to go home first."

"Oh, but we were going to make more love together~!" The Mawile excitedly, trying to rub the Gallade's folds as Hana was trying to keep Aqua from getting to her sexually.

"Haney~! Pleeeaaassse~!? I want to have babies with you now~!"

"Alright, this is going on for far too long!" The Meganium growled. "If you three don't be quiet, we're gonna not have sex with any of you for a whole month, and you won't do anything sexual either!"

The three froze, looking horrified and tries to tackle them for lust. "NNNOOO~!"

"You asked for it. Siren, chastity bands!" she told Sera, who took out three bands for them. "And for those who are wondering what these are~...!" She said as she somehow switched to a commercial break.

"Really? I'm the Guinea Zigzagoon?" Ivy asked, being brought here. "Hana, what are these things?" she asked in between the two.

"Chastity bands." Hana replied, who's wearing some cheesy suit. "Latest in Venus/Raffy inventions."

"Okay, what do they do?"

"Well theres are used to help angels train their restraint from sexual desires. So that you can focus on your task without lust taking over." Sera answered, slipping it on Ivy's arm. The band quickly tightens around her arm like a vice grip.

"I get that we can't give into our sex drives, but isn't this kind of… slave driving? And not in the hot way." Ivy asked with narrowed eyes.

"There are those who constantly forgos responsibilities for pleasure, so these were needed. Now try to pleasure yourself Ivy." Hana told her.

The Snivy squinted her eyes a bit more before reaching for her vagina. But then she felt burning pain as the band turned red in activation. "Ow. Ow… OW!" She yelped as she held her paw with her other one. "That hurt, and I didn't even feel any kind of pleasure with that pain.

"Well, don't worry about it then." Hana reassures before saying. "That means it's working. The band makes sure you're remembered about the band by making any attempts to pleasure you painful, even masochists can't enjoy it."

Ivy mumbled and tries to take it off, but the band hangs on tight. "Hey, it's stuck."

"Correct." Sera answered as she reached to take it off then, with success of it slipping off. "There you go." She said before petting her head. "These can only be taken off by the one who puts them on." She then winks at the camera as the scene switches back to the story.

Hana takes the bands and reaches for Aqua's arm before slapping it onto her. "Now don't even try to talk or rub yourselves." She said as the same was done for Junie and Ellie.

"I think we should knock them out." Sally suggested. "Does anyone know Sleep Powder?"

"They'll still do sexual stuff in their sleep." Sera answered. "But I suppose it'll keep them quieter at least." She started to sing the three a Lullaby.

The three felt drowsy from her singing and fell asleep. They breathed in and out softly in their resting forms.

"Now let's find the others before they wake up and I run out of Lullaby PP." Sera said as they rush to wherever Frost followed Ariel..

*Meanwhile with Frost*

The Alolan Ninetales walked passed some frozen pokemon she hit with blizzard. "Angel Sea?" Soon when she found her, Ariel was yelling out a battlecry while carrying a knocked out guard.

'I think someone's been playing too much MMORPG…' Frost thought, sweatdropping. When she approaches and tries to say something, Ariel quickly noticed her.

"Oh, there you are. Sorry for letting smash some blue balls. It's just that this armor hasn't been used for like at all and I wanted to let it be used for once."

"Well it is powerful, but we need to get going. Our friends should be getting our friends now." The Ninetales stated, putting her sword away. "Does that suit of yours need to charge its power source after use?"

"Depends on how long I use it." she said as she puts the guard down and joins them. "And now it's at 60% battery percentage and still draining."

"Well let's get back now. No more reason to be here." Frost stated.

"I have a better idea when they get here~!" Ariel proudly boasted before seeing them come. "Oh, and there they are~!"

"Here you are, you two." Hana said, smiling. "Come on, let's get going to the spot." Then Ariel surprises everyone by carrying them all with her armor's immense strength.

"Whooaa~!" Sally got out excitedly. "You're not gonna make a dramatic movie budget escape, are you?"

"Why not~?!" Ariel said grinning before blasting off to the hallways to a press conference room. "I know where to escape~..." She said as she looked at the time.

"Well go for it Angel Sea~!" Sera cried out before wondering why she looked at her watch. "What's with the watch?"

"It means it's meeting time for Momma~...!" Ariel stated as she heads off to her destination, firing her boot jets from her armor.

She moved through some hallways and opened doorways as she gleefully moved through the air.

As Opal was speaking out her speech… "And in conclusion, I say nothing can possibly go wrong~."

Just as she finished, she heard the throne room door blasting opened with Ariel and her friends with her.

Then as everything went in slow motion, Ariel gave Opal a mocking gesture in front of her as they left, breaking through the window.

The Giratina was left speechless of the scene. She then twitched her eye and clenched her fist.

'That's what happens when you put something along the lines of possibly go wrong…' Minerva thought, working on her bow. "Want me to snipe them down, Your Highness?" She asked before she felt her arm stop her. She looked towards Giratina in wonder.

"No need… She just over-budgeted her mech-armor privilege…" Opal stated, letting Minerva go. "And you don't need to be so formal to me when it's just us you know, we're family after all~."

The phantom owl nodded as she went to check on the three who were supposed to keep the hostages in their place, only to see the three being out cold. "I can be a look out, make sure none try to mount a surprise attack." Minerva mockingly spoke recalling her talk with them earlier.

"Oh no, 3 is more than enough to handle any intruders." she spoke an answer they spoke before bringing them to the Empress. "We oughta need to have a talk with Valdora-chan too." she pointed out to Opal.

The Giratina nodded, not noticing one of her tentacles lifting a chair and smashing it. She jolted as she saw that and called it back. "Sorry, dragon-type blood." She sheepishly apologized.

"Stuff like this makes you look cute mother Opal~." Minerva winked teasingly, tickling her breasts with her feathered wings.

"Be careful sweetie, they may just wrap and have their way with you if not careful~." Opal said as they went off to go to heal the three.

*Back at the castle.*

Neptunia and Venus waited for the group to return around the training grounds. Soon enough, Ariel came in her armor carrying all the angels. "We're back mother~!" Once she puts her friends down, she still hovered and told the computer to, "Off power."

Instead of landing on the floor, she landed through it and crashed onto one of the sub-vehicles. Then she felt a robotic arm blast a fire extinguishment spray.

The Angels look down at her with confusion. "Did you mean to do that?" Sally asked.

"I've had my suspicions…" Ariel said weakly. "Being twice a normal Pokémon's size, my mech-armor always did look heavy…" She then looks at the sub-vehicle she crashed into. "That's not coming out of my allowance…"

Neptunia sweatdropped at that as she looked to all of them. "Well mission success, congratulations. I'd give it a… Rank C for over budgeting the escape as well as the cost for repairs to the vehicle and throne room floor."

"Hiya Ariel, guess who~?" Muse asked without showing herself. Her hips were also wet with a sweet hot smell.

"No way, Muse~! You're here?!" Ariel asked, getting up to see her. "Why are you sexually wet? That smell is familiar somehow? It smells like Joyce."

"You two know each other?" Hana asked, looking between the two. "If I'm gonna guess, it was through online gaming?"

"Yep, and we've been penpals ever since~. We try to visit every time we go to each other's home." Ariel answered, as Sera made a realization.

'So it was her…' she thought, putting up a smile. "So you're the one who told Ariel about my plushie collection~.." she said, walking towards her.

"You got that right, Sussy Siren~." Muse teased.

She didn't lose her smile as her eyes glowed pink, making Muse freeze in place. "So you're also the one who gave her that nickname too~...?" She asked while everyone else was getting nervous. Thankfully that all stopped when Aqua, Junie and Elle woke up, and started talking loud.


The Kirlia frowned at that as she turned toward the three for the moment. "I'll get to you later~.." Sera said, caressing her cheek before she goes.

They then lay them down in a bed and wonder how to break them out of their aphrodisiac drugging.

"So, anyone have any ideas?" Hana asked them. "Mine is sexing them with true love."

"I say, reminding them of who they are?" Sera suggested.

"Don't know, oh hey you remember their first bonding love~?" Ivy stated, pulling up the tablet and then shown them a video of Aqua, Junie and Ellie mating together.

When Ellie noticed that, she tilted her head. "Wh-What…?"

"This was the first time they made love and became partners after that, it was so cute and Ellie had huge knockers~!" Ivy cheered. "Ooh~! And Venus told me that Ellie demanded she does not record them, but she still did with tiny hidden cameras~...!"

Then they all felt a mighty torrent of power radiating from nearby and turned and saw Ellie standing up, "RrrrrraaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhHHHHHH!" her eyes were back to normal and looking furious. "VVVEEENNNUUUSSS!" Her voice sounding both distorted and dark.

"Oh, you two gotten Ellie back to normal?" Venus spoke, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. "That's… great?.." she paused seeing Ellie enraged as the Espurr glared daggers with a minigun appear at her side, the motor starting to spin.

"Great job, gotta go bye!" The Arceus quickly spoke before breaking off into a run.

"Get back here, you lying #*%¥$&! I oughta &$ % you until &$%#€¥#^*!" Ellie said, continuing to spout a bunch of incoherent things as she chased Venus through the halls, firing a crazy amount of laser bullets as she chased her, trying to blast her good with her minigun.

The remaining angels were terrified of what just transpired, even Sera was freaked out.

"S-Shouldn't we go after her..?" Alex said shakingly.

"And become the next platter of Swiss cheese?" Jeane asked. "No thank you."

"Let's just leave them be." Sera said, trying to look calm, but her legs were trembling as they went to the Mawile with Sakura caressing her.

"Junie-chan~... D-Do you remember that time we talked about~...? The one with my sister…?" The Greninja asked, hugging Junie close.

Junie says nothing, but moans as she embraces her back.

"When I talked about it, I was scared and worried about what would happen when she comes.." she spoke as she rubbed her back.

Junie looked up at her and saw her crying. "S-Sakura…?" She asked, tilting her head.

"Please remember, the times we spent together, helping each other, loving each other~..." The pink Greninja muttered. "And… there's also my sister, Neoma…" She said that last part sadly and something sparked within Junie. "I need you now more than ever."

"Neoma…" The Mawile grumbled. Her eyes closed for a moment before opening again, going to normal. "When is she visiting? I oughta screw her badly for whatever abuse she gave to you!"

"Not sure yet, but I'm confident she'll visit before the end of this year… That said.." She hugged Junie tightly, "I'm happy you're back~!"

The Mawile hugged back and kisses her lovingly. "I'm sorry for worrying you…"

Ariel smiles at both them and the memory of pissing off the other Greninja. "I'm sorry about pushing that too." she added.

The two then looked at the Manaphy and laid down some annoyed eyes at her. "There are rooms where you can have privacy."

"I would… but Joyce had her sexy time with Muse." Ariel muttered, rubbing her arm. "We do have a total of four rooms though~." She mentions smiling.

Sakura smiled as she picked Junie up in her arms and carried her off. "Good luck with Aqua, Girls~!"

"Thanks, they'll need it." Ariel said as she saw Sera and Hana holding them close, trying to bring her back.

"Aqua! Stop trying to want it and for once in your life, resist it!" Sera stated, who was holding the Oshawott from behind.

"But I've always wanted it and I still wiiillll~!" The Oshawott whined as she struggled to masturbate.

"It's those whole lustful desires and your lack of control that caused problems in the first place!" Hana pointed out, pressing at her front. "Remember that it caused a rift between you, Sera and your friends?"

"Waaah…! I did get something good and bad out of it though!" Aqua just cried but still gropes her wives.

"The point is that because of your lack of control, you nearly lost everything in wanting what you desire!" Hana stated, blushing from the groping.

"Aqua, do you even have a brain!?" Sera asked angrily. "Because from everything you do before and would afterwards, you don't have a single cell of both halves! Neither basal nor ganglia!"

Aqua froze in place and all before twitching her eye.

"It really does make me question how an sexualized idiot like her even made it to middle school." Hana said, rolling her eyes. "It was probably just plain dumb luck and snucked-in answers." she guessed, rubbing the back of her neck.

Aqua looked down and felt a dark aura flare up inside of herself. Hana and Sera looked down at her when they noticed that. "You… tches…" She said in a broken but angry voice.

"Huh?" Sera asked, not catching that.

What happened next was Aqua making an explosive transformation of a glittery purple and dark blue light that blew them away. Both Hana and Sera grunted from the impact as they shook their heads to clear the daze. "What in the?" Sera groaned from the the pain.

When they look at her, to their shock, Hana and Sera saw what they never saw before in their lives.

Aqua was in her Samurott form, but not in the way they expected.

"I've tried so hard for you…! I did my best…! But it is and will be never good enough!" Her voice became distorted and her eyes glowed a feral yellow.

"What the?" Brio stuttered, "I thought only hi-level succubi can turn others into one?!"

"Uuuhhh…" Hana stuttered, sweating like a Tepig in panic mode. "H-Has a-anyone asked h-h-how M-Mother R-Rafflesia turned into one in t-the f-f-first place…?"

They turned to the Chikorita in confusion and that made her frustrated. "Seriously!? Nobody ever heard or studied how angels become a succubus!?" She shakes her head and sighs. "When one's desire for lust and pleasure overwhelms their desire for love, they could turn into succubi. Either that or as we're freaking seeing today, their negative emotions overwhelm them!"

"And you didn't consider telling us beforehand?!" Jeane asked back in return as Aqua goes toward the Chikorita and Kirlia.

"Funny enough, I'm not surprised this happened…" Sera stated, getting up before getting dropped on the floor again by an energy wave by Aqua.

"Of course, you aren't! Smartypants Sera always knows the hard parts of studies!" Aqua darkly yelled.

"Well with the way you act, most pokemon wouldn't be surprised with anything that happens to you." Hana pointed out before noticing her armor looking sharper and hornier in the literal way. Aqua's broadsword then looked like a wide katana with jagged shark teeth. "I suppose we do need some physical therapy. You in Sera?"

"Oh, you so admit you aren't any better yourselves?" Sally asked with some mumbles.

"Everyone has their own struggles Mistress Sally." Frost pointed out. "Of course, Hana was the Princess of Rape and Sera had once led Aqua and her friends into one Nidoqueen the first time she became an Angel."

"Yeah, we all made mistakes we regret, though it takes Aqua longer to realize what she's done." Sera stated getting up, "You all go and get some rest, we'll take care of this."

"Well, don't blame us if we won't feel like talking to you for Aqua." Sally said as they left.

'If you only know how she acts…' Sera thought to herself as both she and Hana went to their Angel forms. "Aqua, I'm sorry for some to all of the hard times we've been through. I won't justify my mistakes." she stated, getting her sword out. "But I'm willing to both admit and learn through them, something you seem to struggle a lot."

"Yeah, you've been and still are showing that you're trying to grow!" Hana agreed with Sera. "But you always continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, it's tiresome!" She then sighed. "And yet I can't blame you as we weren't looking after you before you three got yourselves kidnapped." Hana stated, tapping her rapier on the floor. "I'll admit that was my own fault with Sera's."

Aqua simply ignited her sword with purple glitter flames.

The Gallade kept her sword firm, but not getting into stance yet. "I get there are times when I can be uptight and stuff, but I already know that I'm not perfect and will make mistakes, as we all do, but we need to learn from it and do our best to not repeat it. You can too." she encouraged her.

"Yeah, let's not fight, Aqua…" Hana said to her. "Just snap out of it already. We're here for you and you're not a clod. Alright?" she stated, waiting to see what she'll do.

Aqua did nothing but readied her sword but then shivered and sniffled. She looked at both of their eyes and collapsed onto the ground, sword laying down. "I-I just w-wanted to be… loved for who I am…" she sobbed.

"We do love you for who you are, but there are times where you can do that, and times were you need to let up a little." Sera said, "For arceus sake, you went succubi form with Venus visiting Lovantis! What do you think would happen if she caught you like this?!"

"I would help explain how Hana and I talked about it! Aaahhh!" Venus shouted as she was still being chased by Ellie who now fired missiles at her.

"You %#^%# liar, you!" Ellie shouted about her lie years ago.

"Even so, you constantly make mistakes! Doesn't it bother you at all that me and Sera weren't shocked or surprised this happened?!" Hana asked, looking sad. "Are you fine with needing to be helped all the time, and not growing from your mistakes? Because I'm not okay with that."

"You girls…" Aqua sniveled as they went to her slowly.

"We said this before, but please have control over your lust and desires. Because if not, you will lose not only your angelhood, but what made you who you are." Sera said, reaching out a hand alongside Hana. "We love you, Aqua. Do you love us too~?"

The Samurott looked at the two of them before she embraced them, her armor and weapon reverting back to normal. She then cried onto their shoulders.

Hana and Sera patted her back to comfort her. "Shh… it's alright~..." they spoke comfortingly to her. They then kiss her lovingly on the cheeks and her lips.

Aqua still felt bad about what she did and what she might've done. 'Is my lust really that out of control?...'

'More like your emotions need to be kept in check.' Hana answered. 'I just hope this doesn't get you in serious trouble. I know what Venus said, but there are rules.'

"You say that, but I feel like I should change the rules sometime! Ellie! Don't bring in a tank in heeerrreee!"

'Yeah, but the other Guildmistresses might disagree.' Sera thought getting up. "I better calm Ellie down before she possibly destroys the castle. See you later." she said, heading to where the commotion is.

Hana nodded and looked at Aqua with a sympathetic face. "Are you gonna be okay?"

Aqua nodded and hugs her. "It's not because of the Heart's Lure… I want comfort from you… I'm really sorry that I didn't consider your own feelings after my night with Sera…"

Hana hugged her back. "I know in certain circumstances, it's easy to think of certain pokemon you know, just think about me as well. Don't leave me out in your thoughts. I won't mind Sera being in your life too though." She then kisses her softly in the lips before gently pinning her down in bed.

"And I'll also see to it that I do control when I'm sexual and when I need to tone it down." She stated, kissing back. "I love you so much, Hana~..." Aqua then rubs Hana's back.

"I love you too Aqua~." she hums from the rubbing.

Little did they know, Ariel was hiding from the potted plants in their room. 'I so want to get in their sex…' she thought seeing them soon relax and cuddle. 'Though it seems they want to relax tonight, can't blame them for what we saw and heard.' She then tries to sneak out from here but was enticed at their makeout session.

"I'm exhausted from both all the torture that Leau put me through…" Aqua muttered.

"From what I gathered, she didn't hurt you that way. Just sexed you constantly because you asked." Hana pointed out. "Do you need a massage on the back then? I promise not to do the backdoor around you."

"Yes, please." Aqua said as she rolled on her back. "Can I get a peppermint oil rub?"

"No problem~!" Ariel suddenly appeared and presented them a bottle of peppermint oil.

"Thank you. But privacy next time?" Hana asked, a little annoyed at Ariel's peeping. "O' Princess of the Sea?"

"Sorry, I'll leave you two alone." Ariel said, quickly slipping out. "Have fun while you can, O' Princess of Rape." She mocked slightly.

Hana lightly pouted at the term as she got the oil and motioned Aqua to roll on her back.

"Huh? I thought you were going to apply it on my back? Besides, it aches…" Aqua said.

"Oh, right. I wasn't paying attention at the moment." she stated, motion Aqua on her belly once more. "Where does it hurt on your back then~?" She asked with a silky tone.

"Mostly on my upper part." Aqua said. "As for the bottom areas, no sexuality requested, Leau had taken advantage of my masochism via that Heart's Lure aphrodisiac."

"Right, I'll be easy." Hana said as she applied some oil to Aqua's back and started pressing to her back. "Though sometimes it takes roughness to push away the bad feelings go away, right~?" She winked as she applied more pressure there.

"I don't mind more pressure, just nothing sexual for now okay?" Aqua asked as she stretched her limbs painfully and exhaustedly.

"I hear you." Hana said caressing her neck. "I'm very glad you're not seriously hurt~..."

"Well, think back on gym class when we had to run around the school fields seven laps…" Aqua replies. "I could feel my feet ache from the past soreness just thinking back on it…"

Hana nods as she kisses her cheek as she massages her shoulders and arms. "I love you Aqua~."

Aqua blushed and nuzzles her affectionately. "I love you too, Haney~..."

The Chikorita giggled. 'It's so cute when she calls me Haney~.' She then continues to massage her while the others are doing their own things.

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