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Chapter 7: saving the Angels part 1

At a mixed public bath of Lovantis, Sera and Minerva went there so they could have privacy as not many were using it at the time. "If what you're saying is true, we need to be someplace quiet."

"Yes, we really wouldn't want to attract any unwanted attention."

"Glad you see the reason." Sera said, relaxing back. "So tell me, you really want to end this war peacefully? If so, why come to me and not one of your succubi friends?"

"I can't join you girls, but I really do want to end this war." Minerva said. "I once saw a pregnant Sharpedo Angel getting caught once, though Opal noticed that and helped her give birth before letting them go."

Sera thought about and heard instances about angels actually having children with the enemy. The angel was immediately suspended after birth when Venus found out. "Was the Sharpedo's wife safe?"

The ghost owl nods her head. "Yes, she wasn't harmed either. I heard their daughter's grew into a fine doctor too." Minerva explained.

"Wow. That's great." Sera stated as she asked. "Why did you join Opal in the first place?"

"... She gave me a place to stay. And a purpose in life to carry on my studies."

"Wait, you were an orphan?" Sera asked, looking at her.

The Decidueye looked at her quietly before nodding. "I was in an orphanage, and had no idea what happened to my birth parents. All I had were books that took my interest and I read a lot of them. Soon I got adopted by Opal." The ghost owl continued.

The Kirlia had her mouth lightly agape at her story. "That's horrible. I have no idea how that must be."

"Yes, when I became a bookworm and studied, everyone teased me about being a nerd or geek…"

Sera chuckled at that. "I know what you mean, at school I was always teased about being an uptight honor student, and that was before I became the student council president. My parents told me to get good grades, but even they were surprised at how efficient I was. One time when I was being bullied by some students, Aqua came in to flirt with them, creeping them out of the way." she chuckled at that memory. "It creeped me out too, but it was sweet."

The Decidueye smiled at that as she continued. "Anyway, while I was studying, I heard some words near Opal's room and went to investigate."

"What kind of words?" Sera asked.

"It wasn't any normal kind of words, battle plans, strategy, etc." She stated as they were served tea and snacks by a Buizel.

"Your order for the hot spring, ladies~." She said before leaving.

"Sounds like she wanted to keep you out of the loop. How did she find out you were spying in?" Sera said, taking her assortment.

"She's a Giratina. Giratinas can make portals."

"So she appeared behind you to surprise you?" She guessed.

Minerva nodded as she took a cookie from the tray. "She grabbed me suddenly and held me in her grip tightly."

"Did she grope you as well~?" Sera teased. "Sorry, wrong words!" She said, shaking her head. 'Dang Aqua… It's bad enough that I miss you, but now some of your personality has rubbed off on me…!'

Minerva chuckled at her antics. "Well, what you did next surprised me…"

"Huh? What do you mean?" the Kirlia asked while being calm about it. "What did she do to you exactly?"

"She held me in her arms so tenderly, lifting my feet off the floor." Minerva said. "She even carried me bridal-style."

'Wow, she's very sweet to Minerva like her own daughter~.' Sera thought while sipping her tea. "Anything else she did to and for you?"

"She brought me to my bed and laid down with me under her~..." The Decideuye stated, with a slight blush. "You could imagine a lot of lewd things she's done to me~..."

"I can, so that's when you wanted to repay her for her kindness. I can see that." Sera said, patting her back. "You know, you kinda remind me of myself~.."

"Yourself..?" Minerva asked.

"I was surprised at the lewdness, but I wanted to help my friend for what she did for me." She answered as she placed her hands near her chest. "Okay, so what's your idea of ending this war? We know about that pokken tournament coming up."

"The winner of the Pokken Tournament will have one wish from Kyogre."

"There's a Kyogre here?" She asked surprised. "Wait, I thought Jirachis grant wishes?" she pointed out confused at the shared ability.

"Well, you know how Goddesses can be." Minerva states.

"Fair enough." She said. 'I guess that does make some sense. What with normal Pokemon being strong as legendaries themselves like a Ninetales or even a Gardevoir.' "Please continue with your idea?"

"If Ariel could win, she could ask the Kyogre to grant her heart's desire."

"Hmm, that is complicated. I know she cares about her, but she also has issues." Sera said, remembering her part-Dragon-type rages. "Some of Opal's dragon blood would interfere within her heart."

"Exactly." Minerva stated. "Ariel needs to train herself to control her bad-self within."

"I can suggest that as my fairy-type half can help." Sera said. "Though she is coming with us to rescue Aqua and friends."

"Just help her out before the tournament starts." Minerva stated.

"Well, rescuing Aqua is before the tournament, so that'll work, right?" The Kirlia tries to reason. "Thanks for meeting up with me."

"You're welcome, and sorry about the confusing mixed-up puzzles the other day."

"It was pretty clever though… and about what happened before Ariel snapped me out of it…" She stated, blushing a little. 'Sussy Siren, she says…'

"Yeah, though it ended before we could have our fun~.." Minerva stated, looking at her.

"Maybe when the war is over, we can finish it." Sera suggested. Then she noticed the area around them being surrounded by a small barrier. "Wait, an invisible barrier? What is-?" She then felt Minerva caressing her.

"Sorry, but I'm just not patient enough~..." the Decidueye stated, pressing her chest to the Kirlia, licking her lips. She then groped her breasts firmly.

"A-Ahhh~..." Sera moaned out from getting her breast groped. "I-I expected this, b-but I'm still surprised~... I-I wonder why~?" She asked herself that.

"Well this happened after you offered, so that's the case." Minerva said, rubbing and caressing Sera's waist and hips. "Your skin feels so smooth and silky~..."

"T-thank you~..." Sera stated, going to rub Minerva's sides and breast. "So soft and feathery~..."

Minerva giggled as she saw Kirlia's pleasured face. "So pretty~." She caresses her cheek and chin. She then takes the opportunity to kiss her.

Sera hums from the kiss as she returns it, wrapping her arms around Minerva. "If you really want to take me, then do me~..." she spoke to her, blushing red from arousal. She then masturbates herself. "I am a herm too, what gender are you?" She asked as her member came out.

"A herm, of course~." she answered, hard as well, wondering what to consider. "How would you like your sex to be~?"

"Well you had the upperhand last time, so how about you take me~?" Sera suggested. "You can choose which kind it can be~..."

"Oh, just missionary~." Minerva answered. She gently laid the Kirlia on the stone end of the springs.

They blushed, staring into each other's eyes as they felt their chests touch together. 'Why am I still embarrassed by this stuff? It's been a year now..' Sera asked herself that, feeling her skin tingle in anticipation. 'Maybe I should treat it like it's normal, but in a more civilized manner. Yeah, that along with if I ever become Guildmistress.' She thought and snickered mentally at that last part. 'Yeah right~! Venus's daughter has that taken care of.'

Just when they were about to kiss, Sera got a message notification on her angel chat by Venus.
Both of them got a little annoyed by that, but kept calm. "Sorry about that. Let me check this." She brings up the message in view.

"To Angel Siren, I'm coming over to visit due to royal work-related stuff, so if you need help, just ask me and Muse. From Venus" She read.

She smiled as she texted. "Thanks for the heads up, there is something I should tell you. See you soon~." After that was done, she then strokes Minerva's cheek. "Now, where were we~...?"

The Owl placed her hand at the back of Sera's neck and head. "I believe we were about to kiss and mate together~..." She then leaned in and softly pressed her lips with her. She lined herself up and inserted herself in her.

"Ooohhh~..." They both moaned at the feeling of their moist, warm flesh parts touching and sliding together. "You're… going deep inside~.." the Psychic/Fairy type stated.

"That's~... the point of~... going missionary~...!" The Ghost/Grass-type replied as she grabs Sera's butt cheeks, their members twitching inside each other's pussies.

"Hehe, good point~.." Sera said, doing the same. "Do you know of a Pokken Tournament being set up?"

"Oh yes, I know all about it." Minerva said. "But what's in it for me if I were to tell you so?"

"I want to face you again, I have no hard feelings, but the last part was embarrassing. So I want to fight and beat you." She admitted.

"A fair fight? That's all?" The ghost owl asked. "Don't you know the others might cheat in their own ways?"

"Considering it's a tournament, I expect those to come watch it, either directly or on TV. I doubt Pokemon would like seeing someone cheat. Someway, I want to beat you." Sera said. "I mean, you did use a confusing riddle on me to kidnap 3 angels."

"True." Minerva said rather smugly. "I supposed if you somehow tricked me in an interesting way, I'd be peeved."

"Yeah, and you know how that aphrodisiac you injected in me suddenly wore off?" Sera asked Minerva as she strokes her tail feathers. "Quite a shock still, and it stopped you from having fun you know?"

The two think about how to properly settle the situation while they slowly continue their mating together, trying to have the pleasure calm their minds and think of a solution. "Well, I suppose that if off chance Opal or Ariel blows it and goes to an actual battle, we can battle there. If not, I'll issue you a challenge."

"What kind of challenge? Some sort of bet?"

"That's a secret~." Minerva stated, with a wink as they go faster until they came in and on each other. "Aaahhh~!"

Both girls panted as Minerva laid on Sera, caressing her softly. "Now that~... Haah… Was a good sex session~." The owl sighed in pleasure.

"I agree~..." Sera stated, rubbing her back. "Guess this is the part where we say 'See you later'?" She asked as they got up slowly.

"Well we have to go back to our appropriate sides, so yeah." Minerva said as they both got dressed.

"Fair enough. Please do your best to help end this war okay?" Sea asked. 'That is if you really mean it.'

"I will try if I can." Minerva nodded as she flaps her wings. "Take care of yourself Angel Siren." she called out before taking off.

"You too, Succubus Owl!" Sera called out as she started to head back to the castle after washing up. 'I certainly wouldn't mind keeping in touch with her after all this is over.'

When Sera got back, she found Ariel in her slime form resting on her mother's lap and her breasts were resting on top of her head. "I'm back, Queen Neptunia and Princess Ariel. Did I miss anything?"

"Well, other than getting ready for Venus' arrival, not much." Neptunia replied.

Sera noticed the blushing Ariel who was practically drooling being between her mother's chest and hips. "Does she always look like that when she's being held by a busty girl? She looks like she'll droop to the floor if not for your legs being closed."

"Let a girl have her moment will you~?" Ariel pleaded. "I've been in-between breasts and legs like this since I first been able to transform into a slime~..."

"I wasn't gonna tell you to stop." she assured, petting her sides and feeling her cool, gel-like form. "Heheh~. I wonder if there are soft pillow cushions of you in this form for everyone to buy?"

"In Lovantis, yes." Neptunia answered. "There are some in gift shops. They come in various sizes from small to big~."

"Thinking about adding more to your ever growing plushie collection~?" Ariel asked cutely. "You have a lot of types of plushies even before I came to your home~."

Sera perked up, shocked that Ariel would know such a thing. "H-How do you know something like that?! Y-You been spying on me?!"

"That and I have an online penpal~." Ariel said.

"Oh you're so gonna get it tonight~! You'll be joining me in bed~." Sera promised squeezing Ariel with her hands. "I'm gonna make love to you so good, you'll fall head over heels in love with me~! And when I find out who your penpal is, she's gonna get the same treatment~!"

Ariel then felt tugged by her mother who looks at Sera with a protective glare and smile. "There's no need to worry about that, Siren. As a mother, I'll take responsibility for showing her privacy is important~."

"With all due respect, Your Majesty." Sera said as she tugged Ariel herself. "I'm a much more experienced angel, not to boast. And I believe I have the proper discipline for your daughter~."

'Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but I sense some tension between the two of them.' Ariel thought as sparks of electricity shot from their eyes between them. 'Not to mention, they're stretching me apart rather firmly…!' She winced at their little tug-o-war.

"Well, I guess we'll let her decide who she gets disciplined too." Sera said looking down at Ariel. "Isn't that right, your highness~?"

"W-Well, I do need your help as the vice leader for our mission, but you're more than welcome to discipline me any night you choose." Ariel stated. "B-But I can't refuse my own mother a-and…" 'I gotta figure out a way out of this tug-of-war match!'

"Aww, that's sweet of you~." Sera said, blushing. "So you do want to be swooned by me huh~?"

The Manaphy slime sweated even though she is already moist-ish in her current form. "Y-Yeah of course, you know it~..." 'Next they're gonna stretch me out like a piece of taffy!' She thought in terror. 'My slime form can only take so much stretching and expanding!'

"Well you should get some rest for the time being as the mission is happening tonight." Neptunia said, quickly wrapping Ariel out of Sera's grasp in into her ball form again. She then transforms into a slime herself, though bigger than Ariel with a slightly darker blue hue.

"Alright, I'll have you tomorrow night then." Sera said heading off to find Sally and Frost. "You two gonna rest with me then~?"

Sally instantly tackled Sera into a hug, nuzzling and rubbing all over her. "I'm always there for you, Sera~!" The Flareon cooed as she fawned on the Kirlia.

"Uhhh.. Miss Frost a little help here~?" Sera asked the Alolan Vulpix.

"I would love to, but things are becoming too hot to handle it seems~..." The snow-white Vulpix joked.

"Oh hardy har har…" Sera chuckled, but shuddered when Frost blew Icy wind at her crotch. "H-Hey..! Watch where you cool me down!"

Frost ignores her as she continues, making Sera hard from the stimulation.

"Fr-Frost! L-Let's just take this in bed!" The Kirlia yelled.

"No worries~." Sally pressed a button that instantly teleported them to their room. "I got these from Venus. When pressed, it instantly teleports a group to a location where the signal was set up." she stated, pointing to the one near the bed.

"Whoa, talk about convenience~!" Sera said, impressed. "Now then, please get off so I can-"

"Why would we do that~?" Frost said, smiling lovingly at Sera. "It's much easier to dominate you this way~." She then kisses her in the lips with Sally following, muffling Sera's mouth. "Don't try to deny it, you act calm and mature, but you desire to be put in your place~."

The two foxes then rub her body with sexual feeling. "Feeling powerless and at the mercy of your lover and or opponent~." Frost continued to speak.

"Aaah~... Y-You two are really pinning me down~..." The Kirlia muttered, shivering from their touch. She then felt warm inside her body, her private parts feeling excited for arousal. She breathed in, but when she exhaled, it came out a pant. "But even so, it feels so good~... I'm being pent up and melting in your bodies~..!"

Frost and Sally smile as they nuzzle and kiss Sera's cheek and neck. They then lick her neck down to her breasts and nipples, sucking onto them gently but firmly.

Sera's face was bright red as she moans in pleasure, rubbing their sides as well as her chest lactate from stimulation. "Oooh~... My breastmilk is gonna leak out~..." she muttered. "P-Please do more~." She then got hard and her cock started to twitch.

Sally looks at her and smiled. "She looks so needy and flushed. Should we give her what she wants?" She asked teasingly.

"But of course, milady~." Frost nodded as she rubs her tails on Sally. "How shall we make her submit to us~?"

"Well, her herm-cock seems sensitively arousing~." The Flareon suggested. "I'm sure I can get her to release inside me~. And you?"

"I'll make sure she does that through me~." Frost says as she got behind Sera to slide in her anus.

Sera gasped from the cold and warmth of them as her arms were pinned to her, making her unable to act. "H-Hey, I can't move~." She then felt warm soft pillows wrap around her dick and saw Sally giving her a tittyjob.

"That's the point. We're gonna make sure you're powerless and be dominated as we know you love that~." Frost cooed, caressing her.

"Eee~... And to think, I kind of do this to Aqua…" Sera stated, shuddering from this feeling. "It is nice being dominated by those you love so much~..." She then thinks back a time she was behind Aqua and jerking her off after using a herm potion.


Sera was lightly caressing Aqua with one hand while rubbing off her member with the other, pressing her chest against the Oshawott's back.

"Uwaaah~... No fair using a herm potion on me even though it's to cheer me up on not getting first to do Ariel, Sis..!" Aqua whined out with her closed paws near her blushing face.

"Teehee, don't whine, you love it when I tease you with my touch and words~." Sera said in a loving tone, taking the time to rub her belly.

"B-But I've been holding my orgasm all day today…" Aqua stuttered, shivering and looking behind Sera. "I-If that happens, wh-when I were to cum…" She then felt close to her climax.

"You'll have plenty, besides, don't you love my gentle touch~?" Sera asked sweetly, looking into her eyes.

"Hhhnnnggghhh~..." Aqua stares into her emerald green glistening eyes and Sera stares back into the former's sapphire eyes.

'She has such beautiful eyes~.' The Kirlia thought, getting warm from the sensation. "Well, my beloved sis~?"

"Ooohhh~... Y-You're so pretty~..." Aqua mumbled before feeling loose. "UUUWWWAAAHHH~!" She then came from her cock and to Sera's surprise, Aqua was letting out enough semen that lasted for nearly a minute, drenching them around both of their hips.

"T-That was unexpected~. You weren't kidding about holding it back." Sera stated, completely embarrassed at their drenched hips.

Aqua shivered embarrassedly, her flushed face covered in her paws. "I feel so sexually humiliated~..." She then showed her pouting eyes which made Sera taken aback at their increased cuteness.

"I feel sexually humiliated as well~. But it was also nice too~." She said, holding her close to which they're facing near each other. "You bring out a me I never knew~."

"A-A you that you n-never knew…?" Aqua asked curiously with an adorably confused look.

"I never figured I would grow to love being an angel so much. There's hardly any situation that I get into that I'm not at all bothered~. Whenever I think of you, the situation becomes much more pleasurable~." She admitted blushing brightly and then Sera touched Aqua's cheek lovingly. "I love you so much, Aqua~... And I want to stay with you always, alongside the ones I love~."

"I love you too, Sera~... Though I love both you and Hana, I want us to stay together when we graduate~..."

"Well, Sally and Frost are more than happy to move in with you when the time comes~." she assured as they then start making out passionately. The Oshawott was pressed against the wall on her back as they held each other tightly. They then sex together lovingly.

*End of Flashback*

'I should think about how to name my children when the time comes. As well as colleges that I can come home after class is over.' Sera thought moaning in bliss from their thrusting and riding. She then felt licking on her tip.

"S-Sally~..." She muttered sweetly in response. "Y-Your tongue feels so warm and moist~..."

The Flareon smiled in response, rubbing herself as she licks. She then gropes and squeezes her own breasts. 'Should I suck her off or ride her~?" she thought of kissing the tip. She then fingered herself deeply and thought. 'Oooh~... Maybe feeling her member inside me feels better~.' Sally then climbed on top of Sera's front, pressing her chest to hers.

"Aaah~... S-Sally-chan?" Sera asked, looking at her. "Wh-What are you doing…?"

"Yes~?" Sally asked, looking at her. "Isn't it obvious~?"

Sera winced when she felt her pussy grind on her cock.

"So Miss Sera, anything you want to say~?" Frost stated, thrusting more in her butt.

"Aaahhh~... Not at all~..!" Sera moaned as she felt both of them sexing her up. 'Haaahhh~... Aqua, please you, Ellie and Junie be safe~... Even if as we speak, Opal might have you all done repeatedly…' she thought feeling Sally's folds envelope her shaft.

The three then enjoy their fun together as the day went by…

*Elsewhere, in Opal's airship.*

In one of the bedrooms where the three of Opal's best succubi rest in, they were roughing up the still-drugged Aqua, Ellie and Junie.

"I must say, her formula's holding well~." The Shiny Samurott, Leau stated as she was doing Aqua missionary while the latter is on top of her. "It's as if they want to have us keep mating with them~."

"No arguments here~!" Saur the Shiny Typhlosion stated who was doing Junie who was on all fours.

"Same here, girls~!" Venine the Shiny Nidoqueen agreed as she was giving Ellie an oral as she carried her lower regions on her shoulders while her top regions are lying down, causing the Espurr to simply grope her breasts hard.

"Would be nice to have more. The Angels should be coming soon. Aqua does mention a Chikorita and Kirlia fondly~." Leau stated. "And I hate for them to be separated~."

"Aaahhh~...!" Aqua moaned cutely as she nuzzles Leau. "It would be nice if we all could gangbang together~!"

Leau rubbed the top of her head in return. "You're too cute, Aqua~." She then kisses her cheek lovingly.

While each of them were enjoying the pleasure, mentally they were pleading for the rescue to come. 'Sera…! Please, save us…!' Aqua cried in her mind.

'Please… Help!' Ellie pleaded in her mind as well.

'W-We can't take anymore of this from here…! So tired…!' Junie thought in her mind.'

Soon, everyone came together and collapsed, though they pleaded for more.

"Now now, you look like you'll black out. You need to rest now." Leau said, placing Aqua in the bed alongside others.

"Aaawww~... But I wanna try out your bondage sex technique where were both tied up and you thrust inside me~..."

"Patience is a virtue~." Venine stated. "One must wait even if it pains you~."

Junie fingered herself as she replies. "Painful indeed~...!"

"Just rest for now." Saur said as they cover them in blankets.

"Nnnyaaooo~... I don't wanna sleep~...! I wanna be with my girlfriends~!" Ellie whined as she gropes her breasts firmly.

"Don't make us have to bind you with rope." Leau said as they left the room. 'We ought to have our Salazzle lower the lust potency in that aphrodisiac…'

"We should go see Empress Opal to see what is next." Venine said as they walked down a hall. "The Pokken Tournament is being planned out as we speak."

"Sounds like fun. I like a good fight!" Saur stated, her back spewing in flames in reaction.

"Yeah, we'll show them what we got~!" Venine agrees with Saur, hugging and kissing her relentlessly.

Leau chuckled as they approached the door, hearing moaning from the other side. "Sounds like they're having a mother/daughter time~." She then knocked on Opal's door. "Empress Opal. It's Leau and co."

"Come in." The Giratina said.

Leau opened the throne room door and she, Saur and Venine entered. "Right, now what can I do to help you three?"

"Well we like to talk about the Pokken Tournament you and Neptunia have planned." Venine spoke as she saw Opal doing Minerva in missionary. "Can you talk about it now or later?"

"Perhaps either one if you're feeling bored or curious." The Giratina stated, though Minerva stroke her cheek.

"Ahh, it's okay, we can talk and make love." The Decidueye stated, looking at them. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Well before that, it's about the Lure aphrodisiac or whatever you call it again?" Saur said. "I fear that the formula is too strong. It makes the pokemon too lusty and unwilling to rest despite physical fatigue. Can Valdora lessen the strength so they aren't excessively needy?"

"Yes, and while we're on the subject of the Pokemon subjected by the aphrodisiac…" Leau said as she felt her chest being groped from behind along with hearing a childish teenage giggle. "These three are at it again!" She told about them, "I told you three to go to bed!"

"Aw, but I wanna be in a gangbang with Empress Opal~..!" Aqua said, jumping to hug Leau.

"You three are worn out, your bodies are shaking." Saur stated.

'Huh, at least they're concerned for us…' Aqua's mind stated. 'But I want my wives back! I miss them so much!' She cried out mentally.

"Back to bed now. And if you three are not asleep when I come back, no sex for you all tomorrow!" She warned.

They were shocked and rushed to bed, almost crying their eyes out like from a cartoon.

"You see what we mean?" Venine asked Opal.

"Hmm… Maybe Valdora and I shouldn't have done it like in a certain wizard school movie saga." She stated. "I'll see to it that she is informed, now about the tournament?" Opal asked if they want to know.

"So what is the objective of the tournament? How is it gonna be?" Saur asked. "Are there gonna be brackets with who's fighting who before the winners in the initial fights face against them then and so on?"

"Yes, each pokemon will be randomly placed and will battle one on one. The one who reaches the end will battle either me or Neptunia depending on who winswho wins." Opal explained. "The winner will be granted a wish from our Goddess Kyogre, and please don't ask how she can grant a wish like Jirachi."

"If it's random, we may end up battling each other, but as long as we get two succubi on top, we'll win." Venine stated.

Opal narrowed her eyes at the Shiny Nidoqueen. "Really?"

"You said it yourself, it's random. It'll be impossible for Angels or Succubi to battle each other."

"Hm…" Opal nodded slightly. "We can make a team battle then, one side vs the other. Last team to fall wins."

The three nodded and clapped their hands like a fan club or board of directors does. "In that case, they may stage a rescue, we better get ready. Thank you for your time Empress. Shall we have some fun then~?"

"I thought you were gonna get ready for a possible rescue mission tomorrow?" Opal asked, going faster, making Minerva moan louder.

"Oh yes, we are with you making us a bit stronger~."

"Let me finish with my daughter then first~."

"I thought Ariel is your daughter?" Leau asked.

"Minerva is her adopted daughter. You forgot about that part?" Venine asked.

The Shiny Samurott shrugged as the three waited in the throne room for Opal to finish.

*Back at Lovantis*

Outside, Neptnia, Venus and all the angels were preparing the tournament while some were preparing for the rescue mission.

"We're very pleased of you to come to our aid, Guildmistress." Sakura said, bowing her head. "And you as well, Muse."

The Mesprit of the Arceus bowed before her respectfully. "We wanted to meet the Queen of Lovantis. Though I wished it was the best of situations though."

Neptunia nodded and looks at the angels chosen for the rescue mission. Hana approached them. "H-Hey, can I join too?" She looked more anxious than worried than usual.

"Hmm, I feel like 4 is enough."

"I think she should." Sera answered. "Seeing both me and Hana will make Aqua happy." She stated.

Hearing that made Hana narrow her eyes when no one was looking along with muttering to herself.

"You have a point. Alright, Sera, Sally Frost, Ariel and Hana will be on the rescue team." Neptunia nodded, "I'm counting on you all."

"Yes ma'am!" They said, though Hana still mumbled to herself. The Kirlia notices that her emotions are erratic too. They decided to head off to the infiltration spot Ariel knows about.

"This is where we'll be heading to." The Manaphy takes out a map of the airship. "I made an undiscoverable entry point here, so we'll be able to enter without them noticing."

"When did you make a hideout in her airship?" Sera asked her.

"Mother wanted me to make a recon on the ship and find the best place to infiltrate." Ariel answered.

"Very well done Lady Ariel. Hopefully we can get in and out without issue." Frost stated.

"This almost reminds me of how a certain game with selfish adults' dungeons work." Sally noted.

"Sally, I hope you're only looking up those games and not getting to play them." Sera said, "Okay, so we sneak in, find Aqua and the others, and get out before they know we were there. Any questions or comments?"

"Like we have any choice?" Hana asked rhetorically.

"Whoa, Hana are you okay? Something happened?" The Eevee asked.

"Oh nothing, I'm just fine." The Chikorita sarcastically said as she crossed her arms before sneering at Sera.

"Hana, clearly there's something wrong, just tell me and we'll see how to handle it." The Kirlia explained.

"What's wrong, Miss Class Prez? I think you made what's wrong."

"Huh?" Sera asked confused, "What do you mean by that?"

"The other night when Ariel came to visit us…" Hana grumbled. "I overheard you and Aqua talking…"

Sera jolted slightly inside. "Well, of course I wanted to stay with you two, we both care about each other."

"Right, and after my Mom's Succubus Army's war being over, I'm now reduced to second fiddle."

"What? That's ridiculous! We never consider you that." Sera shakes her head.

"Oh, then why did you two act like each other is the most important lover to you?"

"Hana, we cared about each other. We helped change the other with what we've been through, but you also helped her as well." she pointed out.

"Mm-hm… And?" The Chikorita asked.

"There are times she comes to me for situations, but it's the same for you. Like when she has a shiver about what the future holds, who is there to comfort and assure her it'll be okay?" Sera asked Hana, knowing she knows the answer.

Hana took a deep breath and sighed. "Alright… I suppose there are times where one has a more impact depending on the situation."

The Kirla went and embraced her. "We love you Hana." she said. "Tell you what, when we get Aqua back, we'll all have a long talk to sort things out."

"What kind of talk?" Hana asked Sera.

"The kind where we all know each of us care about each other, are important to one another, that whatever trouble we face, each of us will have both of the other in their hearts in mind."

"You mean… Sex?" Hana asked.

Sera facepalms herself to the point there's a red mark on her face. "Why me…? Well it can be included too..."

"I'm gonna assume this is past, so let's get going." Ariel said, getting on the transporter. "This will take us straight to the hiding spot.

The girls nodded as they got onto position, soon the transporter activated, their figures vanishing.

"Good luck girls." Joyce said as she turned to the others helping with setting up the stage. She then looks at Muse and wonders if she's like her. She goes towards Venus's daughter. "Hello there, I'm Joyce. Muse, I presume?"

"O-Oh. Yes, n-nice to meet you." The other Mesprit said, bowing to her. "Y-You're… Ariel's fiancee?"

"That's correct. I didn't expect to meet another Mesprit so soon~." she said, opening her arms for a hug. "It's such an honor~!"

Muse smiled at that as she hugged her, both rubbing each other's backs.

A patrol guard was passing by a door to an unused room. "Why do we have to do this every day? It's not like anyone can just sneak aboard this ship in the sky." One guard spoke to the other next to her.

Just as she said that, both guards were dragged into the shadows and out came Sera and Hana, with Frost, Sally and Ariel behind.

"I has a bucket!" The Manaphy said as she knocked them out with it from the unused room.

"'I has a bucket'?" Frost asked.

"It's that bucket meme with the Walrein." She said as she placed the bucket down. "Plus, I've seen an abridged anime episode that does it."

"Hehe, that's cute, but we need to focus here." Sera reminded here. "What's the most likely place they'll hold them?" She asked Ariel who points her thumb at a storage closet.

"I don't think they'll hide them in the closet." Sally guessed. "Let's try… the cargo hold."

"Okay, where is the cargo hold then?" Hana asked.

"One floor below us. There's also the private rooms above us as well." Ariel answered.

Frost and Sally nodded as they carried them to the area. They carefully hid from any patrols that were approaching and knocked out any that came close to spotting them. "And that takes care of that." The Eevee said.

"Now let's just hope they're here." Hana said as they approached the cargo door and carefully opened it. She was then surprised at the stuff inside of the hold. "Great Arceus…" She said as everyone entered to see what she was talking about. "What's all of this stuff for!?"

They saw various valuable items in the cargo hold, statues, portraits, artifacts. "She must be a collector." Sera guessed. Then she noticed a dusty old photo album that says 'Good Times'. She quickly skimmed through the pages and saw it contained Opal and Neptunia together smiling. 'Hmm… Would it be a good idea for me to take this…?' she thought, looking at it for a moment. 'Something tells me she might now change ways by words alone. Hard decision time, Sera.' She then decides to keep it in her bag, feeling dirty about her action. 'Sure hope this helps in the future.' She turned to her friends. "Found them?"

They shook their heads, implying a no. She then ponders telling her friends about the album she found, so they know what's up. 'I think I'll tell them after we rescue the three.' "Guess we'll head towards the private rooms then." Sera said as they headed out of the cargo room.

They all carefully went up and arrived at where some rooms are located. "If we hear any moaning, we'll know it's most likely them." Frost stated, making their way towards the first door to the room. They soon hear six females moaning and shouting some things in pleasure. They peeked inside the keyhole just to be sure.

"Aaahhh~...! Do us some more, Leau~!" Aqua cries out.

"Mmrrrooowwwlll~.." Ellie meowed in complete bliss.

"You're doing very well to fill us up~!" Junie moans as she gropes her own breasts.

"Well we found them. Now how are we gonna get them?" Hana asked. "Create a diversion? Because they're under the aphrodisiac Sera got caught in themselves."

"Yeah, I remember. I had to snap her out of it. We could make noise to draw them out, maybe reroute the power from lights." Ariel stated.

"Or we could web them up from a distance." Hana suggested. "Anyone got any trip mines that would pull them at a wall or themselves to net them all up?"

"Don't you think you should've told us that beforehand?" Ariel asked the Chikorita.

"What? There has to be some vents around here somewhere, right?"

"So you actually brought those kinds of trip mines with you?" Sally asked, curious.

"Well let's look for some vents and set them up." Sera told them. "Good thinking Hana."

"Yes, and yes." The Chikorita then showed them the cylindrical objects with green disks having a white center which was the grapple.

Each of them split up to set up the canisters and once they were ready, they made some loud noises for them to hear.

"What was that noise outside?" Leau asked from inside the room.

"It sounded close by to here." Saur stated looking towards the door.

"It feels like someone wants to trap us." Venine replied, feeling suspicious.

"What are you gonna do?" Aqua asked, urging the succubi to continue doing them.

"Why don't you check the outside for us?" Leau suggested. "We'll treat you three with something special if you do~."

The three angels smiled and bowed respectively. "As you wish~!" They then head out the door.

When they do, Sera jumps at the sight of Aqua, Ellie and Junie. 'No! If they get in our trap…!'

'This is not good, what do we do?!' Ariel thought to each of them. 'Do we jump in to stop them or freeze them in place!?'

'We have no choice, knock 'em out quietly as you can!' Sera told them as she prepares an attack on them. 'I think I'll use Future Sight! No, that'll take too much time.' She takes a crossbow and equip Sleep Darts to the slot and fired at Aqua.'

"Ow!" The Oshawott yelped when she felt the needle. Her body felt heavy as she fell down asleep.

"Oof!" "Ouch!" Junie and Ellie yelped as well. They soon fell asleep as well.

'At least it was painless…' Sera thought of going to them but was then interrupted by a slash wave. "Ah!" she yelped from the strike, holding her shoulder. 'While that doesn't feel painless, at least it don't cut..!'

She heard footsteps to her right and turned towards the direction.

"I didn't think you girls had it in you to resort to such low tactics." A certain Shiny Samurott said.

"Ngh… What did you expect? A full on assault, fighting every succubi we encounter, making a large racket so everyone can be on full alert?" Sera asked. "Do you take me for an idiot?"

Leau gave her deadpan eyes as she showed her a sliced-in-half trip mine. "Yes."

"Well I'm not, thank you very much!" she stated, getting up and facing her. "And now you're going down!" She then prepared her bow.

But then Leau held up her hand. "Parley!"

"What the? Barley?" Sera asked, confused.

"It's sort of a pirate thing." Ariel said. "They're basically striking some kind of deal you can't turn your back on once that word is said out."

"Why would we want to make a deal with them? We outnumber them, we have the advantage." Hana pointed out, her rapier ready.

"Because we would dishonor the rules!" Ariel exclaims as she confronts Leau. "Alright, what is your deal, Leau?"

"We're willing to let your friends go back to Lovantis with you all." The Shiny Samurott stated. "Besides, their sex drives are too compatible for Valdora's aphrodisiac."

"Quite a generous offer you're giving us. What do you intend to get?" Ariel asked Leau.

"A test to see how strong the other angels are with you~." she answered looking at Ariel's group.

"A test?" Frost asked, getting suspicious, "What kind of test?"

"A challenge of course~." Leau states as she explains. "A test of sexual endurance~!"

"Oh, like an oil box match?" Sera asked.

"In a way like that, just with a twist. I want to see if you can last longer than us~."

"Yup, it's like an oil box match." Ariel muttered.

"So what's the object of the test? What do we have to do?" Frost asked.

"Each one of you from whoever three are chosen will get anally raped from behind all the while grinding on one each of our captives~."

"From that, we can expect that you've all got a lot of stamina. But what is our objective? Hana asked, looking suspiciously at the three succubi.

"We'll give you 4 mins to last and endure the pleasure before you pass out. And since there are five of you in total, you must pass 3 times to win."

"4 minutes divided by 5 of us, and then times 3…?" Ariel muttered as she tried to calculate it as she thought it was a trick question.

"If the 3 start at the same time, then chooses to continue immediately after with the next girl, the longest this could take is about 12 minutes." Sera answered.

Ariel did not understand as equations jumble around her head. "Uuuhhh…?"

'I worry about my friends' futures…' Sera thought to herself. "If we pass, we get our friends and we can go home without problems?"

"I suppose so, but we are villains after all and this is a high secure place." Leau said.

"We have our ways." Sally stated, tail wagging.

"What happens if we lose?" Hana asked. "Are we to be your sex slave collection as our wives?" she added, noting how they acted when they listened in.

"Well, something like that, yes. But we're thinking of taking Ariel to Opal." Venine said.

"Me?" Ariel asked, confused at that. "What for? Is it to have me join the dark side? Because those space war movies are over. Not to mention the new trilogy after the original one wasn't as popular to the fans."

"No no, nothing like that." The Shiny Samurott said, shaking her head. "Trekkie…" She whispered that last word out.

"So why do you want to bring Ariel to Opal? We already have the tournament planned." Frost stated.

"So our empress will have a chance to talk to her~."

She looks confused at that. "If she wants to talk to me, she can always call me though…" Ariel pointed out. "I'm not gonna ignore her calls… I'm not really… good at in-the-flesh conversations..."

"Good place to start then the way I see it~." Leau pointed out. "After all, there's a first time for everything like hanging out with your herm-mom for once~."

"Hmm, you're not wrong." Ariel stated, but looked nervous as she didn't had much interactions other than battles.

"Well that's about everything, deal? If not, we can battle it out here and make a ruckus~!" she offered.

"... Sigh, deal." Sera nodded.

"Great, pick up your friends and follow us~." Saur brightened up and directed them to their room.

"Whoa, when did you two get here?!" Sally got out, surprised. "The Shiny Samurott was the only one who came out!"

"We figured she found you and was about to meet up, then she talked about your test and waited, when Siren made the deal, we decided to surprise you, so there." Venine the Shiny Nidoqueen stated. "Now, let's get on with our little sex duel then~!"

Sera shuddered at seeing Venine. 'A shiny Nidoqueen… Haven't we seen enough Nidoqueens…?' The Kirlia shakes her head. 'Knock that off, you can't judge every Nidoqueen you meet. Be strong!' "Yes, we accept…" They picked up their friends and followed the succubi to their rooms. They saw how it was full of sex toys, dirty mags and plush toys.

"Wow, you're putting Mother Rafflesia and Petal to shame here." Hana said, looking at the stuff. 'Hmm… I wonder if they can somehow hear that from a distance and…'

*Meanwhile, somewhere else.*

"Ah… Aaah… Achoo!" Petal sneezed, as she was having dinner with her wife with Aqua's family.

Rafflesia sneezed as well when Petal did. "Ugh… Did we sneeze in our elbows if you remember the new hygiene rules of Co-"

"Let's not bring current world-problems here. Have some cold medicine." Blade said, passing some to them. "Why DID you two sneeze all of a sudden?"

"I have a feeling it's because someone's talking about us." Rafflesia stated, pouring some wine for the four.

"I may be an adult, but I don't really like alcohol."

"I'll pass you then." The Florges stated, filling the other's glass.

"You miss them, don't you?" Prima asked.

"Our children. They do keep in touch, but I do wish we can hug them again."

"I know, but they've grown up to the point of marriage." Petal reminded her wife. "Even if they're still young, they've changed so much."

"Um, this is a bittersweet moment, but it's time to switch back." Prima said, placing a hand to the left side and pulling the airship in view.

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