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Chapter 6: Love at First Swap

The girls went and explained to Neptunia about what will be happening.

"Alright, let us go through this one more time." The Queen of the Sea said. "You were able to talk to Opal about ending this battle… and the only way she'll consider it is if one of us beat her in a Pokken Tournament? Also Ariel, I'm surprised you dialed Opal first and had a real conversation for the very first time in your lives..." Neptunia noted to her daughter who was anxiously moving her foot left and right, her arms holding hands at the back.

"I think it was because Siren was there to keep her dragonic anger in check. Being part Fairy, she had an advantage over dragon types." Joyce said, sitting next to Ariel. "Otherwise, they would've been arguing through the night." The Mesprit comforted her Manaphy girlfriend, nuzzling her shoulder.

"In that case, I thank you Angel Siren." Neptunia stated with a smile.

"It was just a coincidence they stopped by. I was planning on going to bed when they entered." The Kirlia answered. "I never knew how hard it must've been for Ariel to accept her herm-mother in the fear of turning out bad like her."

"Speaking of which, I feel like it's as good a time as any." Sally stated, sitting up. "How did you and Opal meet up? You two were enemies at the start, so why do you start a family with her? Is it like that game where there's a witch and angels at war and both sides made a child and when discovered, war broke out?"

Neptunia sighed and started explaining. "When we saw each other on how we fight and care for our allies on each side…" She then flashes back on the day she was an angel and met Opal the succubus.


A young armored Manaphy was crossing blades with an armored Giratinia. 'Huh… She looks and acts so evil… And yet, she cares for her allies~... So pretty in looks but more in heart~...' Neptunia stated as she used bubblebeam at her.

Opal dodged as she stares at every part of the Manaphy's body and armory. 'She looks like an uptight princess, but I noticed how devoted she is to her forces… It's inspiring, and she's beautiful as well~.'

When they clashed into each other, they rolled down the hill of the battlefield, their weapons flown off to one part of the ground and they were near each other, staring into each other's eyes.

Neptunia blushes from the closeness of the Giratinia's eyes, but snapped out of it and tried to push her off. "Ngh.. Get off me fiend!"

"Me!? You get off me, you royal broad!" Opal yelled back at her and accidentally pressed her hand against one of Neptunia's breasts.

"H-Hey, get out of there~!" she stuttered, squirming. 'H-Her face is soft~..' she thought, shivering a little.

Opal tries to comply, but she couldn't help but squeeze Neptunia's bosom a little. That got a moan from the Manaphy who glared with an embarrassed flushed face. 'Gghh…! Her chest feels smooth and soft…!'

"Would you stop that!" She stated, gritting her teeth. "You think your soft touch can shake me?!"

"W-Well..! You think your beautiful skin can compel me!?" The Giratina growled at her, both of them blushing madly at that.

"Oh yeah!? Take this!" Neptunia growled back and starts groping Opal's breast herself. "Get a taste of my own squeeze!"

"Gaah! Why you…!" The Giratina growled angrier and pins the Manaphy on her back before bringing out back tentacles.

Neptunia sweatdropped and giggled sheepishly. "Uhhh… Any chance you won't whip me to a masochistic mess~...?" she stated, looking back at her with a nervous smile.

"Don't count on it…!" Opal grumbled, holding her arms down. She then wiggles her tentacles menacingly around Neptunia, causing her to gulp.

"W-What do you plan to do with me then?..." she stuttered, sweating.

"What the heck do you think I'm doing!? We're at war!" Opal yelled as she starts tickling the Manaphy with her tentacles.

"Gaahhahhahahaha~!" she started laughing from the tickling feeling. "N-Nooo~! S-Stoooppp~!"

"Uh… Are you gonna get to the part where you started falling for each other?" A Mesprit's voice asked about the flashback. "Not trying to be impatient, but we don't want this to drag too long."

"I'm getting to that, so be patient!" Neptunia from the present said as she continued on.

The young adult Manaphy then had no choice but to surprise the Giratina with a pussy grind pushed up at her. "You underestimate my power~. You think I've never been at a disadvantage before~? I can even make a Lugia bow to my strength~!" she boasted as she grinded fast and rough.

Opal didn't know, but Neptunia's antennae covered from her back were glowing. "Impressive, beating a Lugia is no easy feat~." She then started to stop tickling her and have her tentacles molest her body. "But let's see if you can handle someone like me~..." Opal started grinding back at her.

Both of them were moaning from the other's pleasure as they continued to fight back at each other. Soon, they came hard on each other and their bodies flashed a pink light via Neptunia's antennae.

"Wh-What the?!" they both cried out from the light.

"Oh no!" Neptuia got out realizing what's going on. "I had forgotten about what happens when that happens!" Two hearts flew out from their bodies and entered one another's. They blink a couple times before they both cried out.

"Hey wait a minute, if that happened, why did we all get affected when Ariel lost control when it was just supposed to go for two?!" Hana asked.

"What can I say? I was a young ADULT back then." Neptunia said with a quick answer. Many of the pokemon grumbled at that as the flashback continued. "Moving on!"

"Aaahhh!" They screamed at the fact their bodies got swapped. "What did you you?!" Opal asked who was in Neptunia's body.

"Don't blame me!" Neptunia in Opal's body yelled. "Although, it was my plan to sexually tire you out…"

"Don't blame you?! You're the only one who can do stuff like this!" Opal answered, "No one else can put hearts in other pokemon!"

As the two swapped Pokemon glared and growled at each other closely, their were unaware of their faces going nearer and nearer until there was a peck between their lips. They jolted at that as they looked away embarrassed.

'Kyaaahhh…! My first kiss!' They both exclaimed in their thoughts. 'Why did she do that?! Or was it actually me?! Gaahhh!'

"Your Highness!" "Your Majesty!" Two groups of voices called out for their respective leaders.

They both yelp and sweat as they turn to each other. "Everyone's gonna freak out when they hear the other speak like their enemy!" Opal said to Neptunia.

"So!? Don't you have some voice modulator that makes us sound like the enemy to fool them!?" Neptunia asked back, trying to stay calm.

"Well well well…" Opal bitterly stated as she took two out. "You're in luck, and I've got my eye on you through your phone…"

"T-That's good to hear. Wait, what you mean on the last one?!" Neptunia asked before getting a call and saw a phone number she doesn't recognize. She takes the voice modulator and turns it on. "Hello?"

"I can hear you from here." Opal replied.

"How did you get my phone number?!" Neptunia asked before making a face that says 'Wait a minute… Oh crap.'. "You gave me yours, didn't you…? But how, I haven't meet you before until today!"

"Well, I suppose we will get to know each other's lives after this then." Opal said giggling as they separated when they heard footsteps approaching. "Princess Life in your kingdom is gonna be fun~...!"

"If you think you're gonna have the right to control my people, forget it!" Neptunia shouted.

"Oh, and what can you do about it? Thanks to you, we're stuck in each other's bodies for a few hours~. What are you gonna do about that~!?" Opal mocked as she danced silly with the Manaphy body she's in.

Neptunia grumbled from the fact as she got an idea. "You think you can discover my plans do you? You do realize that goes both ways~?" She said with a smirk as she danced silly herself. "Aren't I lucky that I'm not in my own body and all~!"

'She's a lot smarter than she looks. We're back at square 1 again!'

"Uhh… Your Highness, why were you dancing like that?" A young Dratini nurse on Neptunia's side asked.

"Oh, uhh…" Opal quickly activated her voice modifier, "Oh, just celebrating my victory over the villainess~!"

"But such a dance is rather beneath you, my princess." A Mudkip knight on Neptunia's side stated.

"Hehe… Sorry about that…" she said walking off towards the water types.

"Your Majesty, Are you alright?" A Shiny Oshawott soldier who's fighting on Opal's side said.

"I'm alright!" Neptunia in Opal's body, using her voice modulator herself, stopped dancing and patted on the Shiny Oshawott's head.

"You both seem kinda cozy. I'm surprised you're not threatening each other " The Huntail knight on Neptunia's side, pointing her lance at the Giratina.

Opal became a little nervous on what she should say and thought. "I… Believe we should not be as threatening as the enemy would be themselves." she stated quickly as the Huntail stared at the Manaphy suspiciously.

"I wa surprised that she had the same idea." Neptunia stated as a Sharpedo knight for Opal's forces walked towards the Giratina.

"Did something happen to you two?" she asked her.

"No!" They both replied, confusing them even more.

They both looked at each other. 'Why did you answer alongside me?! Now they know something's wrong!'

"I don't think anything's wrong if that's the future queen's orders!" A Feebas from Neptunia's army said with a goofy tone.

The Huntail stared for a little while before shrugging. "Well you're okay, and that's what matters. Let's go home your Majesty.."

"Yes, I was thinking of retreat myself!" Neptunia states as they leave, each going to their enemies' side of their internal hearts side. "You hear me, Leau?" She asked the Shiny Oshawott.

"Yes, my Emperess~." Leau said, bowing. "I'm sorry for my naivety." She apologized.

"It's alright. Let's just head home and regroup." Neptunia stated. 'Yes… Home to wherever this Giratina lives…' she thought to herself as she worried what Opal's gonna do.

'Oh, how I can't wait to feel her soft beds~...' Opal states in her mind, resisting the urge to celebrate happily. 'I might even get to see some dirty secrets about the Manaphy~!'

"You fought very valiantly milady~." The Lapras stated. "Considering you were battling the vile Emperess on your own~!"

"Vile?!" Opal exclaimed, feeling insulted but then remembered she was in the Manaphy's body. "W-Well I guess my training's paying off huh~?" She said and made off with a fake laugh. 'I gotta really be careful about this… Can't let them know I'm not actually the princess!'

"Just is time too for your after-battle bath and meal." A Mantyke maid said.

"That's right, I'm starved~!" Opal said excitedly, licking her lips.

They each arrived at their home and are currently getting their backs washed.

"I could go for a nice Fish Cordon Bleu with Japanese Curry~..." Opal stated as an Ivysaur was scrubbing her back.

"Hm? You want to try something new?" The Ivysaur asked. "Because you're always in the mood for sushi and sashimi."

"Ahh…! Yes, I am in for something new~!" she stated, trying to get a good excuse. "I mean, having the same dish everyday can be quite a bore, can't it?"

"A… Bore?" The Ivysaur asked, having not heard Princess Neptunia talk like that before. "I suppose you it's okay to try something new, but where did you hear the word 'bore'?'

Opal sweatdrops from behind and rubs the back of her head sheepishly. "Ahaha~! You hear a lot of new odd words from your subjects when you're out walking!"

"Hmm, true." Ivysaur said, nodding her head. "I do trust that you remember tomorrow's royal tasks?"

Opal jolted at that, "Uhh…" she muttered, sweating a little. "I… have it on the list~!" She said what she believed was the perfect excuse. 'Sure hope I can get privacy to call Neptunia.' she thought to herself.

"Pfft! Opal had to put up being you~!?" Ariel snickered at that part.

"I'm sure it wasn't a cakewalk for your mother either…" Sera pointed out. "And neither for you, which I saw clearly from last week we got to know you."

Y-You didn't have to bring that up!" Ariel yelled out. "Sussy Siren!"

"Why you little!" Sera yells back as she was gonna strangle her like a cartoon parent and kid, but she stopped. "Violence is never the answer. I'll simply talk to you about this."

"As I was saying with my point of view when I was in Opal's body…" Neptunia said as the scenes flash to Opal's airship.

"An Airship… underwater?" Aqua asked, confused. Her eyes were still glowing purple from the aphrodisiac.

Leau nodded. "I don't know why, but apparently Neptunia trusted me to keep the fact that she accidentally switched bodies with Opal."

The flashback went to where they enter the airship and saw various statues and paintings.

'Were these stolen or sculpted..?' Neptunia wondered as she looked at some of them. She then saw how some of them had two different Giratina designs.

"Breathtaking~..." Neptunia stated walking down the hallway.

"Um, Empress Opal." Young Leau said. "You've been here before, remember?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I can't admire the art, can't I?" Neptunia stated. "And besides~! I mean to say breathtaking as always~! Ahahaha~..."

"Hmm, that is true~.." Leau stated as she thought to herself about her empress' sheepish expression of her rubbing the back of her head and laughing nervously. 'I can understand that happening sometimes without one realizing…but could that really come from my Empress though?'

"So, what's for dinner after my bath~?" Neptunia asked the Shiny Oshawott.

"Your favorite, Fish Cordon Bleu with Japanese Curry~." Leau stated. "Also, you promised to let me bathe with you this evening~."

"Hmm, alright then~." Neptunia nodded. 'So that's her favorite dish, I would prefer sushi and sashimi, but can't say that… Can I?' She then decided to ask. "Say, I heard that a sushi and sashimi platter is good, care to try with me~?"

Leau tilted her head curiously when she said that. "Is that so? This is your favorite after all."

"What~!?" Neptunia tries to laugh it off. "Everyone loves sushi~! Even you!"

"Hmm?" Leau looked at her deeply. "Let's talk about this in the bathroom…"

"Alright..." she stated as they walked downward. 'I hope I didn't go too far…'

"It's my turn to wash your back and privates, Your Majesty~."

"Alright, make sure you do a good job or I'll have to punish you then~." she stated with a wink.

"You forget, my empress~... You want me to get intense on you~."

"Oh that's right~. I guess my battle with that Manaphy must've worn me out a little more than I expected!" she stated as she held one arm and moved held arm round and round. 'Oh this is harder than I thought… I wished we had more time to prepare for this.. And I wished I trained my Heart Swap more!'

They then enter the bathroom and Neptunia sat on a short seat while Leau scrubbed her back with a wet towel. She sighed and murmured from the scrubbing the Shiny Oshawott was giving her. "Empress Opal, may I touch you to make love with me~?" Leau asked cutely.

Neptunia blushed at that as she took her finger and ran it under her chin. 'Think about it, Neppy… The Giratina would love to have her minions touch her, so… I better accept.' "Sure, Leau, do as you please~."

"Aa… HA~!" The Shiny Oshawott exclaimed as she jumped and pinned the Manaphy in the Giratina's body on the bathroom floor.

"Aahh?!" she yelped from the impact as she shakes her head from the daze.

"Empress Opal said I'm only allowed to make love with her every Sunday!" Leau yelled at Neptunia. "And today is Saturday, so you're not who you think you are!"

Neptunia gulped, but tries to smile. "Y-You won't expose me like this to everyone in your group, will you…?" she asked nervously. "What will it take to make a deal?"

"I don't really know~..." The Shiny Oshawott asked, rubbing her chin. "What do you offer~?"

"Uh… My trust?" she stated while internally smacking herself. 'What am I saying!? How can she trust her enemy?!' "Uh, well what I mean can stay with me until this wears off…"

"Wait… You mean your switcheroo on our empress is temporary?" Leau asked.

"Yes, it was my heart swap move. It's only temporary, and lasts a few hours." she stated. "I beg that you do not rat me out like this. And besides~... If the switch wears off and your empress finds herself in her own dungeon~..."

"True, she'll flip her lid." Leau stated, thinking about this more before sighing. "Alright… If you trust me, I guess I can trust you…"

"Really?... Thank you." Neptunia stated with a smile. "It's nice to meet you, young lady. My name is Neptunia."

"My name is Leau, it's nice to meet you too." The Shiny Oshawott answered. "Now, tell me what type of sushi fish you like in your favorite? I'll cover for you."

"I like halibut, Japanese amberjack, yellowtail and mackerel." she answered.

"I like salmon, tuna, and sea urchin." Leau answered back.

"Like to eat together?" Neptunia offered and to her surprise, Leau responded with a kiss on her cheek. "I'll take that as a yes~."

"Wait! Were you the only one who knew Neptunia was in Opal's body!?" Aqua asked Leau. "Did anyone from Neptunia's kingdom find out about Opal?"

Leau hesitated for a moment to explain how Neptunia allowed her two friends to keep their secret with her and Opal.

The scene shifted to Neptunia's meeting room. "So someone from Neptunia's kingdom found out about Opal?" Sera asked. "Who was it?"

"It was my friend Aurora, who was a cute Dratini at the time~." She answered as said Dragonair blushed in embarrassment. "I always had her by my side~. In fact, among two friends who trust her, they were the only ones next to me who understood the kind of woman Opal really is inside."

"So the only reason you two are at war is because heroine/villainess pride? While there is that dragonic pride she has, it's still stupid." Sera stated shaking her head.

"I know, but it's not that stupid!" Neptunia said in a slight complaining tone.

"I'm sorry, I have a habit of being too honest about things." Sera said, bowing her head. "Please continue."

As the hours went by, Leau and Aurora from different sides felt anxious to be the only ones to know this mix-up, so Neptunia and Opal decided to allow them two friends to share their secret provided that they do not reveal it to anyone else.

Soon enough, the heart swap ability ended and Neptunia and Opal were back to their own bodies. But not before one last phone call between them.

Neptunia gotten the call and picked it up, already making sure she was in a private place. "You doing okay Opal? Because we have only half an hour left."

Leau, Suar and Venine frowned since Neptunia had to leave. "It's a shame. For our enemy, I actually liked her company~." The Quilava stated.

"Yes… She's not that all bad." The Nidorina agreed.

"Hopefully we can meet her again. Even Minerva, the Rowlett enjoyed her company." Leau said, though looking concerned. "You don't think she found out, do you? She is one of Opal's smartest…"

"In case she does, we should talk to her about that. She's loyal to our Empress after all." Venine stated.

Neptunia nodded and wondered to herself. "Aurora and her friends must've liked Opal as mush as Leau and her own friends with me."

"It seems we're quite similar than we expected. Also, you're speaking your thoughts out loud in your cell." Opal stated. "By the way, how are you used to this clamshell device? I heard about a phone that's all screen."

"It's nice, plus you can fit it into your clothes. Plus it's a touch screen one too." Neptunia said before sighing. "You know, Opal… You're not really evil as I thought."

"You're not bad for a goody-goody yourself." Opal stated. "But don't call me 'Not Evil'. I have a rep."

"Fair enough, at least this will be passed once we're back in our own bodies." Neptunia stated before feeling down for some reason.

"Yeah… that is true..." Opal said, feeling down about that as well. "For even just a few hours, I really had no idea how tough your life is."

"You don't have a cushy life yourself either. I'm impressed with the strength you have to go through what you deal with daily." Neptunia said, laying on Opal's bed.

"... I wish I had your life…" The Giratina in the Manaphy's body muttered.

"I'm a princess though. Once my mother retires, I'll be queen and I have to take care of a whole city. You'll be right back where you were." Neptunia in the Giratina's body pointed out.

"Hey, what did happen to grandmother?" Ariel asked.

"She does still live here, but she stays in one of the resident's room. You don't visit her?"

The younger Manaphy thought about the last time she visited her grandmothers about her herm-mother whom they had a bit of a hard time accepting her. "Oh right, I had a lot of my mind recently."

"... I should visit them when I get the chance." Neptunia said as she continued her flashback.

"Ah, I almost forgot you are a princess..." Opal stated as they paused as they were running out of things to talk about. Then the Giratina said the craziest thing she could ask the Manaphy. "Marry me, Princess Neptunia of Lovantis!"

Neptunia paused for a moment before asking. "... Come again?"

Opal froze at what she just said to the Manaphy in her body and blushed redder than a Tamato Berry. "Uuuhhh… U-Uuuhhh…!" she stuttered as she tried to think of what to say or do. 'Dammit! What did I just say to her so suddenly!?' She thought as she covered herself in the blankets. "I-I mean… goodnight!" she said hanging up immediately.

Neptunia blushed deeply and silently texted Opal. "'I'll see you in a few days to talk about it…'" she placed her phone down and got ready for bed. "Sigh… I'll see you soon… Lover…" She muttered and looked at the three girls who were sleeping with her.

She smiled as she hugged them before she noticed a Rowlet nearby. "Would you like to join us~?" Though the owl just stares at them with squinted suspicious eyes.

"I'm sure Venine already told you who I am at the time, and you should already know I'll be back to normal when I sleep." she pointed out.

Minerva only remained silent with the same squinted eyes.

"I won't force you, but you can join anytime." Neptunia said, closing her eyes. "Please trust me, because I trust you~..."

Minerva looked at her. 'She's our enemy, and yet… she's just like our leader.' She then sighed and went to them, resting in her arms.

"Goodnight Minerva~." Neptunia said, caressing her forehead before kissing it. "I'll be seeing you and your empress another day…"

The Rowlett blushes a little at that. "Good night Neptunia. I… could only hope to accept you as our co-empress one day..."

"What compelled them to keep it a secret at that time?" Frost asked, thinking about it, "It's one thing about not telling it now, but even after they revert back?"

"Pride can be one of the deadliest of sins in history…" Neptunia said. "Ask a certain black cat thief familiar who felt like her own worst enemy."

She nods as she motioned her to continue.

The next week, Neptunia and Opal had gone through 3 secret dates, somehow managing to keep their subjects from worrying with the help of those who promised to keep their secret relationship.

The Manaphy looked up at the blue crystalline shining water, seeing the sun making lights through it. She sighs in quiet happiness as she holds Opal's hand. "When the sun would shine and reflect on the water making lights on it, it always looks beautiful~."

"I've never seen the sun like this…" The Giratina muttered as she leaned on her side.

Neptunia nodded as she went and laid on her back, continuing to stare upwards. "I… I love you…" she confessed, turning to Opal to look at her.

"I-I… Love you too…" she said back, going to caress her cheek and forehead. "I never really knew… How nice the light felt…"

Neptunia frowned when she said that. "You don't go outside very much?" she guessed. "You have to hide most of the time?"

"Being a succubus and all… An enemy…" Opal sadly stated.

"What a sad way to live…" the Manaphy stated, patting her shoulder to comfort her a little. "I-I hope to help you out with that…"

"Really~?" Opal asked, sounding a little hopeful. "You would help a lowly Pokemon from a dark world…?"

"You're not a lowly Pokemon. We're all Pokemon, doesn't matter where one lives." she said to her. "Wait, from a dark world? What do you mean?"

"Well I live in what many call the Distortion World." Opal explained. "It's a world of gravity beyond gravity… And so many of the grounds and platforms are sideways. Up is down, left is right, over is under, etc."

"Sounds like if anyone tries to understand it is gonna give one a headache." Neptunia said as she held both hands of Opal. "Curious, what form are you in?"

"This is my Altered Forme. Rather, the form I take to fit in the terran world." Opal explained. "You know what terran means?"

"Anywhere outside of the Distortion World?" Neptunia guessed and then gasped. "You mean… The way you look now isn't..?"

"This is my Altered Forme, as in this isn't my true form." Opal answered, "If I were in the distortion world, or were carrying a Griseous Orb, I would assume my Origin Forme, my true form." She then took out a topaz-looking crystal from a lead box in her bag. "Observe and see for yourself..." She then glowed brightly and her body changed, resembling a draconic centipede.

Neptunia shivered at the sight, getting nervous from the sight. "T-That's your true form?! It looks so flexible or something!"

"Well this grants me some new abilities and powers~.."

"I am able to travel through dimensions at will." Neptunia stated. "But enough about that, if we have to be together, we need to stop this fighting. And… Maybe I know how to do that..."

"Really?" Opal stated as she saw Neptunia getting up. "How so?"

The Manaphy then puckered her lips and kissed her deeply. Opal was surprised at that, but hugged Neptunia and kissed her back. The made out for a few minutes until they pulled back. Their faces were a warm red. The Giratina caressed and rubbed the Manaphy's body sensually. She then touched a bit of her clothing to take it off a little.

Neptuia shuddered from the rubbing of her hands, feeling her clothes slipping off. "W-Want to take it into the water~...?"

"I don't mind a little swim~.." She said, "But we're already underway through~." She chuckled, pointing upwards, it was getting late.

"Hey, what's with the snacks? Are you waiting for the hot part?" Neptunia asked the girls.

"This is getting kinda long. At this point, we may be here for awhile." Ivy stated, boiling some potatoes, vegetables and chicken in a small pot. "You got the potato chips?"

Joyce nodded as she shown them a can of the stacked ones.

Sera and Frost were using a portable stove and adding tea leaves into the pot to make some tea.

Neptunia rolled her eyes. "I suppose this really is 'the part'… I remember it all too well, so Ariel… Get ready to hug your body pillow or your girlfriend tight like you've never hugged either one before."

"Wait, you mean this is?" Ariel started to get to it, holding Joyce's hand tight. She then gulped as she tries to calculate the months reaching up to her egg's laying.

"It takes at most 2 months before the egg laying, and a week before the egg hatches. Half-as long if held by a pokemon with flame body ability for two hours daily." Sera explained, mentally shaking her head at the ridiculous idea they're doing. "Will you get on with it!?"

The Manaphy queen looked at the Kirlia with nervousness. 'Why do I have the feeling once I finish, she's gonna let me know how foolish this plan really is?'

The two stripped each other slowly of their clothes down on the ground as they went in the water. Neptunia brought them to a private lake that only she knows about.

"This place also doubles as a hot spring~..." The Manaphy said as she shyly shook her hips where she placed her paws on due to being naked. "I like to come here when I need some personal time~."

Opal smiled as she stroked Neptunia's shoulders before sliding through her underarms to grope her breasts. "You are beautiful Neptunia~." she held her as she takes a deep breath. "I… I want you to marry me~..."

"Opal~..." Neptunia muttered, tears of joy welling up in her eyes. She trembled as she tried to speak. "I-I… I don't know what to say~.." she then felt a tentacle shush her gently.

"Now's no longer the time to say~... But feel~..." Opal says as she has her tentacles rub around Neptunia's body as they went in the warm lake. They both shudder and moan from the heat of the water.

"W-Wait… My Heart Swap might go off if I orgasm…" Neptunia notified before being shown a pair of rings.

"Then use these. I had them made just in case~." she said as she placed them carefully on her antennas. "They'll help manage that power."

A spitting sound was heard as Sally spat out her mineral water at Ivy and Sakura. "That's where you got those rings? From Opal?"

"Wh-Wha-Why didn't you tell me!?" Ariel exclaimed.

"I… didn't know how to." Neptunia stated, looking down.

"It must've been hard, I understand that." Sera said calmly. 'I'll make sure to explain the problem calmly and not make her too upset.'

"I've been wearing them myself…" The younger Manaphy muttered with widened blank eyes.

Joyce saw the expression and hugged Ariel in her arms.

"Should I or may I continue this in the bathtub~?" Neptunia offered/requested with a blush.

"With all of us~? Together~?" Brio asked with a smile. The queen nodded and the Brionne squealed in excitement.

"That would be nice, but do you even have one that big?" Sakura asked in confusion.

"What kind of question are you asking?" Neptunia sarcastically asked with half-lidded eyes and a smile.

"I don't know a hot spring bath that's so big that it can hold so many Pokemon without being too crowded." Sakura answered. "Other than the submarine we were coming here."

Neptunia nodded as she led them there. Everyone got comfortable as the Queen continued the story.

Opal felt hard between her hips and grinded her long member around Neptunia's crotch. The Manaphy princess moaned and shuddered from the grinding, holding Opal's hands. "If we do this, I might have to explain to my kingdom somehow…"

"Same here to my group on the airship." Opal said as she prodded her opening.

Neptunia quivered as she started pressing some places on her charm, hearing various clicking noises.

Opal noticed this and tilted her head curiously. "Just what are you doing on your angel charm?"

"I thought of this rumored thing called 'resonation', but that's not what this is about~..." she stated, but looked at Opal. "You know that with being an angel, one has protection from unwanted pregnancy right?"

The Giratina widened her eyes, becoming anxious about her lover's next choice.

"We want to be together right? So this should work out." She said as she pressed the centerpiece to confirm. "PROTECTION DEACTIVATED." sounded out from the charm as the angel glow faded away. "So let us unite our worlds together~... Metaphorically speaking, of course."

Opal gulped and took a deep breath pressing her tip against Neptunia's vaginal lips, soon she started sliding the tip through the opening.

"Aaahhh~..." The Manaphy gasped as she was gonna be slid in by a Pokemon bigger than her. She felt her insides expanding from Opal's girth. "I'm gonna split apart~...!"

The Giratina went and licked at her neck and cheek, moaning from the tightness of the Princess Manaphy. "I think you should know… You're my first time…"

"F-First time?" Neptunia asked, confused. "W-Wait, you never… done this before?"

"I only used my tentacles and my cock was aching for entrances… But none of the girls on my team had a… spark."

Neptunia blushed deeper, touched by her words as Opal's tentacles wrapped around and caressed her skin, making the Manaphy shuddered. "A-Are you gonna wrap me up tightly~?"

"Just to keep you still~. You're bound to move around as I thrust~." she stated as she prepared herself before starting to thrust back and forth in Neptunia who felt her hymen broke for the first time ever.

"Wait, that was your first time as well?" Hana asked, as she sipped her tea. The Chikorita was between Sally and Sakura.

"Why is that confusing you?" Neptunia said as she was being cuddled by Ariel and Neptunia.

"N-Not really, it's just… Ahem, sex, sex and more sex..."

"Well for me, we all needed to lose our virginity to our souls in order to become angels..." Ivy stated as she was coiling Sera and Jeane together, making their breasts squeezed each other. "It's really hot when you think about it~..."

"True, confusing, but hot~.. Though we never once heard about virgin angels, and I studied the angel guidebook~." the Kirlia said as she fondled and made out with the Riolu.

"Heh, you're a sexy nerd, Siren~." Jeane teased, squeezing her butt.

"Eerrrmm… Can we finish this story while there's still time to finally get back to rescuing Aqua?" Hana asked, not minding the teasing, but wanting to wrap this up.

Neptunia nodded. "I wonder if the rest of my sex with Opal can be on EX…?"

Opal kept thrusted up and down until she felt close to cumming. "I-I'm getting close." She told her nervously. "Are you… still sure about this? I can pull out if you want."

"Nnnooo~! I want our baby~!" Neptunia moaned, feeling close herself. "Cum inside of me please~!"

"... I did not know this side of yours." Opal said surprised at that, but continued to thrust harder and faster inside.

Soon, they screamed out from the release of their orgasms. Neptunia feels her belly filling up and slightly swells from the amount. "A-Aaaahhhh~... I'm feeling~... S-So… F-Full~..."

"Not surprised~... Y-You~... weren't something~... I expected~... much better~..." Opal stated, holding her close while laying on smooth rocks. They then went to sleep.

*The Next Few Months…*

Each of them continue to do whatever they can to prepare. They then saw their cooing baby in her cradle. The baby Manaphy was sleeping with her eyes closed, a small smile on her face.

"Do you want to carry her, Opal?" Neptunia asked.

The Giratina looked nervous. "I-uh… I'm not sure." she stated, looking at her reflection. "I think I'll frighten her."

The Manaphy smiled and carried the baby one gently to her. "Here, you won't hurt her~."

Opal shivered a little, but held the baby Manaphy gently in her hands and arms.

Once the Giratina got used to holding her, the baby opened her eyes. Opal jolted, 'Why does she wake up now when I'm holding her?!' She then became surprised when the baby smiled at her. "H-Hey hi there, little one~." she stated with a smile.

The baby Manaphy cooed happily and Opal chuckled a little. She saw Neptunia smirking at her as if to say, 'And you were so worried~.'

The Giratina then started to laugh a little louder. "Hehehe… Hehehehehe… I've got myself an heir~... I'm not alone in this anymore~! Ahahahahaha~!" The baby did not understand what her mother meant, but laughed along with her… Though something about that laugh made Neptunia start to be filled with anxiety.

"Uhhh.. Opal, can you maybe laugh a little more naturally?" Neptunia said, sweating a little, "It's making me feel nervous… And our little Ariel is doing it too..."

"Oh, wow she picked up fast~." The Giratina stated, stroking her cheek. "No wonder she would rule Lovantis one day as I will with you~..."

"Uhhh…" Neptunia stated, looking at Ariel. "Did you say… 'Rule'? As in take over with an iron fist…?"

"Rule with an iron fist? Really?" Opal asked with a chuckle. "I have golden fists~! We could rule together and no Pokemon will oppose us as if they're the top alpha~!" she stated, not realizing how her answers were affecting Neptunia.

"O-Opal…" The mother Manaphy shakingly said. "I-I… I think maybe… We should hold our wedding day for a while…"

Opal stopped chuckling as she turned to Neptunia. "Huh? Why?" she asked, confused.

Neptunia sighed and lend out her hands, gesturing Opal to hand over Ariel.

The Giratina does so, not knowing why Neptunia looked so upset. "Neppy? What's wrong exactly?"

"I… It's just.." Neptunia paused, trying to find the right words to say. "D-Do you even know how to… I don't know, turn over a new seaweed?"

"Huh?" Opal asked, not understanding. "What do you mean, Neppy?" She then sees Neptunia starting to walk away. "Where are you going with our daughter? How will you explain to your kingdom on who is the other mother!?"

"I'm sorry Opal… I really am." Neptunia apologized, tears running down her eyes. She then left with baby Ariel looking at her herm-mother becoming farther away.

'W-Why is Mommy leaving Mama…?' the little Manaphy thought as she saw her mother was crying. 'N-No… M-Mommy is crying… A-And now Mama is crying…?' She thought and started to tear up and cry herself.

Neptunia rocked Ariel to ease her. "I-It's okay sweetie.. It'll be okay… Sob… W-We'll be okay..." She sobbed as she sadly sung her a lullaby.

*End of Flashback Story.*

"And that's how it happened." Neptunia explained, rubbing a tear out of her eye as she hugged Ariel for comfort.

"W-Why…? Why did I feel so sad back then…?!"Ariel stated, looking downward in sadness.

The rest of the angels were saddened by that, though Ivy was hit the hardest, crying waterfalls from the tragic tale. "WAAAHHHH!" The Snivy wailed out, blowing her handkerchief all the way. "That was such a sad story! I can't believe that had to happen!"

Joyce was crying as well, holding on to her girlfriend.

Most of the girls were looking sad, or holding each other for comfort.

"I can't believe Opal was still ambitious when she was about to find true happiness…" Sera muttered. "Or maybe she wasn't, but used the wrong words…" she stated as she turned to Neptunia.

'Oh boy, here it comes… Siren's harsh lecture…' Neptunia thought bracing herself. She then found herself a couple coral earplugs for her ears.

'I understand that you thought having a child with an enemy would be a good call. I do believe love can bloom even on the opposite sides, and I know that doing what you did really hurts you.' Sera thought to her using telepathy.

'S-So?!' Ariel asked back.

'While your mothers had good intentions, their methods were flawed. Having a child without either side knowing. And your mother walking away showed just how fragile that plan really was. That was what your heart told you and you didn't listen to what your head said, did you?' Sera asked Neptunia.

"No… I didn't…" She shook her head to the Kirlia, taking out her plugs as she knows she won't yell.

"I know love can bloom and be beautiful, but you shouldn't have let love guide all your actions and-"

*At the same time, at Opal's Airship base*

"-thought of the best way of dealing with it the way you all can agree on." Minerva stated as she was having a discussion with Opal and their friends over breakfast.

"I-I thought we had it under control though." The Giratina stated, who was holding the Decidueye in her arms and lap. "What would you have done instead?"

"I would've found a solution, of course." The grass owl answered. "I would tell Neptunia to tell her forces about the idea and I would tell my forces as well, so both of us know what each was thinking." While she was trying to answer the best solution, Minerva saw Aqua and her friends making love with Leau and her own friends. 'I wish I could've had that Kirlia for myself, she was so pretty and intelligent too…' she thought sadly. 'Speaking of which, why do I feel that she's having the same gentle lecture I'm giving to my Empress? I feel like I'm connected to the other side or something…?'

*Back at Lovantis Kingdom*

"Achoo!" Sera sneezed suddenly. "Why does this always happen!?"

"Do you have a cold?" Sally asked.

"No, I'm okay." Sera answered. 'I feel like someone was giving a lecture to someone similar to how I was.' "I'm going to walk around the city for a little bit." she said getting out.

When she left, Ariel looks at her mother. The Manaphy was surprised that her ears weren't ringing or that she doesn't have a headache. "I wonder… How does Aqua stand this girl?"

"If I have to guess…" Hana spoke out. "If Sera wasn't there, Aqua and Ivy would've been sex slaves long before she even met my mother." The Chikorita smiled. "Plus she said Sera's like the older sister she never had. While she can be uptight at times, she always felt comfortable standing by me and her~."

Ariel nodded and looks at the window, starting to feel determined. "Alright, now how do we rescue Aqua and Friends?"

"You may have to call Opal again. See how this tournament is gonna work and all." Alex stated as the Zorua playing with Sakura's chest. "Worst case scenario, she'll hold Aqua and the others as the prize."

Ariel took out her phone a little nervously, she only got through her last call because Sera was there. She closed her eyes to focus. 'I understand my herm-mother better, I can do this.' She dials Opal's number and waited for her to pick it up. Once it does, Ariel answers. "This is Princess Ariel of Lovantis. I'm in."

*Meanwhile in the city of Lovantis*

Sera was walking around the main area of the city, wanting to get some air and clear her head a little. "Aqua… We're going to rescue you, so hold on a little longer… You two Junie, Ellie." She sits down near the fountain. "Well with what I hear, Opal is not the type to harm someone unless they enjoy it so I suppose I don't have to worry too much… Though I may have to worry about the aphrodisiac they have." she said to herself while she thinks. "The only way it seems to snap out of it is either to reach their heart for memories to snap them out."

As she sits there, she thinks about the Decidueye, Minerva. "She was skilled and beautiful too. I still want to beat her and get a little payback for that little stunt before, but honestly, while I was affected by the aphrodisiac, I kinda wish we could've finished our session together~..." Sera admitted feeling warmth in her loins.

"Me too~..." A voice said to her, making her shiver in surprise.

She looked and saw Minerva was in front of her, smiling. "Well that's rude, sneaking up on someone who was deep in her thoughts." Sera said to her. "And what are you doing here all of a sudden!?"

The ghost owl sat down beside the Kirlia, getting comfortable. "Just needed some air. Although I noticed you were by the fountain and thought I surprised you a little."

"Is that really all you came here for? Asking me for a date I presume?" Sera asked with a wink. "I'm flattered, but I barely know you and you barely know me~."

"Well, it's something more important…" The Decidueye said. "How would you like to end the war of Lovantis?"

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