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Chapter 5: The Aphrodisiac of Lust

Chapter 5: The Aphrodisiac of Lust

*Dream Sequence Flashback*

Aqua was waiting on the couch in the Casanova Club. She was listening to music while watching the clouds floating on the glass ceiling. "I wonder what's this announcement Venus has for me?" She asked herself as she played her favorite mobile game.

Soon she heard the door open and Venus came out seemingly alone. She looked neutral by expression as she sat down in her office chair.

"You wanted to tell me something Guildmistress Venus?" Aqua said, making sure she's paying attention.

"Aqua, you've been going on missions and were able to handle them fine." Venus explained. "But there are times when you shouldn't act on your own."

"Really? I've been handling things on my own so far." The Oshawott pointed out. "I've managed to survive in them too."

"Yes, but you need to get a team which is why I called you here." Venus as she snapped her fingers. When she did that, A Mawile and Espurr appear from behind Venus. "I like to introduce you to-"

"Junie!? Ellie!?" Aqua exclaimed in surprise. "I can't believe you're here~!"

"Oh, you two know each other?" The Arceus asked, surprised.

"You bet we have~!" Aqua chimed. "We've met since school~!"

"Well that makes introductions smoother. Their angel names are Steel and Psychic respectively~." Venus said, "They'll be your partners and teachers as they've been angels longer than you have."

They smiled and then heard one last part from the Arceus. "And now, to begin your sexual bond training~."

"Oooh, how does that work~?" Aqua asked, getting up.

Venus smiled and directed them to a white room where it looked like a moat surrounding one circular platform.

"Whoah~.." The Oshawott stated, amazed at the sight. Venus chuckled as she picked up Aqua and tossed her towards the soft, circular platform.

Junie and Ellie followed her as Venus left. "Have fun bonding together~!"

Aqua shakes her head from the impact, thankfully not hurt. "A little warning next time?!"

"Hey, it's okay~." Ellie said. "Now we can bond privately~."

Junie then noticed some cameras watching them eagerly. "I'm not sure about the last part.."

She then tries to cover herself. "Venus!" Ellie yelled out, covering her chest. "I told you no cameras!"

"Don't worry! They'll only be in angel tube!" Venus assured through the speakers. "It's like PokeTube, but it's a private channel exclusive to angels!"

"That's still a lot of people going to watch!" Ellie said shaking her head. "I can't do this! I gotta go!" she said, standing up. But the doors wouldn't open as she tried stepping in front for the motion sensor to pick up. The Espurr was blushing madly as she waited for it to register.

"You can't leave until you have completed your bonding together." Venus said.

"Well, not until you deactivate those cameras we're not!" Ellie yelled at the speakers.

"Ellie, it doesn't matter if other angels see this." Aqua tries to assure her. "What's important is that we prove our love for each other~."

"I don't want other pokemon seeing me like this. I told Venus specifically I'll do this in a private area, that means no recording!" Ellie stated, shaking her head.

"Ugh, fine… But only if you say please." Venus mumbled.

"You promise not to turn it on in the middle of it?" Ellie asked, pouting.

"Yes yes, I promise…" Venus replied.

"Then please turn off the cameras?" Ellie asked. She then got her answer as the cameras drooped down their heads. "Thank you." The Espurr bows her head in gratitude.

"Wow, it's worse than I thought it would be…" Aqua muttered at the sight. She then decides to put her head in the water to gurgle disappointedly.

Ellie headed towards the center of the area and sat down.

Junie looks at them and decides to say something. "Great start…" She mumbled as she crossed her arms.

"Let's just get started. Forget about what happened and go with it here." Ellie said.

"Tell Aqua that when it comes to true love." The Mawile said as she looks at the gurgling Oshawott. "Good thing she has gills like any Water-type would."

Ellie sighed as she slumped, "Aqua, come on. Get out of the pool." All the Espurr got were bubbles, indicating that Aqua was displeased at the intro.

"I know that it had a rocky start, but it can get better." Ellie stated.

"I like the other angels to know my progress…" Aqua grumbled in the water.

"You can tell them that after this. Besides, I doubt this would show much process."

"What's telling them about it worth if you can't show it?" Aqua asked bitterly.

"I told you, I don't want anyone watching. Why is it so important for you that we have an audience?!" Ellie stated.

"I just wanted to be known with you…" Aqua muttered sadly, turning her back against her.

"Ughhh.. You're acting like such a baby!" Ellie yelled at her.

"Ellie, please." Junie said, vouching for Aqua. "Look I understand there's some rough start, but we can still make this memorable. A-At least in our heads." The Mawile reassured as she went and rubbed Aqua's shoulders. Then she embraced the Oshawott from her back.

Aqua sniffled a little and accepted her embrace from behind. Ellie went and looked at her. "I'm sorry I overreacted like that…" she stated. "I know you wanted to remember this occasion, but I would rather have it in our minds. We won't forget."

Aqua looked at the Espurr for a moment and nods. "I guess our minds are better than nothing." She then hugs and embraces her lovingly with a kiss in her lips. Ellie smiled and purred as she made out with Aqua.

Junie smiled and joined in on their make out session. The three laying down on the cushion and rubbing and kissing each other. They then rub each other's breasts together in a triangle.

"Mmmhhh~..." Aqua moaned out as she pressed hers to them. "Yours are so soft Ellie~. So fluffy and big~..."

The Espurr blushed as they mash each other lustfully. "T-Thanks~..." she stuttered embarrassed.

Junie giggled and opened her legs wide. "Let us all grind together as one~."

Aqua and Ellie nodded as they opened their legs as well and pressed to each other. They then grind each other's vaginas against each other. "Oooohhh~..." They moan out in unison as they each hold the other's hand.

As they grinded each other, the symbols around their abdomens glow on them, feeling close to their orgasms.

"This feels so good~..." Junie murmured out, panting softly.

"We feel so great together~...!" Ellie agreed, panting herself.

"Let's all do our best~!" Aqua cried out happily. "I LOVE YOU GIRLS~!"

They then orgasm hard together and a bright flash surrounds the room. It lasted for a few seconds before fading, the three panting as they laid on their backs. They then moved exhaustedly to lick into each other's orgasmed pussies like a triangle. They give each other kisses too.

As they 69 together, Venus watched them through small hidden cameras in case one asks for the big ones turned off. "Those three are so sweet~." She cooed as she masturbates. "They're gonna be great angels~..."


Aqua, Ellie and Junie woke up drowsily, feeling restrained for some reason. "Oh great… What mess are we in now?" Junie groaned, trying to break free of the restraints, but she couldn't. They were all cuffed up by the elbows and knees in x-position and in a triangle.

"Whatever it is, it's gonna get lewd for sure." Ellie answered, blushing a little at the position. "Is anyone out there?!" She then notices their necks are bare too. "H-Hey! Our angel charms!"

"Oh no!" Aqua cried out urgently as she looked around the area to see where they were. She then closes her eyes in an attempt to telepathically contact Sera, but something was interfering that connection, like there's a wall between them. "I can't speak to Sera..! It's like something's blocking my connection with her."

"If something's blocking, it must be either a dark or ghost type involving this." Ellie stated, "Maybe I can teleport out of these cuffs!" Ellie closed her eyes and focused on moving out of the area. But she couldn't feel doing so and then noticed the cuffs glowing as if they're sucking up their energy to use moves.. "It didn't work, also I felt drained as well."

Junie tries to chew through the cuffs with her back jaw, but the teeth couldn't even scratch them. "Alright, I had enough of the suspense! Have the guts to show yourself to us!" She shouted and her back jaw growled before being tied up by some bolas.

"Junie!" Aqua cried out in surprise, "Let us go!" She then felt some blinding spotlights flash around them with a disco ball rotating slowly. There was even some catchy music playing somewhere. "Wait… is that… disco music?" She then looks around that there is a crowd of screaming succubi cheering out along with big screens showing each one of them naked and restrained.

"If there's one thing I don't think I'll get used to… it'll be kidnapped and put on display like a product." Ellie muttered, blushing harder than usual.

"It's not that bad. Just picture you're performing at ALP." Aqua suggested with a smile. But then her smile changed to a frown when she saw a Giratina rise up from a moving platform with three large figures, a Shiny Nidoqueen, a Shiny Typhlosion, and a Shiny Samurott. "Though this is a different story…"

The Giratina then announces through her earpiece microphone. "Now I know we have been quite troubled with finding new participants, but I found some great new members. Feast your eyes and transformation of the famous TEAM AQUA~!" She introduced, sending the audience of succubi in a cheering frenzy.

"Well it seems we have some fans~. But if you wanted to meet us, you could've just called~." Aqua stated, trying to stay brave with a smile.

"Hmm~... Bold and sexy~..." The Giratina licked her lips before showing her the Nidoqueen. "Tell me, Baby-Wott~. Do you know fear~?"

Aqua grumbled at the pet name, but don't yell out at that. 'Come on Aqua, don't react by that.' she thought to herself. "I have been scared plenty during my work…"

"Well, I wonder if you can handle your own kind then~?" The Giratina asked as she switched to the Shiny Samurott. "Have fun you two~." She was about to dance with the three before realizing she hasn't introduced herself yet. "Oh silly me, I can't leave without introducing myself. Welcome PokeAngels~! You may call me Opal~. I'm Princess Ariel's-"

*Meanwhile, in Lovantis' Meeting Room*

"Herm-Mother?!" The group cried out as they were sitting at the round table.

Neptunia was about to explain, but then she heard Ariel punching a vase off it's place. "Ariel! Calm yourself!" she told the younger Manaphy as she caught the vase before it fell. "If this broke, it would've come out of your allowance." She warned.

"Princesses need to earn their allowances!?" Brio shouted as if that's on top of her mind.

"Brio, please keep your mind on what's important right now." Hana stated, shaking her head and then saw Ivy hyperventilating.

"I-I can't-I-I mean…! GASP!" The Snivy panted before gasping and then fainting.

The Chikorita groaned as she looked at the Kirlia, who was also hiding her face in shame.

"I did it again… I got Aqua in danger… And this time, it's thrice my fault!"

"You didn't know there was danger beforehand, and it all happened so fast." Frost pointed out, putting her paw on Sera's shoulder. "It's not your fault and you shouldn't feel bad about their imprisonment." That made the Kirlia smile and feel a little better.

"And besides, Minerva's methods makes sense to her alone." Joyce explained before bringing out her Lovantis-Brand tablet. "You see, each part of her plans always involve a subject that doesn't connect and-" The Mesprit then sees nobody sans the Kirlia cares and/or paying attention about that at the moment. "At least let me know if you want to skip this!"

Neptunia was about to explain her connection with Opal and then hears Ariel lightly banging her head against the wall. "Sweetie, please try to control yourself." She then whispers to the group. "She has a bit of aggressiveness in her partial half-Dragon-type blood..."

"I guess, so what's with Opal?" Sally asked, "What had happened to the two of you?"

"She and I fell in love during the heat of a battle against each other one day…"

"Whoa, seriously?" Hana asked, surprised at the fact. "You two fell in love while you're at war with each other?"

"That it is. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true." Neptunia says as she reminisces that day.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Hana said. "Do we even have enough time for a flashback?"

"Why not, it'll be much more interesting than her describing what happened." Sera stated.

"Maybe it could be saved for when we rescue Aqua and the gang?" Sally suggested.

"I agree with Sally." Ivy stated, checking the time on her phone. "It's… around 8:00pm. Almost time for bed."

"As it pains me to say this, but we should save the rescue for tomorrow. Let's rest and get ready for tomorrow." Frost stated. "We may as well pray that whatever plans they have for them, the worst case scenario would be having them use the aphrodisiac on them as they did on Lady Sera."

Sera blushes and covers her face in embarrassment. "I can't believe I acted that way… I talked like I wanted to be with her like that time Aqua…" She muttered before stopping on that last part. "I'll get that ghost owl back next time!" she vowed. "I'm gonna be taking a bath before bed." she said getting up.

"I'm gonna rip that Giratina a new a-" Ariel was about the grumble out before Neptunia pointed her index finger at her.

"Do you want to scrub your tongue with a bar of soap? If so, finish your sentence." She said firmly.

Ariel grumbled and took a deep breath. "Sorry…" she said as she walked off.

Joyce raised a paw. "I'm… Permission to aid the princess in beating things off?"

"You don't have to ask me that. You're my daughter's girlfriend." Neptunia nodded before lending her a herm potion. "Here, just in case she wants that kind of beating off."

"Thank you, your majesty." Joyce answered, leaving as well.

"Everyone else is free to go." Neptunia announced.

*Back in Opal's airship.*

The succubi around the three captive angels danced, while the captives sweatdropped at the situation.

"Are they trying to arouse us?" Ellie asked, noticing the Nidoqueen moving near her. The later winked at her as she shook her butt near her. The Espurr blushes from the sight and wink. 'D-Don't get flustered at her.'

Junie felt hot as the Typhlosion danced around her, the latter's flames coming out from the back of her neck. "O-Of course they sic the fire-type on me! And curse my bite more than I can chew personality!"

Aqua sees the Shiny Samurott on her knees as she slowly dances with her arms at the back of her neck. "I didn't expect a Shiny Samurott to look so beautiful~.." Aqua muttered, flushed.

"Thank you~... My name is Leau~." The Shiny Samurott introduced herself. "Just wait until we give you our special aphrodisiac~..."

"Aphrodisiac?" Aqua asked confused, and nervous. "C-Come on, there's no need for that.."

"Oh, but there is and you'll love our company~." Leau chimes as she starts getting on top of her, taking a moment to lick her breast.

The Oshawott grimaced and whimpered. "I-I'd rather do this as a Samurott myself…" she stated to her, feeling her bod pressed down at her."

"Oh that~... Empress Opal is taking care of that~."

"Taking care how?" Junie stated, as the Typhlosion was caressing and squeezing her body and breast. "Haaah… So warm~..."

"I've been told that before, but thank you~.." The fire type stated, pressing to her form. "My name is Suar~."

"Meeeooow…!" Ellie mewled as she felt her tits groped hard and firm. "D-Don't be so rough with me~!"

"Oh, but you're so big for such a cute little kitty~." The Nidoqueen said. "I'm Venine~."

"I'm Ellie. T-Thank you for the compliment.." She stated, feeling warm at her actions. 'G-Geez, they have to be so seductive…' She thought as she felt her grip on her breasts tighten a little more. "N-Neeyyaaahh~...!"

Opal then stopped dancing and got a Salazzle enter on stage. "And here we have a tantalizing beauty in a skin tight outfit~! Succubi Haze~... Valdora~! And is that a new perfume you have on, cause you smell wonderful~?"

"But of course~." The Salazzle nodded happily as she kisses her.

"And did you bring the you-know-what~?" she asked, caressing her slender form.

"Yes, I have~..." Valdora smiled as she got a canister of the same glowing purple liquid. "Thanks for Arrow's test, I made a great quality of this stuff. Speaking of Arrow, where is the owl~?"

The Decidueye then appeared out of nowhere. "I'm here Succubi Haze…" She said feeling down. "Succubus Arrow is here~. So what are we calling this new aphrodisiac of yours?"

"I'm calling it… Heart's Lure~.." Haze stated, licking a little juice for herself. "Btw, are you okay? You seem grumpy..."

"My personal target broke free of this stuff somehow." The hooded owl succubus bitterly mumbled.

"Aww, you didn't get your taste of the beautiful Kirlia~..." she stated, patting her head.

Minerva pouted as she looks at Opal. "You're a horrible tease Queen Opal~! First your daughter ruined my fun with Siren, and now I couldn't even have fun with Angel Psychic?! You're horrible!"

Opal strokes her back reassuringly. "I'm sorry about what happened, but I promise you, you'll see her again and you'll be able to feel her body within your hold~... You know how they say, savor the hunt to the last shot~.."

Minerva nodded reluctantly and then turned to the Salazzle. "Okay, and how shall we administer the aphrodisiac to these three?"

"Oh, I made some modifications around the restraints there in~..." Valdora said as she brought out a remote.

"Wh-What do you mean?" Aqua asked looking at the cuffs.

"Those cuffs don't just suckle your power moves to keep from using them." Valdora said giggling. "But it's them thin beds with the cuffs you're all in~." She then presses a button and the girls felt a sharp pricks like two fangs each sinking deep in their butt cheeks.

"Gah!" they cried out from the prick as they felt their bodies heating up. They then felt their eyes glow purple and felt calm and lusty.

"Ooohhh~... So warm~... So itchy inside~..." Aqua moaned.

"Aaahhh~... My body feels so hot~..." Ellie purred, tail swishing side to side.

"Haaah~... M-More heat for my Steel-type body~!" Junie gasped as she rubs herself on Suar.

"While it does give the lustful heat, it also acts like a love potion to the one they see~." Opal explained and then brought out the girls' angel charms but they looked different in her design.

"Wh-What are they~? Ooohh~.." Aqua murmured. "They look so shiny and familiar~..."

"They do, let's just say we tweaked them a little so you all can mate together at their levels~." The Giratina stated, giving them back to the Angels.

"Submissive Heart Flash~!" They announces and became their fully-evolved forms but without their armor.

"So beautiful~..." Leau muttered in awe and licks her lips.

Venine licked Ellie's neck as she pressed against her body.

Suar just smothered the Mega Mawile's body and increased her body heat on her.

"Ggaaahh~!" she gasped as she sweated from the heat, feeling her breast squished under Suar's body. "So hot~!"

"Mmm~..." Aqua shivered one her Samurott form and stares lovingly into Leau's eyes. "Kiss me~... I need you~..."

The Shiny Samurott giggled as she did as Aqua asked, holding her chin and kissing deeply. They then inserted their tongues in to lick each other's saliva. "Mmm~..." They both moan out in pleasure.

Opal then nods at Valdora to release them from their shackles. The Salazzle pressed a button to release them and watched. "Have fun lovebirds~."

Venine then carried Ellie and gropes her from behind as she thrusts in the Meowstic's anus. "Meeeooowww~!" she cried out in pleasure.

Suar held Junie's legs up, hanging her upside-down as she has the Mega Mawile in a 69. Both licking each other out with their tongues.

"Mmmph~..." Junie muffled as she sucked on the Typhlosion's herm cock. "Sssoo goood~..."

Aqua was lying on her side as Leau lifted her leg and thrusted in and out of her like in a missionary position. "A-Aaahh~... D-Do me Leau~! Do me like you've never done me before~!" She swooned as she gropes her breast and rubs her own clitoris to increase the pleasure Leau was giving to her.

"How cute you are~... Well, get ready~!" she started to go faster and harder. "You're about to have the climax of a lifetime here~!"

Aqua moaned out in sheer bliss as her cervix was penetrated. Her body was in complete control over the pleasure and her mind was helpless, blocked out by the Heart's Lure.

All three succubi and angels cried out as they hit their climax. Their pussies spurting out of their juices all the while being filled up with their cum.

"Aaahhh~... So warm~..." they murmured out dreamily. 'Nnnooo~...!' Their minds thought out, feeling powerless inside.

Opal walked towards the three, seeing them sweaty and cum-soaked. "Alright, we're done here~. You may take them to the room you three share~."

"Okay, my Queen~." Leau stated as she and the others carried the angels in their arms. "Take care yourself."

"I will." The Giratina said as she turned around to take her leave before sighing out. "I… certainly will..."

Minerva sighed as Valdora chuckled as she put her vials up before they left.

As they left, Suar looks at Leau with a raised eyebrow. "Did Queen Opal sound a bit… sighey at that last part?"

"She must really miss her wife and daughter… If only the princess would stop being so stubborn." The Samurott shakes her head.

"Well, either that or the other way around with them." Venine said, earning a yell of her name from Leau. "What?" the Nidoqueen stated from the yell.

"You're doing it again." Leau said sternly. "You're making Queen Opal sound bad."

"Well, ain't she really sort of?" Venine asked.

"There! You just did it again!" Suar said herself.

"But she's attacking the city of Lovantis!" She pointed out. "And we're helping her out on that. Remember the time we accidentally fell on each other near some orphans during one of our battles against Angel Sea?"

"Mmm… You're acting like a know-it-all angel…" Leau grumbled, holding Aqua close. "Sometimes, I wonder why Queen Opal chose you as our voice of reason."

"I think you both know the reason why.." Venine answered, petting the Espurr's head, feeling her purr softly. Her eyelids opening up slightly before closing, showing the purple glow still being there. "Such a cutie~.. Well good night, but make sure you don't be too late in case they mount a rescue mission."

They nodded and went to their room which resembled one of the most luxurious hotel bedrooms with a double bed big enough for three. Each one got their angels and themselves into bed, but not before washing them up together.

"What? Just because we're succubi doesn't mean we don't like to be clean." Leau said to a direction, moving her eyebrow up and down.

After a quick bath, they each embraced the angel and went to sleep. But they struggled in their sleep, startling the succubi. "Oh, it seems they're stronger than I thought.." The Shiny Samurott stated as she tried to keep Aqua in her arms, but the younger Samurott got out of her grip. "Gah! Grab them before they-Huh..?" She said before noticing them embrace and masturbate each other, making out together as well.

"They still want more?" Suar asked in disbelief.

"Well, either that or it's a side-effect of the Heart's Lure aphrodisiac." Venine said in a dull tone, shrugging. "Should we write that down?"

"Probably wouldn't hurt. She'll need to know any details about what happens." The Shiny Samurott stated and the Nidoqueen then does so.

"I'll give it to her tomorrow. Well if they want to continue, that's fine. But I need to rest." Venine said going back to bed.

"You can rest, but we'll give them what they want~..." Leau said, licking her lips. "Won't we, Suar~?"

"Lets~." The Typhlosion stated, grinning as they approached the three. "Mind if I give the Baby-Wott a little warming up~?"

"Not it all, I'll have a little fun with the Espurr~.." The Shiny stated, clapping a little. "Oh, Busty Ellie~... One of your mistresses need a little groping on your titties~." Leau said teasingly, wrapping her hands and squeezing her chest.

"Meeooowww~!" Ellie mewled at her breast-groping and then felt her tail being stroked by Leau's closed hips. "C-Careful with my tail! I-I-I might b-b-become-Nnnyyaaahh~!"

Suar got on top of the young Samurott and raised her body temperature. "Girl, what do we Fire-types always say~? Oh yeah, the heat is on~!"

"Mmmhhaaa~..." she gasped as she shuddered from the increased heat. "Ooohhh~...! My body is boiling up from the heat~!" she cried out, feeling Suar licked at her neck.

Junie felt lustfully jealous and saw the resting Shiny Nidoqueen. She then grinned and went to lick on her cock, only for her to be grabbed and pinned under the poison type.

"You only get one round from me. Then I'm going to sleep." She said, but then felt the Mega Mawile's two head jaws latch onto her breasts and nipples then suckle hard on them. Though Venine moaned in pleasure as she thrusted in and out of Junie hard.

"Aaah~! Don't think I'm physically weak like this~!" Junie licked her lips and tries to switch being on top and ride her cowgirl style.

"I never said, but I don't want to be tired." she said, keeping her down. "Stay where you are so I can do you for just once. After that, go to sleep!" She then sees the two most likely gonna keep this up with their angels for another hour or so. Venine takes out her earplugs to get ready as she continues to pound into the Mega-Mawile who was groping her own breasts as she shouted out some sexual things.

"Ooohhh~! This place is amazing~! I must do this here everyday~!"

"Nnnyyaahh… They're petting me so nicely~..."

"Haaahhh~... Your cock is so big and hot, Suar~!"

The two succubi's smiled at the compliments. "Say what you like about angels, but they sure are sweet~.. Even if they are under Heart's Lure." Leau said as she starts thrusting in Ellie's anus.

"True~.." Venine said as she came inside Junie's pussy. She gave her a kiss on the forehead as she hugged her tightly. "Nice lay you are~... Now stay, will you?" She then used a Sleep Powder on themselves. Soon Junie and Venine fell into a deep sleep, cuddling with each other.

Leau and Suar smiled and decided to continue sexing with their new playmates. Soon they had enough and passed out in their bed.

Leau and Aqua slept in each other's arms, but the former felt like telling her the story of a certain Manaphy Queen and a Giratina Empress. 'Maybe after she awakens… No point telling someone if they're asleep.' She then completely fell asleep with everyone else.

Elsewhere in her personal bathroom, Opal was in the shower with one hand on the wall and the other jerking herself off stressfully. She grumbled as she thought about her wife. "Neptunia… Ariel..." She stroked herself vigorously and came the third time in her shower room. She panted as she slumped downward onto her knees. "Why…? Why won't they accept me the way I am…?!" she whimpered, on a verge of tears when she gotten a text from Minerva on her cell, "Are you alright my Queen? I sense your sadness…"

"Not… Now…!" She texted back at her.

A minute later, Minerva texted back. "Let me know if you need anything. I'm there for you…"

"O… K…" Opal replied as she went to bed after wiping herself dry. She looked at a photo of them in their secret place, sighing softly before laying down in bed, holding onto the photo.

*Meanwhile, with Ariel and Joyce.*

The two panted from jerking each other off after using the herm potion given by Neptunia. Joyce nuzzled and hugged her girlfriend deeply afterwards. "Feeling… haah~... Better now… haaahhh~... After all that seed spraying~...? Ah-haaah~..." The Mesprit asked her.

"That felt great as always~…" Ariel said, looking outside. "And… Yeah, I feel better.."

Joyce then feels worried for Aqua and her two friends. "Do you think Aqua and the others are okay?"

The Manaphy grumbled at that, but nodded. "They'll be unharmed. Though that woman better not do them like they're her playthings…"

Joyce looked at Ariel with sadness and confusion. 'I see that she has disdain for Opal, but why is that? It isn't just because she's an enemy right?' She then reaches out a paw for her head and heart.

Ariel notices that. "What are you doing?" She then grabs her arm and looks at her with a dull but irked expression.

Joyce sighed as she looked at her with a firm expression. "Ariel, why are you so distant from Opal?"

The Manaphy Princess kept her cold expression for a few moments before finally asking. "You really want to know…?"

"Of course." Joyce answered. "We've had to deal with her attacks and I know that you and your mother have history. The only thing is that your mother isn't so cold about her. So what's your deal?!"

Ariel took a big sigh and started. "It all started when I was just a baby, at least that's what my Mother told me…"

Joyce got comfortable as she listened to Ariel tell her story.

"Apparently, I saw my other mother's face and I heard her laugh, then I laughed the same way she did…" Ariel explains. "For some reason… that made my Mom sad, so… she sort of gently took me away from Opal…"

"When you laughed like Opal, Neptunia got sad and took you away from her?" Joyce asked to make sure she's correct.

Ariel was silent for a few seconds and further answered. "As Mother Neptunia left with me, the last thing I saw was Opal's face tearing up and… I realized I wasn't going to see her again…"

Joyce looked downward at that. 'They're still enemies even to this day… It must've been hard for all three of them.' she thought to herself. "When she returned… How did you felt?"

"I was… conflicted." Ariel answered. "On one hand, I was happy to see my other mother again, but at the same time, I was sad as she was attacking our town..."

"And that sadness… turned into anger..?" Joyce asked with great concern. "Was it because she's still fighting despite Rafflesia being reformed?"

Ariel shook her head. "No, she has her own crew."

"So why are you so angry at her then?" The Mesprit asked, but got pushed onto her front and the Manaphy mounted on top of her from behind. "Whah? A little warning next time?!"

"Sorry, but you're really driving Opal's side in me out…" Ariel gritted as she starts hot dogging Joyce.

"What does that mea-" Joyce was about to finish but then recalled Giritina's being a dual ghost/dragon type. 'Oh snap, I forgot how her dragon type genes can come out!' "B-but what exactly triggered it?!" She then thought about her emotional stress. 'D-Dangit! She always has a hard time controlling her emotions.' Then the Mesprit felt her butt hole being thrusted in deeply.

"A-Aahh~! L-Let's resume the story after this okay~?!"

"That! Gira! Tina! Had the! Nerve to! Show up! Like! She would! Own! Lovantis!" Ariel said each word with each thrust.

"I! Think! She just! Wants! To tease! You!" Joyce grunted from the thrust.

"Hohoho! Tease me!?" Ariel scoffed and spanked Joyce's buttocks. "Tease me, huh!?"

"Well it's clear Opal and Neptunia still love each other despite being opposite sides!" She muttered. "Please stop doing this right-Nyaaaooowww~!" Joyce yelped when she felt herself cumming with Ariel. As she let it out, she fell on the bed front first. "Please.. Try and talk to her… and not get angry and attack. I'll be there to help you, just please try." She teared up a little, grasping the bed sheet a little. "P-Please…"

Ariel calmed down after the sex as she heard her teared up and pleading. "I… I'll.. I'll try." She then shut her eyes hard, sniveling. 'I-I don't know how…!'

'Maybe another angel with her can help. Sera has always been calm and patient. I mean, she got to put up with Angel Water and Forest's antics…' She snickered at the last part. "Alright, I'll ask Sera to accompany us."

Ariel nodded as the two washed up quckly before laying in their bed. 'Why does my herm-mother have to be so darn stubborn? Maybe it's that dragon-type part.'' Once they were cleaned up, they went in Sera's room, but then they saw the Kirlia crying on Hana's shoulder.

"Sera? Are you alright?" Joyce asked going to them.

They perked up when they heard the Mesprit's voice. The Kirlia rubbed her eyes. "Sorry about that, I just needed a shoulder to cry on at the time."

"Is it because of your mess-up?" Ariel asked "Cause I recall Frost telling you it's not really your fault."

"A-A little on that, it's just that I'm worried about Aqua and her friends…" The Kirlia answered. "But I'm okay now. So what do you want with us? Spend the night with us?"

"Actually, we were wondering if you could help Ariel out with her herm-mother issues." Joyce said. "We need someone to help keep Ariel's emotions under control."

"Mind if you describe the actions of her losing her cool about her?" Hana asked.

"Well dragon-types are short-tempered, prideful, and eager for a fight." Joyce answered.

"They are also known to hold long grudges…" Sera mentioned. "What do you intend to do with the meeting?"

Ariel doesn't know how to answer that as she thought back the times in her tutorings in which she always held a bored look with her head being held by her hand.

"Well we want to get our friends back, and maybe end this ridiculous battle?" Joyce stated. "It feels like a war between one-lady-armies."

"Yeah, speaking of which, does Opal even have a reason that you know of for wanting to attack Lovantis?" Hana asked, only to notice Ariel giving her a blank expression and waved her paw at her face. "Hello, Princess?"

Everyone wondered what Ariel was doing.

"Huh?" Ariel perked up and looked at everyone. "Oh, sorry. I was thinking about my tutorings which I almost never listen to. What were we all talking about?"

"Hana asked what reason Opal would possibly have for attacking Lovantis?" Joyce stated.

"She wants me, I guess." The Manaphy said, crossing her arms as she finishes. "I laughed like her and that made Mother Neptunia sad. Seriously, why would she be sad at that? It's like she's afraid I'll turn out like Opal."

"How is your laugh?" Sera asked.

"I dunno it kinda goes like this…" Ariel says as she took a deep breath before… "Ahahahaha… Mwahahahahahahahaha!" She mimicked her laugh and it caused Joyce and the others to back up, recognizing it like an evil cackle.

"Ariel." Sera said calmly, but she was taken back by it as well. "You have the type of laugh that a villainess would use. Is this really your herm-mother's laugh?"

"I don't know, I don't have a memory of her laughing." Ariel stated, looking confused. "Is it really that bad?"

"I think your mother, Queen Neptunia, was worried that Opal might partially raise you to be bad as her." Hana said sadly. "I know how that feels in a way…"

"Okay, well try to call her to set up a meeting. No point in planning if she won't meet up." Sera suggested.

"It's still late at night." Ariel pointed out.

"Just try." Joyce stated, "If it doesn't work, we'll do tomorrow."

The Manaphy sighed and turned on her smartphone, looking into her contacts. The girls were surprised at how many missed calls from Opal there were. 'Wow… Desperate much?' She grumbled as she tapped on the number and heard the dial tone. "This is one of the most humiliating moments in my life…" Ariel mumbled in an emo-toned voice.

The dial continues to sound as they wait to see if it goes to voicemail or if Opal picks up. Soon, she hears a recorded message. "Hello, you have reached the HB of Opal the Giratina. If you are a random citizen, press 1. If you are an angel, press 2. If you are a succubus, press 3. Neptunia, 4. Ariel, 5." The moment she heard that, Ariel pressed 5.

"What an elaborate voicemail." Hana stated, surprised.

"Focusing…" Ariel muttered to Hana.

Sera places her hand to her and glows a little, using her power to calm the Manaphy, but for some reason, the latter shrugged it off. 'Uh oh.' "Ariel, you don't need to be defensive. I want to help."

Ariel thought for a second and nodded reluctantly. She soon heard the dial tone stop. "Hello?" Opal's voice sleepily called out.

"Y-You picked up?" Ariel stuttered, surprised at that.

"Ugh… I have to be dreaming... " Opal mumbled. "Ariel never dials me first…"

"No, it's not a dream. It's me." Ariel stated. 'Though I wish this was…'

'Ariel.' Sera told her in her thoughts. 'Just make it through…'

"Oh, so after 18 years, now you decided to call me on your own, huh?" Opal stated, taking a breath. "That's surprising to say the least."

"Look, O-Opal… I would like to know… What have you done with Aqua and her two friends?"

"If you're thinking I'd hurt them, then let me ease your worries. They're completely unharmed." Opal stated. "Just under some… Chemicular… Lustfulness?"

She grumbled at that info. "I… I want you… to let them go." Ariel stated, gritting her teeth, then felt her anger settling down thanks to Sera's fairy type power.

"Huh… I'm not so sure about doing that…" Opal stated, thinking about that. "It's supposed to be hero-villain tradition to oppose each other instead of making deals."

"We practically fight each other all the time. If you want to continue battling, we can do that after this is over. But these constant battles are terrorizing our people and damaging our city. There's a risk of collapse of further attacks. I'm sure your succubi's are sore and tired as well." Ariel continues to reason with her while straining to keep her anger in check.

Sera was having a bit of trouble as she could normally store up one's anger unless it's a legendary or mythical. 'Doesn't help that a Manaphy is a mythical pokemon. But I got to hang on.'

"Uuuuuuhhhhhhh…." The Giratina said, trying to stall her answer.

"What's wrong? You wouldn't want my dear mother to get caught in the middle of a possible collapse would you?" Ariel asked as she started to feel a thin aura of black distorted energy around herself.

"Easy dear. Try not to be possessive." Joyce said, patting her head. "Think happy thoughts."

Ariel closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "If you ever want to battle after this is over, I'll accept. So what will it be?"

"Well… I will accept if you manage to beat me." Opal stated to her.

"Who the-What now?" Ariel asked, making a frustrated face. "Come on, this whole battle is pointless. And I told you, we risk Lovantis collapse."

"I know, so I will hold a Pokken Tournament if that is necessary."

"Pokken Tournament?" Ariel asked. "Isn't that a Switch game?"

"Yes, but why not make this into a scene?" Opal stated.

"Make what into a scene?" Ariel asked, not paying attention like so.

"Make our battle part of the tournament. It'll be like certain fighting animes or games." Opal explained. "Come on, it'll be fun and won't endanger the city. I'll set up the match area and I'll give you time to rescue your friends. Deal?"

"Alright then." Ariel nodded and thought of whether to just say goodbye or that she misses her. She closes her eyes and opened her mouth. "See you at the tournament… Mother."

"Well… Okay, this is… The first time we talked like normal family…" Opal stated, surprised she was called that. "It's quite nice. See you there." She said hanging up.

After that happened, Ariel sighed with a shaky feeling in her heart.

Sera slumped down, feeling drained from the monitoring of her emotions. "I've seen Aqua's sexed up thoughts in her head, Hana's slaverish ideas on certain Pokemon… But I've never seen anything more than your aggressiveness, Princess Ariel."

Joyce goes to Ariel. "Are you okay sweetie? How do you feel?"

The Manaphy looks like she was turning pale from her pride being cracked.

"Easy… Easy." Joyce said, hugging her deeply.

"I'm so confused of myself…" Ariel stated, sitting down in a chair.

"How so?" Joyce asked.

"I practically run on the hatred of Opal…" she started. "I could never stand how much she fights my mother and my city…"

Hana frowned and sighed as she went to Ariel's side. "But now you feel something else along or instead of your hatred? You mixed up inside?"

Ariel nodded and felt sad. "I didn't know talking to her, actually talking to her would feel.., feel so..-"

"Painful?" The Chikorita asked. "Heart-wrenching? Lovely?"

"It's complicated. Like multiple feelings. So yeah… I am really mixed up inside..."

"I bet. Regarding Opal, I can't condone what she's doing. But it must've been hard for her to be separated from her family." Sera said and then advised out. "Maybe we could hear her side of the story?"

"Maybe tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'm able to handle calling her again. I feel my emotions are mixed up. Sorry." Ariel stated. "I called you all here to help me against Opal… But now…"

"Hm?" Hana stated. "What were you expecting? An army? A small group of elite warriors?"

"I think she means she has a change of plans of what she wants now." Joyce said, "So what do you want now? I mean, I suppose you haven't really understood the Angel System's main element's potential."

"I.. I think I want our family to be back together." Ariel stated. "Deep down in my heart…"

Sera and Hana looked at each other and smiled. They then hug her lovingly.

Ariel shuddered from the warmth, as she started tearing up as Joyce joined the hug as well. The Manaphy hugs back and they all decide to sleep together.

'If Opal's suggesting a tournament, does that mean all her succubi is participating?' Sera thought, taking a moment to think about it. 'Including… Minerva?'

'Perfect opportunity to take your revenge on her for tricking and confusing you.' Hana said through her thoughts.

'Y-Yeah..' Sera thought before jolting at the realization. 'How are you able to read my thoughts?!'

Hana gestured towards Joyce the Mesprit.

'Well still, you're being rude!' Sera thought, before calming down. 'That is true, I can't help but notice she's kinda… alluring as well.' she thought with a blush.

Hana giggled as she nuzzled her, drifting off into the dream world. 'Sometimes we meet enemies we have to beat that makes us sexually excited as well. Don't be ashamed.'

Sera sighed before drifting off in sleep herself.

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