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Chapter 2: To Lovantis!

Everyone got prepared for their trip to Lovantis. They were to meet at the beach at noon so that's where they gathered.

"So we're gonna wait by the beach?" Ivy asked. "Is there a dock nearby?"

"Who knows? I just hope it doesn't get bumpy." The Kirlia stated, adjusting her blue skirt. She picked out a lovely outfit for her trip of yellow and white sungown, blue skirt and light grey heels. "Do you think this is a good outfit?"

"It sure is~. What about mine?" Aqua says and asks. She wore a light blue shirt with a pink hoodie with blue shorts and white & red sports shoes "Does this look tight?"

"It's nice Aqua~." Hana commented, wearing a green shirt with sunflower patterns, white shorts with light blue flip flops. "I can see your breasts are shaping from your shirt~."

Aqua blushed and was about to kiss her.

Then they hear a random voice calling out. "Whoowee~! Youse really know how to fill out a suit~!" A Poochyena yelled out to her mockingly.

"Well, I never!" Aqua huffed as she grasped the zipper sides of her hoodie coat.

"Ignore her, she's just trying to get a response." Ivy stated. She was wearing a pink singlet and black shorts with a pink skirt and pink flip-flops.

Aqua took a deep breath as she smiled. "Thanks girls~."

"I'm here." Ellie said as she wore a pink sweater vest and black pants. She also wore blue goggles.

"Hoping to go swimming soon~?" Aqua asked as she shows them the swimsuit she brought along for herself. It was a bikini with red, blue, yellow, green and white stripes.

"I do." Ellie said as she joined them. Her swimsuit revealing to be pink with hearts covering her nipples and crotch.

"That's quite a lot of skin showing Aqua~." Sera stated teasingly as she wore a modest one that looks like a highschool swimsuit.

"Aww, that's lame. You gotta let me make some adjustments to it~." Ivy pointed out, showing a few types of sewing scissors in her bag. "I'll make your back look exposed~!"

"Maybe, just don't make it so that any serpentine or jellyfish mutants can get me easily~." Sera stated.

They laughed and Junie was laying down, sunbathing. Ivy smirked as she moved some vines underneath the sand and moved them towards her.

They then surprise her by sliding into her swimsuit, tickling wherever they're covering her.

"Aaahh~.. Ivy~!" Junie yelped trying to defend herself. "What are you doing!?"

"Just teasing a little~." the Snivy smirked retreating her vines. "Sorry for the surprise attack~."

"No worries." She made a head count and noticed Brio isn't here yet. "Hey, where's Brio?"

"I think she's still getting her phone fixed after she accidentally dropped it from a high place." Aqua said.

"Had she backed up the data before the day she dropped started?" Sera asked. "Hopefully she had insurance too."

"As far as I'm concerned." Aqua said. "Her phone might be getting old."

"Well hopefully she gets here soon. 15 minutes to noon." Ellie said.

"I hope Ariel knows about the term, fashionably late." Hana said.

"It's rude to make a princess and friends wait though…" Sera said as she took out her book and opened it.

"You do realize, not all princesses are all snooty and uptight." The Chikorita argues.

"I never said they all are, but it's still rude to make others wait. Sorry if I offended you though." Sera apologized.

"It's okay." Hana smiles. "Don't forget, I'm sort of a princess too."

"We know~." She said and then notice Aqua and Ellie playing around the water.

"Hmm, I'm actually getting peckish." Ivy stated. "I'm going to the snack bar. Anyone want anything?"

"Just a drink." Sera said.

"Same here." Hana said.

"I'm not thirsty." Aqua said. "But just in case."

"Me too." Ellie said.

"I'll take a takoyaki. Spicy sauce please." Junie requested.

"Then I'll buy myself a karaage roll." Ivy said. She headed to the snack bar and purchased the snacks and drinks.

"Hey, Ellie?" Aqua asks. "Do you think we could've asked for grilled squid?"

"If you wanted that, we should've done so when she offered." Ellie pointed out.

Aqua made a slightly pale face and tilted her head down.

"I'll text her." Ellie said. She quickly sent an order for grilled squid to Ivy, hoping she hasn't paid for it yet.

Soon enough, Ivy got back with the food and drinks. She passed them down to her friend who paid her back for them.

Aqua got her grilled squid and it was huge. She also got a can of sakura lychee juice.

Ellie got a glass bottle of Hokkaido Milk. She couldn't help but chuckle. "Really?"

"It's a big enough bottle." The Snivy says. She handed her grilled squid also.

Ivy then goes to Junie to give her the takoyaki she wanted. "They called it the Russian takoyaki too."

The Mawile perked up, knowing what the russian-part leads to. There was a clear red takoyaki in the center. Junie felt nervous about it.

"I got you a drink too, just in case." She brought out a can of aloe and white grape juice with jelly. "Everyone enjoy~!"

They all nodded. "Itadakimasu~!" They enjoyed their treats.

Just then, a familiar Brionne came along. "I'm here~!" she cried out as she joined them.

"Brio~!" Ivy chimes. "Just in time too~. I bought you some aloe white grape juice~."

"Thank you." Brio said accepting the drink. She then notices Junie's takoyaki, especially the red one. "I actually didn't get the chance to eat yet~. Can I have one, Junie?" She took one before she can even answer.

After Brio popped it in her mouth, "Mm, it's very del-" she froze after consuming it.

Junie sweatdrops, feeling very nervous about this. "B-Brio?"

The Brionne said nothing as she opens her can of juice. She takes it to her mouth and starts drinking. Soon after she was done, Brio still felt her tongue burn from the spiciness.

"Do you need another drink?" Sera asked worried.

"Haah! Haah! Y-Yes!" Brio begged through her burning mouth.

Sera then rushes to get another drink for Brio. Namely more fruit juice and milk. She handed them to her so she can drink.

"If she wants, I could share my squid with her." Aqua said as Brio holds one cold drink in her mouth to let it cool down her tongue. She went to her and helped her out.

"Well hopefully she gets better." Ivy stated as she looked through her bag to make sure she got everything. "Toothbrush and toothpaste, extra clothes, New 3DS, Switch…"

"Isn't the 3DS passed its prime though?" Sera asked confused. "This labyrinth game was supposedly the last one."

Ivy froze and muttered. "There's also the 3D remake of the RPG game where two plumbers got sucked into the body of their worst enemy…"

"Really? Didn't heard." Junie said dropping her bag to the ground.

"It has his son lead an army of his siblings going after that green bean mage!" Ivy yelled as she starts shaking the Mawile.

"Whoa whoa, easy!" Junie said grabbing her. "I get it. Relax!"

Ivy panted, but still looks sad that the 3DS was being discontinued.

"Still it is a shame. I loved the mystery dungeon games, they were so cool~!" Sera stated. "I hope the next one on Switch will be announced one day…"

"But what about the one DS game that's to have its own remake with the plumbers going back in time, meeting their baby selves?"

"That would be cool." Junie stated as she reached in her bag and heard an unexpected noise. "What was that?"

The girls turned to Junie in confusion. "What happened?" Hana asked her.

"I heard a voice… in my bag?" Junie stated as she looked inside.

Aqua, Ellie and Hana got close together. "Is it a ghost!?" The Oshawott asked.

Junie then peered through the bag, moving things away. She then finds the source of the noise. She saw a small pink Greninja huddled near her pajamas. "Huh? When did I pack up a doll? Wait a minute, I don't own a doll!"

Aqua then came to Junie, wielding her scalchop. "It's that killer doll from the slasher film and you know it! I'll take care of it before she possesses us!" she started getting it ready.

"Move.." Sera moved over Junie and Aqua with a flat expression as she peered into Junie's bag and looked at the Greninja. "Girls, It's Sakura. Why are you in Junie's bag? For that matter, how did you get small enough to get in Junie's bag?"

"A ninja art, of course." Sakura said as she dusts herself off. "I want to go to Lovantis alongside Junie."

"I'd say, we all want to." Another unexpected voice called out. Out of Ellie and Ivy's bags came a small Zorua and Riolu respectively.

"Ack! More killer dolls! And it's the whole family with their kid having a split-gender-personality disorder!" Aqua screamed and activated her razor shell in axe form. Only to get blasted with lots of water coming from a water blaster operating from a Kirlia.

"One of these days, Aqua… One of these days…" Sera stated as she tossed the blaster to the side. "That's Alex and Jeane! And how are you two small?"

"Same technique by Sakura." Alex said. "We bribed her to do so~."

"You two~..." Ivy and Ellie said teasingly as they picked them up like little dollies.

Sera chuckled at the sight. "Really, you all went with stealth instead of asking~? It's crazy." She stated standing in front of her bag facing the group. "Are there any more Pokemon who's sneaking in each other's bags?" As she talks, small figures climb out of Sera's bag and in view of everyone but the Kirlia who has her back turned. "I would expect this from Sally, of course, but thankfully Frost is there to keep that little fluffball from trying any ideas."

As Sera finished talking, she notices her friends are trying to keep themselves from laughing with the Oshawott looking terrified. "Hm? What's so funny?" Sera then had a thought as she gently facepalms herself. "They're right behind me, aren't they..?" She then turned around.

"Hi Sera~." The small Eevee waved innocently.

"Yes, good day to you, Lady Sera." The tiny Alolan Vulpix bows.

"Even more killer dolls who can traumatize females in mental institutions who always speak some weird incantations!" Aqua stated carrying two long scachops like giant swords.

"Aqua, put down the swords and I promise you this~…" Sera said with a smile and does something with her hands involving hard groping and compressing and then milk spraying out before blowing a raspberry that sounds like something ran out of fluids.

The Oshawott puts her weapons down.

"Thank you. And hand me those DVDs!" Sera ordered holding her hand out.

Aqua turns pale when she said that. "But I didn't bring them along..."

Sera didn't say anything, just kept her hand out waiting.

Aqua mumbled sadly and empties her bag. Various cases involving a serial killer doll spilled out, including the remake where the killer doll became sentient and not possessed by the soul of a psychopath.

The Kirlia picked them up and looked over them, giving the Oshawott a glare.

The Oshawott stared at her a bit before she went into her jacket and took out a hidden DVD case and handed it to her.

"Come on, all of it..!" Sera said as she demands strip search as well. She freezes Aqua in place with her psychic as she performed a full body search on her. "You have a serious problem when it comes to watching horror violence." The kirlia stated as she looked all over her. "What did I say about watching horror flicks when it can affect your mental state?"

"That it'd make me speak like the killer?" Aqua asked as she finishes.

"You're coming with me to Angel Therapy when this is over." Sera announced taking the tapes and putting them away behind her, but not landing on the ground.

"I'm sorry, Sera…" Aqua muttered.

"It's okay, but you're still going to therapy, and that's final." she said as she goes towards the small Eevee and Alolan Vulpix. "Let me guess, Sakura's ninja techniques?"

"Actually, Venus just made these special drinks." Sally said showing a small six pack of one blue and one red canned drinks. "The blue ones shrunk and the red ones grow~! They grow alongside us too."

Ivy perks up and rushes to them. "Just like in the superhero movie where this one hero who commands ants, shrinks when he uses red and blue when he grows!"

"But the blue shrinks and the red grows." Jeane stated sitting on Ivy's shoulders.

"Hey, Jeane. Your small sizes remind me of those Mobile Dolls in Gundam!" Hana added.

"That also remind me of a storybook where a girl drinks a drink and gets small enough to go into a small door after falling down a rabbit hole." Ellie commented.

"Speaking of those fairytales, did you know they had animated films in the 1900s, but then later around 2000s they start to get sequels or midquels and prequels?" Hana said.

"That is interesting." Aqua giggled.

"Moving on, I expected this out of you Sally, but Frost?" She looked at the ice type. "How can you let her do that?" Sera asked calmly as to not scare or make them feel bad.

"I didn't want to make her sad since she loves seeing you." Frost said. "Plus… she gave me the pleading face…" The Alolan Vulpix stated twiddling her thumbs.

Sera widened her eyes and looks at Sally who waves at her cutely. "Oh yes, I know that look…"

"Pleading face?" Brio asked confused.

"I do not wish to talk about it to you." Frost mumbled to Brio.

"Oh come on, so it's a cute face. How bad can it be?" The Brionne stated as she turned to the Eevee.

Sera and Frost looked at each other and they decide to wait for Brio to come back afterwards.

As if tempting fate, Brio jolted at the unbelievable sight. The Eevee had a small frown, her eyebrows curled upwards in a crescent shape, with sad, sparkling eyes.

She then ran back to them, panting in cold sweat.

"So?" Sera asked crossing her arms. "How was she?"

Brio shivered as she looked at them. "Don't… get me… started..!" Brio said as she was in disbelief. 'Unbelievable! With a face like that, she can practically end a war!'

Frost and Sera chuckled. 'She is good with that~.. I understand why you submitted.' Sera said to the small Vulpix on her shoulder.

She blushed but smiled at her comment.

Sera went and placed Sally on her other shoulder so they were both sitting on her.

Sooner or later, Ariel came along. "Ah, you girls are all here. That's great~." She then notices the smaller girls on their shoulders. "Did you two get dolls? They're cute."

"Oh, they aren't dolls." Aqua said.

"Hi~!" The small pokemon spoke out at once.

"Oh, they can talk!?" The Manaphy gasped. "It's like that movie when the kids and adults aren't around, toys come to life and talk about things. I'm actually surprised there was a 4th movie."

"Yeah, but the ending was more bittersweet than the last one…" Aqua said as she looked down.

"There there~." Hana patted her back. "Anyway, they intended to sneak in our bags and go to Lovantis with us. So unless they need invitations themselves, what say you about them coming with us?"

"I didn't mind you all bringing guests, all they had to do was ask me. I did meet them when I spent the night with you all." Ariel pointed out. "I even got to know them along the way~." She said remembering some moments with them such as being in the shower or around the strip club.

"Yay~! We can go!" Sally said cheerfully. "We should probably go to full size now."

"Wait! What about your own luggage?" Ellie notes.

All the mini-angels got their bags on their sides. "No problem!"

"Oh, you shrunk your luggage too." The Espurr said.

"Those spells and drinks are amazing." Sera commented as they quickly got off and each went back to their normal size.

Sally then went to hug Sera who accepts her hug. Frost went to hug them together and Sera took a look at Frost's fox ears, noticing the fluff within. 'I gotta pet them~... I'll offer her to sit in front of me~.' She then reaches out her hand to touch their heads, petting them both gently.

Ariel smiles and sees Sakura. "Welcome Sakura. Did you had a good day?"

"You could say that~..." The pink Greninja said as she rubs her arm.

"So how are we gonna get there? Is there a boat that's gonna appear?" Sera asked.

"I have my ways~." Ariel said as she presses a button on a car key-like device.

There was a small rumbling and at the sea rose a large Lapras like submarine that also looks like a yacht.

Everyone stares in awe at the design. "Now that is a way to travel~!" Brio said in amazement as she runs to the submarine with her arms out like wings.

"Easy Brio, there's no need to rush~." Aqua said going towards the sub with Hana following behind.

Sera sighs. "Some things never change~." She held Sally and Frost's hand as they walked to the sub.

Junie and Sakura held hands themselves and walk to the submarine.

Ellie was playfully keeping Alex from messing with her chest as they headed over as well.

Jeane was carrying Ivy in her arms bridal style. The Snivy snuggling to her.

Ariel watches them and sighed. "I wish Joyce could've followed me." She took out a picture of her Mesprit girlfriend. "I'll see her again soon enough though." She says as she enters the sub to the pilot room.

*Inside the Lapras Submarine*

The girls all gasped at the dining room area willed with luxurious plates, silverware, and fancy tables and chairs.

"It's so huge~!" Aqua gasped as she looks around.

"So beautiful." Sera says.

"This is a yacht, so it's no surprise, but still~.." Ellie stated.

"It's a submarine~!" Ivy yelled out.

"I'm glad you all are enjoying this so far." Ariel stated as she directs them to the game room. They were in awe at the sight of various game systems and other fun activities.

"Whoa~..." Aqua glances around the systems from old to new. "Wait, you have a PS-Classic~!?"

"Even the Super NES Classic Edition~." Ariel stated proudly. "It also first released the unreleased Star Fox 2 game~!"

"Awesome!" Ivy cried out as she bolted towards the nearest one. Which was the super slim PS3. "It's a shame that certain consoles are discontinued… they had such great games~...!"

"Even some that were exclusive to consoles. I understand it costs less, but I had to either wait a long time or buy the system to play the game I like." Brio stated.

"Well, they did remaster that ghost-catching game based on the movies and it was a third sequel to the original two movies." Aqua said before turning to Sera. "By the way, those two movies and its reboot aren't that scary!"

"If you're trying to talk your way out of Angel Therapy, you might as well try and take on a Lugia bare bottomed, cause it's not gonna happen!" Sera stated.

"To be fair, Ms. Sera," Ariel states. "Luigi's Mansion is not that scary a series either."

"I think she was talking about Ghostbusters, not Luigi's mansion." Sera stated.

"Well, I'm gonna watch Aquaman in the movie room." Ariel said as she was about to leave. "Other than those Thor movies, Aquaman is my favorite superhero movie so far~."

"Do you have a training room somewhere?" Junie asked.

"Yes, we labeled the doors to specify each room." Ariel lead the group towards the training room and opened it.

The room had all the essentials in training them. "Whoa…." They all stated in amazement.

Aqua and Ellie looks around in awe. "This looks great and all, but I'd like to eat and relax~." The Oshawott said.

"Okay, I'll have my cooks come and prepare something." Ariel said as she headed off. "Everyone enjoy~." But then she stops and hands them a pizza menu. "Oh, and if you like pizza, I have this menu for custom toppings those Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles like to randomly put on~."

"Maybe we can ease up with all these references?" Sera said, "It's getting a bit much."

"Why? Doesn't anyone love entertainment?" Ariel asked. "I did hear you surface dwellers like to watch all of this."

"Doesn't mean we should keep going all the way to the end. Ease up a little." The Kirlia pointed out.

"Alright." Ariel mumbled and went to the movie room. "Just do you know, this will be a 9-hour drive."

"Good thing we have things to do~.." Brio said with a grin as each of them split off as Ariel talks to the cooks about preparing lunch.

"I'll have a bluefin tuna sashimi special!" Aqua orders.

"If we're sharing, I would like some milk pudding ala mode~." Ellie says.

"I'll take a caesar salad with reduced fat dressing if you please." Sera requested.

The rest of them made their orders and the chefs all nodded, going to cook.

"I'll be going to train a little bit. See ya girls." the Mawile stated as she headed off, checking the lines for the movie room to find Ariel. "But first~."

She then finds her seeing one of the good parts in the movie. "Ariel, I'm sorry to interrupt your movie, but I made you something for us to share before our food gets here."

"Oh really?" Ariel asked interested.

Junie nodded and brought out a wrapped box. "I've made these cookies~."

She smiled, "If you can cook, why didn't you offer to cook alongside the chefs?"

"I would, but for some reason, Aqua and Ellie were blocking my way to the kitchen door." Junie grumbled. "They even looked nervous for some reason."

Ariel nods understandably. "I see, well don't worry~. I'd like to try some of your cookies~." Ariel said kindly. 'That's awfully rude of them to do that, why would they?' She then takes one cookie in her hand and was about to put it in her mouth.

There was a noise on screen and the movie showed a battle scene. "Awesome, this is the best part~!" She then waved her arms, accidentally throwing the cookie.

The Mawile groaned at that. "Maybe during lunch.." she mumbled to herself as she then leaves. She then finds Sakura waiting for her by the door.

"Oh, hi Sakura~. How are you doing?"

"I was wondering if I can spend some time with you in the training room~?" The pink Greninja asks her shyly.

"Aww, of course~." Junie stated pressing against her a little. She then holds her hand and takes her to the training room.

They saw various training gear in the room. From weight lifts and treadmills and boxing speed and punching bags.

"I don't suppose there's other training to help me with a certain problem..?" Sakura asked, gulping a little. They then noticed another door to the right of the area.

"What problem?" Junie asks with a confused expression.

"My sister being dominant on me…" Sakura stated, "She's coming after me."

Junie widened her eyes a little. "You mean… Neoma?"

Sakura nods her head, "And… there's a chance…" she shivered saying with her voice starting to break.

"Sakura?" Junie asked showing concern.

"Sh-She's gonna rape me to make me pregnant…" she sobbed.

Junie jolted at the news. "Wh-What?!" she asked shocked. "H-How can she even think of that!?"

"I don't know, she's been obsessive with me ever since I was a froakie. She's always possessive and clingy."

"Sakura…" The Mawile muttered as she embraces her lovingly.

The Greninja was surprised at the action. "I-I thought you would be angry at what you heard."

"I'm more angry at your sister than at you." Junie said as she nuzzles her lovingly. "She shouldn't be allowed to do that, can't you talk to your mother about that?"

"I did, but she doesn't listen." Sakura said, tearing up.

"So your training is to prepare for the pounding?" Junie asked. "Or are you asking me to help you on having a baby before your sister?"

Sakura blushes on that question, face actually showing a different color. "I-I just want comfort from you so I can gain some confidence in being molested by my sister…"

"I understand, maybe you can also talk to someone about pregnancy and that can help us?" Junie advises as she wipes her tears away.

"Who can I talk to that can help us with that?" The pink Greninja asks worriedly.

"Well, my friends, Sera, Aqua and their families would know."

Sakura looks downward still worried.

"I understand this is gonna be hard, but I'm not gonna leave you for this. I do appreciate you being strong enough to tell me this~." Junie said and looks at the training equipment. "Want to take some stress out with this training and then we have some time for each other?"

She smiled at the Mawile and hugged her. "Thank you, and yes~." They then train together.

"Just try to inform me beforehand when it happens okay?" Junie asked and she nods.

Aqua and Hana were talking to each other about having a baby one day. They were sitting in the lounge, having tea.

"So what do you think?" Aqua asked. "What name should we give to her if she's a full female or herm?"

"Hmm… Lily?" Hana suggested. "That is, if she's a Chikorita and a full female."

"Hmm, nah.. Too easy, Let's try to keep it from being obvious. How about Sasha?" Aqua suggested. "If she's a herm Oshawott?"

They continue to think until a light bulb flashed over their heads. "Rika and Nene~!" they cheered at the same time. They then hug each other tight and firmly and kissed together. Hana pressed Aqua on her back on the couch as they murmured gently. The Chikorita strokes her cheek and then her chest.

"Haney~..." Aqua murred gently, holding her hand as their rings were shown. They then kiss more passionately with their tongues twisting around each other. She embraced her and held her close to her.

"Getting ahead of yourselves for the future~?" Sera asks with a smirk. They looked and saw her recording their little make out session.

Aqua and Hana blushed but giggled. "Want to join us~?"

"Another time, I'm gonna be playing a game with Frost, and when I win, I want to pet her ears~.." Sera stated excitedly as she walks away.

Aqua and Hana smiled at each other again and continued their make out session. Hana stared deeply into Aqua's eyes and brought out her vines to slide in her clothes.

"Aaahh~..." Aqua moaned out from the vines rubbing her.

The Chikorita smirks, thinking she could just strip Aqua naked. 'Why think~?' She then separated Aqua's clothes from her body.

Everyone gasps when she did that. Hana then bound Aqua to the couch with her vines, making them continue to rub around her body and tickle at her nipples and clitoris. "You look so adorable bounded up like that~.." Hana said winking.

Aqua blushed and stares at Hana's clothing. "You oughta be naked too, Haney~."

"I could, but I'm feeling like seeing you helpless as I molest you~.." She said squeezing around her breast with her paws.

"Eee~... no fair, Haney~..!"

"You love it when you're in my grasp~.." Hana licks her lips in enjoyment. She then has her vines grew non-pointy thorns on their tips. She started to tease them and prodded at her nipples and clit.

"Eeek~!" Aqua squealed as they poked her most sensitive pink buds.

"Aww, so adorable." Hana teases and has her vines tug at Aqua's nipples. "Feel the wrath of the princess of rape~."

"Aahh~!" she squirmed as she struggled playfully. Aqua then felt them twist them and they raise into the air a little. "You're twisting me up tightly~!"

"That I am dear~... That I am~.." Hana smirked as she keeps twisting and tugging them upwards.

Hana smiled as she laid on top of her and nuzzled her cheek. She then took off her clothes and let the vines let go of Aqua's nipples. She pressed themselves together and kissed her cheek.

"Teehee~... You're always so sweet~..." Aqua giggles.

"So are you~.." Hana stated as she continues to fondle and caressed her body.

Ellie and Alex chuckle at what they're doing. "Of course~..." Ellie giggled as they also heard some noise in the game room.

*In the game room*

Frost and Sera was playing a battle-for-all game with the Vulpix fidgeting from being devastated from the Kirlia's skill.

"Urrk..!" Frost growled. "What were those two words you Pokemon say? Rage quit? Whatever it is, ugh!" she stated as she quit the game and dropped the controller, thankfully not aggressively.

Sera felt a little bad and sweatdropped sheepishly. "Eheheh… I'm sorry about that." She stated as she stated. "I thought you were good at this game."

"I am, but I did not prepare for your favorite Smasher to be well-developed in stats!"

"I see. Well we can play something a little more teamlike in a few minutes~." Sera stated.

"Such as?" Frost asked.

"I know some racing games that involve tag team racing. There's also games where we need to work together to solve things." Sera pointed out listing the games.

"Don't fighting games also have team-ups?" The White Vulpix notifies.

"Yes, they do~." Sally said as she was sitting between them. "We could at least tag-team against Sera."

"O-Or we can work together against computers."

The Eevee giggled and nuzzles on Frost.

"On that matter, you forfeit, so you lost our deal~.." Sera's eyes gleamed. "So I get to pet your ears~!"

Frost blushed and looks away in embarrassment. "I was hoping you would forget…"

Reluctantly, Frost then sat down behind Sera. Frost notices the Kirlia had her arms and hands out and ready. "Just be gentle..! Please, be very gentle..!"

"Don't worry." Sera stated as she readied her hands. "I'll try~."

"I mean it, they're delicate! So as gentle as you never been gentle before!" Frost told her.

Sally sweatdrops worriedly as she had petted her ears before and considered warning Sera about it. 'She's very sweet, I'm sure she'll be gentle~.'

The Kirlia then sighs and took deep breaths as she keeps getting ready, leaving the Alolan Vulpix suspenseful.

About 10 seconds later, the fox realized that her psychic wife hasn't touched her ears yet and the suspense was getting too much. "Well, what are you waiting for!? Just get it over with already!" Frost yelled, shaking her fists up and down with a blushing face.

"O-Oh sorry!" Sera jolted from the reaction. 'O-Okay.. Here goes…' She placed her hands on Frost's ears.

The Alolan Vulpix flinched as she still flushed red with shut eyes. She shivered as she strokes them lightly.

The Kirlia meanwhile was amazed at how soft her ears felt in her palms. 'The fluffiness of her ears… are even better than the tail~!' Sera thought as she sighed adorably. 'It's like putting on mittens made out of clouds~!'

Frost cringed as she felt like shaking her head. 'This is so embarrassing…!' She shuddered a little from the sensation though. "D-Don't go out of control okay?!"

Sally giggled at the scene, 'She looks so adorable when embarrassed~..' But then she notices Sera's fingers about to touch the fluff in her ears.

"Just let me get the feel of your inner fluff okay?" she asked as her fingers moved towards the inside. Sally jolted at the scene. "Wait, Sera, that's not-"

It was too late as the Kirlia slipped her fingers inside. Frost froze as if a small jolt of electricity pass by her and became figuratively pale when she felt her ears being entered even by a little bit.

"Ah..!" Sera jolted as her and Sally's face showed nervousness. "F-Frost?" Sera asked shakingly.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" The Alolan Vulpix screamed loud enough to shake the submarine. That screamed disturbed everyone on board as Ariel burst out of the movie room.

"Alright, who disturbed my movie time..?" The Manaphy asked seriously with her glaring eyes being cornered by two black bars.

She walked towards the game room, only to notice some snow leaking from within.

Ariel widened her eyes and twitched one of them. 'W-Why is there snow in the game room? One of my favorite rooms…!?' She thought as she tries not to snap. She then opens the door to investigate.

She then sees a Vulpix covered in a blanket with a Kirlia and Eevee shivering from the cold.

Despite the cold, the Kirlia went on her hands and knees, bowing to frost. "I'm terribly sorry, Mrs. Frost!" Sera stated as the Vulpix had her back turned to her. "I'm truly very honestly so sorry! Please forgive me!"

"Mmrrmm…" Frost sulked in her covers. "Hhm!" Her cheeks were pouting as she closed her eyes.

"Can somebody tell me what in Kyogre's name happened here…!?"

Sally went to the Manaphy. "Sorry, I neglected to mention Frost's sensitive inner ears before Sera started rubbing them."

Ariel kept silent as she still twitched her eyes. "W-Well, she disturbed my movie moment."

"Oh, we're sorry. You can continue it now." Sally said as she looked back as the Kirlia was still apologizing.

"I feel really bad, it's all my fault. Tell me what I can do to make you feel better!" Sera suggested to her.

Frost mumbled and looks at Sera. "You'll do anything?"

"Yeah, of course." The Kirlia answered with a nod.

"Well, I don't suppose you'll allow Dear Sally and I to have a session with you?"

Sera blushes at the request. "Of course, how do you want it?"

"I would like to shove into your posterior." Frost said. "And also rub your bow-like horns."

She blushes and trembles a little at that. "They're quite sensitive… but it is fair, since I accidently made you shriek."

Frost nodded and then sees Sally still apologizing to Ariel.

"Well, I suppose accidents happen, just try to be more careful okay?" she stated towards the three. "But how will all this snow be cleared up?"

Sera uses her psychic to lift the snow up and moved it out of the game room, intending to dump it in the bathroom. "Good thing there wasn't any getting on the systems."

"Yes, good thing…" Ariel said nearly-bitterly.

"Again, I'm really sorry about the disturbance, but you can just resume watching the movie you know." Sera pointed out.

"Of course, I can." Ariel nods and leaves to go back to her movie.

'So why didn't you do that instead of looking bitter?' Sera thought as she saw Sally and Frost came to her.

"Because I like my stuff." Ariel answered.

Sera shrugged as she saw Sally held both of their arms together.

"Hey Sera, I want to know something." Sally spoke to them.

"What is it?" The Kirlia asks.

The Eevee blushed a little. "When would you like to start a family~?"

Sera widened her eyes at that question. "Wh-Wha~..!?"

"Lady Sally, what's your reasoning to ask that~?" Frost asked, just as embarrassed as Sera is.

"Well, I maybe underaged, but I'd still love to raise a few kits together with the two of you one day~." Sally stated with a smile. "We always hear about how Aqua and Hana want a family, and how Junie and Sakura will have one one day… I just want to know when will it be our time~.."

Sera smiles slowly, but understandably. "Well… I suppose when we all graduate from high school~." The Kirlia answered.

The Eevee giggles and nuzzles Sera lovingly. "I hope for a Vulpix, Eevee and Ralts for us~."

Sera blushed and nuzzles her back. "I hope so too even if you mean triplets~."

Frost smiles as she embraced them both together.

Suddenly, they heard the dinner bell ringing. "Ah, dinner's ready~.." Sally cheered as she was about to go, but she found her body unable to move as she's stuck in a running stance.

"I just hope it wasn't partially ruined by…" Sera gulped when she was about to mention Frost's scream. "Anyway, you got to wash up little lady."

Sally nods and they went to wash their hands. Sera and Frost did the same as they also washed their faces.

They all then got to a big table. Aqua and Hana got redressed after their love session. Soon everyone was there as they waited for dinner.

"Wait, does Ariel even have chefs in the submarine here?" Ellie asked suddenly. "Who's cooking?"

"You didn't think the sub was operated on autopilot, did you?" Ariel asked. "Well it is, I have a set A.I. to deliver us to Lovantis all the time~!"

"An A.I., how nice…" Ellie mumbled. 'Why does it always have to be an A.I.?!'

"Anyway, I do have some chefs on board in the kitchen cooking dinner for all of us." Ariel states as she claps her hands to get their attention.

A group of Azumarils came walking out of a kitchen door, carrying silver trays in covers. They then pass each one to the Pokemon who ordered which meal and opened up each one.

Gasps filled the room as they look at the sight of the prepared plate.

"Oh my goodness~!" Aqua says in awe. "They look so fancy~!"

"I never seen salad prepared and shaped like this~.." Sera stated in amazement.

"Neither have I with pudding~!" Ellie states herself.

"Ariel, all of this is amazing~!" Brio stated happily.

"Thank you~." The Manaphy nods. "Oh nearly forgot." Ariel took out Junie's box. "Junie told me she baked these cookies, so let's share 'em~!"

Everyone, but Junie and Sally, the latter doesn't understand the situation turned pale when they saw that box. "D… D.. Did you say… Junie baked them?" Ivy asked visibly shaking.

"Yes, I did." Ariel said. "I was going to try them but I got caught up in my movie."

"Junie, you did taste test them before packing them right?" Sera asked urgently.

"Why do I need to do that?" The Mawile asked. "I'm confident I made them to be delicious~! Plus, it'd be selfish if I take the first bite myself."

'You're not the one who took the first bite at the campsite! Aqua tried to warn me against it too…!' Sera thought as she tries to argue. "I don't know what Junie said, but you shouldn't eat those cookies. Trust me." Sera said to Ariel.

"Why not? They look good enough to eat." The Manaphy said.

"I'm not joking, it's dangerous!" Sera pressed on. "They might ruin our appetites..!"

"Nonsense! Let's enjoy." Ariel took a bite of one of the cookies, making everyone freeze in horror.

Ariel soon shot open her eyes and seemingly still maintain her smile.

"Y-You okay? I can use some healing moves on you!" Hana stated urgently.

"M-My apologies~..." Ariel shakingly says as she goes to the bathroom. "I-I'll be right back~..." She tries to keep a strong stance as she headed into the bathroom.

Everyone sweatdropped when they saw that and looked at Junie. They all gave her a stern look. "Got anything to say about that?" Ellie asked.

Junie said nothing as she observed her cookies.

"Junie?" Brio asked.

The Mawile then scratches her head, looking clueless. "I wonder where have I gone wrong?"

"Never taste testing your food is one thing." Sera stated. "But letting the princess of the sea tasting one and suffer a stomachache is quite another."

"Come on, it could've been worse." Junie stated.

Sera groaned as she knows there's only one way to show her how bad her cooking is. She takes a cookie and bites into it. She jolted for a second, and the next thing, she was on the ground, eyes in a spiral shape.

Everyone sweatdropped again.

"Sure enough, one strike and she's out." Hana muttered.

"S-Sera, please don't go into the light!" Sally pleaded. "I love you!"

"It's okay, she just fainted." Frost stated as she looked at Junie. "Now do you see the risk of your cooking Miss Junie?!"

Junie was still observing her cookies and looks at them questionably. "Did you say something?"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SAY SOMETHING?!" The girls stated angrily.

Soon, Ariel came out from the bathroom. "Sheesh, so she is that trope where she's beautiful, but a terrible cook."

"Ugh, you're just jealous!" Junie said. "You all have children's tongues!" She then sits in her seat to have her meal in a huff.

The Kirlia meanwhile, shakingly got up from the floor, face still looking pale. 'Worst… mistake… I ever made in my life..' she then goes to the bathroom herself. "I need a minute.."

"I hope this doesn't ruin our meals…" Aqua said with a frown. Soon enough, everyone was able to sit and eat their meals.

Afterwards, they all finished and sighed in enjoyment of their dinner. "I'm going to be going to the hot springs room~." Sera commented as she got up.

"Me too~." Aqua says as she follows Sera.

"We're coming too~." Sally stated as Frost followed behind.

"Oooh~!" Ariel chimes as she goes into her slime form. "Let's all have a hot springs harem~!"

"Hot spring harem?" Ellie asked. "You mean we all go together?"

"Of course, it's big enough for 20 guest~." Ariel stated as she bounced into Ellie's arms and has the top of her head be covered in her breasts.

The Espurr chuckled as everyone nodded at the idea.

"Alright then, let's go!" Ariel cheered as they all headed to the hot springs.

Soon, everyone stripped off their clothes and became naked altogether. They entered and sighed at the warm steam as they all entered the bath.

Ariel was floating around, ogling everyone's tits around her.

"I suppose if I could shapeshift into something small, I would like to take peeks too sometimes~." Sera stated taking Ariel and hugging her a little. "You doing okay after that incident~? Not sick, are you?"

"I'm feeling fine~..." Ariel swooned from the feeling of Sera's chest presses against her, looking like she was literally melting in bliss in her slime form.

The Kirlia chuckled as she squeezed her boobs to her a little bit, actually enjoying Ariel's form on her skin. Even in the warm waters, she felt cool and refreshing on her body.

"Okay, better share you with others~.." Sera gently set Ariel back down into the water. "Thank you for the hug, Ariel~.."

"My pleasure~." Ariel nodded and then sees Aqua and Hana kissing together.

'Geez, do they ever get tired of being lovey-dovey with each other~?' Ariel thought as she swims towards them with great interest.

"Aqua, you know we don't have to kiss every hour you know~?" Hana stated holding her tenderly.

"I know, but I love you so much, Haney~." Aqua chimes as she rubs her breasts against the Chikorita's. Then they felt something coming in between them. They looked down and saw a certain light blue blob touching their sides.

"Ariel~..." Hana said teasingly, pushing on her head a little, "You could've said hi~."

"I know, but you two look so sexy together~." Ariel chimes cutely and jumps a little. "I want in between your titties~!"

"Oh all right~.." Aqua lifted Ariel up and squeezed her between her and Hana's breasts.

The Manaphy sighs as she felt compressed between two soft pillows made of a smooth, moist material. The slime face had a cute pink blush. She felt heated up, but kept cool due to her slime body.

"I actually have to ask, how are you able to turn into a slime?" Hana asked.

"Oh, that. It's magic, TLDR." Ariel answered a bit simply.

"Well it is pretty cool. About the chopsticks a week ago, can you store things in you?" Aqua asked.

"But of course~." Ariel said as she then slides out a mask from her mouth-like area.

"Whoa~..." they stated at the action. "You don't even choke from it?" Aqua asked, "That's crazy~!" she cheered.

"Yes, and if possible, I could even wrap myself around a Pokemon~."

They look surprised at that. "Hope you don't get offended, but you do have another storage right?" Hana asked.

"Another storage?" The Manaphy asked.

"Wouldn't putting someone in you be dangerous?" Aqua asked.

"Don't worry~." Ariel assures. "I'm completely breathable when I once done it with my girlfriend~."

"Ah, how is she by the way~?" Aqua asked.

Ariel stops as she was asked that question.

"You haven't called her?" Aqua asked noticing the pause.

"I occasionally do." She answered. "Privately though." She sighs as she decides to talk about why they love each other so much. "She is very special to me."

Aqua smiles as she knows how to feel to meeting someone special.

As she and Hana listen on, they soon hear the end.

"Like a bubbly hot geyser~!" Ariel finished as she was daydreaming about Joyce.

"Whoa~..." Aqua and Hana gasped as they masturbated a little from Ariel's story. "You two sound like such sweethearts~."

"We are~..." Ariel nods as her slime form swooningly melted for Aqua and Hana to stretch her like taffy.

They giggled as they start to pull her a little.

"Oooh~... just so you know, I don't feel any pain in slime form~." Ariel informed them.

They nodded and decide to play with her form a little before asking the girls to join in on the fun.

Everyone giggled as they went and grab hold of her.

"Inform us if it gets too much okay?" Ellie asked as she uses her tits to grab and pull Ariel..

"Will do~." Ariel stated as she felt herself being pulled from all sides. She looks like she's becoming into a clear trampoline.

The girls laughed at the scene, finding it quite amusing at her elasticity. They all then decide to press her back to her blob-like form, smothering her in each other's breasts altogether.

"She's quite a sight~.."Sakura giggled as they all hugged around her.

'Took the words right out of my mouth~.' She thought as she was being embraced by a group of lovely girls.

Some even pressed her top and bottom like jello.

'Aaahhh~... I'm in heaven once more~... With bountiful mountains and peaks~..' Ariel swoons and feels warm around her body.

Though eventually, all good things must come to an end as the girls finished their bath.

After wiping themselves dry, Ariel had an idea to the big bedroom. "Hey, how about we all remain naked and be in the biggest bedroom of this sub~!?"

"Whoa, you have a very large bed?" Aqua asked curious.

"Just wait till you all see~!" Ariel says as she delicately walks to the room nude.

The girls smiled as they followed her, some carrying their wives in their arms.

Soon they all saw how impressively regal and huge it looks. It was a large heart shaped bed with an impressive decor on the wall. Some gold orbs and ribbons accessorized the bed.

"Wow~..." The girls gasped in amazement. "Beautiful~."

Ariel then walks to the bed and sits on it a bit, winking at them to try and tackle her in bed.

Seeing the cue, all the girls went and tackled her all at once.

Ariel and everyone gasps and feels their naked bodies smothering each other. 'Uwaaah~...! They all feel so warm and soft~...!' She swoons in her thoughts.

"You get so worked up easily~..." Junie stated. "You must be like Aqua in so many ways~."

"Really? I'm like her~?" Ariel asked looking at the Oshawott who was fawning around her breasts. The Manaphy smiles and strokes her head. "You might be right about that~."

Hana smiles and feels around Ariel's skin. "Your skin feels like it's jello~."

She smiled and giggled as the Chikorita rubs her over. "Expected of being a Manaphy~."

Ariel then looks at Sally and Frost. The former taking a Flareon form for the night. She smiles at all the soft, warm fur she has around her body.

Frost shuddered a little from Sally's warm body pressed against her colder one, but doesn't move away at all.

Ariel chuckles as she wants to feel the fluffy fur herself. "Frost, may I fluff your tail~?"

Frost blushes and stammers. She remembered when the Kirlia rubbed it the last time and it stimulated her so much. She then held her ears nervously. "Please, don't touch inside my ears…"

"I promise I won't touch your ears. I just want to fluff your tail~.." Ariel assure. 'Though it didn't sound like that was a traumatizing scream earlier though~...'

Ariel also looks at the Flareon. "I would also like to feel your chest fluff if you don't mind~?"

"Sure~.." Sally said happily, tail wagging. She and Frost went to Ariel and embrace her affectionately.

She blushes from the embrace as she uses her hands to rub Sally's front fur and Frost's tail fur.

Both foxes sigh and and murmur from her soft, smooth touch.

'Why does the rubbing at my ears and tail feel so good~?' Frost thought shuddering and murmuring. 'I-I can't be similar to Ellie…! Can I…!?"

She took a look at the Espurr who was gently trying to keep the Zorua from petting her sensitive spots. "Alex, no stop...!" She argued quietly. "You know what happens when I'm touched here and there…!"

Alex grins as she starts licking her neck. "But that is what makes you special~.. You shouldn't be embarrassed by that~." She then strokes and muzzle on her fluffy tail. "It brings out the real you~."

"R-Real me?" Ellie asked blushing as she tried to move her tail away. "That's nonsense! I don't always meow and purr like a submissive little kitten!"

"Everyone always try to act tough and gritty, thinking being macho is where it's act." Alex stated, shaking her head.

Ariel chuckles at the scene.

"I don't mind needing to be strong to face hardships and tough situations, but you can't keep wearing your armor forever." Alex stated reaching to her head and strokes it left and right.

Ellie cringes as she felt her submissive self showing. "B-But that makes me feel weak..." she shakes her head, trying to fight it, but then she let out a moaning meow.

"Ellie, how do you think I'm able to beat opponents that are stronger than me?" Alex asked her.

"N-Nyaaah~..?" Ellie meowed out.

"I use my cuteness to deceive them. I get them to relax, let their guard down, and when the time is right, I strike." The Zorua stated holding Ellie's tail and grasps it firmly, making the Espurr give into her cute submissive attitude. "So don't be afraid, Ellie. Be your real self~. Be the cute little kitten you are~..."

"Mmmeeeooowww~..." Ellie meowed happily, nuzzling the Zorua's cheek.

Ariel giggles and decides to get the cameras from their smartphones out. "Who wants to flash into the cameras~?"

"I rather not…" Sera stated, blushing. "It's too embarrassing… Can't we just pose cutely?"

Ariel just gave her a bored expression and snaps a photo of herself naked. "There, it's not so hard~."

"Easy for you to say, but-" Sera says but gets interrupted when she sees Aqua and Hana spreading their legs wide-open, showing some pink in their pussies. 'There is no decency in this group…'

"Sera, come on~." Aqua says. "It'll be fun~!"

"Aqua, we always go with flash selfies.." Sera complained. "But even if it's from the princess, I-" The Kirlia was then met with a begging expression which Aqua tried replicating from Sally.

"Wha! Aqua, no! Not the begging expression. Sally already claimed that!" Sera exclaimed and was then bombarded with everyone doing that expression, making her feel uncomfortably wracked with guilt-tripping. "Nnngh…! Stop…!" she tried to look away, but everyone kept coming to her with that expression. "Please…! Stop it…! I can only take so much of those cute… looks…!" she closed her eyes in a last ditch effort to block out the faces.

"But Sera~..." Sally says sadly.

'Oh no… not her…' the Kirlia thought shivering. 'Anyone… but Sally..!' She then blushed and leaked pre. 'Dang it body, don't betray me!' She thought looking at her body.

Ellie, Sakura and Junie came along and held her body a little. "Ah!" She yelped as she saw Sally pressed against her front, facing her as she was lying on the bed.

"Pleeeaaassse~...?" The Flareon let out a long beg.

"B-But I- Mmmfff~.." Sera tries to protest but then two more begging faces show around her, Frost and Ariel. The burning sensation flared around her hips and she couldn't hold it anymore. She embraced Sally and kissed her passionately. "Alright~... as long as pictures including me aren't posted."

"Promise~..." Ariel stated as they got out their cameras.

They then snap photos of themselves groping each other, holding them in humiliating positions, showing their private areas, and look like they're about to mate together. Everyone was laughing, having a good time together.

Ariel then stood up and speaks up. "Alrighty now~! Who wants to pleasure this princess here~?"

"We can try to punji stick idea again~? Leave it at random~." Sera suggested.

"Hey, Sis." Aqua asks. "What's the punji stick again?"

"I meant where Ariel had those sticks in her like last time." Sera stated.

"Oh, I see~." Aqua nods but then shook her head. "No, I don't think we should."

"What do you suggest?" Sera asked.

"I want an oil box match~." Aqua suggests.

"Can she even get that here?" Ellie asked.

"Oh~!" Ariel exclaimed. "Actually~..." She then directs them to the sexual training room. She then shows them a glass box slightly filled with oil. "I've seen your matches on Lovantis TV~!"

"So you're informed, that's good." Brio giggled.

"I do prefer those matches where two opponents clasp hands together and push each other." Ariel said.

"So who's up first?" Junie asked.

"I call Team vs. Team~!" Ariel declares. "Whichever team passes out first, loses~!"

"So we go one on one, and we tag someone to come in afterwards?" Sera asks and Ariel nods as she picks her teammates.

"I'll settle for… Aqua, Hana, Ellie and Sally~." The Manaphy chooses. "Who's team captain for the second team?"

"Well, isn't it obvious~?" Sera says as she steps in.

"Who said you should be captain?" Brio asked her as she walks up to her. "I'm battling my sister!"

"Brio, you're too reckless to be a captain." Sera says with half-lidded eyes. "You'd lose the moment you touch Aqua."

"That is completely untrue! I'm the predator to Aqua's pray!"

"Only because she let you won." Sera reminded. "But let's them take a vote. Me or Brio?" She then draw chopsticks, one red and one black. "The red one means one is captain."

"How is that a vote? Typically the others vote who's captain." Brio pointed out.

"It's like drawing straws in a way." Sera explained. She shakes the cup and sets and down, "We draw till one of us draws red."

They nodded and carefully picked them up. Brio widened her eyes in shock, meaning she wasn't lucky.

"Alright, my turn." Sera stated looking over the chopsticks and picked one in random. She smiles as she picked the red one. "I won~! Which means I'm the captain of my team~! Haha~!"

"It's gotta be rigged!" Brio slammed the table.

"Don't worry, Brio." Aqua said to her sister. "You can still have your way with me when it's our turn together." Brio grumbled, but nods her head.

Aqua smiles and strokes her back soothingly.

"So my team's Sakura, Junie, Brio and Frost~." Sera stated.

Everyone nodded and stepped into the glass box with little oil inside. They slip a little, but remain standing. "So who's first?"

Aqua then hastily raises her paw in the air. "Me me me~!" But Ariel let her paw down. "What gives?!"

"As team captain, I must face our opponents first." Ariel stated as she stepped into the ring with Aqua pouting. "But I'll tag out if needed~." She winks at her.

"Alright, I'll step in too~..." Sera stated as she entered the ring, being careful not to slip. The two came close and gave each other a kiss for good luck.

"Play well~." They said to each other. They got into position and soon the bell ringed. They then charged at each other. They grasped hands as they try to push the other down.

"You're going down, Siren~!" Ariel exclaims.

"I don't think so~!" Sera exclaims back as she thrusts her chest at Ariel's. Their breast squeezed each other as they struggle to push the other down.

The others stare at the fight as well as their mashing chests. Some even going to take pictures too.

Then Sera lets go of one hand and touches Ariel's vagina, starting to finger her a little.

"Aaah~!" The Manaphy gasped in pleasure. "T-Two can play at this game~.." She grasped Sera's vagina and rubs faster than the Kirlia.

"Kyah~!" Sera gasps herself. "Not bad Angel Sea, but it'll take more than that to make me submit." She then makes them lose balance and fall on their butts on the floor.

They shake to focus as Sera try and lunge onto Ariel.

"No one asked, how do you beat your opponent?" Sally asked her team.

"You tell us, she's practically a new player." Aqua said. "But you make her cum until she passes out from lack of energy."

"Ok, just wanted to be sure." Sally said as she watches the match. "Go Sera~!" She cheered.

"She's the opponent." Hana pointed out.

"Oh, oops… Force of habit." The Flareon blushed as she covers her mouth with an embarrassed smile.

"No worries, I'd make the mistake too." Aqua stated patting her back. She then nuzzles her cheek. "I am rooting for Ariel though."

On the match floor, Ariel and Sera were rolling around, bodies becoming a bit oily as they wrestle.

"T-Take this~!" Ariel exclaims as she thrusts her pussy at Sera's.

"Kyahhh~..." the Kirlia moaned out as she pressed her chest up. "Take that~.." she thrust back as well.

They both moan as they grind up and down. The Kirlia smiled as she went and kissed Ariel lovingly. She then licked her neck, tickling the Manaphy.

"Teehee~.." she giggled as they gotten a little intimate with their grapples.

Ariel then uses antennae to rub at Sera's nipples, who shudders as she uses her psychic to rub her chest and butt.

Aqua and Hana held each other close and press breasts against each other. Sally was pressed against the arena floor, watching eagerly.

Frost was masturbating herself slowly as she watched. Brio was too as she leaned on Frost as Junie and Sakura was in a make out session.

Ariel smiles at them all and grinds faster and harder on Sera. The Kirlia doesn't let up as she continues to rub her chest and finger her a little with her power.

"You're going down, Sera~!" Ariel exclaims.

"I won't lose~.. I've have the strength of focus on my side~.." Sera announced as she flipped Ariel on her back. "You're gonna cum for me~!"

"Eep~.." She yelped as she started to grind and massage her pussy. "N-No fair~..!"

"You were using your antennae on me earlier, so yes it's fair~.." Sera said sweetly as she licked and nuzzled her cheek.

"Just~... one problem for you~...!" Ariel said as she cringes from pleasure.

"What's that~?" she asked curious.

Ariel then separates herself from all parts of her body and engulfs Sera whole. The Kirlia made a yelp from the reaction as she felt her body completely covered. "N-No fair…!" She exclaims as she tries to get Ariel off of her. "You can't use your alternate forms on us, we can't even do that!"

"You're in my sub and you're playing by my rules~!" Ariel says as she has some of herself enter Sera's vagina and anus.

"That's t-totally cheating~! Ahh~!" she muffled as she shuddered from the warmth of her body and pleasure.

"My sub, my rules~!" Ariel repeated shortly.

Sera grumbles as she tries to think of some way to fight back, but she was overcome with pleasure and came. "Geez, wait, maybe I can effect her mind still~.." She started to assault Ariel's mind with lewd thoughts.

"Hah~! I've been through more sexiness than Aqua~!" Ariel boasted as she wasn't being affected.

"Maybe, but I also know how to effect hearts and souls too~!.." she then started to project feelings to those areas.

"That feels good but still no effect~!" Ariel boasts.

She smirked and doubled the power, while she also felt the feeling, it was even more for Ariel.

"I've waited for this~!" Ariel exclaims as she cringes in pleasure, so she goes all inside Sera's labia.

"H-Hey, wh-what gives?" She stated shuddering from the feeling as her belly was bulging, not letting up on her power.

"You let out your power to increase my pleasure, so I have it radiate from me onto you~!" Ariel explains confidently.

"Really, can you do it even through a barrier~?" Sera conjured up a protect move around Ariel's slime form as she seals her in. "I'm able to use protect on things within me as to keep them safe and sound. Saya taught me that as we hung out at times~."

"You forget, Sera~." Ariel said. "I'm also a Mythical Pokemon~!" She then shook things up in Sera's womb and labia. Though the protect barrier kept her mostly just vibrating and barely moving.

"AAAAHHHH~!" The Kirlia screams as she came hard as well as pushing Ariel out. Though liquid also leaked off of Ariel's, showing she came as well from the feeling.

Sera then collapsed on the ground while Ariel reforms herself.

"And Sera came first~!"

"Maybe, but you still came as well~.." The Kirlia stated with a smile. "That was a good move though~... Well, I guess I lost in this round then~."

"You were strong though. I didn't think you could counter my attacks so well~.."

"Well, I tried to make sure I took every other precaution." Sera stated as she gave her a kiss in congradulations.

"Alright, who's next to challenge me~!?" Ariel announced as she got up and Sera got out of the ring.

Frost then got up to the ring. "I'll take you on~." she stated calmly.

"Wait!" Sally cries out. "I wanna battle her myself~!"

Ariel looked at the Flareon and smiles. "Aww, sure~.." She switched out and helped Sally in. "Have fun you too~.." she then tagged her in as she got out of the ring.

"You gonna be okay Frost?" Junie asked.

"It won't be easy with Sally, but I'll manage." The Alolan Vulpix said. "Don't hold back milady~."

"I don't plan on doing so~." The Flareon states confidently. "Here I come~." She started to move forward, but stumbled a little. "Oh dear! It's pretty slippery..!"

Frost walks carefully and slowly towards the fire type. "I don't wish to be hard on you though~..." She then embraces her firmly and rubs her vagina.

"Aahh~..." Sally blushes from the hug and the feeling of her paw rubbing her pussy. She started to nuzzle and suckle on her breast.

Frost murmured as she felt her chest being molested. "Mmm, so warm~.."

The Flareon smiled and warms herself to heat things up, moving to rub and finger the Vulpix's insides. She then nuzzles on her breasts, kissing them repeatedly. She then plays with one of her nipples. "They're like little blueberries~.."

Frost blushed and then fingers Sally deeper. The flareon's insides feeling very warm. She grins and decides to use her tails in place of her paws.

"Eep~!" Sally yelped from the fluffy touch. She also cringes at their coldness around her warm labia.

"Come on Sally~! Fight harder~!" Hana cried out. "Don't be her pansy like that~!"

Aqua cheers with her as she embraces her from behind. "Yeah, show that snow fox~!" She then gropes her breasts.

"Aaah~!" The Chikorita yelps before looking at the Oshawott annoyed. "Aqua stop! This will make our battles harder."

"But I love you, Haney~!" Aqua chimes cutely. "We're married after all~!"

"Doesn't mean we have to do this at this time!" Hana stated trying to push the Oshawott back, but she had a strong grip on her. She then decides to use her vines. She pried Aqua off and wrapped her up like a present, even adding a cute bow tie on top of her head. "Match first, sex later." She disciplined.

"Aww…" Aqua groaned, but nods her head. "Okay, Haney…"

Hana sits with her as she see how's the battle going.

Sally was swooning over the feeling of her mate's tail thrusting in and out of her vagina. She even groped her own breasts.

"Wow, Frost is doing really good~." Junie said watching the scene, sitting with Sera and Sakura.

"Yes, she is~." Sakura agreed. "Her fighting style reminds me of you Junie."

"Graceful and elegant~?" Junie asked with a smile. "She does have some similarities alright~."

"Maybe you two should spar a little, see how well you two fare with each other." Sera suggested. "If we have the time and stamina for such ocassions."

"We'll see." The Mawile stated as they heard moans of climax. "Oooh~! Who won~?"

They looked and saw the Alolan Vulpix carrying a dazed Flareon in her arms. "One must never underestimate their own lover, Lady Sally~..."

"Eehh, it was fun~..." Sally cooed staring at her endearingly. "Besides, I got you and Sera, that's the real prize~."

Frost smiles and kisses her as Ariel announces. "Frost wins~! Who's next~?"

"Here I go! Send Aqua out!" Brio stated going for the ring. "I so want a rematch against her after our last battle!"

"She's calling you dear…" Hana stated looking at her. "You better think of our sister's pride. We are married after all and I wouldn't want to ruin it."

"Right. Though I need you to let me go first.." Aqua chuckled stilled tied up by Hana. "This kind of tying me up looks real tight~..."

The Chikorita chuckled as she lets go of her wife. "You know what they say, Go get her Tiger~!" She then sees Aqua off to battle her sister.

"Don't let her get into your head Brio~. Focus~!" Sera called out.

"Hey!" Aqua exclaimed. "The last time Brio and I fought, you rooted for me!"

"You were a victim there. This is on equal grounds now." Sera pointed out. "But if you win, I'll sleep with you tonight~!" She offered with sly grin.

"Aww…" Sally whined. "I wanted you to be with us."

"That's okay, you can come with me to Aqua if you like~?" Sera offered her.

"Deal." Frost stated. "But Aqua and Brio are on opposing sides." The Vulpix reminded.

"I know, but it is just for fun. I'm fine with whoever wins." Sera pointed out before whispering. "Don't tell Aqua or she might not give it her all…"

Sally nods as she took out her phone. "Oh, I actually entered Sera's room last night and saw this." She shown a recording of a feral Purrloin grooming Sera's hair, nuzzling her sides, even snuggling up on her belly as she sleeps. There was one instances where she took Sera's keyring off the dresser. "She has a pet Purrloin~!" Sally giggled.

Everyone giggled while the Kirlia blushed. "No wonder my hair looked messy this morning...and why my keys wasn't there" Then she wondered. "Junie, do you or Sakura have a pet?"

"Yes, I do." The Mawile answered, showing her a picture of her younger with a Growlithe puppy. "This is Blaze~."

"Why a growlithe? They can be quite hyper, considering your type disadvantage Miss Junie.." Frost asked.

"They're like other doggies when bonding with them at a young age~." Junie answered.

"Fair enough, just make sure you don't have a fire stone hidden there, otherwise it won't remain a puppy for long." Sally said giggling. "I wonder what is Aqua's own pet like?"

"We'll ask her when her battle's over." Sera stated as they see how Brio's faring.

They see the Brionne slapping at the Oshawott's titties. "You're gonna beg for my dick inside you~!" she stated confidently, starting to lick at her neck.

"Aaah~!" Aqua gasped as she gropes Brio's breasts. "You're not gonna make me submit that easily~!" the Oshawott stated, pinching at the Brionne's nipples.

"Aaaiiieee~!" Brio winced and glares at her sister. "If you tug on them, I'm gonna do the same to your clitoris~!" she lets go of one of her nipples and moved to Aqua's crotch. She then pokes and tickles her clit, making Aqua squeal in pleasure.

"Winning or losing, you're still cute~." Hana called out. "Nevertheless, I believe in you Aqua~!"

"H-Haney~.." Aqua cooed lovingly. She then glowed a bright blue, brimming with love energy.

"Eep~!" Brio yelped from the sudden glow. "How are you doing this!? You can't be an angel in this match!"

"It just happened cause I love Hana~." Aqua boasted as she embraces Brio deeply and wraps one leg around her, pressing her vagina against hers.

"But that's not fair!" Brio pointed out. "I don't have my girlfriend here rooting for me to energize me!" She then turns to the princess. "Your Majesty, this is cheating!"

"I never said you couldn't go angel during the match. Also you did saw I went slime form battling Sera right?" Ariel pointed out.

"Ack! Good point…" Brio muttered as she remembered. "Fine, have it your way!" Brio then went angel herself. "We're doing this one way or another!"

"I wouldn't have it any other way~.." Aqua smiles and she grinds her sensitive parts against Brio's.

"Aaah~! Why you~...!" Brio growls as she responds by licking her out with her tongue, tasting her juices.

Ariel was ogling them both with interest. "One moment, they were grinding at each other's vaginas and now they're eating each other out from them~."

"That's the thing about their family, they'll be quick to change things up~.." Hana stated cuckling. "Keep it up Aqua~." She cheered for her wife as she moves her hips back and forth like she was thrusting.

"Haney~!" She cried out as she started to lick at Brio's chest. Aqua lashed her tongue furiously around her nipples, making the Brionne squeal in unwilling pleasure. "You are so adorable Brio, your Flaffy is very lucky~. So when will you start marrying her then~?" Aqua teases her, making Brio blush madly.

"I-I'll marry her when I'm ready~! N-Now don't bring her up!" She stated pushing her back, masturbating herself to make her cock erect on Aqua.

"Aww, you're so cute when you're flushed~." Aqua stated with a wink. She then looks at her cock. "You gonna do me in~? You can't be serious~!"

"Not in the way you think~!" Brio said as she used her power to hit Aqua.

"Ow!" The Oshawott cringed. "What was that for!?"

"Did you recalled what happened to Sera when I used my power on her when we sparred?" Brio asked teasingly.

"Yeah, so!?" Aqua asked, then he widened her eyes as Brio started to look sparkly. "Oh no! Not that Angel Attract ability!" She gasped and tries to resist.

"Come now, don't fight it~.." Brio said opening her arms, "Come to me~.." She then gropes her own breasts and plays with them to entice Aqua of their soft bounciness.

"Mmmhhhh~..." Aqua murmurs as her legs shaking stepped towards her. "S-S-So… Soft and jiggly~…! M-Must t-touch~!"

"Resist Aqua, Resist!" Hana pleaded while everyone watched dramatically. "If you lose, you won't get any love from me tonight!" She warned.

"That's cold you know." Sera pointed that out sweatdropping. "I would give her love whether she wins or loses." She tries to reason with her. "Being if I was her main wife, I would always be there to comfort her through good or bad."

"You already doing that though." Frost pointed out. "And you're on the opposite side in this match."

"Eh, tamato tamayto." The Kirlia shrugged her shoulders while the Flareon giggled in between them.

"Who says those words anymore~?" Sally asks. She saw Frost's fur and smiled. "Dear, permission to fluff your fur~?" She asked with an adorable gaze.

The Vulpix blushed and turned away for a moment. "Y-Yes, just not by the ears please~?"

The Flareon held her tail gently and stroked it to her head. "So fluffy~.." she cooed like a little child.

Frost smiled and strokes her paw on Sally's scruff from her neck. "You're so incorrigible, milady~... Touching me like this and yet I like it~... It's as if our power draws from it."

"Love involves bonds after all~.." Sera pointed out kissing their cheeks. "Even if it gets lusty and all~..."

They smile as they hugged for a moment and watched what happened.

"Aaaiiieee~!" Brio was moaning as Aqua was rubbing and licking all over her sensitive body. "How could I have miscalculated that she would turn my own strength against me like this!?" she cried out as she tried to push her off to at least line herself up.

"I am into you now after all, Mistress Brio~!" Aqua swooned as she still sounded like herself.

"Y-Yeah, but you need to start bouncing on me~!" she stated seeing her barely can get to her. She then felt Aqua's paw stroking up and down on her member. "That's not what I meant~! I said bouncing, not stroking, you Idiot-Wott!" She yelped.

Aqua had hearts in her eyes as she started making out with her. She then snakes her tongue inside of her.

Ariel smiles as she knows how this might end, so she goes to video chat with her mother and girlfriend. She dialed their numbers and waited and see if they'll pick up. She then looks at her smartwatch. "With this much co-writing the sex battles, we should sure start picking things up a Scorbunny's foot."

"Huh?" Ellie asked looking at Ariel. "What's a Scorbun-"

"You haven't played Sword nor Shield yet." Ariel answered quickly, but not looking at her. "And don't even ask if there'll be Gun."

Ellie shrugged as she lets her have her phone call. "How much fourth wall breaking can one story take anyway…?" She muttered to herself.

"Hello sweetie, taking care of yourself~?" A motherly voice spoke as an older Ariel shown on screen.

"Yes, I am, Mother~." Ariel bowed. "And how are you and Joyce?"

"We're fine~!" A Mespirit came on view. "Hiya, Ari~. How was your week in Scelci~? Because~..." She then frowned and sniveled, virtually quickly changing her expression. "I mi-hi-hissed you-hoo-hoo~...!" She sobbed with her voice cracking up.

"I missed you too~..." she said tearing up. "I never got this sad since my accidental mistake with my email and my notifications!"

"Can you explain why you two couldn't go together? I would've allowed it." her mother said. "It's not like your love is star-crossed." The moment she said that, she then thinks of her own star-crossed love with a certain wife of hers. "Anyway, what happened?"

"Well, I kind of had a bit too much tact around the public…" Ariel stated sheepishly scratching her cheek.

"We tend to do our relationship more privately since she's a princess and I'm just a… A maid." Joyce said. "I mean, a princess like her would have to be married to another princess by law or something like that..."

"I recently heard that a princess of another castle got married to an ordinary Oshawott in the outside world." Neptuna stated with a giggle.

"Oh, how sweet~." Ariel said with some sarcasm. "I happened to have done them both together."

"Have you now~?" The mature Manaphy asked with interest. "What is your opinion of them?"

"They were really excitable and sexual." Ariel explained. "All and all, they're practically everything I expected."

"Can't wait to meet them when you get here." Joyce smiles. "I was thinking we could do a Group Date together with them~!"

"Hold on you two, we have other options here. Spa room, hotel room, cafe room too." Neptunia pointed out. "Why, they're all so luxurious~."

"Guess we'll see what everyone votes for. The angels also have a right to vote too." Ariel stated. "They are our guests after all."

The two nodded. "We'll wait for your return so they can all check out our kingdom and then participate in the activities tomorrow~." They all hanged up and Ariel looked at the unsurprising results.

"Well…" She then went into her slime form. "Guess I better prepare for the harem tonight." She then hopped to the bedroom.

*Soon after the sex battles.*

The stage settled underneath the floor as it closed afterwards.

Ariel took a deep breath and sighs. "Now that that's over, who's up for a sleepover in the big plushy bedroom~?!"

"We are~!" Sera stated, holding Sally up in the air.

"Yeah, what she says~!" Aqua agrees as she embraces Hana by her side.

"As are we~!" Ivy said as she leaned on Jeane who was struggling to keep her off.

"Time to get messy~!" Ellie cheered, jumping up and down with her breasts bouncing.

"Let's go then~." Ariel said as they headed back to her bedroom. "My bed's big enough to hold all of you girls~!"

"We know~." Junie pointed out.

"You shown us before." Sakura agreed with her as she embraces her from behind.

Ariel giggled as they went and laid on the bed. "Geronimo~!" She exclaims as she jumps in.

She landed on top of them, giggling from the impact as the bed shifted a little.

Ariel smiled and hopped to the middle end where her pillow is. The girls watched and went to her. She then reverts back to her Manaphy form.

"Hmm, they're so soft~.." Aqua murred rubbing the pillows. "They're like clouds made of jelly and marshmallow~..!""

"Yeah, must be quality cotton were used." Ivy stated patting them.

"Actually, there are other soft materials than cotton like feathers, memory foam, air beads, etc." Ariel explained.

"Ahh, I see~.." Hana stated snuggling near it. She then eyes on Aqua, licking her lips. "Can't wait to get some in and out of you~..."

Said Oshawott giggled as she went to Sera and pressed her front on her. She then rubs her breasts around hers and wiggles her butt at Hana.

"Mmmhh, you are too adorable in any way, little-wott~.." Sera stated with a murmur, caressing her skin. "Hard to believe you're so noble deep down despite your mischievous sexuality~."

Aqua smiled as they rubbed noses. "Well, I love all of my wives whom I married with~."

"Your heart has so much love for us, it's hard to part for even a few minutes~.." the Kirlia admitted with a blush.

Hana went to them and hugs Aqua from behind, sandwiching her with Sera. "Same with me, Aqua~.."

The Oshawott's eyes sparkle with tears of joy. "You two~... I love you so much~...!"

"I love you too Aqua~.." Hana stated.

"I to you as well~.." Sera spoke.

"You three are so cute together~." Ariel said. "Care to try out my secret technique in your most powerful forms~?"

"Secret technique~?" Aqua asked curious.

"You know, like I special skill~." Ariel says. "I can use it in slime form too~."

"I like to see it." Hana stated.

"Me too, even if it means feeling it~." Sera follows.

Ariel smiles at the answers before turning into her slime form again. "Then come at me, Goddesses~!"

Sera looked at the others and they're all caught up in the orgy to pay attention to them as they headed to a private area before shifted to a Gallade, Meganium and Samurott respectively. "We're ready, Angel Sea~!"

"Teehee, here I come~!" Ariel then enlarges herself and seemingly explodes, only for her mass to engulf the three lovers inside of her.

"Whaa!" They cried out as they felt their bodies being slowly taken in by her form, they shuddered from the pleasant sensations too.

"Oooh~... My body feels so tingly and being massaged with moist hands all over me~..." Aqua moaned within Ariel's slime body.

"We can breathe just fine, even move a little too.." Sera stated moving her arms a little, feeling a bit slower though as she felt her body shuddering as she moaned. "Ooooohhh, it's like a warm, gel bed that's embracing me into bliss~.."

"Aaahhh~... My body feels like it wants to cum and go to bed~..." Hana cooed as she floated a little to enjoy it.

"H-Haaah~..." They moaned as Ariel's slimy body make ice.

"So? How's my body I played inside~?"

"We're being pleasured despite not being actually pleasured~.." Aqua cooed. She then moaned. "All-in-all, it feels so amazing inside of you~...!"

"True, but can we have something to do? A playful spar with some lustful beings?" Sera asked.

"Such as~...?" Ariel asked.

"Maybe some serpentine beings that will try to coil and thrust their shafts in us~." Hana suggested.

"You mean, get Ivy here?" The Manaphy asked.

"No, maybe arboks, Sevipers, Dratini, Dragonairs, Milotics, those types." Sera pointed out.

Ariel nodded. "Okay, but how?"

"You can't create clones?" Aqua asked confused.

The Manaphy grins and separates herself with each goddess inside of each clone and herself.

"That's impressive~." Sera stated.

"I know~." Ariel said as she as a Milotic form starts coiling around her like Ivy as a Serperior, only from inside around her.

"Eep~!" Sera yelped in surprise as she tried to squirm out of her coil. "You're good at this~..." she moans at the cool and moist sensation of Ariel around herself and the others.

The Milotic smiled as she went to her breast and started to lick around them, nuzzling the boobs and tickling the nipples.

They giggled as their chests were being played and tickled at. The girls moaned and felt something rubbing at their crotches and saw the serpentine clones have duel cocks. They then thrust them in their pussies, getting both their cocks in their vaginas..

"Hhaaaaa~..." They moaned in surprise bliss at that. "S-S-Sooo biiig~...!"

Aqua shuddered from the dragonair thrusting while it rubbed her head affectionately while two Dratinis kept Hana coiled and pinned.

"Aaahhh~... I could have this with my wives all day~. Cumming non-stop and feeling our wombs cool down by your slimy body of yours~!"

"Aww, you flatter me~.." Ariel cheered.

As this continues, they had a notification from Venus. An update about the Arcanine mission. Sera touches it to read it.

"Well done." It says. "The fire types are doing well and recovering in a fast pace."

Sera smiled at the update. "I'm glad they're alright~." She notices that there's more to it.

"They couldn't stopped talking about you and Water though, how adorable you two were." it said. "They even thought about wanting to marry you both and give them some of their pups inside you~."

"EEEhhhhh~?!" Sera stuttered, face going bright red at that part.

"Need to cool off~?" Ariel asks as she places some of herself as the Milotic clone on her forehead.

"Ah ahah hahaha…" Sera couldn't help but started laughing from that.

"Aqua, is she okay?" Hana said as she noticed Aqua was reading the report.

"I think so, but I can't talk~! I'm swooning at her doing on me~!" The Samurott moaned.

The Gallade blushes from the question. 'What do you say to this Aqua~?' Sera asked in her mind.

'I say it's a kind thought of them to give us their babies to take care of~.' She replied.

Sera giggled as she left her message. 'Tell them we do, but the growlithes have to wait until we're both ready~.'

Aqua nods and then sooner or later, they all felt close to hitting their orgasms. The serpents kissed them on the cheeks as they all moan out loudly from their climax hitting.

"Haaahhh~...!" They all moaned as cum and semen spurt around their private parts. It had a cooling sensation in them. They shivered as they panted and Ariel reforms herself back together and exhaustedly becomes a Manaphy again.

They looked at everyone else and they too passed out from their own orgasms. "Guess they really enjoyed themselves." Sera used psychic to get Frost and Sally. "Goodnight everyone."

"Good night~." They all said in their thoughts.

As they all went to sleep, Ariel embraces Aqua."This has been the most amazing sex I had with you yet, Angel Water~..."

"It was for everyone Angel Sea. I do things for everyone~." Aqua muttered with a drowsy wink.

Ariel smiles and kisses her before sleeping.

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