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Chapter 11: Valdora's Last Stand

The Kirlia and Decidueye were moaning and tied up, hanging together and forcefully rubbing vaginas. Their bodies were strapped in bondage straps with their arms tied behind their backs, panting hotly as they shuddered from their climax.

'Why do I feel like this kind of position might be repeated?' Sera asked herself. They were lowered down and on the floor, panting hotly as their loins ached for pleasure despite their climax. They then heard the door open with an evil chuckling heard.

Sera and Minerva looked to see the Salazzle staring at them with a smirk, with an Arbok and Seviper next to her. "Look at yourselves~… helpless and humiliated in front of our very eyes~."

"Not surprising… considering you put us under your special aphrodisiac~..." Minerva spoke hotly with a smile, blushing at their nude bodies.

"Yeah, you made it so that while we won't talk crazy, we can't help ourselves~…" Sera added. "So I suppose since you're here, you're done making adjustments to our angel charms~?" she asked with a smile as well.

"Oh, your charms, you say~?" Valdora asked as she held them in front. "As a matter of fact, I did. They're ready for you~. I hacked into them so I could reprogram them~." She then went to put them on.

The Kirlia and Decidueye shuddered from the touch the Salazzle made, moaning as they breathed in her pheromones. They even felt a few licks from her.

"I can certainly see why even with your personalities, girls and women find you two endearing~." Valdora admitted, caressing their cheeks. "Always claiming you find all these sexual acts inappropriate when they felt good for you over time~..."

Sera blushes from the caressing. "Y-Yeah, but someone needs to keep a clear head for the others~." She pointed out, swooning from her touch.

"Aw~... you care for your Oshawott girlfriend a lot, don't you~?" Valdora cooed as she fingers them.

They moan out as they tremble from her touch. "Y-Yes…" Sera stated, eyes trembling from her gaze. "She's like f-family~... I love her~..." She then gasps as she felt another orgasm coming her way. "Ah~... A-Another one~?!"

"One of the side effects of Heart's Lure~." The Arbok said. "You know, if you want to have fun with the girls, I wouldn't mind~. I love hearing her moan out in bliss from your touch Val~."

"And the sound of cum squirting makes it even better~." The Seviper says.

"Hmm, tempting, so if you insist~.." Valdora then tapped a button on her wrist gadget and in came a Salazzle droid. "Meet the Salazzle droid, based on my appearance~.. She'll have fun with the other while I take one…"

"U-Umm… what's the point?" Minerva asked, panting a bit.

"I'm not gonna let someone watch. Think of the droid as a sex-bot. Now~..." Valdora looked between the two of them.

"Now… what?" The Arbok asked.

"She's choosing who she's gonna have sex with." The Seviper explained to her.

"Hey, what do you mean you're not gonna let someone watch?" Sera asked. 'Geez, am I sounding like Aqua?'

"She meant that to whoever she doesn't choose. The bot will have sex with the other." Minerva explained. "The sex-bot seems rather sudden though…"

"Hey, my body is gorgeous~!" Valdora said, giving them a sexy pose. "In fact, I could just go for a nice sexing on that Aqua or Ariel again~..." She licked her lips, imaging how she will molest them and make them moan out words of pleading mercy.

"Heheh… hehehehehehe~..." The Kirlia started laughing when she heard that. "I can see your imagination~..."

"Oh, and what part of it is funny?" Valdora said, looking a little miffed at Sera laughing at that.

"Oh, I dunno~... maybe you're thinking way too ahead of yourself that you're distracted in your thoughts of getting my loved ones on their knees and begging for more of your dominance~?' Sera stated, rubbing her breast. "You think just because you got me and Minerva as hostage, you think you've already won. I admit, it's a good plan, but that alone won't work. They'll save us, they'll stop you and they'll unite their worlds together~." Sera said confidently.

"Is this one of Angel Water's overconfident boastings when she's in a tight spot she can't possibly get out of rubbing onto you~?" Valdora shook her head. 'I don't think that suits you."

"Oh no, I'm not overconfident. But I know my friends and love ones." Sera gave Valdora a sweet smile. "I believe in all my love ones."

"So do I, they won't let us down. You can try, but you'll fail." Minerva stated.

The Salazzle growled and pounced on the Kirlia, pinning her on the floor. "I think I now know whom I'm letting my sex-droid do while I do my decision~..." She said as the droid went towards the Decidueye. "I'll have you moaning my name by the time I'm done with you~..." She then spreads her legs wide open.

"Go right ahead, take me as hard as you like~." Sera dared her as she grinds her pussy against her own. "I won't beg for you for more~..." She touched her charm. "Submissive heart flash~." she stated, changing into a Gardevoir in nothing but glowing pink marks that would make her feel horny and submissive. Despite this, Sera keeps a calm, loving smile. She even plays with her breasts to arouse Valdora.

The Salazzle was staring at her intently, licking her lips as she held the Gardevoir's face cheeks. She then leans down to kiss her passionately and she did. Sera moaned from the grinding as she caressed the Salazzle. 'If she's grinding me this hard, then she intends to insert her cock as she gets aroused.'

Minerva cringes as she feels the Salazzle Droid's body vibrate all over her entire body. The droid's body started heating up to stimulate the owl.

"Aaahhh~..." Minerva moans at the warmth and tingling on her body by the sex-bot. 'Being able to feel different despite metal baffles me~... but all in all, it actually feels so good~...' She thought as she sees the sex-bot bent back a little. 'Wh-what is it doing?' She wondered until to her surprise, a metal rod extended from its crotch with a round tip. It retracted back and then swiftly pumped back erect. She blushes from the sight. 'Well she is a herm, so it makes sense.' The owl stares at how it pumps back and forth like a piston. Her body shudders in eagerness of the act and slowly spreads her legs wide open for the sex machine. 'Dang the Heart's Lure, I can't control my body~!'

The Salazzle Droid then thrusts its metal rod in her pussy, making Minerva moan out in pleasure. The droid then goes back and forth, simultaneously, the rod pumps as it does that, doubling the thrusting in Minerva. "O-Ooohhhh~..." The Decidueye moaned more, feeling her pussy grip the rod tightly.

The droid's eyes glowed brighter and squinted, signifying it was gonna do something. Minerva shuddered at the glow, but calmed herself, wanting to be ready for what happens next. She then hears some moaning from behind the door somehow. 'Is the Seviper and Arbok with someone? Could it be the others?' She then closes her eyes and reopened them to see through the door and walls, having to resist the aphrodisiac drug she's under. She then sees Aqua, Hana, Sally and Frost gang up on the two snakes.

'They've finally arrive~...' Minerva thought towards Sera.

'Heh~. About time~.' The Gardevoir shuddered, feeling Valdora thrust back and forth in her deeply. "Ooohhh~…! You're pussy feels a bit bumpy like your scales~! Also your cock is rubbing all around my insides~."

"Heheh~! Enjoying yourself, Angel Siren~?" Valdora chuckled. "If you want more, no need to be shy~..." she smirked.

*Meanwhile, with Ariel and friends*

Ariel and Joyce felt hot staring at their friends making love with Valdora's accomplices and grounded each other while Opal was molesting them with her tentacles.

"It's… strangely beautiful~..." Joyce said with her eyes sparkling.

"Y-Yeah~.." Ariel stated, blushing cutely at the scene as they prepared the mixture for the girls.

Aqua and Sally were in a three-way grinding with the Arbok, mashing breasts together. The Flareon rubbing her chest fur along the Samurott's and Arbok. "Teehee, don't I feel soft and fluffy, Angel Water~.."

"Ohhh~… yes, and so warm too~… the Arbok's skin feels soft like some kind of comfortable rubber~…"

"Nnnghhh.. How are you not scared?" The Arbok asked, "Doesn't anything frighten you?"

"Hmm~? How so~?" They both asked with lovingly cute expressions. "I wouldn't want anyone to know I'm scared of them, even if I'm inside~."

"I'm a snake and I can coil you up and make you beg for sexy mercy!" She pointed out, tapping her tail on the ground. She then directs it to thrust into Aqua's vagina.

The Samurott let out a loud moan as she grinded on her harder. "Ooohhh~! So thick and rubbery~!" Aqua was smiling with bliss.

Sally giggled and turned up the heat a little in her fur, nuzzling both Aqua and the Arbok.

As they did that, Hana and Frost do the Seviper with their vines and tails respectively.

The Meganium looked over the Alolan Ninetales' white fur. "Such lovely fur you have Frost~. And the white color makes you look so elegant~.." She then nuzzles against it and sighs. "It's also cool to touch~…"

"Miss Hana, you're just as lovely, your smooth green skin, lovely eyes~.." Frost moaned blissfully to her. "You have such a sweet voice as well."

As they moaned, the Seviper felt warm and increasingly aroused. She shuddered from the sensation and teasing. The tentacle-like sensation of vines and tails rubbed all over her body into sexual submission. "Mmhhh~..." She murmured in pleasure.

It was then the two snakes felt close to their orgasms. The girls went toward the serpents and kisses them on the cheeks. They then all came together, creating a big puddle of cum around themselves. Ariel and Joyce came to them and offered them a hand to help them up.

They accepted and slowly got up before dusting each other off and looked at the door the serpents had guarded.

"Wanna do the honors?" Aqua asked Ariel who nodded and held the handles on the door before opening them.

"Valdora, we've come for you for taking our friends~!" Ariel said in a heroic manner, her breasts bounced when she points her index finger at her. "We are PokeAngels~!"

"My my my, your highness~…" Valdora giggled, ogling her tits."How bold and brave you are~. Your body is even excited and ready for a second round with me~."

"I'm willing to bare it all for the sake of justice and love~!" Ariel announced as she walked closer to her. "So if you want, we could trade~… me for my sister and Sera~."

"Trade? Heh, boring~... How about a bet~. You and me will battle one more time, not holding back~? You win, you get your friends back and I surrender my plans."

"But what if you win?" Joyce asked, looking concerned for Ariel. "What will happen?"

"Then, the princess, her friends and the city will be mine along with her bride~."

Everyone, even Ariel shuddered at the fact. "Isn't that much!?" Aqua asked.

"She's a villainess Aqua." Frost looked at her, just as nervous. "You thought she was just gonna keep three girls after releasing Heart's Lure and kidnapping our friends?"

"Well…" The Oshawott said. "It was just a lot to hear. Plus, it sounded like Ariel offered to trade her life for Sera and Minerva's, but Valdora asked for two."

"Yeah, that is kinda crazy just how you were with Hana the first time you dealt with her." Sally said and that got her some awkward looks at her from her girlfriends.

"Please don't bring up bad memories from the past…" Aqua mumbled and Sally felt bad before hugging her from behind.

Ariel sweatdropped, it is a risky move and the Salazzle could've been held back before, but she can't leave them alone to the fate and continue the chaos she caused. She then looked at Sera and her adopted sister, Minerva. 'Hold on, you two… I will save you.'

She then turned towards Aqua and the others. "Girls, I know it's a risk, but I have to try. We can't let her get away with this!"

The girls looked worried for her and themselves, but Joyce spoke. "You have my blessing." Soon everyone nodded back at her.

She then turns back at Valdora and taps onto her angel charm. "I accept your terms." Her charm then glows and flashed a brilliant yet holier blue light, much stronger than her normal transformation.

Everyone shielded their eyes from the brightness. The Manaphy then got equipped with golden and blue, more ornamental-designed limb armor and helmet. The head, shoulder and knee parts have a crown-like detail to signify her role in becoming future queen of Lovantis.

Everyone was at awe just as Aqua, Sally and Frost helped Sera and Minerva to their side. "Normally, we three would stare at the sexy awesomeness, but we need to focuse on you two as well, are you two alright?" Aqua asked with concern.

"P-physically, yes~..." Sera stuttered, clearly still under Heart's Lure as she embraced the Samurott lusciously, pressing their breasts together. "M-Mentally though~…" She then kisses her savior deeply.

"Mmmpphh~!" Aqua muffled from the sudden kiss as Minerva was doing the same to the Alolan Ninetales.

"Hey! What are you two doing!?" Sally asked seemingly out of worry before frowning. "Where's my kiss…?"

"What she means to say is use the formula on them so they can control their urges." Hana said, holding Sally. "And hold your urges! Big epic final fight coming on!"

The Ninetales didn't hesitate and got the spray bottle containing the antidote and sprayed on the Decuideye's neck deeply, leaving a cooling sensation on it. 'Come back to your senses, Minerva…'

The Owl shuddered from the coolness of the liquid, feeling her body slowly cool down as she separated her lips on her, taking a deep breath. She breathed in and out as she thinks back on the day she got adopted by Opal. "T-Thanks Ma'am. Sorry I surprised you with that kiss."

"'Tis alright, other Princess." Frost said with a warm smile. "I'm glad you're okay again. I'm Frost." They then checked to see how Aqua was handing Sera. To their dismay, they not only made out passionately but also tribbing their pussies together.

"Mmmhhh~..." They were making sweet love together, feeling the pleasure from both wet crotches and their folds practically vibrating in ecstasy.

Frost and Minerva stared at the two with annoyed flat expressions. "Is she serious?" They both asked with irked tones.

"Aaahhh~! No fair! I want to join in too~!" Sally whined, shaking her hips.

"Aqua's supposed to use the spray on Sera to snap her out of it." Hana stated, sweat dripping. "And she picks the right time to get distracted and-Though looking at this, it reminds me of that time she first went Elite on Ms. Nara~…"

"Yeah, but this is supposed to be Ariel's heroic moment, not Aqua's." Frost reminded her. "Aqua, ASAP, you must-" Before she could finish, the two both came and panted, leading her to facepalm herself. "Ugh, now I understand how Sera feels around her…'' she then gets the antidote off of Aqua and sprayed it on the Gardevoir. "Sera, are you feeling better now?" She asks her.

"A-A little… though for Aqua…" she looked at her, giving her a face of disappointment. "Aqua, Aqua, Aqua… you just had to have some sort of lewd anniversary of this scenario I got in with Minerva…"

"Huh? Anniversary of what?" Aqua asked, not understanding at first before remembering the time with that Nidoqueen. "Oh… uh-oh."

"Aqua. Please, don't let your love for me and others overpower being rational. There's a difference between love and lust." Sera lectured. "I still love you though."

Aqua felt bad and nodded. "I'm sorry Sera. And to all of you." She bowed to everyone but noticed Ariel, Opal, and Valdora aren't there. "Where did they go? I saw Ariel preparing to battle Valdora before she kissed me."

"Maybe in a bigger area for battling purposes?" Frost stated, looking towards Minerva who would know this ship more than they did. "Minerva, where is the battleground arena in this airship?"

"Well we have 2. One at the bottom of the ship, other is at the external upper level if we're not moving very fast or under water." The Decidueye explained. "I'll take the bottom with Sera, Sally and Frost. Aqua, Joyce and Hana will check the top."

"Be careful everyone. Those who followed Val are present." Sera said. "And they're well equipped with state of the art Lovantis tech."

"Would it be like those plasma guns that only require water?" Aqua asked. "I watched that one water superhero movie Ariel watched."

"We'll take em down!" Sally announced, sword ready.

"And watch for mechanical octopus arms!" Aqua said that last part which made everyone look at her oddly.

"Is there a mechanical octopus here?" Sera asked. "Or have you played too many video games?"

"Uhhh… I may have recently battled and beaten a mechanical octopus in an adventure game last week." She stated bashfully, cutely rubbing the fluff on her head.

"Rrright…" 'So cute… can be so silly, but cute~..' Sera then looked at the viewers and gestures them to go back to Ariel who wanted to do her roll call as a goddess.

*Meanwhile with Ariel.*

"Next in line as the Future Queen of Lovantis. No longer alone with her own love as her family and friends stay by her side no matter how far~!" an orb of water formed at her palm and when squeezed, spread out and a majestic sword formed. She then got into a brave pose with her sword. "They call me Goddess Sea~! Long live, her majesty and that is I~!" She said with a righteous wink. She stares towards the Salazzle who grinned seductively at her roll call.

"Hmm~… satisfied now after the whole scene switch just when you transformed?"

"It's fine. Aqua is always too eager for sex." Ariel replied as she finished posing. "I'll beat you and you'll repent for your crimes."

Valdora smiled as she transforms into her own Succubus form. "Defying the results of my studies, are you~?" She then walks towards her to stare down at her.

"What you mean?" Ariel asked, getting into battle stance. She then felt her chin being touched and her face raised up.

"You're so majestic, your highness~…" Valdora said before surprising Ariel with a kiss, momentarily distracting her in a brief make out session, much to Opal's awkward amusement and slight annoyance.

'What is she planning?' Opal thought looking closely. She then saw a couple syringes in Valdora's hands, ready to use them on Ariel.

But then the Manaphy caught her arms quickly and smirked in their kiss. She quickly froze the syringes and smashed them with her hands. "Don't think I'd fall for that old trick in the book~!" Ariel said, quickly moving away before Val could try something else. She then readies her sword to strike at her. "Fight fair and honorably!"

The Salazzle grumbled in response, taking the broken syringes off. She then brings out her weapon which was her chain-sword whips and they glowed purple. She brought it to her mouth and breathed out, coating the metal with her pheromones. "Your lips felt nice and your saliva tastes good~."

Ariel blushed at how quickly she recovered and back to sultry talk. "Oh really~? What did it taste like~?" She asks while remaining serious as she flung her sword down at her.

Their swords clashed as each started battling. "I guess the ocean with a hint of strawberry mint~!" Valdora teased. She then turned them to whip form to swing at her. "You're really like mother, like daughter~!"

Ariel dodged as she clashes weapons with her. "How? You don't know much about my mother Neptunia."

"Unless you count the time she accidentally heart-swapped with Opal~!"

"You got to know her? Mother didn't mention it." Ariel stated.

"Because I watched her on camera~." Valdora boasted.

"I see." Ariel said calmly, attempting to sweep her leg. "So you've been stalking them on their dates!? Well, that's twisted! What's the matter? Were you shy~?"

"Nope, I was just observing how two opposite sides can be attracted to one another~!" Valdora replied, while getting caught by the sweep, rolled back onto her feet. "I just don't understand how can two hated enemies start to love each other, so gassing the kingdom should provide results with everyone of different attitudes connecting together~."

"You have a crazy way of experimenting." Ariel said. "I guess that's what we call a mad scientist." She says as she charges up and throws a water energy blast at her, with Valdora creating a pink flame and sending it towards Ariel, attacks collide. "In a way, you took my family away from me!"

"Really? I thought you were smarter than that…" Valdora said, chuckling. "Your mother Neptunia made the decision to run away and raise you alone instead of talking to Opal more. Do go idiot heroine on me now like that Oshawott."

"Yeah no, I'd rather do the talk with my Mom after I'm done with you!" she puts more power into her water blast. "I'm not like Aqua, but that doesn't mean I don't feel hurt like her!"

Val sweatdropped as she struggled to push back the blast with her flames. "Guess you're an idiot in your own way, huh~?!"

Ariel just ignored her, knowing that she's not. Her stream started to push back against Valdora's pink flame. She struggled to keep her balance as she heard Opal cheering out for her. "I'm the princess of my mother, Queen Neptunia, the future queen of the underwater city of Lovantis… I will never give up!"

"Ariel! You can do it! Dragon blood also runs through your veins!" The Giratina yelled out to her.

Soon the stream evaporated the flame and struck Valdora, throwing her up against the wall hard. "Gyaaaahhhh! Oofff!" This also had a bit of a cartoon smashing sound effect.

Ariel panted as she charged towards Valdora, intending to weaken her to submission. "You want to aphrodisiac my kingdom and my people!?" She exhaustedly shouted. "You kidnap my friends and put them in constant sexual acts!" She then formed icy gauntlets to lay a beatdown on her. "You'll atone with a prison sentence!"

Before she could land a punch, Opal stopped her and shook her head. "Wow, I must say, I'm impressed~…"

"M-Mom..?" Ariel asked, making Opal gasped.

"You called me 'Mom'." Opal said. "You don't even sound like you're struggling with saying that.."

"Oh, well, I-Uh…" Ariel stuttered at that. "I've gotten the context of both sides." She stated. "Anyway, why did you stop me?"

"One, it's not worth taking your anger out so much. Two, even if it is, Valdora should wear a protective helmet." Opal said.

"I'm not taking my anger out of her, I'm making sure she doesn't try and pull a last minute escape attempt." Ariel stated, pointing to where Valdora is trying to sneak away. "So with your permission, may I lay the smack down on Valdora, please Mom?"

Opal can tell she was telling the truth and stepped out of her way. She then laid her arms out forward as she stepped back as a way of saying yes.

The Giratina smiled and then got a protective mask and helmet for Valdora before she could lay a beating. "Just so some red won't fly around from that face."

"Mom, no angel weapons are capable of lethal means. It's been set as a rule since season 1!" Ariel reminded her as she jumped into the air and slashed down at the Salazzle, knocking her out in one strike. "Hah… that felt good."

Opal approached Val's unconscious form and cuffed her arms behind her back. "Come on hun, let's go home~..."

The Manaphy nodded warmly. "Yeah, as a family~."

*Back at Lovantis*

Neptunia and the other angels were finally able to snap the rest of the crazed civilians back to normal just as the last of the Heart's Lure dispensers were shut down.

"That's the last of the gas." The Manaphy Queen said. "Now all we need to worry is my daughter and Opal."

"I'm sure they're fine." Brio said as she, Ivy, Sakura and all swift angels quickly got the civilian's clothes back on before they woke up. "Out of character for me to say, but if everyone woke up naked, they might never hear the end of it."

"It's a good thing they passed out when they got the antidote mist. Only angels would stay conscious of this." Sakura said. She then looks towards one side up at the sky, hoping the other will return safely.

"I think that's all of them, let's head to the castle before anyone wakes up and sees us." Ivy says as they start heading back there.

Neptunia made sure all civilians were clothed before they all headed back to the castle and examined the situation. "Well, everyone's fully-clothed and now I'm gonna need to pinpoint Opal's airship."

Just as she said that, she felt energy pulses from the center and saw that a group was teleporting in the throne room. "Wah! Everyone!" Ivy yelled as she fell on her hips. "Valdora sending reinforcements?!"

"No, Ivy! It's us!" Aqua yelled. The energy finished teleporting and Aqua, Ariel, Opal and everyone was present.

Ivy gasped and ran to Aqua before embracing and kissing her.

Sera pouted at the sight. "Ivy, I'm the one who got kidnapped, not Aqua!"

"Are you just saying that because you want a kiss from her?" Sally asked teasingly, leaning on her side.

"I wouldn't mind. At least an 'I'm so happy you're not hurt Sera.' Or something like that." Sera looked and saw Leau, Saur and Venine were hugging and nuzzling Minerva in relief. "Well, it seems you got another family other than Ariel's~."

"P-Please stop…" Minerva stuttered, blushing in embarrassment. "They are nice though~…"

"Well, you are still appreciated, Sera." Sakura assured, hugging behind the Kirlia with an easing touch. She felt the Mawile do the same from the front. "In other words, we're so glad you're safe~!"

"Thanks~. I appreciate it. Eep~!" She felt a cold spot and saw Frost nuzzling her cheek. "Too cold Frost~!" She stated even feeling Sally climb up and hugged her face tightly, buried in fluff. "Mmmfff Mmff~!" 'Oh no..! I can't breathe! Too much fluff!'

"Our apologies, Lady Sera, but we just have this sudden feeling of embracing you so fondly~!"

"Yeah Sera, you're always so good to us, we're so happy to be married to you~!" Sally said happily, cooing blissfully despite Sera arm's flailing with her face in her chest.

"I'm sure she's happy, but I think you should separate from her face, Sally." Hana suggested.

"I don't really think so, Hana~." Sally said, practically whimpering. "Why should I do that~?"

Hana shook her head, "Because with how thick your fur is, I doubt Sera is able to breathe. Just let her go for now." The Chikorita said.

"Breathe?... Eep!" The Eevee quickly let go of Sera's head and pushed her away, the Kirlia's face slightly blue before she took a deep breath, face returning to normal color. "I'm so sorry, Sera! I'm so so sorry!" She apologized, bowing up and down.

"Hah…. I'm okay.. Hah… it's okay." Sera pants, trying to catch her breath. "Careful about hugging someone's face next time." She goes to kiss her forehead.

The Eevee nodded and allowed the Kirlia to go to Aqua. The Psychic type rubbed her head to try and cool it a little. She giggled at how cute she still is.

"I can just hug that Eevee forever~." Sera said sweetly. She then sees Ivy still hugging and kissing the Oshawott. "Ivy, give Aqua some time to breathe okay?"

Ivy perked up at Sera's voice and looks at her. "Oh, hehe. Sorry~." Ivy rubbed the back of her head and got up. "Good to have you back, Aqua~."

"Ivy, I wasn't the one needing rescue." She told her, rubbing her head.

"Sorry, I was just feeling worried for you."

"I appreciate it, but show some concern for Sera who was kidnapped." Aqua stated, looking at the Kirlia. "Right, Sera~?"

"Yeah, personally I feel neglected." She said, "I know I don't mean as much to Ivy as you, but still." Sera hugged Ivy and nuzzled her soothingly.

The Snivy felt bad about what the Kirlia said, wrapping her arms around the Psychic type. "Thank you, Sera. I'm sorry about my impulse."

"It's okay. Just think about my well-being if I'm ever in trouble." Sera said, kissing her forehead.

Ariel smiled at them all and looked to see Neptunia walk to her. "I'm glad you all are okay~… and Ariel… I am absolutely sorry for all this mess over your years…"

Ariel looked downward, feeling disappointed about how she never gotten to know Opal and eventually acted distant for the later years. "That you felt like you're responsible for not contacting Mom for me and could have talked about how one should lead?"

"Y-Yes, h-how did you know that?" Neptunia asked.

"Turns out Valdora was spying on you two."

"I was surprised to hear that as well." Opal said, her forces keeping an eye on the Salazzle. "Can't believe that slippery serpent heard that much. And without my consent or even over the years during when we had Ariel and I had Minerva."

Neptunia closed her eyes in sorrow. 'I was too young to have a child.' She thought, recalling the scene when she took their baby and left her. But then she felt her daughter and wife embracing her so lovingly. She blushed bright at this. "Wh-what are you two doing?"

"We both have the right to be angry at you. But in a way, Mother… both sides were at fault."

"Even so, we still love you~." Opal assured. "I'm sorry I wasn't thinking with what I said all those years ago…" She finally apologized about that fateful day after all these years they've suffered.

"Well, I didn't explain what was the problem with what you said." Neptunia added. "So as Ariel said, we're both at fault. We'll help each other show how to rule together." She said with tears in all three family members' eyes.

Joyce sniffled and try as she might, she did her best not to tearfully break down.

"Let it out Joyce~." Aqua spoke, patting her back.

The Mesprit complied and wailed. "WAAAAHHH! This is so beautifully touching!"

The Oshawott smiled, nodding in agreement and patting her back. She then noticed the three looking at them awkwardly. "Umm~… private?"

Ariel gently moved her hand in a scooching manner, asking Aqua to give them privacy. But then she looks at Joyce lovingly.

The Oshawott giggled as she left the Mesprit to let her walk to and embrace the Manaphy. "I think this is the part where we skip scenes to the official wedding~."

"Uh, you're still too young honey~." Neptunia stated.

"I meant you and Opal~!" Aqua specified.

"It didn't look that way considering it was spoken after Joyce and Ariel embraced."

"I'm just referring to this movie story here?" Aqua specified more.

"Okay, well now we know hun~." Opal giggled. She then looks at Neptunia lovingly. "This isn't to say I've completely forgiven you and we can make another baby though." She did point out. "But maybe in another month or so, the time will be right."

"I understand." Neptunia nodded, nuzzing her neck. "I promise you though, I won't make the same mistake I did all those years ago too."

The group smiled at seeing how they're handling the situation. They then looked at each other and nodded that they've done good.

"I guess after the wedding, we'll all be going home right?" Aqua asked, feeling sad. "We all have about… a few more days left here in Lovantis…"

"We've been dealing with a lot of stuff with Ariel's family drama, but overall… it was fun~.." Sera said, feeling sad at the fact too as she looked at the Decidueye, 'I need to clear what happened in the springs before the kidnapping scene before I leave.'

'You sure?' Frost asked.

'We both said we loved each other, but we're gonna be separated soon. While I do love her, we can't be together.' The Kirlia responded. 'I have to tell her with the utmost honesty.' She thought, taking a minute to take a deep breath. She then went to Minerva and took a deep breath again.

"Minerva, we need to talk." Sera said to her. "It's… important."

The Owl hears her and turns to her mother. "I need to talk to Sera about something." She said and she and the Kirla walked off somewhere.

"Understood." Venine said. 'What's going on there?'

"Let them be. A woman must respect girls growing up to be women themselves." Leau stated.

"Fair enough." The Nidoqueen said, she and the rest of the group now going to relax.

"You said it, sister~!" Saur chirped as she arms them both to her like friends do. They all chuckled as they rubbed each other's back.

Sera and Minerva went to hit the showers as they had been kidnapped and fighting. They took off their clothes and and adjusted the water till they can handle the temperature. They went in the raining water from the shower heads and sighed at the feeling from the water and it's temperature.

"Mmmhhh, I love baths and showers. Typically it's hard to remember being clean." Minerva sighed in pleasure.

"Is it because you're half-grass-type, right~?"

"That, plus we're doing Angel/Succubi stuff. Get covered in sweat, dirt and/or cum." The Decidueye stated. "Really unsanitary if you ask me."

"You're right about that." Sera said, rubbing her head with shampoo and water. She closes her eyes calmly to think. 'I have to tell her. She's a beautiful woman and will easily make a good wife, but not to me.' "Ahem…" she cleared her throat before turning to the owl. "Minerva, I want to talk about what happened in the springs."

"Hm? What is it?" The Decidueye asked.

"We… both said a lot of things during the springs. Under the effects of Heart's Lure." Sera said. "In fact, some of those might have involved romantic things."

"Yeah, I remember what I said." Minerva said in a calm tone. "Why? You felt like every word we said was true?"

"I just want to make sure you don't get your hopes up." Sera said, washing her neck. "Love is a strong word. It can help as much as it can hurt." She takes a deep breath before continuing. "You're a beautiful young woman Minerva. Anyone would be happy to be with you."

"Wait, where is this conversation going?"

Sera clenched her fist to keep them for shaking before turning to face her. "Minerva, I believe you'll be a great wife and mother one day… but it can't be with me."

The owl widened her eyes a bit and felt herself jump inside. "… Oh…"

"Yeah." Sera said, looking sad at what she said. "I'm sorry about that, but I wanted to make it clear so I don't hurt you more than I am now."

"I-I see…" Minerva said, looking down a bit. "Thank you for telling me."

"M-Minerva…?" Sera asked worriedly. She stepped towards her cautiously. "It'll be okay. You know what they say, better to have loved then lost, then never have loved at all, right?"

"I know…" Minerva nodded, rubbing her own shoulder.

Sera went and hugged her lightly, rubbing her back. "I love you." she said softly in her ear. "That's why I'm doing this."

Minerva nodded again and nuzzled her. "I love you too, Sera."

The Kirlia smiled in relief, happy that the owl was taking this strong.

They were soon finished bathing and came out of the shower wrapped in towels. They dried up as much as they could and left the shower room.

*Meanwhile with Ariel and the others.*

The Manaphy was getting a massage on her back, humming softly. She was also on top of Joyce who relaxed laying on her back and the pressure of Ariel massaged on felt through.

"Hehe, does it feel good sweetie?" Neptunia asked with a touching tone.

"Mhmh~.." She nodded, humming softly, nuzzling her cheek. "It feels so good~… better even, now that we're all together~."

"You're just as sweet as your mother~." The Giratina stated, getting her back massaged by a machamp who cracks her four hands before slamming them on her back. "Gyaackk!" she cried out in mix of pain and pleasure.

"A-Are you alright, Miss Opal?" Joyce asked worriedly.

"I'm alright. It actually feels nice." Opal said calmly before getting nudged firmly at between her butt and back. "Ooohhh yeah~..."

Ariel shook her head and nuzzled Joyce. "Such a masochist, ain't she~?"

"Actually, that's what masseurs do. Apply the pressure points in the body.' Neptunia said.

"Ooohh." Ariel nodded in understanding as she looked over her mothers. 'It's over. This war is finally over.' The Manaphy thought as she closed her eyes peacefully. 'I couldn't have done it without Aqua and the others~... I should throw them a big party before they go home~.'

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