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Chapter 10: Tournament Time-PT:3

A bell then rang for a short break. "A break now? Should've done that at the half-way point." Junie stated. "But it is going to be the final battle after all."

"True." Ellie answered, nodding her head.

Aqua looks at Ariel who looked blank. She goes to her. "Are you okay?"

The Manaphy Princess only responded by planting her head on the edge of her seat.

"What's the matter? Nervous?" The Oshawott asked, patting her back.

"Aqua, what is love to you…?"

"Love? Well…" the Oshawott took the moment to think about how it is to her. "It's a feeling that you can share and experience to anyone, friend or foe regardless~.."

"But what if they're family to you..?" Ariel asked and that made Aqua flinch a bit.

"Families should love each other, flaws and all." Aqua spoke to her. "Mine? I fell in love with my Mommy since I was a teen~. And even though I discovered Nami late in my teens, I still knew that I would love her as well. Same goes for Brio and Prima~... My Brionne sister and I may fight, but we love each other no matter what~."

"Huh… You're lucky to have a sister…" Ariel said, crossing her arms. "Meanwhile, I'm an only child and I only have an adoptive one."

"Adopted or birth doesn't matter. Sera's not actually my sister, not even adopted, yet I still love her like an older sister~.." She pointed out with a smile. "I look up to her being the voice of reason. It helped me with my studies~." "I mean, yeah she's overbearing, uptight, can have a stick in the mud…" she moves towards Ariel and whispers. "And can be quite sussy as you say."

"I heard that… You'll be joining me and Ellie in bed tonight Aqua~. I hope you look forward to it~." Sera told to her sweetly.

"This thing is getting old." Aqua bluntly said as she flicks her arm at Sera. Just then, she got a scene of herself, the Kirlia and Espurr in bed, various scenes of them loving, caressing, and holding each other.

"You were saying~?" The Kirlia asked.

"Sera, I want to counsel Ariel on family." Aqua said. "I know I out of all Pokemon am saying this, but I actually have better things to do than sex right now."

"I didn't say I was gonna do it now, just tonight." Sera pointed out. "That said, I'm really happy about you resisting temptation~." The Kirlia gives her a thumbs up.

The Oshawott smiled at that.. 'It is actually nice to have restraint sometimes.'

"I'll be heading to the springs for a quick recharge. As I do that, I should try and call my parents." the Kirlia leaves taking out her phone.

Ariel giggled at that and held Aqua's hand. "Want to get acquainted on this subject~?"

Aqua nodded and they went to Ariel's bedroom.

They sit on Ariel's bean bag chair.

Aqua then asks her. "Alright, Angel Sea. Why is it that you admire me so?"

"Well…" Ariel sits in one as well as she thinks about how much she knows about Angel Water. "You were one of the greatest heroes of the Casanova Club, which by the way, why call the last part 'Club'?"

"Well there are various rooms in the building and many facilities as well." Aqua stated. "And apparently it's in outer space like a space station of sorts."

"Whoa really? You were in space~?" Ariel asked excitedly.

"Wait, now I remember." Aqua said. "It's actually a flying flagship like in those sci-fi movies. I do recall sometimes going out and seeing clouds all around us." That response made Ariel facefaulted humorously.

"What?! You seriously forgot it was a flagship just now?!" Ariel raised her voice.

"Nobody's perfect. Not even me."

"There's a huge difference between a flying flagship and a spaceship!" Ariel shook her arms but calmed down. "Anyway, on the subject of you."

"Well, I'm happy you think that I'm a hero to you~..." Aqua said before frowning. "But as I said before… I'm not perfect. I had made mistakes that would make your own seem like a princess' vanity."

"Yeah, I heard about what you did too.." Ariel nodded her head. "You nearly gave up your family and friends just to be with your lover."

Aqua just slumped with bored eyes. "Taking the drama out of this, aren't you?" she shakes her head. "But yes… in my obsession to be with Hana I nearly drove everyone I cared about away. Even the one who cared about me the most felt so betrayed she ended our friendship for a time."

"For 2 months?" Ariel guesses, having known that part as well.

"Yes. I had to work for her forgiveness. It really showed me how much I messed up. How arrogant I was to think that love alone can overcome everything." Aqua then looked serious. "But why aren't you willing to accept Opal back into your family initially?"

"I.." Ariel gripped her paws tightly that they started to shake. "I… *sob*..."

"It's okay Let it all out." Aqua said soothingly as she embraced her, rubbing her back as well. "You and I… we are alike~." They then stared into each other's eyes lovingly.

"Huh, what do you mean?" The tearful Manaphy asked. "H-How are we the same?"

The Oshawott rubbed her back and leans in close on her face. "Here's how~..."

Ariel felt her forehead touch Aqua's. She felt the warmth from both their heads and hearts before kissing each other deeply. "Mmm~.." she hummed as she hugged her back. They then laid on Ariel's bed to passionately make out.

The Manaphy murmured, holding Aqua's hand firmly during their make out.

Unknown to them, Sera was peeking but decided not to interrupt them. She shakes her head as she walks off. "Why do I always have to peek in?" she said. "On the other hand, it's rather heartwarming of them to make love about family matters~..."

As that was happening, Aqua and Ariel start to get more intimate in their make out session.

"A-Aqua~..." she muttered softly. Ariel then shifts to her slime form and makes a large slime puddle around them.

The Oshawott felt as though her arms and legs sank into the slime puddle. She would try to move, but the puddle was sticky. "Huh? A-Ariel?" She asked curiously.

She took her more fluid look of a Manaphy as she pressed her vagina to Aqua's. "I want to feel your body one last time~..."

"We can always come and visit you or you can invite us to Lovantis in our free time~.." She pointed out with a giggle. "We would love to visit you and the others any time.~..." Aqua stated.

"Y-Yeah, alright~.." Ariel moans as she continues to grind with her. Aqua giggled as she lightly squeezed around her body. As the Manaphy felt hotter and hornier, she felt her labia form something long and hard via her slime abilities.

"Huh~?" Aqua got out, curious at what she's seeing. She then sees a tentacle erect and snaked out from Ariel's vagina. "Sometimes I wish I can turn into a slime~.." She the stares at it moving around before it shoves straight into her pussy hard and deep. "Hhhaaahhh~..."

"Ooohhh~... this must be what a hermaphrodite feels like~!" Ariel moaned with her tongue sticking out. "Then again, I haven't drank the potion so it's not exactly the same. Haaah~... the benefits of being a Mythical Pokemon though almost as powerful as Legendary ones~."

"Haah, m-make sure you don't wear yourself out okay?" Aqua advised. "Think of how your own opponent is like, Valdora was her name?"

"She's the one who created that Heart's Lure, the one that made you all sex-crazed. A Salazzle who can get herms to her whim." Ariel said as she thrusts her tentacle some more. "Even if I'm a female, I must be careful." She grunted and gritted her teeth a bit, feeling her tentacle cock shove deeper into Aqua, making the Oshawott gasp and bucked herself up a bit.

"Y-yeah, you're right~..." Aqua stated, gripping the sheets. "Make sure you stay calm too. Y-Your dragon blood m-might g-get in the way~...! Aaahh~! Why does it feel like you're not stopping from my womb~!?" She tried to see what's going on. "Wait, is she also going through my rear?" Aqua then saw a tail-like tentacle shoved through her anus. "Aaahh~! N-Now you are~!" She then felt the other tentacle pushing through her insides. "A-Ariel~?" She asked a little nervously. 'Sh-She can't seriously be going further in until…?' "Maybe ease up a little before I might find it hard to talk? Especially if something comes out of my mouth instead of coming inside..?"

"Huh?" Ariel got out, lost in her daydream before seeing what she was doing. "O-Oh~..." She then retracted her tentacles and shifts back to her Manaphy form before embracing Aqua. "Sorry, let's just do this quickly so I can go to my match~."

"Remember to be careful with your emotions, and sure~.." Aqua embraced her and kissed her cheek. They then grinded each other's pussies as fast and firmly as they could. Both of their moans were the same pitch. Sooner or later, they cringed and kissed deeply to muffle their moans and they came hard on each other's hips, squirting their love juices on each other.

Aqua hugged her deeply, rubbing her smooth back. "Ehehe~... your skin feels like jello mixed with muscle tissue~."

Ariel giggled from the rubbing, kissing Aqua's cheek. "Wish me luck, Aquie~." She then kisses her lips next before leaving nakedly and wet.

Aqua got up with a smile as she stretched. "Good luck."

As Ariel got to the battleground, she was greeted with some awkward eyes at her naked and cum-drenched appearance. "I'm here, everyone~."

Neptunua shakes her head at how she looks, but takes a deep breath. "Get to the ring dear. And make sure you have your angel charm on." She says, pointing at said ring.

She nods and headed straight towards and on the ring.

"And now, while ignoring the fact that the princess herself showed up naked and wet, we're on to our final match~!"

"H-hey, I had a special moment with someone to help calm my nerves!" Ariel said defensively.

"Right…" Hana mumbled as she got behind her. "You owe me one after this~..."

"Please, everyone, focus!" Sera called out. "Where's Valdora?" She asked, looking around. "I don't see her on Opal's side or even hiding around the ring!"

Opal looked around and soon she spotted the Salazzle coming to her. "Valdora, where have you been?" she asked looking all over her. "During the last match, you left without a word."

"Just needed to blow off some steam with one of our forces. That's all.." The Salazzle stated.

"Blow some steam with one of our forces?" The Giratina repeated.

"Sexually mother." Minerva clarify. "Well good luck, I'll be in the hot springs to rest and recover." The Decidueye stated, walking off.

At the same time, the Kirlia shook her head, "Sexual idiots, almost everyone I've met." Sera grumbled, walking off. "If anyone needs me, I'll be soaking in the hot springs water."

"Stick in the mud…" Jeane muttered as she saw the Salazzle getting in the ring as well. "I think the Kirlia's dick is just drained." The Riolu said rather rudely.

"Hey, don't be mean." Ivy said as she strokes her back. "The final match and the fate of the ocean hangs in the balance now."

"Sure hope the princess can keep her dragonic side in check. No fairy-type can help her during the match." Jeane said as Ariel and Valdora were standing near each other and staring at each other intently.

"Alright, final fight and for the win~! Ariel vs Valdora~!" The announcer said. "And it looks like they got their eyes on each other, probably ogling their tits almost touching~!"

The two of them entered their angel and succubi form respectively.

Ariel got into her battle stance with her broadsword in two hands.

Valdora got her whips and breathed her pheromones all over it, giving it an almost purple hue to it. "Prepare yourself, Princess as I'm about to lick and eat your ass~!"

"Uh, the correct term is 'kick' and 'beat'!" Aqua shouted from the audience seats. "Cause it sounds like you mean it in a sexual way…"

"I know what I said and you know what I'm all about~!" Valdora yells and lunges at Ariel, only for a red force field to block her. "Hey! What gives?!"

"I didn't announce you two can begin." The announcer stated. The Sharpedo pointed at her to move back to her spot and the Salazzle grumbled and did so. "Alright, let the final battle begin~!"

As they both charged at each other, Ariel was pondering to herself in her thoughts. 'I'm so stoked for this… and yet… so nervous…' She would launch up and swing her sword at Valdora who dodges her attacks. 'Still, I'm finally gonna have my entire family back!'

Neptunia watches and thinks to herself. 'Oh, Ariel…' She then thinks back on how she grew up over the years. How she struggled to learn her style, encouraging her during her bad times, complimenting her good moments.


A teenage Ariel was sitting on a table with her mother tutoring her in becoming the next queen in line one day. The former though was bored and sighed as she had her head rest on her right arm. She does try to pay attention to what she's saying, though it starts to fade out due to boredom.

"Ariel. Ariel… Ariel!" she said firmly. "Are you listening?" Neptunia asked a bit strictly.

"Yes… and no." Ariel said bluntly. "About… 60% of it I hear." She said, waving her left arm casually. 'Why do I even need to hear this… being born royalty can be such a pain in the-'

"Ariel, this is all important." Neptunia reminds her. "You're gonna be queen one day. Things will be different and there are some rules to follow."

"Like what? Being apart from the people you can talk to anytime?" Ariel asked, holding out a phone. She then tapped into the contacts and shows her that Opal called her a lot. "Personally, I'm starting to obey just one part of it."

Neptunia jolted a bit at seeing how many times the Giratina called their daughter. Apparently, the younger Manaphy never told her about that. "Did you… actually talk to her?"

"Yeah, at first, she sounded weird saying that she is my other mother, but then she told me and sent me pics about you two being together." Ariel bitterly explained, her teenage cynicism rising up pretty badly. "Why did you leave her? AND WITH ME!? She even asked to marry you and you ask for a child before that."

Neptunia couldn't answer that and stood silent. "W-What happened back then was complicated…"

Ariel twitched her eye as she thought. 'Oy vey! The old "our relationship was complicated" gag!' She said that part with a high-pitched tone in her head. She then sighed and stood up. "I'm taking an early dismissal from this…"

"Ariel please? It's not what you think!" Neptunia tries to say as Ariel walks to her room fast. Neptunia sighed from this.

A day after this, Ariel had headphones on to not listen to her mother's voice on the TVs or speakers around town. She was at the park sitting and watching kids playing. They even have their mothers too. At first, the princess smiled but then frowned as she thought about her own mothers. "Lucky Duckletts… They have both mothers with them..."

When she returned home later, she spent the rest of her day in her room. She then heard a knock on her door and in came Neptunia. She frowned and laid back on her bed. "What do you want, Your Highness?" She bitterly refers to her mom by her title.

"I just want to talk." Neptunia said to her. "I know you're angry about knowing your other mother is not with us, and the fact I left her when you were just a baby."

"Lalalala~! I ain't hearing this!" Ariel covered her ears and sang an immature song out loud. Then she felt her limbs being held up and to the wall by Neptunia's power.

"This isn't easy for me either, Ariel! So you better listen, right here and now!" Neptunia crosses her arms. "I'm not happy with what I did either, I would want to be with Opal as well. But I just can't because there are many reasons why. Maybe it goes against kingdom regulations or she wouldn't change her villainous ways, I-I don't know!"

"Did you give her a chance?" Ariel asked.

"Uh… W-Well…"

"Did you tell her what you didn't like what she said and/or did? Or did you freak out over one detail and left her brokenhearted?" Ariel asked, still looking mad at her.

"I was young, still a princess just like you. I didn't think of the possible consequence or how I would react to things." she explained.

"I'm listening… for now." Ariel mumbled.

"I made a mistake." Neptunia said to her. "Not the giving birth to you-part. The letting my emotions do my thinking instead of being rational-part."

"So your kingdom is more important than family!?"

"I wanted to have a baby with the enemy and didn't know how to react to certain things! I do care about her, I just freaked out is all!"

Ariel wanted to understand, but she was becoming increasingly livid, still, she simply wants her mother to let her digest alone.

"I should've waited until I was older, more mature, and the situation was better to have a baby. I don't regret having a daughter, but I wasn't ready for what happened. Ariel, when you think about having a child, make sure you prepare for the future." she said standing up and leaving her daughter alone.

*End of Flashback*

"Sigh… Ariel, you have grown up so much ever since you met your new friends…" She looked at Opal and figured this would be a good time to explain what happened years ago. She then scooted over to the Giratina and tapped on her shoulder. "Opal, if I were to have said that you couldn't rule subjects with fear, intimidation and must be patient and understanding back then, would you have accepted that?"

Opal was taken aback at that question, but then remembered the time Neptunia had shown Ariel to her. She closed her eyes, "So that's why you left me all those years ago… well, would you believe if I explain 'Peace through Tyranny' be an answer?" She asked, sweating a little.

Neptunia crossed her arms when she was asked that. "Probably not. And for the record, 'peace through tyranny' is just another name for 'control on others'. Being a ruler is not about placing yourself at the top." The Manaphy pointed out calmly, wanting to talk to her. "If you want to rule, you should understand how to be a good one."

"So how would you deal with a possible mutiny and betrayal?" Opal pointed out. "Because that's what intimidation is for. Even if you're understanding and patient, those who would want power for the sake of power won't want to talk to you, just attack. Intimidation is virtually the same as discipline."

"Maybe so, but they're still different regardless." Neptunia argued a little.

"I'm understanding to my side and those who respect my rules. But if someone tries to force their rule on me and harm my people will be met with equal force." The Giratina insisted as she looks at her fist clenching. "It's a dragon's code to protect their followers and allies. I'm proud, but I'm not unreasonable."

"Opal… you may be a proud dragon, but every ruler must show some humility to their people."

"So if someone threatens your daughter with torture and/or death, you would show humility to them?" Opal challenged, pointing at the battle of Ariel and Valdora.

Ariel's arms and sword were tied up and in a tug of war with Valdora's whips. She braced her legs and feet to the floor and pulled back. "Hngh…! You're pretty good but a weapon with flexible appendages is kind of cheating!"

"There was no limit to what weapon one can use, plus, whips just suit someone like me~.." Valdora stated, licking her lips. She then pulled them a little harder to pull Ariel in.

"Maybe, but my weapon is just as special~.." Ariel's sword turned into a trident and courses electricity towards Valdora.

"Gyaaahhh!" The Salazzle screamed before letting go and falling onto the ground. "H-How does a water-type like you know any electric-type moves!?"

"Uhh, you didn't realize my weapon had an electric core in it where I can launch electric attacks from it?" Ariel asked, showing it. The base of the trident middle blade had a yellow sphere around it which glowed an electric yellow color. "You gotta love angel technology~!"

"Grr…" Valdora growled, but then she chuckled lightly.

"What's so funny? I didn't hear a joke." She stated, reverting her trident back to a sword.

"Oh nothing~... you're just arousing me is all~." Valdora said as she got back up and readied herself sexily.

"Well, I do like keep myself fit and good looking~.." Ariel said, winking at her.

Neptunia and Opal sweatdropped as they looked at them. 'Don't get overconfident Ariel.' Neptunia thought. 'You must win this!' She then turns to Opal. "A-As you can see, Ariel, learning from Aqua, can smile to her enemies."

"If she learns too much from her, I fear what she might do." Opal stated, crossing her arms. She even blushed at the thought of it. "Smiling is fine sometimes, but one should take certain battles seriously."

As Ariel and Valdora, who straightened her whips into swords, clashed, they pushed at each other, struggling to gain an upper hand.

"Give it up, little princess, you will not win~! Not only will I gain Opal's honor, but I'll even have your body at the end of this match~!" She seductively said, getting excited and her perfume-like body odor started to waft from herself.

The Manaphy gritted her teeth trying to push her back, the fragrance from the Salazzle was making her feel warm despite being female. "Not if I have your body first~!" She boasted.

"And that is one thing she also learned from Aqua, I presume…?" Opal muttered, looking at the Manaphy queen.

"Eheheh~... being an angel is a rather hot job~." Neptunia said, sheepishly rubbing the back of her head.

"You know despite being a succubi, Minerva has shown great progress in literature~. She's even fluent in french~." Opal said. "I taught her plenty."

"She even became good friends with Sera-chan~..."

"Heh, she stated that if you had allies who can think with her head and not loins, she must be the one to keep the others on my side in check~.. That's why she resolved to be like, if not surpassed her as well." Opal said as she noticed Neptunia rubbed her hips.

"I can tell. I heard she went after her when she was alone." Neptunia said. "Also, change of subject and this may be a little random, but…"

"What?" The Giratina asked, looking at her.

"Wh-When this is over… I-I… I want another baby with you~!"

Opal blushes at that; even smiling for a moment, but soon frowned as well. "So you can take that one away as well?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"No! This time it'll be different! We could become a family for real!"

"And why should I take that chance?" she asked sternly. "You were the one who suggested we have a daughter first. Saying it would 'Unite our worlds together…'"

"Wow… from what you're saying, it sounds like the queen betrayed you first…" Joyce's voice whispered when she had turned invisible and listened in on them.

"H-hey, don't just eavesdrop on conversations!" Neptunia cried out. "A-And I didn't commit any betrayal of that sort! Did I?"

"You kept a mother from seeing her daughter for 15 years…" Joyce said to her. "Or did you invite Opal to Ariel's birthday parties? Because I count… zero times."

Neptunia tried to speak to defend herself. But then she realized she doesn't have anything to say in order to justify her actions enough. "Y-You're right. I made that suggestion, and I turned away from it like a coward." She takes a deep breath. "I should've given you a chance, a proper chance and explained the issues I had, I'm very sorry Opal."

"Well, I heard a sorry there, but maybe you should apologize to Ariel more." Opal said, lookin at her in a more relaxed gaze. "She's affected by this as well as you."

"I will." Neptunia nodded and they kept watching Ariel battle Valdora. "And you do have the right to be doubtful about me, but I want to make it up to you, I still love you." she said. "Give me a chance and I will do what I can to make this right.."

Opal nodded back and held her hand. "Well you are being genuine, so I can at least give you the opportunity to earn back my love." She then leaned on her head caringly.

Ariel panted, struggling to keep herself sane from the scent from Valdora. 'Hard to think straight…. Even though the scent isn't as potent to a female, the prolonged exposure is building!' she shuddered from the heat. 'I gotta beat her fast!'

'Now I have her~!' Valdora smirked and readied her whips to trip Ariel to the ground. "Looks like the heat's getting to you little princess~..." She then flexed in and thrusts her arms to do so. "And I got you right where I want you~!"

"Nghhh… Don't think you've won. I may be hot, but I'm not out!" Ariel stated, covering her sword with electricity. "Electric Sword!" She then charged at her with all her might.

Valdora narrowed her eyes and quickly got to her knees before sliding to dodge Ariel's attack. 'Just like in the movies with a cowgirl using a lasso~!' She thought.

Just then, Ariel quickly jumped and back flipped into the air, her sword ready to strike. "I'm the princess of the city of Lovantis, and by my blade and the strength of my heart, no evil shall succeed and endanger my home and friends~!" She then dived down at the Salazzle to strike her down. "Heaven's Judgement~!"

The attack hit and it looked like a lightning bolt struck her down.

"Okay, did she get that out in some game?" Brio asked, impressed by that. "Because it looks so cool~!"

"Yeah, it does~.." Aqua said, amazed as well.

The fog cleared and it looked like Valdora laid on the ground weakly and Ariel was still standing. "Hahah, maybe I'm nice, but I'm not a push over~...!"

The Salazzle struggled to say something which Ariel couldn't hear so she decided to get closer. She crouched down to her. To the Manaphy's surprise, Valdora pulled in Ariel for a kiss. "Mmmhh~!" Ariel muffled out but then felt her tongue lick around her own. 'Whoa, be cautious. I must win this~!' she climbed over the Salazzle, rubbing and squeezing her chest.

Valdora moaned, but smirked and she moved her paws to Ariel's butt cheeks. She felt their smooth, gel like skin as she squeezed them.

Ariel moaned as she made out with Valdora, not knowing the Salazzle had sneaked a pill in her mouth to move to Ariel's throat. "Mmhh?! Wh-What the?!"

Before the Manaphy Princess could react, she gasped when she felt two needles poking her buttocks, forcing her to swallow the pill.

Valdora had sneaked in two syringes from under her sleeves.

"Wh-What was that?! You can't sneak in syringes!" Ariel stated, shuddering. She was then pushed off by the Salazzle and then felt increasingly warm and itchy. "Wh-what was in them?!"

"Heart's Lure for Princesses~." Valdora grinned. "I made you swallow a pill version of it while I injected the liquid one in your cute butt~. And speaking of your butt~..." She then got her whips out and imbues them with Fire Lash. "I did changed it while those inflicted won't be excessively needing sex, they're still open and willing for it~." Valdora then lashed out her flaming whips at Ariel.

She barely got out of the way and got her sword. "Ngh…! I gotta… stay focused…!"

"Aww, so hot and tingly huh~? Need some 'relief'~?" The Salazzle teased as she slapped her whips together to make a fiery shockwave at her.

Ariel clashed her sword to a ground, creating a mini tidal wave. The two waves ran into each other and evaporated into steam, obscuring the ring.

'Shoot.. Focus Ariel!' The Manaphy closed her eyes, clearing her mind of the intruding heart's lure and focusing on the surroundings. 'She's shaky from my attacks, one good hit will take her down for the sexual pin!' Though her mind tried to focus, her body felt relaxed from the spa-like atmosphere caused by the steam made by them. 'Wait for her attack and counter…' She then felt a presence hunting her like a predator going for its prey. Despite this, she keeps her sword ready and prone. She then sensed the Salazzle lunging at her, so she swung her sword at her attack on her.

A quick flash appeared as the two of them remained where they were, the group pondering who's attack connected. They then see Ariel and Valdora, standing some distance back to back before the Salazzle collapses, too sore to get back up. Ariel looks at her, panting. "G-Guess I better do her then..!" She then had her sword glow to summon tentacles to bind Valdora to the ring. "No more schemes." She then proceeds to take Valdora's armor off. "You may have violated the rules, but I am fighting to the very end…!"

"Even if she won, I'd disqualified her anyway." The announcer stated. "But we all know a princess' pride~." The Sharpedo said, winking.

Ariel giggled as she finished disrobing and lay on top of the Salazzle. "Allow me, Valdora~... you did made me hot for love after all~..." She then kisses her deeply.

"Mmfffhhh~..." She muffled, feeling her caress her body. She even felt her cool, moist, gel-like body rub against her own. 'At least she's pleasant to touch~...'

Ariel then moved her hands to her breasts to rotate them around Valdora's, tickling their breast against each other. The Manaphy then presses her vagina against the Salazzle's own, making them moan out in pleasure.

'Oh my goddess~...! I'm already feeling like cumming, but I can't give up~!' Ariel thought lustfully. She then went and latched on Valdora's breast and licked and nipped her nipple.

"Aaahh~! Y-You little~..." Valdora gasped as her body shuddered as she panted from her pleasurable touch. 'I have no choice, I'll play my trump card, first I'll give those two brainy girls a little fun before I get them.' She clenched her paw which had a hidden button painted to her skin.

Aqua suddenly felt a bad feeling within her, a feeling of Butterfrees in her stomach. She held her arm to try and ease her worries. 'I don't know why, but something tells me that the war is about to take an unexpected turn…' she turned towards where the hot spring are located. The Oshawott then ran to that place, bumping into Hana on the way. "Ah! Aqua?! Where's the fire?"

"No time, I need to check if Sera is alright!"

"I'm sure she's fine. She's in the hot springs." The Chikorita stated.

"That's where I'm heading!"

Just as she said that they heard Saur and Leau talking as well.

"You're worried about that Owl? You need to relax, you never used to be so paranoid." The Typhlosion pointed out.

"I'm a Samurott and it's in my kind's hearts that we could sense upcoming danger. You know, like samurais."

"But you're not a samurai. You're a knight. You do know the difference between a samurai and a knight right?" Saur said. "Well, a shell knight with samurai-esque features, but still."

"Nevermind about that, I've got an uncomfortable feeling and I've also noticed that Minerva hasn't returned from the hot springs area." Leau argued and she rushed to the hot springs room.

"Wait, you're worried about Minerva?" Aqua asked, she and Hana catching up to her.

"Ah, where did you two come from!?" The Shiny Samurott shouted, flinching.

"We saw you two talking about going to check to check on Minerva cause you had a bad feeling." Aqua said. "I have a bad feeling that Sera is in trouble so I'm going to the hot springs myself!"

Leau and Saur looked shocked at what they heard. "That's certainly no coincidence." They then rushed with them to said location.

*At the hot springs; a little bit earlier.*

A nude Kirlia was sitting at the edge of the pool, not yet entering as she was eating chilled soba noodles. "I hope Ariel and her family will finally be back together." She stated, taking another bite. "This could be how this whole battle can end."

Soon after finishing a light meal, she slid her body into the bath and rested on the floor, the water floating at her chest size. "Aaahh~.." Sera murmured from the warmth. "Hot springs really have their healing properties~..."

"It really does~.." A voice spoke out from behind her. Sera looked back and saw that Minerva was standing right behind her.

"Of course you would be here." Sera said, not even bothered by the Decidueye's appearance. "Well if you want a bath, I don't mind if you join me."

"I'm happy to be with you then~." Minerva said as she sat down with her and leaned on her shoulder. "Thank you for trusting me. I wanted to make sure I told you that~. And… everything is going to change for the better, it seems~..."

"That is if Ariel can win and everyone on your side is able to accept that." Sera said, wrapping her arm around Decidueye's waist, rubbing her side. "If you don't become a princess, what would you apply for royalty?"

"Well, I think I'd be suited as one of the royal advisers." Minerva responded, humming lightly. "I did offer a few ideas when Opal made various plans. And besides, ruling a kingdom isn't one of my strong suites or my dreams."

"What do you want to do instead, if the advisor thing doesn't work out?" The Kirlia asked curiously, relaxing to a fragrant scent in the waters. "There's plenty of other jobs inside the castle. Maybe as a royal ambassador? And there are even jobs that those who are outside royalty can fulfill." she pointed out.

"I know, I just… want to know if I still have a purpose in their family…"

"What makes you think that you won't?" Sera asked, confused at that speaking. "Aren't you happy to finally have a full family?"

"I'm just… I don't know what's gonna happen afterwards." The Owl admitted. "Things are gonna change for sure."

"... It's alright. Change is natural for everything in the world." Sera assured, squeezing Minerva a little. "If you're worried you'll lose Opal's love for you, then don't. It's clear she cares of you just as much as Ariel, she'll always be family to you~... and if I know Aqua, she must have taught Ariel the meaning of love no matter how senseless it may seem~."

That got the owl to giggle at that. "As airheaded as she acts, she does know much about love~." she said, wrapping her wing arm around the Kirlia, pulling her closer. "I'm guessing you've learned that much from her too even though she annoys you~?"

She blushes from how close she's getting to her, it makes her feel warmer, but nods. "She can be a bit of an airhead at times, and she does annoy me with how eager she is for sex, even if it may risk herself and others, but she wants to show that it is an important aspect in life. Not for lust or pleasure, but for love. True love~."

"True love…" Minerva muttered before feeling an affectionate nuzzle on her cheek. She looked up into the Kirlia's emerald colored eyes. 'Her eyes… are they… like mine~?'

'Wow… I didn't realize just now that her eyes are green like mine~…' the Kirlia thought, her face going pink from the sight. "Y-Your eyes are so~... beautiful~."

"S-so are yours~..." Minerva stuttered, both their eyes trembling as they stare. They soon felt their faces leaning nearer to each other, about to kiss.

Their sudden jolt with their movements barely got Sera back to her senses when she felt her body even hotter than how she usually is, her cock hardening alongside Minerva's and the scent in the bath filling more. 'Why am I? I don't usually get so hard like this… Could there be something in the springs affecting us?' Sera tried not to think about it, but she can feel their bodies shook from the excitement within.

"M-Minerva, I-I think there's something wrong here…" she stated, easing her hold on her. "I-I d-don't know why, but it feels as though my sex drive is…"

"On overdrive~?" Minerva said teasingly, caressing Sera's skin tantalizingly. "Make you feel hot and bothered inside~?" She then pecks her neck and licks its skin, making her moan.

Sera shuddered at that, but tried to ignore it. "I-I think we should leave this bath…" she said, trying to get up and out the pool, but she couldn't and felt herself stroking her cock. She forced herself to stop reluctantly. 'No Sera, focus!' she was about to try again, but she felt herself being rolled so her back was against the wall and embraced.

"Aaahhh~...! I can't hold it any longer~!" The phantom owl moaned out blissfully. Their breast were pressing against each other as she stared at the Kirlia, hearts in her eyes. "I never felt this way from any girl I met but you~!"

"M-Minerva…!" Sera stuttered, panting a little from her heated body pressed on hers. "This is bad, someone must be planning this, you need to resist your lust!" She then remembered something. 'Could it be the Heart's Lure..? But they are injections, they would have to be injected in one unless.' Sera looked and discovered some candles lined around the room, the smoke releasing the same scent from them. 'Did Valdora create them for scent form? But when did she had the time to…?'

Minerva started grinding her form all over Sera, panting hotly while nuzzling her cheek. "I want you, Sera~… I want to make love with you~!"

"Hahh~... P-Please, this is a trap…" She pleaded, feeling her smooth feathers. "We must escape, we can't give in!" she felt Minerva caress and held her cheek to her. 'Ugh~… I feel like kissing her~… I just feel so hot~... and Minerva's… just so beautiful~...'

Minerva nuzzled her cheek and even held one of the Kirlia's hands gently. They then completely fell in love to make out, and they did.

"M-Minerva~..." Sera murmured, embracing the Decidueye as they made out.

"S-Sera~…" Minerva murmured the same as they leaned against the wall and edge of the bathtub. She held the Emotion pokemon, holding her up a little as they kissed passionately.

"Mmm~…" They moaned in each other's mouths and felt hotter & hornier. They separated in order to catch their breaths, the saliva connecting each other panting hard.

"W-Want to take this to the next step~..?" Sera stuttered asking. "P-Please? I-I need your love Minerva~! I love you~!"

"S-Sera~…!" Minerva stuttered herself, beaming in joy and bliss. "I-I love you too~!" When she said that, she laid the Kirlia on her back on the floor with her on top. She then gropes her own breasts to arouse Sera further.

The Kirlia whimpered from the teasing action, staring at her lovingly. She then does the same with her own chest to arouse the phantom owl as well. The two of them pant as their growing arousal caused their members to fully erect. They stared at them being long and hard, twitching and hitting against each other.

"So who takes the lead?" Sera asked eagerly. "Me, or you~?" She asked, lining her cock tip at Minerva's vaginal lips.

"Well, you did do me when you 'won' our match~..." Minerva answered, spreading Sera's legs open. "Think I should take you this time~..."

"Hehehe~… if that's what you wish~…" The Kirlia giggled lustfully and allows her to thrust right inside her, which Minerva does so without hesitation. They moaned at how moist and warm their privates both felt inside and out.

The owl laid on top of Sera and caressed and held her tenderly. "You feel so warm and snug~…!" Minerva moaned.

Sera blushed from the compliment, shuddering at how much this feels so good. "And you feel as big and hard as ever, Minny~…"

Minerva started to move back and forth, rubbing all around her vaginal walls, cooing cutely. Unaware of a pare of masked serpentine individuals watching them from a distance.

*Meanwhile, back at the match.*

Ariel was close to her climax, but knows she has to make Valdora cum first. She started to lick on Valdora's nipples to stimulate her more. "You're a worthy opponent, Valdora~… we should have a real sex session after this~…'

"Nngghh~... N-Not a… bad idea~.." she admitted, struggling against the tentacles to break free. "Do I impregnate you after your first or later babies~?" she asked naughtily as she starts to grab the Manaphy's breasts and squeeze them hard.

She yelped and moaned from the squeezing of the chest, but it didn't stop her from going up and down on the Salazzle's cock. "If you want, after I have my first~." Ariel then makes her vagina lips firmly engulf around Valdora's dick and makes it like a mouth sucking her cock hard, milking her as much as she could.

'Ooohhh~…! I'm gonna blow my load~!' Valdora moaned in her thoughts and closes her eyes as if to check something. She sees a vision of a Seviper and Arbok in her mind. Through their eyes, they checked on Sera and Minerva mating. 'Heh~… it's almost time~… alright, Princess~. Don't say I don't owe you anything~..!' she thought to herself and told them. 'When they're finished and tired, take them with you~… and don't forget to take off their Angel charms.'

The two snakes nodded and waited for their moment. 'It's still a bit of a drag having us watch them and not join in on the fun, Val~. You can be so cruel~..." The Seviper mocked-complained.

'Well, I guess I'm the final villain in this movie fic~.' She chuckled mentally. 'When you're on the ship, you can have them as much as they want~. Thankfully they won't be as bad as before batch, they'll completely be at your whim and pleasure~.'

'We'll tie them up into grinding each other when we get them~…' The Arbok stated, licking her lips as she carried some ropes.

'I call dibs on the Kirlia~..' The Seviper stated.

'I get the Decidueye~.' The Arbok decided as Valdora cut the mental line.

The Salazzle then starts to let her load burst into the Manaphy Princess. As soon as she did, the Manaphy cried out as she came just as after. Her love juices mixed with her semen drenched all over their hips and the bell rang loudly in finish.

"Succubi Haze has climaxed first. The victor of the round, and the tournament, goes to Angel Sea~!" The Sharpedo announcer declared loudly and the group on Ariel's side rejoiced with loud cheers. Grace and Ivy bawled out in tearful joy that it was over.

Joyce ran up and embraced Ariel in a hug. "You did it hun~!" she said happily. "YOU DID IT~!" She screamed and kissed her lovingly.

"It was thanks to you and all my new friends~." Ariel panted and kissed back. She then felt Joyce teasingly touching her vagina.

"You got creampied, you know that~?" The Mesprit giggled.

"All to unify our worlds~!" Ariel giggled back as she nuzzled her girlfriend firmly as they both got off the stage.

"Eheheh~… if we're done with all the mushy stuff, perhaps we can go on with the ceremonial announcements~?" The Sharpedo said.

The Manaphy and Mesprit rubbed their heads sheepishly as they nodded their heads. They then take a look at Valdora who was weakly getting up. Ariel went to her and offer her a hand in good gesture. "That was a great battle, let's do it again anytime~."

The Salazzle smiled and took it seemingly gracefully, nodding. "I would love that~…" she then followed them to the stage together.

When everyone gathered, Opal looked around the group, noting someone was missing. "Hmm..? Wait, I count… 1, 2, 3…?" Soon she finished and noted that 3 in her group are missing. "Where's Minerva, Leau and Saur? And where's that Aqua girl?"

The rest looked around while Valdora stepped back slowly.

"I also noticed that Hana and Sera are also nowhere around here." Neptunia looked through her group. "They wouldn't miss this unless something happened to one of them?"

A click was then heard and Opal's airship suddenly came into view. It covered the magnifying glass dome over the sun sun (Which they carefully made so that they can tell when it's day or night without risking focusing the gaze to heat up the area)

"Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-WHAT THE HEEEELLLLLL!?" Brio cried out, witnessing the scene before them.

Soon, they also saw Valdora attaching a teleporter to her arm..

"Valdora!" Opal cried out angrily, "Just what do you think you're doing?!"

"It's just all for the sake of hormonal science, your majesty~!" the Salazzle said, finishing the adjustment, "Nothing personal~."

"Kisama…!" Ivy growled in a Japanese language to state her outrage.

"Freakin' weebo…" Jeane sweatdropped. "What does that even mean?! I'm not Japanese!"

"Big argument there on which country Pokemon originally came from…" Alex said.

"I'm a scientist, I'm very passionate about my craft~. With my new and improved Heart's Lure ready, I just need to test it out now~!"

"But with all of Lovantis!? Do you know how insane a… a… sex-i-cide would do!?" Ariel struggled with that made up word.

"Sexapade of the whole town are totally crazy!" Ellie cried out, "Just give up, you really think you can possibly beat all of us?!"

"Oh, I've thought up some contingencies and back-up plans and leverages just in case~…" she stated with a smirk as she was being lifted up. "Speaking of which, let's see how well you all fare without the brains of each of your groups~.."

Everyone gasped when they realized what Valdora meant, Opal especially when she realized herself what had happened to Minerva, her fists clenching in rising anger. "If you think you're gonna get away with this, you've got another thing coming, you… y-you… ****!" She shouted out that last word, causing everyone to gasp loudly.

"So THAT'S where you got your proneness to swear." Ivy said to Ariel. "By the way, 'kisama' is Japanese for 'cur' or some other bad way to refer an enemy."

"Personally, I think calling her a cur is less profanity than that." Frost stated, sounding calm, but the area around her is being covered in snow and ice.

"Alright, since when did you start panicking?" Ariel asked monotonously to Frost.

"I'm not panicking!" she said sternly, next to her Sally was trembling at hearing what happened to Sera.

"Then why is there frost around you?" Joyce asked. 'Must be one of those internal calm, outwardly expressive things.'

"EVERRRYYYOOONNNEEE!" Aqua's voice screamed as she ran to them with great concern. Followed by Leau, Saur and Hana right behind her. She then spoke out some incoherent panicked words in which Ivy can actually understand.

"Yeah, we know Sera is kidnapped and so is Minerva." The Snivy nodded.

"Of course, only an equally perverted and idiotic angel could understand Aqua in her gibberish state." Frost rolled her eyes.

"Nope, I just happen to understand 'idiot heroine'." Ivy said. "And yes, I admit I am one too."

"Just what kind of a defense is that?!" Aqua asked Ivy, annoyed.

"I dunno, that's why the language is 'idiot heroine'." The Snivy shrugged.

Aqua grumbled as she and Leau turned to a goddess and demoness form respectively.

"Let them go right now!" Leau demanded as she let out her swords.

"Ohoho, so fierce~..." Valdora chuckled. "You want them, come get them!" She then pressed the button, teleporting into the ship and everyone futilely were forced to see the ship moving off and away from them.

"SERRRAAAA!" Aqua cried out.

"MINERVAAAA!" Ariel shouted with her.

"Just when it looks like we found a way to end this war, something just has to intervene and throw a curveball at us!" Venine grumbled annoyed.

"Valdora…!" Hana growled as she tightened her fists.

"Save your anger." the group turned and saw Opal and Neptunia together. "We're gonna need to have a plan to rescue them."

"Oh, you mean the wish from Kyogre?" The Espurr asked, remembering the prize.

"No, that would be too easy." The Manaphy Queen said.

"Of course it would be…" The Espurr slumped.

"Well, we could have our own airship~!" Sally suggested. "We can take off and have an air battle with them!"

"If only we have that were possible…" Neptunia said.

"Huh, why not?"

"My airship is pretty much the only one there is in Lovantis."

"Plus Milady, if we do an air battle, there's a chance of us damaging the ship to where it forces it to crash." Frost pointed out.

"So is there anyway to reach them?" Aqua asked. "M-Maybe Ellie can teleport us there?"

"If I know exactly where they are, how far I have to go, and maybe have like 1000 years in experience, no problem!" Ellie said sarcastically.

Aqua lowered her head and felt saddened. She then felt and saw Ellie hugging her front.

"Don't worry, we'll figure something out~."

Ariel turned to Opal and thought of something. "Um… M-Mother..?"

"What is it?" Neptunia looked to her daughter. "Do you have an idea?"

"Can your Origin Forme become big enough for us when you fly?"

Opal thought about that as she has her orb in a container. "I do grow bigger, but I can't carry everyone on me."

"Then how many can you carry?" The princess asked, looking through the group who is with us. "Five or four?"

"5 at most." Opal said. "So, who do you want to come with you?" She asked.

"Any volunteers?" Ariel asked.

Joyce, Neptunia, Aqua, and Hana walked in together. "Uh… 3 water types is very excessive." the Giratina stated.

"Then let me take Her Majesty's place." Frost bowed to them.

"Fair enough." Neptunia nodded and then bowed politely to Ariel. "I also made some cloaking devices, so we can sneak up on them easy."

They all nodded and Opal uses her orb to transform into her dragonic Origin Forme. Just as they were about to get ready, they heard the alarm system with a Dragonair going on the Manaphy's mother scanner. "Your Majesty, pink mist is spilling out in the city, some citizens are going sex crazy!"

"Isn't there anything we can do to disperse their sexual craze!?" Sally asked. "If Sera were here, she'd come up with a plan…"

"I'm not Sera, but I did get a sample of the heart's Lure from the sexual juices of the three infectees beforehand after the rescue mission." Ariel said and Neptunia agreed.

"If they're acting in a craze, then it's the original version, we can counteract it with a cure." Ellie said.

"You think we could use stress and anger to do so for them?" Aqua asked. "It worked well for me, Ellie and Junie."

"Yeah, we've made a more spray version of it." Neptunia said, showing her a bottle of blue liquid, when she squeezed the trigger, a blue mist flowed from the bottle towards the girls, giving them a cooling sensation.

"How is that going to cure them exactly?" Aqua asked.

"It neutralizes the aphrodisiac effect of the Heart's Lure." Joyce explained. "It's just that easy."

"Alright, as we infiltrate the ship to save Sera and Minerva, as well as stop Valdora's plans, the rest will cure the people of the city." Frost said as they got their angel gear ready.

"Hey, I know you said you can carry 5 but… Can I help too?" Sally asked Opal.

"Hmm, you don't look that heavy… alright, I can try!" The Giratina nodded.

"What?! You think I'm fat or something!?" Sally asked a bit offended.

"Milady, she was referring to having to carry 6 when she said she felt confident about carrying 5." Frost pointed out. "I assure you, she isn't directly referring to your weight…"

"Oh, right… sorry." Sally said and flustered a bit.

Opal shifted to her origin form which grew to an impressive size. Everyone was in awe at her ability. Joyce, Frost, Aqua, Sally, Hana and Ariel climbed on top of her.

"This is… gonna take some getting used to~..." Opal said, feeling everyone's crotches on her back which also felt like her neck.

"Do you have to sound lewd about it?" Frost asked, deadpan about this. "We should consider adding g-strings to our hips and pasties on our nipples next time… It gets cold even for me."

"Huh? But you're an Ice-type." Hana said.

"Doesn't mean I'm completely immune and want to feel air blowing on them." Frost stated. "I too have sensitive parts around my body!" She noted that last part. "Even penguins need warmth! Why do you think they sit on their eggs?"

"Point." Hana nodded as Opal created a portal that allows them to leave Lovantis without using a ship as the others prepare to help the citizens. "Portals, really? We're not flying after them?" She asked.

"We're in an underwater city. We can't reach the sky like this." Ariel stated, pointing to the glass showing how they're at the bottom of an ocean. "You wanna hold your breath as Opal tries to swim to the surface?"

"Fair point." Hana nodded.

"But I have gills in my lungs." Aqua said.

"Hey, you're right." Opal said sarcastically. "Now, raise your hand if you don't have gills." Opal, Hana, Frost and Sally raised their hands respectively. "That proves it, Aqua-chan. You're an idiot." She then whipped her head with one of her wing-appendages.

"You don't have to hit me! First Lubri, now Opal!" Aqua whined. "Why is it that dragons would do this to me!?" She then thought. 'I hope dragons won't become a thing on me in some way…'

'Then maybe try thinking before opening your mouth.' Ellie thought to her, crossing her arms. 'Seriously, I face-palmed when you mentioned your gills. Like seriously, you thought everyone other than water-type can have gills? I know you're more on following your heart than your head, but following your heart isn't gonna do everything. In fact, it got you in really serious trouble in the past.'

'Blah blah blah! Can we go now!?' Ariel asked impatiently. Everyone nodded as Opal was preparing to go through, though the Oshawott grumbled a bit.

When the Giratina went through the portal, they were above her airship already. "Wow, that's impressive. Do you have a tracker on you so you can tell where it would be?" Ariel asked Opal.

"Yes, I have a personal tracker so I can find my airship in case of emergencies." Opal answered and looked into her phablet. "It appears they're in the sex-ture room… Sex-Torture Room."

"And… what exactly is in there…?" Sally asked nervously.

"Spiky vibrating dildos? Electrical pincers? A rocking torture horse?" Ariel impulsively guesses, making the Flareon nervouser.

"Don't lose heart, Sera has a strong mind, even with this new heart's lure making her needy, she'll be okay. And if Minerva is anything like her, she'll handle it too." Frost said.

"You sound like Sera has a plan with Minerva." Hana quipped.

"If I'm being honest, I wouldn't be too surprised if they made a plan in case they do get captured." The Alolan Vulpix crossed her arms thoughtfully.

"You're saying they let themselves get caught to unveil Valdora's plan?" Aqua asked and everyone looked at her a bit surprised. She was confused but then looked surprised herself. "Wait, you all think that? I was just shooting in the dark here."

"I'm just surprised an idiot like you is actually getting that before anyone else." Frost said matter of fact.

"Come on! It's basically a sign that if I know Sera, she knows me more than the times I posed shamelessly around the school pool showers." Aqua then looked annoyed, "And stop calling me an idiot! Enough is enough!"

"If only you had kept the pool showers fact to yourself…" Frost mumbled. "Anyway, I didn't say they let themselves get caught, I said they probably thought of an emergency plan in case they do."

Aqua nodded a bit grumpily as they went to save Sera and Minerva.

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