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PA: Lovantis @gamerkid134
Chapter 10: Tournament Time-PT:2

Everyone on Ariel's side cheered while Hana wondered about something. So she headed towards the Manaphy queen for an answer. "Hey, why and when did this Sharpedo lady worked for you?" Hana asked Neptunia.

"A couple years ago. She wanted to help out however she liked." Neptunia answered. "Especially when I saved her and her baby."

"From Opal?"

"Yes. She didn't harm them in any way fortunately."

"Not to get personal or anything, but when you said saved her and her baby…" Sera asks with curiosity. "Was that Sharpedo pregnant at that time?"

"She gave birth in Opal's care. I rescued her after a few days as to not risk stress for both mother and baby." Neptunia explained that part.

'So what Minerva told me at the bath house was true…' Sera thought to herself, nodding her head. "Well I'm glad they're both safe. Where is her daughter then?" She asked.

"She's working in Selcei as a doctor in a hospital." the Manaphy answered. "I give her plenty of opportunity to visit and vice versa."

"A Carvanha as a doctor?" Ellie asked. "No offense, but that's weird."

"Meh.." Neptunia said as the announcer calls for the next combatants to enter the stage. "Guess the Princess of Rape is up next."

"Good luck Hana~." Sera said to the Chikorita as she passes by Aqua who offered a high five. 'Though why do they pin us against type advantage with Neptunia agreeing?' She then thought of a human boy in a blue shirt and red cap having his Oshawott against a Pansage for no reason. 'Not to say it's not impossible but still…' She looks at the Decudieye as she heads back. 'I'll put my trust that you want to help bring peace, Minerva. I'm counting on you..'

'No underhanded tactics tho.' Sera heard Minerva say in her mind.

'Right.' she responded back. 'And same to you too! I still get occasional shudders from your little Heart's Lure stunt…'

'Was it contagious somehow?' The owl asked.

'No, but I had shivers and was rubbing myself in my sleep after.' The Kirlia answered. 'Snapping Aqua out of it had its effects.'

'Well the new batch is much better~.. You would have a little more sense, but still be needy~..' Minerva churrs, having her invisible spectral form caress Sera teasingly.

'H-Hey~...' Sera blushed at her action. 'Save it for the battle. Speaking of which, how should we handle it?'

'Well, one of us can't just take a dive… it'll be too noticeable.' Minerva stated which Sera agrees.

'Hmm, maybe we could battle like normally, but when we both look winded, I'll switch back to my Kirlia form and seduce you~... You do have a thing for Psychic types after all~...' Sera suggested, squeezing her own breast together.

'Oh you~...' Minerva chuckled. 'But not a bad idea~.. Though I will be doing lewd things to you as well before then~..'

Sera giggled and Ellie looks at her curiously with half-lidded eyes. "Uhh… Sera?"

"Huh?" The Kirlia asked, surprised at seeing that the Espurr is nearby. "O-Oh! H-Hey there, Ellie. What's up~?"

"You had a weird look in your eyes." The Espurr said, noticing her blush. "Plus, you're giggling as though you're having horny thoughts."

"W-Well~... Even I can have lewd thoughts can I?" The Kirlia asked, embarrassed.

Ellie then sighed and decided to cut to the chase. "Alright, who were you talking to?"

Sera grumbled at the question and thought to be best to tell her. "Don't tell anyone else, but Minerva wants to help unite Neptunia and Opal."

"Uh-huh…?" Ellie nods with an unconvinced look.

"She came to me and told me that she wanted to help end this war without any damage to the town. Also something tells me that she's genuine in her words." The Kirlia explained.

"Okay, but will she keep her word? What if one of Opal's team might Renegego back on the deal?"

"Well, if she wasn't genuine, Minerva would've tried kidnapping me after we made love." Sera pointed out.

"Oh, so you get to make love with one of the enemies and that's fine, but Aqua, Junie and I got kidnapped and was forced to make love with our enemies via a lust juice and then you all got uppity!"

"Hey, I wasn't in some uncontrollable poison, I tried to save you three and you all were acting like sex-crazed perverts who wouldn't listen to reason for a second." Sera pointed out.

"Now why does that sound familiar when Aqua tried to rescue you the first time?"

"I was overconfident and naive thinking I can handle it on my own." Sera said defensively, "Look, I'm aware of the risk, but Minerva took a big risk of her own. I can tell she wasn't lying about wanting to reunite her mothers. If it does end up being a betrayal, we'll handle it. For now, just trust me okay?" The Kirlia asked, holding her hand.

Ellie took a deep breath and sighed. "Alright, I'll trust you."

The Kirlia smiled as she went and hugged the Espurr in her arms. "Thanks, Ellie~. I knew you would understand~."

"Well, you are one of the more level-headed girls in our group." Ellie said as she hugs her back and whispers. "(Sussy Siren…)"

Sera grabbed Ellie's tail firmly. "What was that?" She asked, lightly pulling it.

"Uuuummmm… Mmmushy Mmmyran…?" Ellie tries to defend herself.

"Sorry~.. Can't hear you~." Sera grinned, starting to pet her ears and tail simultaneously.

Ellie shivered frightfully as she cringes to not give into her kitty side. "P-P-Please don't do this to meeee…"

"You know what to say to get me to stop~.." Sera said, continuing to lightly pet her. "And what is it you must say~...?"

"Mmmmee… I-I'm sorrrryyyy…." Ellie muttered, quivering in her arms.


"Wha? Why?!" Ellie whimpered. "Is it because it's overused!? What else can I say?" She then felt her tail being tugged tighter. "Nnyyyaahh~..."

"I would torture you now, but that's in an EX which would be a deleted scene for this movie~..."

Ellie whimpered as she saw she can't get out of it. "P-Please don't hurt me…"

"Don't worry, Ellie~." Sera said. "It's your time to shine next season~." she said, giving her a loving kiss. She then fingers her seductively.

Ellie smiled at least knowing it won't hurt.

Meanwhile, Hana stretches herself to be ready for battle. She went into her Meganium form as she does a few warm up slashes.

"I see you're doing rather nicely in your form~." Venine stated, getting her staff ready. "I'm Venine, by the way~."

"Hana, nice to hear your name since first time you had my wife as a sex slave." She said with mild annoyance in her voice. "I would've wanted her in that for me~..."

"HEY!" Aqua yelled exhaustedly as she was taken in by Sakura with Junie to the healing springs.

"What's the matter?" Hana asked. "I was just being honest."

"J-Just don't say that out loud!" Aqua yelled.

"Well, if anyone would excuse me. Record us the battle between you two while I take these two to heal~!" The pink Greninja chirped as she walks away with the tired out Mawile and Oshawott.

"Good luck, Haney~!" Aqua called out.

"Thanks~!" Hana happily said as she blows a kiss to her.

Sakura giggled at her love for the Oshawott. She kisses Junie's forehead as she walks.

Hana then stretches her arms and tilts her head to look at Venine. She got her rapier at the ready. "Give me your best shot, you Nara-wannabe-lookalike~!" She mocked and challenged.

"Who's Nara?" Venine asked in confusion and then asked. "Are you mistaking me for someone else?"

'Oh right, I forgot they wouldn't know each other.' Hana thought to herself, charging to the shiny Nidoqueen. "Let's just say, she owes me fun time with my wife~!" She said as she lunges at her with her weapon.

The Nidoqueen barely dodged out of the way of Hana's thrust. "You're a fast little leaf aren't you~?"

"Oh, trust me~! I only have the one on my head~!" Hana said, pointing at her head with her rapier before transforming it into a drill, the thin sword wrapped in thorny vines. "Get a load of this!" she leapt into the air and pointed towards Venine as she dives.

The shiny Nidoqueen then spun her staff to make a barrier as she does so. Hana's attack sent sparks around as she tried to push through the barrier.

"Whoa~! It's like that one mecha anime with the small robot making the head for the bigger robot and they made the main titular robot look like it has two faces, and even have drills come out its body~!" Ariel said.

Joyce was surprised at that. "Oh look, you're a mechanical geek too~.." she said teasingly.

"I'm just a fan of giant robots!" Ariel said flusteredly. The Mesprit giggled as she hugged the Manaphy in her arms. "H-Hey! I can't gattai with you!" She winced with embarrassment. She felt her kiss her cheek as well.

Hana got distracted a little, thinking. 'Geez, was I like that around Aqua when I first stayed with her?' the Chikorita blushed at the action. 'It's kinda embarrassing.'

"Hey! Keep your eyes on the prize!" Venine shouted when she noticed Hana's distracted expression.

She jolted when she snapped back to where they were battling. Hana even noticed her drill is wobbling around the spinning clash. She soon pulled back and landed on her paws to let her drill cool off. 'Tougher than I thought for someone using a staff… I feel like defense has become the best offense nowadays...' She then thought of a young girl with a huge shield, insane defense stats and unorthodox OP skills.

'Defense alone won't solve all problems…' Sera thought to herself. 'Even a great wall can be eroded with the right substance…'

'Unless you coat and lace those walls with poisonous substances.' Joyce replied. 'Believe me, I saw the whole first season and am waiting for what comes next season.'

The Kirlia shrugged, not caring about the anime. 'Well, depending on some games, players nowadays would care more about seeing the whole story before getting the achievements.'

'So that's why Muse has more trophies than me.' Ariel shrugged. 'I usually just play the game just to have fun and enjoy the story.'

'Well, usually there's no pride in finishing on Easy Mode.' Joyce said. 'Though I'm not gonna bash someone for picking easy. Everyone has a choice of what difficulty to play on. Mainly because they just want to be ready for future sequels or the succeeding consoles.'

Frost and Sally nodded as everyone watched the fight more. Each of them attacked and countered each other well. They soon got on the ground, panting.

"Geez, you are hard to put down." Venine said as she was hitting her limit along with Hana.

"You are good as well." Hana added, looking just as winded. 'Dang… She's starting to get me exhausted, but I can't lose! Aqua is counting on me!' she then thrust her rapier to the ground as vines sprouted and shot towards Venine. "Have a taste of my Frenzy Plant~!" She yelled out as the thorny branch-like vines lash at the Shiny Nidoqueen, splitting to attack her from all three different points.

Venine saw this and charges up her fists with a yellow-golden aura before slamming them on the ground.

'Earth Power? That's a ground type move… My type is stronger than it, so why use that move?' Hana wonders but then sees the ground breaking apart. Hana started to shake a little from the impact of the move.

"Before you say anything, blame the anime making Pokemon using different moves against each other at the same time either to clash or counter~!"

The plants tried to push against the aura, but being roots that came out from the ground and needed ground to move from beneath… The Meganium then tried to breach from under the aura. "AAAHHH!" She screamed as she fell on her back.

"I got you now!" Hana said, smiling wide but then her smile turn into a shocked look when Venine used Poison Sting and unleashed a barrage of purple spikes from her mouth at her. She used her agility to try dodging the upcoming spikes. "No no no no no!" She said as tries to avoid them, but then felt a prick and scratch against her body. "G-Ghhaah!" she tried fighting through the pain to avoid most of it.

Hana then felt nauseous for some reason and then realized her head feels kind of purple. She felt her knees shaking and her arms heavy. "P-Poisoned…"

"That's right, and you know what goes well with Pokemon who are poisoned~?" Venine said. "A little Venoshock!" She then threw a couple of purple energy discs at her.

"Oh snap-Augh!" She tried to use Frenzy Plant to counter it, but then coughed as she collapsed. 'Darn it… for me to get poisoned like this…' She struggled to get herself up, even using her rapier to support her. "Aqua… I'm sorry." She whispered to herself.

"You're at your limit. Just surrender and at least we can at least make it a tender end~." Venine says as she walks seductively towards Hana.

The Meganium grumbled as she can barely stand with her sword, even struggling to keep it steady. "Grr… I swear, if you fill me up in my vag, I will-" She then felt her body being pushed down and turned over to be mounted from her back. She felt her breast being massaged and squeezed by Venine's hands. "A-Aaah~!" She then felt the Nidoqueen's hands slide to her sides and massage her buttocks.

"It really is no surprised why Aqua would fall in love with you~.. You're sweet, dependable, cute, thoughtful and perky~.." Venine softly says as she licks her lips and feels hard between her legs before spreading her butt cheeks apart.

"H-Hey, ease up on the sweet talking… It's making me embarrassed." Hana blushed before asking. "A-And are you gonna do me in my anus!?"

"You said not to touch your vag, so I'll take you in your cute butt~.." Venine giggled, squeezing her rear around her cock, hotdogging the Meganium. "I'm sure Aqua will understand herself~. I mean, she's not a herm, you know~!"

*Meanwhile, at the healing springs.*

"Achoo!" the Oshawott sneezed when she was resting in the springs, eating sushi. "Is this sneezing when my names are mentioned gonna be a thing…?"

"Just relax and enjoy your lunch." Junie said as she and Sakura were enjoying a ramen bowl.

Aqua shrugs as she eats and looks into her phone for the yearly news before flinching. "HMMH!?"

"What's the matter?" Sakura asked, noting the expression.

"O-Oh nothing~!" Aqua tries to laugh it off. "J-Just a-a few… yearly… issues."

Sakura swiped Aqua's phone to see what she was looking at. "Hey… Is that Muse in her angel form but wearing her bikini to cover herself up?"

"We are so f***ed! It's a s*** show out there!" Says the Mesprit in a scantily clad outfit said pointing at the road near a wide white building.

"What are you watching?" Sakura asked.

"Well, for some reason and I don't know how long has it been since we first started, but these new years are becoming more and more complicated to a T." Aqua says with a frown.

"We just gotta hang in there. It won't settle down after 1 year." Junie comforted her. "I'm sure everything's going to be okay later on."

"I sure hope so." Aqua said, sinking her mouth underwater and making bubbles.

Junie and Sakura looked at each other and nodded. "So… want to talk about our future~? How many kids do you want to have?"

"About two or more. Depends on how many kids my womb can birth out like a normal person." Aqua answered. "An Oshawott and Chikorita~... though Hana will be the one to birth out either one of them. What about you two~?" She asks.

"I think maybe 3 or 4. Though the last 2 would be around 2 years later." Junie stated.

"So we'll probably have 5 or 6 kids when we become full-grown adults." Sakura guesses.

"3 or 4 in total. 2 first time, final 2 later on." Junie clarified.

"I think I'll have 1 baby from each lover I choose~..." Aqua says, getting annoyed glances from the two. "Oh, is that wrong? Would that affect my relationships?" she asked, looking confused.

"You know that would lead to dramatic arguments akin to those in drama movies." Junie pointed out.

"Like, you intend to have a baby with every lover? Like you gonna visit and help care for each one of them?" Sakura followed. "And then make like that one person who dated every woman before getting beaten up at the end of this one game?"

Aqua shuddered as she remembered seeing that scene on a video website. "I guess I should consider my actions and choices. But anyway, I hope Hana is doing well… although…"

*Back to the battle, near its end.*

"Ah… Ah…" Hana moaned softly as she laid on the floor.

Ariel and the others teared up as they saw Hana getting her butt whooped the other way. The Manaphy then noticed a tadpole-looking Pokemon next to her crying. "H-Hey! W-What are you doing here!? You already made your scene in that EX!" She shouted while weeping at the same time.

"I-I was just passing by… Sorry…" The Sobble said through her tears. "I-I didn't mean t-too just… *sniff*... I…"

"I-It's okay… j-just please be on your way before we run out of moisture in our eyes…" Sera said, waterfalls forming in her eyes. "I-I'm sure it'll be p-p-posted while this chapter's being do-ho-honnneee…!"

The Sobble nods as she leaves the area.

"W-Where and wh-why was she here just now?" Frost asked as she stops sobbing from the Sobble's tear drops.

"I think she was just passing by." Sally said, with her rubbing her eyes to get the wetness out. "*Sniff…* I-I wonder how are Sobbles able to make others cry just by crying near them?"

"Might have something in their tears. Like chopping onions." Joyce guessed. "O-Or maybe their tears are made of a compound similar to tear gas?"

The group shrugged as it won't be easy to find out. Soon enough, Hana and Venine had reached their climaxes with Hana spraying some cum near her allies' side.

Some got hit, but they were fine as the Meganium fainted afterwards.

Ariel just stared at the splatter and shrugged. "Must be embarrassing… If Aqua sees Hana like this-"

"We saw each other in worse conditions than this…" Sera replied, staring at the Manaphy with a stern expression. "And I'm sure there were more embarrassing scenes you were into. Such as that big insect robot that shot that aphrodisiac in you and Joyce~."

The two girls blushed in response.

"We're back." Aqua called out before hearing the announcement.

"Hana has been beaten! Venine from Opal's side wins this round!"

The Oshawott froze when she heard it. "She lost…?"

Ariel looked away and casually remarked. "Yep, she lost. So sad."

"I'm starting to not like your attitude Ariel." Sera remarked back.

"What? It's just princess talk. You know, princess about another princess."

"Doesn't excuse her treating this like it's nothing." Sera says as she pinches her cheek. "Try being caring. It won't hurt."

As Ariel cringes from the pinching, Hana started being tended by her wife. "H-Haney!"

"S-sorry. I thought I could beat her…" the chikorita stated, looking down. "I-I sucked, didn't I?" She asked with a sad smile.

"No, I sure you fought the hardest you can." Aqua answers, holding her paw. "Right now, you need to rest, Hana. I-I'll take care of you in the healing springs if you like?"

"I'll be okay. You should stay and support Sera. She needs to win this or it's over for us." Hana said.

"I'll take her to healing." Frost offered.

"Me too." Joyce followed.

The Chikorita shuddered a little from the cool, soft fur. "It's nice and silky, if a bit cold." She then barely stood up as she was carried to the springs.

Aqua looks and sees that Sera has already changed into her Gallade form in preparation for her battle. "Sera! Do your best!" She cheered on for her, even giving her a hug from behind, wrapping her arms around her waist.

Sera smiled and lifts her chin up a bit. "I will~." she assured, staring in her eyes. "Thank you for the words though~." 'As usual, her sapphire blue eyes are so beautiful~.' She then heads into the ring.

"Alright, Sera versus Minerva!" The announcer says. "The latter, Minerva, was adopted by Opal herself!"

"This is great. I'll get a win and payback for that stunt you pulled not too long ago!" Sera announced, getting her crossbow sword ready. "But don't hold back~! There's no pride in an easy fight!"

"We'll see. I've had you even before using Heart's Lure~." Minerva pointed out, getting her bow out. "Who knew you snapped out of it the moment you're called-"

"No! Not that name!" the Gallade snapped. "Enough with that name already!"

"... (Sussy Siren~...!)" Minerva teasingly whispered, gaining a groan from her.

'Oh, you're going to get it now~!' Sera thought to her as the match was announced. 'I know I said no holding back, but this is ridiculous!' the Gallade charged towards the Decuideye, sword ready. "Hope you got a sword yourself or something like that!"

"As a matter of fact~..." Minerva blocked her attack by her right wing, which was coated with steel. "Would Steel Wing count~...? My wings can shoot arrows after all and I can still fly with both moves, so that makes me better~!"

'Why did I just give my opponent an idea? So embarrassing!' She thought to herself as she tries to push though, wanting it to be convincing.. She then looks at Minerva's undergarments and got the idea of cutting them off her.

Just as they ended the sword lock, Sera rolled back and laid on her belly, firing 3 light arrows at Minerva. They then cut at the strings of her bikini, making it fall to the ground under her.

The phantom owl gasped and covers herself shamefully. "Kyah!" she cried out, then looked at the Gallade. "You pervert~!"

"Thought it looked a little tight on you~.." Sera replied with a wink.

"Grr!" Minerva growled before bringing out her Steel Wing at her. The Gallade yelped as she backed away from the swipe, only for the middle of her bra getting sliced. It fell down and Sera's breast bounced out.

"Eep!" Sera covers herself and makes a shameful look on her face with a cute blush. "I suppose I deserve that… but sheesh~!"

Aqua and her friends gasped as they stared at the nude moments, so did Leau and her own allies.

"You know two wrongs don't make a right?" Sera asked her with an annoyed sweatdrop.

"You're right~." She then shot an arrow between Sera's legs, leaving her unharmed, but exposed as her panties were shot off. "Now that's three wrongs~."

"Why you~!" Sera says as she goes onto attack her. Sword and steel wing clashing as they battle.

"Look at them go!" Ivy says, looking left and right at the sparks of metal blades clashing. "They're so cool~!"

"They sure are." Jeane agrees with her.

"Hold still will you!? Sera cried out slashing as Minerva dodged. "When I get my hands on you and your body~!"

"Oh really~.." Minerva teased before vanishing.

"Huh?" Sera asked and looked around herself. "Where are you now?" She asked, not seeing anyone. Sera then decides to use her heat signature senses.

She closes her eyes and felt her body getting warm as she uses her power to locate the ghost owl. 'She'll probably will do lewd things next. I'll let her play along a little before breaking free and reverting to. "a Kirlia.' She then senses her sneaking from behind, though she continued acting like she's unaware and kept looking around for her. The Gallade then felt two wings grab her tits from behind.

"Haah?!" Sera got out, looking gasp as she saw Minerva materializing behind her with a smirk.

"Gotcha again~!" The ghost owl teases and pecks her cheek like a kiss. "Oohh, these are nice and firm too aside from being thicc~..." she then fondles them playfully to massage and squish them all around each side.

Sera blushes as she tries to push Minerva away from her, but the owl held on. The Decidueye then moves one of her wings to rub against her pussy to bring out her cock.

Sera blushed from the reaction and tried to move Minerva's hand away. 'Aaah~... her feathers feel so soft~...' she thought, feeling Minerva held her other hand still.

The Gallade started to see something appearing in her head. 'Is it me or do I feel like I'm seeing into her mind and heart about her family life?' She then sees a visage of a Rowlet egg in front of Opal. She was leaving the adoption office and heading home through a portal. She then looked after it while keeping it warm.

'Why do I get visions like this whenever I make love with someone?' The Gallade wondered to herself. 'The first time it happened was when I touched Aqua… and the next was when I received my reward from Venus. I haven't heard about this from my parents… I should talk to them about this when we get home..' she thought to herself as she continued watching to the point where it hatched and Opal had raised Minerva over the years. From playing with her, to teaching her various lessons with books and reading stories.

One time, the little Rowlet chicklet curiously looks at her foster mother arguing on the phone. She would wait until she was finished until she would approach and ask what's wrong. "M-Mommy? Is something the matter?"

Opal heard the voice and looked to see the Rowlet at her side. "Oh, I'm alright Minerva. Just a minor issue." She stated, picking her up.

When the little grass owl looks down, she looks at her adopted mother. "Mommy, how are you a Giratina and I'm a Rowlet?"

"Well… you were adopted." She answers her. "You were just an egg at the time."

"Oh… but whatever happened to my real parents..?"

"I'm not sure." Opal answered, caressing her cheek. "I have family, but… I'm unable to see them."

"You do, but why?" Minerva asks, tilting her head, only to get soft sobs to quiet crying from Opal. She hugged her to try her best to provide comfort, all the while crying softly herself.

As it ended, Sera tears up a little. "You two… had it rough…" She muttered softly.

Minerva widened her eyes as she loosens her grip on her chest. "Wait… did you… saw my past?"

"It just happened. I didn't try anything like that." The Gallade spoke quickly.

"Hey! What are you doing, Minerva!" Valdora spoke up annoyedly. "You got her in her grasp! Finish her off while you have the chance!"

"B-But..!" Minerva protested as she was already shocked that Sera saw her past.

'We'll talk later.' Sera tells her as she pulls out and smoke bomb arrow and throws it to the ground, covering their area.

Because Valdora had her head close in the arena, she coughed as she ranted. 'Sneaky brat!' She thought while trying to see through the smoke. "You had one chance, Minnie! Just the one!"

"Easy Val, she can still turn it around after the slip up." Opal said calmly while thinking. 'Did that girl really saw her past…? I heard things about her getting visions during certain intimate moments, but this?...'

"Sera! Don't give up!" Aqua cheered out to her. 'If you lose, we lose!' She thought worriedly.

'Aqua..!' Sera thought back to her and nodded. 'I won't lose. I have a plan.' She thought as the smoke started to clear up. She then charged up her blade-arms and her eyes glow.

'I'll disarm her first and use Future Sight to weaken her before putting up the charm.' She thought as she charged at her.

Minerva charges toward her, bow ready for a fast strike. "You can't beat me! I'm named after a smart goddess!"

Just as she was about to strike, the Gallade quickly slashed at her so fast, it knocked the bow out of Minerva's hand. "I may not have an intelligent sounding name, but I'm smart too, yet I chose an evolution for battle and my name is Sera!"

The Decidueye then got her wing and feathered arrow ready just as she felt a powerful psychic energy slamming on her. "AAAHHH!" She screamed, her body looking sore, but still standing.

"I am also, Angel Siren!" She finishes as her body started to glow, more golden armor equipped, transforming her into her goddess form.

The look of awe and amazement filled the area just as it did when Aqua was battling Leau. A few, however, looked like their plans are being foiled.

The Gallade started walking towards the Decidueye, slowly disrobing her weapons and armor. She then stared at her with a normal expression and sighed. "You fought well. Your mother taught you well and I admired that." She then lowered herself to make love with her.

"H-Hey, don't take this as a victory. It's n-not over…" Minerva stated, clearly continuing the act just as the Gallade gently held her in her arms, being laid on her back. She then moaned from the missionary penetration feeling in and out of her. "Th-There's one more… fight… and it will decide… Lovantis' fate…"

"True, but don't worry about right now~.." Sera said warmly, caressing her cheek before kissing her beak. "Accept my love Minerva~.." She then goes quicker with her thrusting.

The owl tries to speak, but various pitch moans only came out as she embraced her back. It wasn't long until they both orgasmed together, Minerva fainting peacefully on the floor with a smile. Sera then carried her in her arms before handing her over to Opal. She bowed to her respectfully before going to her friends. "You have raised her into a fine woman, Empress Opal. I'm happy to know her… even if the first meeting was… not preferable for me."

Opal just accepted her adoptive daughter and looks at Sera silently. Then she took turns looking between her and her adoptive daughter. "Minerva… Ariel..."

"Ahem!" Valdora cleared her throat and looks at her empress with annoyance.

"Seems it's you and my birth daughter now." Opal stated. "And what's with that annoyed look? You seem as though you're the villain now."

"You don't act like you're worried about this at all." The Salazzle pointed out, cross armed. "I thought you wanted to gas Lovantis with our Heart's Lure?"

"What gave you that idea? I figured using Heart's Lure, once fully developed, would let me finally get to talk to Neptunia and Ariel till we find some kind of compromise considering they would ignore my calls. Even this tournament was meant to settle my dragon half pride." Opal pointed out.

"Hrrmmm…" Valdora grumbled and looked at the ground on one side.

"Even Aqua, a sex fiend herself already, was completely out of it." Opal pointed out. "I'm sure she has her flares to befriend even us some way."

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