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Chapter 10: Tournament Time-PT:1

Sounds of trumpets and horns filled the castle as everyone was in front of the tournament stage. Everyone was excited and let out cheers, but inside the castle a certain princess stayed in bed and felt like not getting up.

"Ariel, are you feeling sick?" Joyce asked, snuggling to her in concern, but all she got was mumbling and the Manaphy curled up into a tighter ball.

The Mesprit decided to continue to rub and cuddle with her till she's ready to talk. 'I knew you would feel nervous about facing your Giratina mother for the fate of Lovantis, but this is just worrying…' Joyce thought to herself, kissing Ariel's cheek.

Ariel murmured at both the kiss and a flashback she had thought to have repressed when she was a baby. She always wanted to talk to Opal when she was still young, but her mother Neptunia wouldn't allow it. Ariel even heard some things such as them arguing about how they would raise their daughter. All the way to where Neptunia left Opal with the baby Ariel in her arms. 'I should be happy… excited to finally finish things with Mother Opal… but… but… Why…? What's making me not feel that?' Ariel wondered, feeling Joyce hug around her body. 'Was it the truth I listened to from Mom…? Or does some part of me still… Love Opal..?'

"If you want to talk to your mother, you still can. I can have me and Sera accompany you." Joyce offered. "I know you want her back as much as she wanted to be back in your life~..."

Ariel thought about it for a moment and got up, "It may help settle whatever it is I'm feeling…" she spoke, nodding her head. "I wonder if… I will finally accept her in my life from then on…?"

"I'm sure you will… if not, you wouldn't have tried in the first place.." Joyce assures her as she messages the Kirlia to come to their room. "Now let's wait for Sera to come in…"

"Her half-fairy trait will help quell my dragonic side…" Ariel nods and sighs as she tries thinking of how to speak to her Giratina mother. 'May we praise you, noble queen…'

"I'm sure you don't have to speak to her like that~.." Joyce stated.

"Blame Aqua… She claims the words from a tv show can do things as much as the real thing."

"Yeah, Aqua has a good heart, but she can be a bit of an airhead though…" Joyce said, rubbing the back of her head. "You were almost gonna quote her-"

"Ariel, I've got Opal on the phone and on speaker too!" Sera suddenly came in with her phone in hand.

The Mesprit jolted as she saw the Kirla at the door. "You're a quiet young woman aren't you?" What she didn't expect though was her Manaphy girlfriend startled at the sudden news that Ariel rushed to the phone and bowed, speaking gibberish.

"Yay we praise thee, noble dragon, with all our heys and our hiyas- oh Lord, am I quoting Aqua anyway?!"

They can hear the queen chuckling on the phone. "Somehow, I figured you would go out like that." Opal stated. "Good morning to you too my little princess~..."

Ariel just blushed hard and sweated so much, so fast, a puddle of her sweat had instantly formed.

"Now now…" Sera patted her shoulder. "Breathe… calm down. In and out…" she said, trying to ease her stress. She then placed her hand on her back to give her the fairy-type calming.

The Manaphy takes a deep breath and exhaled just as she felt the Kirla's fairy aura soothing her. "Okay then…" Soon enough, Ariel had calmed down enough.

With that, the three headed to see Neptunia who was sitting on her throne, looking serious.

"Neptunia, are you alright?" Joyce asked, noting the expression.

"Of course, I am. It's just that… today's finally the day."

"Well before they arrive, I want to talk to you about something…" Ariel said, walking towards her. "I-It's about M-Mother O-Opal…" She stuttered.

The older Manaphy grumbled as her daughter continued to speak. "Why wouldn't you let me speak to my herm-mother when I was young? I wanted to talk to her but then… When I got older I started to not want to talk to her, so no offense but I wonder if you have something to do with me disliking Mother Opal…?"

Neptunia took a deep breath as she motioned Ariel to sit with her, which she does. "It was complicated… Love is complicated too but… it felt like torture…" She explains.

"Torture? How?" Ariel asked, but then realized and places her hands at her heart. "You mean…?"

Neptunia nods her head when she gets it. "I wanted her to stop all this war and conquest… but she wouldn't listen…"

"Yeah, dragon-types can be quite stubborn. I met a few." Sera nodded her head in understanding. "I do wonder which kind can be as intelligent as Strike-Class dragons like Night Furies?"

"So battling in this tournament is the only way to convince her to stop?" Joyce asked. "But that's just sad and cruel!" She protested.

"Could've been worse… They could've gone to all out war in Lovantis." Sera pointed out. "So all and all, Her Majesty's bumping into Opal wasn't such a bad thing after all, was it? Other than making a baby behind both side's back I mean."

Neptunia, Ariel and Joyce gave the Kirlia awkward looks on that last sentence she said. "I mean, not thinking about the consequence of making a baby with the parents being opposite sides. Neptunia and Opal just made their own conflict even more intense."

The three Pokemon nodded, seeing that they got what she meant. Just then, Neptunia's phone rang and shown Opal. "H-Hello, Opal…" she shuttered before clearing her throat. "Ahem.. Hello Opal."

"N-Neptunia…" The Giritana stuttered as well, surprised that the Manaphy answered. "I-I haven't heard your voice since… s-since…"

"Well you had that phantom talk to me a few day ago so…" Neptunia stated.

"Phantom?" Everyone else asked about that.

"Oh, when I came to talk about Ariel's herm mother, Opal made her phantom appeared in front of us. This happened the night Aqua, Ellie and Junie were kidnapped." Sera explained.

"Did Ariel almost exploded with rage?" Neptunia asked.

"No, she was fine." Sera said. 'Though she had to call me ''Sussy Siren…"' Sera thought.

"Well, that's a relief." Neptunia said. "Are you almost here?"

"Yes, I'm just getting my team ready…" Opal replied.

"Who's participating in your roster?" Ariel asked.

"Well, there's Minerva, and those three Pokemon who had kept Aqua and her friends." Opal answered.

"Leau the Shiny Samurott, Saur the Typhlosion, and Venine the Nidoqueen." Sera stated, reminding her friends she even looked at one side and narrowed her eyes. "In case someone has forgotten."

"Who are you talking to?" Joyce asked.

"No one in particular." Sera answered. "Anyone else?"

"Valdora, Succubi Haze, the inventor of Heart's Lure~." Opal added.

"Heart's What?" Ariel asked curiously.

"The aphrodisiac they injected Aqua's group after they kidnapped them." Sera answered. "Basically that's why they were like that."

"Plus, we already toned down the submissiveness which would explain the amount in those spider drones the other day. Minerva was partially grumpy that Ariel sabotaged her time with the Kirlia~.." Opal chuckled, remembering that.

"All I did was call her-"

"Don't say it!" Sera stated, pointing right at her. "Is that all in your group?"

"Pretty much, yes." Opal nodded. "Who's in Neppy's?"

Neptunia blushes at being called that. "Well, I decided on Ariel, Aqua, Hana, Sera and… Ellie."

"What about me?" Joyce asked.

"Too many psychic types. I barely considered Ellie until I remembered their styles are very different."

"Okay, but Hana's the only Grass-type." Sera pointed out.

"Yes, that's true…" Neptunia nodded. "Perhaps Junie could replace one of the Psychic-Types?"

"Well, my daughter is looking forward to taking on Siren though…" Opal said.

"Junie will replace Ellie then."

"Wait, who-the-what-now?" Ariel asked Opal. "Your daughter?"

"Well Minerva is my adopted daughter from an orphanage years ago." Opal explained.

"I see…" Ariel muttered. 'Opal took it harder than I thought…'

"Hey, Ariel. Try not to let that get to you." Joyce said, patting her back.

"I'm okay. Well, see you soon mother." Ariel said to Opal. "I… Love you." She whispered before looking away.

"Love you too dear. And you too Neppy~." Opal stated.

"Hmph…" Neptunia scoffed quietly as she looked away and Sera hung up their phone..

"Your Highness?" Sera asks the queen. "What's the matter? This is a good opportunity to end this strife and come together."

"Hmm…" The older Manaphy mumbled and pondered to herself.

"Whatever it is on your mind, please don't let it affect the chance of peace." Sera warned her. "I know you want to be with her once more… I'm gonna leave you three alone." Sera then leaves the throne room. The Kirlia then rubs her arm while looking down a bit. 'I hope it'll end well… I need some air.' she headed out of the castle and into the city. She then took a deep breath and sighed heavily. "Okay… It's almost done… If we win, we can wish for the two forces to be united. Hmm… I wonder what are Aqua and the others doing right now? Knowing them, it's probably..."

Despite trying to settle with something simple, her hands shake of what ways it can end badly. 'What if Ariel can't control herself? What if Opal's side wins? What if Minerva double-crossed me?... She said she wants to end this war peacefully, but she's still on Opal's side...' Sera thought pessimistically about the future.

She shakes her head, trying to get out of that thought. 'Argh… stop thinking so negatively Sera… I need to relax!... I want a bubble bath..' she headed towards the bathhouse in the castle.

When she got there, she finds Aqua playing nakedly with Ellie, Junie and Sakura. She giggled from the sight, giving the Oshawott a little grope on her butt. "Why am I not surprised that I would find you all like this~?"

Aqua cooed, "You know me all so well, Sis~.." She then gestured her head to show Sally having her back scrubbed by Frost.

She smiled at that as she made a tub for her and started filling it with water and bubbles and settling inside. "Hmmm~... judging by the colorful bubbles, I assumed you used bath bombs~?" She guessed, noticing the colors and the soapy scent. Sera shrugged as she started listening to Tailows chirping on her phone. "Haaah~... now to clear my mind~..."

Just as she was going to relax, she heard a yelp.

"Eep!" Ellie gasped as she felt her breasts mashed by Aqua's. "Don't press into them so hard!" she cried out.

"Aw, but if this might be our last battle, might as well make the best of today!" Aqua says as she rubs her nipples against Ellie's.

'You say that as if we might die. Don't be so overdramatic Aqua.' Sera thought to her as she produced a Protect barrier so that she can block out the noise. 'Good thing Protect lasts longer out of battle and can block out outside noise.'

Aqua sighs as if she got bored already and looks at Sally lustfully and desperately. She then headed towards the Eevee and Alolan Vulpix, leaving the Espurr alone. "H-Hey, Sally-chan..?" She stuttered.

"Hm? What is it Aqua?" Sally asked, looking up at Aqua cutely. She then notices curiously Aqua raising her arms directly at her.

"Ahem…" Aqua took a deep breath before lunging at the Eevee before groping her breast and butt. "No regrets!"

"Eep~!" Sally yelped as she felt the Oshawott groping and squeezing her body. "A-Aqua, you're paws are smooth~..."

Frost stared in shock and her eye twitched, feeling annoyed as her cross-shaped head veins tightened.

"F-Frost… She just want love~.." The Eevee assured her while hugging Aqua back. "D-Don't be so-mmmpphh~?" she was cut off from finishing when Aqua kissed her deeply.

The Oshawott then snaked her tongue inside and rubs Sally's vagina. "Mmmhhh~..." she moaned in pleasure from the rubbing.

Ellie stares at the sight of them going at it and breathed in and out heavily. "Is she really that worried about what will happen later on? But you know… Looking at them~... Ooohhh~... I-I… Iwanna join in too~!" She shook her head and jumped into the fray.

Junie and Sakura chuckled at the scene. "She always has that way of bringing girls into it." The Mawile mused and looks at her Greninja girlfriend. "You want to join in on this~?" She asked with a paw near her mouth to look seductive and shy.

The Greninja scooped her up in her arms and walked towards the developing orgy. Frost's eyes widened as she shivered, trying to resist the urge of joining them. 'I should just leave and go into a personal bath…' she thought to herself, but looks at her Eevee girlfriend's face. Sally was in bliss as Aqua kissed and made out with her. 'Though… she does look cute…'

She pondered for a moment before shrugging. "It's good to have fun once in a while~.." Frost said, going in as well. She then jumped into the fun and starts kissing Sally.

As they were doing that, Sera remained in her tub within her Protect, enjoying herself in her own way. She listened to the birds from her phone. Just then, she heard a notification tone on her phone and saw it was from Ariel and Joyce. "Hm?" she clicked on it and looked at the message.

'May we join you~? AxJ' It said.

Sera looked at the message for a moment as she typed. 'I'm just relaxing. Nothing sexual… but sure, why not?' She then put in a kiss mark emoji. She opened a spot for them to enter and saw a Manaphy and Mesprit entering.

They giggled at the sight of their friends doing an orgy together. "I have to say, you have a lot of restraint of not wanting to join in." Joyce said to Sera. "What makes you strong against sexy activities~?"

"My parents raised me to have a strong mind. They wanted to focus on me having a good life and focus on my studies. Plus with how my parents know how angels are, they wanted me to avoid being very slutty, added to how Aqua and her friends act." Sera answered. "Being sexy isn't bad, but they have a tendency of overdoing it." She then gestured at Ivy and Jeane joining in the fray.

"True, even someone who thinks Aqua's an idiot is in the orgy too." Ariel stated, seeing Frost rubbing ice on Aqua's nipples.

"Kyaaah~! I love you girls~!" Aqua shouted in sheer pleasure.

Everyone smiled and kissed her cheek one at the time, showing their love as well.

"Aww~... Look at them~!" Joyce swooned at Aqua's antics with her girlfriends.

"Yeah, Aqua has a way of winning women over to her, even if they're aware of their flaws~." The Kirlia giggled. "Who knows, she just has her way of charming my lady to her side~." She laid on her back and took in the chocolate scented soap. "Mmm~... How does one get the flavor in this soap~?"

"I think they added a little bit of the base scent of making soap." Ariel guessed. "So, wanna do something fun and make sure we don't tire ourselves out~?"

"Nah, I'm just here to relax and get clean. Sorry about that." Sera apologized. "If you want to leave, let me know."

"Only Sane Woman much?" Ariel sarcastically asked. "Sussy Siren~?" As soon as she said that, she felt that her head was being hammered hard, forcing her to hold tight, crying out in pain.

"Oh, so you want some fun time, do ya!?" Sera said angrily, eyes glowing blue due to psychic power. "So you're enjoying yourself right now?!"

"Ow… M-Maybe not…?" Ariel said cowardly.

"One of your parents must be some no-nonscense taking women." Joyce said, helping ease Ariel's headache as they left the bubble Sera's in. "We'll leave you to relax."

"I'm sorry..." Ariel apologized.

"Just stop calling me Sussy Siren, and I forgive you." Sera said, calming down.

"I'm sorry for calling you Sussy Siren…" Ariel said as she leaves.

The Kirlia sighs and tries to relax once more, reaching for her phone, intending to set it on silent. She then decides to set it on windy breezes. 'Now to relax and calm my nerves…' She thought as she closed her eyes. She then felt her eyelids drooping and soon she fell asleep.

While Sera slept, Aqua was having a sexy good time with her wife and sub-wives. She was particularly getting thrusted up by Hana, cock in her butt and her vines in her pussy while Ellie and Junie sucked on her breast. 'Omigosh~! This feels so gooood~! My body is on fire~!'

Sakura giggled from her words as she caressed and massaged her body with her hands and arms. She then wiggled her tongue out and licked Aqua's nipples and clitoris. She cooed and moaned as she felt Hana licking and sucking her neck.

"Hey girls~? How about Sally and I trib her together~?" Ellie raised her paw.

"If you do that, we'll be recording~." Alex said, getting her phone out. "But hey, who's stopping you two furries~?"

"Well then~.." Sally got Aqua on her back and and she and Ellie got started. She then heard Ellie whisper something. "I'll try, but I don't have much experience."

"H-Huh~?" Aqua didn't understand but her arms got pinned down by Junie and Sakura who both smiled evilly. "What's going on here~?!"

"Oh nothing, Aqua~... we just thought it'd be adorably sexy to see the great Angel Water squirm into our mercy~." Sakura chimed seductively.

"So feel free to do just that while we enjoy ourselves~." Junie suggested. "In the meantime, you can enjoy yourself to all the pleasure we're giving you~."

Aqua just giggled cutely as she stared at the Espurr and Eevee. 'Oh, I see where this is going~... I better put up my begging personality~.' She thought to herself. "W-Wait, m-maybe we can work something out~... J-Just don't grind me too hard~... I-I'm t-too sensitive that I-I might cum even if you move a little~..." She stuttered with hopefully her best begging act yet.

"Aww, she wants us to be gentle~. What should we do~?" Sally asked Ellie, wiggling her hips.

"Isn't it obvious~?" Ellie winks as she wiggles her own hips. "We give her what she 'wants'~." She motioned Sally and herself to press their folds towards Aqua's and started to rub them together.

"Aaaahhhh~! Th-That's n-not what I mmmeeeaaannn~!" Aqua moaned and then felt her nipples being tickled and teased by a dangling purple tongue moving slowly left and right. She tries to move away, but Junie and Sakura keep her still.

"Don't move, Baby-Wott~." Sakura teases her with that pet name. "We're just gonna test the touch on your nipples and clit~."

"I concur, Sakura~..." Junie said as she moves her finger back and forth on one of Aqua's nipples, making her moan and then she taps it once, causing her to moan in a different tone. "It seems our submissive slave-to-be makes different moaning sounds with each different touch on her pink sensitive spots~."

"B-But this is too much for meeeee~..." Aqua whined as she still futilely struggles. She felt her body getting warm as her face was bright red. She then felt a few snow white tails touch her, they felt cool and fluffy on her body.

She looks and sees Frost gently rubbing them on her, smiling at seeing Aqua shiver. "You best submit to your pleasurable doom, Aqua~... be one of us~!"

"Never~!" She cried out. "I-I'm not gonna cum~... I'm not gonna cum~..." Aqua mewled, but her twitching body wasn't convincing anyone. "Ooohhh, but it feels so good~... I-I'm cummiiinnnggg~!" she cried out, her juices spraying onto Sally and Ellie who sprayed their own juices onto Aqua.

The Oshawott panted with a red face and sighed with embarrassment. "I-I can't believe I came even though I said that I wouldn't~..." she panted, slumping on Hana's body.

"Well, you came pretty well, Angel Water~..." The Chikorita kisses her cheek. "And now you're ready for the Princess of Rape's special treatment~..."

"S-Special treatment~?" she asked, shuddering at what she could mean. She then felt a stroke on her hips and got kissed in the lips. "Mmmph~..." she muffled in surprise, feeling Hana hold her tenderly. Her wet pussy then felt the length of her hard member rubbing against her.

"M-Mmhhh~.." Aqua muffled, her body paralized in pleasure. Soon they broke the kiss and the Oshawott moans. "T-Take me, my Mistress~..."

"With pleasure~.." Hana said, sinking her member into Aqua, making her moan loudly. But as soon as that happened, the alarm went off, signifying everyone to be done cleaning up before going to line up for the tournament.

Everyone groaned at the alarm. "Just as we were getting to the good part…" Aqua muttered.

Hana looks at Aqua and closes her eyes before sighing. "You girls go, my wife and I will finish up here."

"No, it's fine." Aqua responded. "We can't let anyone wait on us."

"It'll be quick, I'll be quick." Hana said.

"I mean it. I really appreciate it, but this tournament's more important right now." Aqua answered, getting up. Hana grumbled at that but nodded and they got out of the bathroom.

As they moved, they heard two orgasmic moans nearby. "Huh? Ariel? Joyce?" Ellie asked, looking around and around a corner… they saw a sexually exhausted Manaphy and Mesprit who had just finished scissoring together.

"Hope you saved enough strength for the tournament." Frost said to them.

"Well, I'm just giving Ariel my good luck love for her~..." Joyce says as she embraces her romantically. "By the way, Sera's in the Protect sphere, so maybe knock on it so she gets the message." She says to Sally and Frost and they nodded.

Ariel looks at her lover with pleasantness in her eyes and nuzzles her. "I'll be sure to come back, my beloved~..."

Joyce smiled as she held Ariel's paws. "Just win this and unite your mothers together." She then kisses her and whispered something in her mind. 'I want to make a baby with you~...'

Ariel went red at that, and nodded her head. Soon, Sera came running to the girls, getting a yawn out as her body was covered in soap bubbles and dripping water. "Sorry, kinda dozed off in there. I think I had a dream about a Shaymin and a Mew…"

"Huh, that's strange." Aqua said, raising an eyebrow. Nevertheless, she shook her head and asks. "So how are we entering the tournament? Do we just sit down on some elevator or something?"

"My mom will tell us when we get to her." Ariel answered, seeing that everyone was ready and they headed towards Neptunia. Once they were there, they all bowed like knights to their queen.

"Thank you all for coming, Opal and her group will be here shortly." Neptunia said to them. "If you all need a short nap, feel free to take it until they arrive." She advised.

"But we were mostly relaxing already." Alex stated, straightening her black fur. "We don't need anymore sleep."

"Well, some of us were sexing and Aqua's probably let out her stamina more than us…" Ivy said.

"Yeah, wouldn't hurt to relax for real this time." Sakura nodded as she stretched her arms and moved her neck left and right. "I need to rest my eyes a bit myself."

"Well I'll inform you when they arrive, so take the time to rest up."

When they nodded, everyone noticed Aqua has left the scene and sighed. "Leave it to Aqua to take a rest first and so quickly too." Sera mused with a chuckle. "Well at least she's got the right idea… Too bad I already gotten a nap in the bath, maybe I'll go for a massage then." The Kirlia said as she went to the spa room.

Hana looked at where Aqua was going and ponders whether to finish up or just take a break. 'I can at least go towards Aqua and see what she's doing..' She then follows her wife to their room and saw her lying down in the bed, hugged a body pillow. 'Huh, she really is taking a short nap.'

Hana goes to her and sat at her side, caressing her cheek. "You're too good to everyone sometimes~..." She said as she tilted her head warmly. She lay on her side to feel her smooth skin.


Though Aqua could not even lampshade things, as if her actions are on instinct, she entered a room when she heard a scream of a young little girl. She then saw a 4-year old Oshawott crying in her bed.

She sat down near her and placed a paw on her shoulder. "Sweetie, what happened?"

"M-Mommy…" The young Oshawott sobbed. "I-I had a nightmare th-that you and my other Mommies a-argued and then y-you all went away l-like dust… a-and then I was all alone…" Her voice cracked as she explained her nightmare.

Aqua picked her up and held her in her arms. "That'll never happen. Sure we're a bit different, but we all love each other very much~." She cooed as she felt her wrap her own arms around her tightly as the Oshawott sobbed in her chest. "Plus Rika and Emilia love you so much as well, they would never think about leaving you~."

As the Oshawott's sobbing soon quieted down, she looks up to her mother with teary eyes. "N-Not even Fuwa-chan…?"

"Especially not Fuwa-chan either~..." Aqua answered, wiping her tears from her eyes. "Do you want to sleep with me and Momma Hana~?" She asked with her voice smooth as silk.

"Mhm…" the young Oshawott nodded her head. Aqua smiled and carried her to their room.

When they got there, a Meganium drowsily looked up to see her Samurott wife holding her Oshawott daughter close. "Everything okay, Aqua~?"

"A little. Nene-chan had a nightmare about us arguing and then fading away, leaving her all alone…" Aqua explained sadly as Nene whimpered.

"That's horrible." Hana said, sitting up and rubbing Nene's head. "Poor Nene-chan… why did we think our little girls are ready to have their own rooms?"

"We never heard a thing when Rika or Emilia had their own rooms. Though it isn't too surprising that Sera's daughter is so calm…" Aqua said.

"Emilia can be such a wise gal sometimes…" Nene mumbled before being placed between Hana and Aqua.

"How do you know she's wise? She's only three years old." Hana pointed out, but then realized. "Ohh… you mean sarcastically. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

"Don't feel bad, you're the most adorable of them all~.." Aqua assured her, kissing her cheek, making Nene smile. "Now, I think you deserve a lullaby, Nene-chan~."

Nene smiled as she nuzzled into Aqua's chest. The Samurott then sang a heartwarming song to her daughter until she fell asleep before she and Hana slept themselves with Nene sleeping in their arms.

*Waking Up*

Aqua opened her eyes as she sat up and stretched. "Aaahhh~...!" She yawned. "What a dream~… I hope Nene-chan would be just as adorable as my dream one~... I do worry about her going through teen years though." She said to herself, letting go of the body pillow.

She looked and saw that Hana was right beside her. She smiled and nudged her lightly, waking her up. "Hey, Haney~... it's time~."

The Chikorita nuzzled her a little before waking up. "Alright, let's do our best Aqie~. By the way… what were you muttering on about?" She asked her wife.

"A dream about my future daughter~... She was so cute and wanted to sleep with us~..." Aqua stated, remembering the daydream with a smile.

Hana chuckled and rubs her head playfully. "The apple wouldn't fall that far from the tree~." she said as the two headed to the meeting point.

They then saw two groups waiting. One being Ariel's, the other being Opal's. They went to stand with her friends at Ariel's side while Ariel and Neptunia were side by side.

As they walked to Ariel's side, Aqua made a small glare at the shiny Samurott, Leau. 'I figure she would be among her group she picks…'

Neptunia looks at both parties and takes a deep breath to speak with her ex-wife. "You made it in time Opal. It's good to see you again after all this time." she stated, staring at the Giratina. When Opal was about to say something, Neptunia just looked away slightly.

"Your majesty, please be respectful." The Dragonair spoke to her.

"I agree, what she said." The Sharpedo maid said. "Look at her as well."

Neptunia takes a deep breath as she looks at Opal once more. "Sorry, what were you gonna say?"

"I want to say… I miss you." The Giratina said, meaningfully. "I am happy to see you and our daughter are well. I… I know it couldn't have been easy… but it's practically war still…" She solemnly stated.

"I… appreciate it.' She said as she started to explain how the tournament is gonna work. "In case any of you don't know, it's a one on one battle with each angel battling each other. One side loses and it's decided who is the victor of this war." She said with seriousness in her tone. "While it is a battle, it'll be faint due to sexual exhaustion that'll count."

Opal nodded and raised her hand to shake on it.

Neptunia shakes it in agreement. "Are there any questions on either side about the tournament?" Neptunia asked either side.

Aqua raises her hand. "Will everyone's future be secured? Like when this is over, everyone will be able to go on with their lives?"

'Aqua…' Sera thought when Aqua asked such an important question. She went and held her shoulder to offer support. "She has a good point, Your Majesty. It is time this feud ends today. We must put this behind us and focus on the future."

"I see…" Neptunia says and nods. "You are correct, but none of us must hold back."

"So who battles first?" Minerva asked, the Decuideye stepped forward. "Is there a particular order? Like a margin or a tree where there's one-on-one? Maybe a point system where one team must have more points than the other or best-two-out-of-three?"

"Since there's a total of 10 fighters, it'll be a best 3 out of 5 wins." Opal answered.

"But if that happens on a 2 to 1 win and the losing team won, we'll be on a tie." Joyce pointed out.

Ivy looks at her paws and tries to count with her fingers on each fighter on both teams. "So they're be 3 one on one. But then Joyce said it'll be a tie… uh… doesn't she mean if two can take out the other two, they win?"

"That is possible too. If the winning team wins, the group wins, if the losing team wins, it'll be a tie." Jeane stated.

"... I don't get it." Ivy mutters bluntly. "Who would and should win?"

"They can't risk Opal's team winning. They're succubi after all." Junie said quietly. "Plus, there are two Water-types, one Grass-type, one Steel/Fairy-type, and one Psychic/Fighting-type."

"It's a risk, but we have to trust them." Sakura said, "We're on look out in case anyone tries anything." She then kisses Junie's cheek for good luck.

"Well, if everything's good, who's battling first?" Aqua asked.

"First up… Junie vs. Saur." Opal stated.

"Alright, let's do this!" Junie said, getting her katana ready as she got on the ring.

Saur got into the ring as well and shows she has a two-handed sword. "This should be a good battle~!" She then shows off the blade being a trapezoid shape and ignites it with her flames.

'I know I'm the type to overdo things in my training, like having a fire type for a sparring partner, but this isn't a good time…' Junie thought. 'Especially when she's the one with me during our imprisonment…!'

"Alright, let the battle begin!" The Sharpedo announced and rang the bell.

Immediately, Saur charged toward Junie, her flaming sword raised up. The Mawile thought of parrying at it but dodged instead. When Saur slashed, the flames move down and forward in a sort of ranged attack.

'A projectile attack!? Good thing I dodged, the flames would've hurt.' Junie thought to herself. 'Especially since I'm half-Steel-type!' She then readied her sword to do a skill herself. "Eat my Kurama Sword Dance~!" She quickly slashed down then to the right, followed by a roundhouse kick with her sword following and finishing with a downward slash. But every move was blocked by Saur.

"Darn it!" Junie gritted her teeth as she stepped back. "How are you good with a sword bigger and heavier than mine!?"

"Sure, the weight of my sword makes swinging more power, but it comes with good power and defensive capabilities." Saur explained.

"Why do I feel like maybe I should've gone with a great shield and short sword?" Aqua says to herself.

"You don't look like the guardian type to me." Hana shakes her head. "Especially not a Poison-type like that black and red armored girl…"

"Good point." she nodded in agreement. She then looks at Junie hopefully. 'Junie… be careful.'

The Mawile was having a hard time getting a good hit on the Typhlosion who continues to block the slashes. "You know what they say~..."

"No, do not, please!" Junie shouted, but Saur says it anyway.

"A good defense is the best offense~!" The fire type said confidently, making the Mawile growl as she tries thrusting her katana.

"Junie calm yourself! You're getting too reckless!" Sakura says to her.

'Reckless…' Junie thought before having an idea. 'Maybe I'll do that to break her defense like a glass wall~!' She then does sword dance to put up her power. "I'll even use my head jaws for the job~!" She then launched her jaws towards Saur for a crunch.

The Typhlosion blocks with her sword, but the Mawile's jaws latched onto it, starting to pull at it to get it out of her hands.

"Haha! Now I got you!" Junie yelled triumphantly before readying one of her sword techniques. "I learned this from a devil hunting game series from a white-haired hero in a red coat~!"

"Looking forward to it~! Give me your best shot~!" Saur said, excitedly.

Aqua, Ariel and Sera noticed something off from the Typhlosion's expression. 'Wouldn't one be concerned about an attack?' Sera asked.

'They would, but Saur's sword's blade design looks weird…' Aqua gestures them to look at it. It had a bunch of lines all over itself.

'Maybe she's the type who love's battling strong opponents.' Sera suggested.

'Look again.' Aqua informed. 'They look more like cuts. And in the middle looks like a thinner blade. How many has she battled? Plus, I think I know advanced technology from both real-life and sci-fi anime.'

'True.' Ariel agreed, but then thought of something which involved a wide sword that can break into half-a-dozen smaller blades flying around. 'Wait, you don't think that's what Saur has right?'

BREAK! SNAP! Was what went from the arena. They then see Junie's katana held by small flying blades spinning around the blade, holding it and the Mawile in place while her head jaws made a gesture of pain and Saur shifted backwards, holding a now thinner sword.

"Seriously, how does that even work?!" Junie stated, struggling against the hold.

"Advanced technology, girl~!" Saur says confidently. "What year do you think it is in this world we all live in~!?" The Typhlosion places her sword down as she walks towards the Mawile and then holds her chin to lift up her face.

Junie stares at Saur, sweating a little as heat radiated from her. Her vision even started to look wavey from her heat.

The Typhlosion smiles and mutters. "That armor looks too heavy for ya~." Saur spoke, her tone oozing with seduction as she started to take Junie's armor off with a command of her smaller blades flying around to strip it down and stunning the Mawile nakedly.

"N-Noo…" she muttered, trying to pull against the blades, despite the pain.

The girls on Neptunia's side look worried for her while Opal's cheered for Saur as the Mawile was being gently caressed slowly.

"D-Don't...!" Junie begged in her weakened state and felt her vagina being touched. She squirmed from the warm paw as she saw Saur smiling at her.

"It'll be quick~... Like last time~." She says as she thrusts her cock into her pussy. Both of them were crying out in sudden pleasure.

Junie tries slapping Saur's torso and back to get her off, but it was futile to the point they were close to climaxing. "Aahh~! S-So hot~..." she panted from the thrusting. She then looks at Sakura whose hands were on her mouth and looks like she was crying. 'S-Sorry…' she thought to her sadly. 'I'm gonna get an earful from you…' She thought too as she came with Saur, feeling her lower body getting warm from Saur filling her. Junie then passes out from sexual exhaustion.

The bell then rang and the Sharpedo announced. "Angel Steel is out cold! Saur from Opal's team wins by one point!"

Saur carried Junie over to Ariel's team and put her down. "You take care of her, I'm hitting the showers."

Sakura accepts her as the Typhlosion leaves for the shower room. "Junie…" She mutters to the Mawile who opens her eyes a little.

"S-Sakura… I-I'm so sorry…" Junie muttered, tears forming in her eyes. "I couldn't get the win…"

The pink Greninja shook her head and embraced her tearfully. "I don't care about the win! I'm just happy you're okay~.." she stated tearfully as well. "You fought well too. Relentlessly, sure. But you did your best..." This made the Mawile smile and nuzzle Sakura.

"Girls… don't panic, but we also have another swordmaster in our team." Aqua said as she walks into the ring, going into her Samurott form.

She can see that Leau stepped into the ring as well. "I will enjoy this fight against you~..." She mused, licking her lips. "Do you plan to go all out~?"

"With love in my heart, I will win for my friends~!" Aqua announced, pointing her knight sword towards Leau with a giddy look on her face. "Pretty cool huh? I heard that in a cartoon I watched when I was 8 years old~!"

Leau tilted her head and looks at her questionably. "What cartoon?"

"Hmm, I can't remember the name, but I remember the pose~." Aqua replies as she taps onto her angel charm on her neck. "Elite Water Flash~!"

"Why weren't you already in your angel form?" Hana asked.

"Wanted to be a little more dramatic~." Aqua answered, getting into a stance. "Now Leau and I are on equal terms~!"

Ariel sweatdrops with a sheepish smile and closed eyes. "You just want to make love with her, don't you?"

"I mean, after I beat her of course~.." Aqua gave Ariel a wink and thumbs up.

"Well, if you're up for it~!" Leau says as she charges in once the bell rang.

Their swords clashed as they struggled to push the other. 'Stay focus Aqua, we're trailing by one!' Sera thought to her. 'If Opal's team get three wins in a row, it's over..'

"Haaahhh!" Aqua shouts as she pushes and seemingly getting the upper hand. "Haha~! Any surprises against my attack~?"

Leau kept her smile as she gives the younger Samurott a wink in response. She then jumps back and lunges at Aqua with high speed. The younger Samurott yelped as she barely ducked under, catching her snatch in view as it happens. She then felt Leau locked her legs around her head, her pussy pressed against her face as the Shiny Samurott sat on her head, pinning her down.

"Whoa!" Aqua gasped in surprise. "How did you do that?" she asked, impressed by that move, her voice muffled by Leau's crotch.

"I just train is all~." Leau answered, pleased to hear Aqua liked her trick as she grinded on her face..

The young Samurott could hardly get some fresh air as all she could get was the hot scent of pleasure in her nose.

"Come on Aqie! Turn this around!" Hana called out to her.

Aqua perked up and looked serious against Leau. So she pushes her off her face. She then made some water, froze it quickly, then used her sword to carve out and fashion a sword made out of ice. "Hi-yah~! Ice Sword!" She holds a sword in each hand as she charged towards Leau who responds by lowering her back down, her legs holding her stance even though she bent down backwards. She then used her seamitars to slap at Aqua's buttocks.

"Ah~!" she yelped from the impact as she leg sweep Leau's legs from under her, making her fall on her back. She then locks legs with Leau and grins, tightening her hold. "Now you're the one I caught~." Aqua boasts as she starts grinding on the Shiny Samurott who didn't look worried at all.

'Hmm… What if I?...' Sera tried to peer into Leau's mind to see what she was up to, but she got blocked. "Aah!?" the Kirlia got out, confused as to what's going on.

"Ah ah ah, you can't peer into your enemies' heads~!" Minerva said, waving her finger at the Kirlia. "Shame on you, trying to peek into other's heads to give your group an edge~. You know better~."

Sera winced, but nodded reluctantly. 'I feel like a child being scolded by their parents… how embarrassing.' She then heard a pained yelp and saw Aqua landing on her front before getting slapped in the butt cheeks by Leau's seamitars.

"Hehe, you sound so cute when I slap your buttocks~.." Leau said, giving her bottom another slap.

Aqua cringed and struggled to get up before looking at Leau from behind with a blushing weak smile. She then moves her butt left and right to tease her with her red marked buttocks. "Maybe… but I'll have you dreaming sweet dreams soon enough~..."

Leau smirked and pulls her seamitars to loosen into a chain whip. "Oooh, perhaps a little more SM treatment for you then, Baby-Wott~?"

"Y-" Aqua was about to cry out, but refrained from doing that. 'No, don't react that way.' Aqua took a deep breath to calm herself. 'That other Samurott just wants you to be her sexual playmate…' Aqua thought to herself, noting her body felt a bit heavy. 'Normally I wouldn't mind that, but I need to focus and win this round! I'll wait for an opening and counter.'

Ariel stares at the battle and examines how Aqua is doing. 'Wow, she looks so calm even though facing a strong opponent~... it's almost as if she's enjoying herself~...'

'Facing strong opponents do excite her.' Sera told her. 'I hope that will help her..' she thought that last sentence with concern. 'She always has an unhealthy habit in cumming with the enemy as if she wants them to feel true love alongside her.'

"Well this has been fun, but I need to win for my Empress~!" Leau announced, charging for her final attack as she slams her whip-swords on the ground as they glow with a fierce blue fire-like aura.

"Aqua!" Hana cried out trying to warn her. "Listen! As much as you love being a masochist, what about our future together!?" she asked, trying to reach out to her.

"H-Hana…?" Aqua asks as she feels her legs shake in exhaustion. She then noticed the blue flaming aura rushing towards her. She then tries to block it with her greatsword, the heat around herself getting hotter. "H-How are you burning if you're a Water-type!?"

"I can sometimes enhance my sword with my power~." Leau answered.

"But why with fire!? It doesn't make any sense!" Aqua shouts before turning to Sera. "Sis, help me out here verbally!"

"Seriously? You don't know how to battle fire?" Sera asked her.

"I mean, how are Water-types capable of using Fire-type Moves!" Aqua specified. "I saw it once on that one episode with that Togepi leaving when she evolved into a Togetic!"

"Just use water attacks!" Sera yelled out. "Geez! It's like teaching you how to press B!"

Aqua then slams her sword down and a torrent of water starts to appear from behind her and towards Leau.

As they clash, a maelstrom of fire and water raged around the arena. Thankfully there was a special field that kept the attack in the ring instead of blasting everyone around.

Both sides were shocked and surprised at how powerful the two Samurotts show to be. Soon they can see the attack fading and look to see how it ended.

They then saw the two Samurotts still standing until the normal-colored one fell on her back slowly. Her name spoken out dramatically by her friends.

"Aqua!" everyone cried out at once.

Leau sighed as she flipped her hair. "That was kinda boring. I didn't even get to have fun with her as well..." she said, sheathing her sword.

Aqua panted on the ground, feeling down in her thoughts. 'I'm sorry… E-Everyone…' Before she could close her eyes, she hears Ellie's voice in her head.

'Aqua!' Ellie spoke to her. 'Listen, Aqua! Hana was asking right. 'What about our future together!?'." she spoke to her firmly.

'B-But that Samurott is so strong…! I-I'm not sure if I can-"

'Aqua! If Opal wins 3 in a row, Lovantis will be hers and we'll become her slaves for all eternity!' Ellie said with extreme seriousness. 'That means no future for our parenthood, no more angel duty… And no. Nene. with. Fuwa…!' She said those last words darkly.

'N-Nene…?' Aqua asked before remembering her dream of comforting her daughter in the future. 'N-No…' She then clenched her fist and felt a divine power surge within her. "I will not let you destroy my Nene-chan!"

"Nene-chan?" Leau asks confusedly at that name. Just as she asked that, she had to cover her eyes from the bright flash. She then saw Aqua armed with gold and blue armor, even looking like she was floating.

Hana and the others gasped, recognizing the form while Ariel and Joyce stared in complete shocked awe.

"And I was told I can be scary when I get serious." Sera said to Ellie. "Great job reminding her how important this is~." she gives her a kiss on the forehead.

The Espurr smiled with her cheeks rosy red at her kiss. "Just wanted to help, plus having you take care of Aqua all the time is stressful on you~."

"Aww~..." Hana chimes as she joins in to hug Ellie and Sera. "I guess psychic types do stick together hmm~?" she teased, pressing the Kirlia and Espurr's cheeks together.

While the two psychics blushed, they saw Leau making a shocked scream.

"WHAAA!? Naze omae wa ochinai-n da, bakayaro!? (Why won't you just fall, you idiot!?)" The Shiny Samurott said in a different language which is loosely translated somehow.

"Please try to keep it English!" Opal called out. "Your kind maybe samurais, but you're not weebs!"

"And some prefer english dubs over subs too." Brio added.

Ariel looks at her with half-lidded eyes and randomly asks. "When did you get here?"

"I like making pop-ins~." Brio said smiling. "Now here's my random question: When did you start using curse words?"

"We don't use curse words." Joyce answered.

"No, we f***ing don-" Ariel said before getting hit in the head by both mothers.

"Tongue out." Neptunia ordered, getting soap. "Now…!"

Ariel just stood there as if she was frozen in place.

Opal then reached in and pulled the tongue out of her mouth, stretching it ridiculously far as Neptunia started to rub the soap all over the taste buds.

Brio, Ivy and Jeane held each other fearfully as this happens.

"Thank arceus for cartoon logic." Alex stated, shaking her head.

Ariel just winced and mumbled about the horrible taste of soap. Soon her parents finish and douse her mouth with cold water before letting go of her tongue back into her mouth. "Bleaugh… I thought I was the star of this movie…"

"Even stars get punished. Don't be entitled!" Opal spoke to her sternly as she sat back on her seat. "You just continue watching."

Ariel groaned as she sees that Aqua is fighting with renewed energy. She then returns to her sparkling eyes of awe. "She's like a goddess…!"

Their swords clashed as Leau started to sweat a little. "You cannot defeat me, Baby-Wott!"

"Then why are you looking nervous~? You're so beautiful when you're nervous~." Aqua said warmly. "In fact, why don't we mix our beauty together~?"

The older Samurott blushes from the compliments Aqua was giving her. "N-No, y-ou can't get me w-with your loving words…" she shook her head vigorously but then Aqua lifts her chin up a little. "H-hey… S-stop that.." she stuttered, looking into Aqua's eyes.

"You no longer have to fight after this~..." Aqua stating, caressing her cheek softly. She then stares at Leau lovingly, leaning in slowly towards her face.

"I… I-I.." Leau's face was glowing red as her sword shakes as Aqua takes it and places it down. She then embraces her and kisses her lips. "Mmm~..." Leau murmured blissfully. She then felt her pussy being rubbed and her cock erect out from it.

"There there, relax and feel the love from my heart~.." Aqua comforts as she strokes her back and lines herself up around her cock. She slowly slides down on it as cheers are heard from Neptunia's side and Opal's look downward.

"Aaahhh~..." Leau moans from the warmth and texture of her Aqua's labia and felt her life flash before her eyes. How she couldn't get Pokemon to love her even in a night club. "A-Aqua~... H-How and why do people love you while they don't for me…?" She whimpered.

"What do you mean?" she asked, confused at the question. "Don't you treat others nice?" She gestured at Opal's team for Leau to look at.

"W-Well…" Leau paused as Aqua caressed her chest and neck.

"They love you, and I love you too~."

"Y-You love me?... Even after how I treated you?" Leau asked shakingly.

The Samurott Goddess then kisses her lovingly and makes passionate love with the Shiny Samurott.

"This's gonna make us tie… but I can't help that it's sweet~.." Opal admitted.

"Both sides only got one win, Mother." Minerva pointed out. "Plus, it's gonna be my turn after Venine."

"And you insist on battling the Kirlia too." Opal snickered, rubbing her head.

"M-Mother…" The Decidueye mumbled embarrassedly.

"Well just be careful okay? Don't underestimate her just because you have type advantage~." she goes to Minerva's level. She then kisses her forehead.

Ariel sighs at the sight when Minerva hugs Opal. 'So that's gonna be my sister-in-law if we win…'

'W-Well, she'll be my sister-in-law too…' Joyce said, holding her paw. 'We should get to know her when this is over~.'

"I just… feel jealous…"

"Why? You have a loving mother just like Minerva does." Joyce pointed out. "Is it because she has Opal?"

"She gets to know her when she was young and I don't…" Ariel said.

"You'll get to know her soon. Just focus and don't get angry." she stated and kisses her cheek.

The Manaphy sighs and nods her head as they hear cries of climax and see that both Aqua and Leau had their orgasm and a blinding flash shone around the entire arena. Everyone had to cover their eyes to shield them.

Soon, they saw Aqua carrying an unconscious Leau as the bell rang.

"Succubus Torrent is down, Angel Water II from team Neptunia wins this round. Bringing it to a tie~!" The Sharpedo announces.

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