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Chapter 9: Pokken Tournament - Break

Ariel and Joyce were out cold and slept nakedly together in their bed. Their bodies had been cleaned up by Aqua and Hana who were watching over them after their mission with the drone.

"Wow, it must've been rough if they're fast asleep like that." Hana stated, turning to Aqua. "And why are we staying in their room?"

"Because they remind me of us in a way…" Aqua said. "Well, if I were a princess and you were… not?"

Hana giggled as she patted Aqua on the back. "I see, I suppose in a way." She then leaned her head a little on Aqua's. "Heh, don't they look cute together~?" Then she nuzzled her a little.

"Of course they are." Hana answered, getting up. "Come on, let's give them privacy." As soon as she says that, they notice Ariel murmuring and moving to kiss Joyce on the cheek sleepily.

Aqua blushes cutely as they saw the scene happen. "I think we oughta have our own fun next to them~..." She said, wanting to stay and see how it plays out.

Hana shakes her head, "Come on, we need to give others privacy in their-"

She was interrupted when Aqua hugged around her and laid on top of the Chikorita. "Haney~... Sera told me about your feelings after our time together before coming to Lovantis." The Oshawott said. "I want to make it up to you~."

"I-I mean, we talked about that already…" Hana said, blushing as she felt Aqua nuzzling against her neck, rubbing her breast.

"Please, Hana~... Let me make it up to you~...!" Aqua pleaded with sparkling eyes, stunning the Chikorita with such a cute look.

"Ooohh… A-Alright.." she nods, blushing. She then looks at Ariel and Joyce, the latter was sleepily kissing the former on the neck and licked it, making the Manaphy moan. "Huh? A-Are they sleep-mating..? I didn't know that can actually happen…"

"I think it might have something to do with the fluids those spider robots sprayed into their orifices." Aqua said. "Said liquid might have dissolved into the walls of their systems, increasing their sex drives even in their sleep. Or at least that's what Muse told me…"

"Hopefully it goes back to normal soon." Hana said, feeling Aqua rub her cheek. They then saw the Mesprit licking and sucking the Manaphy's nipple while she gropes her butt. "This is actually kind of hot~... But still."

"Yeah, I understand." Aqua said, starting to grind on her folds as well. "But I really want to see what they'll do while it turns us on and we follow them~. Mankey See, Mankey Do, right~?"

"You'll always want to try some new sexy thing. I remember when you were mating with those cute buizel twins in the underwater caves not too far from here~." Hana said with a smirk. "I believe they were healing you from your abduction by Opal~?" she showed a picture of them cuddling and rubbing around Aqua's body.

Aqua blushed and looked away by staring at Ariel who was playing with Joyce's tails and the Mesprit playing with the Manaphy's antennae, both using them as tentacles on their breasts and pussies. The Oshawott then notices the gold rings on Ariel's antennae. "Smart, if she didn't have them, we might've switched hearts like before, but that was really fun though~..." Aqua said, thinking about it.

Hana nodded and then used her vines to curl around Aqua's body in bondage. "Wanna roleplay a bit, Angel Water~?" She winked

"Hold on~.." Aqua said, moving to remove the gold rings. "This would be a fun awakening for everyone~."

"Teehee, Aqua you are one devious Baby-Wott~." Hana teased, tickling her body a bit.

"H-Hey~! I also can't wait to see who the others will be in~." Aqua whined a bit. "Sera might spank me embarrassingly for this, but it'll be worth it~..."

"Or she may use whatever Pokemon body she has to punish you with it~." Hana pointed out. "Cross your fingers she doesn't get swapped with an Octillery or a Tentacruel… Or even Venus herself!"

"Or the queen herself…" Aqua spoke with a bit of dread. "... I wonder if she has a royal masochistic torture room~..?"

"Mmnn~..." They heard more intense moaning and saw Ariel and Joyce 69-ing together, and they were still sleep-mating.

"Wow, they are deep into it~.' Hana said with surprise. "Is it even possible to be that fast asleep while sexing~...?!"

"Apparently it is.." Aqua stated, blushing. "So, Haney~... About that roleplay~? Want to do it as Oshawott and Chikorita, Dewott and Bayleef, or Samurott and Meganium~?"

Hana grinned. "Whatever makes the all mighty 'Goddess' Water look like she's taken out by some mere pleasure all the while boasting her greatness~..." She winked, cryptically giving Aqua her answer.

Aqua chuckled as she shifted to her Samurott form. "What, you really think you won? I'm just letting you get a little fun before I turn it around~." She then got out her seamitars before Hana, having shifted into her Meganium form, uses her vines to wrap around Aqua and drop her swords.

"Oh I don't think I won~... I know when I won~.." Hana stated with a smirk. She then gets on top of her and starts tickling her around her pink private areas.

"A-Aahh~.." Aqua moaned out. "Th-That tihihihickles~...!"

Hana smirked and lifts her breasts up a bit to stare at them. "You should know better than to mess with Mother Rafflesia's plans~." She then licks and suckles them before placing her own breasts against Aqua's, their nipples touching one another.

"I won't let them come into fruition~!" she stated heroically. "But with your lovely body against mine, I am willing to take in your punishment against me~." She then winked at the Meganium and moved her body a little, gesturing her to twirl her nipples around hers.

Hana patted her head cutely in affection as she starts doing so, making them both moan a little as their nipples erect on each other. "Ooohhhh~... Yes, feel the wrath of my mother's body exciting yours~..."

As for Ariel and Joyce, they were grinding together in their sleep. Ariel's antenna started glowing a little.

Aqua and Hana smiled and the latter has an extra vine sneak into their bag to get a pink perfume bottle. "Tell me, Aqua~... when you and Sera mated before we went to Lovantis, you told her you've been holding your orgasm for sometime~..." She whispered into her ear.

"Well she told me that my orgasm is the same regardless of how long I hold it…" she told her. She then gasped when she realized what Hana was going through. "Y-You're not thinking while you're doing me from behind…"

"You're gonna hope we get in Her Royal Highness' bod along with her Royal Girlfriend~." She giggled as she rolled her onto her front. She then lifts her up and sprays her vagina with the bottle.

"Hey, what's with spraying that with perfume?" Aqua asked, confused. She then recognized the pink liquid as a member grew out from her pussy. "Oh, now I see~."

"Yup~." Hana nodded as her own cock erected out. "I fill you up and you make a mess on them~." She then thrusts into Aqua's vagina hard.

"Haaa~..." Aqua moaned out from the penetration, blushing red. "H-Hana~... A-Are you sure you want only me to cover them in my semen..?"

"Considering I'm gonna be filling you, yes~.." Hana grins seductively. "Oh~? You were hoping we cover them together in both our seed cum~? I mean, I can do that, but… I just love filling you every time~.." she stated, hugging Aqua lovingly in her arms.

Aqua blushed and smiles lovingly. "Alright, Haney~... You let loose inside of me~. So go all out~!"

Hana held her legs as she thrusted up in her in rhythm. "Oh yeah~! Your pussy feels so good, I'm gonna give it to ya~!" She moans as she wraps her vines around Aqua's cock to stroke it, the bulbs rubbing around the tip of it, increasing the pleasure from it.

"Ooohhh~..." Aqua cooed as she felt some loving yet intense rubbing. "I hope to dream of a place where I can be pleased by all my loved ones~... Where we all would lose ourselves to the love and pleasure of any creature~..""

"Heheh~... Oh, Aqua~... you and your fantasies~. Though that does sound sweet if that could happen to us at some point~." Hana giggled as she gropes Aqua's breasts.

"If anything~... I feel like we could just lie down in there and embrace, doing nothing but submit to the sex~." Aqua said swoonfully.

Hana smiles at her wife's cute swooning and felt her cock twitching, begging for release. The Meganium also noticed Ariel and Joyce sleepily about to cum, their moans becoming louder. "Looks like they're almost there just like you~.." Hana stated, going faster as she kisses her cheek.

"Eee~...! S-So good~!" Aqua shook her head, struggling to hold on her orgasm to let out a strong but lasting fountain on them. Soon enough, she cried out as she releases. "Aaahhh~!" Her pearly white fluids sprayed out on the Princess and her girlfriend.

Ariel's antennae also glowed when she and Joyce came on each other's hips.

'Get ready Haney~...' Aqua thought gleefully as once she was done cumming, she and Hana sees how much cum Aqua had sprayed them with.

"Whoa~... you've been holding that much~!?" Hana asked, panting but impressed. "You're like a gallon full of cum~!" She then rotates Aqua to embrace her in front and quickly ties them up in her vines to hold them together.

"Whoa, what is this for~?" Aqua asked with a wink.

"To give us both sweet dreams, body and soul~..." Hana said drowsily.

Aqua smiles as she hugs her back, nuzzling her cheek.

"Eheheh~... Sweet dreams then, Haney~..." she then falls asleep. Just as the two of them closed their eyes, they can hear the others moaning out their climax. They even felt a flash from Ariel as they blacked out in their sleep.

*In the dream world.*

Aqua was floating in a pink sparkly atmosphere. She looked around and smiled at how pretty the area is. She then notices a small city below her and recognized it. "Scelci…" she spoke softly and thought about all her loved ones there. "It's been a few days since we've been home." She then felt a slight throb in her heart and touched her chest. "It's funny, I'm planning on finding a vacation home to spend my summer vacation with Hana for a couple months, yet I miss my home despite being gone for a few days.." She then felt tears build up in her eyes and sniffled a bit. "I didn't know that this would affect me so much… I… I miss home… I miss Mommy..."

"I missed you too, my sweet Baby-Wott~..." a voice spoke out which surprised her. Aqua then turned around and saw a familiar loving Samurott descending towards her.

Aqua was gasped at the sight of her mother appearing before her. "What~?" she stated. She then felt overwhelmed with her emotions and lunged at her in a loving embrace. Aqua hummed as felt her warmth as well as her mother's arms hugging her back. "Mmm~... Mommy~..." She sobbed a little as she nuzzled in Blade's chest.

"Shh… it's okay sweetie~..." Blade cooed softly. "I'm here for you~..." She then lifts her head up. "Hehehe~... Still as beautiful as ever~. Even in your dreams, you as a Samurott is still my adorable little Baby-Wott~."

Aqua was confused as she looked at herself and realized she was a Samurott as well. 'I didn't know I was one. Well it is a dream so~.."

"So, Aqua~? Want to visit home for a while~?"

"Huh?" Aqua asked confused, "How? Do we just fly down there like in those dreams?"

Blade smiled and lifts her up bridal style. "Whoa. A little warning next time?" she asked, surprised. They then descend down to the ground and laid Aqua down.

Aqua was so confused by all of this, but looked and saw a lot of familiar places she's been to. "Mommy, why are we here?" She asked and noticed a silhouette far ahead of them. She squinted her eyes to see who it was. She then saw a group of Pokemon rushing to her excitedly.

"AQUA~!" A lot of voices called to her.

"Wait, girls~?!" Aqua cried out before she found herself being tackled all around her. Recovering from her daze, she recognized them all as her fans from ALP. "H-Hey, be easy~. You all didn't have to tackle me~.." she said cutely.

"Aw, but we missed you sooo much~!" A Mienshao nuzzled.

"We were so worried about you~." A Quilava rubbed her back.

"We've waited a long time for you so we can kiss you~." A Pachirisu swooned as she kisses her cheek.

"Aww, I'm touched girls~. I'm flattered and all but…" she looks at her naked form. "Can I at least put some clothes on?"

"No problem, we can fix that~!" An Absol chimes and everyone swiftly removed their clothes, becoming naked together with Aqua and Blade.

"Uhhh.. I suppose now I'm not the only one nude now~..." Aqua said sweatdropping. She then felt herself held from behind by her mother. Her face went red.

"Better start puckering up, everyone~. Her body is just aching for all your kisses~!"

The girls giggled as each of them walked towards the younger Samurott from all sides.

Aqua moaned and felt flustered by all the girls ganging up on her and putting their lips all over her body.

"Ahhh~... P-Please, you're embarrassing me~..." She says as she felt their kissing on her skin. "I love you all, but this is too much~...!"

"We just love you so much~.." the group stated, caressing her body. They then lick her body all over, their rough yet moist tongues slurping and rubbing on her nipples and clitoris.

"Mmm~...! O-Out here in the public~...! T-Too humiliating~..!" Aqua whined, trying to pull away from the group.

"Aww~... but the public adores you with your naked and sexy body, my little baby-wott~!" Blade chimed, groping her tits from behind.

"M-Mommy, let me go~!" she stated, blushing brightly at the groping. She then felt a ticklish sensation around her body. A bunch of tentacles were wiggling on her and the tongues and lips only made it stronger. "Kyaaahahahaha~! S-Stohohop~!" she looked and tried to see where they were coming from. And there were a few being Tentacools, Octilleries and Frillishes. Aqua's face goes bright red as the rubbing was arousing her greatly.

The younger Samurott felt flashes around her eyes and saw a crowd of Pokemon snapping their cameras at the scene. "A-a-a…" Aqua tries to process what is happening. "Wh-Who's there?.." she muttered, feeling the group pressing their bodies on her.

"Oh, Aqua~! Don't you know your audience of fans when you see them~?" The Quilava asked, licking at her breast.

Aqua blushed even harder and felt more embarrassed than flattered. She even felt the sensation of her orgasm nearing. At that point, she just relaxed and enjoyed the pleasurable sensation she feels.

She then saw some huge tv screens on buildings, showing her wide open vagina. The younger Samurott blushes at the sight as she can see some rubbing the outside of it. She then spasmsed her body, bouncing her breasts a bit before crying out her orgasm, the big screen showing her pussy spurting out her sex juices full view that some of the fluids splattered on the camera.

"Hah.. Hah..~" Aqua panted from the climax. "A-Are we done…?" She asked hopefully as she was carried in her mother's arms.

"Hmm~... I don't think so~! You haven't been to the next best part~!"

"N-Next part?" Aqua asked, confused. Then a portal came up, leading to the Casanova Club and there was a heart-shaped chamber before them. "W-wait a minute, I just got back here!"

"It is a dream, you know~." Blade teased with a sly wink.

"I know, but still..." Aqua stated, feeling herself being pulled into the portal. "What is that huge thing?!"

"I was asking them the same question..!" She heard Hana's voice inside the chamber, all wrapped up in tentacle-like appendages.

'Uhhh… this must be dream, Hana~...' She smiled a little at seeing her wife with her. "Either I'm imagining this or are we sharing the same dream~?" she asked as she looked at the warm chamber they're in, the tentacles wrapping around her and then entwining them into an embrace and tribadism.

Aqua and Hana gasped from their skin touching and the tentacles being covered in fur. Some of them wiggled into their orifices and then they suddenly felt their strength leaving while being pleasured at the same time.

"Mmhhh~..." they both moaned at the same time from the pleasure.

"Nnnggghhh~... Wh-Why am I feeling exhausted but so good at the same time~...?" Aqua panted and notices the tentacles glowing and a line of pink dots moving as if they were coming out from them.

"They're sucking up your energy and replacing it with carnal pleasure~." Blade explains.

"What for though?" Hana asked, shuddering from the sensation. "Mmnngh~... It does kind of feel like something is sucking my stamina out of my pussy, nipples and anus…"

"Well, think of yourselves as sexual batteries for this thing~." Blade stated, "Try to last as long as you can despite the draining."

"Haaah~... I-I'm feeling weak but want more, Haney~..." Aqua moaned as she stuck out her tongue, her pussy and nipples leaking from the ecstasy.

"S-Same, but endure Aqie~.." Hana pleaded, reaching to hold her hand.

"H-Haney~..." Aqua chimed and then felt a bit of poking in her labia and something spray like a sprinkler or from the tip of an aerosol can around her pink walls. "H-Hey what was that?" She then felt her vaginal muscles tighten and then came all of a sudden. "A-Aaahhh~!"

"Wh-What was-Aaahhh~!" Aqua tries to ask but came almost immediately. "T-That was just so sudden~!" she stated, panting.

"Y-You're n-not the only-Ooohhh~!" Hana tries to reply but did the same as well.

"Aww, you two are so cute~.." A voice spoke and they look and saw Rafflesia watching them as well.

"M-Mother!?" Hana exclaimed before cumming yet again. "Wh-when did you get here~?"

"Oh never mind that~..." The Florges said. "By the way, isn't time you two wake up yet~?"

"Really~? It was getting so good though~..." Aqua said, pouting a little.

"Maybe in our next dream~..." Hana replied as she closes her eyes to nuzzle her wife.

*In the morning.*

Their eyes begun to open and can see that the sun was out. They sat up and stretched, yawning from their sleep. That's when they noticed they're in Ariel and Joyce's body.

"Hm? How did we-Oh yeah, that little prank we did…" Aqua in Ariel's body said as she felt her paws around the body. She shuddered when she felt her paws rubbing herself. "Oooh~... I knew her body was sensitive, but I never knew it's all due to her squishy, watery, gel-like skin~."

Hana was moving her membranes to try and get used to them. She then felt Joyce's two tails wag around. Of course, it felt weird for her having two longer extra limbs around her butt. "It's so weird having tails…"

"But didn't you have such a short and stumpy one as a Chikorita?" Aqua pointed out.

"Do these look short and stumpy to you?" Hana asked, moving her tails toward Aqua. "No, of course not." She said. She then tickled her with them.

"Ahaha~..." she giggled from the tickling. She then looks at her teasingly. "You know the funny thing about our little body switch~?"

"Hm? What is funny?" Hana asked, confused.

"I'm a princess while you're just a maid~." Aqua mocked as she showed off her bod. "O' Princess of Rape~."

"Is that so~..?" Hana said, grinning devilishly. "I'll have to do something special for you tonight then~..."

Aqua giggled and pretended to look scared. "Oh nooo~... Whatever would it be tonight~?"

"That's a secret~.." Hana stated with a grin.

"In the meantime, I'll punish you now~!" Sera's voice spoke out and Aqua and Hana were wrapped in thick, beautiful coils.

"H-Huuuhhh!?" They yelped loudly and shuddered, their bodies turning pale with fear as their hearts and minds dropped due to terror.

They look up and see that the captor was a large Milotic, staring down at them with beautiful pink eyes as he uses its tail end to tease their chins. "It was so easy to find you considering you never left the room they stayed in~.."

"Awawawa-bububababbuubabab…!" Aqua babbled in gibberish as she was too scared to face Sera's wrath as a bigger Pokemon than as a Kirlia or Gallade.

"You know the interesting thing about serpents, they have two shafts instead of one~.." she said as she showed the two of them her members. "Which is good, one for each of you~.."

"H-H-H-Hey, S-S-Sera..!" Hana stuttered. "Wh-Why not just t-take those two and we'll be feeling that from when we get back in our bodies..!?" Hana pointed at the where Ariel and Joyce swapped in their own bodies, but then she saw a dotted line of them blink on and off, showing they had left to get Sera.

"Oh, you mean~..." Sera slithered to the side to show an Oshawott and Chikorita behind her. "These two girls~.."

Ariel in the Oshawott body had her arms crossed and feet tapping.

"O-Okay Okay, let me explain…" Aqua tried to speak to them, but the Princess raised her hand as a sign to stop and don't.

"No, not. One. Word…" Ariel said rather darkly. They then put on some bangles on their arms and they turned on.

"Wh-what are those?" Hana asked, just as she discovered both her and Aqua are wearing the same.

"Pain-transfering bangles. When I press this button…" Joyce in Hana's body stated, showing a separate button. "The Bracer's will transfer any pain that you in our bodies feel into these bodies. Also Neptunia can reverse the effects of heart-swap immediately when discovered."

"Seriously!?" Aqua exclaimed. "H-How!?"

"My mother is much more experienced in this." Ariel explained. "She can undo my misused Heart-Swap when needed."

"Of course, I asked her to wait until I can punish you two…" Sera said as she continues to glare at them. "I was planning on giving you two a stern lecture, but I found myself in a large, lovely Milotic as well as sporting twin cocks~... plus, their sizes remind me of Nara~..." she grinned as she remembered just how big that Nidoqueen who raped her was. 'Might wanna revisit to that experience one day~.' "So with this, I'll make you both weak in the knees that you'll need to be carried everywhere~..."

Aqua practically cried and started sobbing. "N-No… I-I don't want that..!"

"And yet, you pulled a prank like this without any warning... ?" Sera asked, motioning her shafts near their pussies.

"S-Sera… P-Please…!" Hana begged. "Can't you see you're scaring Aqua now!?"

"Believe me, I'm not happy about that, but sometimes you must deal with things you don't like…" Sera says and looks at Aqua, feeling bad for her but regardless must give her what's coming to her. She lines up and thrusted up in them hard.

"KYAAAAAAHHHHH!" They both screamed in pleasure and pain as Sera thrusts them in and out.

"Haahhh, you two are surely tight~.." Sera grinned as she squeezed them firmly, thrusting hard and fast within the two.

As they were getting done by Sera, Ariel and Joyce watched an anime on their tablet, having to wear headphones to block out the sex noises.

"Here's the part where that Haunter and Bisharp explains how the latter changed for the worse to prove to that Riolu…" Ariel whispered:

"Wow, this is getting big.." Joyce stated as the ghost type was speaking to the fighting type. "It was stated he used to be silly, but after the Riolu left with the Totodile, he felt emotionally distressed about his last harsh words to him…"

The two of them nodded as they watched the anime as Aqua and Hana were crying out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

"S-SERA!" They shouted from her thrusting.

The Milotic doesn't listen, only continuing to thrust back and forth in their vaginas, occasionally moaning in pleasure.

Ariel and Joyce could hear the sounds muffled from them as they try and continue to watch the argument. "I don't know what's worse… Leon and a now-aggro Noir or Sera's wrath on those two…?"

"Well considering how much I heard about the Kirla, I would think twice before doing something that could possibly bother her, so don't feel bad about those two." Joyce said.

"Alright." Ariel nodded before watching the part where the Bisharp teacher finally talked Noir out of his obsessive frenzy, leaving the Haunter feeling completely terrible of his actions. 'Still, hearing their cries is horrible…' she thought to herself.

"Haaahhh!" Aqua cried out from the pain and sobbed loudly from the pleasure. "No more! No more!"

"P-Please stop! W-We get it, We're sorry! We're really sorry!" Hana cried out.

"Oh, you are really~!?" Sera stated, looking deep into their eyes. She then sees Aqua's eyes flowing with streams of tears, the Oshawott in the Manaphy's body trembling horribly and wanting to be released. "Well, I forgive you~..."

Soon enough, Sera came as she releases them from her grasp. They try to stand, but the rough sexing renders them too weak to do so, "Plus you can't stand, so you're still properly punished~."

Hana grumbled annoyedly, but Aqua curled up into a ball and wept from the rough mating.

"You can call your mother and tell her to do her thing~." Sera said as she slithered off to leave them alone.

"S-Sera…!" Aqua sobbed for her.

She heard her cry and stopped and turned to her. "Yes, Aqua?"

"D-Don't l-leave u-us l-like t-this…" Aqua cries as she reached out for her to carry them in an embrace.

"You do realize we'll all be in your own bodies in a few seconds right?" she pointed out.

"We know, just give Aqua what she wants…" Hana mumbled.

Sera takes a sigh, feeling bad for them and coiling them around, holding them firm, but gently. She then felt Aqua hugging Sera tightly along with her face buried in her chest, feeling her tears wetting it. "Believe me, I didn't want to do that to you two… I'm sorry, but you have to learn your lesson."

"Why is it I always pay such a high price like this…?" Aqua sobbed. "It's not even as bad as that one horrible choice I had made…"

"How do you think I felt waking up in someone else's body all of the sudden, not expecting it in a slightest?" Sera asked her.

Aqua whimpered as she looked like she understood what Sera meant.

"Aqua, I was there too being punished as well…" Hana pointed out. "That's why I've decided to have that special thing I planned to heal us from this ordeal. Deal?"

"No, I should stay like this for some time, not take the easy way out." Aqua shakes her head.

"No one takes it easy, Aqua." Ariel said. "Just look at this Riolu who's finally admitting his faults on everything since his youth of getting kidnapped." She shows them the smartphone.

"I know…" Aqua nodded and looks at the crying Riolu on-screen hugging his Lucario cousin. "Wow, that is one distressed Riolu… And I thought I have problems."

*In the throne room*

"Alright, now that all that is said and done, we have the arena for the tournament ready." Neptunia stated as the Lovantis arena was finishing its final preparations. "Train yourself as best as you can if you want, but don't wear yourself out too much." She says to the group before turning to Aqua and Hana. "As for you two…"

The Oshawott and Chikorita gulped when she did. "P-Please, we already gotten punishment from our friend…" Aqua pleaded.

"I know, I ask that Aqua goes to healing in the Lovantis Spring Baths. Hana, you can wait your turn while talking to my daughter about royalty conversations."

"O-Okay." Aqua said, taking a sigh of relief as everyone went to do what they wanted to do.

As the Oshawott disrobes herself to enter the spring waters, she feels a presence walking behind her. "Huh?" she asked, turning around to see who it was. She then saw a familiar busty Espurr smiling sweetly at her. "Oh, Ellie~. What are you doing here~? Shouldn't you be preparing for tomorrow~?"

"Actually, I'm here to help you out with your healing from just now. Plus, it'll allow me to return the favor from all those months ago~." Ellie explained. "Also, I want to talk about our future together~."

"Well sure, I like company~. Especially from you~." Aqua said, kissing Ellie on the forehead. "Don't tell anyone, especially Lucky-chan… But you're always kind of one of my favorites~..."

"Can't Lucky just read your mind and find that~?" The Espurr asked teasingly. "You're not exactly good at hiding stuff in your head~."

The Oshawott blushed, but nonetheless they entered the bath and felt a comforting sensation as if all their troubles both physical and mental are fading away.

"But I do appreciate hearing that from you~. You really helped me a lot with what I was dealing with~." Ellie said as her paws move to her large breasts. "I was embarrassed and anxious with my huge bust when I was 13."

"I couldn't turn my back on someone who's feeling troubled~.." Aqua said, rubbing her back.

Ellie blushed at the rubbing on her back, but smiled. "Thank you, Aqua~..."

"As for my sexual tendencies… I just wanted to exploit the feeling of love and pleasure in others by getting to know how it feels in both ways~..."

"I hear ya, but maybe inform us before swapping hearts… I nearly had a heart attack when I woke up underwater when I was a Marill even though they can breathe underwater!"

Aqua jumped slightly and felt ashamed. "I-I'm sorry…"

"It's okay, I did recover from the realization though..." Ellie said and then turned around to look at Aqua tenderly. "So… any thoughts on raising a tabby or few together with everyone else we know~?"

"Well, I don't mind raising families together, but I do ponder about finding a home large enough for 3+ families together." Aqua said. "Why do you ask? Is it because you thought of a name for your future kitten?"

"Yeah, I'm thinking Fuwa~." Ellie said with a smile. "It's Japanese for 'Fluffy'~."

"I can see~.." Aqua stated, gently rubbing Ellie's fur. "... Ellie~?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes?" The Espurr asked, looking at her. She then felt her come close and while she blushed, she felt some kind of heartwarming aura between them. Their hearts beat in sync and leaned in close to each other. "A-Aqua…~ Y-You're a little close~.."

"S-So are you~..." Aqua pointed out, feeling shy herself. Sooner or later, they leaned in slowly and kissed deeply and passionately. Each hugged around their backs and caressed each other.

They then slid their tongues into each other's mouths and lip-wrestled into a stalemate. Both moaning out in bliss and pleasure. They soon parted lips with a string of saliva connecting and they panted.

"Haaah~... Haah~... O-Our daughters ought to be in a relationship together~..." Aqua said, her face warm with both love and lust in her eyes and cheeks.

"I have no objections on that front~.." Ellie stated, filled with love and lust as well. They then repositioned themselves to lock their legs together and grinded each other's vaginas, moaning from the intense pleasure shivering in their bodies.

Ellie purred loudly from the sensation, tail swishing under water. "Ooohhh, Aquaaa~..." She moaned.

"Ellieee~... Aaahhh~..." Aqua sighed the same and felt a light glowed around them. They even feel the pleasure that was already sheer, becoming twice as exhilarating. She shuddered from the light, but continued their love making, engrossed with each other.

"Aaah~!? Wh-What is this feeling~? It's like I'm grinding both Ellie and myself~..?" Aqua wondered and it was true.

"Even after all this time, there's still more to this? What's going on?" Ellie asked, shuddering. "It feels as though my sex drive with Aqua's are combined into one~...?"

They then bent their bodies close together to embrace tightly, their breasts mashing together. They shuddered from the pleasant experience, panting softly. But they kept on grinding and they grabbed each other's tails, raising the combined pleasure even more.

"Aaaaahhh~!" they both moaned out in the same tone as each other. "Mmmeeeoooowwwww~!" They let out and Aqua laid down on her back, continuing to grind with Ellie and stroking each other's tails.

"A-Aqua… I-I'm getting close~..." Ellie purred as she felt both hers and Aqua's orgasms meshed into one.

"M-Me too~...!" Aqua cooed, grinding harder as Ellie did the same.

The Espurr was on top of the Oshawott as they both hugged tightly. "AQUA~!" "ELLIE~!" they both cried out as they both came at the same time. "AAAAHHHH~!"

They collapsed but still embraced each other firmly, panting and staring at each other lovingly. They nuzzled each other's cheeks as they laid there. They even kissed lovingly once more. "Mmm~..."

"Mmm~... Aqua~..." "Mmm~... Ellie~..." they both said to each other, staying there to rest a little.

*Meanwhile with Hana and Ariel.*

"This part is where that jerk of a Charmeleon brother practices his apology to his younger Totodile brother with the Shiny Zorua." Ariel said.

"Well hopefully it works out well. He needs to move past his pride." Hana stated. "From what I saw before this arc, he was way too aggro." She added as they watch.

"Okay…" The Charmeleon sighed before acting out for his apology. "I understand our dad was really big of a jerk to us, but what about our mom? Hell, even I got her looks, but her gentleness was inherited to you." He then gestured the Zorua who morphed into his Totodile brother to play his part.

The Zorua cleared his throat to speak like him. "You made our entire lives a living hell! You hardly ever speak about your own problems, barely taught our adopted Absol daughter good morals of being a rescuer…! Fudge! You don't even want me to be with my Riolu boyfriend! You are the worst brother and patriarch successor ever!"

"Okay, can we just take a step back?" The Charmeleon said as he sat down. "I made our lives a living hell, because I cared about you." The Zorua continued to play his part, looking at him with pretend-curiosity and confusion. "I tried to make you be your own person, but the more I think about how our parents gave their lives to allow us to live, at the same time I wanted you to be a little bit like them, brave like our dad but gentle as our mom!"

"I-I only ever wanted your attention… but I thought I wasn't strong enough…" Though the Zorua was told to pretend, he started to sniffle, feeling like it's becoming real.

Ariel and Hana started to be touched at both the scene and its music. "I admire the work the actors put into this." When they got to the part where they hug, they saw a Lucario with a regal outfit dragging the real Totodile brother.

"Sniff… This is so messed up, and yet so weirdly moving~..." He said before looking at the Totodile he was dragging and the latter was dumbfounded his brother is trying hard to think of an apology. "Alright, we'll discuss about things more lightly."

"Aww~..." Hana and Ariel cooed at the scene. "And that Lucario who is both a king and a doctor tried to reason with that kid so harshly…"

"Yeah…" they said as Queen Neptunia entered the room. "By the way, Hana. Let's talk about royalty."

"Alright, what do you want to talk about? I mean, my mother's pretty much stopped with the whole empress thing since purified." Hana explained. "We're pretty much living like a normal family nowadays."

"That's nice to hear." the queen said, sitting down next to the grass type. "I felt as though we could talk like friends instead of royally conditioned meetings."

"Oh well, that's fine either way." Hana said, smiling. "Is that really what you want to talk about?" she asked, pondering why she couldn't say that then and waited here.

"Of course, it's just for some of us to know." Neptunia nodded.

"Alrighty then. I'll just get to the spring bath to heal now~." Hana said, heading towards the bathroom to set it up, leaving the two alone..

Soon when she got to the spring, she heard some voices in the bathroom, it was Aqua and Ellie discussing the future. She heard about them talking about having their children being together, 'Wow, that's sweet~...' When they got to making out, Hana felt turned out hard more so than usual. 'Oooh~... Is it me or~... is the sight of lesbian Oshawotts and Espurrs so hot, cute and fluffy to the point that~...!?' She then unconsciously rubs herself. "Ooohhh my~..." She then has her other hand grope one of her breasts. Hana shuddered as she listened in to them moaning and lewdly rubbing each other.

The Chikorita decides to take a peek against her better judgement. When she did, her face glowed redder as she saw the Espurr on top of the Oshawott. She even got a full view of their aroused vaginas rubbing together, the moistness and their vibrant pink color. 'Wow, they're really getting into it~...' Hana then dug her fingers deep into her vagina and squeezed her breast firmly. "Hahhh~... Aqua~... Ellie~... Your cuteness and sexiness are like in perfect synchronization~..." She mused.

Soon she cums just as Aqua and Ellie did and they slumped downward. Hana panted as they did and struggled to stand up to enter the spring baths. She look and see the two snuggling against each other. "Enjoyed yourselves~?"

"A-Aaahhh…?" The two cute and sexy Pokemon gasped when they saw Hana. "Oh, hi Haney~.." Aqua smiled.

"W-We know what it looks like to you, b-but…" Ellie tries to explain to Hana, though she places a finger on her mouth, shushing her.

"Aww, don't worry, I'm not angry~." Hana said with a smile. "In fact, it's a cute idea since mine and Aqua's babies will be sisters~." She assured them.

"Don't forget Sera's~." Aqua added, just to get an affectionate head rub by Hana. "We'll basically have triplets~."

"You're right, of course~.." the Chikorita stated, kissing her cheek. "I love you both~." She said.

Aqua smiled as Hana joined her and Ellie in the bath. "What do you think our moms are doing now other than missing us?" Aqua asked.

"Maybe getting together and hanging out? It's been awhile since Blade and Petal last saw each other..." Hana suggested. "They might be even taking care of Mother Rafflesia and Prima in their pregnancy."

"That's really sweet~.." Ellie stated, sitting in between them. "I heard that Nami and Blade are taking care of Prima's angel work. Though I wonder about Ace and Crystal too."

"I get calls about them time to time. They just let out some moans or something."

Everyone chuckled as they relaxed and enjoyed the warm bath.

"I still wonder just what exactly are they doing right now at this moment…?" Aqua wondered as they relaxed.

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