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Chapter 1 The Princess

In a familiar strip club, a tiny bright blue blob came hopping by. She kept out of Pokemon's path as she eyed some of them.

"I finally made it to this place~..!" She exclaimed. "Time to check out the 'Employees'~.' The little blob then hopped to the entrance. The form started to shift and grow out. She grew arms and a head with antennae. Clothes appeared to be a green blouse and yellow short shorts. She had invitations in her bag for 7 pokemon.

"I wish my girlfriend would come along with me though." She stated taking out a picture of an Mesprit and herself as a Manaphy. They were in their favorite swimsuits. She then used her contacts that would be able to identify the ones she's looking for as she looks around.

The Manaphy then heard some sexual moaning. She was getting excited as she opened the door to the inside. She then sees an Oshawott getting thrusted in and out by a Chikorita. Her contacts glowed as they were identified as Water II and Floral.

"It's them~..!" She whispered to herself. "They're hot~." She then goes to find a seat. She also takes the time to look around and saw a Kirlia and Espurr chatting with a Absol and Mightyena together, the latters feeling over the formers.

Her contacts then identified them as Siren and Psychic. 'I wonder are they able to have fun as well outside the show.'

She then notices a Brionne, Mawile and Snivy in maid outfits. They were passing out drinks and snacks to the customers as the Manaphy's contact lenses identify them as Mermaid, Steel, and Forest.

"That's all of them then~." She said as she got her envelopes. "Now how am I gonna give it to them?" She then decides to talk to the manager who happens to be a Samurott. The Manaphy goes into slime form. She covertly moved underneath the tables to stay out of sight.

Once she got to the Samurott's legs, she taps on them.

"Hm?" she looked down and saw the blob. "What the? A ball of blob?"

"I'm not a bad slime." The Manaphy said.

"You seen that anime then. So who and what are you then?" Blade asked.

"I have an important message for Aqua, Hana, Sera, Ellie, Junie, Brio and Ivy." She answered. "Could you set up an appointment with them for me?" She asked her. "Here, this is who I am." she changed into her Manaphy form.

Blade was surprised at the Pokemon she is. "Well, once they're done for the night, I'll call them."

The Manaphy smiled widely with sparkly eyes. "Thank you~!" She then kisses Blade on the cheek as she goes to a room to wait for them. "I'll be in my best dress for them~!"

Blade giggled at her action as she watched the outside view of the main room.

"Aaah~! H-Haney, I'm going to cum~!" Aqua said gasping as her legs were held up.

"Then you better get ready for a huge load, Aqie~!" Hana stated pressing her face to her cheek.

They then orgasmed and let their juices drip on the floor as Aqua was being filled up. "Ahhh~... soo goood~..""

As they were enjoying their sex, a certain Kirlia sweatdropped at the scene. "Do they always have to go so passionately~?" she said as she felt the disaster Pokemon held her close.

A certain Espurr meowed as she felt her ears being rubbed and her tail being stroked. "B-Be careful, they're delicate~!"

Sera sighed as she felt the Absol's paws slide into her clothes.

"Get a good feel darling~." The Kirlia said teasingly. "You'd be surprised how big I am~." She stated looking at the feline's gaze.

The Mightyena groped Ellie's tits and massages them firmly. The Espurr purred as the canine stroked her head as well, murring from the softness.

Elsewhere, Junie, Brio and Ivy where serving the customers while being seductive to them.

"Don't forget to tip~." Ivy said setting down the food as she gave them a wink. She then held her breasts up, gesturing them to put a dollar or two in between them. "And enjoy the view~."

The Pokemon stared at her chest and the other two maids giggled at Ivy. Brio then went and hugged around the Snivy from behind to surprise her.

"If you girls want something better than just a view, here~!" The Brionne then pulls off Ivy's covers and reveals her breasts to them.

"Aahh~, Brio you naughty mermaid~!" Ivy said pulling off Brio's cover too, showing her breast as she started to playfully wrestle with her.

Junie chuckled and shook her head before going to the two wrestling Pokemon before looking up at the crowd. "Well you got a snack and a mini-show~." She then fully-undresses herself completely naked, showing off more than Ivy and Brio. "I do have a tone form after all~."

Later, Blade goes to Aqua and Hana who were both in a 69 position. "Whenever you're done I need you two and all your friends to come here~." She said as she lays down to cuddle on them.

"Mmm, 6 more minutes~.." Aqua said to her. Then she got a sexy slap on her butt. "Eep~!"

"So cute~.." Hana stated kissing her lips.

*Meanwhile, in the waiting room.*

The Manaphy was being massaged and applied peppermint-strawberry oil on her bare body by a Primarina. "Hmm, I might have to come back here more often~. Perhaps bring my girlfriend to join in as well~."

Prima giggles as she massages on the Manaphy's breasts and then her hips.

"I never seen a body like yours before, so flawless~.." she stated rubbing her butt then to her vagina.

"Uwah~!" The Manaphy gasped as she felt her private spot being touched there. "H-Hey, I-I can do that spot myself…!"

"Don't be embarrassed, I know my way around here~." The Primarina said sultry.

The Manaphy nodded shyly and allowed her to finish before putting on her best dress which is a jewel-themed one piece slingkini. She sat down as she waited, "That was something I never experienced though~." She then got her robes on to surprise them with her swimsuit.

Sooner or later, everyone came in wearing robes underneath their bodies. "Oh hello there." Aqua said as they saw the Manaphy. "I'm Aqua. Who are you~?"

"I know. I'm Ariel. Nice to meet you." She turned and looked at the other girls. "Sera, Ivy, Junie, Ellie, Hana and Brio."

"Oh, she knows all of us~." Sera said as she grabs her own robe and everyone else. 'I usually go by Kara around here though, I wonder~...' "In that case~...!"

They then all reveal themselves wearing revealing swimsuits together. "Welcome to Angel Love Paradise~!" They all chimed together, making the Manaphy squeal in excitement at the sexy sight.

"Beautiful, just beautiful you all~!" Ariel then stares at cerIn parts of them all. 'Tits, hips and a whole lot of sexiness~!'

"How do you know about our names before we introduced ourselves?" Ivy asked looking over Ariel.

"I-I-I heard of you all and your actions~..." She said before saying some unintelligible mutters with her eyes still sparkling.

"Calm down. Take a deep breath." Sera said holding Ariel's shoulder. "Breathe in…" She took a deep breath alongside Ariel. "And breath out…" They exhaled.

After that, Sera backs away a bit, only for Aqua to rush in a hug on Ariel. "Wah, you're so adorable and pretty~!"

'Angel Water II's hugging me~!' Ariel thought excitedly, stars popping out everywhere in her mind as she then felt her breasts pressing against her own. 'Her body feels so amazing~!'

"Aqua, please give Ariel time to speak before you make her faint~." Hana said teasingly, moving to hold Aqua back, only to be pulled in by Ariel to feel her own body as well. "Yipe!" she yelped at the embrace.

"Aaahhh~... The bodies of these two lovers feel so awesome~..." The Manaphy cheered nuzzling into their necks and chests.

Ivy and Brio watched in awe while Sera, Junie and Ellie sweatdropped. "We better stop them before they make the Manpahy faint in happiness before she gets the chance to explain." Sera suggested as she thinks. 'Great… it's like having another one of these girls.'

Ellie and Junie pried Aqua and Hana off while Sera went and helped Ariel up to her feet, patting her body to get rid of any dust. She placed a hand on her blushing face and cheeks to feel increasing warmth. "Okay, clearly you're very excited to see us, and we're happy about that, but can you please explain why you know us so well… before you faint or possibly kiss me?"

"Oh, it simple~." Ariel says as she brought out 7 envelopes for each of them. "Take them and open them~."

They did so and read the letters. Sera kept Ariel close to her as to not let Aqua or anyone else pounce her as she opened hers and read it out loud.

"To the PokeAngels of Scelci…

You are all cordially invited to the kingdom of Lovantis. There will be a transport at the beach tomorrow at noon that will take you there. It'll be a two our trip though there is plenty of food and drinks to go around.

We will also treat you to some fun and touring around the town.

We will even let you see the Queen of Lovantis and sleep in the guest room of the castle.

Yours truly, the Princess of Lovantis, Ariel~!"

"Wait a minute… Kingdom?" Brio asked.

"Queen?" Hana asked.

"Princess!?" Ellie asked.

"Lovantis?" Sera asked.

"Sleep in~?" Aqua asked, earning a glare from Sera. She blushes in embarrassment. "Sorry…"

"Wait, you called us PokeAngels.." Sera said turning to angel. "That must mean you're-"

"That's right~!" Ariel chimes as she reveals her angel charm around her neck. It was a blue heart that almost look like liquid water with a crown on top. "Sea Flash~."

She was then equipped in knight-like armor around her head, shoulders and legs, her torso part being mostly exposed. Her busts then expanded hugely. "The beautiful maiden of the majestic waters, Angel Sea, charmed I'm sure~."

The angels stared in awe at her transformation and appearance.

"So majestic~." Sera stated at the look.

"May we get to see your weapon~?" Aqua asked.

Ariel raised her left hand up and a water appeared and formed itself into a trident. "And that's not all this weapon is~!" She then spins it in the air and forms it into a big blue broadsword.

"Whoooaaa~!" All the girls got out in amazed.

Ariel smiles but then stares at Ellie's chest. "Whoa, they're huge~!" she stated gaping at them. She then presses her own breasts against them to check their size differences.

The Espurr was blushing in embarrassment, but stood firm as she does like the attention. She then touches her breasts to help compare their size differences together.

"Hmm, you're bigger than me, though that's not to be surprising." Ariel giggled

"Hey, wait. You're a princess?" Aqua asks.

"You read the letter didn't you?" Ariel asked back. "But I guess that needs some explaining~. Yes, I am a princess and my mother is the queen of Lovantis."

"But why is a princess an angel?" Sera asks. "Not to be rude and all, but this can be quite… indecent at times."

"Aww, your kind heart and concern for my well being is so sweet~." She chimes as she walks up to Sera, nuzzling in her chest, going to rub her smooth skin and soft hands.

Sera blushed at the feeling of her soft and cold water-like hands rubbing against her. "Y-Your Grace, this f-feels nice~.." she sighs in pleasure.

"You're welcome~." Ariel then asks. "Do you all want to see another transformation of mine~?"

"You have another?" Junie asked as everyone was curious.

"You bet I do~!" The Manaphy then reverts to her normal form with her jewel-like swimsuit. On her before seemingly melting into a small blob.

"What the?" Ivy asked surprised. "What are you?"

"It's me, Ariel~!" She jumped cheerfully. "I'm not really a bad slime!"

"You can turn into a slime?" Hana asked surprised.

"Of course~!" Ariel nodded before being picked up by an excited Junie as the Mawile squishes her up and down on her chest. "Ooohhh~! You're so soft and bouncy~!"

"Uwaahhh~! My thoughts about you exactly~!"

"It is quite interesting, but I would prefer something more natural. Like a cat… or an owl, I always wonder how it would be like to fly." Sera said daydreaming a little.

Hana then stares at Ellie, wondering what would she transform into herself.

"Anyway, when do we get to go~?" Brio said excitedly.

"In about a week or two~..." Ariel answers as she swoons at the feeling of Junie's breasts pressing into her. "Ahhh~... This would even be better if everyone of you crowd around me like Junie is doing~..."

Sera smirked. "Is that why you wanted to be a slime? So girls can press their chest against you~?"

The Manaphy-turned-slime looked away with a blush before being smothered by each and everyone else's boobs altogether, even Sera's. "Fine, we'll indulge in your fantasy, your grace~."

They then all press each other into the blushing slime as she thinks in her thoughts. 'I'm in heaven~... To feel the breasts of these Angels of Scelci around me~... I feel like I could buy a vacation home for me and Joyce~..! Oh, Dear Water Goddesses, grant me their physical love to me~..!'

Hana yawns out. "Well it's getting late, we better all get some sleep. Would you like to sleep with us?" she offered to Ariel.

"I would love to if it means making passionate love with you all~! And I've already been done in front and back for sometime long ago~!" Ariel replies happily.

"So I guess we'll all spend a night with you personally since we'll be going in a week. So then…" Sera takes out a cup with chopsticks. "Let's decide the order~!"

"Are those..?" Aqua asked, recognizing those chopsticks with the red mark.

"It's chopsticks I colored and numbered. The red one is first while the numbers are the order she can spend the night at one's house."

"So whoever is Red-One, I can sleep with that person?" Ariel guesses.

"Correct." Sera said placing the marked chopsticks in the cup not showing. "Everyone draw."

"Um… am I chopped liver here?" Ariel asked.

"No good?" Sera asked confused.

"Don't I get to choose?" Ariel asks. "I mean, wouldn't there be a chance I have to sleep with the same girl twice unless you minus one chopstick?"

"You're taking the fun out of this by lampshading, aren't you?" Brio asked.

"Plus, I wouldn't make the mistake of making it sleep with a girl twice. They're's 7 chopsticks, one is red and from 2 to 7 other's are marked. It's impossible for you to sleep with a same girl twice." Sera explained. "But if you want to choose, you can."

"Unless the girl I already slept with is minused out after each one luckily gets the red marked chopsticks.

"No, I mean you go down the number order. Like if Junie got red and Eliie got two, you go with Junie first, then Ellie, then whoever has 3 and onward." Sera explained deeper.

"Ohhh… I see." Nodded the Manaphy. "I totally get it now." She then got the chopsticks and absorbed them in her slime form.

"Hey, if you didn't want to do that, you could've just said so!" Sera stated offended.

"What? I just thought I'd make like a lucky dip." Ariel said as the chopsticks come out from her slime-like body.

"Lucky.. Dip?" Junie asked.

"I think she means like drawing straws." Aqua said.

"You could've said that before you acted." Sera grumbled crossing her arms.

"Just take the chopsticks out of my head already…" The Manaphy said with cross-shaped veins popping from her head, signifying her irked-ness.

"Okay, sorry about that." Sera said calming down, looking around for a stick to pick before taking one on the near left side. "I got 3." She said as she saw her number.

"It's cool. Who's next?" Ariel asked.

Aqua picked her chopsticks and stared at it shocked and pale.

"How bad did you go?" Hana asked noting her expression.

"It's 7… I'm the last." Aqua stated tears running down like a waterfall.

"Aww, look at it this way, they save the heroine for last~ You're the most knowledgeable with love and intimacy~." Sera said hoping to cheer her up.

"She has a good point." Ariel agreed.

That made Aqua happy as she hugged Sera deeply. "Thanks sis~."

"Sis?" Ariel asks curiously. "But she's a Kirlia and she's an Oshawott?"

"It's her way of expressing her love with me." Sera explains. "She is like a sister to me too."

"Oh, LIKE a sister." Ariel said and nodded understandably. "Well who else will draw next?"

Hana drew her own chopsticks. It was a 6. "Just barely in front of you Lover~." Hana said holding Aqua close before kissing her squarely in the lips.

Brio went and took her turn with luck. She had the the red marked chopsticks. "Whoo, I've got the princess~!"

Aqua and Ellie flushed red with irritation, feeling the urge to strangle Brio. Then Sera and Junie went and massaged their back and shoulders to calm them down.

The Mawile then drew her chopsticks. It was a 2. "Hm, nice." she nods.

"Only numbers left are 4 and 5. And the only ones who haven't drawn yet are Ivy and Ellie." Sera stated.

The Snivy and Espurr flares lightning at each other before drawing them out. The tension was in the air as they see their numbers.

Ivy smiled at her number being a 4. Ellie sighs disappointed as she got a 5. "Well, congrats Ivy. I hope you're happy." She grumbles.

"We'll all get our turns Ellie. Stay positive~." Ivy said smiling.

The Espurr nodded but was then hugged by Ariel from behind. "Aahh~!" she yelped in surprise.

"You're so fluffy~..." She cooed smiling rubbing Ellie's fur. She then nuzzles her face against her tail.

"Mmmhh~..." She shuddered from the rubbing. She then started becoming a cat-like. "M-Mewww~.." she meowed happily with a blushing face.

Ariel giggles and nuzzles herself around her fur some more. The kirlia blushes at the scene. "One of the main reasons why I hope I can turn into a cat like creature~."

"Because of the fur?" Hana asked.

"They're adorable. Plus they do have soft, silky fur." Sera nodded.

"Anyway, are we all gonna call it a night now?" Aqua asked.

"Yeah, everyone take care." Junie said as she got her things.

Everyone nodded and Ariel follows Aqua and Brio to their bedrooms. "I find this somewhat funny. The first place will be in Angel Water II's house and the last place will be there too."

"Hah, it is kinda funny." Hana stated as she went to Aqua's bedroom. "Now Brio don't wear her out now you hear?"

"Yeah, she can only take so much sex for so many days!" Aqua said.

"Just because I enjoy it a lot doesn't mean I have no consideration for others you know!" Brio called out.

"Oh, that's nice~." Ariel nods.

"If you want to call it a night, just let me know okay? I won't force you." Brio stated.

Ariel nods again and then says. "During this week, will we go see your Guildmistress?"

"Sure, I'll let the others know, so just tell them when you're ready." Brio said sending the message to the group chat. "What's your messaging profile?" She asks her.

Ariel takes out her phone and gave her number and profile number. "Here you go." Her image showed herself showing off in a revealing swimsuit.

"Nice swimsuit." Brio complimented as she invited Ariel into her room. It was full of plush toys and a few handheld systems.

"What a nice room you have~." Ariel commented, going to look at some plushies Brio have. She then sees a cute Oshawott plushie, picks it up and cuddles with it before laying down on her bed.

The Brionne smiled as she laid on top of the Manaphy and cuddled with her. She then felt Ariel sigh happily but then winced sadly.

"Is something wrong?" Brio asked noticing her expression.

"I'm starting to miss my home already…" Ariel muttered. She then looks at her smartphone on a certain email. "Beneath that, my email won't notify me outside of with that good ol' ringing sound…"

"Sorry to hear that. Maybe you should notify support on that site or your email provider of your situation. And I understand being homesick." Brio said nuzzling her cheek.

"You do..?" Ariel asked, whimpering a bit. "How..?"

"Sometimes when I'm on vacation from home, I feel down and want nothing more than to go back." Brio explains. "But I always have friends who help and support me about it."

"I see." Ariel started thinking about Joyce and her mother.

"And I think you should know though, there is this one Shaymin Angel who doesn't do well with traveling anywhere." Brio said. "She gets ill about even thinking about it that she would threaten to throw up."

"Ouch, I thought I had it bad." Ariel said, pitying the Shaymin Angel.

"She is hoping Ellie's leadership on her will help though." Brio added. "I wish the Espurr luck and best interest for her."

"Me too then." Ariel said and blushes when she asks. "Um, your herm mother happens to have given me a massage~... Could you maybe give me another one~..?"

"Of course~." Brio said happily as she started to rub her back and shoulders. The Manaphy sighed in pleasure at her back being kneaded.

"Would you like an internal massage as well~?" Brio offered grinding her length to her folds.

Ariel blushes hard as she moaned softly at her cock. "Perhaps with a bit of foreplay~?"

"Okay~." Brio kept rubbing her folds while she massaged Ariel's hips and then her butt cheeks. "Oooh, you're so soft and plump~."

"Aaah~... Thank you~." Ariel sighs sexually. Ariel felt Brio lean down and started kissing her neck and then to her cheek. Ariel was blushing brighter as the Brionne was making her tingle. The Manaphy then turned around and looks up at her swooningly.

"Seems you're enjoying this a lot~." Brio stated smiling.

Ariel could only nod as they leaned in each other for a kiss. Brio held her gently as they pressed their lips together, her tongue sliding in.

Ariel felt her tongue lick at her own, so she slid hers in Brio's mouth to make out with her passionately. "Mmm~..." They both moan out.

Brio then presses the tip of her cock against Ariel's pussy lips. She gently started to slide in, getting a louder moan from them both.

"Oooh~! My first member in Scelci~!" Ariel squealed in ecstasy.

"Aww, that's so cute~." Brio murmured squeezing Ariel in her arms. She then slides her whole length inside of her, making her moan loudly.

*Meanwhile, inside Aqua's room.*

The six were roleplaying together another Angel Water scene with Sera, Hana and Ivy playing as the villainesses having captured Ellie and Junie, and Aqua being conflicted on transforming back to her normal form. (Though she was simply wearing her swimsuit for her 'Angel Form'.)

"So tell us Angel Water? You really just gonna let them suffer?" Hana asked pulling at Ellie's nipples.

"Mmmeeeyyyaaahhh~...!" The Espurr cried out with a meow.

Sera and Ivy were using whips to smack Junie's butt and thighs with heated tips.

"Aaahhh~...!" The Mawile cries out with mock tears in her eyes as this was roleplay. Her legs were dripping with juices.

"Eee~..." Aqua squeals in mock worry as she shakes herself. "I do not know what to do at all~..!" she looks left and right frantically.

"Transform back to your normal form and we'll consider sparing them of what you deserve~!" Sera goaded. "If you don't..." she pressed a button which made her whips ignite fake flames and showed it to Junie.

Aqua shivered in fear and concern, so she finally gives in. "Alright, alright! You win!" She started to slowly disrobe. Once she was naked, she covers herself a bit with an embarrassed look on her face.

"W-With this… you'll let them go, right?!" She asked blushing.

Sera grins and allows Ivy to keep hold on Junie. "Ah ah ah~... I said we'll spare them of what you deserve~!" She then lunges are her and puts her in a spread-eagle position with Sera behind her, using her psychic to hold her floating in place.

"Aahh~!" Aqua yelped in mock-terror.

"And now~..." Sera then brought out her smartphone and flashed & record all over Aqua's private spots. "Smile for your audience~!"

"Nnnooo~..!" Aqua cries out.

"Behold, world~! Your dear Angel Water, reduced to a naked whimpering shameless mess~!" Sera announced as she move her hands to rub and finger her folds.

Blade and Prima watched, chuckling as they played as the civilians seeing Aqua's 'downfall'. Taking photos and recording the scene themselves.

"So Angel Water was really just a whore~?" Prima commented.

"Some heroine she turned out to be~." Blade added mockingly.

'I know this is roleplay, but…' Aqua thought with a humiliated tone. 'I'll bet Brio's having more fun with Ariel~..!'

'Blade, Prima. Be easy with the insults. Aqua's feelings are hurt.' Sera told her parents telepathically.

They nodded and continued to watch.

*In the last moments of Brio sexing with Ariel.*

The Brionne was still thrusting in her while playing with the Manaphy's breasts.

"Aaaiiieee~...! Your form of sex feels so good~!"

"You're so sweet. I ought to get a plushie that looks like you~." Brio cheered.

Ariel blushed at the thought of that and felt close to her orgasm. She started fondling Brio's chest and squeezing them.

Unbeknownst to them, the others in Aqua's room where close to their orgasms as well. They were all making out with each other as well.

Then Ariel's antennae started glowing pink. Everyone cried out in bliss as they hit their climax. Then the pink lights shaped like hearts on Ariel's antennae flew through the wall, doing some sort of effects on the others. Though they weren't aware as some were passed out or were feeling the effects of the afterglow.

"Haaah~... that was incredible~..." Ariel murred smiling from the sensation and warmth of Brio's seed.

"I-It sure was~..." The Brionne agrees and kisses her. They then pass out, both of them snoring softly.

Then the next day came and while Ariel and Brio woke up peacefully, they heard voices scream out in Aqua's room..


They jolted and ran to Aqua's room. "What?! What happened?!" Brio cried out seeing Aqua and Sera awake, their backs turned to them. "Sis, are you okay?!" Brio asked Aqua.

"C-Calm down, I'm sure there's a reason to all of this." Sera spoke out.

"Y-Yeah… I think." Aqua agreed more or less.

"What happened? Did you had a nightmare?" Brio asked.

"I don't think so…" Aqua muttered. The Kirlia turned to them and spoke. "But this doesn't feel like a dream." The Kirlia spoke with Aqua's voice.

"That's because this isn't a dream." Sera's voice came out of Aqua's mouth.

"You been practicing voice changing Sera? You sound exactly like Aqua~!" Brio said as she claps. But then she remember something. "Wait a minute… When was it the last time you two imitated each other's voices?"

"We're not imitating each other! I'm Sera!" The Oshawott cried out.

"That's… very… funny..?" Brio tries to sound sarcastic but knows that Aqua mostly does high-pitched tones. "Is this some game your playing?"

"No, it is not!" Aqua raises her voice a bit. "What's going on?! I'm seriously freaking out right now!"

"Calm down, Aqua." Sera says as she places her hands on her shoulders, which is actually her own. She goes to wake up the others to see if they're any different.

She then starts with Junie. The Mawile slowly opens her eyes to an Oshawott's face. "Junie, are you doing okay?"

"Junie..?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Uhh… who am I speaking to?" Sera asked.

"Ellie, of course…" The Mawile with the Espurr's voice said drowsily. "Why do you sound like Sera, Aqua?"

"Because I am Aqua!" the Kirlia said going to Ellie as the Kirlia. "Why look at yourself in the mirror!"

Ellie felt offended at that 'looked in the mirror' quote.

"What she means is, look at your hand for a moment." Sera stated.

"Huh?" Ellie was confused when she heard Sera's voice in Aqua's body before looking at her hand then. Her eyes widened when she saw a black hand instead of her purple fur paws. "Wh-Wh-What..?!"

She finds a mirror and looks at it and is shocked to see a Mawile looking back. "Ah… A-Aah…" She then looks down at her bare chest. It was smaller than her usual size. "Wh-Where are my melons!?"

Aqua blushed as she pointed to the sleeping Espurr. "I'll assume she'll be Junie."

Ellie then fumes as she goes to shake her Espurr body awake. The psychic type went wide awake and yelped. "Ahhh aahhh, hheeyyy! What gives?!"

"You have my body, you-you-you big mouth!"

"Who are you calling a… big… mouth…" Junie stopped mid question as she sees herself. "Huh..?" She titled her head as she recognizes her voice in her body. "Ellie? Then who's.." She looked down and widened at the huge melons of a chest.

Junie was silent for a moment until she started giggling and then bursts into laughter. "Heeheehee~..! Your tits~... are so huge~..! Hahahaha~!"

Everyone who was awake at the time sweatdropped at Junie's reaction. Ellie, however, was still fuming over her stolen body.

"I'm confused, wasn't Ellie embarrassed about her large chest? And did Junie ended up in someone else's body before?" Sera whispered to Aqua.

"I did help her out with that issue long ago." Aqua said. "As for the someone else's body thing, I dunno. Though this is weird." she then looked at Ivy and Hana's sleeping bodies. "I wonder…" she says as she goes to check on them. She rubs on them both to awaken them.

They woke up and got up slowly.

"Hana? Ivy? You two okay?" Aqua asked with concern as she crawls to them.

"I'm well, why are you asking?" Ivy asked.

"Because your skin is all bright green?" Sera commented while she motions Ivy to look at her.

"Huh? Aqua, why do you sound like a geek?" Ivy muttered.

'Geek?!' Sera thought eye twitching. "Doesn't it feel strange that I sound like this?"

"Huh? Why does my body feel so small..?" Hana mumbled as she felt around her body. She then noticed that her body is more slender, serpentine actually. She even notices her chest. "What the!? Where's my real body!?" She exclaims.

"You're in Ivy's body, Haney. And Ivy's in yours." Aqua explained as she walked to her.

"Oooh~... nice pair of knockers I've grown now~..." Ivy says as she touches Hana's breasts with the Chikorita's own paws.

Sera groaned as she showed a mirror to Ivy. "Notice anything weird Ivy?"

"Other than me being a sexy Chikorita~? I'm not complaining~." Ivy said with a happy grin.

Hana, being in Ivy's body, was growling with her teeth about to make foam, one would mistake she was letting out some venom.

Sera, who was in Aqua's body, tried to help her. "O-Okay, let's just tried to stay calm and figure this out. Anybody noticed anything weird going on last night? Any small detail would help."

"I think I know what it is…" Ariel said with her arms behind and she was moving her foot left and right, looking down with a blush. "When I was making love with Brio, I must've accidently used my Heart Swap move on you all."

"Heart Swap?" Everyone asked simultaneously.

"It's a unique move that only Manaphies can use and has two varieties. One can switch stat changes between Pokemon. This one… switches two Pokemon's souls with another."

"Are the effects temporary?" Sera asks.

"And if another Pokemon learns that move only your kind does, wouldn't that mean that move ain't simply exclusive to just one race of Pokemon?" Aqua asks in Sera's way.

"Only Manaphy's can learn and use Heart Swap. No other Pokemon can learn it no matter what." Ariel stated. "And yes, the effects end after around 4-5 hours."

"Four to five hours!?" Sera exclaims in question.

"We'll be stuck in each other for that long?!" Another voice spoke and they turn to see Primarina with Blade's voice speaking.

"Mommies? Were you overhearing us..?" Aqua asked.

"Blade had a fainting spell and I had to help her up. We were about to enter when Ariel started explaining what just happened." Prima said who was in Blade's body.

Blade who was in Prima's body, was looking at her wife's stomach, placing her paws on it and pressed a bit. "It maybe temporary, I know… but I can't believe I'm going through pregnancy again…"

"It is quite an experience." Prima stated cuddling to Blade.

"Wait, you accidently used it? How does that happen?" Ellie asked looking at Ariel. "You haven't learned to master it yet?"

"Well it only mainly happens when I get too swept up in lovemaking." Ariel stated in hopes to ease their stress. "The first time I used it was when I had my first sex with my girlfriend, Joyce."

"And how often do you get swept up in lovemaking? Can't you use it again to put us back?" Aqua asked.

"I-I-I don't really know how..." Ariel muttered. "And usually… 9 out of 10 sessions."

"9 out of 10!?" Everyone exclaimed.

"You need to practice your grace." Sera said as she looked at her Oshawott body amd sighs. "Guess we're just gonna have to deal with this for 4-5 hours."

"B-But..!" Aqua protested. "What if the students see you acting strangely!?"

Sera jolted as she suddenly went and checked the date and time. It was a weekend. She took out a sigh of relief, then suddenly turn and held Aqua. "Don't you dare scare me like that again, you hear me?!"

Aqua blushed in embarrassment and nods sadly. "Y-Yes ma'am."

Junie giggles as she plays with her Espurr body's breasts. While Ellie pouted at the scene as she then started to look and examine her jaw mouth. It started to open and flicked its tongue around. 'I wonder if she ever pleasured anyone with this mouth?'

Hana sat down and presses her legs together to see if she can make them become like a snake body. While Ivy was still massaging and kneading her chikorita breasts.

Ariel then looks outside and decides. "Well then, I may as well go out and patrol the streets."

"You're going alone?" Aqua asked looking at her. "Around daytime? Completely naked?!"

"Please don't act too excited Aqua.." Sera stated blushing in embarrassment. "That's my body you're using."

"Of course~." Ariel nodded before leaving.

"She can handle it. Besides, it's best we stay put and don't do much right now." Sera stated as she tries to calm herself.

"Wait, isn't Sakura patrolling around daytime too?" Junie asked.

"How should we know? She's your main wife." Ivy stated.

"She hasn't heard of Ariel or Lovantis' Angels, has she?"

"I guess not." Brio stated.

"Anyway, someone has to follow her." Junie suggested.

"Is she the type to make love on first sight?" Aqua asked blushing.

"Aqua…" Sera mumbled. "She's a ninja and you know how they act even as angels. They're basically black ops."

"I'm just asking what would happen?" Aqua stated. "Calm down sis."

Sera sighs and then looks at Aqua. "Y-You're right… we should now consider following her to prevent any bad fights from happening." She looks at Aqua's angel charm. "Never would've dreamed I'd be going looking like Angel Water though…"

*Meanwhile, around the city.*

Ariel was running around the building walls and hopping from rooftops. Looking over the city. "Wow, I didn't expect it to look so different and lively even in the morning~." She then notices her translucent blue body being shone around the sun. "Sun's so bright. I usually only see the lights from under the water~. But it's making my body shine like crystal~."

She then spots a couple walking and decides to ask them something. So she leapt down from where she was.

A Roserade was walking with a Gothorita hand-in-hand. They were having a nice walk until Ariel came landing down nakedly.

"Excuse me, can I ask you two something?" Ariel says as she moves her body, making her curves bounce and jiggle for a bit.

The two pokemon was shocked before they ran away from the Manaphy.

"Huh? Wait!" She called out to them. But she was unable to catch up with them.

Ariel then decides to ask those teenage Pokemon by the fountain. A shinx and growlithe were chatting about various things when Ariel approached them.

"Pardon me, but have you seen anything strange, you two?" She asks.

"Aahh, Pervert!" The shinx cried out before she and the growlithe ran away.

The naked Manaphy titled her head in curiosity. "Hm? Do they think I'm filthy or something?" She then looks in the water of the fountain. Just as she does she felt herself being pulled away suddenly.

"Huh-Mmph!?" She felt her mouth covered as she was being taken to a shallow pool in an empty swimming area.

"Whoa!" She looked around the area. "What just happened?" She soon felt a slap on her butt when she stood up.

"Hey!" She yelped as she turned to who slapped her. But then she felt a swift lick on her pussy, making her jolt in surprising pleasure.

"Ooh~... Who's there?" She asked blushing as she got in her angel form. "Because Angel Sea is here now!"

She then felt a ninja-like tackle onto her, pinning her down on the ground of the shallow waters. Ariel was a bit dazed as she shakes her head to clear her vision.

"Angel Sea, huh~?" A familiar pink Greninja in pink angel ninja armor said. "Nice to meet you, I'm Angel Kunoichi~." She then kisses her in the lips, using Sweet Kiss.

The Manaphy blushes for a moment. 'She knows me, how-' she was cut off by the kiss, swoonfully going into it. She then felt her long tongue thrust into her mouth.

Meanwhile Aqua and Sera were using the tracker on their helmets to find them.

"Where could she be..?" Aqua muttered, trying to find a light blue dot that represents Ariel.

"Maybe it'll be easier to find Sakura since we know her more?" Sera suggested.

They then heard Ariel's moaning from afar. "Nevermind, let's go!" Sera stated as she looked at Aqua in her siren form. 'Do I really look like that? It actually looks sexy~!'

Soon enough, they found Ariel being filled up with Sakura's long tongue, looking bulged from her belly.

"Kunoichi!" Sera cried out trying to get her attention. "Wait!"

"Aaahhhaaahhh~! My womb is gonna be bloated by your tongue~!" Ariel cried out, her eye irises being hearts.

Sakura then sees the two angels and stops but keeps her tongue inside. "Ahh, Siren, Water~. Good to see you~."

"Kunoichi, please take your tongue out of Ariel!" Sera said, confusing the Greninja since Sera was in Aqua's body. "It's a long story and I'll explain it later, just take your tongue out now!"

Sakura was still confused but complies, pulling it all the way back into her mouth fast, though that roughly licked all around of Ariel's labia, making the Manaphy cry out in pleasure. Her stomach then deflated back to normal before she then embraces the Greninja.

"That Manaphy is Angel Sea, Ariel, the princess of Lovantis. She has an move called heart swap that can switch souls of pokemon. Problem is she doesn't have full control and it lets loose whenever she's deep in extreme pleasure which is what happened last night." Sera explained.

"I see…" Sakura nodded as she listened to her story as Ariel swoons around her before showing her butt to her face.

"Is she alright?" Aqua asked pointing at Ariel.

"I think it might be all that pleasure by my tongue?" Sakura said.

Sera sighs, as she went and held Ariel. "Let's just head back to ALP."

"Can we not stay here and get to know each other, Kind Siren?" Ariel asked, pleading a bit.

"We can do that when we get back. Come on Aqua and Sakura." She said to them.

They nodded and they all went back home to wash up.

"On a side note, why were you trying to talk to Pokemon in the nude like that?" Sera asked shocked at hearing that from Sakura as they washed up.

"My Mother, girlfriend and I are always fanservices to Lovantis." Ariel answered.

"You mean your citizens love to see you naked out in the city?" Sera asked.

"Not that kind of fanservice." Ariel said. "I mean, when we would show ourselves on stage."

"Well Selcei isn't like that. If you go out looking like that, you'll be considered a pervert or sexual deviant." Sera warned. "Best you try not to be seen by other non-angels."

"Oh, I understand. I'm sorry." Ariel apologized, bowing her head.

"No worries, now you know." Sera nods her head and they relaxed for a little while.

Just as Sera was about to exit the bath, Aqua grabbed her and kept her in alongside everyone.

"Huh? Aqua?" Sera asks curiously. She then noticed the Kirlia staring at her with endearing eyes as she moved to her slowly, making Sera who was an Oshawott at the time blush.

Aqua grins as she rubs her own crotch which was Sera's own. "I always thought I was very pretty, but now that I can see myself in your body~..." Then the cock of the Kirlia's body came out.

"H-Hey…" Sera protested, but her body was heating up from the sight of her body hardening quite fast. 'Good Arceus! Am I this erect and hard!?' She thought as she tried to move away from them.

She then felt the tip of her body's cock go up and down on Aqua's slit. "A-Aahh~.." Sera gasped as it made her body shiver in pleasure. 'Her body..! Aqua feels so sensitive~..!' She stumbled and fell on the water surface, being leaned on the wall gently. "Ow! My butt!" She yelped.

Aqua giggled as she gently laid down and pressed their bodies together, embracing Sera lovingly. "Teehee~. So this is what having smooth skin feels like~." Aqua cooed as she started to glide her hands along her body.

Sakura and Ariel watched and then looked at each other. "Well since we're here, might as well enjoy you~. Just try to control yourself okay?"

Ariel nods. "Alright, but I don't suppose you happen to know how would I prevent my Heart Swap from happening if I ever orgasm again?"

"If you're having that much trouble, maybe our guildmistress can help you with that." The Greninja stated.

"Can she help now?" The Manaphy asks with her arms at her chest, her paws near her mouth, her eyes sparkling and her antennae wagging.

"Sure." Sakura stated, lifting Ariel in her arms. "I'll take you there."

Ariel smiles happily and looks at the mating Aqua and Sera. "Have fun, you two~."

"H-Hey, wait~! Don't just leave me here~!" Sera said pleading until she felt hands hold her cheek and turned to face Aqua with her own face.

As Sakura and Ariel leave, they could hear Sera and Aqua moan from the bathroom. She created a clone and told her to record their moment in private and it left to the bathroom in camouflage.

Soon, they got to a teleporter which was around ALP. It was a pleasurable experience as they warped to the club.

"I didn't know how much it can vibrate~!" Ariel chimed.

"Blade knows how to invest~." Sakura stated with a murr.

They then walked through the hallways. Ariel notices a Miltank being touched around her udders. Various feline pokemon were cuddling her and suckling her teats.

Ariel watches in awe as the Miltank Angel moos pleasurably. "She looks really nice and sweet~."

"True, but we're not here for sightseeing." Sakura said. "Come here for another time." She said as she headed to the main office.

As they entered, they saw an Arceus pole-dancing on her personal stage. The two angels blushed as they decided to wait and watch the show.

Sooner or later, Venus was finished with her stroking her hip as she was squatted, one hand holding the pole.

Sakura and Ariel then started clapping in applause. "Wonderful show Guildmistress Venus~."

"Why thank you~." Venus chuckles and eyes on the Manaphy. "Now, that wouldn't be the little Manaphy from Lovantis would it~?"

"Yes, I am~!" Ariel chimes as she introduces herself. "Ariel, and Angel Sea~."

"You look just adorable~." Venus said, placing her paw on her chin. She then directed them to her bed. "Why not we discuss things in my bed~?"

"Well I recommend talking before she climaxes. Hopefully you understand why?" Sakura stated handing Ariel to Venus.

"I know why, because I know Manaphy Angels like the back of my hand." She said nuzzling the Manaphy cheek with her own. She then reached to her hi-tech cabinet and bent down, showing her butt to them as Venus searches in it. Sakura smirked as she shot her tongue straight into her snatch.

Venus felt this and flicked it off with a bit of electricity. "Don't forget that I have plates to change my types and please be patient."

"Then please don't make an obvious target~. You know I always go for it~." Sakrua said back teasingly.

Venus rolled her eyes and then found two gold and blue rings. "There, these should help." She equipped them on Ariel's antennae. "Now then, how about a test~?"

"Need me on your bed~?" Ariel asked having a cute face.

Venus nodded and gestured her to go first to lay down.

There was a beeping and Sakura checked and saw it noted about a couple Arcanine mutants appearing. "Oh, I'm afraid it'll have to wait."

"No worries, send Siren and Water on them. They can handle a couple fire dogs. I mean those mutant types are mainly in rut and overly affectionate. Not malicious." Sakura stated.

"I'll give them a call then~." Venus said tapping on their names. She waited for an answer.

"H-Hello?" Aqua's voice spoke out, sounding in pleasure.

"Aqua?" Venus asks. "Am I hearing things or are you making love sounds?"

"There's one more thing to note~." She turned on the video to show her and Sera. "We're soul-switched~."

"I can understand why and how…" Venus said, looking at Ariel. "So tell me, how does it feel you two~...?"

"Oh, it feels different~..." Sera said. "But amazing~.. It's actually impressive how Aqua can resist climax from touch alone~.."

"I have been touching myself from time to time again~!"

"Well once you finish, I have a mission for you two~."

"You do?" They both said. "What's the situation?"

"Two Arcanine mutants are spotted." Venus explained. "These types of mutants are not malicious or evil, actually they're quite passionate and affectionate. It's just they're in a serious rut season."

Aqua and Sera blushed, knowing they'll get quite the doggystyle from them. "So in other words we need to ensure they don't give any unsuspecting victims possible growlithes or any babies right?"

"Quite right." Venus said. "They could at least give themselves each other babies. But for some reason, they always seem to go after those shorter than themselves."

"We're on our way then~." Aqua said.

"I hope your protection really does work. Don't know how my Purrloin pet can handle a Growlithe." Sera said.

"You have a pet?" Aqua asked.

"Oh, did you forget I bought a pet herm Purrloin a day after summer vacation started. Named her Luna."

"Aw, that's cute~." Aqua replies.

"Thanks, I'll show you her later on… once we get our bodies back though." Sera said cleaning herself.

Aqua squeals with glee as she and Sera go out.

The two entered their angel gear as they scouted around in the city. Sera shivered at the cool air blowing on her body. "How does your body handle this fresh breeze~!?"

"I just enjoy the feeling of the breeze on my form~." Aqua said dreamily. "The air caressing my nude self is heaven~."

Sera blushes but smiles as she holds her hand.

They then jumped from building to building. "It's been crazy going like this, but to be honest… it's amazing being you~."

"You too, Sis~." Aqua said. "Your body is amazing as well~!"

They ended up in the park where it was mostly quiet where they can only see a few pokemon. They adjusted their gear to make it look like they're wearing swimsuits.

"Thank Venus for the new undergarments option~!" Sera says in relief. They then saw a Breloom walking and approached her. "Excuse me, have your night been going well?"

"Oh, not so much with those naked Arcanines in the way." The Breloom said and then takes a close look at Angel Water. "Is it me or do you look different, Angel Water?"

"Uhh?" Sera asked blushing as she approaches the breloom. "Um… where did you hear that?"

"You know, all over the news." The Breloom said. "You mostly look half-naked at times."

"I-I haven't heard about any half-naked girls here. We thought this was some cosplay of an anime girl." Sera sweatdrops.

"Well, you can talk all about that with Angel Siren there." She pointed to Aqua who was the kirlia who waves at her.

"So what are you?" Sera asked noting she can't just be a normal Breloom here.

"I'm just a Pokemon passing by." She answered.

Sera then used her angel powers to see if she's actually an angel as well, but she wasn't. 'Well I guess our reputation would spread like that I guess…' "Well we'll take care of those growlithes before they cause trouble."

"You two go do that then." The Breloom says before leaving. "At least you're looking modest this time!"

"I don't go like this because I want to!" Sera cried out, but took a deep breath. 'Calm yourself Sera. Don't lose your cool.'

"Siren? Is it my fault?" Aqua asked worriedly.

"No, it's not. It's just how would she know about angels though? We tried to keep things secretive right?"

"Right." Aqua said. "Keep… things… secretive…" she muttered those last three words with pauses.

"Aqua… are you doing something that we don't know about?" Sera asked looking at her own Kirla form.

"What?! No! Not that kind of secretive thing!" Aqua said. "I just have these nervous anxieties in my chest from time to time! A personal phobia of mine!"

The Oshawott with Sera's mind continues to stare at the Kirlia that has Aqua's mind with a suspicious look on her face. She soon sighs and looks at her understandingly. "I believe you, Aqua. But you better talk to me about this later. Please? I won't get angry I promise."

"Alright then." Aqua nodded. "But I warn you, it might get deep when I talk about this."

"I promise I won't yell." Sera assured.

They soon heard some fiery explosions and things got hot around them. "I really hope Venus was right about them not being malicious and evil." Sera said as she and Aqua headed towards the explosion.

Soon, they found them licking the pussies of two Pokémon hungrily. They tried to resist, but they had them pinned under their bodies.

"Aaah~! No!" One of them cries out.

"W-what's wrong with them?! Hahh~.. S-Stop it!" Another cried out.

"Geez, they're licking those girls' pussies hungrier than anyone wanting to bite off Slowpokes' tails." Aqua said.

"Gotta do something before they get to the main event. Any suggestions?" Sera asked Aqua.

"Well, I would use Ice Beam or any water type more in my form." Aqua said and then asks. "What move would you use?"

"I got Psybeam, Psychic." Sera said. "Oh, we could also seduce them before getting the drop on them?" She added with a blush. "A bit risky, but we are protected. It's your call."

Aqua then thought that any move would get the Arcanines to rush at them anyway. "We can use Attract to get their attention."

Sera blushed at Aqua's idea. "W-Well…" she stated. "We also have to get the innocents away. Let's get their attention with that and tell them to head home."

They then got to the situation and used Attract together. "Hey there, fire dogs~." They called out to them.

They posed sexually from being modest to shameless. The Arcanines stopped their actions and moved off of the normal Pokémon. They then used Flame Charge at them.

"Whoa, no need to rush!" Sera tried to tell them, only for her and Aqua getting pinned down and being heated up by their Fire-Type warmth.

"Y-You two, go on home. We'll handle them!" Sera cried out panting from their heat.

The Pokémon did as they're told and left the scene.

'Well that's one problem solved.' Sera thought as she felt their heads rubbed all around their face and chest. Then their crotches grinding against theirs which are covered by the undergarment options.

"If you want, we can take them off for you~." Aqua offered with a wink.

"Angel Siren!" Sera exclaims.

"What? If we don't, they'll lose their attention on us and tried to find others." Aqua explained. "We should give them the comfort they need since they're just sex-hungry."

"Hmm, you do have a point.." Sera stated while feeling embarrassed. 'It's just the way you said it in my body is what's weird about it….' She then goes for her angel charm to get a little bigger. She evolved into a Samurott and gently moved the Arcanine off. "Just give me a minute to change~." Sera said blushing as she pets the fire type's head. She then stands up to strip herself of her bra and panties from her body.

Aqua does the same as she becomes a Gallade. She then activated an energy barrier around a good part of the area, making them invisible while giving off an aura that keeps normal Pokémon from discovering it.

"Ready for us~?" They both ask as they bent a little with their arms near their chins and they wink.

The Arcanines pant with need as they went to their crotches and licked at their folds.

"Aah~!" They both gasped at the moist warm feeling of their tongues.

"E-Even their tongues are warmer than normal~." Sera gasped as her body shivers.

"Eee~..!" Aqua squealed. "Your vagina feels more sensitive than mine..!"

"I'm not as sexually active as you are, so that might be part of it~.." Sera shuddered as she felt their tongue going in her folds. 'They're quite long and deep~...'

Aqua felt the cock of Sera erecting our from her body's pussy. It surprised her Arcanine for a moment, but went back to licking her pussy.

"What!? No sucking on me!?" Aqua exclaims with a wince.

"They're the ones who want to breed~. So of course they would want to prepare our pussies~." Sera explained. "In other words, we may as well get filled up by them then~!"

The two canines stopped licking and the angels know what that meant, so they smiled and kissed their foreheads.

Aqua and Sera then got back-to-back and sat down, spread-eagle. They can see the mutant arcanines get excited as their cocks form from their sheathes.

"I wonder what the others are doing at this point then..?" Aqua wondered.

"Probably exploring their friends bodies as well." Sera stated as they saw the canines approaching. "Won't this be uncomfortable for them if we're back to back?"

"They can always carry us, you know~?"

"Hopefully they can understand that." Sera said as they're right at them now.

They then felt themselves being carried by them and then poked in their vaginas by their members. They shuddered from the warmth and scent of their bodies. 'I might just get addicted to their warmth~..' They soon got thrusted in with their red hot pokers.

"Aaahhh~!" They both cried out from the penetration.

The Arcanine herms howl as they started thrusting in and out, first Aqua was thrusted out as Sera was being thrusted in, and then the other got thrusted in while another out.

"Ahhh~... So hot~.." Sera moaned out feeling her loins drip.

"Haaah~... So warm~..!" Aqua agreed, feeling the same. Their bellies made bulges from the thick members.

Both angels were lost in sexual ecstasy. The Arcanines pressed their bodies closed and licked along their neck, chest and face tenderly.

"Eeheheh~. That tickles~!" Aqua giggles from the licking.

"E-easy, you're sweet~.." Sera murmurred as they were embraced deeper. "Ooh~! And so big and hot~!"

"Venus was right about them being non-malicious~." Aqua stated.. "Though we still should purify them, right?"

"Yeah, can't risk them getting away." Sera stated gasping as they started to thrust harder.

The two angels then have their vaginal muscles tighten around the Arcanines' cocks. That made them howl louder in pleasure.

"Angel Purify~!" They both yell out. All of them were enveloped in a bright pink light that shone brightly.

After the light cleared, Aqua and Sera were lying next to each other, their pussies filled up and leaking out cum from the Arcanines who were still holding and cuddling them tightly.

"Mmm~..." One of them spoke weakly. "Thank…"

"You…" The other finished for her before they passed out.

Aqua and Sera blushed at the words. They then decide to carry them back to the Casanova Club."Let's give them a nice place for them in the Casanova Club~."

"Gonna give them our numbers~?" Sera asked with a wink.

"Sure, when they woke up~." Aqua nods as they leave the scene with the Arcanines in their arms.

*Meanwhile, in the Casanova Club.*

Ariel was shuddering and moaning deeply as her arms and legs were held by Rafflesia's own arms and legs from behind, her vines teasing around the Manaphy's nipples, clitoris and anus, all while her vagina widens from Venus' cock thrusting in and out.

"Oooohhh~.." Ariel moans out deeply, eyes forming hearts out of bliss from the intense pleasure. "To be done by the Guildmistress and Former Empress of Rape~... it feels so intense~!"

"I gotta say, the way you look and sound right now, you're just as adorable as Angel Water~." Venus stated while licking her cheek.

"Indeed~." The Florges agrees as she tickles Ariel's sensitive spots faster. "But my daughter, Hana is just as cute as her wife~."

Ariel murrs sweetly, climaxing for the third time from their loving assault. Again, her antennae and Heart Swap didn't go off.

"They will last right?" Rafflesia couldn't help but ask hearing what just happened to her daughter and friends.

"That depends on how strong her build up on pleasure would be." Venus explains.

"Considering it happened from just one round, I'm not too confident about much more." The Florges pointed out. "But it would be fun being you~."

"Unless Petal wants to be you for payback~."

"Why would she want payback from me?" Rafflesia chuckled. "I've been nothing but sweet to her~."

"You did keep her sheltered most often." Venus pointed out.

"I've done no such thing!" The florges states. "I let her go out as much as she pleased."

"At times, you take out your sexual frustrations on her."

"I wouldn't seriously hurt her though. Plus I would offer her a chance to come back at me every time."

"Um, could you two cease your little argument and finish doing some more of me~?" The Manaphy panted.

"We can do you while arguing~." Venus assured as they continue to pleasure her.

"And what about you? I heard you randomly take an angel and make them spend the night with you." Raffleasia stated.

Ariel blushed and looks at Sakura who was using her long purple tongue like a dildo.

"I don't make them, I request them. They can say no." Venus said defensively.

"But their consciences always seem to get the better of them." Rafflesia says as she starts hot dogging the Manaphy.

"What are you trying to say?" The Arceus stated, going a little rougher.

"I'm saying~..." The Florges then thrusts inside Ariel's anus, making her gasp in ecstasy. "You can't resist sleeping without a different angel loving you~."

"What about you kidnapping girls to make them your Succubi~?!"

"What can I say. I have an eye for potential and charm~." Rafflesia said proudly. "Plus, they were lonely and felt like they had no purpose in their lives!"

"You're making them do impure things!" Venus pointed out.

Ariel was getting a Marshmallow Hell as her head was being smothered by both pairs of their breasts. She blushes as she nuzzles into them. 'They're acting like some old married couple in those drama movies~. Speaking of movies, I wonder what's new around this week of the month..?' She thought that last one up and looks up with one eye. 'Try to remember to look it up when they're done.'

Sakura was near her climax with her masturbation when she received a phone call. She takes out her phone and answered. "Konichiwa."

"Moshi moshi, imouto-chan~."

Sakura's eyes widen as she recognized that voice. "Neoma-ne-san?"

"The one and only~. How are you doing? Been awhile since you last called~."

"U-Um… I was…" Sakura tried to say but feels nervous. "I-I've been busy. Gomennasai…"

"Well, I hope you haven't forgotten our little proposal together~?" Neoma said in a teasing tone.

Sakura jumped a bit, knowing she hasn't told Junie or the others yet. She started to sweat a little. "Um… w-well.." she stuttered as she tried to find words to say. "I'm not sure if I-I want to… Um…"

"You're not trying to back out, are you imouto-chan~? Or did you forget and need remembering~?" She said the last two words in a seductive tone.

"Uuhhh…" Sakura stuttered.

"Aww, alright, I'll remind you again~.." Neoma said playfully.

'Help me…!' Sakura thought fearfully and panicking as her sister starts reminding her of the proposal.


Sakura woke up and found herself close to her older twin sister, Neoma who had tied her arms from behind with her own tongue.

"N-Neoma-ne-san? What are you doing?" she asked surprised at the wake up call.

"I'm claiming you, imouto-chan~." The naturally blue and equally busty Greninja says as she tickles her chin.

The pink Greninja blushes at the words. "C-Claiming me?"

Neoma nodded and brought out an arm-mounted pile driver-shaped dildo machine. "You are so lucky Imouto-chan~. Such beautiful skin color palettes, and blue eyes~..." she stated as she equipped the machine. Her eyes then turn into a seductive glare as she changes her tone. "Be lucky you've been taken to become an angel~..."

"N-Neoma-ne-san.. I-Isn't this a bit much?" she asked looking at the machine. "We just woke up!" But then she was pushed down on her side and has her leg lifted up, revealing her vagina that was leaking some precum.

Neoma took her finger to her folds and got some juices and licked it. "How cute~... you've wet yourself like the baby sister you are~."

Sakura tried to squirm herself away from her grip and tongue. "No! Ne-chan, please don't!" she pleaded feeling her webbed hands caressed her form.

But the blue Greninja aims her dildo driver at her now wide-open pussy. "Why should I? You're right here for me? Give me a reason."

"B-B-Because I love you..!" She yelled with tears in her eyes. "I love you very much..!"

Neoma thought about it and grins before taking off her dildo driver. "That is a very good reason~.." she then takes off her loincloth, revealing her own wet pussy.

Sakura blushes deeply from the sight as she saw Neoma starting to rub it on her own. She then felt her breasts mash against hers hard.

"W-What are you doing now?!" Sakura asked gasping from the press.

"Breast frottage~." Neoma said as she moved her breasts up and down with one boob going up while the other down as they move.

"A-Aahh~..." Sakura moaned out as her face was blushed bright red. She felt being molested by the vagina and nipples.

*End of Flashback.*

Sakura was masturbating as she remembered her first time with her sister. "It's been some time, but you still want to claim me still?"

"Of course, I do~." Neoma said cheerfully. "You are too beautiful for me to not to."

"But I have made plenty of other girlfriends in Scelci!" She stated. "Surely you can get a girlfriend yourself too."

"Tch…" Neoma huffed, sounding a little irritated.

"Aw, come on! Why you always like that to me?!" Sakura asked.

"I think you oughta-" Neoma was about to say until a certain Manaphy showed up to Sakura.

"Having trouble? I'll help!" Ariel said quickly snatching the phone from the Greninja.

"Wha-? No, wait!" Sakura protested, but Ariel blocked her.

"I don't know who you are, but you're bothering Sakura, so I'll ask you to leave her alone. Otherwise I'll find you, and I'll take you down~!"

"I'm sorry, who is this!?" Neoma growled.

"A friend of Sakura~." The Manaphy stated. "Angel Sea~! And if you want Sakura, you're gonna have to go through me and her girlfriends!" She boasted.

"No! Ariel, it's not like that!" The pink Greninja stated trying to get her phone back.

"Oh, just you wait until the second season's in!" Neoma stated as she hung up the phone.

As the phone was making the hung up beeping sound, Ariel smirked in triumph. "Hah! In your face!"

"That was my sister!" Sakura stated getting her phone back. "Now she's gonna come after me and possibly impregnate me with her child I'm not ready yet even though I'm old enough for one!"

"Just tell her you don't want a child yet." Ariel stated.

"Even so I-" Sakura was going to say but then notices Ariel left a trail of semen from her pussy and anus by Venus and Rafflesia respectively. "How long were you finished with them?"

"Long enough to briefly have a balloon belly~." Ariel bashfully said with an arm rubbing the back of her head.

"Well glad you had fun~. What are you gonna do now?"

"I'm going to go to Junie's house now. Would you like to join~?" The Manaphy offered.

"Ah, sure. Love to see my wife again~." Sakura stated. 'Maybe I should tell her about my situation…' she thought about doing so as she held Ariel's hand. The two headed out of the office and towards the transporter room.

Venus and Rafflesia were panting on the bed as they saw them leave. The Arceus went and rubbed the Florges belly, feeling the bump. She then closes her eyes to sense if the latter's new baby is feeling alright. The baby is safe so there's nothing to worry about.

"Hana really is going to be having a baby sister." Rafflesia said smiling as she rubbed her belly.

"Petal really did a number on you, hasn't she~?"

"It was what we wanted~. It's a little embarrassing though that she wanted to be the herm~."

"Well, you're not alone." Venus said. "Prima is having a baby with Blade too."

"I can tell, I have seen her around a few times. Her belly is the same size as mine." Rafflesia stated. "You think it'll be a herm Popplio?"

"It can be that or female Popplio. Even a herm or female Oshawott. It's random. But then again, Brio is the only Brionne around her family."

"Here's hoping she does have a Popplio."

"What about you? Hoping you have a Floette?" Venus asked.

"I am kind of the only Florges in my family." Rafflesia stated.

"So yes then. I wish you the best Raffy~." Venus said going to embrace her.

"You too and your daughters." Rafflesia stated as they both decided to rest.

After some time, everyone who had been Heart Swapped returned to their original bodies.

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