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A Song for Them @nihilistic_bunny
New Leaf Arc, ENTER, SORA!

Naruto Fan Fiction!

Adventure! SI-OC!


"A Song for Them"

A/N: I am going to be posting no earlier than a week anymore. It's the Holidays and, like a lot of you, I am getting really busy for a while! So at least every Sunday, Sunday night or so.

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New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Seven: "ENTER, SORA!"

"I welcome change. So long as nothing is altered or different." -Anon E. Muss

'This is it. Graduation day...'

Sky-girl, I swear... I'm gonna have a panic-attack!

I sighed. This seemed really familiar.

'At least you seem to be doing better than the Hero.' I glanced to my right and found that Naruto had his hands in his hair and looked like he was two minutes from having a complete meltdown.

I nudged him with my elbow, he glanced up, 'You've got this Hero! We've practiced the Bunshin a hundred times before, you're gonna nail this test!' I signed to my best friend.

Then Iruka-sensei walked back in, "Naruto, you're next. Follow me."

My friend looked at me pleadingly, like I had something up my sleeve to help him out here. As it was, I gave him my most confident smile and a thumbs up as he walked down the stairs.

Just to get my point across, I did a double thumbs up.

The blonde cracked a grin for me, though it seemed a little forced, before he disappeared behind the door.

After he was gone I felt my shoulders sag and let my forehead hit the table top.

I stayed like that for a while, I'm not sure exactly for how long, that is until I heard a voice I did not hear all that often, "Not so confident about the loser passing now?" drawled the Uchiha Sasuke.

I raised my head to look at Duckie in mild shock, -'I hadn't even noticed we were sitting next to each other'- but he had his chin in his hand and was staring dully out the window.

So Lord Duckie deigns to speak with a lowly peasant like us, eh?

'A bit out of character for him... maybe he's nervous about the test too?'

Terra snorted, We'd never know and he'd never admit it.

I had to agree with her.

Remembering that the raven-haired boy had just questioned my total faith in my best friend's abilities, I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote, "Naruto knows how to do the bunshin perfectly fine. It's just because of his insane chakra capacity that he always ends up using far too much and failing to make a recognizable clone." I pushed it over to his side of the desk.

And we have been working on it for ages now. His clones don't just... bleh like they used to! But whether Naruto's best is good enough for Iruka...?

I saw him glance at it out of the corner of his eye before looking away again. Then he did a double-take. When he finally turned to face me, it was with an extremely questioning look. Well, as much as he can make an expression other than 'scowl' or 'glower'.

Bemused with his reaction, I elaborated, "He needs about, chuunin level chakra control before he comes near to making a perfect clone. So, I'm a bit worried that his best still isn't passable in Iruka-sensei's eyes."

The Uchiha looked at the paper a long moment before he lifted his eyes to scrutinize me for what was longer than considered polite. Then he blinked.

"You're being serious." he said flatly.

A bit insulted, I frowned slightly, "Of course."

Before Duckie could respond any further, Iruka-sensei came back in and called for him. As he got up to leave I quickly scribbled down, "Good luck!" with a big smile on my face. Even a thumbs up!

He made no outward reaction but I could've sworn I heard a soft snort of laughter when he turned away.

Probably just your imagination. Terra dismissed.

Sasuke disappeared behind the corner and, with nothing better to do, I decided to get up and bother Shikamaru who had pretended to fall asleep while waiting for his turn.

I always find messing with the Nara genius amusing. she said.


No response.

Poke, poke

Bats my hand away, "Mn... stop that..."


"Ow." he deadpanned, but he finally raised his head to glower at me. I was the picture of innocence.

"What." the ponytail stated more than asked.

'You're up next. Sasuke just went in.' I signed.

"Mm. Troublesome..." he sighed but didn't go back to 'napping', "Sasuke, huh?" he said casually, then he gave me a look that said that he had been paying attention to what was going on.

'I know. Maybe he was nervous?' I offered with a shrug.

"Maybe... he is still human, no matter what he likes to believe."

I laughed a bit hearing that, 'Very true.'

The door slid open, "Alright Shikamaru-kun tim-oh, you're awake, good. Come with me." Iruka-sensei said. I gave the Nara a mock salute as he got up and signed a 'Good luck!', he nodded to me and left.

After Shikamaru was Shino, I didn't know him all that well, we did get paired together on a couple assignments before but I swear, the guy talks less than me. I gave him a thumbs up anyway. Once he was gone there wasn't anyone left that I really knew. None of the girls, save Hinata, actually spoke to me and because of my relationship with Naruto most parents have used me as a bad example and warned their kids away.

I waited ten minutes sitting by myself before my teacher came back in and called for me.

'Naruto didn't come back in and I didn't hear him.' I thought as I followed Iruka back into the testing room.

When he motioned me to begin, I raised my hands into the Ram, Snake, Tiger in that order and created a perfect copy of myself. Because of my need to sign to actually speak, my handsigns were the best of the class, outranking even Duckie.

Iruka-sensei checked over the clone and awarded me with a proud smile and my Konohagakure hitai-ate.

It was a fairly uneventful and unspectacular moment.

Here, I gave my thanks for not ending up living in Kirigakure or something...

I looked up expectantly at the man who'd been my teacher for the last four years and waited. His smile fell and my heart tightened, Iruka sighed, looking tired, "He should be outside."

I gave a him a short bow, tucked my forehead protector in my back pocket and ran off to find my best friend. I did not look at Mizuki once the entire time.

Outside, there was crowd of people. Everyone and their parents.

Besides me and Naruto, Sasuke was the only orphan in the graduating class. Sasuke was already gone and Naruto... Naruto was watching the whole thing from the swing of loneliness over there.

There were many people talking and chattering on excitedly outside, but there was one conversation between two women that caught my ear and rang as terribly familiar.

"Hey, that kid..."

"Yeah, that's him. He's also the only one that didn't graduate."

"Good. Someone like that should-"

I may or may not have less-than-politely, forcefully pushed my way through the two idle women. Terra made an approving sound at the action.

How many times has a 'concerned' adult tried to warn me away from him? How many had said that they were 'only looking out for me', when they had no idea who I was, when they had no right to say what was best for me? When they had no idea just how sweet and kind the whiskered boy really was?

Too many.

I made my way to him through the crowd. Past all the dark looks being sent his way. I was standing by his side for a while before Naruto's subdued blue eyes lifted up to meet mine.

"I failed."

I didn't sigh. I simply kneeled down next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I failed." he repeated.

I squeezed his shoulder. Taking note of the squeezing in my heart seeing him like this.

...Naruto should not be sad.

We left the Academy and started to head home. On the road I sensed someone approaching us. His chakra was completely average. Nothing worthy of note. If I hadn't had my chakra reading I would've never known just how dark it churned he addressed my friend.


We both turned to Mizuki.

He had a kind -'fake'- smile, "Naruto, I wanted to talk to you about what happened today."

Naruto shrugged a bit sullenly, "Sure."

Mizuki glanced at me, "Ah, I was hoping to talk to you alone."

Naruto then turned to me but I was staring at Mizuki still, face perfectly blank.

You'd never guess that my mind was currently at war with itself.

You HAVE to let him go! Terra yelled.

'But Mizuki is going to HURT him!'

And this won't be the last time he gets hurt. You CAN'T PROTECT HIM.

'But I can at least try!'

You CANNOT! Naruto needs tonight to happen. He needs to learn the Kage Bunshin, he needs to learn about his royal fluffiness and he needs Iruka.




She continued in a softer voice, This is the way it plays out, Sora. Without the shadow clones in all the battles to come, Naruto is, quite frankly? Double-chocolate fudged.

'We don't know that!' I tried... but we both knew she was right.

A moment of silence passed between us before Terra spoke again.

...he'll be okay, Sky-girl.

I... relented.

I finally turned to my best friend with a forced smile and signed, 'I'll see you later.' Naruto returned with a not-so-bright smile of his own and went off with our former teacher.

I walked home alone. I walked in silence. Everything that needed to be said between Terra and I already was. She didn't chance a conversation and I wasn't in the mood for one. When I'd gotten back to my little apartment I was immediately hit with a wave of restlessness, I needed to find something to occupy not only my hands, but my mind.

For hours I worked on my barrier fuinjutsu. Detailing, fine-tuning and reworking my formulas. I'd been researching self-sustaining barrier seals for the past three years with materials provided by the Leaf's library. It didn't have much at all on the practicality and creation of seals, just a lot of seal theory. But I made use of what I could anyways.

I spent the last three years reading and drafting and only had just begun the actual testing phase this last month.

The results so far?

There were explosions.

Naruto immediately wanted to learn how to make said explosions.

He had been my safety buddy to make sure if I was grievously injured or maimed, he'd go get medical attention for me. Naruto had gone a bit pale when I said that but I assured him that it most likely-probably-maybe wouldn't ever happen.


'I hope he's okay...'

By the time the sun had set there was still no sight of Naruto, I made some dinner but found I had no appetite. It was after I finished cleaning up my uneaten food that I heard something strange.

There was someone knocking on my door.

The list of who would be outside at this hour was incredibly short. It was almost eleven in the evening so that rules out about all of my classmates.

At this point in our relationship, Neko and I have forgone all means of 'doorways'. He would've just knocked on my window pane if he was back from his mission early.

And Naruto doesn't knock.

A cold, familiar feeling crept into my bones...







Terra's voice jolted me out of my spiraling thoughts. I found that I was suddenly on my knees and gasping for air, and that the knocking had gotten more frantic.

"Sora-kun! Are you alright?"

I reached my senses beyond the door just to be sure, I let out a breath as my body sagged with relief upon recognizing my former teacher's warm chakra. I dragged myself off of the ground and went to answer the door. When my door opened the dark-haired chuunin had his hand raised in the air to knock yet again.

"Ah! Sora-kun!" he then -unsubtly- scrutinized my appearance. When he was done there was still a clear concern in his eyes but he chose not to ask why exactly I looked like a hot mess. I motioned him to come inside. As I walked into my little kitchen to make tea -like a good little hostess- he instead he asked, "Did you manage to find Naruto-kun earlier?"

I nodded as I walked over to the table to tidy up some of my fuinjustu diagrams. I found a spare piece of paper and wrote, "He was pretty upset about failing. I've haven't seen him since Mizuki-sensei wanted to speak with him."

Iruka's brow furrowed, "Mizuki? What did Mizuki want to talk about?"

I shrugged, "He wanted to speak with Naruto alone."

The dark-haired chuunin was frowning slightly now, "Sora-kun, where di-"

He didn't get to finish because that's when the alarms started to sound.

Once. Twice. Pause. Repeat.

'All active duty Shinobi are to report to the Hokage.'

I looked towards Iruka, he was looking out the kitchen window with concern, I wrote hastily, "Find Naruto"

"Sora-" he started.


Something about the look on my face must've of convinced him. He nodded firmly and told me to stay indoors until the all clear sounded.

I paced around inside for all of a half-an-hour before I was fed up with it and went to Naruto's apartment. But as soon as I walked out the door, I turned right around and turned off the stove. Then went to Naruto's apartment.

I was sitting in front of his silly green door on his doormat, waiting for him to come home all night long. My legs were cramping something fierce from being curled up to my chest with my head resting on top for so long. The sun was just breaking over the Hokage monument when I heard him at last.

"Sora-chan~" he sounded so happy, he looked a little worse for wear, -oh my Kami, is that BLOOD?! Oh, it's not his- but... he was okay! The Hero was too happy for Iruka to have died, so he must be alive too.

Everything was okay.

"You won't believe what happened, 'ttebay-oof!"

I ran up and hugged him.

I woke up well before dawn with almost a full night's sleep. With the whole Mizuki incident passing us a few days ago, Naruto had filled most of my last two days with showing off his new super cool new jutsu and cherishing his hand-me-down hitai-ate, gifted from Iruka himself. We took our ninja registration photos and I heard from Naruto that he got a little follower that 'recognizes his awesomeness' and calls him 'Boss'.

Everything was going the way it was supposed to be.

I still didn't how to feel about that.

On one hand, nothing changed. That's great! Naruto is still on the path to saving the world like his counterpart.

On the other... nothing changed. I haven't actually affected Naruto's life. No matter how much I studied and trained with him, he still failed the test, he was still tricked by Mizuki.

Nothing changed.

I... my being there for him hasn't mattered.

I took in a deep breath and began the day.

With equal amounts of happiness and melancholy, I flitted around my little apartment getting ready for the big day.

Today was the day we get our team assignments after all.

Today, I restart working on all the plans for my second life.

Today, I was going to finally be separated from Naruto...

Deep breath.

After my shower I slipped into my mesh underclothes, dressed in the standard dark blue-grey Kunoichi pants that reached to my mid-calf, my long sleeved blue tunic -that I made with the material Hinata gifted to me all those years ago- and my standard black shinobi boots. I was happy to have gotten rid of my open toe blue sandals with my most recent growth spurt.

And finally, my Kaa-chan's red ribbon tying up my strawberry-blonde hair into a hightail.

I sat in front of the mirror on my desk and untied my orange scarf. I looked fondly over the old, ratty thing, I briefly reminisced of all the times I had to scrub of Naruto's paint and my ink stains out of it. Of all the times I had to darn and stitch the tears. The old cloth had many scars...

I opened a drawer and gently tucked it away. My hands reaching for the shiny hitai-ate sitting on the corner of the of the desk. The metal felt cool and smooth in my hands, the blue cloth was sturdy and new. I traced the leaf engraving on the plate with my fingertips and felt... butterflies.

My hands turned it around and I lifted to my neck. I tied the fabric closely to cover my jagged scar. Even after seven years, the ever-present reminder of the worst night of my life was still as prominent as the day I woke up in the hospital.

Standing, I strapped my weapons holster to my left thigh, my tools bag around my lower back and a smaller holster to my right thigh, I slipped my steel Ocarina into it. I checked my appearance one last time and... the fourteen year-old girl looking back at me was strange.

She didn't look like she was haunted by night terrors that constantly replayed the worst moments of her both her lives during her sleep. Instead she had bright eyes with a light to them that hadn't always there before.

The girl had never looked as old and tired as she always felt.

She was strange to me, almost unrecognizable. What, with her orange-pink hair and her purple eyes. And the way she dressed... from the mesh armor she wore to the weapons strapped to her body.

Who was she?

Terra answered.

She's who we need to be... for now.

Contemplating that thought, I made my way into my little kitchen and turned on the light to start the preparations for today's lunch. I grilled up the fish leftover from yesterday's meal and started the rice. When everything was finished I went to the cupboard and pulled down three wooden bento boxes and a plate.

The chipped one with Naruto's name scratched on the lid, I filled with grilled fish, plain onigiri and fried vegetables. The neatly sanded and polished one, -mine- mostly the same except with extra carrots. The third, a plain, well taken care of box, was filled with fish, onigiri sprinkled with bonito flakes and extra tomatoes. I placed some of the salt-broiled saury that I'd made the night before on the plate and wrapped it in plastic. I took the lunches to the table to check over my freshness seals.


I ran my finger over the flourishing ink that covered the lid and corners of the boxes. To the untrained eye, the designs on the box looked purely decorative and utterly whimsical. It was actually fairly simple in design compared to most seals. Written across the lid and the corners of the box are the layout and characters of a standard storage seal and the skeleton of a base trigram of Kaa-chan's old four-cornered barrier design.

Essentially meaning, air-tight storage in lunch box form.

I was very happy with no longer having to worry about the food getting old or stale over the day. Or weeks for that matter. I never had the chance to test that out because Naruto tends to eat everything within sight. Me too, for that matter.

Darn crazy Uzumaki metabolism.

Satisfied with the integrity of the seals, I laid my hand upon each one and applied chakra, sealing it until consumption later.

I glanced out the window and it was still dark out. Done tying up the lunches, I gathered them up along with the plate and I walked towards my door, closed it behind me and began on my way to Naruto's apartment.

I walked approximately six steps to my right, turned, pulled out my spare key and unlocked the blonde's door.

...when the Hokage said he's find me someplace close to Naruto, he really wasn't kidding.

Opening the door I was immediately met with the sound of Naruto's snoring drifting out from his room. I quietly crept into his kitchen and set his bento and the plate down. I started to look for some spare paper he should've had lying around.

I passed by the fridge and paused as a thought struck me.

I turned on my heel and opened my blonde friend's refrigerator and pulled out the milk, sniffed it, gagged and promptly disposed of it with extreme prejudice.

I smiled smugly to myself as I dusted off my not-really-dirty hands, 'One crisis averted.'

Dude... but, the diarrhea was hilarious... Terra bemoaned.

'There is something wrong with you.' I informed her.

Hmph. she began to pout.

Finding no spare paper around I settled for pulling out a paper bomb from my tools pouch and smudging the ink, making it mostly harmless -because tearing out paper from my notebook is abhorrent to me- and writing on the back of it. I placed the note on top of the plate of and smiled.

Morning Hero! I woke up early again and made lunch. I have an errand to run so I'll leave before you, but I expect you to be at the Academy on time!



P.S. Leave the saury alone!

I left the Hero's apartment, locking it behind me and I made the walk to the unofficial shinobi residential district to drop off today's package. The sun still hadn't risen over the mountain so I didn't run into a lot of people. Mostly those finally returning home from their graveyard shifts. There were some fisherman passing through on their way to get the day's haul from the Naka river.

Soon I made it to a fancy apartment building next to a small woodsy park, granted a vast majority of the Leaf was woodsy, this park had a quaint little pond and gazebo. I entered the building and climbed three flights of stairs but before I entered the hall I reached out my senses to check for any onlookers.

Finding the coast clear I walked into the hallway and up to apartment 313, set down my wrapped package, then, out of pure curiosity, I reached out my senses. Through the wall I could feel his chakra moving sluggishly around the apartment. He most likely had just woken up.

Smiling, I turned around and left, passing by old Miss Inai on the way. The elderly woman smiled kindly at me and glanced to the package left at her neighbor's doorstep.

"He's a very lucky young man to have you come and deliver his lunch to him every day." she said with coy smile, then her eyes rested on my hitai-ate, "Ah, congratulations. Maybe now you'll get up the courage to confess your feeling to my neighbor."

I fought the embarrassed blush that rose to my cheeks and failed. I cannot believe she just said that. That's so not what's happening here. I heard Terra cackling at my expense. I gave the elderly woman a quick wave and hurried on my way.

With the sun finally peeking over the mountain the village was slowly being bathed in a warm light. I decided take the long way to the Academy to kill some time. I don't think I'll ever tire of wandering the narrow, winding back streets of Konoha. They were so unlike the cemented roads and tall, metal buildings of Before. And nothing like the natural isolation of my and Kaa-chan's forest. The atmosphere was just... more.

Now the people, well... they could use some work.

Those that didn't recognize me and my distinct coloring as the 'demon's' friend, which were few and far, gave me kind smiles and said their good mornings as I passed by. I returned each with a smile and nod of my own and soon enough I was walking through the slowly filling East District's Main Road.

It was a little over an hour after dropping off my package when I finally entered my old classroom. Inside I found Iruka busying himself with some paperwork, he looked up when I entered.

"Good morning Sora-kun. Early start today?" he greeted. I nodded as I walked up to his desk and, returning the favor from the other night, proceeded to not-so-subtly check up on his person.

The dark-haired chuunin laughed sheepishly, "I suppose Naruto told you everything then?"

I nodded again and pulled out a palm-sized notepad and wrote, "Everything." well, not everything. The blonde got extremely uncomfortable and skipped most of his interaction with Mizuki before Iruka showed up. I was a little hurt by his lack of faith in me but... I had to remember that it was Naruto and he would trust me when he dealt with how he felt about it.

I had noticed that he hugged me back tighter than usual.

"Thank you for being there for him." I tried to convey just how grateful I actually was, the chuunin smiled bashfully and scratched his cheek.

"Of course, Sora-kun. Though he may be a troublemaker sometimes, Naruto is actually a good kid... though, I don't have to tell you that."

"He is... but also far too gullible." I wrote, Iruka blinked, "I gave him a lecture when he got home about how if things are too good to be true, that they usually are."

And I did.

Before and after hugging the stuffing out of him and signing frantically at him for worrying me for so much and to never, ever do that again. I would've told him not to trust people he doesn't really know but... I felt like that would've just been redundant when I considered just who I was talking to.

Iruka chuckled, "Maybe he'll listen to you."

I doubt it. Terra snorted. I smiled wryly at the chuunin.

Neither of us had believed that.

I left his desk and decided to take the seat closest to the window of the middle desk. The same seat a certain Duckie was supposed to sit in later today. Iruka went back to his paperwork and I pulled out an unfinished book and began to write another story from my first childhood.

That's how the hours passed until the rest of the new genin started to trickle in. To my pleasant surprise, Naruto came in an hour earlier than he was supposed to grinning ear-to-ear, his goggles gone and proudly brandishing his hitai-ate across his forehead.

He stood in front of the table and leaned towards me, "Morning Sora-chan!" he chirped.

'Morning Hero. Sleep well?' I asked.

"Mm-hm! So what didja' do this mornin'?" he asked so subtly.

'Drop off a lunch.' I signed.

His nose scrunched up, "Oh..."

I couldn't help but smile at the face he made. I'd never told Naruto who I was making those lunches for, he swore years ago that he'd figure it out himself and made me swear not to tell him. I have no idea why he did that. He was eight and going through a stubborn phase I suppose.

Shikamaru walked up from behind Naruto, "Eh? What are you doing here Naruto. Only those that graduated are getting teams."

Naruto spun around and pointed a thumb at the metal on his forehead, "Hey! 'Ya see this forehead protector? This means I'm a shinobi!"

"What? How did that happen?" the Nara turned to me, eyebrow raised.

'Remember the alarm from the other night?' his eyes widened ever-so-slightly.

Shikamaru turned back to Naruto and stared before he sighed and shook his head at him, "Troublesome... Tou-san mentioned something about someone sneaking into the Hokage's residence but..." but I can't believe you were stupid enough to do that. Was, thankfully, left unsaid.

Shikamaru went to get his seat next to Chōji and I noticed that Naruto's head was on a swivel. He was looking for something. Or someone. "Hey... Sakura isn't here yet?" the blonde asked, his blue eyes scanning the room.

I shrugged, 'She hasn't come in yet. Neither has Ino. They should both be here soon though.'

Slowly, a mischievous smile crept up on his whiskered face. He suddenly stood and ran off towards the front and disappeared, when he came back it was with a bucket of water. I already knew where this was headed. He set the bucket to the side and begun to tie ninja wire to the doorway and to the door itself, making a sort of tripwire. Naruto then grabbed a chair and then proceeded to suspend the bucket in a way that when the door slid open it'd pull the wire and dump the water on the victim's unfortunate head.

Everyone just watched him do this of course. Iruka had stepped out to deliver some paperwork before it was actually time to give out team assignments and that was the only reason Naruto was getting away with doing this.

Someone just took the seat next to me now. I glanced to my right and found a certain Uchiha who's usual seat I stole. Then I looked back at the booby-trapped door and the blonde Uzumaki lurking next to it. Then back to the Duckie I was sure wasn't in the room a minute ago.

'...did he climb in through the window?'

Y'know... that would explain why we never see him walk in.

Hm. Well. I gave him a little wave that he didn't acknowledge, he simply leaned forward on the table and folded his hands in front of his face and pretended like all of this was beneath him.

Then there was running footsteps coming from out in the hall.



Naruto's trap was sprung and Sakura and Ino were suddenly two sopping wet kunoichi. Underneath all of the laughing were cries of fury that sounded suspiciously like Naruto's name.

The Hero escaped their wrath by fleeing to my side, out of their immediate reach. Of course that's when Naruto noticed that the seat next to me was taken. He scowled at the Uchiha.

"Hey, hey, hey, why're you sitting next to Sora-chan?" the blonde demanded.

Sasuke pretended not to hear Naruto.

'Hasn't he learned better by now?' I honestly wondered.

My friend bristled at being ignored. The Hero then proceeded to hop onto the desk and crouch so that he was at eye-level with the Duckie.

I sighed, '...why do I even try?"

"Oi, Sora-chan already said that she doesn't like you, so stop trying to make her another of your drooling fangirls already!" he basically shouted in Sasuke's face. The fangirls in the background went into an uproar. The raven-haired boy gifted the blonde with a severely unimpressed look.

'I can't believe this is happening... all because of a seat?' I said with exasperation.

Ehh. I think Naruto's just lookin' for a fight. Doesn't help that Duckie antagonizes him so much.

'To interfere, or to not interfere? That is the question isn't it?'

C'mon Sky-girl~ Terra cooed, You've spoiled my laughs at Whisker's milk misfortune, and you've already taken Sasuke's seat! What more can you really do...?

I looked back over at the two glaring boys.

If it was meant to be then... she trailed off.

A boy, -Hideki I think- was walking in front of our desk trying to get to the conversation a row down when... "Whoops!"

Too late! the brunette squeaked with glee.

Hideki had stumbled, flailed a bit but caught himself by using Naruto's back as a support, unknowingly pushing the blonde forward.

I swear the world froze the moment their lips locked.

I watched in slow motion as Naruto's and Sasuke's expressions shifted from dumbfoundment, to wide-eyed shock/horror upon realizing what just happened, I saw the moment their faces twisted into disgust and fury as they pulled away to start coughing and hacking.

It was even funnier in person.

Terra was cackling like mad.

"Naruto, you moron! I'll kill you!" "Yuck! My mouth is rotting!"

My shoulders couldn't stop shaking with laughter.

Naruto looked up and caught me, "Sora-chan! Don't laugh!" he whined.

Shakily, I raised my hands, 'You... You two are cute together!'

The look on his whiskered face was priceless.

A cold and choking feeling filled the air...

WOAH! 'Ya feel that? That is almost straight up KI coming from those fangirls! Terra shouted.

I frowned, yes, yes I did. It was uncomfortably close to the real thing. And it was all aimed at Naruto. The not-quite Killer Intent was so thick in the air, even Naruto had sensed it. He stiffened up and his eyes went wide.

"Narutooo..." a still dripping Sakura growled.

As the rabid fangirls started to encircle him, I briefly wondered if I should step in and help my friend.

Nah. He's got this. 'Sides, after the last time he asked you to stop stepping in. Said somethin' about his 'pride as a man' or whatever. Terra said flatly.

I sighed, 'Pride as a... I swear... who teaches him these things?'

Because of what happened in the bathroom all that time ago, Naruto nipped his infatuation with Sakura in the bud and as a result, had no qualms with defending himself against her.

As the scuffle ensued there was a lot of biting, scratching and hair pulling... oh, and the girls were doing some damage too.


As highly entertaining as watching Naruto fend off fangirls was, Iruka eventually came back in and broke up the fight, then yelled at us all for our misconduct and proceeded to give us a short lecture on acting more professional now that the village considers us legal adults.

Once everyone was settled down and properly chastised, the dark-haired chuunin began to explain what was going to happen now that we were genin. How that as genin, we'll be getting a jonin sensei that will teach us what will be expected of us as shinobi of Konohagakure. I suppressed a frown when Iruka neglected to mention the sixty-six percent failure rate.

Was only the jonin sensei allowed to tell the genin, to see how they do under pressure? Or was it just something Kakashi made up to screw with Team Seven's heads? Because the numbers just don't match up. From the chuunin door guards Izumo and Kotetsu to like, all of today's elite jonin were from the same class!

...I don't like things that don't make sense.

I'm more inclined to believe that it's Kakashi's screwery. Terra commented.

Iruka began to read off names. Oddly enough, even though I graduated there was still only twenty-seven genin in total. With each team Iruka announced I became increasingly anxious. Because he's already at Team Six and he still hasn't said my name. The rest are Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten!

Who's on Team Nine?

"Team Seven... Uzumaki Naruto," Iruka said.

Oh thank goodness... Terra breathed.

"Uchiha Sasuke..."

Naruto's head hit the table. And Sasuke's eye twitched ever-so-slightly, I hid my smile.

'And now for the top Kunoichi of the year...' I thought to myself as Iruka listed off the last name, '...and Haruno...

"and Sora."





New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Seven: "ENTER, SORA!"


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