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A Song for Them @nihilistic_bunny
New Leaf Arc, Kunoichi-to-be

Naruto Fan Fiction!

Adventure! SI-OC!


"A Song for Them"

A/N: A huge timeskip littered with flashbacks because I don't want to bore you lovely people with the day-to-day blah.

Okay! This did not end where I actually wanted to but these scenes just kept dragging on... So it's more than likely that you won't see Sora's genin team until chapter 8. BUT! I made a picture of what Genin Sora looks like... Enjoy!

EDIT, 12/27/2017: I found I didn't like the way the flashbacks were center page like that. Now they're on the left side!

EDIT, 4/27/2018: Fixed the dates and time for more accurate keeping.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own 'Naruto' or any of the cannon characters or any other things like Alice in Wonderland or any songs OR any buckets of paint! No one will sell to me anymore!

WARNING! RATED M! There will be... ninja-ing... and Hinata totally abusing Sora.

Sora: "Wait, what?"

Author: "Hush love..."

New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Six: "Kunoichi-to-be"

"I meant to behave but there were too many other options." -A Misfit

Sky-girl! I'm having a panic attack over here! came the only slightly hysterical voice of my other half. Terra.

I sighed.

I glanced towards the door and waved to Shikamaru and Chōji who had just slinked into class. Chōji waved back, Shikamaru only acknowledged me with a nod. I was sitting in the far seat by the window of the classroom, waiting for Iruka-sensei to come in only to notice he was missing a certain troublemaking blonde who had planned a 'really big and awesome prank dattebayo!' for today.

Can you guess what today is?

If you guessed 'Graduation Day' then you you guessed wrong. Like, not even in the ballpark. You're like, the next village over wrong. But! If you guessed 'Mochi Monday' then gold star for you! Yay!


Graduation is tomorrow. Silly.

Who in the snollygoster are you talking to? 'Coz it's not me. And if it's not me then we need to discuss your state mental health. Terra said bluntly.


I could feel her glower. How? ...I have no idea.


I took a deep breath, 'Why Terra? Why are you stressed?' I asked patiently.

...really? If you haven't noticed... oh, GRADUATION DAY IS TOMORROW! she screeched.

'Yes. I did notice.'. I spoke very calmly.

Then why aren't you FREAKING OUT?!

'About what exactly? Everything is going to go fine. We've been carefully planning for years now. We'll be fine.' I assured her.

But what if something goes wrong? What if Naruto doesn't end up on Team Seven? What if Kakashi isn't his sensei? How is the team going to work now that Naruto doesn't... y'know... about you-know-who? Terra asked frantically.

I grimaced at that reminder.

'That was... well. Just unexpected, really...' I allowed.

I wanna flashback. Terra blurted.

'What? No.' I quickly denied.

Yes! I need context!

You were there!

Yeah... So I can do the flashback myself! Right!

Terra! Waita-

Sora, (Age 12) Year 4 of the Academy, 719 Days until Graduation: Girls Bathroom

'What is happening right now?' I wondered blankly.

Oooooh... I think I've seen this in a movie before! Terra cheered, oddly excited.

I had just stepped away from Naruto and our lunch to wash off the sticky rice that I had spilled on my sleeve. But when I turned away from the sink I found that I was suddenly surrounded by aspiring Kunoichi.

'They're like, all the girl's from Sasuke's fanclub.'

Huh. You're right. There's Mimi and Tokie and Nana and Naomi-even Sakura and Ino are here! They look mad. That's weird. she observed.

I blinked slowly at the scowling girls, and waved to them, their scowls deepened. Utterly confused and a little weirded out, I tried to move past them, but Reina from Nonou-sensei's class stepped in front of me, cutting off my path. I frowned at her.

Then the eleven year-old shoved me backwards.

Oh NO she didn't! Terra cried.

I stumbled at the unexpected movement but caught myself on the water basin. I stared at the pigtailed girl in bewilderment.

"Aww... Zakuro-chan looks so confused." Reina said with faux sweetness. Ah. My oh-so original nickname. Pomegranate girl.

Resisting a weary sigh, I signed in Standard, 'Request for more Information'

The dark-haired girl took another step closer to me, almost invading my personal space. "You're always cutting class and running around with those losers! Pretending like you don't care or anything but I know better! If you actually think that you'll get his attention by doing stuff like that then you're as insane as you are UGLY!" she sneered.

'I-What?! I'm completely lost here! Help me out here Terra...' I pleaded.

Oh, she did NOT just call us UGLY! Terra snarled.

'Focus!' I hissed.

Uh, hell-ooo? Earth to Sora! Do you NOT see that we are surrounded on all sides by someone's fangirls? The very same someone that you just-so-happened to sit next to during the math test today?

'Sasuke. Okay, Sasuke's fangirls are attacking. Why? I didn't do anything! He didn't even talk to me, the only thing that happened was that his annoyance flared and his chakra repulsed away from me when I sat down!'

The pigtailed girl jabbed one finger into my chest, I tried not to recoil at the invasion of my personal space, "Don't even try to play dumb Zakuro. Sakura-san saw you today." she said and I briefly panicked.

'Saw? Saw what? She couldn't have seen me! Sasuke hasn't been able to catch me and he's been trying for years!'

Calm your hair woman! Your right, Sakura couldn't have seen us. Not only was it before dawn, we made sure no one was within our sensor range to spot us dropping off the package. And our range isn't too shabby if I do say so myself. Terra said a bit pridefully.

Suddenly the pink-haired Kunoichi-to-be was the center of attention. She looked a bit uncomfortable now. Sakura cleared her throat before she spoke, "During the math class earlier... Sasuke-kun was done first as usual but, so was Sor-uh, Zakuro-san... and when I looked at them, she was leaning all over Sasuke-kun!" she finished more confident and upset than she had started.

I blinked lethargically.

'I had dropped my pen.' I realized, 'I had dropped my pen and it rolled near Sasuke's feet, I had then leant under the table to get it back because the Uchiha had no sense of chivalry.'

And now you being harassed... how funny.

'Not really.'

I tried to diffuse the situation before things got any further out of hand, 'Mistaken, Not-' I didn't get to finish signing because someone kicked me from behind. I landed on my hands and knees on the green ceramic tiles. I heard a slew of snickers and high-pitched giggles.

"Whoopsie~" came a voice from a brunette girl whose name escapes me.


'Please Terra...' I pleaded, I felt an extreme headache coming on.

Reina was standing over me now, looking a lot taller than she was a minute ago. She sneered, "Sasuke-kun would never be interested in such a stupid girl like you. You can't even talk! ...we'll show you to stay away from Sasuke-kun!" She reached down-

-and the bathroom door swung open, slamming against the wall and drawing all the girls attention. All the heads in the room snapped towards the door in surprise.

There, in all his orange jumpsuit glory, scowling at the girls, was my whiskered best friend.

His blue eyes scanned the filled room, they landed briefly on Sakura and hurt washed over his face before he looked at me, on the ground still. A dark look appeared on his face, "What the hell are you all doing in here? Why is Sora-chan on the ground, 'ttebayo?!" he demanded.

"Naruto, you dumbass!" Sakura screeched, "This is the girl's bathroom! GET. OUT!"

The Hero blinked slowly, like he hadn't realized that.

He probably didn't. He must've come to check on you when you didn't come right back and just barged in. Terra guessed. I had to agree with her. It's seemed like a very Naruto thing to do.

The Hero then remembered what he was doing here in the first place, he crossed his arms over his chest in defiance, "What are you guys doing to Sora-chan in here, 'ttebayo?" he asked again.

Naruto didn't get his answer. Instead all the girls started to get riled up, "Get out Demon boy!" "What is your problem?!" "This is for the girls, idiot!" they all began ganging up on him and I was completely fed up.

I stood up to my full height, I was almost a full head taller than the rest of them. No one was really paying any attention to me now as I rummaged through the pouch strapped to my thigh. We had only just began wearing our practice tools this last month in preparation for when we graduate.

When my fingers brushed against my desired object I looked up and locked eyes with my friend and signed.

'Plan Dye'

His baby-blues lit up with unadulterated glee as he nodded. He covered his mouth and nose and started backing away. The girls didn't have a chance to respond as I threw down a white smoke bomb -Like a true ninja, yo!- and quickly pushed my way out of the flooded bathroom. Naruto was waiting for me outside, armed with little colorful pellets.

There were girlish cries and coughing as they all fled the bathroom and right into Naruto's line of sight.

He threw the green, the yellow and the red exploding powder bombs. It was the Hero's very own invention. Terra and I were very proud of him when he showed us.

Naruto cackled with glee and I had a very not nice smile stretching my lips as the fangirls squealed.

Classes throughout the rest of the day were littered with extremely colorful fangirls. It was hilarious when I noticed that Sasuke stayed as far away as possible from any girl that had gotten bombarded.

A few weeks later...

"There she goes again!" I heard whispered harshly, "She's trying to get closer to Sasuke-kun!" I didn't need to turn my head to recognize Ino's not so quiet whisperings to the other girls at their desk.

I did, however, glance at Sasuke because he must've heard her as clearly as I did. The raven-haired boy was glaring at the opposite wall with a little more annoyance than necessary. I found that quite amusing.

"Does she just not get it?" "I knew Zakuro wasn't smart but I didn't think she was that dumb." "How does she even get away with that?" I heard whispered amongst them.

I gracefully ignored all their rude remarks and snickering. Slightly thankful Naruto was too busy on the other side of the classroom right now bugging Kiba to hear any of this. Ever since that incident in the girls bathroom the blonde has become overly-protective of me. It's sweet, but unnecessary.

Then Sakura decided to make an ignorant and uninformed comment on my home life.

"She can only get away with doing whatever she wants because she has no parents. I heard that her Mom had left her when she was little." I carefully did not react, 'This is eerily familiar...' I thought as she continued, "If my Mom heard I was skipping class I would be in so much trouble! Even if her Mom was still around, I don't think that she'd punish her though. Zakuro had to learn to behave so wild like that from someone." Sakura said haughtily.

Okay, I bit the inside of my cheek after hearing that. I noticed that Terra was dangerously quiet and even Sasuke glanced my way in morbid curiosity, but I couldn't really bring myself to care at the moment.

"I mean, just look at all those piercings! What kind of mother would let their daughter do that?" she laughed, "And that hair! It's so obvious she's trying to get Sasuke-kun's attention, it's gross."

I was done.

I stood up abruptly, causing my chair to fall back in a clatter, consequently attracting the whole class's attention. I turned and gave the pink-haired girl a look which caused her to pale at. Apparently just realizing she had raised her voice way above the previous loud whispering.

I couldn't yell at her and make her apologize for bad mouthing Kaa-chan... but I could do something that'll shut her up for good.

In hindsight, it's entirely possible that I might have overreacted.

But... I wasn't thinking all that clearly!

I walked up to her desk, she was sitting in the front of the class. I ran my hand through my ponytail, even tied up it reached the small of my back. I looked at the pink-haired girl directly, she straightened up and was glaring at me now. I slipped my hand into the leather pouch strapped to my left thigh, took out a practice kunai and twirled it around my fingers. The girls in front of me paled again and I felt nervousness waft off their chakra. Some of the others in the classroom had tensed up, Naruto and the boys were gawking at me.

I pulled on my hair again before bringing the knife to the base of my ponytail and cutting the whole thing off.

There were dramatic gasps.

I then marched up to the blackboard, took a piece of chalk and drew in BIG characters in front of the whole class,


There were scandalized gasps.


'Kami, you're so embarrassing...'

I went right back to the table Sakura was sitting at and slammed my fistful of orange hair down, startling her and her wide green eyes. I glared at her another moment before I found that my point was thoroughly made. I stomped over to my seat and found a stunned/proud Naruto, who was staring at my new haircut in shock, waiting for me.

Completely ignoring all the stunned/horrified faces of the fangirls, the slightly impressed faces of some of the boys, Sasuke's utter exasperation with everyone and everything and how very, very hot my face suddenly felt.

After that day I was not bothered by the fangirls again and Sasuke's chakra no longer repulsed against mine whenever we ended up sitting next to each other during class.

January 18th, Present Day: Classroom 103

I absently reached for my ponytail. It was tied up as usual but when I had it down, my orange locks barely brushed the tops of my shoulders now. I thought back to just how bad my impromptu haircut looked and giggled a bit. It was terrible. In the heat of the moment I had cut it awkwardly and it was lopsided. Hinata was a doll and had evened it out the best she could after class but it was basically unsalvageable.

Speaking of the sweet girl, the Hyuuga princess had just walked in.

I waved at the bashful girl with a cheery grin. She returned the wave with a small, shy smile and made her way over to me. Today she was wearing her yellow short-sleeve hoodie and her baggy ninja pants. Unlike her counterpart, my Hinata no longer wears the oversized coat so she can hide away in it. Due to some red-head's advice.

"Good morning Sora-chan." she said quietly. "How did you sleep last night?" the dark-haired girl inquired sweetly.

I faux pouted at her question, I signed, 'Why do you always ask that? I swear, you're just as bad as the Hero.'

She then smiled embarrassedly and giggled a bit, "That's because you would choose to never sleep if you could get away with it."

I paused. Then shrugged in a 'what-can-you-do' kind of way.

"Uhm... where is N-Naruto-kun today? Is he skipping again?" at the stutter I raised my eyebrow pointedly and she blushed cutely. "S-Sorry..." at my exasperated look she stared doing that thing with her fingers again.

I pulled out my notepad and wrote. Knowing the drill she came to stand beside me and read out loud over my shoulder.

"Naruto had a big prank planned for today and he'll probably be dragged in by Iruka-sensei within the next hour." "Oh, really? I h-hope he doesn't do anything too dangerous." "Why are you st-studdering? Have you been reading the story I gave you?" "I-I finished it the other night. Hanabi-chan re-really liked 'Fushigi no Kuni no Arisu' by the way. Arisu is her fa-favorite now."

I smiled at that. Alice in Wonderland was my absolute favorite when I was little Before. I'm just glad I got to share it with someone else who could love it.

Hm. That's right, Naruto is still waiting on the ending of the Hobbit isn't he? He really wants to know how to slay the dragon. Terra said cheerily.

'At least it has him interested in the reading. He has to learn the Kanji if he wants to know what happens next.'

Too true my little mastermind.

I turned my attention back to my only female friend. She spoke as I wrote, "Nice try with the subject change," she blushed again, "Have you been doing the breathing exercises?" "Y-Yes I..." she sighed. I motioned her with my hand to get on with it.

While she's doing this I think it's time for another flashback~ my other half sang.

'Terra I don't have time for-'


Sora, (Age 8) Year 1 of the Academy, 1558 Days until Graduation: Sparring Ring

I landed hard on my rear, gasping for AIR! Dust had kicked up from my ungraceful fall, making it that much harder to catch my breath again.

Oooh! That's going to leave a nasty bruise. Terra commented.

'I think she bruised my lungs!'

"Winner, Hinata!" called the Sensei.

The sweet dark-haired girl nervously stood over me, pressing her fingers together in an adorable bad habit.

"A-Are you o-okay, Sora-s-san?" she stuttered. I gave her a thumbs up as I rolled off of my back and crawled into my knees.

"Now preform the seal of reconciliation." the Sensei instructed. I extended two fingers with a tired smile. The Hyuga heiress locked her fingers with mine and returned with a much more tentative smile.

We walked back over to the sidelines together and I plopped in an unlady-like manner onto the dirt and began massaging my right shoulder. Hinata had gotten me good there.

And I don't think she was even trying her hardest. Terra said almost tauntingly. She's not even very high in the class rankings because of how gentle she is compared to the other girls. You just suck that bad.

I didn't rise to my other halves' bait and moved my hand to over my back and grimaced when I found another tear in my shirt.

'That's the second one this week! I'm going to run out of clothes at this rate. I can only repair my stuff so many times before the fabric is just useless...' I refrained from sighing and instead watched the next spar. It was between two kids from another class. The rest of the spars were fairly uneventful as Naruto and Sasuke didn't get the chance to swing at each other today and cause a ruckus.

The sensei sent us all back to our classrooms and when my blonde best friend walked up next to me I swung my arms around his neck from behind and slumped all my weight onto him.

"Ooof!" he stumbled at the extra weight but righted himself before he could face plant, "Oi! Your heavy, 'ttebayo! Get ooooff me!" he whined.

I shook my head 'no' against his shoulder blade and he groaned but continued walking back to the classroom. Being almost two heads taller than him my feet were being dragged behind us and he trudged on. Soon my shoulders were shaking with my laughter at the absurdity of how we must've looked to everyone. Naruto felt my laughter on his back and began giggling himself. Our classmates gave us plenty of odd looks. We didn't notice however, that someone in particular was watching us more closely than the others.

After class wrapped up for the day Naruto ran off with the boys while I opted to try and salvage what was left of my shirt. I found myself sitting on a bench at the nearby park with a sewing kit and another -non ripped- shirt on my back.

I was busy trying to remember how to do Blind stitch when Terra chimed in, Oooh... 'Ya feel that Sky-girl? she asked me. I did in fact, feel that chakra. I'd just been too busy to acknowledge it yet.

Warm, clear as crystal. An undercurrent of something alive. A feeling like sitting by the pond in springtime.

'She's not following Naruto today?' I wondered as I glanced towards the tree she was leaning against. The six year-old startled badly at been seen and hid behind the tree.

'Woah. Déjà vu.'

Are they all so Ei*ub$ODin cute at this age? Terra gushed.

After a minute the little Hyuuga heiress popped her red, red face from out behind the tree. I smiled in a -hopefully- friendly way. Meekly, she walked out and came towards me, eyes firmly glued to the ground.

"I-I-I apolo-g-gize for following y-you, S-Sora-san..." she said quietly.

'Oh you dear girl, that's really a bad stutter...'

OH MY GOD, YOU MUST SNUGGLE HER! Terra cried in that insane way she does. Hey! It's not my fault she so ADORABLE!

'I can't do that and you know exactly why. The poor thing would faint on the spot!' I pointed out.

All the better! Then we'd get to keep her! That stuffy clan of hers doesn't deserve such a sweetie!

I just ignored Terra after that particular brand of crazy and pulled out my notepad instead.

"It's no problem. Is there something you wanted?" I asked and Hinata suddenly started fidgeting like mad.

I waited patiently until she suddenly thrusted out a bundle of soft-blue fabric in front of her.

I blinked at it. It looked soft... and expensive.

"I-It's, uhm... Th-This is so-some extra cl-cloth m-m-my Okaa-sama had-d leftover... she's be-been making b-baby clothes for my Im-Imouto. I n-noticed that y-your shirts h-h-have been rip-p-ping from our sp-spars so... I-I thought... m-ma-maybe..."

As she stuttered with her cherry red face, my heart melted.

We have to keep her. Terra whispered.

I ignored Terra's, admittedly, tempting idea and smiled at the little girl in front of me. When she didn't raise her eyes from the ground I gently laid my hand over her's. Her milky eyes snapped up and, if possible, she turned redder.

I raised my other hand to my lips, placed it over my heart then motioned to her and mouthed 'Thank you'.

"I-It's n-no pr-pr-problem, S-Sora-san..."

'I want to do something for her.' I decided, '...her stutter... that's really bad, a lot worse than I remember it being.'

Terra made a contemplative noise, It kinda is, isn't it? She can hardly get a word out as it is now.

'I wonder... I used to have a friend growing up Before who had a really bad stutter... maybe...'

Knock yourself out.

I accepted the blue cloth from her and wrote, "Thank you Hinata. I will make sure to put this to good use." I already had some idea of what I was going to do with it. "Might I ask something though?" she hesitantly nodded, "Can I help you manage that stutter?"

The six year-old froze.

"My... my... w-w-what do y-you mean b-b-by h-help m-me?" she asked with a new light in her wide, pale eyes.

I patted the seat next to me invitingly.

Once she seated herself a polite arms length away, I began, "For the first step I want you to read whatever I write, aloud. It will help you with speech and to control your stutter better." she hesitated a split second before nodding.

"Al-Alright, Sora-san."

I moved closer to her so she could read easier, she scooted away, I moved closer again, she scooted away, I moved once more and then she was on the edge of the bench with nowhere else to run.

Muwahahaha... she's ours now... Terra said with a manic grin. Oi, it was simply... excited. She defended.

Now sitting shoulder-to-shoulder,"O-Okay, the next st-step. You n-ne-need to f-focus on your breathing. Breathe i-in-a-and-out until y-you com-completely r-relax. Try t-to imagine a hap-hap-happy pl-place." "L-Like meditation?." I nodded and she slowly closed her eyes and began to breathe in-and-out.

After about ten minutes of controlled breathing did I finally see the tension in her shoulders melt away. That would have to be worked on. When she opened her eyes again she looked so much better and calmer than I'd seen her before.

"Feel better?" "Oh!" I smiled widely at her as her face lit up, "I... I didn't st-stutter!" then her face fell again, "It's o-okay. If you continue t-to read aloud an-and relax more it can be m-managed." "Re-Really?" I nodded, then asked, "What k-kind of books do you have at home?" "I-I don't have many, o-only the ones for training and st-study." I frowned, then an idea occurred to me and I tried not to smirk, "Come a-and see me at lunch to-tomorrow. You can borrow o-one of mine to read aloud an-and practice con-controlling the st-stutter."

The little heiress looked like she was about to protest but I held up my hand to stop her, I lifted up the new cloth she gifted me pointedly, "It's what friends do." was all I wrote and the sweet girl looked like a mix of shock and shyness.

Twas adorable.

Lunch, the next day came quickly.

"He-He-Hello Sora-san." squeaked a voice from behind. Naruto and Kiba paused in their bickering to turn to the unfamiliar addition.

Snuggle-wunnie! Terra cheered.

I smiled widely and waved Hinata closer to us, she was about ten feet away. I was slightly surprised her small voice carried that far.

"Hello Shikamaru-s-san, Ch-Chōji-san, Ki-Kiba-san and N-N-Naruto-s-san!" she stuttered out.

How adorably polite... and terribly formal. This must be remedied, Sky-girl.

Naruto, sweet, cheerful Naruto piped up -his mouth still full- with an ecstatic greeting that flustered the girl. Akamaru barked cheerfully. When no one else said 'Hello' Hinata started to fidget nervously and I scowled at the rest of the boys.

Shikamaru noticed my dark look and decided to just go with it. The Nara nodded in greeting, "Hinata." after that Chōji followed with his own shy greeting.

I glowered at Kiba and he stared stubbornly back. Turning to Hinata I wrote, "Don't mind them too much. They're just little boys."

Kiba bristled, "It's 'cause she's a girl!" Kiba said empathically.

There was silence from our group after that.

I looked at him with exasperation.

Shikamaru facepalmed.

Chōji looked at the dog-boy sympathetically.

Hinata looked adorably confused.

Naruto was still smiling at he munched on some of my homemade rice omelet.

When even Akamaru whined, the Inuzuka boy seemed to catch on, he pointed his hand at me, "You don't count! You're not really a girl!" he tried again.

Shikamaru groaned, "Please just, stop. Talking."

"But she's not!" he cried, "She made me eat mud!"

I won't admit to smiling fondly at that particular memory.

But I knew what he meant, so instead of hitting him upside the head I reached over and patted his hair -which wasn't nearly as soft as Naruto's- in a motherly way.

I glanced back at the awkward looking Hyuuga heiress and realized that I was getting way off track here. I reached into my woolen satchel and pulled out a little black-leather book with an apple stitched onto the binding. I handed it towards the dark-haired girl. She took it delicately and looked over the cover.

"T-The little boat that c-could?"

Perfect. Terra praised.

"Ah, I really liked that one." Chōji said, like the sweetheart he was.

Hinata then bowed and murmured a thank you and turned to leave but before she could escape I stopped her by tugging lightly on her sleeve.

When I had her attention again, I wrote, "I want you to remember the breathing exercises whenever it gets out of hand." she didn't read it aloud, "And start reading everything out loud!" "Oh! Y-Yes, Sora-san!"

Also... since she's reading aloud now, I felt a devious smile curl my lips, I wrote and she said, "If you a-all wouldn't mi-mind, I w-would like to eat l-l-lunch with you to-to-today!?" "S-So-Sora-san!" the girl squeaked as she turned ten different shades of red. I smiled wide and patted the grass next to me invitingly.

"Eh? Sure you can Hinata-chan!" my blonde friend said excitedly.

Eventually, the little heiress conceded to our -mine and Naruto's- demands and joined our little group for lunch. Even the rest of the boys were fine with it. Well... after I smacked Kiba upside the head, they did. Sadly, the Inuzuka's young only understand the language of violence.

She didn't say any more than I did but Hinata had the cutest little goofy smile on her face throughout the whole time.

January 18th, Present Day: Classroom 103

I felt someone poking me in the side of the head.

I turned and scowled at a smirking Kiba.

"Oi, you awake now Pomegranate?" he asked loudly, still poking me.

I swatted his hand away and signed, 'What do you want dog-boy?' I glared playfully at him. He gave me a sharp grin in return.

"Hinata needed help wakin' you up! She's been over here trying to talk to you since Iruka-sensei went out to find the dead last." he informed me.

I blinked in surprise. I'd been out of it for that long? 'Well, thanks a lot...' I grumbled to my other half. I got the distinct impression the brunette shrugged unrepentantly.

I turned in my seat to look at the dark-haired girl beside me. She was frowning delicately, "Sorry... you'd gotten stuck in your head again." she said quietly.

I frowned myself, 'I'm the one sorry for spacing out like that. You were just being considerate.' I assured her with an apologetic smile. She then smiled that shy little smile of hers in return.

"Sooo..." Kiba drawled as he leaned forward onto my desk, Akamaru took this chance to hop out of the Inuzuka's jacket and onto my desk. I patted the pup affectionately, "What's the dead last up to today?" he asked.

I shrugged, 'All he said was that is was 'going to be awesome, believe it!' and left before me this morning.'

"Ehh? Since when does he not tell you every little thing?" the Inuzuka said almost jokingly.

I gave him a very unimpressed look while I snuggled Akamaru to my chest, Kiba glanced down disapprovingly at the display, 'Maybe he wanted it to be a surprise. Believe it or not, Naruto and I aren't actually attached to the hip.' I informed him.

The canine-like teen snorted, "Yeah, suuure." he drawled.

I frowned at him and turned my attention wholly to the puppy, mewling his approval at my ministration as Hinata had started pampering him as well.

Apparently being ignored didn't sit all that well with Kiba as he growled at us. "Stop doing that! Akamaru isn't some pet, he's a trained killer!"

Kiba's exclamation was greatly undermined as Akamaru started purring when I scratched his underbelly.

"Alright! That's enough!" the Inuzuka snatched the pup from my grasp, ignoring the pup's protests and my and Hinata's glares.

Yes. Hinata can glare.

It was a few tricky lesson that took a few months-but! She perfected the glare. The girl next-to-never uses it but... at least she can be intimidating.

Are you kidding me? She looked like a disgruntled bunny when she does that! Hinata is way too Wa*floo&%ing adorable to be taken as anything more than a snuggle-wunnie... Terra gushed.

I sighed.

It's so hard to deal with the voice in my head some days...

Terra was about to respond sassily when we both felt Bright and Breezy chakra flare up outside. I shot up from my seat, surprising Hinata and Kiba, scrambled over the desk and hopped out of the open window next to us. I ran to the middle of the yard and looked up towards where I sensed the flare of chakra shoot up. I noticed Kiba and even Hinata follow me out, along with some of the more curious -or bored- of my classmates.

Hinata followed my line of sight and I heard a soft 'Byakugan!' and when I turned to her, the area around her eyes had veins protruding out.

"Oh! There's N-Naruto-kun!" she exclaimed softly.

"Eh? Where? I don't see him." I heard Chōji say, along with the distinct sounds of snacks being consumed.

The Byakugan user pointed a delicate hand towards the Yondaime's stone face, and sure enough! Everyone could see that yellow-and-orange glare from this distance.

Shikamaru groaned, "Aw man... what's he doing up there?"

Not a second after he said that did Naruto's chakra flare twice more in warning to me. I'm sure some of the other sensors nearby felt it, but did they know what it meant? No. No, they did not.

Then there was a, 'POP! POP! POP! POP!' ringing through the air and suddenly an array of colors and painted words were spattered across Hokage mountain.

There were 'ooh's' and 'ahh's' as the second half of the seals activated and Naruto's homemade powder-dye bombs exploded over our head in blues and purples. Covering the no-longer-red tiled roof of the Hokage building and nearby businesses.

I've gotta say... that was a lot better than it was the first time around. More... ka-pow factor. Terra praised.

I agreed with my other half.

"Hey Sora..." I blinked, Shikamaru was suddenly standing next to me now, "...weren't those your storage seals?" he asked curiously and I had to pause.

I don't remember making any multi-tiered storage seals for Naruto. He didn't like the fact all his stuff could be lost if the paper got damaged in any way, although I've told him a hundred times that it's near impossible to interfere with one of my designs. Which he admittedly, was more than likely to do himself. And I had no spares... all of mine were filled and in use right now.

I frowned.

Why that little foxy devil! Terra growled.

'Oh... he is in for more than a lecture when Iruka drags him back in.' I said darkly as I cracked my knuckles.

Shikamaru took a few subtle steps away from me.

New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Six: "Kunoichi-to-be"


A/N: I found I'm terrible at writing mean girls... My feelings don't get hurt easily so I didn't really have any proper reference. This was pretty hard to do, but I hope I did it well...?

I just want to say that I DO NOT hate Sakura or Ino or, anybody really. There are very few people in the Narutoverse that I think should die, horrible, painful deaths. Sakura was just written wrong pre-shippuden. She's really is a sweetie... except when it comes to anything to do with Sasuke.

Then Sakura's kinda bitchy.

I mean, she ended her relationship with her best friend and she is waaaay mean to Naruto. Over Sasuke, the emotionally stunted boy. She didn't always have her priorities straight, and bullying the mute girl doesn't seem like a stretch to me, especially if Sakura felt in any way threatened by the nice-two-years-older-and-only-middle-of-the-rankings-because-she-didn't-show-up-girl.

That's my take on it anyways.

Thank you to ALL that following this and are reading about Sora's story! To those that reviewed, I'd write your names down but this A/N is ALSO dragging on! Sorry, seems to be a problem this week!

Author Question!

"What is that one song you can listen non-stop? Whether it be an oldie or the newest hit, what's the song you just keep hitting replay on?"

For me right now, it's "Safe and Sound" preformed by Jackie Evancho. That's kind of my mindset right now.

Much love, 'till next week!


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