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New Leaf Arc, Hoodwinked

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"A Song for Them"

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New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Five: "Hoodwinked"

"A good friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move a body." -A real person



'I. -huff- Am. -huff- Running!'

I duck under the cart selling grilled squid and weave past the lovey-dovey couple making gross kissy noises and reach out to grab my blonde companion's wrist. He made a noise of surprise before he realized I had successfully caught back up with him.

I pulled the five-almost-six year-old along quickly behind me, trying to escape our pursuer. My eight year-old legs were longer, giving me the advantage. We stayed hidden within the early September crowds. Stepping out in the open now would leave us vulnerable to capture, he couldn't maneuver as easily in the throngs of bustling people like we could.

Uh-oh! He's gaining on us!

I heard Naruto shout, "I can see 'em, dattebayo!" I glanced back at the blonde and followed his line of sight to the rooftops running parallel. There was a beast of a man, his -usually- dark cloak colored in bright hues of blue and green paints.

And glitter. We can't forget the glitter now... it was... brilliant. Terra whispered.

In hindsight maybe it was a bad idea to paint bomb the ANBU on guard.

ANBU Kuma doesn't seem like the forgiving type.

But it was sooo worth it... He needed some more sparkle to his dreary life.

'Oh, you just miss Neko and are just taking it out on Kuma-san.' I accused.

Yes. Terra said shamelessly. I know Neko's got, like, a job but he should've at least dropped by to say he'd be gone for FIVE MONTHS! If it weren't for Hiruzen-jiji then I'd be convinced he was DEAD!

'I think it's against the rules to tell people, Terra.' I said in the man's defense as I sprinted around the street corner.

Whatever... she sniffed. FISH!

On a pure instinct that I wasn't aware I had, I fell to my knees, pulling Naruto down with me, we slid under the five-foot fish being carried by before hastily standing and continuing our daring escape. I heard some adults swearing at us but I couldn't hear them over Naruto's manic giggling and Terra screaming about how we looked like Total Rock stars! All I could think was that my pants probably had a tear in the seams now.

"Ah! There's the dumpling shop, 'ttebayo!" the blonde cried and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

Over the past nine months Naruto and I have explored around just about every corner and path in the village proper. For adventuring purposes of course. For example, here, at Wakabayashi's dumpling shop there was a backdoor that opened into the kitchen of the tea house behind it, and through the front of the tea house was the market district's Main Road. One of the same Main Roads that all led to the Hokage building near the center of the village.

We burst in through the curtain in front of the entrance and made a mad dash towards the backdoor, ignoring Mrs. Wakabayashi's cry of fury at dripping overly-colorful paints on her wooden floors. Yes, Naruto was still holding the buckets of green and blue. Yes, they were making a lot of noise.

...we'd probably have to ditch them if we wanted to make a clean getaway.

Aww... that's my little evil mastermind. Terra cooed.

We made it out of the kitchen and I rolled my eyes at Terra as I jumped over the dark-furred Inuzuka pup that was enjoying some fresh dango, and we dived outside into the lunch time rush. Naruto and I stopped running and followed along with the flow of the crowds, hands locked together in an iron grip. I closed my eyes and tried to sense if ANBU Kuma was still after us, but no luck. Not only was I not familiar enough with his chakra signature, but there was just too many people around to sift for a ANBU chakra. Those suckers usually are suppressing and are just a pain to track via chakra.

I wonder why... Terra drawled dryly.

"Eheheehee! We got 'im good Sora-chan!" the blonde said with a grin that could rival the Cheshire cat. He even had the whiskers.

...do we still have the purple paints? she wondered.

'No.' I said flatly.


I smiled wide myself as I raised my hands and signed, 'It was priceless. His chakra went nuts after the glitter bomb!' Naruto started cracking up after that.

It's fair to mention that... the two of us created an entire sign language over the past nine months.


Don't underestimate an Uzumaki Naruto determined to talk with his only friend. He's a genius of effort after all.

It started out with the reading and writing then it progressed to teaching him the same handsigns Neko had taught me. Until one sunny day in the park, Naruto was sitting next to me and had asked,

'Hey, what's the sign for awesome, 'ttebayo?'

...there wasn't one.

That was soon rectified.

It escalated from there on. I wrote down a word and then we would create a sign for it, we memorized it, and eventually I was able to create whole sentences and actually talk with the little Hero. It was a lot like my first world's sign language. Shame I didn't learn more of it Before, it would've made the whole process a lot easier. We even made hand signs for specific people. I motioned a big hat when talking about the Hokage. And Kobu was a 'L' on the forehead.

It was Terra's idea.

...who are you talking to...? Terra asked hesitantly.

'...no one.' I quickly dismissed.

"So what now? We've got all this extra paint left." the blonde wondered aloud, holding up the buckets.

'I used all the glitter we had.' I then shrugged.

He started giggling that infectious giggle again, "Yeah! He was covered in it! He'll be cleaning it out of his hair forever!"

I started laughing myself -silently, it looked like I was a mime- and moved my hand to respond again, but suddenly found myself dangling a few feet in the air.

Naruto squawked in obvious protest and started kicking and just flailing around. I craned my neck around to see two dark eye-holes in a familiar porcelain mask.

NEKO'S BACK! Terra just about fangirled. OI! How DARE you say that! I just like him a lot is all... she said defensively.

I felt my face split into a wide grin as I quickly wrapped my arms around the ANBU's neck. He stumbled awkwardly -dropping Naruto in the process, he landed on all fours- and froze up, letting go of my collar and instead wrapping his other arm around me so I wouldn't fall. After a long moment though he straightened up and pat my head stiffly.

Told you. All ANBU are socially awkward ducklings. Terra said with fondness.

I buried my face in the crook of his neck and noticed just how bad he stank. Like he hadn't showered in days! Did he just get back or something? His cloak was clean but his mask had dirt and scratches on it. I pulled away and noticed Naruto staring at us oddly, I signed, 'This is Neko. He's my friend.'

Naruto made an 'o' shape with his mouth and grinned at Neko. Neko however, was staring at me with extreme curiosity swirling in his chakra.

'Oh. That's right, he hasn't been here since we made up our signs.'

I grinned happily at him and signed in the Standard, 'Established Communication.'

Neko nodded sharply. Warmth radiating from his chakra.

Then ANBU Kuma in all his glittery glory jumped down from absolutely nowhere.

Naruto squeaked, I pressed a quick kiss to Neko's mask -Oh yeah!- and hopped out of his hold while he was stunned. I landed on the dirt and faced Kuma, he was even bigger and more intimidating than I remember him being an hour ago. I grabbed Naruto's hand in mine and tapped two fingers to the middle of his palm. He broke into a smile as I started rooting around my bag.

ANBU Kuma was standing tall, very tall, in front of us when I finally found it...

I squeezed Naruto's hand in warning as I held up a familiar night-light tag and pulsed as much chakra as I reasonably could while I shut my eyes tight. I heard two grunts of surprise and when I cut off my chakra I saw that the elite ANBU had their hands over their eye-holes.

Sorry, Neko my dear!

By the time the white spots had cleared out of their vision they were missing two troublemakers.

The night's are colder than last year. Some of the adults are talking about getting snow in a couple weeks. I haven't seen snow since... I can't remember how long. It was cold but, if it was even possible... the stars are even more beautiful in the chilly winter night.

The only sound stirring in the night air was the slow creaking of the swing set.

A pulse of chakra filled the area, signaling his presence.

Soft, easy. Safe. I smiled.

The swing next to me was taken now.

This has gotta be against every protocol there is. Terra said wryly.

'Actually, I don't think he's on the job right now. I haven't been given an ANBU guard since Naruto started going with me everywhere.' I reasoned.

True, true.

I gave my ANBU friend a warm smile.

I oh-so subtly leaned closer an sniffed the air next to him a couple of times.

The elite killer's chakra swirled in that adorably familiar emotion of utter embarrassment...

Hmm... with a dash of mortification in it. Terra said, all-too-pleased.

'Arrived, Today.' he signed.

In Standard, 'Observe, Me, First' I signed with a coy smile. Then Neko did something that surprised me.

He chuckled nervously.

"Ah. I was on my way home when I spotted you and your friend running through the street." he said. His voice was a lot higher than I remember it being. More boyish.

He sounds a lot younger than I thought he'd be. Terra said with wonder.

I stared at him for a moment before really looking at him. His mask was clean as was his cloak now, but from how close he was I could see just how baggy the dark cloth was on him. He was as thin as most civilian women!

He's not even fully grown yet... Neko's just a kid!

Well, not a kid. He's definitely older than Itachi was but... still too young for the Black ops division... I felt my lips twitch into a small frown.

"Speaking of, Kuma-san is..." he paused, looking for the right word, "displeased, about your little prank. You shouldn't do things like that." he said with an almost-stern undertone.

I smiled cheekily and pulled out my notebook, "Did he get out all the glitter before the rest of the ANBU saw him?" I wrote.

He was silent but his chakra said it all. Reluctant amusement I recognized.

I tried not to smirk too widely.

"That trick with the light was pretty clever by the way..." he praised casually.

I beamed.

The air between us was as comfortable as it's always been, like this wasn't our first time speaking with each other in almost half a year.

"So... have you adjusted to Konoha yet?" he ventured.

I paused a moment before nodding slowly, writing, "It's peaceful here. Noisy. But-" I chewed my bottom lip looking for the right word, "Safe? I guess."

At that his chakra twitched sadly and his shoulders stiffened. Guilt, I recognized.

'He must be remembering that ni... the first time we met.' I said slowly.

I don't want a sad Neko! Terra lamented, Distract him with words! she demanded

Under compulsion, I wrote the first thing that came to my mind, "You were gone too long. I missed you." I bluntly informed the ANBU. His chakra blinked. I can't possibly describe it another way but, it did, "Don't be away for so long again." I ordered in the way only little kids can.

His posture relaxed, if only slightly and his chakra radiated warmth, embarrassment, and amusement. I had the distinct feeling he was smiling behind that piece of white porcelain.

Chakra reading is sooo cheating. my other half said smugly.

'...reading? Oh, right!' I suddenly remembered something I really wanted to show my friend.

I quickly scribbled down, "Do you like to read Neko?"

He paused. Reading my pad.

I quickly amended, "Books. Do you like to read stories, about heroes and adventures and stuff?" He nodded slowly and I rummaged through my sack and found my little red hardcover book. One of the few -formerly- empty books my Kaa-chan had left behind. I handed it to the ANBU and he looked it over with interest. Neko opened to the first page and was met with my nicest handwriting.

On the page was written: "The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha"

"...kihōte?" Neko asked curiously.

...close enough.

He skimmed through the hundred and twenty-eight filled pages and faced me again, "Did you write all of this?" slight wonder coloring his tone.

I nodded and wrote, "I dreamt about it and wanted to write it down. Mostly for Naruto to practice his reading." And I did dream about it. That story was one of my utmost favorites growing up and I wanted to share it with someone. That someone happened to be Naruto. And now Neko. I added, "Read it and then come back and tell me what you thought about it."

I had a feeling he was smiling again when he nodded.

The room wasn't white anymore.

It was a beach now, with endless crystal green water and a blue-grey sky complete with wispy white clouds. The sands were a soft tan and felt like powder under her feet, there was a field of tall grass a ways behind in the distance. Tall, tall red-leaved oak trees lined the horizon.

Sora was still as small as she was when she first arrived here. Dressed in a simple faded peach gown, no scars and no shoes. Her strawberry-blonde hair curled and bounced unhindered in the gentle breeze.

Terra was lying on a beach chair near the water wearing a revealing black two-piece that hugged her curves. Her honey-brown hair was strewn across the back of the chair, the blue highlights no longer faded.

You come here often? the brunette drawled, her voice was as rich and smooth as usual.

"Evening Terra." Sora's voice clear and as sweet as it once was.

The woman looked at her young companion over the ridge of the fashionably -ridiculously- sized sunglasses she wore. What brings 'ya here today, Sky-girl?

The girl shrugged at her other half, "Just wanted to discuss some things is all."

Mm. Like what things? Terra asked curiously.

"I don't know..." she shrugged again, "our plans for the Sound invasion? I doubt we'll be self-sufficient enough by then to be out of the village safely." Sora came to stand next to the chair, "And then there's the whole 'people will die' bit I want to help prevent... if only a little bit."

Terra's nose scrunched up in distaste, she then sighed, I thought we already talked about this. We'll be a civilian. That means we'll more than likely get ourselves killed than help anyone out. The Leaf wll do just fine without a fourteen year-old involving herself in the battle...

"But!" Terra's blue-eyed glare stopped whatever protest Sora had. Now it was the girl's turn to sigh, "...Kaa-chan would've wanted to help." she mumbled.

Both halves felt the sting of her words and Terra grimaced. The brunette then raised her hand and in a 'poof!' appeared a Piña Colada. Sora stared blankly at it. Terra began to sip at it.

"You know you can't actually-"


Sora glared at the finger placed over her lips.

Then bit it.

YEOWCH! You violent little gremlin! Terra cried as she cradled her violated appendage.

Sora was smiling innocently, violet eyes sparkling.

The brunette went back to her drink, eying the girl with wariness. The girl, however, turned to stare out at the gentle lapping waves.

She thought about all of what was going to come.

By the time Pein invades she'll be eighteen and more than likely out of the village. Maybe even the country. But before that Orochimaru will come, and he will bring death with him.

How many innocents will die? Sora wondered. How many husbands and wives will lose their spouses? How many children their parents, and how many -Kami forbid- the other way around?

Could she do that?

Could she just look the other way and let someone else take care of it all? Just because it was inconvenient to her and Terra's plans? Because there was some risk to her? The girl was far better equipped than the average civilian. Her Mother had taught her better.


She couldn't sit by and watch.

"I'm going to help." she decided, "I don't know how. But I'm going to help somehow. I know Fuinjutsu so that has to count as something right? I-I'll just create some barriers to help protect the civilians! Just-I have to help. There was a reason why I know about what is going to happen so..." she trailed off.

Terra was silent for a long time.

'Kay then.


The brunette sipped on her fruity drink.

"...that's all you have to say?" Sora asked dubiously.

Apathetic sapphire hues landed on the girl. You make the choices Sky-girl. I just try and make sure you don't get us killed while you're at it. -Slurp- You have, like, NO sense of self-preservation. she bluntly informed.

"Hey! I too have self-preservation!" the girl retorted with little heat.

If you did you wouldn't be hanging out with the biggest trouble magnet in the history of the world. she retorted dryly.

Sora's eyes took on a dangerous look to them but Terra spoke again before Sora had a chance to bite her again.

Look, I love the dickens out of the kid too but he was going to turn out just fine! He was going to grow up with that big heart of his, learn invaluable life lessons, save hundreds of lives, save the world, inspire thousands, fall in love, get married and have a couple of cute kiddies of his own! Terra listed off dully.

Sora was listening but got distracted by one detail, "...who did he marry again?" she asked curiously.

It was... Terra paused with wide eyes, Y'know... I don't actually remember. she then shrugged, It's just another one of those gaps of knowledge we have I suppose. -Slurp-

Sora frowned, still a bit upset by Terra's disapproval of their relationship to Naruto but also by the mention of their memory gaps.

Since the Split happened, Sora and Terra have sorted through their Before memories dozens of times and found an unsettling amount of details missing. The memories they did keep were clear and haven't shown any sign of fading yet. Terra guessed that was because the memories traveled with the soul and weren't actually in the brain, so they shouldn't deteriorate over time.

Sora's head had hurt for a long time after that conversation.

Bum-bah-bah-bum dah~

Sora resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the beat beginning to play in the background.

Terra however, began to hum.

I was tired of my lady, we´d been together too long... Like a worn-out recording, of a favorite song.

Sora found she couldn't resist the insanity, "So while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed. And in the personals column, there was this letter I read..."

'If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain...

"If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain!"

If you like making love at midnight, in the du-u-unes of the cape~

"I'm the love that you´ve looked for, write to me, and escape!'"

"And is that your final decision Sora-chan?" rumbled Hiruzen in his deep baritone voice.

I nodded firmly. The same answer as every time before.

It's been almost a year since I first came here and every other month or so the Sandaime would ask me what I wanted to do with my life. If I wanted to join the Academy more specifically. With Naruto's own enrollment happening within the next two months, Sarutobi had come today to get my final answer regarding the whole thing.

And the answer was at it always was.

Not a chance.

'Only more politely.' I amended.

The old shinobi didn't look disappointed, but his chakra was a bit conflicted. He actually wanted me to happy here in Konoha but he also wanted me to be one of her ninjas and establish deep ties that would make me less likely to leave. Never could have too many Uzumaki's in the village.

Especially one that knows Fuinjutsu. Terra added dryly.

The Sandaime closed his eyes and nodded, "Alright then. I'm sure we can find something else you can excel in."

I smiled softly at the old Hokage.

"Jiji!" a familiar voice cried excitedly.

We both turned to find the little Hero running full speed towards us. But before he ever reached us, the blonde tripped over his own feet and fell whiskered face-first into the ground and ate dirt. I gasped and ran over to his side but he'd already popped back up and was spitting out grass.

Tch. Uzumaki's... Terra said with exasperation.

The old Hokage chuckled with fondness radiating off his chakra. "Ah. You should be more careful Naruto-kun."

"Ehehehee..." Naruto began to scratch the back of his head, smiling sheepishly, "So, what're you guys talking 'bout, 'ttebayo?"

"I was just discussing with Sora-chan about where she'll be going to school. You already know that the Academy will be enrolling new students in a few months so I was just-"

"Oh yeah! That's right!" the blonde cut in. Then his baby blue eyes began sparkling, "We're gonna be going to the Academy soon, 'ttebayo! We're gonna learn a buncha cool ninja stuff and then Sora-chan and me can become super strong ninja and then when I'm Hokage she can be like, my right hand man, dattebyo! Or, uh... right hand girl, I guess?" Naruto babbled on, but the Sandaime and I paused. The old man and I shared a significant glance.

Hiruzen cleared his throat, "Naruto-kun? Sora-chan and I have already talked about this... she won't be attending the Academy with you." he said calmly.

Now it was Naruto's turn to pause.

"What do you mean Jiji?" the blonde asked.

"Sora-chan has decided to attend one of the civilian schools." the Hokage explained gently.

The blonde's face scrunched up in thought, "But... you said that Academy students get to leave the Orphanage and get a home of their own. Right?" he asked slowly.

I blinked.

Where is this going? Terra said with a hint of worry.

I wasn't too sure. I shot a glance at the Sandaime and it looked like he was wondering the same thing. Still, the old man nodded slowly.

"Then... Sora-chan is going to stay here, at the Orphanage, 'ttebayo? We won't live together anymore?!"

'Oh... oh dear.'

The Hokage and I paused because we finally found Naruto's spiraling train of thought. The wide-eyed blonde continued without waiting for a response.

"T-Then if I, if I go to the Academy I'll go alone-a-and if Sora-chan stays here, she'll get adopted! I know she will if I'm not 'round anymore dattebayo! And then they'll take her away and leave the village and I'll never see her again!" he shouted frantically.

Oh my double-fudge-goodness. STOP HIM, WOMAN!

I tried to sign to him to calm down but he looked terrified and heartbroken and it was all. My. Fault.

"I-I-I don't w-wanna lea... -hic- leave y-yewwww, 'ttebayoooo..." his eyes started to well up with tears and -'Oh Kami-sama'- his lip began quivering.


Beyond flustered, I pulled the blonde into a tight hug and started to stroke his hair softly while shushing him quietly, he grabbed onto my dress and clung tightly as he sobbed into my chest. I looked towards the Hokage, pleadingly. The greying-haired man only looked to be deep in thought.

After Naruto calmed down a bit I pulled back and used my sleeve to wipe away all the snot and tears on his face -Ew- and signed, 'I won't be leaving you. I'll visit every chance.'

He didn't seem too convinced as he looked at me dubiously. Still sniffling.

Then something changed in his eyes, there was a glint of...

Fudge it! I know that look! Terra cried.

So did I. It was one of the look of something I've always admired about him. It was... Determination.

"If-If you're not gonna be a n-ninja then..." -Don'tsayitDon'ysayitNononono- "Then I won't be either, dattebayo!"

There was a moment of stifling silence.


CHANGE HIS MIND! Change it NOW Sora! He is the SAVIOR OF THE ENTIRE FUDGING WORLD! But to even DO THAT, he NEEDS to be a NINJA! Terra yelled hysterically.

'I know that!' I yelled back.

Don't yell at me! I'M VERY STRESSED RIGHT NOW!

Terra was getting to me, I started to sign a bit frantically to Naruto, 'No. You always wanted to be a ninja. What about your dream? What about becoming Hokage and getting all the village to acknowledge you?' I tried, a bit desperately.

His baby blues turned downcast. He looked a bit torn now at the mention of his dream. "But... you're my friend Sora-chan... my only friend..." he whispered, "A-and what 'bout Hideki and all them? They're gon' be angry 'bout all our pranks!" he tried, almost as desperate.

I shook my head, 'That's why you should train and get strong. So you can protect everyone.' I saw Naruto's eyes widen and decided to seal it, 'Besides, even if I did go to the Academy we wouldn't be in the same class. I'm two years older than you. Remember?' Naruto looked incredibly sad when I signed that and it just about broke my heart.

Then the Sandaime spoke up.

"Well, that's not entirely true Sora-chan."


'Wait-wait, what now?'

The old Hokage continued when both Naruto's and my head snapped towards him. "Since you have no prior shinobi training you would be starting in the same class with Naruto-kun." he said as casually as if he was commenting on the weather.

Again. What.

Naruto suddenly looked terribly ecstatic now. He started bouncing up and down, still clinging to the front my dress.

All I could do was gape, wide-eyed at the Hokage who was looking a bit too nonchalant at the moment.

"'Ya hear that Sora-chan? We could be ninja together! We can get really, really strong and be real Heroes! Like the ones in your stories!" the whiskered boy said excitedly.

...Sora. Terra said threateningly.

I started to panic.

'What will he do if I say no? He has to be a ninja, Terra. The fate of the WORLD depends on it happening!' I reasoned.

DON'Y USE THAT ON ME! We are not cut out to be a Kunoichi! Because of our 'Circumstance' we do not have the mental conditioning everyone else does! she yelled. 'Thou shalt not kill.' Remember that? There is an entire lifetime of habit and conditioning that goes against ALL OF THIS!

'Terra... look at Naruto. We have known him personally for almost a year now and we know what kind of man he becomes. How he never goes back on his word? We know exactly how much he values his bonds. We're his friend and Naruto is ready to give up his dream of being Hokage, right now. To stay with us.

"What do you say Sora-chan? Have you changed your mind?" the old Hokage asked.

I looked at the Sandaime before looking back down into those cerulean blue orbs next to me. They were so full of hope and happiness and-'how can I not?'

I faced Hiruzen again confidently -Stupidly- and signed, 'I'll go.'

"YATTAAAA!" the Hero cried as he flung his arms around my neck and pulled me into a crushing hug. I think he was unconsciously channeling chakra into his arms, but, nevertheless I returned his hug happily.

The old Hokage chuckled softly at the sight of us, "I even think we can manage to find you someplace near Naruto-kun's apartment." that only increased the blonde's euphoria ten-fold.

So... your going to become a ninja then? I could hear the disapproval in her tone. I'm not -sigh- I don't disapprove Sky-girl, I'm just... worried is all. I don't think you're going to like being a ninja. I don't think you're suited to the life.

I patted Naruto's head affectionately, 'I'll be fine. Besides, I've got you and the Hero looking out for me. If it all does go terribly wrong then it'll be a good thing I've already got some prior experience with death.' I tried to joke. Terra didn't bite.

Well! Then, there's only one more thing to say...

'What's that?'



I knew that getting involved with that little ball of sunshine was going to derail all of our plans! I didn't expect that the old man would play us like that though. If I didn't know any better I'd think that he purposely-

I rolled my eyes as Terra continued her rant inside my head and focused on my little Hero's over-excited buzzing, I mean chattering.

When I look at him and his crazy, happy smile, all I can think is...

We're going to be okay.

Even ten years from now... come Snakes, Akatsuki, crazed Uchiha-even a moon Goddess!

...we'll be okay.

New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Five: "Hoodwinked"


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Hehehe... I would prank Kakashi by stealing the last pages out of the newest Icha-Icha book. Author said smiling wickedly.

Muwahaha! I WUV YEW ALL! 'Till next time!


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