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A Song for Them @nihilistic_bunny
Dark Forest Arc, Fractured

Naruto Fan Fiction!

Adventure! SI-OC!


"A Song for Them"

A/N: GAAHHH! *Takes a moment to Fangirl* Someone has made Fanart for 'A Song for Them' and it is IN-CRED-IBLE! It's called 'Darth Sora' and it was made by the super talented and amazing Vixeona, it's on her Deviantart page, her profile name is Vixeona! Go see it there! It's so freaking cool, she's got lightsaber kunai! Light Kunai? Sabers? I don't know but she looks like a badass.

Two things that need to be promptly addressed. #1: Licking the blood of your enemies off your fingers is seriously unsanitary. Don't do it, kids. And #2: We all know Sasuke isn't the hugging type.


DISCLAIMER: I do not own 'Naruto' or any of the cannon characters! I not claiming responsibility for any of this crap.

WARNING! RATED M! Language, blood, vomit, violence, gore even! Oh and... ah, Darth Sora's thought process is very disturbing. This is what warnings are for people.

Exam I Arc,

Chapter Thirty: "Fractured"

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.

That's how far the world is from where I am.

Just one bad day." -The Joker




There was a girl standing there...

The Girl had short and curly orange-pink hair with violet eyes. Wearing a plain summer dress.

There was also a woman next to her.

The Woman had long honey-brown hair with sapphire eyes. She was wearing blue jeans and low white V-neck.

I knew them.

…they were us.

They were standing in the field with The Beach house and The Box. They both felt the chill in the air that didn't belong. They both felt the feeling of wrong that hung between them. The Girl stepped forward towards The Box, inspecting it's distinct lack of locks and safety precautions.

"...did what I think happen, really just happen? And are we dead now? Because that would be unfortunate." she murmured.

The Woman whirled on the Girl with wide eyes, "You did not just say dying would be 'unfortunate'!?" the Woman snapped at the smaller one.

Unimpressed violet eyes raised to meet emotional blue ones. "Calm down Terra. Considering that we are in our inner realm rather than... someplace else, then it's safe to assume that we're simply unconscious."

"Very astute Sora."

There was another figure with them now. He had long black hair and slit golden eyes, wearing a dark yukata of all things.

"Oh double-fudge, cream-filled pastries!" the woman hissed in despair, her eyes set on the new figure. "NonononoNO! This is not happenin'! We're not dealing' with this bullwiki! Not today!"

"You are just full of surprises aren't you?" the Snake murmured, ignoring the Woman's outburst as his golden eyes took in their surroundings raptly. His eyes swiveled back around to look at the Girl.

"Glad I could amuse you." the Girl said flatly, "Would you mind my asking what it is you plan to do, Sannin-san? As you can see, this space is already quite occupied."

He chuckled lowly, "More than I had been expecting, yes. A mental disorder..." he said quietly. The Girl and Woman could feel his amusement as if it was their own.

The Woman shivered violently, clutching her arms. "God! That is so creepy!"

The Girl looked back at him evenly. "So what do you wish to accomplish from here on? You can't tempt us like Sasuke. We have no vendetta to carry out, thus, no need for your kind of power."

Golden eyes scrutinized her closely. "Is that so, Sor-ah?"

The way he said her name didn't fail to unease her. Feeling threatened the Woman bared her teeth in a snarl, "You need to leave. Sky-girl, we need to wake up and make sure that the boys are okay! If he ended up getting Sasuke then we ALL defenseless right now!"

A small hand came to rest on her arm, "The boys are fine Terra."

"What? How can we-"

The Girl's eyes slid shut. "I can feel Naruto. He's close."

Under the thick haze of Dark and Twisted was the faint warmth of Bright and Breezy. They didn't know how much time had passed but they knew that their Hero was safe and nearby. They anchored onto the feeling of his chakra to keep them from the slow coldness they could feel creeping through them.

Her violet eyes opened and she looked directly at the Snake, "And simply demanding this one to leave won't be so easy. His soul is now bound to us through that Cursed Mark, that's what this feeling surrounding us is. Only through a forceful extraction and sealing like the one Itachi preformed on Sasuke would work."

Blue eyes snapped to her other half and the Snake's brows rose in genuine surprise, his curiosity spiking high, causing dread to hang over the Woman. The Girl however, was the picture of calm.

"Hey-hey! What do'ya think you're saying!?" the Woman snapped.

"Relax Terra, it's safe to speak freely. It is still our mind after all. He can do nothing to us." Violet eyes hardened as they turned back to the man, "He will do nothing. "

"You can't be sure of that!" The Woman turned back to the Snake, who had a new glint in his too observant eyes and plastered on a smile that resembled more of a grimace. "Ha-hah... just ignore her! She didn't actually say that! Please don't listen to her!"

"Ohh, but I don't think she was mistaken." he observed, "Tell me Sora... how do you know Itachi-kun?"

A thin smile graced her small, rosy lips. "I know everything about him, including your obsession with his eyes and the way he defeated you without much effort on his part. A bit disappointed in you for how much arrogance you showed then. It's also the same way I know about you, Sannin-san." she said, enjoying the displeasure that washed through the Snake.

"What are you doing!? Have you lost your fudging mind!?" the Woman screeched.

"I have a theory." the Girl announced, ignoring her other half's panic attack. Much to the Woman's ire.

A false smile pulled up one side of his white face, "Do share, won't you?"

"You don't have a shared consciousness." she stated. His eyes narrowed at her. "You can't transmit whatever you experience through your Cursed Mark, regardless if that little piece of your soul is witness. It stays there until your physical body can come to claim it. So, whatever happens in our mind, stays in our mind."

"How can you be so sure?" the Snake challenged, his interest in this little child rising ever so higher.

"Funinjutsu has limitless potential, I know. But it has rules." the Girl's violet eyes narrowed sharply, "If your fractured soul could independently survive on it's own in multiple places at once then you would already be taking advantage of this fact. You would have dozens of yourself placed across the world, learning all it's secrets." she continued, taking a few steps closer to the intruder. "But you aren't, thus, you can't. Am I right?"

He didn't need to verbalize his answer, they all could feel it. It turns out that even the Great Orochimaru could not force his chakra-his soul, to lie. Not to her. "Our secrets are safe." she announced.

The Woman scowled petulantly as she went to sit on the porch of the house, running a hand tiredly down her face. "Thanks so much for letting me panic there, Sky-girl."

"We are the same Terra. If you hadn't let our emotions cloud your thought process then you'd have been able to think clearly and come to the same conclusion I did. In fact..." her small rosy lips turned into a frown, "Why hadn't you? If we are both here then all our thought processes should be focused here as per usual."

Violet eyes raised to see the Snake staring intently at her, she closed her eyes and focused, feeling the wrong surrounding them shift. The Woman groaned from her seat, "Are 'ya just gonna keep doing that? It's rude to stare y'know."

Golden eyes turned to the Woman and she regretted speaking, in response to the attention her lips pulled up and she bared her teeth in what could hardly be called a smile.

"How did you know about my encounter with Itachi-kun?" he asked, walking closer to the house. "You claimed that it was the same way you knew of me but then it can't have been Ikari that told you. She had been long dead when I pursued him."

"Oh fudge no. Nuh-uh! Not happening!" the Woman immediately denied, standing and crossing her arms in an X. "She can say what she wants but no way in heck am I telling you zip, body stealer!"

"'Body stealer'... interesting choice of words." he mused, walking closer. "Why would you possibly call me that?"

Sapphire eyes widened, a hand whipped up to point at his pale face. "STOP TALKING! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"

The Snake frowned at the appendage in his face. "You really are the lesser half, aren't you?"

The Woman bristled. "As if you're Miss Congeniality! I'd like to see YOU have'ta deal with all the bullwiki that comes with being one half of a reckless, self-sacrificing goody-two-shoes that's more likely to get us killed way before makin' any real impact to the Canon!" her face twisted into a scowl and she shoved her finger into his chest. "So until you do know what I go through on a daily basis, you and everyone else can go suck a fudge ball, buddy!"

He tilted his head at her, looking much too interested.

"Canon?" he repeated.

The Woman's face flattened out. She then turned around and slammed her forehead against the support beam of the porch. Repeatedly.

"...Terra." the Girl called, her voice was unusually tight.

"Whaaaat!?" she growled, still banging her head.


"What is it, Sky-"

When the Woman finally looked over at her other half, her mouth dropped open in surprise to see that the Girl was trembling. Her violet eyes were wide and panicked as she looked down at her hands in horror.

"...where's The Box?" she whispered.







She opened her eyes to the sounds of battle and the faint sounds of singing. She was in a cave, she noticed. She did not know why. Turning her head she could see sunlight streaming in from out the mouth of the cave. Inhaling deeply, her senses were assaulted with the overpowering smell of iron and soggy earth. Her mouth twitched as she recognized the scent well.


Where were the other reincarnations?

She knows that Asura would not leave her side unless something urgent had happened.

She stood, feeling her body lighter than she ever remembers it being. Acknowledging the new heat that ran just under her skin now. Her eyes followed the faint glow of red and orange and found her arm being wreathed in molten specks that sprung from the Mark. The lines of small, circular dots crawled and branched out across her skin, swirling and curling inwards like the limbs of gnarled tree.

She thought it looked beautiful.

Was this what IT spoke of?

There are voices screaming inside their head, battling over dominance.

They did not even notice when she had slipped away.

Her eyes rebuke the harsh light as she steps towards the mouth of the cave. She could see now that the other reincarnations had been battling alongside the Green Beast. Her eyes widened when she saw that Indra was awake and unmarked. Euphoria filled her heart and it soared.

The Snake did not claim him, he was still hers.

The moment was lost as the Green Beast had been blasted from her sight and she could see him no longer. She knows that Sound has made their appearance regardless Indra's Cursed Mark. A pulse of her senses and she only recognizes Indra, Asura, the Green Beast along with the Hyuuga Prodigy and Markswoman in the trees. The other Sound she could recognize with sight but there were two unknowns.

The Hyuuga Prodigy had just announced his presence to the Sound and Indra faltered in his steps, struggling to stand upright.

He was falling now.

She softly stepped out from the cave mouth and was at Indra's back in a second, steadying him. Keeping him balanced. Just as she always does. It is now that her hand is on his back does she notice how warm and sticky it is.

She sees that Indra is bleeding profusely and Asura unmoving and barely drawing breath was on the ground.

She slowly became aware of the roaring in her ears and the warmth now sliding down her face. Her heart thunders in her chest and her skin burns. Her mind clouds and her vision darkens until all she sees is Red. Rage. So long it has been hidden in the back of her mind and depths of her heart but now... now she welcomes the fire as it spins inside of her core. She feels it consumed her.

She is filled with so much rage and fire she just wants to see them all Burn.

A man holding a bloody sword raises it and shouts at her. She did not recognize this man. She looked down at the clean gash across Indra's back. She thinks it looks like a sword wound.

She lowers Indra's wounded form to the ground so that he may no longer need to strain himself to stand.

The sweet voice whispers to her.

IT speaks to her.

While IT is with the others, IT has noticed she had slipped away. The Box-Her Cage-was no longer there.

She was here now.

The fire spread farther along her skin and world was so beautifully slow around her as she danced forward. She channeled her chakra through her palms, Intent flaring from her own core, touching his disgusting face and bringing her nails down. He screamed at her as she moved away from him. Out of range. At the command of her chakra, his body bubbled up in black and red as the blood and skin expanded beyond it limits, spreading throughout his entire body before her chakra ignites it. His frail and meaty form burst into a dazzling light.

She hears the singing grow louder in the silence that follows. Her fingers twitched, feeling warmth. Curious, she lifted her hand to her eyes, feeling the warmth slowly surround her. Her eyes widen and she smiles as she watches the red ichor drip down her fingers and names the feeling.

Her blood resonates with his... and... it... Sings To Her. She has never heard sounds so sweet before. It fills her ears and makes her head light.

The many voices in their head have noticed she has slipped away.

"Urraghhh..." Asura is groaning lowly behind her and she corrects herself. That sounds sets her heart at alight with the knowledge that he is well. He would never be put down for long. He would always stand up again. He would never hurt her by dying-he was too stubborn for that.

She loved him for that.

"Wh... what the fuck!?" a pitchy voice rudely shouts, distracting her from her joy. Her eyes slide over and she can recognize the owner of the voice. A kunoichi with long black hair was reaching her hand into her pouch threateningly. Kin of the Sound was mere steps away from her Asura. Far too close, she thought.

Just as Kin pulled senbon from her pouch-'Crack!'-she had a foot lodged into her chest and was sent flying away from Asura. Her body bounced off a tree and she fell to the ground, whimpering but still conscious.

Slow. They were so slow.

Intent suddenly rose through the air. A movement from the side, a man with a wooden mask is attempting to surprise her. Zaku of the Broken Limbs shouts a swearword and is also lining her in his sights now. He lifted those very unbroken arms towards her and she briefly wonders if she should correct that.

IT whispers to her.

Mix your chakras and look into his eyes-IT instructs.

Show him true nightmares-IT tempts.


She does as it says and burning eyes met Zaku of the Broken Limb's. She watches with interest as his eyes roll into the back of his skull and he falls to the ground like a boneless sack of flesh. A thrill shoots up her spine at this. She previously thought only the Sharingan had the power of ocular genjutsu.

She Likes this.

She could feel the eyes of all the others on her, watching her every move. She wonders why no one else is moving. Was the last Sound afraid that she'd make him sing like the first one? Should he? What did they do again? She remembers that Kin tormented the girl that wasn't here and ultimately died. Zaku also did the same, sacrificed for the Snake as well. Dosu of the Sound was arrogant enough to think he could win against the Tankuki and was turned to bloody mist. Dead, all of them. Horrible ends too, she thinks.

She smiles as an idea blooms. She would be more merciful than the Snake and Tanuki and make their ends quicker.

She was no monster after all.

"SORA!" Indra croaks in warning, like she's forgotten about the unknown or suddenly has become blind.

A sword arcs through the air and she bends backward to avoid losing her head. She reaches up to touch the exposed skin of his wrist and he moves away suddenly. Jumping back from her outstretched hand, caution spiking in his repugnant chakra. His hands raise, chakra building. He had a sword? Was he the one that harmed her Indra? Perhaps she was too rash with the other one.

She would correct this. She runs to the right and dislodges the sword from the ground. His hands are weaving seals and her sword is already plunged into his gut. He chokes and blood drips from the corner of his mouth.

Too slow.

She pulls the sword back out and the Mask falls backward onto the ground. The Song rises in tempo once more as she watches his lifeblood drain onto the mud. His dark eyes are frantic from behind the mask. She smiles softly.

It was so beautiful.

The Song would last longer this time, she decides.

Her smiles widens at the prospect. With everyone watching she would play a grand sonata for them. She raises the sword and-

-there is a hand is on her wrist now, stopping her. She could feels Indra's fire behind her.

"Sora. That's enough."

Her smile falters and she turns to see Indra grasping onto her. He is pale and his breathing is erratic, she knew that he was straining to stand, barely managing to hold onto her.

They did this to her Indra. They would have done worse if she had not woken up in time. They could've taken him from her while she was sleeping.

They still could.


She shakes his hold as gently as she can and raises the sword. He falls back onto the ground and she silently promises she would nurse his wounds after she was finished with the rest.

She would not allow anyone to harm him again.

No one would again touch what was hers.

Her sword falls, lodging in between the ribs just above the pancreas. He chokes, still singing. Again, in one of the kidneys this time. She feels a rush of warmth and a heady feeling courses through her with each movement. Again. Nicking the stomach lining, releasing the stomach acids. His singing blood paints the ground around them.

Those lessons the Spy taught her were useful after all. She would use all her skills to make sure that they knew not to touch what belonged to her.

Indra did not belong to the Snake who fed his hate and darkness only to abate his fears of the Falling.

Asura did not belong to the Village that would ignore his bright and pure light out of Blind Hate.

Asura and Indra were her home. Her sanctuary. Her world. The buildings among the Leaves, Clouds, Rocks, Mist and Sand could burn for all she cared. Along with all the angry and ignorant people that lived inside them.

She would love and protect her home because they were hers,

Just as she was theirs's.

A movement from behind stirred her from the song.

"Mmn... what the... Sora? Is tha-Sora-chan!?" she heard her beloved Asura cry joyfully. "You're awake!"

She heard shuffling footsteps behind her and a smile lit her face as she turned from where she was sitting to look at him fully.

"Sor..." he stopped moving towards her, blue eyes widening and skin paling noticeably. Was there something wrong? Was he hurt more than she previously thought? She wiped the dripping viscera from her face so she could get a clearer look at him. His face was swollen with yellowing bruises. She counted each of them. Her eyes caught the dark liquid dripping from his ears.

She recognized that. It was from that Sound shinobi, the tool on his arm.

He touched Asura...?

She raised her eyes and looked upon the frozen Shinobi from Sound. The one with the ability that cause harm to her Asura. He was clutching his limb to his chest as he attempted to wake Zaku.

She stood from the pooling blood on the ground.

He would sing for her as well.

Your song is beautiful-IT praises.

She gave him a saccharin smile and saw him tremble.

Your touch is death-IT whispers.

He tried to run and she threw the sword ahead of her, cutting open his leg, he cried out as he fell to the ground. Asura shouted after her as she began to walk forward. The Sound shinobi pushed himself to stand and tried limping away. He would not get away from her. She crossed the distance and reached for the sword again but paused when Asura stumbled to stand in front of her.

"H-Hey Sora-chan! Stop, it's over. He can't fight anymore... you can stop, okay?" he asks, cracking a smile that hurt her deeply. It didn't reach his eyes. She knows he's always used those forced smiles when he's hurting. Who hurt him? Was it the Sound? "You don't have to fight anymore. It's over."

It was over?

He was trying to crawl away.

Not yet.

She tried to take another step and a weight wrapped around her middle. She looked down to see Asura had wrapped his arms around her torso, pressing himself into her front with a suffocating grasp. She cherishes his embraces but now was not the best time, the one who hurt him was trying to crawl away still.

She would shower him with affection after, she decides.

She took another step forward.

"Sasuke! Help me!" he shouted. There was movement and now Indra has hooked his arms under her's to restrict her movements while Asura dug his feet into the mud. She didn't understand what they were doing. He was an enemy. He was here to kill them. This is what they were taught to do all their lives. Encouraged to do from birth. To kill the threats to one's home.

She wished they would just let go so she could finish the Song. But... she also didn't want them to ever let go. Indra never shows any affection and she quite liked when Asura would hold on to her like she was the only thing in the world.

Kin was helping Dosu to stand.

She took another step. She could feel Indra using chakra in his feet, Asura pushing back as well.

"Sora-chan, wake UP! Look at yourself! This-This isn't you! You don't want to hurt people!" Asura pleaded, burying his face into her chest. "It's the poison making you do this, okay!? You just need to wake up! Please, please, please! Stop this!"

She was not poisoned. Her mind was perfectly clear. There was a threat and she needed to end it. If there was a threat to her or Indra she knew that her Asura would not hesitate to end it himself. Indra would go to incredible lengths to end the threat his brother poses. Why was she being singled out?

"Unless you want to die then leave!" Indra shouted to the Sound. She watched as Kin pulled Dosu's uninjured arm over her shoulders and they moved towards Zaku.

They're trying to leave.

They would be back. Like roaches the Snake would send more and more, trying to claim what was hers. Why shouldn't they die here instead of later? Why was Asura so desperate to stop her? This was their job, what they have been training for all this time. To Kill the Threats to our home.

Asura's voice was thick as he spoke into her chest, "I'm so sorry, Sora-chan... this is all my fault. I m-made you become a ninja with me because I was scared and now-now you-you... I'm so sorry."

She watched as they picked up Zaku and scurry into the trees and escape like rats.

They were gone.

She let out a huff as the music faded.

How annoying. She supposes they would serve as a message to the Snake. A warning not to come after what was hers. It will be irritating if they decide to back but... she would just kill them then. It would've been so much simpler and efficient to do it now but... but at least she was still being held.

She smiled softly as the fire on her skin receded and raised a hand to touch her Asura's head. Hm. He needed a bath, she noted. Slowly he pulled back and looked up at her with her favorite colored eyes.

"So..." he gulped, "Sora-chan?" she tilted her head at the strange emotion in his baby blues as he looked up at her. She could feel his Bright and Breezy chakra was so, so afraid. She didn't understand. Why he would he be afraid? The Sound ran off they unknowns were dead. He didn't need to be afraid when she was there. He never needed to be afraid again.

She will always keep him safe.


Indra had released her to come around and look her in the eyes now, a dark look on his face. "Are you... back?" he asked.

Back from where? Silly Indra.

"Stop. Smiling." he snapped. So she did, still carding her hand through Asura's hair. "Look at yourself."

She did.

She saw blood. She was covered in it.

She looked around to see so much blood was splattered across the trees and ground, covering the clearing like a macabre painting. She remembers the feeling of a body exploding seconds after she touched it, fueled by anger and fire and fire and anger. She remembers driving the sword down again and again and again until the Song echoed in her head. To the side she could see the Hyuuga Prodigy was staring at her with something in his eyes that she had never seen from him before.

He was evaluating her.

The Green Beast was still unconscious and being tended to by the Markswoman, the girl with fear in her brown eyes. Indra and Asura have taken to stand in front of her, searching her face for something, still holding onto her with bruising grips. And their eyes...

They were afraid. But of what? There was only... her. She didn't understand-She had made them afraid?


She did this.


…I did this?

I-HisFrailAndMeatyFormBURST-Oh my God-I let go of Naruto and stepped back, tripping-YourTouchIsDeath-over a CorpseCorpse-SwordFallsAgainAndAgainAndAGAIN-I scrambled away-my hands digging into the dirt-mud-blood and guts-

-The man I killed was lying there, his gut torn open, meaty shreds of his intestines were hanging out-my stomach heaved and I turned my head as I spit up acid and leaves.

What have I dOnE?

I crawled backwards until my back hit against something and I couldn't get any farther away from the blood-guts-the corpse-

"Sora-chan! It's okay now!- Naruto is coming towards me-YourTouchIsDEATH-NONONO- "You're okay! It's over!"-Don'tTouchMeDon't-He reached out a hand and I covered myself, burying my head in my knees, curling into a ball, couldn't stop shaking-NotOkayIt'sNotOkay-"Sora-chan, it's okay. It's-"-NOTOKAY!-He stopped right in front of me. Not touching me. Please don't touch me, I-HisFrailAndMeatyForm-Nonono-Please, please, please...

What have I done?

What Needed To Be Done.

My heart pounded harder in my chest.

There was a new voice.

余波 Aftermath

I pulled out the shuriken before wrapping the bandage around my calf. Glancing around the clearing every other minute to make sure we were still alone. Lee's team had left after he woke up. He was shocked to find that all the guys had been taken care of while he was unconscious. He was in disbelief when his female teammate had told him that Sora was the one who had killed two and then scared off the rest.

I still couldn't believe it.


I glanced up from tying the bandage. She was still sitting against the tree and trembling with her head down, she hadn't moved since she... came back from whatever that was. Naruto was nearby her, fiddling with his hands and looking like he had no idea what to do.

What the hell are we supposed to do?

My eyes were drawn to the corpse still sitting in the middle of the clearing.

We needed to leave.

I unrolled a few lengths of bandage and did my best to wrap it around the wound on my back to stop the bleeding. It was temporary but we needed to move. After I was done I pushed myself off the ground, using the roots of the giant tree I made my way over to them. "Hey," at my voice Sora looked up from staring at her hands. Not smiling. That was... good.

"Woah Sasuke, you don't look too good."

I shot the Idiot a glare, "No shit." I snapped, hating how weak my voice sounded. "We need to move. All the blood is going to attract someone or something."

I didn't look at the dead body or any of the blood splatters. Neither did Naruto. Sora did.

"Y-Yeah, you're right bastard. C'mon, Sora-chan." he reached a hand down and-she recoiled away, scrambling back from his hand. She wrapped her arms around her chest as her breathing suddenly picked up and she started shaking even more.

What the hell?

Naruto's eyes were wide as he stared at her, then he... he smiled? He was grinning as he lifted his outstretched hand and rubbed the back of his neck, "Eheheh... sorry 'bout that. I'll, uh... make sure that I packed everything 'ttebayo." he said before he walked down into the cave.

Nobody said anything else until he came back out, smiling at Sora whenever she looked at him. Then we left.

We traveled on foot for a couple miles until we came across the river. It was almost noon when we found a fairly empty spot along the river with clear sightlines in each direction, it would do for the night until we found something better. Naruto had just walked off to set the rest of the traps he had, I could still see him from here, he was currently lying down a tripwire. I walked over to where Sora was sitting by herself, staring at her hands and tossed a roll of bandages at her. She fumbled to catch it, barely managing to.

"I need your help."

Her eyes widened and she quickly shook her head at me, placing the bandages in her lap and signing. 'Can't. Can't touch. Can't-'

"Stop." I told her, "I've lost a lot of blood already and if I could do myself, I would've already." Without waiting any longer I turned around and sat down in front of her, not having the energy to stand anymore. I gingerly reached up and pulled off the bandages from around my shoulder and tried to pull my shirt off with one arm. After a few minutes I felt another pair of hands tugging it over my head where it... got stuck. The shirt came off and I saw Naruto grimace as he dropped the ripped and blood-stained cloth.

Sora inhaled sharply behind me.

"...damn, Sasuke." he mumbled.

"Does it look like I need stitches?" I ask. I turned my head to look back at them over my shoulder. They both had grimaces as they looked at it. Great.

"Uhm, Sora-chan?" Naruto asked, eyes shifting over to her. She nodded. I tightened my jaw and faced forward again.

"Alright. Do it. There's a sewing kit in the first-aid, right?"

"Yeah, but..." when he didn't finish speaking, I looked back again to see Naruto glancing at Sora and Sora staring at her hands. The same hands that...

"That wasn't you." Her eyes snapped up to mine, I reflexively looked away. They weren't bleeding, they were... normal. There was still dried blood on her face though from when she-"Like hell if I'm going to let Naruto get anywhere near me with a needle so you're just going to have to do it."

She huffed from behind me.

I half listened they began to move behind me, unsealing the first-aid and pulling out what she needed. After a minute a bandaged hand came forward with a small brown pill in it. I looked at it before looking back at Sora and I noticed how she wrapped bandages all the way up both her arms.

She nodded towards the pill and Naruto crouched in front of me, holding out a bottle of water and a... stick. "Sora-chan said it's for getting back your blood so your supposed to take it and drink this 'ttebayo. When you're done you..." he bit his lip as he glanced at the stick. "You have to bite down on this."

I grimaced.

I picked up the pill and swallowed it, taking the bottle from Naruto and downing the whole thing. Then I... put the stick in between my teeth. I felt water pour over my back and a cloth come up to wipe the dried blood away. It stung but it was manageable compared to dealing with a dislocated shoulder or the throbbing in my leg still. When she was done two hands landed my shoulders and I looked up to see Naruto with a grim look on his face.

"She's gonna clean it now and you can't move." he pressed his lips together, holding tighter. "This is gonna hurt bastard. Bad."

I glared at him. Who did he think I was? I could hand-Sora poured the alcohol.

"NNNNNGH!-" I bit down on the stick. Hard. My vision went white and I felt Naruto pushing me down to keep me still. After the searing stopped I gasped for air.

I blinked away the spots and focused on the river over Naruto's shoulder. Fuck the dislocated shoulder-I'd take that over what that just was any day.

Then the needle went in.

I blacked out.

Exam I Arc,

Chapter Thirty: "Fractured"


A/N: Damn that was painful. Darth Sora is harder to write. I had to keep rewriting the slasher scenes a couple times until I didn't hate it. Hope it was disturbing enough for you guys. A fairly short chapter because I had to cut a lot out for it was running too long. There was a whole 'nother POV from Sora with the voices in her head but that is pushed to the next chapter. It was a whole thing/

So... had anyone been expecting Sora's love to take on such a twisted turn? A lot of you had been expecting 'Dark' but what about that? That is a lot to unpack not even to mention what's going on with the Snake in her head. Lot's of stuff but! At least Sora's back... mostly. Kinda.

I LOVE all your guys' reviews on these last chapters! Your theories on where the story is gonna go from here is so much fun to read. I love each and every one of them and try my upmost to respond to them when I can!

AHHH! Vixeona's picture is so amazing. Sora looks so pretty and deadly with her glowing kunai. I'm enchanted by it. Vixeona is a really great artist. If you want to see what I'm talking about the go pay her Deviantart page of the same name a visit.

Author Question!

"What character has your favorite 'Slasher smile'? Or Crazy Face? Just a smile or look that's a bit too happy to be sane."

Don't say The Joker! Well, you can say the Joker but that's a bit easy, no? Well my favorite is Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. His 'cute' smile is creepy as hell. Or maybe Bakugo Katsuki. Kacchan makes great faces.

'Till next time guys~ Wuv yew all!


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