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"A Song for Them"

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New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Two: "Hello World"

"Me: I'm actually really happy right now.

Life: LOL one sec..." -The Internet

We traveled at those inhuman speeds for three days straight, barely even stopping long enough to eat. Kaa-chan didn't sleep the entire time. On the fourth day of traveling we finally stopped in what seemed to be a small town. It had been a lot more... modern, than I had been expecting. Less straw thatched roofs and more concrete and brick. But what was most jarring about this had to be all the people. It's been years since I've been around so many people! I mean, the streets weren't packed or anything, but still! It felt so strange after seeing only Kaa-chan's face in our forest. My eyes were wide, taking in every sight and new face we passed by on the dirt-packed street. Kaa-chan had to pull on my hand multiple times to keep me from wandering off too far. There were stalls with colorful awnings selling all sorts of things, from grilled and fried foods to little nick-knack and souvenirs! The people were dressed kind of normally I guess. Shirts and pants usually, simple designs, but there were even a couple that wore yukatas.

Eventually we stopped in front of what I guessed was an Inn, my guess was proven correct as Kaa-chan rented a room with money I wasn't aware we had, and she led us to our room for the night. The building itself was large with plenty of rooms and looked fairly traditional -more like I had been expecting- except for the blue neon sign above the entrance that read: 'The White Blossom's Bosom'.

Yeah... it also had a bar.

Where were we going? Where were we now? I still didn't know. While I was gawking at the all the new stimuli, I vaugely heard Kaa-chan mumbling to herself that it should be safe enough for a couple hours of rest and that we were close to our destination. Kaa-chan had given me a dark cloak that dragged on the ground behind me, the hood was down and covering my curly orange-pink hair and dirty nightgown that was now covered in days of road dust. Kaa-chan also had a cloak covering her ceramic armor and scrolls, though hers fit much better than mine.

We left the Inn after checking in and Kaa-chan took me to a real tavern to eat! The sounds of chatter and live music filled my ears and caused excitement to bubble in my stomach, the same stomach that growled embarrassingly load the second I smelt food. My ears burned but my embarrassment was worth it to see Kaa-chan smile down at me, it was small and weary and her dark-blue eyes looked so tired—but it was a smile all the same. The entire trip here Kaa-chan's usually soothing chakra was in a torrent. I could feel her anxiety, fear, and that twist in her chakra that she would get when she lied to me.

It was guilt, I'd realized. But for all that I racked my brain about it, I couldn't figure out why she would've felt guilty...?

After a filling dinner we settled into our room above the bar, it had two futons and a small window, opposite of the door. It wasn't the fanciest of places, definitely not as comfy as home is—was. Not like home was. I felt one of my Fit's begin wash over me as Kaa-chan went around the room, applying what i recognized as her personal security seals. Also known as; waporize any fool to come in without Kaa-chan's express permission. It uses a lot of Raiton, like, almost an excessive amount, kinda reminds me of a taser. On steriods. A taser on steriods—wasn't that called a cattleprod? I blinked, focusing again.

Ahh... I hate it when my thoughts spin away like that.

As my mother secured our room I took the chance to try and clean myself up a bit, there was a pitcher of water in the corner of the room and I put it to good use. It was easy to find a spare cloth and wet it, scrubbing off as much dirt as I could. Kaa-chan finished not long after and did the same as me, taking the rag to her armor to wipe away a majority of the grime as I unrolled the beds. After Kaa-chan was done, she fell onto the mattress in a graceful 'fwhump' and stretched herself out and I mustered up the courage to ask what's been on my mind for days now.

"Kaa-chan," I started, she hummed to acknowledge me, the sound muffled by the bedding. Still, I couldn't help but ask. "Who're we running from?"

She didn't move a muscle but I felt as her warm chakra flared with worry and hesitation. I had sat down next to her to observe her face, as much as I could see from where she was lying, and after a few moments silence she turned her head towards me. Her river blue eyes looked dull and tired, and the dark rings under her eyes only furthered my assessment of her exhausted state.

"...a very bad man, my love." she spoke softly, voice rough and croaky.

Okay, vauge. I chewed on my bottom lip, and pressed further. "Why...? Did we do something wrong?"

She visably hesitated, for a second I almost thought she wouldn't answer me. Kaa-chan pushed herself up and faced me with her legs crossed under her. To my relief, she did.

"The bad man is angry because I found out something he didn't want me to," she reached over and tucked a stray curly lock of hair behind my ear, "I was pregnant with you at the time so... I decided to put you first and leave him. He didn't like that." she sighed, swallowing. "...and now he wants us back."

My stomach twisted into knots, she was pregnant and ran? Is the 'bad man' my...?

"...Otou-san?" I whispered.

"Wha—NO! No, that man is NOT your father, Sora!" she shouted suddenly, her face twisting into an angry one. I... I've never seen Kaa-chan get angry before. I was so confused. Her chakra radiated anger, confusion, pain and... the feeling she got when talking about her old home and family. Longing? ...regret? She regrets something? Leaving him? I scrunched up my brows in confusion. What is going on with her?

"...did you... love the bad man?"

Kaa-chan froze.

After long moment her face cleared of any expression and she lowered her head so that her red hair fell over her face and hid her eyes from me.


It wasn't much more than a whisper, but she had answered me.

I wanted to know more—I wanted to know all of it... but that simple answer seemed to take more out of her than anything else so far. So, I swallowed down all my other questions and I took the next, more pleasant option. I held my hand out expectantly.

"Can I play?"

The tension in her shoulders relaxed the slightest bit and she managed a half-smile before reaching into her pocket and pulling out our instrument. She hesitated to give it to me, instead opting to look at me for a long while. I began to get self-conscious, tucking more of my unruly hair behind my ears.

"Come over here for a moment, Love." she called gently. I complied, crawling over the short distance. The moment I was in front of her she pulled me into her embrace, pressing my face to her armor as she buried her nose into the top of my head. She held onto me tightly, like she thought I was going to disappear. I wrapped my arms around her as far as I could and tried to hold on just as tight.

...silly Kaa-chan.

After a while she pulled away and Kaa-chan began to comb her hands through my wavy hair, it reached my mid back now, and she gathered it all up before tying it with her favorite red ribbon! She loved that ribbon!

"You look so beautiful, my love." she whispered. I grinned and felt my face warm up as she planted a loud kiss to the side of my head,

She placed our Ocarina in my hands and I climbed off of her lap. I watched Kaa-chan then get up and walk over to the small table in our room, pulling out a scroll and some ink as she did. She stared at the empty scroll and her face turned blank. Her chakra started to twist in pain and guilt again, not about what we just talked about but... something else entirely. Something older. Her river-blue eyes turned stony and distant, she looked as if she was somewhere miles away, lost in sad memories.

I admired the metal instrument in my hands, it was sleek and shiny. The wonderful sounds it made had always brought me peace whenever I had fell into a depression, Kaa-chan would play for me and lead me out of the darkness.

Right now my Kaa-chan was in the darkness...

And so I lifted the cool metal to my lips and I played one of my old, favorite songs. I played 'Hallelujah' on my metal Ocarina. The soft notes called Kaa-chan out from whatever reverie she was in, I saw her soft smile before writing in that scroll. I continued to play songs until she was finished, sealing that scroll away before returning to bed. She held me close to her as she pulled the blanket over us and I fell asleep wrapped in her arms, surrounded by her warm chakra.

Of course, not even a half-hour later came the screams.

I jerked awake, my mother's name on my lips as Kaa-chan's hand covered my mouth before I could voice it. I pressed my lips together tightly as Kaa-chan's hard eyes scanned the darkened room, her other hand at her side. My eyes were still adjusting to the lack of light, but I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw our room was still empty except for us.

There were still screams coming from below us.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I watched as Kaa-chan get up and walk with an unnatural calm to the window and gesture for me to climb onto her back without a word. I fisted my hands into the back of her cloak and I closed my eyes, trying to get a sense what was going on downstairs.

I wish I hadn't.

The people—the ones from the tavern and from the desk! Their chakra was being smothered! One by one, I felt as the smaller, weaker chakra snuffed out. They were... six of them. Six people, all with warped chakra, all of them twisted and dark. I could sense it.

They were killing everyone.

For the first time in my new life, I was terrified.

Kaa-chan moved silently, disabling the security seals on the window and climbing out before attaching a wire to one and silently jumping away. As soon as we got a little bit away from the building she pulsed her chakra into the wire and the seals in our room activated and set the room ablaze. The six warped signatures were the only ones left as the inn started to burn blue flames. It was so dark out tonight, the clouds were covering the moon and it seemed like everything was pitch black, a stark contrast to the burning flames of the inn.

Then we were flying away at inhuman speeds again, out of the town and back into the forest. The warped chakra left behind us in the burning building. We made it clear of the little town without being noticed but in the distance, I could still hear the screams of fire!

Hours passed deeper into the night and I couldn't bring myself to fall asleep again, each time I closed my eyes I could only see the weaker chakra's being cut down or devoured by the warped ones. Kaa-chan must've noticed something amiss because she stopped on a low branch and set me down. She draped her own cloak over me and gave me a reassuring smile while caressing my cheek. I pulled the warm cloth closer to my skin as I realize just how cold it's gotten.

"Endure it for a little while longer, love. We're nearly there now." she whispered, brushing her fingers over my brow. She mustered up a smile for me even as I sensed her fear. "I promise."

I took a deep breath and tried to mirror her smile, I don't think I did too well because she pulled me in for another hug. I didn't get to soak in her warmth for very long at all. After a brief, far too quick, moment she pulled me onto her back and started off again.

To distract myself from my thoughts, I focused on looking at Kaa-chan's tattoos. She was wearing a sort of top that covered her chest but left her shoulders and arms uncovered, a halter top I think it was called in my old life? It didn't seem like it suited this one. I traced the inky waves and the kanji with my small fingers. I knew the meaning of almost all of them now. Eventually, my eyes rested on the strange symbol in-between her shoulders, along her spine. There were three comma-like things surrounded by tiny script that almost looked like doodles. Whenever I looked at it in the past I've always felt something stir in the back of my mind, in my heart.

Something that warned of Danger.

Kaa-chan sensed them before I did.

The warped chakra followed us.

I didn't have time to register their presence before her body tensed under my hands and she leapt towards the ground, hand sneaking out to grab one of the scrolls at her side. With a flick of her wrist the scroll started to unravel, spiraling out behind us, she pulsed her chakra into the paper and it separated into dozens of pieces and my breath caught in my throat as they flew out and attached themselves onto the trees. As we jumped away again, I turned my head back just in time to see the first of our pursuers slam a massive club where we were standing only moments before. I watched as dirt and rock flew up in the exact spot we were seconds ago.

That was almost us...

I swallowed thickly, trembling fingers clutching onto my mother's shoulders even tighter. Numbly, I heard Kaa-chan whisper something as her chakra flared out and the seals she left lit with chakra before a fiery explosion engulfed the man.

He died.

Kaa-chan had just killed that man.

I was gonna be sick.

I had to swallow back down the bile rising in the back of my throat and held onto Kaa-chan as she spun us, dancing out of the way of whistling arrows, and twisted around to face our attackers head on. She reached into the pouch on her hip and pulled out some metallic things—knifes, I realized. She pulled out knifes that were glinting in the sparse moonlight, tossing them—One—Two—Three. Two of the men dodged them effortlessly and the knifes landed in the trees with muted thuds. What they failed to realize was that Kaa-Chan's seals were on them and she had tied wire to the ends. She yanked on the wire, dislodging the knifes from their places and swung them towards the man on the farthest left, a pulse of chakra activated the seals.

A pillar of rock came out of the seal with a 'poof!' and slammed into the man, crushing him.

I heard a wet squelch.

Two dead.

Kaa-chan halted all movement, her body going unnaturally still. I looked up from under my hood and immediately understood why. It was dark, we were in a small clearing now and the moon was hidden behind the clouds but I could see that there were four more men in front of us and the four left alive from the inn had just cut off any retreat behind us. All of them were wearing the same grey shirts and black leggings, a mask to cover their faces from view.

We were surrounded.

"You Meinu!" hissed one of the men, using a word I didn't recognize. He leveled a knife at us and I buried my face further into Kaa-Chan's neck out of instinct. "You killed Daiki and Shizuka!"

A man next to him put a hand on his shoulder, he was taller than the rest and his chakra felt sticky and thick like Tar. "Calm down. You know she is favored by our Master."

...what? Did he really just say 'Master'?

Kaa-chan made a clicked her tongue against her teeth before reaching her hands up and over two of the Kanji prominent on her shoulders. She pulsed chakra and... poof! Kaa-chan now had two arm-length swords—real, metal swords in her hands and her chakra began to surge up like a raging maelstrom.

"Won't you make this easy for everyone Ikari-sama? The Master wished you to know he is willing to forgive you for your... mistake." the Tar man said imploringly.

Kaa-chan hesitated, her chakra washing over with the sadness from earlier. Wait, what? No... no, she can't really considering this, can she? They murdered everyone at the inn! They're murderers! The Bad Man Kaa-chan told me about was the one who sent these guys, wasn't he? That's why we're running in the first place!

"Kaa-chan...!" I hissed under my breath. Her head tilted towards me slightly and she snapped out of whatever she was thinking. The sadness in her chakra was replaced with affection and anger as she leveled the swords in her hands, one pointed towards each group and spoke in a dark and scary voice.

"I'll be sure to leave you in pieces for him..." she snarled. Her chakra became suffocating and heavy, like I was suddenly drowning on dry land! I used my chakra the way Kaa-chan had taught me to and focused inward on my own while flushing everything else out. Taking deep breaths as I did. The pressure lifted and I pushed away the dizziness that it left behind.

The men around us took an involuntary step back.

I could feel fear.

"Take her alive!" Tar man ordered.

Then three of them launched at us, two from the front, one back. Kaa-chan made a feint for the fastest one of the two and then twisted around and slashed the other one across his chest deeply, blood arcing out after the sword. He fell and didn't get back up. Seven left. I heard a scream of anger, the foul mouthed one was running at Kaa-chan now, his hands were moving, making shapes. Kaa-chan was dueling with the other two from before and had her back to him. He shouted as he slammed his hands on the ground, I sensed as his chakra left his hands and entered the ground in a wave. Then all of a sudden the forest floor began to shake and move on it's own! It wasn't like we were on solid ground anymore, it was like standing on the ocean! I could see him pumping chakra into the ground forcing it to move, like he could control it! The heck?! That... that's not possi—

Kaa-chan jumped over a kick aimed for her legs and spun around to face the loudmouth. She placed both of her swords together and they linked, making a two bladed weapon, long like a staff. Then she raised her now free hand to her chest and folded her fingers, and... and her chakra changed. It became lighter, faster, hotter. It traveled up her arms and entered her sword, charging it with...

I couldn't believe what I was seeing...

...her sword was charged with lightning.

I almost lost my grip as Kaa-chan ran forward suddenly, towards the loudmouth with her sword out, only for him dodge a swipe that would've surely taken off his head. Without missing a beat, Kaa-chan swiveled low to the ground and I heard something whish right next to my head! I kept my face buried into her neck 'cause I really didn't want to know what just flew by.

"I said ALIVE!" barked the voice of Tar man. Kaa-chan took this moment to pull out a scroll from her left holster, whipping it open and slamming it on the ground at her feet. I recognized this one, it was one of Kaa-chan's favorite storage bigram's, the Kanji written boldly in the center told me everything I needed to know.

(水) Water

A brush of chakra and the seal released, water soon came gushing out and it flooded the glade we were in. I sensed as Kaa-chan covered her feet and legs with chakra, I didn't know why until she moved her hand again and I could feel her chakra move up from her core and into her chest, I could physically feel the change in the air as the hairs on my arms stood on end. I looked up from the crook of her neck and I saw that the clearing was flooded and some of more stupid of our attackers were still standing in it and coming at us again. I felt my stomach roll with the realization of what was about to happen.

Didn't they know what happens to water when you add electricity?

Once the changed chakra was in her weapon again, she simply dipped it into the pool of water at our feet, electrifying it. I saw the looks of horror in our attackers eyes as they realized what was happening, reacting too slowly to make it out in time. The blinding white-blue light sparks of the lightning jumping in the water lit up the dark forest around us, casting shadows everywhere and contorting the faces of agony on the men.

And then they screamed.

Horrible, agonizing screams...

I never want to hear that again for as long as I live.

Then they were dead and I could smell burning flesh. I gagged but choked it back again tonight because we were not safe yet. Kaa-chan made a break into the trees now that the men had spread out to avoid getting fried. Five left, I noted. Before they could begin attacking again, we were in the trees and running. I could sense the men scrambling to regroup before chasing after us again. I didn't have to think long about why we ran, Kaa-chan's breaths were coming out short and Inknew she was already exhausted from running with me in her back for days.

She was losing steam.

"They're coming back!" I cried over the wind whipping in our faces. She growled and reached into a pouch on her hip and she pulled out more knifes and wire with seals. Kunai whispered a voice in the back of my mind. She tied the wire to the kunai and prepared to throw—CRACK! Tar man was there and he slammed a fist coated with chakra and earth into Kaa-chan's chest and we were sent flying into a tree.

My arm was caught in the impact between Kaa-chan and the tree and I couldn't hold in the sudden cry that erupted past my lips.

My body sagged and I lost my grip on my mother and slid off her back, falling. My body hit the base of the tree and I rolled onto the ground, my head fuzzy with the sole focus on the shooting pain coming from my arm. I choked on a sob when I tried to move it, feeling like it was on fire! A few tears slipped out of my eyes when I opened them to see Kaa-chan lifting herself up off the ground and standing between me and the rest of the men. The other four had caught up to Tar man and we were surrounded again.

Tar man took a step forward and Kaa-chan readied herself, raising her sword as he spoke, "Ikari-sama please... we don't have to fight. You can come willingly or—"

Kaa-chan scoffed derisively, "You think you can threaten me, boy? You have no idea who I am, do you...?"

"...or unwillingly, but..." Tar man continued, unfazed. His eyes slid over Kaa-chan's shoulder to me as I tried to push myself to sit up, cradling my arm that I'm pretty sure was broken. His voice sent a chill down my spine, "I can't promise that the child will remain unharmed if you force our hand."

Kaa-chan's body went rigid and the air turned as cold as ice. I tried to suppress a shiver, unsuccessfully. Then her chakra started to drown the air again, causing me to try and flush it out so I could breathe freely. My mother turned her head slightly towards me but her hair had fallen in the way so I couldn't see the look in her eyes, the corner of her lips turned up into a sad smile as she whispered.

"...sorry for this, love."

My voice caught in my throat, wanting to call out to her, but before I could say anything she had already turned to face the men again. Something... changed, I didn't understand what had happened as her chakra started pulsing throughout her body. The symbol in the middle of her back started to glow like lava. It grew and expanded, a fiery writing wreathed and wrapped all around her body. Her skin turned into a ashy-grey and the nails on her hands grew incredibly sharp, like claws. Kaa-chan's chakra flared and grew bigger than I'd ever seen before, engulfing the cry air around us.

The men tensed up and had backed away from us, I think one of them had started to swear profanities.

They were afraid.

No... no, they were terrified of this power.

I know the name—No, no I don't!

"I want to hear you say that again." even Kaa-chan's voice sounds different. Twisted and dark. Tar man opened his mouth and—Kaa-chan'sSwordWasThereSoFastAndNowIt'sThroughHisSkullAndThere'sBloodAndScreamsAnd

Four left.

And there's more people coming from the south. One, two... four. Four more people coming towards us and I can't tell if they want to hurt us—their chakra's are so small that I can barely feel them—and the men's chakra has changed to twisted and dark and they are running and Kaa-chan is hunting them and—OhGodSheJustBrokeThatOne—ThreeLeftNowThere'sFireThatManJustSpitFireButSheJustGotStabbedInTheRibsWithASword

And now the four strangers were here and one of the three men were coming towards me, "Kaa-chan!" I heard a little girl cry, it sounded so helpless—Wait, that was me. My small voice. Kaa-chan spun around and dove after the man sending him face first into the ground. But the other two took this chance to attack her and now—SheHasMoreWoundsAndIsBleedingTheStranger'sLeftTheTreesAndAreHelpingThey'reAttackingTheMenButKaa-chanIsn'tThinking

Now she's fighting off the strangers, too, but they aren't trying to hurt her, just moving out of the way of her swords. My head is spinning and my head is light, now two of the strangers are fending her off and the other two are fighting two of the men—SpittingFireThrowingEarthWithSwordsAndMasksAnimalsTheyHaveAnimalMasksThere'sBirdAndBearAndCatAndHorse

I know the name—


Now there is a fist in my hair and it's being pulled, and... the foul mouthed man from earlier is holding me with a cold, angry look in his black eyes.


Kaa-chan's voice sounds strained, like it was breaking...

Slowly, my eyes go around and I see all the other men are dead now and Kaa-chan and the strangers are looking at me and ignoring all the—AllTheBloodAndTheBodies—AndTheyAreHurtBleeding—They'reGoingToBleedOutIfTheyDon'tPayAttentionAnd—

There is something cold pressed against my neck.

Kaa-chan looks so scared. I've never seen her so scared before. Her eyes are blue and so wide as she looked at me. Cat-san raised his hand and spoke in a deep, muffled voice. "Let the girl go."

The grip on my hair tightened and I whimpered in pain. My head hurts and my arm hurts and I—JustWantToGoHomeHomeHome—

The man snarled above me, "This is for my comrades, Onara!"

The cold metal passed over my neck.

Kaa-chan screamed.

Cat-san flew past my eyes and the foul mouthed man was apart of the tree now.

I fell onto knees, gasping as I reached my hands towards the searing in my neck, Cat-san caught me and laid me on my back gently. He pulled my hands away and replaced them with his own, applying pressure. Why was he doing that for?—It'sGettingHardToBreath—BloodIsFillingMyMouthAndLungs—

His hands were gloved, but so much warmer than I thought they would be. Unless it was my blood that was warm.


I... I think I'm in shock.

Kaa-chan was leaning over me now, her skin was a normal, beautiful pale and her face was wet. I couldn't tell if it was from sweat or tears. I don't think I've ever seen Kaa-chan cry before. I can see Kaa-chan's lips were moving, trying to say something to me. She's yelling but I can't hear anything anymore. All I can hear is the waterfall. Static. White noise.

The sky was dark but I could still see the stars out.

I remember, He loved the stars so, so much. His green eyes would shine and reflect them.

She was our brightest star. The light of our lives, our daughter.

Kaa-chan looks so tired.

I feel so tired...

My eyes are heavier now, it's getting really hard to keep them open.


I didn't want to Fall again, but... it's just for a... little while... couldn't I sleep for just a little while? Just a moment. I'd play her another song to make her tears go away when I woke up.

I promise.

When I... woke up.







There's a girl standing there...

Who is that girl?

She has orange hair and purple eyes.

She was so small...


I felt like an idiot as realized it.

That was me.

But... Why am I here?

Where am I?

The room is white.

At least, I think it's a room. I'm hesitant to call it a room, because for the life of me I couldn't see any walls. Just empty space. I didn't wake up here, nor do I remember entering this place.

What happened?

"...helloooooo?" a young voice called, though it was obvious there was no one else in that space.

So, imagine my surprise when someone did, in fact, respond.


There stood a woman now.

The Woman looked to be in her late twenties, her skin slightly tanned with honey-brown hair with fading blue highlights that reached the small of her back with droopy sapphire-blue eyes.

I wasn't alone anymore.

"Who are you?"

"Wrong question."

My lips turned into a frown.


"Ask 'Why'."

I paused, frown deepening as I considered it.

Fine, I'll bite.

"...then, why? Why am I here? Where are we? And who are you? Please answer all of my questions in whichever order you like."

I smiled cutely at the brunette.

"HA!" she laughed obnoxiously, "You're a cheeky monkey, aren't ya?"

"And you still haven't answered anything." I retorted.

She huffed, her smile dimming. "Eh... so, you're—ah, you're currently having a mental breakdown.


She nodded grimly.

"Apparently your fragile mind can't cope with realizing you're part of a super dangerous, ultra violent world filled with homicidal, and most times psychotic ninja." she informed me, "But, hey! At least you look cute as a button!"

I ignored her, because the last hour of my life came back in a flash of traumatizing images.


Round, violet eyes looked up into sapphire ones.

"That... that didn't really happen did it?" I asked weakly.

She looked awkward now.

"...yeah. It really did."

"Then am I... Y'know?" I hesitated, sliding my thumb over my throat. "Dead? Again?"

The Woman frowned again, thoughtfully this time as she crossed her legs under her and sat down so that we were on eye-level now.

"I don't think so? I mean, it doesn't seem like we're falling again does it? This isn't like the last time."

I caught that. I narrowed my eyes at the Woman.

"You... were there too? You fell like I did?"

She blinked, surprised.

"Yeah. I guess I did."

This... none of this was real, was it? How could it be?

Wasn't I going to wake up and be in my bed?

But... which bed?

Would I wake up next to Him or would it be Kaa-chan waking me up, with her sweet voice and old songs?


Kaa-chan was real, wasn't she?

Of course she was. Our caligraphy lessons, the failed first attempts at cooking, the mornings spent fishing at the little river, the afternoons we would spend playing old songs from her childhood on the ocarina and the nights she would hold me when I woke up from dreaming about Before!

"It was real, Sky-girl." the Woman assured softly.

I over at the Woman who was so very familiar to me.

I sat down, too. Feeling tired.

Why was I so tired?

I don't remember feeling so tired.

And... there was something else, wasn't it?

Why was I here?

There was something wrong.

I could feel it.

"...so can I." the Woman whispered.

I bit my bottom lip, searching for the words.

"Something... broke inside, didn't it?"

She tilted her head to the side, spilling honey-brown locks over her shoulder.

"I'd say more like... Split."


Yes. That's probably a better word for it.

"So... what do we do now?"

She shrugged.

"Wake up?"

I suppose that was at least a start.

I looked around the white space again.

"It's better than staying here." I sighed.

Though, I've got to wonder what it is exactly that I'll wake up to?

The Woman smiled.

"There's only one way to find out."


I opened my eyes.

New Leaf Arc,

Chapter Two: "Hello World"


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